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Chapter 3

The festival of Shrimati Radharani's face


 This gopis' thirsty cakori bird eyes began searching for the Divine Couple in all direction. The other gopis then showed her the sweetly smiling, nectar-filled moons of Shri Shri Radha-Govinda's faces. The gopis sang: Radharani's beautiful form is anointed with musk, and Krishna's form is as splendid as the best of fresh rain-clouds. Her braids are charming as graceful snakes, and He wears a great peacock feather crown. O friend look at the delicate young prince of Gokula accompanied by Radharani, who is immersed in the sweet passions of amorous love. Krishna is like a network of nectar showering clouds accompanied by the fresh lightning flash of Radharani. Krishna is like a splendid dark tamala tree embraced by the effulgent golden creeper of Radharani. Krishna is like a happily buzzing bee who has playfully landed on the charming breeze-swaying lotus flower of Radharani. Radharani is trembling in fear because of suddenly meeting Krishna, and He is engaged in calming and comforting Her in many ways. Krishna is like a wonderful, playful new kamadeva accompanied by Radharani who is as beautiful as millions of transcendental Ratis. Krishna is a nectarean splendid autumn moon, whose shining makes the nectarean kumuda lotus flower of Radharani's smile blossom with happiness. (Kamadeva is cupid, and his wife is Rati).


 Krishna is like a passionate regal elephant accompanied by the amorous female elephant of Radharani. Krishna is like the best of scholars in the art of amorous love accompanied by Radharani, who is very expert at wonderful amorous pastimes.


 Krishna is like a great ocean of transcendental bliss accompanied by an effulgent cloud, filled with effulgent nectar of transcendental love, and known as Radharani. Krishna is like a playful new sapphire accompanied by the wonderful golden girl known as Radharani.


 Krishna is a charming transcendental youth accompanied by the enchanting young Radharani. Krishna is dressed in a gracefully draped yellow dhoti, and Radharani is dressed in a splendid silk sari. After the gambling match Radha and Krishna both claimed that They had won the wagered prize. During the following dispute, Krishna claimed His prize by

forcibly taking Radharani's bodice. At every moment Krishna enjoys wonderful pastimes with Radharani, who is expert at speaking many different kinds of joking words.


 Jubilant Prabodhananda Sarasvati has sun this very beautiful song describing the transcendental forms of Shri Shri Radha-Madhava. Please relish this song in your heart.


 Look! Here is noble Radharani. Her braids are entwined with a string of fragrant fresh jasmine flowers. A necklace of pearls rests on the splendid bodice that covers the waterpots of Her breasts. She enjoys the sweetest transcendental pastimes. She continually showers nectar in all directions. My dear girl, look! Here is youthful Krishna. His lotus eyes have become reddish by the passion of His amorous pastimes. The hairs of His body stand erect and all His limbs glisten with happiness. He is now tossed about by the waves of bliss born from His touching Radharani's transcendental body. Somewhere on Radharani's transcendental body there are beautiful dots of red sindura. Somewhere there are fresh nail scratch marks. Somewhere there is kunkuma and somewhere there is charming mascara. Somewhere there are marks from many jeweled bracelets. Look at these beautiful marks hinting about the nectar of Radharani's transcendental amorous pastimes. When this young gopi saw Krishna she became bewildered and said: Is this the moon? No, for how could the moon have descended to this place. Is this a very dark tamala tree? No, for trees do not walk and talk. Is this a fresh rain-cloud? No, for there is no way a cloud could come to this place. Is this the autumn moon? No, for ever the moon does not shower nectar in this way.


 Seeing lotus-eyed Radharani, whose sweet love for Krishna is beyond the conceptual power of the material mind, this young gopi guessed: Is this the life-breath of Cupid? Is this Krishna's heart personified? Is this the seed of all transcendental beauty? Is this the goddess of transcendental nectar? When this young gopi saw the divine teen-age couple standing before her as the two most precious jewels, she at once became immersed in the great ocean of transcendental love for Them. Nectar tears of great love began to jubilantly trickle from her eyes. Bowing down to offer respects, with a choked voice she addressed her mistress Queen Radha: When You sing the glories of Krishna I see the hairs of Your body stand up in ecstatic bliss. Please teach me Your art of singing in various incomparable ways. I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who are immersed in the incomparable nectar of transcendental mellows. O my lady, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana, I pray that You please make me a maidservant of Your lotus feet. Please engage me in the blissful service of the two lotus feet of Your lover Krishna. O doe-eyed queen, please engage me in Your ever-new transcendental service in this ever-fresh grove of Vrndavana. With sweet words please order me to follow You to the couch of flowers. O beautiful queen, please order me to massage Your lotus feet and braid Your hair.


 I wish to have some of the juice trickling from the corner of Your mouth as You happily chew fresh betel-nuts and camphor. Please be kind to me and grant my request.


 Please be kind, and allow me to directly see the endless, eternal, boundless, jubilant festival of the nectar of transcendental mellows enjoyed by You, Your dark-complexioned young lover Krishna, and the servants of Your lotus feet.


 When will the glory of Your lotus feet make me become very expert? When will I arrange for You to fearlessly meet Krishna in the middle of the night? The splendor of Your moonlike toenails has become the decoration worn by the young gopis expert at relishing the ever-fresh transcendental mellows of Your service. Please do not become averse to me. I am suffering and I yearn to attain the service of Your lotus feet.


 Eager to attain the mellows of direct devotional service, Prabodhananda Sarasvati has described this song of the beautiful gopi who bowed down at the lotus feet of Radharani, the daughter of Maharaja Vrsabhanu. If one drinks the nectar of this song with his ears, he will find that it will fill him with great transcendental bliss.


 O Radharani, Krishna, the moon of Vrndavana, has become intoxicated by drinking the nectar of transcendental love for You. He has placed You on His lap and embraced You with His arms. The hairs of His body are standing upright in transcendental bliss. O nectarlike Radharani, O form of great, ever-fresh, delicate transcendental beauty, please glance upon me with affectionate eyes.


 Hearing this song increased Radharani's natural affection and brought tears to Her eyes. Charmingly beautiful Radharani embraced this gopi and had her offer respectful obeisances bowing down at the lotus feet of Her lover Krishna. That gopi then spoke the following sweetly affectionate words to Govindacandra:


 O handsome prince of Vrndavana forest, whose teeth are like jasmine flowers, whose gentle smile is charming, who enchants all the worlds, and whose face is like a blossoming lotus flower. O nectarlike, blissful Madhava, O origin of all happiness, please sprinkle me with the nectar of devotional service for the lotus feet of Your beloved Radharani.


 O bumble-bee intoxicated by the sweet honey of the lotus flower of Radharani's face, O swimmer continually sporting in the rising waves of amorous pastimes in the nectar ocean of transcendental mellows. O victim whose mind has become trapped between the two lofty mountains of Radharani's swollen breasts, O lover who has become maddened with

irresistible amorous passion by hearing the sweet words of Radharani. O Radharani's pet deer, whom She caught in the net fashioned from the ropes of Her splendid amorous virtues, O lover sweetly scented with the fragrance of the honey of the enchanting lotus flowers of Radharani's feet, which are difficult even for the goddess of fortune Laksmi-devi to attain. O handsome lover delighted by the friendship of Radharani's dear friends, O lover whose festival of happiness celebrated by seeing the charming moon of Radharani's face is sometimes cruelly interrupted by the momentary blinking of the eyes.


 O friend, relative, wealth, body, power, ornament, and life of Radharani, O lover wonderfully marked with many symptoms of continually enjoying Your amorous duel with Radharani.


 O flute-player whose nectar-music has become an antidote to destroy the poison of Radharani's pride, O Krishna, who stutters with a voice weakened by feelings of love by hearing the charming music Radharani's plays on the vina.


 O learned devotees, please drink with the goblet of your ears the nectar of this song sung by Prabodhananda Sarasvati. In this way you will relish eternal transcendental bliss.


 O dark-complexioned Krishna, O abode of transcendental bliss, all glories unto You, all glories unto You. O Lord, the waves of whose sublime and sweet youthful pastimes have embarrassed an unlimited army of cupids. O Lord whose blissful smiling face shines like the nectar autumn moon, please grant me service to the lotus feet of Your beloved Radharani.


 O Krishna, O pet deer of the great nectar ocean named Radharani, O Lord whose blissful transcendental from is overwhelmed with amorous passion for Radharani, please make me a maidservant of Your dearmost Radharani's lotus feet.


 Mercifully glancing at that gopi with His glistening, blossoming lotus eyes, Govinda showered her with the nectar-rain of His perfect and complete transcendental love. Unseen by anyone, that gopi continually stayed with the Divine Couple. She took shelter of Them, and expertly served Them in many different ways.


 Krishna rested His transcendental form, as dark as a blue lotus flower, upon Radharani's breasts. When She noticed that His hand was beginning to remove Her blue garments, She smiled and said to Him: Do not try to remove the cloth from My breasts. It is impossible for You to do. These words charmed Krishna and made Him smile. I pray that Krishna may protect you.