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Chapter 7

 Enchanted Madhava


 After hinting to Her friend Lalita about nectarean amorous pastimes with Her lover Krishna, Radharani hastened home. At that time unhappy Govinda entered Vrndavana forest. Even when the moon rose in that blissful place Krishna was not able to find any happiness. Neither the very cooling moon, the extremely fragrant Malayan breeze, the moisture laden Yamuna breeze, the lotus flowers growing in the Yamuna, nor the moist garments on His body, were able even slightly to mitigate the sufferings of Krishna, who continually burned in the flames of separation from Radharani.


 As Madhava walked through Vrndavana forest, He repeatedly imagined that Radharani had come. When He saw a faraway creeper with buzzing bees and flower blossoms moving in the breeze, He thought they were Radha. He called out Radha!, and ran towards them, His yellow garments loosened with happiness. When He heard the soft, gentle cooing of the kalahamsa swans in the Yamuna, His eyes quickly turned to them, for He thought they were Radharani.


 As agitated Krishna walked through Vrndavana forest, He thought the clusters of flowers were Radharani's breasts. He thought the cooling moon was Her face, the does' eyes were Her eyes, the feathers of the dancing peacocks were Her braids, and the lotus stalks were Her arms. In this way He saw Radharani's charming limbs everywhere.


 As Krishna walked in Vrndavana forest He became enchanted by the singing of the cuckoos and the buzzing of the bees. His thoughts became immersed in the jubilant amorous festival of embracing and kissing Radharani's breasts, and drinking the nectar of Her bimba-like lips.


 Lotus petal eyed Krishna then stopped under a kadamba tree. With tears in His eyes and a choked up voice, He sang the following pitiful lament: Although I yearn to see the splendid moon of Radharani's beautiful face, whenever She sees Me, She turns away and looks in another direction. Alas! Alas! How is that I remain alive? Even though Radharani is garrulous

with others, She will not speak even one word to Me. Alas! Whenever I come near the Radharani I desire, She at once flees far away. She does not hear My plaintive appeals. She does not see how She is cruel to Me.


 If She has come to this forest to collect flowers, then why will She not touch the flower I offer Her? Her reluctance fills Me with wonder. It bears a sweetness that enchants My mind.


 If Radharani is so shy that She will not even slightly lift up the moon of Her beautiful smiling face, then how will I be able to plunge into the sweet nectar ocean of amorous pastimes with Her? The boundlessly cruel hunter cupid has wounded My heart and left Me to cry in pain. Maharaja Vrsabhanu’s young daughter Radharani refuses to be kind to Me. What shall I do? Where shall I go? I have set out My jeweled ring and My very beautiful, glistening jeweled flute as bait to capture My friend Radharani. Alas, She does not think them very valuable. She declines to take the bait. O wicked life, now that you are deprived of the nectar of transcendental pastimes with Radharani, why are you not ashamed to feel a moment of happiness?


 Prabhodananda Sarasvati has composed this nectarean song beautified with the lament of the unrequited lover Krishna. I request you all: please sing this song, which is an ocean of incomparable transcendental nectar. Radha is in front of Me. Radha is behind Me. Radha is here. Radha is there. Radha is in My heart. Radha is above. Radha is below. Radha is among

these trees. This entire universe is Radha. O Radha, when will You suddenly unexpectedly come to this place, see My forlorn condition, and become kind and affectionate to Me? When will I become animated by speaking to You with nectar words? O Radha, O doe-eyed daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu, when will I take You by the hand and place You in My lap?


 What body can remain alive without breathing? What fish can live without water? what moon can shine without nighttime? Who can live without food? Ah, Krishna is completely unable to live without Radharani, the nectar ocean of transcendental passionate amorous pastimes. Although the greatest yogis search for the dust of Krishna's lotus feet, Krishna searches after Radharani. Although Krishna enchants the entire universe, Radharani enchants Krishna with Her restless roving glances. Although Krishna is full of perfect transcendental bliss, He feels Himself fortunate and opulent if He can taste a drop of the transcendental nectar of Radharani's association. I pray that Radharani, who is as splendid as a yellow campaka flower, may eternally protect you all.