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Chapter 4

The festival of Shri Radha-Govinda seeing each other


 That young gopi then became immersed in the nectar of the intensely blissful, eternal, pure, perfectly independent, youthful transcendental pastimes enjoyed by Shri Shri Radha-Krishna in Vrndavana forest and other places also.


 One time Radharani became immersed in remembering Govinda, who is glorified by people everywhere, and whose youthful transcendental form is full of the most wonderful sweetness. Trembling with love for Him, She spoke the following words to an intimate gopi-friend: My mind is eager to place Krishna's charming joking words in My ears. My mind longs to have My eyes gaze at Krishna's jubilant moonlike face, which is agitated with amorous passion. O friend, My mind turns to dark-complexioned Krishna as if by force. My mind is agitated with passion and it yearns to enjoy nectar pastimes with Krishna.


 My mind yearns for Krishna, intoxicated by the nectar of transcendental mellows, to boldly grasp the edge of My sari, and move His splendid eyebrows to frighten Me.


 When smiling Krishna tries to remove My bodice, I shall rebuke Him. Frightened, I shall raise My hand to strike Him. Even though I rebuke Him hundreds of times, Krishna does not loosen His grip. Indeed, My words only please Him and fill Him with smiles.


 The hairs on My splendid arm will stand upright in ecstatic bliss as I place it on Krishna's handsome shoulders. He will place Me on His lap, very eager to embrace Me to His chest.


 Krishna's mind will become intoxicated by drinking the sweet nectar of My lips. In His embrace I shall close My eyes, and utter sounds of amorous bliss just to please Him.


 The nectar of transcendental mellows has agitated My mind and makes it yearn to meet Krishna and embrace Him. I wish to please My dear lover Krishna, who is so expert at many varieties of amorous pastimes.


 In this way Radharani sang this account of Her desires as Her gopi-friend listened. Jubilant Prabodhananda Sarasvati earnestly repeats this song, which breaks the desire for material sense-gratification. Radharani then left that place with Her friends and entered the madana- jivana forest on the pretext of collecting flowers, although Her actual intent was to see Krishna. Wandering for a long time among the trees, She collected a few flowers, and with frightened eyes searched for Krishna.


 Krishna then saw that the entire forest had suddenly, and for no perceivable reason, become filled with a golden effulgence. He saw the birds and other creatures had become maddened and He saw the bumble-bees excitedly flying about. He saw that He had suddenly become very agitated at heart. He at once abandoned His pastimes with the gopas, and began to search foe a long time to find the origin of all these occurrences.


 From a great distance Krishna saw a supremely beautiful young girl whose complexion was the color of yellow kunkuma. At that moment His peacock feather crown at once fell. His yellow garments became loosened, the flute fell from His hand, and He fell to the ground unconscious. When Radharani saw that Her lover Krishna had fainted, She at once approached Him. The beauty of His gently throbbing transcendental body rebuked the host of fresh rain-clouds and caused the lotus flowers to wilt. She touched Him with Her hand. His eyes at once opened, and at that moment She smiled and disappeared.


 Shridama searched for his dear friend Krishna, and finally found Him. Krishna was rolling about on the ground, completely overwhelmed. Unhappy to see his friend in this condition, Shridama said: The cows have wandered far away. The day is almost over. We are famished with hunger, and Your mother has fixed her eyes on the path, waiting for Your return. O Krishna, when You silently leave Your pastimes with us, and then we find You sorrow-faced with tears flowing from Your eyes, we no longer desire to remain alive in these bodies.


 Taking the corner of His friend's garment, handsome Krishna wiped the perspiration from His face. Repeatedly remembering His beloved Radharani, He sang the following song in a choked voice: I have seen a golden creeper with two raised bunches of nectar filled flowers, which emanate the most exquisite amorous happiness. It's large flowers swaying to and fro, this creeper has cast aside the nectar-greedy bumble-bee following it.


 Friend, today a golden creeper appeared before My eyes. This wonderfully charming creeper churned the happiness of amorous love and sprinkled a shower of nectar upon Me.


 This creeper shines like a spotless moon at night that creates great tidal waves in the nectar ocean of transcendental mellows. This creeper has two prominent lotus flowers. This creeper showers nectar mixed with poison. This creeper charms the deer and makes them dance.


 This delicate, splendid, charming, beautiful young creeper has two red lotus flowers. It is always surrounded by many buzzing bees. It is as lovely as the moon, and it's roots are delightful. On both sides of this creeper are two splendid, charming, delicate, golden

lotus stems swinging to and fro. This creeper scatters the nectarean moonlight of amorous delight. This creeper creates a burning, insatiable passion within Me.


 If that golden creeper were to approach Me and playfully say: " My dear friend, You are My sapphire tree. I shall now embrace You with My tendrils." then I think it would be very difficult for Me to keep My mind peaceful and quiet.


 When I glance at this creeper it seems that the wonderful burden on the top is trembling with fear because it is sustained by such a fragile slender middle. This creeper showers the happiness of conjugal love and attracts My heart. I think this creeper was not fashioned by the creator Brahma. This creeper is beautiful as many sthala-nalina, bandhu-jivaka, and tilaka flowers, and as charming as a great host of kunda flowers. Please go to the cottage of creepers in the dense forest, and find this creeper for Me. This creeper is the dearest treasure of My body and life. In this way Krishna described Radharani's transcendental form to His dear friend Shridama. I request you all: please sing this wonderful, delightful, and sublimely sweet song spoken by Prabodhananda Sarasvati, who is expert at relishing the nectar of transcendental mellows. After hearing this song, Shridama said to Krishna: My friend, stand up. Do not lament. Start towards home and call the cows with the sound of Your large flute. In Vraja lives an enchantingly beautiful girl. It will not be at all difficult for You to become Her lover. O intelligent Krishna, do not become agitated.


 The dear friend Shridama's nectar words were not able to even slightly pacify Krishna's mind. Krishna then returned home. Mother Yasoda's face blossomed with happiness as she embraced Him. That night Krishna was not able to sleep.


 His eyes filled with tears, Krishna said to His friends: "first My mind was continually wounded by the sharpened arrows of doe-eyed Radharani's sidelong glances. Then it was crushed to powder by the lofty mountains of Her breasts. Then it was bitten by the snake of the line of hairs on Her torso, and finally it has fallen into the lake of He navel." I pray that Krishna may

protect you all.