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Chapter 11

Agitated Radharani


 Forced to walk slowly because of Her broad hips, Radharani and her gopi- friends took a long time to arrive at the rendezvous. When Krishna saw that Radharani, the sustainer of His life, had still not arrived, His heart became turbulent with love for Her. He wandered about searching for Her, and He finally sat down, despondent, in a grove of Kadamba trees near His own home.


 Somehow or other, with great expertise a gopi-friend brought Radharani from the midst of Her elderly relatives to the bumble-bee filled grove where She was to meet Krishna. At first Radharani was jubilant, but when She could not find Her lover Krishna, She became agitated and despondent. Radharani was so distraught that Her body became at once so emaciated that

the bracelets slipped from Her wrists. The gopi-friend comported Her, and then set out to find Krishna. Noticing some peacocks dancing in a grove of Kadamba trees, she went there, found Krishna, and spoke to Him the following words:


 Radharani is looking everywhere for the handsome, smiling flute-player, decorated with a peacock-feather, and trembling with amorous passion. She constantly embraces Him in Her heart. O Madhava, my dear friend Radharani is very unhappy. She is tormented by a

limitless, overwhelming, passionate love for You. One moment She goes outside. The next moment She re-enters the forest- cottage. Your beloved Radharani thus wanders about in an agitated condition. She is so distracted that She will take no care to neatly arrange Her

disheveled sari. She repeatedly calls out in a anxious piteous voice: O My Lord! She

sprinkles the trees and creepers with the tears from Her eyes. She rolls about on the ground.


 Sometimes She runs to and fro, and other times She falls to the ground unconscious. Her hair has become disheveled. She rips Her sari, and breaks Her flower-bracelet and severs Her jewel-necklace. One moment She searches for a particular creepers, and the next moment She

wants to go to the Yamuna. Her eyes filled with tears, She says: O gopi- friend, please go home now, and give all your love to Krishna's lotus feet. Her heart is agitated by the nectar of intense love for Your lotus feet. She addresses You in Your absence: O My Lord, if You delay to come here, I do not know how I shall be able to maintain My life.


 If I actually understand the charming, eternally nectarean nature of You and Your beloved Radharani, then I think You will certainly go to see Your beloved, who considers Her own life insignificant in comparison to Your wishes, and You will reciprocate Her passionate love for You. These words of the gopi-friend of Radharani, who was agitated with the nectar of love for Krishna, have been narrated by Prabodhananda Sarasvati. These words contain the strikingly wonderful pastime of Radharani's passionate longing for Madhava.


 In the forest of Vrndavana, which is always filled with ever-fresh transcendental nectar, all the living entities felt empathy for Radharani, who was filled with suffering because of Her separation form Krishna. For this reason the deer and birds wailed in lamentation, the trees ad creepers declined to push forward any blossoms, the spotless autumn moon hid behind a

cloud, and the naturally cooling and fragrant breezes did not blow. Appearing like an overflooding ocean of nectar, Krishna at once went to beautiful Radharani. Kissing and embracing Her, and enjoying amorous pastimes with Her, He brought Her great delight.


 Krishna trembled with amorous passion; Radharani shyly retreated form Him. He became intent on amorous conversation with Her; She stubbornly remained silent. He pulled Her onto a bed of flower petals. He embraced Her; She resisted. He tightly pressed Her; She begged Him to stop. I pray that these ever-fresh amorous pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna may protect you all.