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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Sangita Madhava > Chapter-9

Chapter 9

 Jubilant Radha-Madhava


 One evening Radharani enjoyed wonderful amorous pastimes with Madhava to Her heart's content. Although Her heart was actually plunged in the nectar ocean of transcendental bliss, She pretended to be unhappy as She spoke the following words to a gopi-friend: Once, after all My relatives had left, and I was alone in a cottage much like this, Krishna entered unseen and suddenly approached Me. I became very agitated at the sight of Him, and My creeperlike arms began to tremble. O friend, listen to what happened to me last night. Alas! Alas! This Krishna, the crest jewel of thieves and debauchees, caused me such great pain. Knowing that My husband had already left, when I saw Krishna outside the door I knew I was quite powerless against Him. He entered inside and at once took Me by My bracelet-decorated hand. His mind agitated with amorous passion He began to fulfill the desires burning within My breasts. I paused to remove the dangerously tinkling bells decorating My ankles and waist. He tore open My bodice and with His fingernails scratched My breasts to His full desire. He tightly embraced Me and bit My lips to His heart's content. Maddened by fierce amorous passion, He untied My undergarment and pressed His body against Mine. I cried in pain. I tried to push Him away with My hand. I cried out: Oh! Oh! No! No! In this way restless Krishna fulfilled His desire. His transcendental body became filled with the nectar of amorous happiness. He spoke soft words charged with passion. The now inactive serpent Krishna covered His body, now clearly marked with the signs of conjugal love. I quickly left Him and went to another part of the house.


 In the soft darkness I heard the quickly jingling ankle-bells that indicated My husband's return. When I heard his friends, still outside the house, say "Who is this?" I fell into a great abyss of fear. The mind off Prabodhananda Sarasvati constantly hopes to one day become able to directly hear the ever-sweet, priceless nectar of the pastimes of Radharani's words like this. My husband now stares at Me with angry eyes. He rebukes Me with millions of bitter words. Laughing like a madman, he pulls Me back and forth. He repeatedly beats Me with a toy lotus flower. Where shall I go? What shall I do? O My friend, what has happened to Me? Krishna no longer throws sidelong glances at Me. He no longer excites My amorous desires with His playful, suggestive smile. He no longer touches My shoulders. He no longer freely laughs and jokes with Me. He no longer associates with Me, but leaves Me to enjoy pastimes with the gopis. Oh, what has happened to Me?


 Unaware that hiding Radharani was eavesdropping nearby, Krishna lamented: O Hari, O Hari, No longer shall I happily kiss Radharani. No longer shall I see Her beautiful face, or press Her breasts, or scratch them with My fingernails. No longer shall I see Her beauty. No longer, having seen a little of the splendor of Her hips, shall I fling far away Her undergarments. I pray that Krishna, who delights the hiding Radharani with these words, may protect you all.