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Chapter 10

 Trembling Madhava


 Krishna, the tilaka decoration of expert and intelligent lovers, showered simple, honest Radharani with the wonderful amorous nectar of the soft, sweet music of His flute, maddening her with amorous intoxication. In this way He repeatedly called Her to enjoy with Him in the forest of Vrndavana. As Radharani heard the sound of Krishna's flute, She became agitated with amorous desires. She began to leave the house, but when She saw Her elderly relatives standing in the doorway, She remained inside. The sound of Krishna's flute had been like a thunderbolt, making Her mind reel and totter. Filled with longings to enjoy with Krishna, She spoke the following words to a dear gopi-friend:


 Look around us at the agitated peacocks happily dancing everywhere to this flute music. This sight makes My mind remember the flutist, whose complexion is the dark color of a rain-cloud.


 Dear friend, please save My life. I am overwhelmed with amorous desire. Quickly bring Me to the source of this soft, sweet flute-music. It is as if this flutist has recited a swiftly flying, very, very perfect mantra to enchant Me with amorous desires. It is as if this flutist is the cupid inimical to all young girls, and has wounded My heart with His arrows. The sweet waves of nectar from Krishna's nectar lips have assumed the form of this flute music that fills My ears and destroys My ability to perform household duties.


 This flute-music is like a flowing stream of nectar that agitates My heart and makes My home appear just like a boundless ocean of poison. This nectar presses Me to offer My body as a gift before Krishna's lotus feet. Now that I have drunk the nectar of Krishna's flute, a flooding ocean of love for Him is rising within Me. Krishna is more dear to Me than My own life. I do not know anyone more dear to Me than He. What does My goof reputation matter to Me? What do I care about the shame I face before My superiors? In the core of My heart I am now fatally wounded by the shower of dangerous poisoned flower-arrows that is the music of Krishna's flute. I am overwhelmed with amorous love for this flutist. If you will not expertly take Me to Him, then look, I shall go to Him by Myself. The attainment of Radharani's lotus feet is the only goal of destitute Prabodhananda Sarasvati's life. He always carries in his heart the hope that some day with great love he shall eagerly arrange for the meeting of the dear Divine Couple.


 Radharani said: My dear friend, I place a blade of grass between My teeth, and I fall down to offer obeisances at your feet. I shall now offer Myself for sale. Please purchase Me by paying the price of your love for Me. To this Radharani, please show dark-complexioned Krishna, the most handsome of teen-age boys. It is as if My life has now passed away. Please restore My life. The gopi replied: My friend, how many times in the past have I not said this Krishna is very proud. What He is like now, whether He is still proud or not, I do not know. He may still be very proud. O friend more dear than life, I shall first go to see Him for Your sake, and then after I understand His nature, I shall bring You to Him.


 This gopi, after speaking these words so pleasing to Radharani, approached Krishna, who was sitting at the base of a kadamba tree. At first Krishna did not notice the gopis' arrival. When He saw her, she offered respects to Krishna, the crown of those expert at relishing transcendental mellows, she described the sufferings of Radharani in the following words:


 As the cooling moon rose in the sky, the beautiful goddess Radharani lifted Her face. She yearned to kiss You. O Madhava, Radharani is very pleased with You. If She hears the sound of Your flute, She takes no account of the words of Her people. When She sees a new cloud in the sky, She yearns to repeatedly embrace You. If youthful Radharani sees a garland of peacock feather, She becomes struck with wonder. In a private place She draws a picture of Your noble, handsome form, and then tightly presses that picture to Her full breasts. When beautiful Radharani hears the nectar of Your holy name, She becomes at once agitated with intense love for You. When Radharani meditates on Her amorous pastimes with You, She becomes overwhelmed and falls to the ground unconscious.


 When Radharani tightly embraces You, clinging to Your nectarean transcendental form, She becomes plunged into the nectar ocean of intense love for You.


 I pray that this nectarean song of Prabodhananda Sarasvati may create in those who hear it devotional love for Krishna' lotus feet. At this moment You repeatedly sing: Radha! Radha!. O Krishna, when I have left and You see that I am far away, will You stop saying "Radha" and

suddenly become silent? I think not. Everyone knows that by nature You are always filled with the regal opulence of sweet love for Radha. Do not try to deceive me. Smile, and admit it.


 Krishna arranged for a rendezvous in a secluded forest-grove, and then sent the gopi back to

her dear friend Radharani. Overwhelmed with bliss, the gopi ran as fast as she could, repeatedly stumbling as she went. She approached her dear friend Radharani, and informed Her of all that had happened. Krishna said to Lalita: Radha's name makes Me tremble. The tinkling sound of Her sash of bells maddens Me. The beautiful splendor of Her form makes My eyes tremble with delight. I worry that She will accidentally go to the wrong solitary place tonight, and We shall not meet. This fear torments My heart. O Lalita, please go to Her and tell Her again where to meet Me. I pray that Krishna, whose eyes were filled with tears as He spoke these words, may protect you all.