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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Sangita Madhava > Chapter-14

Chapter 14

 The pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Madhava


 Overwhelmed by feelings of separation, the gopis wandered about, searching

for their most dear Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, all the while chanting Their transcendental glories. Finally finding Them, who two are abode of expansive mercy and the original source of all bliss, the gopis all became plunged in intense love for Them.


 Some gopis jubilantly decorated the dearmost Radharani with pearl- necklaces, flower-garlands, mascara, nice ornaments, kunkuma, fragrant ointments, red lac, and a lovely bodice. At the same time other gopis pleased their beloved Radharani by nicely decorating Krishna with gunja-necklaces, a peacock-feather crown, flower-garlands, scents, and yellow garments. When Krishna entered a secluded grove, prepared a bed of delicate flowers, and lay down on it with Radharani, the queen of His life, by His side, all the gopis, who were staying outside became very pleased to see all these transcendental pastimes of the dear divine couple. Seeing Shri Shri Radha-Krishna united, one gopi became plunged in the nectar ocean of transcendental bliss. She jubilantly spoke the following words to the other gopis:


 Radharani as overwhelmed with shyness and fear to meet Krishna. Krishna took Her by the hand and brought Her into the cottage of creepers. He then asked the gopis to remain outside.


 When Krishna, the young hero of Vraja enjoys pastimes with Her, Radharani becomes plunged in the nectar ocean of transcendental happiness. Eager to hear words from silent Radha, Krishna asks Her one question after another. His mind agitated with the intense desire to enjoy amorous pastimes with Her, He brings Her to the bed as if by force.


 Krishna unties Radharani's bodice and scratches Her large breasts with His sharp fingernails. He tightly embraces Her. As He trembles with passion the splendid bracelets on His hands tinkle. Then Krishna kissed Radharani in many different ways, drinking the nectar of Her lips. Then He placed His hand within Her undergarment, violently agitating His beloved Radharani. In this amorous struggle Krishna displayed the very wonderful prowess of a regal mad elephant. After some time He became exhausted. His body became cool. He closed His eyes and rested on the breasts of Radharani, who was as dear to Him as His own life.


 The amorous expertize of the beautiful heroine Radharani, who was maddened with passion, greatly pleased and satisfied Krishna. The gentle, nectar breeze carrying the scents of the blossoming lotus flowers and the cooling spray of the Yamuna river, increased His happiness.


 Krishna's peacock-feather crown was in disarray, His flower-garland broken, and His tilaka markings crushed. He affectionately drew many designs and pictures in red kunkuma on Radharani's body. O devotee filled with love for the divine couple, please immerse your

heart in the glory of the nectarean pastimes of Krishna, who is overwhelmed with love for Radharani's lotus feet, as described in this charming song by Prabodhananda Sarasvati. Please do not fall into the trap set by the karma- kanda and jnana-kanda portions of the Vedas.


 One whose mind does not even once relish the stream of madhvika nectar which flows from Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's lotus feet, fulfilling all desires, and one whose eyes do not continually see Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's transcendental amorous pastimes here in these groves of Vrndavana, lives in vain. Fie on his useless life!


 O bewildered mind, if you wish to actually plunge deep into the nectar ocean of transcendental mellows, then with a great festival of transcendental love, please worship Radharani's lotus feet. The Vraja-gopis, who are all filled with the nectar of transcendental love, are all portions of the portions of a portion of the effulgence of the jewel-like toenails of Radharani. Embraced by Govinda's arms, Radharani is violently tossed about by the bliss of His great artistry of expert amorous love. I pray that Radharani, who remains unknown even to the Upanisads, the most important Vedic texts, may protect you all.