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1        Gradually, one by one, give up all activities that obstruct love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna from growing in your heart.  Always and everywhere meditate in your heart on the truth of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.  With eyes of love always see all moving and stationary living entities as parts and parcels of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.  Any other way of seeing should disappear into non-existence.  Day and night celebrate a great festival of devotional service for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who enjoy transcendental pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana.


2        Cross the boundary of the material realm and enter the great brahman effulgence.  See the variegated Vaikuntha worlds.  Seek higher and higher spiritual abodes, and then, if somehow or other you come upon it, enter the effulgent forest of Vrndavana.


3.       Bathing each limb in the ocean of amorous pastimes, He has become filled with bliss.  Millions of  oceans of sweetness arise at every moment.  He becomes intoxicated by tasting from them.  Oh inflamed with passionate desires for Radha, a handsome dark complexioned youth displays at every moment millions of millions of transformations of ecstatic love in this forest that is an ocean of the supreme sweetness of transcendental love.


4        With great devotion I bow down before the most fortunate living entity who has become an insect in Vrndavana.  The demigods headed by Brahma who live in other places I do not consider as important as a blade of grass.  What more need I say?  My mind is made up.  Outside of Vrndavana Lord Krishna does not appear in His full

complete form.


5        In Vrndavana flows the most splendid nectar that completely eclipses all the glory present in the entire material and spiritual world.  Vrndavana is filled with  the fathomless bliss of pure spiritual love, which makes one completely forget all other kinds of  happiness.  Give up everything and just reside in Vrndavana, where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy endless transcendental pastimes.


6        In Vrndavana a charming, wonderful, handsome, fair-and-dark complexioned amorous playful couple eternally stay.  In Vrndavana there are many splendidly lovely forest groves and many pathways nicely cleansed and sprinkled with scented water.  When shall I  take shelter of this Vrndavana and never leave?


7        As wonderfully splendid as glistening sapphires and gold, and dressed in fine blue and  yellow silken  garments, two eternally playful oceans of transcendental bliss happily enjoy pastimes of joking and laughter in Vrndavana.  please find your happiness here in Vrndavana.


8        In the land of Vrndavana I eternally worship a splendid fair and dark complexioned couple.  They are eternally youthful, wonderfully charming, and eternally filled with the sweetness of transcendental handsomeness.  with eternally increasing, ever new love.  They remain in an eternal embrace.      


9        Blinded by the fragrance of the honey of the feet of Radha's lover , Krishna and overcome by its sweetness, the bumblebee of a great devotee's eternally wanders in the beautiful land of Vrndavana.  With great devotion I repeatedly place my head at the feet of such a devotee.


10.     In the groves of Vrndavana under a  great pastime awning of flowers, under newly blossoming tree, in cooling shade, with splendid cloth and  beautiful flowers, and equipped with cups of nectar and other paraphernalia, is the place of the nap pastime of the divine couple.  oh!  Look at the wonderful, splendid divine couple in Vrndavana!


11      Beyond the material world dominated by the three  modes of nature is the splendid divine ocean of bliss that is the bija syllable of the Kama-gayatri mantra.  In that ocean is a wonderfully beautiful island.  In that island is the realm of Vrndavana, and in a secluded place of Vrndavana is an enchantingly beautiful forest garden.  In that garden  are Shri Shri Radhika-Krishnacandra, the two great treasures of intense transcendental bliss.  Please worship Them with great devotion,


12      As I continually gaze at Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's splendid transcendental forms and transcendental amorous pastimes, and as I continually hear Their conversation like cooling nectar, I wonder:  Am I diving into an ocean of nectar in this forest of Vrndavana.


13      Shri Shri Radha-Krishna are filled with transcendental  splendour and  intense bliss, and They are situated in the topmost limit of wonderful charm.  They are the great treasure house of pure and pleasing transcendental love.  A person who worships Them in the forest of Vrndavana is very fortunate.


14      Ah!  The divine couple manifests newer and newer youthful splendour in Their transcendental forms!  Ah! They taste newer and newer intense bliss in Their transcendental amorous pastimes!  Ah! They bring a great ocean of transcendental happiness to the eyes of Their gopi friends!  They are the splendid abode of all fearlessness!  In this forest of Vrndavana will I someday be able to drink the nectar of Their splendour with my own eyes?


15      O Lord more charming than Kamadeva, O beloved, when in a cottage in a very beautiful grove in the forest of Vrndavana, as You, agitated with amorous desire, and smiling, passionately lay on the bed of flowers with Shrimati Radharani, who is the queen of my life, will I serve You?


16      One moment it is autumn.  Another moment it is monsoon.  Another moment it is spring, and in another moment it is another season.  Glistening with splendid nectar a every moment, the land of Vrndavana continually fills Shri Shri Radha and Krishna with great wonder.  Please meditate on Vrndavana in this way.


17      All glories to Lord Krishna who, dressed in handsome yellow garments, and glancing at Radha, plays a flute under a glistening Kadamba tree in Vrndavana.


18      In a forest by the Yamuna's shore, in a charming, newly blossoming grove, at the entrance to a palace, Lord Krishna, sits with Radha and is served by the charming gopis.  I take shelter of Him.


19      We worship a splendidly decorated fair and dark complexioned couple, who laugh and joke in the happiness of Their amorous pastimes in these forest groves.


20      The passionate divine couple rocks to and fro in the waves of the nectar ocean of Their transcendental amorous pastimes in the land of Vrndavana.  Unable, even with the greatest effort, to set aright the couple's now disarrayed garments and ornaments, the jubilant gopis simply smile and laugh.


21      Meditate in your heart on Shri Vrndavana's transcendental opulence, which Brahma, Siva and their followers cannot even slightly understand, which is a great jewel mine of glistening nectar, which is charming with the wonder of Shri Radha-Muralimonahara, and wonderful with the bliss of Their pastimes and the splendour of Their forms.


22      O Vrndavana, you possess the supreme transcendental beauty. O supremely blissful Vrndavana, your sweet transcendental qualities are eternally glorified in song, O Vrndavana, If I know that in comparison to you millions of lifetimes are extremely insignificant, then why for me does this entire material world not become as insignificant as a single blade of grass.


23      If in this land of Vrndavana I placed my head at the feet of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, whose hearts are filled with the nectar of transcendental love, then I shall stand in fearlessness.  I shall fear neither the opinions of the common people, nor conventional ideas of duty, nor hundreds of devastating diseases that may strike my body or mind.  What to speak of all this, I shall not even fear a king that rules the entire world.


24      By the touch of Shri Radha-Krishna's charming lotus hands and feet plunged in a flooding ocean of perfect transcendental bliss, situated in a peerless good fortune even goddess Laksmi seeks, and standing at the head of all who are fortunate, the vines in Vrndavana rejoice.


25      Every day I bow before the trees that, wonderful with a wealth of blossoming flowers and fruits, flooded with sweetness, far from sins and sufferings, their splendour increasing, and glorified by the kings of the sages, stand in Vrndavana, which is a great moon-island risen from the nectar ocean of intense bliss.


26      Although embraced by their vine wives, whose smiles are blossoming flowers, whose large breasts are flower clusters, and whose hairs erect with joy are black bees, the trees of Vrndavana forest, shedding tears of madhvika honey, and the hairs of their bodies are erect, are, because of the nectar of meditation on Krishna, unaware either of themselves or others.


27      Taking splendid flowers and twigs, decorating each other, beginning with the braid and top knot, making a cottage and bed of flowers, eating fruit and drinking honey, two youthful fair and dark forms of love enjoy pastimes and the exalted trees of Vrndavana shine with great splendour.


28      Anyone who once smells a flower from Vrndavana,  feels the breeze from Vrndavana, sees a person from Vrndavana, once somehow bows down in the direction of Vrndavana, or once utters the auspicious name of Vrndavana, even if he dies in Bihar or some other place far from Vrndavana, will at once attain the transcendental abode glorified by the greatest sages.


29      Cast everything else aside and go to Vrndavana, where the fair and dark complexioned youthful divine couple, who enchant even Narayana, the husband of Laksmi, who are absorbed in enjoying amorous pastimes, who are charming, who experience the most intense and wonderful transcendental bliss, who are very difficult to meet, and from whom flows a great stream of the nectar of pure love, stay.


30      The bodily luster of the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the essence of the supremely pure and blissful brahman effulgence, and the incomparable wonderful sweetness of the Lord's splendour is the wonderful  forest of Vrndavana.  There, O friend, please worship the two fair and dark splendours.


31      Gazing at the wonder of Her limbs splendour glorious as golden campaka flowers and filled with waves of the sweetness of deep love, in wonderful Vrndavana Lord Hari stumbles at every step.  May the youthful splendour named Radha appear before me.


32      I meditate on the fair and dark youthful divine couple, who are two great floods of good fortune, incomparable youthful charm, expert intelligence, pure love, amorous pastimes, beauty and extremely wonderful, eternally manifest, very intense sweetness, and who tremble with beautiful, playful love in the groves of Vrndavana.


33-38  I eternally worship whomever with unalloyed love worships the fair and dark youthful divine couple, who are two treasures of wonderful, peerless beauty, who are two wave-filled nectar oceans of  transcendental amorous pastimes, who are so overwhelmed with love They will not separate for even half a moment, whose bodily hairs always stand erect, who always speak with broken voices, who at every moment are so overcome with bliss They do not know anything else, who are fed, dressed and, served by Their gopi friends, who are intoxicated with bliss that increases without limit, who eternally embrace, who spend their days and nights enjoying transcendental amorous pastimes in the abode of Shri Vrndavana, which is always flooded with the nectar of love, and who give the nectar of all transcendental bliss to Their devotees.


39-40  In the groves of Vrndavana forest, which is a very charming island risen in the ocean of bliss and spledour of pure, splendid, great kamadeva beyond the three modes of nature,  please meditate on Shri Radhika's golden complexioned gopi maidservants, whose bodily hairs stand erect with the nectar of their deep love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who are eager to serve the two Lords of their lives, who are beautifully adorned with sashes, anklets, armlets, bracelets and jewelled earrings, on whose noses swing ornaments of gold, jewels, and glistening pearls, who wear wonderfully colourful saris, who have exquisitely beautiful hips, waists and breasts, who wear splendid necklaces over their bodices and have bunches of flowers tied to the ends of their moving braids.


41      May Lord Hari, who places the flute to His mouth, who makes His form, which is splashed by great waves of nectar filled with ever new amorous passion, and splendid as a dark monsoon cloud, bend in three places, who wears a splendid peacock feather crown and jewel earrings, and who loosens the belts of Vraja's respectable girls, appear before me.


42      Beautiful Vrndavana forest, which eternally expands the shoreless great ocean of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's thirst for amorous pastimes, and which is the ultimate limit of limitless, intense bliss, is our bliss.


43      In Vrndavana every direction is filled with the cries of the dancing peacocks, the cuckoos continually warble "kuhu" on the branches of the mango trees, the bumblebees everywhere sing of the sweetness of each vine and flower, and every direction is filled with a wonderful sweet fragrance from the splendid flowers.


44      Until the body's end please take shelter of inconceivably glorious Vrndavana.  With its name impersonal liberation, struck by a broom, goes outside, the frightened mystic perfections approach with humble prayers, offering to render service, and the illusory potency, maya, runs far away and dies.


45      Ah! Greed to taste the nectar ocean of wild love that at every step floods Vrndavana torments Laksmi, Brahma, Siva, and the Lord's personal associates. O saintly devotees, sipping this ocean with cupped hands, please reside here in Vrndavana.


46      If you drink the sweetest nectar up to your neck, then what is that? If you embrace the breasts of Urvasi, then what is that?  If you taste the nectar bliss of  the impersonal Brahman, then what is that? The blades of grass in Vrndavana reject all these things.  They spit on them.


47      A person absorbed in devotional service in the land of Vrndavana does not suffer from impious or pious deeds. He does not rremble in fear of his body's death from the snake of time. He is not happy to get the opulences of Brahma and the demigods.  he is not happy to taste the eternal bliss of impersonal Brahman.


48      What is the use?  What is the use of these horrible, useless senses difficult, painful happiness?  Somehow or other, even with difficulty, reside in Vrndavana with only one source of happiness.


49      Rolling on the ground in rasa-sthali, reciting Krishna pastimes without end, calling out "O Krishna", at every step as he walks, and singing and dancing, a great devotee shining with love and the knots of materialism broken, muddies Vrndavana with a flood of  tears.


50      May Vrndavana, where there is a single great desire that cannot even bear the slightest touch of even the smallest drop of any other desire, where there is an eternal, ever-increasing, flooding nectar ocean, and where all that moves and all that stands still is rich with wonderful, ever-increasing opulences, eternally appear before me.


51      When our mind spontaneously runs to the limitless nectar of Lord Krishna, then the supremely purifying realm of Vrndavana appears on this earth.  However, if, with body, mind or words, we offend the moving and stationary residents of Vrndavana, we will not have the intelligene to see the truth.


52      May my heart become plunged in the great ocean of pure love for Shri Radha-Muralidhara.  May my heart become plunged in the shoreless ocean of the splendour of Their fair and dark complexions. May my heart become maddened by the glory of the ocean of sweetness of Their beauty.  May the forest of Shri Vrndavana appear within my heart.  May my heart not fall into maya's grip.


53      I wish to stay in Vrndavana, even in the body of an animal like a dog or a pig. I shall not stay in any other place, even if I have a body, made of eternity knowledge and bliss, that even the demigods cannot attain.


54      Even if I am oppressed with great suffering, let me pass this lifetime in Shri Vrndavana.  Even if I have the opulence of extraordinary happiness in some other place, let me not stay there for even the blinking of an eye.


55      When, resting  my cheeks in my hands, lamenting "O Krishna! O Krishna!", and my eyes straming tears, will I become simultaneously poverty stricken and fabulously wealthy in Vrndavana?


56      When, happy, indifferent to everything, and my heart unshaken by millions of praises and rebukes, will I worship Radha's lover in the land of Vrndavana?


57      When, taking shelter only of Shri Vrndavana, and quitting the paths of the Vedas and the common people, will I be overcome with love by serving Lord Hari's feet.


58      There is no happiness here in this world!  Oh, there is no happiness! Don't senselessly fall into the net of illusions!  Every day take shelter of supremely blissful Vrndavana.


59      Fool, don't trust wife, children, body, home, wealth, or any other material thing.  Don't pause to think.  Simply move your two feet in the direction of Shri Vrndavana.


60      Vrndavana, where there are splendid mountain caves, beautiful forest groves by the Yamuna's shore,  lakes full of lotus flowers, and cottages of flowering vines, all these places beautified by Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's pastimes, and where there is a wonderful flooding stream of eternal auspiciousness and a great treasure of sublime, wonderful transcendental opulence that eternally increases without limit, is my life and soul.


61      Keep your body always in the land of Shri Vrndavana.  Please yourself always in the service of the couple that drinks nectar in Vrndavana.  Make your voice always sing Their pastimes.  Please your ears with the nectar of  words about Them.


62      O Shri Vrndavana, be kind.  Please make me one of your blades of grass that experiences the great festival of the touch of the lotus feet of the fair and dark complexioned youthful divine couple as, yearnign to enjoy newer and newer transcendental amorous pastimes, They tread a secluded forest path.


63      How can a person who has never seen Vrndavana's Yamuna river, which is filled with eternally blooming indivara, kamala, kahlara, kumuda, and other lotus flowers, all filled with the sweet humming sounds of bumblebees, and which displays the places where Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara and Their friends enjoyed transcendental pastimes, remain alive?


64      I bow before Vrndavana's Yamuna river, which is eternally splendid with a lotus of many jewels, which flows from an ocean of bliss, which is delightful with many other colourful splendid flowers, which cannot be approached by the crowns of the three Vedas and which is filled with the suonds of maddened bees and birds.


65      Meditate on Vrndavana's Yamuna river, which is dear to Lord Hai, which flows with a great flood of transcendental bliss, which has shores studded with jewels, waves chanting the Sama Veda, and swans, cranes, karandavas, datyuhas and other birds chanting the Rg veda.


66      During Their water pastimes, Radha hid in a forest of golden lotus flowers.  Krishna kissed a lotus flower, mistaking it for Radha's face.  Laughing and laughing, Radha was no longer able to hide.  Krishna laughed and embraced Her, and Her gopi friends also joined them in laughing.


67      Even though Her red sindura and other cosmetic ointments were washed away, Her pearls and flower garlands broken, and Her eyes red from pastimes in the Yamuna's waters, stil Shri Radha remained exquisitely beautiful as She rested on Lord Hari's transcendental body in Vrndavana forest.


68      Lord Krishna, the prince of Vraja, violently splashed Radha and the gopis, and they also splashed Hin in return.  Considering their great splashing intolerable, Krishna slid under the Yamuna's water, touched their broad hips, thighs, legs, and feet and then, laughing, and as splendid as millions of moons, rose in a  distant place.


69      When, eager to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes, Radha and Krishna entered the lotus filled spiritual waters of the Yamuna, and when They stayed there a long time, absorbed in amorous battle, the anxious gopis, considering Them more dear than their own lives, earnestly searched for Them.


70      Throwing a great burst of the laughter of kamala, kairava and other kinds of lotus flowers on each other's body, closing Their eyes as They splash water on each other's face, diving into the water, and lifting each other from it, and both claiming victory in battle, two fair and dark splendours play in the Yamuna water.


71-73  May the Yamuna, where waters sweet as grape-sugar milk nectar are filled with golden lotus buds and other flowers, where the shores are made of many jewels, where the water is wonderful with the splashing of playful, splendid jewel fish, where there is a wonder of glistening jewel staircases, where the shores are very beautiful with groves of many kinds of wonderful flower filled trees and vines and fragrant with camphor and splendid bakula trees, where along the shores are frightened does with wide open eyes, where there sweet fragrance of many splendid forests of kadamba and campaka trees are everywhere, where there is an abundance of pollen, flying birds, pleasnat breezes, and a sweet splendour everywhere, where forests groves are relfected in the deep waters, and where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's bliss increases, also increase the happiness of you all.


74      The Yamuna is decorated with many swans, cranes and karandavas.  All directions are pleasant with the fragrance of the new pundarikas and other lotus flowers.  Bumblebees stay in the forest of kahlaras, utpalas, pankajas, and other lotus flowers.  The soft singing of the maddened bees enchants the ears of the entire world.


75      How many splendid lakes, streams, wells and ponds in this beautiful land of Vrndavana do not have their sweet waters anoointed with cosmetic ointments left by Shri Shri Radha-Krishna?  How many young hills of jewels and gold have not been the places of Their wonderful pastimes?  How much splendid beauty is not present in this veery

fragrat land of Vrndavana?


76      I meditate on all of Vrndavana which, with its beasts, birds, forest groves of trees and flowering vines, hills, pleasant caves, pools, wells, ponds, streams, lakes, and jewel courtyards, as well as the Yamuna's shores and everything there is enchanted by Radha-Madhava's beauty, and is blind with love for Them.


77      Please meditate on Her being anointed by a friend with scented oil, bathed, and offered tirtha-kriya, a sumptuous feast, a splendid garland of fragrant forest flowers, betel leaves, music, and a foot massage as She, the flower crown of Vraja's girls, lies down with dark Krishna.


78      Mohini-murti is not wonderful to my heart.  What is Parvati?  What is Urvasi?  What is any exquisitely beautiful girl to me as I glimpse Her maidservant's splendour?  May She, Vraja's queen, who charms supremely charming Krishna's heart, appear in my heart.


79      When will I seethe fulfilment of my desires, the ocean of the splendour of  Shri Radh's feet, the bodily hairs risen with ecstatic devotional love, the sweet music that was learned, and the wonderful flower garlands, jewel necklaces, ornaments and garments left by Her and Her beloved in  Vrndavana.?


80      When in Shri Vrndavana's groves and paths will I see a plendour as fair as molten gold and like an ocean of beauty moving at every step with hundreds of currents of the gracefulness of ever-fresh youth and violently tossed by great waves of ever new love for the dark moon of Krishna?


81      Glimpsing Her braids, beautiful face, breasts, eyes, teeth,lips, and flower blossom lustre, any other girl becomes embarrassed.  May She, the fair splendour that in a forest grove, is now a wonderful ornament on Lord Syama's chest, appear before me.


82      May Vrndavana's splendid treasure, which has a youthful body, a golden complxion, is tossed by waves of ever-new amorous pastimes, flooded with currents of eternal, wonderful beauty, overwhelmed by great, transcendental love, decorated with splendid flower garlands, garments, and ornaments, and Oh! with its auspicious glory fills the gopis with wonder, appear before me.


83      May these two sapphire and golden splendours, ever expert at tasting nectar, two floods of ever new love, the enjoyers of ever new pastimes in nectarean Vrndavana, and filled with newer and newer sweetness of beauty, appear in my heart.


84      Please serve the lotus feet of Radha's lover.  a cloth elaborately wrapped around His hips, and the hairs of His body standing erect from repeated kisses and embraces, he lies on the bed with His beloved.


85      By offering aromatic scents, betel nuts, and flower garlands, by very gently anointing Them with oil, and by expertly massaging Them, please serve the fair and dark complexioned glorious young divine couple who, in this cottage of flowering vines, are now overwhelmed with transcendental amorous passion.


86      O heart, with great longings of love, please worship the beautiful land of Vrndavana, made a glorious place of amorous pastimes by graceful limbs of wonderful youthful beauty, made eterenally wonderful bya charming flutist and its ten directions filled by waves of golden splendour.


87      He who is the original Supreme Personality  of Godhead, who is not counted among the incarnations of God, who in His transcendental form appears in Yadu-puri and  Madhu-puri, and who in Vraja, the best of Madhura-puri's forests, stays with His friends, gopis and cows, does not attract my heart, which has now gone to Radha' s forest.


88      Vrndavana is filled with the splendour of transcendental amorous pastimes.  it is the most pure of all that is pure, the most splendid of all splendours, sweeter than the shoreless ocean of sweetness, the most delightful of all delights, limitless, and it makes one forget the wonder of all kinds of material happiness.  Please gaze at the charming youthful divine couple in the vine cottage in its midst.


89      Charming Vrndavana, the cream of the nectar ocean of the sweetest, sweetest love, shines with great splendour.  let us meditate on the playful, graceful, blissful, fair and dark young couple who, overcome with transcendental amorous passion, enjoy pastimes there.


90      Meditate on the Deity of transcendental amorous pastimes who knows His mistres's most secret desires,  is filled with longings of love and is expert at conversing with His beloved's friends in Vrndavana.


91      I meditate on Vrndavana, beautiful with blossoming trees and vines, splendid forest groves, glistening jewel  pavements, buzzing bees madly dancing peacocks, tumultuous warbling of a host of regal birds everywhere, and the wonderfulbliss of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's pastimes.


92      This is the broad bank of the yamuna.  this is the beauty of Vrndavana forest.  This is the very thick shade of beautiful kadamba trees.  This is the host of  beautiful , young, intelligent gopi friends.  these are  the two fair and dark effulgent splendours that drink nectar.  Who would not become enchanted  by all this?


93      Obeisances to the fortunate souls that place in their hearts the feet of Vrndavana's king and queen, whose limbs are sweetly fragrant, who shine with glorious splendour, who at every step are overcome with the ecstasies of love, who are flooding rives of sweetness, who are great oceans of beauty, and who yearn to enjoy the limitless bliss of ever expanding transcendental  amorous pastimes.


94      Please worship Vrndvana, where the fair and dark youthful divine couple eternally enjoy newer and newer transcendental amorous pastimes.


95      I offer my respectful obeisances to Vrndavana, which is like very sweet Vrndavana and nothing else, and which is where Radha and Krishna, who are like Radha and Krishna and no one else, eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes.


96      Beyond maya's modes of nture an effulgence shines.  Beyond that effulgence the intensely blissful, limitless, pure, confidential, great, filled with the nectar of transcendental love, very wonderful, filled with a great flood of sweetness, supremely

effulgent abode of Vrndavana arises.


97      In Vrndavana, which is decorated with many wonderful fruits and flowers, with the everwhere-present, tumultous sound of many wonderful playful birds, which is like a flood of nectar for the ear, with the enchanting soft sounds of many bees intoxicated by drinking honey and with many trees and vines dear to Lord Krishna.....


98      which is splendid with numberless transcendental fragrant tulasi trees very dear to Lord Krishna, with santana trees, with haricandana trees, with countless forests of kalpadruma trees, with many forests of beautiful transcendental parijata trees, with many mandara trees, nipa trees, and kadamba trees, all very dear to Lord krishna....


99      which is gloriously paved with gold, diamonds, emeralds, and vaiduryas, filled with the blissful dancing of maddened peacocks, enchanting with the frightened glances of wonderful does, filled with a limitless sweet fragrance...


100     which is charming with the wonderful beauty of many kahlaras, utpalas, pundarikas, kumudas, and other flowers, with the very blissful tumult created by many jubilant colourful birds with the many splendid transcendental lakes and streams, with Shri Radha-Krishna's eternal, wonderful, sweet, loving pastimes....


101     with jati forests, yuthika forests, newly blossoming malli forests, vasanti forests, new ketaki forests, beautiful new malati forests, jivanti forests, jhintika forests, splendid new sephalika forests, newly blossoming malika forests, and beautiful svarnayuthi forests...

102     which is enchanting with many splendid, always newly fragrant and blossoming in all seasons punnagas, karavirakas, maurvakas, beautiful karnikaras, splendid kubjas, kunda forests, asokas, bakulas, bhucampakas, campakas, amlanas, sthala-pankajas, damanakas, and sirisa trees....


103     which is delightful with numberless kahlaras, utpalas, padmas, kairavas and other blossoming flowers, with the very blissful, excited playing and sweet warbling of the swans, pairs of cranes and cakravakas karandavas and other birds,a nd with the hundreds of swarms of humming bees flying everywhere....


104     whose chest is embraced by the splendid, trascendental Yamuna, which has beautiful shores studded with jewels, delicious cool water sweeter than nectar, turblent waves of swiftly flowing pure dark water, and Radha-Krishna's wonderful and very passionate amorous pastimes....


105     which is beautified by wonderful jewel mountains, extremely beautiful transcendental caves, transcendental waterfalls filled with nectar moonlight, beautiful streams with water made of jewels and gold, beautiful pavillions of wonderful new vines, wonderful jewel trees, splendid birds and deer made of various jewels, and many other miraculous wonders...


106     which is a splendid forest decorated with many vine-cottages hidden in the foothills, which has many splendid and enchanting flower gardens, which is wonderful with beautiful secenery, which has many charming beautiful large  forest groves, which is decorated with Lord Syama, His beloved, and Her friends....


107     which  is very beautifully decorated by the circle of Radha's friends, who display a wonderful variety of beautiful bodily complexions, who are wonderful with the beauty and charm of splendid youth, who are delightful with a splendid variety of artistic skills, who are blinded with love for their beloved...

108     who have beautiful broad hips, slender waists marked with three folds of skin, enchanting beautiful breasts decorated with bodices and strands of splendid pearls, mirror cheeks splendid with earrings, and beautiful noses decorated with pearls studded with jewels and gold, and who enchant the entire world with their beauty.....


109     who are splendid with maha-prasada garments, ornaments, garlands, and other things left by the dearmost divine couple, who flood the world with the splendour of their enchanting forms as fair as molten gold, whose pure love for Radha-Krishna's lotus feet is their lie and soul, who with various splendid artistic skills please the dearmost divine couple...