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Chapter 6

The clever master of Shrimati Radharani


 With the wonderful, charming dancing of Her creeper-eyebrows, Radharani brought the happiness of an amorous duel to Krishna. With Her graceful, playful motions and the tinkling of Her ankle-bells, She did not allow Him to have a moment's peace.


 Krishna worried: When I arrive, perhaps Radharani will ask Her gopi-friends: What is this? This is not one of the elders of Vraja. Why does this person repeatedly smile at Me? Why does He stare at Me so with those crooked eyes? What trick has He employed to be able to come here? Who is this person, splendid as a rain-cloud?


 Worried in these ways, Krishna's handsome face became covered with perspiration. He left the company of His cowherd friends, and went to meet Radharani who was at that moment travelling to a festival in Vraja-pura. Krishna saw Radharani and Her gopi-friends in a secluded part of the path. He addressed Radharani in the following words:


 Please give Me the nectar glance of Your mercy. Please stop cupid's shower of sharp arrows upon Me. My dear Radharani, I am Krishna, the son of Vraja's king Nanda. I am the most learned of all scholars of transcendental mellows. I request You: Please become My friend. Please show Me Your beautiful smiling face. Please give Me Your smile as beautiful as millions of nectar moons. O delightful girl, for a very long time I have longed for You. I am the servant of Your lotus feet. Please command Me.


 I yearn to taste the nectar of embracing Your breasts. Please remove Your bodice and show them to Me. If You would like to do Me a kindness, then with Your own hand please give

Me all the betel-nuts from Your lotus mouth. Why do You act as if You do not see My fearless, unashamed, uncheckable amorous desire?


 The night is very beautiful. Let us, You and I, now enjoy a little of the happiness of transcendental amorous pastimes. Prabodhananda Sarasvati has sung this song about the transcendental amorous pastime of the Divine Couple. The author prays: May this song bring

the nectar of Krishna's lotus feet to it's audience. Speak many harsh words to Me! Stare at Me with angry red eyes! Kick Me with Your lotus feet! Abruptly leave Me with contempt. O Radharani, this Krishna is maddened with love for You. From within His heart to the farthest

extremities of His body He loves You. He will never leave You.


 I am not afraid of King Kamsa, and I am not embarrassed by anything the people-in-general may say about Me. I do not care to protect My good reputation or that of My family. O Radharani, all I know is I have become fatally wounded by the sharpened arrows of Your crooked sidelong glances, and in this condition I can remain alive only if I receive the medicine of embracing Your breasts. At this time Radharani was deeply drowning in the nectar ocean of love for Krishna. As Krishna eavesdropped, Radharani spoke the following the words to Her dear gopi-friend: The whole world undoubtedly knows the purity of both My husband's family and Mine also. Our families have not the slightest impurity. My good- character is also very well known. Please try to understand this. Friend, keep this prince of Vraja away. Even if I saw the sun shining at nighttime, My mind would not become attracted to any man other My husband. (The Supreme Lord).


 Krishna brings auspiciousness to the entire land of Gokula. This wicked activity He proposes is certainly out of character for Him. This adulterous mentality is more appropriate for a wicked king who has lost all good qualities.


 Krishna blocks My path, and then follows Me, trying to grab the hem of My sari. Please report all this, so Vraja's Queen Yasoda may protect her son from His weakness.


 I refuse to please Krishna by sporting with Him in the Yamuna's waters. Because I strictly avoid all sin, His begging Me with a hundred flattering words is all useless.


 Every day I go to Vrndavana forest to pick the very fresh fully blossomed jasmine flowers. Now this Krishna has forbidden Me to go there. During the middle of the night, when everyone in My house is fast asleep, I remain wide awake.


 My friend, if this Krishna were to forcibly grab My arm in spite of My loud protests, No! No!, then you will see that I shll at once faint on the spot. Expert at relishing the nectar of transcendental mellows, Prabodhananda Sarasvati has thus described this very expert and charmingly beautiful speech of Radharani. I request you all: please repeatedly sing this song

with a playful heart. Friend, please deliver this message to Yasodananda:O Krishna, Radharani falls down to offer obeisances to the soles of Your lotus feet. Please forgive Her, for She is only a foolish girl. She begs You to please abandon all amorous designs on Her, for She is a respectable girl. Please ignore Her, and just remain absorbed in enjoying eternal pastimes with Balarama in the forest.


 Drinking with her ears the nectar of Radharani's profoundly eloquent words, Lalita replied with the following charming speech, filled with the nectar of the bliss of intense devotional love: O moon-faced Radharani, when Gokula's prince Krishna, decorated with gunja-ornaments, falls down at Your lotus feet, then that is Your supreme good- fortune. What greater fortune can be found in this world? O friend Radharani, don't be harsh with this dark-complexioned Krishna, who is intoxicated with amorous passion for You.


 Show a little mercy in Your boundlessly merciful heart. Take no account of what people think. Crush Krishna's unhappiness. Glance on Him with a smile. This eternally charming Krishna is overwhelmed with love for You. Sighing deeply, He has become the servant of Your lotus feet. He is now mortally wounded by cupid's arrow. I beg You: please restore His life.


 Do not speak harshly. Do not be angry with me. Do not knit Your eyebrows. Instead, let the bumble-bee of Your glance play on the lotus flower of Krishna's face, glistening with the ever-fresh nectar of transcendental mellows.


 Show Him Your amorous face, as charming as the full moon. Do not cheat Your dear friend Krishna, who is most expert at relishing the nectar of playful amorous pastimes.


 Vraja's humble, polite prince Krishna is the wakening king cupid whose handsome transcendental form enchants the three worlds. Do not force Your gentle heart to neglect Him.


 Friend, smile when You speak to Your dear friend Krishna. Hint how much You love Him. Follow Him into the new forest grove filled with flying bumble- bees, and lay down with Him on a bed of blossoming flowers there. Filled with the sweetest nectar, these words of Prabodhananda Sarasvati narrate the transcendental pastimes that charm the ear. I pray that these words may eternally decorate Your ears.


 Friend, why are You afraid? It is not a person different from Krishna who touches Your breasts. It is the bumble-bee of Krishna, who, attracted by the sweet scent of Your lotus feet, now hovers around Your lotus feet. Why do You resist Him and try to send Him away?


 The following verse is a series of puns where Radharani deliberately misconstrues the statements of Lalita: Radharani: Who is this at the door? Lalita: It is Vidhu (Krishna, or moon).

Radharani: It cannot be the moon. The moon always stays in the sky. Lalita: It is Your nayaka (lover, or the central gem in a necklace). Radharani: If it is My jewel, then please place it in the middle of My necklace. Lalita: Foolish girl, it is Madhava (Krishna, or Lord Narayana, the husband of Laksmi). Radharani: Why has Lord Narayana, the husband of Laksmi come into our forest? May Krishna, who is thus the object of smiling Radharani's puns,

protect you all.