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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Sangita Madhava > Chapter-8

Chapter 8

 Lord Madhava agitated by the nectar of transcendental pastimes


 Krishna, the crest jewel of expert lovers, constantly meditate on beautiful Radharani, whose eyes were like two restless cakori birds. He searched for Her, and He planned how He could press to His chest the two glorious and lofty golden mountains of Her breasts. One day Krishna entered a clump of blue lotus flowers growing in the waters of the Yamuna river. At that time Radharani also entered the water to take Her bath. Sporting like an intoxicated young elephant, Krishna then attained the priceless treasure of embracing the two waterpots of the uncovered breasts of Radharani, whose beautiful thighs defeated the splendor of plantain trees.


 In a forest cottage one dark night Krishna, wearing blue garments without any jewel ornaments, presented Himself before Radharani. With His breath He suddenly extinguish the only lamp. In the ensuing intense darkness He celebrated a great festival of the embraces of Radharani, whose face was a beautiful as a blossomed lotus flower.


 One time in a new forest grove a certain gopi dragged Krishna into a cottage of creepers where Radharani was very agitated to enjoy pastimes with Him. In that cottage Krishna attained the topmost summit of transcendental bliss by embracing Radharani.


 One time a very expert gopi dressed Krishna in the disguise of a beautiful young girl and sent Him to Radharani, who became bewildered and could not recognize this young girl as Krishna, the lord of Her life. She became enchanted by the sweet beauty of the disguised Krishna, and She found Herself drowning in the flooding ocean of transcendental love for Him. She addressed Him in the following words:


 My dear gopi, in My heart I have fallen in love with Your splendid, charming, delicate, very youthful form, as beautiful as a blue lotus petal. Moon-faced girl, who are You? Sweetly beautiful girl, please become My intimate friend.


 What is this? Your playful, beautiful sidelong glance enchants the entire universe. Your glance breaks the pride of the khanjana bird and frightens the doe.


 O girl whose tender cheeks are nicely decorated with swinging jeweled earrings, and who gracefully walks like an intoxicated elephant. O girl who trembles with ever-fresh transcendental amorous pastimes, whose daughter are You?


 My friend, I have something confidential to ask You. I beg You, please do not cheat Me of a truthful answer. I notice You are trembling with fear. Are You afraid because Krishna stares at You and lays in wait for You? I cannot help but ask You this.


 O friend who removes the burning sufferings of My eyes, O friend who showers happiness upon Me, please tightly embrace Me. Your embrace is just like the nectar of Krishna's embrace. Your embrace makes My mind see Krishna. Your smile, Your dancing, and Your words are all like a flooding stream of nectar. Please stay here and enjoy all kinds of pastimes, bathing, sleeping, eting, walking about, and doing everything with Me.


 Smiling Krishna, disguised as a young girl, enjoyed embracing Radharani for a long time. She became plunged into the nectar ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes with Krishna, and He became ecstatic, the hairs of His body standing up.


 Prabodhananda Sarasvati has thus sung about the very wonderful and charming transcendental amorous pastimes of Madhava. I request you: please place upon your throat the sweet nectar of this song, which narrates how Krishna, disguised as a young girl, embraced Radharani with the ropes of His arms.


 One time Krishna, the regal crown of all who relish transcendental mellows, spread His glistening yellow shoulder-cloth on the ground, and placed His flute upon it. Meditating on the instructions of His beloved Radharani, He tossed down many wonderfully colorful flowers from the top branches. Then a gopi placed Krishna's flute in Radharani's hand and said: This is the culprit that charms the hearts of respectable girls. For Your own welfare You should hide it from Krishna. Radharani then covered the flute with the cloth and hid it among the kadamba branches. Krishna, seeing that His flute had disappeared, at once descended from the tree. He checked Radharani as She was trying to leave.


 Drowning in the waves of very sweet amorous happiness, Krishna spoke the following words in a faltering voice to Radharani, who was greatly agitated by the nectar of these amorous pastimes: Someone has thrown My flute and shoulder-cloth into the extensive branches of this kadamba tree. A beautiful, clever young gopi-thief from the town of Vraja has stolen My flute and is now running through Vrndavana forest to escape. Who is She?


 Krishna said: Give Me back My cloth! His very restless lotus eyes were crooked with anger. Radharani pretended to cry, although within Her heart She was filled with very wonderful happiness. I suspect this girl has transformed this flute into various other objects to conceal if from My view. Has She not changed My flute into these two gigantic kadamba flowers hiding under Her bodice. The words of this beautiful young girl expand the fame of Her expertise in the arts of deception. She now says: How is it possible that I have now transformed the flute into two kadamba flowers under My bodice? These are not kadamba flower. They are My two large breasts, mean to be embraced by My lover.


 My surabhi cows have now gone far away and My friends are now alarmed by My protracted absence. Quickly give Me these two nectarean wonderful kadamba buds that once were My flute. If You conclude that this Krishna is very proud, and therefore these two kadamba buds should not be given to Him, then I shall commit suicide and give up this life. These words I speak are not a lie. Krishna, who was garlanded with forest flowers, violently tore open Radharani's bodice, and jubilantly claimed Her breasts, calling out: Now I have them! One devoted to the lotus feet of his spiritual master should continually meditate on the splendid, sweet, nectarean amorous pastimes of Madhava described by Prabodhananda Sarasvati in this song. One time smiling Krishna stealthily sneaked behind beautiful-eyes Radharani and suddenly embraced Her with both hands. Not seeing who Her embracer was, Radharani pushed Him away with Her flowerlike hand, saying: Lalita, leave Me alone. Another time when Radharani was soundly sleeping, Krishna slowly and carefully removed the blanket covering Her from Her thighs to Her breasts. He then began to embrace Her, and when She awakened He enjoyed amorous pastimes with Her, scratching with His nails the breasts of Radharani, whose eyes moved about like frisky saphari fishes.


 Disguised as Lalita, Krishna once approached Radharani and said: I am Lalita, just now come here. The pretended Lalita then began to paint various pictures with fragrant substances on Radharani's breasts. Manifesting His male nature, Krishna became agitated with amorous feelings and began to press Radharani's breasts and scratch them with the sharp tips of His fingernails. When Radharani exclaimed: Friend, what, what are You doing? Krishna becamecharmed, and began to smile and laugh. I pray that Krishna may protect you all.