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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Sangita Madhava > Chapter-12

Chapter 12

 Enjoying various wonderful amorous pastimes,

 Shri Shri Radha-Krishna beam with transcendental happiness


 Once, smiling with happiness because of enjoying various wonderful amorous pastimes, Radharani said to Her lover Krishna: With the sound of Your flute please call My young Vraja-gopi maidservants and perform a rasa-dance with them.


 Radharani placed Her arm around the shoulder of Her lover Krishna as He played the flute. Her curiosity aroused by seeing the wonderful events around Her, She spoke the following words to Her lover: The Yamuna river no longer flows at its natural speed. In the sky the moon hides himself by his own power. The sweet nectar of Your flute-music causes this. The hard rocks are now melting. This is very astonishing. The entire world appears to be flooded with very sweet nectar. The young gopis have become rapt in meditation on Your lotus feet. They no longer have the power to return to their homes. Your surabhi cows in this forest have stopped chewing the grass in their mouths. Their closed eyes appear like flower buds. The delighted birds coo very softly and languidly, making sounds of incomparable nectar. The hearts of the moving and non-moving living entities in this forest have become filled with the nectar of transcendental happiness by hearing this sweet music. The austere impersonalist munis have now become able to see Your lotus feet with their own eyes. In this way they have become genuinely saintly. Please place Prabodhananda Sarasvati's jubilant song in your mouth and happily enter into the glories of Krishna. Intent on pleasing Radharani, Krishna expertly expanded Himself, so that He

was standing beside each gopi simultaneously. He took the gopis' braceleted hands in His hands, and He placed His arms around their necks. In this way, as a fragrant, gentle breeze below over the splendid broad Yamuna beach, Krishna performed the rasa-dance with the gopis.


 Hearing the sound of the flute, one gopi, who was not a personal friend of Radharani, wanted to go to Krishna. When her husband forcibly stopped her, she felt intense pain, and she fixed her mind on Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. This meditation transformed her into a perfectly pure devotee. She was then able to easily leave the house wothout being stopped. She entered the arena of the rasa-dance, and spoke the following words:


 Krishna plays His charming jeweled flute, from which flows eternally-fresh nectar of sweet musical sounds. Krishna dances the charming rasa-dance. In this way He enjoys pastimes with the young gopi, who are all expert at relishing the nectar of transcendental mellows. Moving His hands in many different ways, Krishna dances with wonderful, effortless grace. Krishna claps appropriate rhythms to accompany the sometimes slow and sometimes fast steps of the

dancers. Krishna gracefully moved His handsome transcendental form, as dark as a rain cloud, and decorated with jeweled bracelets and other ornaments. As Krishna dances with Radharani He gracefully kisses Her bimba-fruit lips. Receiving betel-nuts and camphor from Lalita, Krishna placed them in His beloved Radharani's mouth. Krishna praises the gopis, who sing and play musical instruments with the greatest artistry. O audience expert at relishing transcendental mellows, please hear Prabodhananda Sarasvati's beautiful song describing the sweetest nectar of Krishna's pastimes. Krishna removed one gopi's pearl-studded bodice ad passionately scratched her breasts with His sharp nails. He kissed another gopi, embraced a third, snatched away the undergarments from another, and leading another gopi away from the rasa-dance circle, enjoyed wonderful amorous pastimes with her. All glories to Radharani's passionate lover Krishna, who expertly enjoyed the rasa-dance in this way. The gopis gazed at the smiling couple, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and then entered the rasa-dance, at once becoming plunged in the nectar of transcendental mellows. The music of Krishna's flute makes the trees suddenly bloom. That music stops the swift current of the Yamuna river, interrupts the yogurt-churning of the gopis, melts the stones, sprinkles nectar everywhere, and loosens the undergarments of the chaste gopis. I pray that Govinda's flute music, which astonishes the greatest of poets, may protect you all.