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Chapter 5

Lord Krishna appeals to Shrimati Radharani's friends



 The next day Krishna climbed the lofty summit of His favorite Hill, Govardhana. As He placed His eyes on the entire land of Vraja, He saw Radharani, the jewel of Maharaja's Vrsabhanu's home. He pointed to Her, identifying Her to Shridama as the thief who had stolen His heart. All this made Krishna very happy.


 Later, Krishna saw His beloved Radharani and some of Her dear friends on the path to Vraja. He trembled, agitated with the yearning to taste the nectar of Her lips. Distraught, He spoke the following words: Flaunting Her great annoyance, this girl refuses to answer My question and contemptuously walks away. When I confront Her face-to-face, She hurls at Me the sharpest rebukes. O Lalita, I request you to make Maharaja Vrsabhanu's teen-age daughter pleased with Me. She has stolen away the jewel of My mind. She has filled My mind with happiness, and made it yearn to enjoy wonderful transcendental pastimes with Her. When I passionately grasped the edge of Her sari, She replied by knitting the creeper of Her eyebrows, and saying through Her pearl-like teeth: Let go of Me, You rake! Let go! I placed My peerless flute at Her feet, and She kicked it far away. I try to be friendly to Her, but She refuses to become My friend. Humbly placing a blade of grass between My teeth, I begged Her a hundred- and-one times. She responded by repeating: No! No! I fell at Her feet. She replied with the hint of a gentle smile.


 The hairs of My body began to stand up with ecstasy. I placed My arm around Her and took Her to a solitary ever-fresh forest grove. We were both filled with happiness and agitated by strong amorous desire. I tightly embraced Her. She pretended to cry. I drank the sweet nectar of Her lips and scratched the flower buds of Her breasts. She was filled with transcendental amorous bliss. Then I placed My both hands beneath Her undergarment. She struggled to resist. We both became filled with passionate transcendental amorous bliss.


 Sung by jubilant Prabodhananda Sarasvati, this song is a charming meditation on the nectar-filled transcendental glory of Madhusudana. This song delights those expert at relishing the nectar of transcendental mellows.


 My dear doe-eyed Lalita, I will give You My body and My life-breath. I will give You My glistening jeweled flute and My splendid jeweled ring. Just let Me once tightly embrace Your dear friend Radharani with these two arms trembling with amorous passion.


 How is it possible for a nectar-filled cloud to stay away from a fresh lightning flash? How is it possible for a bumble-bee to stay away from a colony of lotus flowers? How is it possible for Madhava to not associate with Radharani? My dear Lalita, please consider these points.


 When Vraja's prince Krishna, who was more handsome than millions of cupids, spoke in this agitated way, Lalita replied the following words which conceal a hidden meaning: My beautiful friend Radharani is aloof from all men, including even Her own husband. You will never be able to attain Her. (Very easy for You to attain).


 Reflecting on the meaning of Lalita's words, Krishna continued walking on the path, met His cowherd friends, and finally arrived at Vrndavana forest. Meanwhile Lalita respectfully approached Radharani, and spoke to Her the following words:


 Krishna has eternally rejected Laksmi-devi and a great host of beautiful, amorous girls, who yearn to attain Him, and He has fallen in love with the fragrance of Your lotus feet.


 O Radharani, please worship Krishna, prince of Vraja. Follow my advice and quickly go to meet Him. Do not hesitate, thinking in Your mind whether it is right.


 Peacock-feather crowned Krishna rolls about on the ground when He sees Your maidservant's footprints on the pathway. Despairing of attaining You, He stares at the ground, tears streaming from His eyes, and His cheeks pale. Krishna's delicate body is severely wounded by the dangerous arrows of cupid. Continually longing to attain the nectar of Your association, He has become helpless and uncontrolled.


 Krishna's wonderful opulence, handsomeness, and transcendental qualities enchant millions of cupids. He chants Your holy names and He offers His own transcendental body in the service of Your lotus feet. O mistress Radharani, Krishna has fallen on the ground in a secluded forest grove. With tears in His eyes He meditates on Your transcendental form and pastimes, and He chants the syllables of Your holy names. Krishna is so agitated by the nectar of love for You that He has neglected to place ornaments on His splendid yellow garments. He has forgotten His own body and His own home.


 Krishna worships the charming effulgence of Your lotus toenails, thinking each ray of light to be millions of times more precious than His own life breath. The hope that some day He may be able to taste the nectar of embracing You keeps Him alive from moment to moment.


 This song has been sung by Prabodhananda Sarasvati, whose life and soul is the nectar of the lotus feet of Radharani, the daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu. This song creates within it's audience great love for the lotus feet of Radharani, whose transcendental form is full of nectar. My friend, will you worship Krishna, or will you follow the ordinary piety of this world? If you do not become the golden ornament studded by the blue sapphire of Krishna, you will loose the great hope of your life. Krishna entered the sacred waters of the Yamuna, which were filled with the red kunkuma from Radharani's breasts. He covered all His transcendental limbs with dust from the places marked with Radharani's lotus footprints. His thirsty eyes continually hovered about the gate where Radharani was supposed to appear at the rendezvous. I pray that dark-complexioned teen-age Krishna, the rakish lover of the girls of Vraja-pura, may protect you all.