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Chapter 2

The festival of Shri Radha-Madhava


 This timid young gopi then saw her friend and mistress. Overwhelmed by the nectar of transcendental love, this gopi happily offered obeisances, falling before her feet.


 Filled with longings, she addressed the gopis: The charming, divine teen- age couple are more valuable to me than my own life-breath. Please tell me where are They now enjoying transcendental pastimes? The affectionate gopis replied in the following song:


 The Divine Couple are as splendid and beautiful as a dark rain-cloud and a campaka flower. They are as charming and effulgent as a new sapphire and a glistening lightning flash.


 The charming Divine Couple are continually enjoying pastimes on the shore of the Yamuna.


 The charming youthful Divine Couple are now agitated by the great nectar of passionate amorous love. The perfect peacefulness of Their hearts has been stolen away by each others wonderful forms and pastimes. The Divine Couple are now engaged in a passionate amorous duel in a cottage in an ever-fresh grove of Vrndavana forest. Their tilaka markings

and necklaces have become broken by Their passionate embraces, and their cheeks are decorated with perspiration. Sometimes They sleep in each other's arms, Their broad thighs, as delicate as glistening plantain trees, pressed together. Sometimes They try to retrieve each other's beautiful jewel necklaces, broken during Their passionate embraces.

 Sometimes, pretending to whisper secrets, They kiss each other's necks below the ears. Sometimes They become very pleased to dress each other in fine silk garments.


 Sometimes They decorate each other with ornaments, sometimes They anoint each other with fragrant substances, and sometimes They gaze at Their own decorated faces in a mirror. Sometimes They playfully imitate a pair of swans, and sometimes They imitate a pair of dancing peacocks. Sometimes They playfully decorate each other's hair. Sometimes They sing, dance, and laugh. In this way They enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes at every moment. Sometimes They gaze at each other's naked bodies with disheveled hair and broken pearl necklaces. Sometimes They exchange many hundreds of passionate kisses and embraces as They play on the shores of the Yamuna. In this song Prabodhananda Sarasvati has described the sublimely sweet festival of Shri Shri Radha-Madhava's ecstatic transcendental loving pastimes. O readers expert at relishing transcendental mellows, please sing this song.


 The Vedas and Upanisads are very far away from understanding the flood of madhvika nectar of the Divine Couple's transcendental loving pastimes. Even the visnu-tattva incarnations of Godhead are not allowed to directly see these pastimes. As charming and splendid as a sapphire and gold, the blissful Divine Couple is splendidly manifest in this forest of Vrndavana. The gopis then said: Friend, Krishna, the enemy of Mura, has now placed His happily curled bimba fruit lips to the first opening of the flute. As His beautiful, soft fingers move over the other openings, He plays the musical sound "Radha" on the flute. As He plays, waves of splendid beauty flow from the jewels of His moving fingernails.


 When they heard about the blissful expansive empire of Shri Shri Radha- Krishna's transcendental amorous pastimes, the doe-eyed Vraja-gopis could not remain satisfied, but they inquired about more nectar pastimes of Radharani. The other gopis replied in the following song: Although Radharani earnestly desired Krishna's passionate advances, She pretended to strenuously resist them. Although they brought Her great happiness, She pretended to be very unhappy. Radharani expertly enjoys many ever-fresh nectarlike amorous pastimes with Krishna, the enemy of the Madhu demon.


 Embraced by the arms of Her lover Krishna, She pretends to tremble with fear.


 Although actually very pleased, She pretends to be angry at heart. She rebukes Him, pushes Him away, and runs a few steps from Him. As She runs a sudden pleasant breeze carries away Her sari. She then takes shelter of Her lover Krishna, and His yellow dhoti becomes the covering for Her body.


 Her lover Krishna made a swing out of a vine, suspended it from a tree branch, and caused Her to swing to and fro on it with great pleasure. Radharani requests Her lover Krishna to bring Her some flowers and other nice things from the forest. When He returns with only a single flower, She strenuously rebukes Him.


 Krishna passionately draws dolphins on Radharani's breasts. She violently criticizes the finished product, saying: My lover is not a very good artist. I pray that the devotees may find transcendental pleasure in these words of Prabodhananda Sarasvati, which are like nectar for the ears. Blinded by passion, the wonderful divine teen-age couple engaged in a fierce amorous duel. Their anklets, bells, and dindima ornaments loudly shook as They struck each other with Their nails, teeth, and limbs. The gopis were then able to see the wonderful transcendental pastimes of the Divine Couple, which was more dear to them than their own life. This sight caused all the gopis to fearlessly plunge into the ocean of transcendental nectar. Within a moment they had approached the dear Divine Couple. They fanned the Divine Couple and devotedly massaged Their lotus feet.


 They all said to that gopi: O friend whose eyes are as beautiful as a lotus flower, if you wish to see the transcendental pastimes of our dear friends Radha and Krishna, the Supersoul present in everyone's heart, then just meditate with pure love on Their nectar-filled lotus feet.


 Yearning to serve Radharani's lotus feet, this fawn-eyed gopi sweetly sang the following nectarean song, where she described her meditation on the lotus feet of the queen of her life:


 Radharani is a beautiful crescent moon born from the ocean of Maharaja Vrsabhanu's family. The line of red sindura decorating the lovely part of Her hair is a stream of nectar.


 I pray that my mind may become eternally fixed on Radharani, who becomes overwhelmed with love for Krishna whenever She hears about His transcendental form and qualities.


 Radharani's lovely braids are nicely decorated with the garlands of fragrant, delicate jasmine flowers. Her large restless lotus eyes condemn the agile movements of the khanjana birds. Radharani's motions are more graceful than those of a regal mad elephant. Her golden limbs are as sweetly charming as the very delicate golden petals of a campaka flower. The two creepers of Radharani's delicate arms are decorated with jeweled armlets and charming bracelets. The wonderful loveliness of Her transcendental form constantly astonishes and charms all the beautiful young girls of Vraja.


 Radharani's gently smiling face is as beautiful as the moon. Her lovely broad hips decorated with many bells are like a flood of ever-fresh nectar. Radharani's wonderfully colorful bodice conceals the beauty of the two golden waterpots of Her large breasts. Her glistening red lips fill Krishna's mind with a great longing to taste the delicious nectar within them.


 Radharani's beautiful chin is splendidly decorated with a charming musk- dot, and Her lovely nose is decorated with a large pearl studded with gold and jewels.


 Radharani's blissful spiritual form is a great nectar ocean of effulgent transcendental love for Krishna. She is the queen of the ever-beautiful gopis. Radharani is dressed in a red sari and beautifully decorated with ankle- bells, necklaces, and charming earrings. She becomes overwhelmed with amorous passion whenever She sees the footprints of Gokulacandra on the path.


 In this song the rasika (expert at relishing the transcendental mellow) Prabodhananda Sarasvati has given a confidential description of the very wonderful transcendental form of Radharani. Those whose minds and hearts hanker to taste the nectar of the transcendental mellows of Vrndavana should sing the words of this song.


 The most beautiful goddesses of fortune yearn to attain a tiny fraction of Radharani's sweet fragrance, transcendental happiness, moonlike luster, and the beauty of Her jewel-like finger and toe-nails. I pray that Radharani, who enjoys very sweet transcendental amorous pastimes, may appear within my heart.


 The sight of Radharani's finger and toe nails which are millions of times more dear to Krishna than His own life, make Him intoxicated with the ever- fresh nectar of transcendental amorous love. Radharani's complexion is the color of golden kunkuma, and Her form is the reservoir of all auspiciousness and good-fortune. The beautiful young girls of Vraja village are like so

many decorations in the part of Her hair. I pray that this Radharani may eternally appear in my heart. Teen-age Radharani is a great reservoir of the nectar of pure love for Krishna. The moonlight of Her fingernails and toenails are Govinda's most treasured possession. This Radharani is my entire life. O mind please meditate on the young girl who has stolen the passionate mind of Krishna, the moon of Vrndavana. From the charming moon of Her face has sprung a great nectar ocean of pure love for Krishna. From the effulgence of the jasmine flower of Her gentle smile the sweetest nectar flows. Her full attention is fixed on the great festival of amorous love for Krishna that is continually celebrated in each of Her transcendental limbs. Radharani said: Mother Yasoda once tied Your waist with a ripe. For this reason You should not reach out to touch My string of pearls with Your hand. Krishna, You are a handsome cupid dressed in yellow garments, and therefore You should not take away My sari. Krishna, You broke the tall yamala-arjuna trees, and therefore You should not place Your hand on My breasts. I pray that Krishna, who smiled to hear these crooked words, may protect you.