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Chapter 1

The festival of Shri Vrndavana


 All glories to Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, the beautiful, sublimely sweet transcendental divine couple. They are as splendid as an ever-new lightning flash of a rain-cloud. Deep in the forest of Vrndavana, where there are many softly buzzing bees, these divine couple are filled with the nectar of charming, playful, ever-fresh, youthful pastimes.


 Please worship this girl who is the goddess of the nectar of sweet transcendental love. She has enchanted the entire world, and Her complexion, as golden as a campaka flower, has given a golden hue to this forest of Vrndavana.


 This girl is the essence of charming youthfulness in the minds of the fathomless, shoreless nectar ocean of great transcendental love. Her name is Radha. We offer our respectful obeisances unto Her.


 All glories to this handsome teen-age boy. He is a rake, enchanted with passionate amorous pastimes with the playful, beautiful girls of Vraja. His charming, delicate, dark-complexioned limbs are tossed to and fro by the nectar waves of transcendental amorous pastimes.


 Just worship this splendid boy who is tossed about by the waves of the nectar ocean of intense amorous love. All the hairs of His body are standing upright in ecstasy, for He has now become the ornament to decorate the transcendental body of Shrimati Radharani.


 The deity of transcendental mellows has descended into this world in a splendid golden form. Clothed in saffron garments, He enjoyed many transcendental pastimes by the shore of the salt-water ocean. He preached the most confidential aspect of devotional service in pure love of Krishna. I remember Him.


 Vrndavana forest is the sole source of the nectar of intense transcendental bliss, for the divine couple enjoy many wonderful amorous pastimes there. Eager to see Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, a certain gopi offered the following prayer to Vrndavana forest:


 This forest of Vrndavana is filled with networks of charming trees and creepers, blossoming in the wonderfully fragrant spring. This forest of Vrndavana is decorated with many garlands of flying bumble-bees intoxicated by the wonderful fragrance of fresh honey.


 I offer my respectful obeisances to the great forest of Vrndavana, where the nectarean mellows of pure love have arranged for a great, jubilant festival of transcendental amorous pastimes.


 In this forest of Vrndavana, Vraja's hero Krishna and His beloved Radharani picked wonderful flowers from the many blossoming asoka, bakula, kula, and campaka trees, and from the madhavi creepers also.


 In this forest of Vrndavana the waves of the playful Yamuna river gently shower drops of water on the beautiful forms of the divine couple, who are expert at relishing the mellows of transcendental pastimes. This spray of water greatly pleases the divine couple, who are not fatigued from excited pastimes of passionate amorous love.


 In the forest of Vrndavana there is a lake where petals and buds of the golden lotus flowers remind Lord Krishna of the breasts and eyes of His beloved Radharani, who is as dear to Him as His own breath. This memory agitates Him with passionate desire.


 In the forest of Vrndavana there are many cottages overgrown with many nectar-filled flowers, and there are many parrots who jubilantly sing about the ever-fresh amorous pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


 The forest of Vrndavana is very beautiful with many sura-druma trees covered by kalpa-lata creepers, and filled with blooming flowers and ripe fruits. The jeweled ground of the forest is covered with the camphor-like pollen of these flowers.


 Filled with dancing peacocks, frightened-eyed does, and cuckoos singing the fifth note, the forest of Vrndavana is very beautiful. The greatest of sages yearn to associate with the birds and beasts of Vrndavana forest, who are all tossed about by the waves of the nectar-ocean of pure love for Krishna.


 Wearing a peacock feather crown, Krishna hides within a grove of dark tamala trees in Vrndavana forest, and eagerly waits for Radharani's arrival. As Radharani walked down the path, the gentle Malaya breeze announced the presence of Krishna by carrying the fragrance of His transcendental limbs.


 Krishna, whose enchanting form gracefully bends in three places, stood under a kadamba tree in Vrndavana forest. He played His flute, and the music carried with it the boundless nectar of transcendental bliss, which intoxicated all the creatures in the forest.


 Intoxicated by it's pleasing sweetness, Prabodhananda Sarasvati has thus described the glories of Vrndavana forest. O intelligent and learned audience, please drink with your ears the blissful nectar of this song.


In this forest of Vrndavana are many birds, beasts, trees, and creepers, all dripping with the nectar waves of intense love for Krishna, and all glorious far beyond even the conception of Lord Siva. This Vrndavana forest makes the samadhi of the Brahmanandis shrink into insignificance. This Vrndavana forest is the place where Krishna enjoys transcendental pastimes that enchant the minds of the sages and devotees. I pray that this forest of

Vrndavana may bestow it's blessing upon us.


 O Vrndavana forest, when will you be merciful to me? When, on the strength of your wonderful mercy, will I be able to see the transcendental divine couple relishing the mellows of eternal pastimes within your groves?


 Then a certain young doe-eyed gopi, hankering only to serve the nectarlike divine couple, began to search for Them in all the forest-cottages. In the course of her searching she was able to overhear the following songs of Radharani's gopi-friends, who were very happy because of seeing the divine couple's sublimely sweet pastimes:


 O supreme delighter of the surrendered devotees, O hero of Vraja, O prince of lovers, O lord whose eyes are like blossoming lotus flowers, O deliverer from all fear, O protector of Your followers, O dearest friend, all glories to You! All glories to You!


 O youthful hero of the young Vraja-gopis, O ocean of transcendental nectar, O enjoyer of transcendental amorous pastimes, O transcendental wit expert at joking with the appreciative young gopis, O enjoyer of the rasa- dance, O lord who is tossed about by playful, charming waves of amorous pastimes, O friend who places the jeweled flute to Your splendid lips, O

friend to whom the saintly devotees offer respectful obeisances with bowed heads, O friend who enjoys pastimes of speaking sublimely gentle joking words, O friend who breaks the pious gopis' vow of chastity, O friend who crushes Your enemies, O friend who is the residence of ever-fresh transcendental amorous pastimes, O enjoyer of ever-fresh sublimely sweet mellows of transcendental pastimes, O killer of Putana, O friend whose dark form is the color of a fresh rain-cloud, O transcendental dancer who dances on the shore of the Yamuna, O rake who is decorated with a necklace of precious gems, O friend whose splendid lips are like a red flower blossom, O beloved of Vraja, O swan who swims in the Manasa-Ganga river of Radharani's thoughts. May Prabodhananda Sarasvati's song bring transcendental auspiciousness and love for Lord Hari to those who hear it.


 At that time Krishna placed His flowerlike hands on the two golden waterpots of Radharani's breasts and the delicate plantain tree trunks of Her thighs. When She raised Her hands in resistance, Her bracelets shook, jingling like the sound of turya drums. In this way Govinda performed the auspicious beginning of His amorous struggle with Radharani.


 With the cupped hands of her ears, a certain gopi drank the very sweet and auspicious nectar of this song glorifying Krishna, the enemy of Madhu. Continually remembering Govinda's lotus feet, that gopi began to sing the following song:


 Madana-Gopala jauntily wears a peacock-feather crown in His curling hair. His flute music chases away the chaste shyness of the eternally young Vraja- gopis.


 I pray that my mind may always dwell within Madana-Gopala, who is a limitless mango tree of amorous pastimes for Radharani. Madana-Gopala stands under a splendid kalpa-vrksa tree on the Yamuna's shore. His hips are covered with a fine yellow silk dhoti and decorated with a belt of softly tinkling bells.


 The dark complexion of youthful Madana-Gopala has stolen away the beautiful splendor of the dark rain-clouds. His sublimely sweet lips are placed to the flute. His beautiful face is like a moon that enchants the cakora bird of Radharani, the daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu.


 Madana-Gopala is beautifully decorated with ankle-bells, bracelets, jeweled shark-shaped earrings, and a gunja-necklace. He smiles gently and sweetly. His eyes are very beautiful. He yearns to associate with the gopis, who are expert at enjoying the mellows of transcendental pastimes.


 A garland of forest flowers filled with intoxicated, delighted buzzing bees swings from Madana-Gopala's neck. His handsome, nicely rounded, broad arms are anointed with fragrant scents. The hairs on His arms stand up because of ecstatic happiness.


 The forehead of Madana-Gopala was decorated with splendid jeweled tilaka markings. On His nose was a pearl set in gold. His face was like a lotus flower blossoming as if millions of nectarean autumnal moons were shining it.


 His handsome, delicate, youthful body bends at His neck, and ankles. He is the great hero who delights in chivalrous amorous duels in the cottages of ever-fresh Vrndavana forest.


 Madana-Gopala's glistening limbs are abundantly anointed with sandalwood, kunkuma, and

other fragrant substances. His form is like a cloud filled with the nectar of transcendental bliss. His form is inundated by the flowing waves of transcendental amorous pastimes.


 The effulgence of the candramani jewels of Madana-Gopala's toenails has embarrassed millions of cupids. He is expert at enjoying wonderful amorous pastimes. He is Vrajapura's youthful prince.


 O intelligent readers, please let your minds and hearts take pleasure in this nectar of Prabodhananda Sarasvati's description of Madhava's transcendental form. Why should you uselessly wander in the illusory material energy?


 Krishna's complexion is the blue color of a kuvalaya lotus petal. He enjoys amorous pastimes like millions of cupids. He is dressed in a silk dhoti as splendid as gold. He wears a peacock-feather crown. The sound of His flute loosens the undergarments of the pious young gopis. He is the rajahamsa swan who sports among the lotus flowers of Radharani. I pray that Krishna may appear within my heart.


 Within the forest Lord Hari met frightened, trembling Radharani, whom a clever gopi-friend had carefully brought to the place of rendezvous. When Lord Hari saw Radharani He became attacked by volleys of cupid's arrows, and to shield His own senses, He at once lifted the two lofty mountains of Radharani's breasts. I pray that Lord Hari, who is delighted by these expert amorous pastimes, may protect you.