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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Sangita Madhava > Chapter-13

Chapter 13

Madhava bereft


 As the gopis became maddened with bliss by their singing and dancing, Madhava and His beloved Radharani left the charming circle of the rasa- dance, and with quick steps entered the impenetrable forest. A certain beautiful gopi who was the object of Radharani's mercy, happily observed the divine couple's amorous pastimes form a distance. That fortunate gopi at once left the rasa-dance circle and followed Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


 That fortunate gopi followed the divine couple, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who were like two oceans of transcendental nectar. Whatever Shri Shri Radha-Krishna sat down, lay down, picked flowers for a festival of amorous pastimes, entered a charming forest-grove, or enjoyed pastimes, smiling and laughing with Their arms placed around each other's shoulders, that gopi followed Them.


 As Krishna stopped to hear the parrots recite the dear pastimes of Radharani, He closed His eyes. As His eyes were closed, Radharani, in a joking mood, eagerly hid Herself, disappearing from His view. As Krishna's life and soul, Radharani, playful smiled and laughed as She hid behind a creeper, Krishna became extremely distraught. Not finding His beloved Radha, He considered every moment to be as long as an endless kalpa. O Radha, My mind constantly remembers Your beautiful face, like a splendid moon, the best of nectar oceans, or a stream of nectar-honey flowing from Your gentle smile. As My mind remembers Your face, it yearns to enjoy amorous pastimes with You.


 O Radha, where are You? Please give Me the sight of Your beautiful form. Now that You jokingly hide from Me for a moment, merciless cupid is showering Me His terrible arrows.


 Your beautiful eyes have removed the pride of the lotus flowers. Your curling locks of hair have fallen over Your beautiful cheeks. Please let Me see You! Please save My life! O moon-faced Radha, please understand that I am Your menial servant. I am very gentle at heart, and this joke makes Me suffer intensely. How many jokes like this will You play on Me. O Radha, whose beautiful form is the source of all My happiness, O Radha, whose beautiful form makes the splendor of hosts of new golden campaka flowers tremble in fear, O victory-flag of cupid, a moment's separation from You have painfully shattered the great mountain of My peaceful composure. O Radha whose breasts are very full and firm, I am Your surrendered servant. With great difficulty I have come here to meet You. O Radha, whose neck is decorated with an exquisite jewel-necklace, please show Me Your smiling face that lights up this ever-fresh forest of Vrndavana. You are glorified by the most eloquent parrots. In My heart I am devoted to Yo and no one else. My mind is agitated and bewildered: Why are You so averse to Me?


 O noble peacock, O charming fawn, you are My friends. I request that you become My witnesses: Today I make this vow: If Krishna does not today meet doe-eyed Radharani, then He will kill Himself and give up His incomparable youthful life.


 Filled with the nectar of love for Him, Radharani then appeared before Krishna and enjoyed very sweet pastimes with Him. Because it requires a very pure heart to understand these pastimes, Prabodhananda Sarasvati does not know exactly what She said to Him at that time.


 Krishna has kindly placed Himself in Your lap. Now He is Yours to keep or sell. Whether awake, dreaming, or in dreamless sleep He deeply loves You and thinks of no one else. O delicate-limbed Radharani, He now stands beside You for a moment just to agitate You. He now places His soft lotus feet on Your very hard breasts.


 The wonderful nectarean love of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna is sought by great devotees like Narada and Sukadeva Gosvami. The goddess of fortune yearns to attain it. It makes the dear gopis appear like intoxicated madwomen. Lord Siva has abandoned all material happiness and accepted the position of a mendicant to seek after it. I pray that pure love of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna may always protect you all.