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1††††††† I would rather reside in Vrndavana, even as an insect, than reside in any other place as a liberated soul with a blissful spiritual body.I would rather reside here in Vrndavana, even as a poverty stricken beggar, than reside in any other place as a person possessing wonderful, endless wealth.I would rather reside here in Vrndavana, even as a person completely devoid of the slightest trace of devotion to Lord Hari, than reside in any other place as a person overwhelmed with the desire to attain the happiness of serving the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, the lover of the gopis.


2††††††† In Vrndavana the trees and vines filled with multitudes of wonderful, transcendental, splendid flowers and fruits, the blissful excited cooing of the multitudes of splendid transcendental peacocks, cuckoos, parrots and other birds, the many multitudes of splendid transcendental lakes, streams, hills and newly blossoming forest groves, as well as the golden ground studded with jewels, have all enchanted me.


3.†††††† In Vrndavana the effulgent ground is fashioned with many very wonderful, colourful cintamani jewels, the trees and vines are full of blissful spiritual fruits and flowers, the birds make a great tumult by reciting the hymns of the Sama Veda, and the lakes and streams are filled with transcendental nectar.May my heart meditate on Vrndavana in this way.


4††††††† In Vrndavana the leaves on the trees are made of emeralds, the flowers of diamonds, the new flower buds of beautiful pearls, the newly sprouting leaves of red kuruvinda jewels, the many fruits, all filled with various kinds of nectarean tastes, of

rubies, the rain of an incessant shower of nectar, and the bumblebees of sapphires.


5††††††† Vrndavana is filled with countless supremely beautiful golden trees as splendid as numberless millions of blazing suns.When these trees appear before the heart they shower a cooling rain of transcendental bliss that immediately extinguishes the burning sufferings of repeated birth and death and grants the rarest and most difficult to obtain spiritual treasure.


6††††††† Vrndavana is illuminated by numberless moons of spiritual bliss.It is cooled by the sweet nectar of spiritual love and it is filled with desire trees and many hosts of madly cooing birds.Whose heart will not run to Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who enjoy eternal transcendental pastimes in that Vrndavana.

7††††††† Don't even glance at the external things of this world, whether they belong to you or to others, whether they are as splendid as millions of suns and moons, or whether they possess a great flood of good qualities.Renounce them!Give up all conventional peaceful composure and without caring for anything else, always remember Shri Shri Radha-Krishna and reside in Vrndavana.


8††††††† Give up false identification with this wretched material body, identification that is the cause of the horrible cycle of repeated birth and death.Meditate on your spiritual form in Vrndavana.Millions of calamities may fall.Don't be disturbed.Until all past karma is destroyed, reside in Vrndavana and always meditate on the pastimes of your two Lords Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.


9††††††† Please worship and serve this effulgent transcendental couple enjoying transcendental amorous pastimes together in this grove of Vrndavana, His complexion the colour of sapphires and Hers the colour of gold, He holding a splendid flute and She a long-stemmed toy lotus, He with a splendid peacock-feather crown and She with long splendid braids, He dressed in splendid yellow garments and She in splendid red garments.


10††††† Happily picking many kinds of flowers from the trees and vines, Radha and Krishna praise the forest of Vrndavana.They bathe and sport in the lakes of Vrndavana forest and They play with the birds and other creatures there. Who would not serve Vrndavana forest, the supreme transcendental abode?


11††††† With Their soft flower-petal hands Shri Radha-Krishna carefully watered the trees and vines from the time of their first sprouting.They nourished them and made them grow and, at the proper time, married each vine to an appropriate tree.When They saw new flowers beginning to blossom, They became delighted and spoke many playful joking words.Let us bow down and offer our respectful obeisances to these trees and vines of Vrndavana forest.


12††††† In Vrndavana forest the trees are called "druma" because they melt (dru) with love for Krishna and they are also called "taru" because they shield (tarana) Krishna from the blazing sunshine (tarana).The vines are called "vratati" because they have taken a firm vow (vrata) to serve Krishna.The deer are called "Krishnasara" because Krishna is their life and soul (sara), and they are also called "mrga" because theyalways search (mrg) for Krishna's footprints.


13††††† I meditate on limitlessly beautiful Vrndavana forest filled with limitless trees and vines, limitless deer and birds, limitless splendid groves, limitless charming lakes and streams, limitless mountains, and the divine couple's limitless nectarpastimes.


14††††† O brother, what kinds of enjoyment have you not already experienced in this world of birth and death?What kind of fame and worship have you not already attained in this world by scholarship, charity and sacrifice?For today, O friend, simply accept whatever food comes unsought, look to see the good qualities in others but not their faults, do not put yourself forward, but remain obscure and unbeknown, and continually wander, without any companion, in this beautiful forest of Vrndavana.

15††††† Ifsomeone tells me "You should leave Vrndavana", I will cut out his tongue.If someone tries to drag me from Vrndavana by force, I will kill him.If a beautiful girl begs me to leave Vrndavana and marry her, I will not go.If need be I will become a thief and steal the money of others, but I will not take a single step out of Vrndavana.


16††††† When, becoming dumb to jokes mocking others, deaf and blind to others' faults, and inactive like a stone in the matter of bringing others even the slightest pain, will I reside in this Vrndavana Forest that is so dear to Lord Krishna?


17††††† Bearing unbearable sufferings, leaving my old friends and relatives behind, and eating what was rejected even by outcasts, I shall reside in Vrndavana.

18††††† I will not leave the company of the saintly devotees. I will not speak to my old friends and relatives. I will not even show my face to them. I am intent on residing in Vrndavana.


19††††† Within the boundless, all pervading effulgence of the brahmajyoti is the extremely blissful and effulgent realm of Lord Vishnu. Within that realm of Lord Vishnuís is another effulgent realm of immeasurable transcendental bliss. Within that place is this forest of Vrndavana.


20††††† Is this the personified form of transcendental pastimes? Is this the personified form of transcendental amorous love? Is this the personified form of transcendental pleasure?Is this the personified science of cupid's archery.Is this the personified life-potency of Lord Syamasundara?I do not know who this is?This is Shri Radha eternally enjoying transcendental pastimes with Lord Hari day and night in Vrndavana forest.


21††††† May Lord Syama's beloved Radha, who from each of her limbs floods Vrndavana forest with charming, effulgent, wonderful golden nectar oceans glistening with drops of intense sweetness flowing from the original source of the nectar of all love and filled with the happiness of wild amorous pastimes, play within my heart.


22††††† Shri Radha's charming teenage maidservants in Vrndavana have braids that swing to and fro, beautiful broad hips, slender waists, splendid necklaces decorating the flower buds of their beautiful breasts, various splendid ornaments and garments, glistening golden complexions the colour of saffron, and youthful beauty that is as sweet as nectar.Please meditate on Shri Radha's maidservants in this way.


23††††† Is this a beautiful transformation of transcendental nectar? Is this the mercy, generosity and playfulness of the Supreme Personality of Godheadappearing before us in a wonderful form?What wonderful thing is this? This is not wonderful.This is the land of Vrndavana, which enchants Laksmi, Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods, and which has now appeared on this earth.


24††††† When, by continually wandering through the land of Vrndavana, by loudly calling out in ecstasy, by dancing and singing impelled by feelings of transcendental love, by rolling about on the ground, the hairs on my body standing up in bliss, and by cutting the knots of material attachment and becoming expert in the transcendental nectar mellows of devotional service, will I become the crest jewel of all fortunate men?

25††††† In Vrndavana the youthful divine couple, whose complexions are dark and fair, and who are two wonderful treasure-houses of beauty and other transcendental qualities, enjoy Their pastimes.In thatVrndavana all transcendental virtues are present to the highest degree.When, with sweet transcendental love, shall I properly worship thatVrndavana forest?


26††††† In this beginningless world of repeated birth and death how many times have you not suffered in hell and how many times have you not relished pleasures that eclipse the happiness of Brahma, Indra and the other demigods?My friend, in this one body do not consider happiness or distress, but simply worship the supreme transcendental abode, Shri Vrndavana.


27††††† Anointing your entire body with the dust from the feet of the residents of Shri Vrndavana, seeing Shri Vrndavana as the supreme effulgent transcendental realm, and meditating on the fact that Shri Shri Radha and Krishna are always charmed by the sweetness of Shri Vrndavana, please reside in this transcendental abode, Shridhama Vrndavana.


28††††† O Vrndavana, you possess the supreme transcendental beauty. O supremely blissful Vrndavana, your sweet transcendental qualities are eternally glorified in song.O Vrndavana, if I know that in comparison to you millions of lifetimes are extremely insignificant, then why for me does this entire material world not become as insignificant as a single blade of grass.


29††††† Please worship the land of Vrndavana, where a dark youth, who is the personified wonderful treasure of supreme transcendental bliss, plays in waves of eternal transcendental amorous love with a golden young queen who is the personified sweetness of love.


30††††† Please worship the youthful couple, whose splendour eclipses hosts of newly-blossomed golden campaka flowers and fully-blossomed blue lotuses, and who enjoy the sweetness of transcendental pastimes in the newly-blossomed grove of Vrndavana.


31††††† Please serve the lotus feet of the fair and dark charming divine couple overwhelmed with amorous passion in the newly-blossoming groves of Vrndavana.


32††††† Please meditate on the youthful couple who, Their love for each other eternally increasing, and the hairs on Their fair and dark forms erect in ecstasy, are now intoxicated by the sweet nectar of Their amorous pastimes in this forest grove.


33††††† In the spiritual moonlight ocean of perfect love and bliss is a wonderful island.In that island is the wonderful splendid forest of Vrndavana. In that forest of Vrndavana is a wonderful fair and dark young couple.


34††††† He who strives for liberation is fortunate in this world. He who is intent on devotional service to Lord Hari is more fortunate. He who has spontaneous attraction for Lord Krishna's lotus feet is more fortunate still. He who is devoted to Lord Krishna as the husband of Rukmini is even more fortunate. He who is devoted to Lord Krishna as theson of Yasoda-devi is still more fortunate. He who is devoted to Lord Krishna as the friend of Subala is even more fortunate.He who is devoted to Lord Krishna as the lover of the gopis is still more fortunate. A devotee overwhelmed by the nectar of love for Shrimati Radharani, the beautiful queen of Vrndavana, is the most fortunate of all.


35††††† In one pair of forms unseen by the gopis, Radha and Krishna tightly embrace. In another pair of forms They may be seen far away in the cottage of newly blossoming vines.In another pair of forms They enjoy playful joking words. In another pair of forms They enjoy amorous pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana.In one pair of forms They meet in Gokula and in another pair of forms They are separated again.In this way the transcendental forms of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna are manifested in many different places in a single moment.


36††††† Within the boundary of Vrndavana forest, O friend, please worship this dark ocean of transcendental nectar that has many playful, glistening waves of eternally expanding amorous pastimes, that is the home of the splendid transcendental fish of Shrimati Radharani's heart and mind, that rises with the rising of the moon that is Radharani's face, that is churned by the wonderful Mandara Mountain of transcendental passion for Radharani, and that brings nectar to the eyes of all the gopis.

37††††† My queen, who is the forests where the deer of Krishna's life-breath sports, who is the splendid transcendental lake where the fish of Krishna's heart and mind plays, who is the community of beautiful lotus flowers that attracts the bumblebee of Krishna, and who is the brilliant moonlight that cools Krishna's passionately burning heart, eternally enjoys transcendental pastimes with Her peerless lover, Krishna.


38††††† In beautiful Vrndavana, which is filled with jewelled trees and vines bearing wonderfully colourful blissful flowers, in the shade of a kadamba tree risen from the golden ground, a fair and dark couple is now before our eyes.

39††††† Obeisances to the gopis who, gazing and gazing at Shri Shri Radha and Krishna engaged in a wonderfully playful amorous battle on a throne of flowers under a lovely flower-awning in a palatial grove filled with very wonderful flowers and glistening vines in Vrndavana forest, become overcome with bliss and roll about on the ground.


40††††† I bow down before the young gopis decorated with the dearmost divine couple's prasadam ornaments, garlands and garments, who by singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, and by offering Them garlands, musk, aguru, kunkuma, fragrant scents, betel nut and garments earnestly serve Shri Shri Radha-Krishna as They enjoy nectar transcendental pastimes in the grove of Vrndavana.


41-43Some gopis are engaged in grinding sandalwood and kunkuma, some in threading garlands offlowers, some in decorating the pastime grove, some in fetching water, some in preparing splendid silk garments, some in assembling new ornaments, some in laboriously preparing delicious food and drink, some in arranging excellent betel nuts and betel leaves, some in expertly singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments, some in bathing the divine couple and anointing them with oil, some in continually fanning Them, some are extremely delighted to see all these intimate services, some have become stunned to see these pastimes of the dear divine couple, and some have given up everything to assist the pastimes of the divine couple.In this way the gopis are overwhelmed with love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. In these forests of Vrndavana I will search for these wonderfully beautiful young gopis.

44-46One wear a peacock feather crown, and the other has wonderfully beautiful braids. One has a chestwonderfully anointed with sandalwood paste and the other wears a splendid bodice. One wears colourfully jewelled yellow garments that reach down almost to the ankle, and the other wears beautiful colourfully jewelled garments of red.In this way the fair and dark young couple are wonderfully charming and handsome. They smile with love for each other.Their wonderful splendour pervades all directions. With the tinkling sounds of ankle-bells and belt, and also with the music of the jewelled flute, They enchant the moving and non-moving spiritual creatures of Vrndavana forest.They enter the beautiful jewelled arena, which is covered with flowers filled with the sounds of the gopis singing accompanied by the playing of mrdanga drums.They dance and clap Their hands with wonderful gracefulness, and the graceful motions of Their limbs and eyes creates a great festivalof the nectarean mellows of transcendental amorous love. The divine couple is my life and soul.Among the saintly devotees, who will not worship this divine couple?


47††††† Tasting unbounded eternal transcendental pleasure, displaying the most endearing, enchanting splendid beauty, the young couple that is the hero and heroine of those expert at relishing the nectar of transcendental mellows trembles with great love as They enjoy wonderful amorous pastimes in the newly blossoming groves of Vrndavana forest.I meditate on that transcendentalcouple.


48††††† When will the divine teenage couple, whose bodily lustre rebukes the splendour of blue lotus and golden campaka flowers, who are filled with deep love for each other, and who are overwhelmed with amorous desire, appear before me, my eyes glistening with love as I reside in this forest of Vrndavana.


49††††† I pray that wonderfulVrndavana Forest, which is manifest in the splendid ocean of transcendental bliss and love, may appear before me. I pray that my mind may become worthy to taste the nectar of the sight of the supremely enchanting fair and dark young couple that enjoys transcendental pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana forest.


50††††† A person absorbed in the most wicked sordid deeds who once bows down to offer respect to a blade of grass in Vrndavana at once becomes a very pious person.At the end of his body, by the mercy of the Supreme Lord, who has all power to unshackle him from the bonds of karma, he certainly attains the otherwise unattainable feet of Lord Krishna.


51††††† By displaying a great abundance of transcendental wealth, love for Vrndavana Forest laughs at millions of Kuveras.By displaying great power of intelligence, love for Vrndavana forest eclipses a great host of intelligent Brhaspatis. That love removes the lamentation of separation from wife, children and others.Because it is filled with the nectar of love for Lord Krishna, love for Vrndavana is the supreme object of worship for Sukadeva Gosvami, Prahlada Maharaja and the great devotees.


52††††† He who renounces all the opulences of his household life, who leaves his wife, children and other relatives and friends decorated with good qualities, who ignores the great respect everyone offers to him, who renounces the duties of ordinary piety, who does not become even slightly softened at heart by the repeated protests ofmother, father, and other superiors, and who goes to Vrndavana, is proclaimed by all to be the most fortunate of all fortunate persons.


53††††† Neither hearing nor believing the account of the faults or virtues of all other living entities, considering all the residents of Vrndavana to be his superiors and bowing down like a stick to offer respect to them, free from all pride, completely penniless, and always shedding blissful tears of love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, a certain saintly devotee resides in the forest of Vrndavana.


54††††† Crying in a voice filled with pain, rolling about on the ground, bowing down to offer respect to the person who is his dearmost friend, placing blades of grass between his teeth, and with millions of plaintive words begging for the merciful glance of his two masters, staying all alone at the base of a tree in Vrndavana forest, resting his cheek on his left hand, and shedding many tears, a certain incomparably fortunate person spends his day and nights.

55††††† Constantly shedding a great stream of tears, pallid, eating only a single morsel, whether rejected, bound, or struck, remaining always motionless and unaffected as if he were a mountain, without anycompanions, situated in complete poverty, and, with great longing, meditating on the great transcendental beauty of the lotus petals of the feet of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, a certain person stays in this forest of Vrndavana.


56††††† Please place flower garlands on Their necks. Anoint all their limbs with pleasant sandal paste. Give Them betel nuts to chew. Please Them by nicely fanning Them.When They lie down together enjoying the happiness of a tight embrace, massage Their feet. In this way please serve Shri Shri Radha-Krishna as They enjoy transcendental pastimes on a throne in a solitary place in the forest.


57-58Filled with amorous desires, Shri Shri Radha and Krishna gracefully enter the palace of vines.Their glistening eyes, words, limbs, and motions are all filled with nectar, and Their eyes move with amorous playfulness.Seeing all this, Radha's maidservants begin to discreetly go outside, but the smiling divine couple brings them back in.hey are plunged in shyness and bliss at the same moment. hese teenage maidservants of Shrimati Radharani have complexions as splendid as gold. They are ravishingly beautiful, with beautiful slender waists and very large breasts and hips, and each wears in her nose a pearl studded with jewels and gold. Their braided hair, their garments, and their ornaments, are all very beautiful.Please meditate on Shrimati Radharani's maidservants in this way.


59††††† Shrimati Radharani's maidservants are very beautiful. The vines of their arms and wrists are charmingly decorated with bracelets and armlets. The bells on their sashes and anklets tinkle melodiously. Their jewelled earrings are lovely. Their glistening braided hair is charming and splendid and the flower buds of their breasts are nicely decorated with necklaces of jewels. They have given all their love to their mistress, Shri Radha.In this way please meditate on the golden-complexioned maidservants of Shrimati Radharani.

60††††† Ah!In Vrndavana Forest all the animals, birds, trees, vines and countless other living entities, who are all very sweetly beautiful and as splendid as gold, have now become stunned by drinking the maddeningly sweet nectar of the bliss of great transcendental love.Ah!Induced by all of them, the most enchanting, priceless teenage treasure has now appeared before me.


61††††† Overwhelmed by a flood of transcendental love, speaking with a broken voice,

shedding tears, and the hairs of Her body erect with excitement, She sent Her dearmost friends to Her beloved with a letter of humble apology.Later, in a certainpart of Vrndavana Forest, She bound His feet with Her braided hair.All glories to this beautiful girl who is the light of my life.


62††††† They are both situated in rising new youthfulness.They are overwhelmed by ever-new feelings of intense love.They tremble in the agitation of newly aroused amorous passion.Their graceful playful charm is fresh and new.In new glances, motions and words, They create waves of sweetness.Please meditate on Them, the splendid fair and dark complexioned couple in this newly blossomed forest.


63††††† They have given Their lives to each other.During bathing, sleeping, eating, and all other activities, Their intense, ever-new love does not allow Them to remain separated.They eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes together in the newly blossoming groves of Vrndavana forest.Let me worship that supremely sweet, splendid divine couple.


64††††† Filled with the happiness of the great love They bear for each other, They gracefully sing and dance without interruption, creating great waves of the wonderful sweetness of youth.They are so attached to each other that the momentary separation They endure when Their eyes blink fills Them with pain.Please worship this charming fair and dark complexioned couple in the groves of Vrndavana forest.


65††††† Don't endeavour for the sake of children, wealth, wife, and a host of other temporary objects that are simply various manifestations of Lord Krishna's illusory potency maya.Instead, pick up the priceless crown jewel of the supreme goal of life.That jewel has now somehow or other fallen to this land of Vrndavana.


66††††† Under a tree by the Yamuna's shore Radha and Krishna thirst to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes.Please worship Them with pure, unalloyed love.


67††††† I pray that I may become an insignificant dog who lives at the doorstep of Lord Krishna in Vrndavana.I pray that I may never live in any other place, even as a dear friend of the goddess Laksmi, or even as a goddess myself.


68††††† I pray that the queen of Vrndavana, whose every limb shines with an ocean of wonderful golden moonlight, and whose beautiful form displays a wonder of ever fresh youthfulness, may appear before me.


69††††† Materialistic women completely destroy spiritual life.For this reason an intelligent man should live in Vrndavana, where there is no talking of such woman.


70††††† Crossing beyond Lord Vishnu's illusory potency maya, distrusting women and frightened of their company, an intelligent man will choose to live very humbly in the land of Vrndavana.


71††††† Even if the residents of Vrndavana are violent hoodlums in disguise, or thieves who plunder one's money and wife, still, they who are learned and saintly do not see any fault in them.


72††††† O Vrndavana, how can there be any auspiciousness for one who does not always praise you with his voice?What kind of body will become available in the next life for a person who will not abandon attachment for his own home and live within your borders?What goals remain within the heart of a person who will not give up his sons stay within your boundary?What person who knows the truth will not take shelter of a blade of grass that grows within you?


73††††† Absorbed in the mellows of unalloyed love for Radha's lover, Krishna, who is an ocean of the nectar of expert intelligence, who enjoys ever fresh and new transcendental amorous pastimes, who sometimes makes Radha extremely angry, and whose heart, senses, and limbs are all caught by the hook of the playful movements of Radha's eyebrow, I will be unmoved by the greatest impediments, take shelter of Vrndavana Forest.


74††††† The nectar moon of Lord Krishna's face rises in the newly blossoming groves of Vrndavana forest. That moon delights the lotus flowers that are the gopis. It is very sweetly kissed by affectionate Radharani. My mind places all its attention in that moon.


75††††† The motions of the beautiful gopis eyes hinted to Lord Krishna that Radha had gone to take rest in the forest cottage. Meeting Her there, Lord Krishna kissed and embraced her.Please meditate on Shrimati Radharani enjoying pastimes in this way.


76††††† Disguised as a gopi friend, Lord Krishna, who is more handsome than millions of Kamadevas, entered the cottage of newly blossoming vines. In that disguise he greatly pleased Radha, who is more dear to Him than His own life. Let me meditate on Shrimati Radharani in this way.


77.†††† Disguised as a maidservant, Lord Krishna massaged His beloved Radha's lotus feet.Radha was so pleased with this service that She rebuked Her regular gopi-masseuse for her relative incompetence.Let me meditate on Shrimati Radharani in this way.


78††††† Within the boundary of Vrndavana forest a certain youthful form fills the ten directions with the splendour of its limbs, which shine like molten gold. This form rests on the chest of the splendid dark moon that is Lord Krishna. This form is overcome with the nectar of transcendental mellows and maddened with the bliss of transcendental love. The ornaments that decorate this form tinkle with the movements oftranscendental pastimes. The garments that cover this form have fallen and the flowergarlands decorating this form have become broken.Maddened with amorous passion, this form no longer feels any embarrassment.


79††††† In a grove of kadamba trees by the Yamuna's shore, Radha became frightened by the dangerous bumblebees wandering among the lotus flowers.Calling out "Oh! It is a black bee! O Krishna, I take refuge in You" She tightly embraced Lord Krishna.In this way Lord Krishna felt great transcendental bliss.


80††††† In Vrndavana forest, in a grove of very fragrant blossoming jasmine flowers, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna sit down together.Overwhelmed with the nectar of transcendental mellows, They touch each other, repeatedly decorating each other's body with many wonderful flower ornaments although in the course ofTheir amorous pastimes these decorations become broken.Let me worship Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who enjoys pastimes in this way.


81††††† Vrndavana's queen Radha is now drowning in the blissful nectar ocean that is dark complexioned Lord Krishna, and Krishna is also plunged in the shoreless blissful nectar ocean of Shri Radha. The gopis hearts and bodies swim in the blissful nectar ocean of gazing at the transcendental pastimes of the divine couple, who are billions of times more dear to each other than Their own life's breath.I meditate on Radha, Krishna, and the gopis in this way.


82††††† I worship the fair and dark complexioned divine couple who moment after moment enjoy a very wonderful festival of passionate amorous pastimes in the forest groves.

83††††† Watering the young trees and vines, teaching the male and female parrots to recite, teaching the peacock couple to dance, and observing the flood of artistic skill displayed by a newly arrived gopi maidservant, may the wonderfully playful monarchs of Vrndavana enjoy transcendental pastimes in my heart.


84††††† Seeing a vine displaying new buds, lovely with smiling flowers, decorated with new sprouts, streaming honey, and embracing a tamala tree, my queen became overwhelmed with a desire to meet Her lover, Krishna, and She began to faint.Her gopi friend at once held Her up.


85††††† Eternally carried by great whirlpools in the nectar ocean of pure transcendental bliss, displayinga great sweetness of eternal and wonderful beauty, pastimes and youthfulness and the hairs of Their bodies standing up in ecstatic bliss as They dance in a circle of gopi friends, a splendid fair and dark couple enjoy transcendental pastimeswithin the borders of Shri Vrndavana.I worship Them.


86††††† The forms of Radha's maidservants are wonderful bubbles from the particles of foam from the effulgent spiritual ocean of sweet transcendental love that flows from the beauty of Radha's lotus feet.These young girls are filled with all artistic skill, and their wonderfully beautiful limbs are decorated with splendid garments and ornaments.O friend, please become the follower and servant of these maidservants of Shri Radha.


87††††† In the forest of Shri Vrndavana the divine couple playfully imitates the humming of the bees, the warbling of cuckoos, the cries and dancing of the peacocks, the graceful motions of the male and female swans, the embrace of the vines and the trees, and the frightened glances of the deer.Please serve this divine couple, for They are your only real friends.

88††††† Fallen into the expanding whirlpool of the powerful, splendid river of transcendental love, and absorbed in wonderful, unrestrained amorous pastimes, the youthful divine couple has filled with wonder the forest of Vrndavana.


89††††† "Where did They pass as They went?Where did They stop?What food did They bring?What garments did They wear?What did They say?What pastimes did They enjoy?Did They not take anything with Them?'Speaking in this way, please go to the youthful divine couple, who are now overwhelmed by tasting the nectar of Their transcendental amorous pastimes.please go and serve Them.


90††††† The gopis tie the hair of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.They decorate, clothe, and feed Them.They place the flute, lute, and other musical instruments in Their hand, and they respectfully play music for Their dancing.The gopis are able to very beautifully decorate Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, who yearn to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes in the forest grove.


91††††† In the forest of Vrndavana, which is filled with splendid bliss emanating from the bija syllable of the Kama-gayatri mantra, a teenage boy stands with a teenage girl.The girl is the personified treasure of very wonderful and sweet ecstatic love. From each of Her limbs a nectar ocean of golden splendour emanates. The boy is the personified form of the most wonderful and sweet nectar.


92††††† Within the splendid ocean of light manifested from the bija syllable of the Kama-gayatri mantra, the sweet abode named Vrndavana is manifest. Within that Vrndavana resides an unlimitedly sweet fair and dark complexioned couple absorbed in enjoying amorous pastimes.Please worship and serve Them.


93††††† Because of Shri Radha's passionate amorous desire the hairs on each of Her Limbs stands upright.From each of Her limbs flow great waves of golden splendour that inundate the entire universe. Her sweet amorous glances have completely conquered the dark moon of Lord Krishna. Let us meditate on these wonderful features of the divine couple's eternal amorous pastimes in Vrndavana.


94††††† In a newly blossoming nectarean grove of Vrndavana forest, a wonderful charmingly fair and dark complexioned amorous couple plays. Please meditate on Them.


95††††† Please always remember what Lord Chaitanya has taught about the nature of Shri Vrndavana, the nature of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and the nature of us individual spirit souls.


96††††† Simply bow down to offer respects to the cottages in the groves of Vrndavana and you will find the wonderful treasure contained in the nectar oceans of pure love for Lord krishna.


97††††† The blissful impersonal Brahman does not possess even the three most basic forms of variety.InVrndavana however, the wonder of great variety has reached the topmost superlative of existence.


98††††† O drop of spiritual potency, O spirit soul, please meditate on the beautiful, blissful, wonderful, sweet ocean of spiritual potency where the elephant of Shri krishna splashes as He enjoys His pastimes.


99††††† Please worship the fair and dark complexioned divine couple who are now plunged in the shoreless nectar of ever new and fresh transcendental amorous pastimes in Vrndavana forest.