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Tamil Nadu






The Tamrapami River falls steeply into this kunda, and a bath here gives liberation. Its history is mentioned in the Shiva and Kurma Puranas: Agastya Muni attended the wedding of Shiva and Parvati on Mount Kailash and then came down to South India with a flower garland used at the marriage. The garland transformed into a beautiful girl, and Agastya took her as his daughter and asked her to transform herself into a river, which she did. Agastya then followed her course and established places of pilgrimage on her banks. The 32 places above Papanasam were established for demigods, and the 86 places below were made for human beings. The Tamrapami River is mentioned in the Vayu Purana as a proud young woman meeting her husband, the southern seas. It is further mentioned that where the river meets the ocean, people can find in her water conches and pearls. Since ancient times the river has been celebrated for its pearls, and the waters are said to cure disease. Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda visited this place. Dhanu-tirtha near Rameshwaram became manifest when Lord Rama arranged to quench Sita's thirst. She was fasting, and He shot an arrow ^ fdhanuj into the ocean. Fresh water sprang forth high into the air.Hanuman Sarovara is where Lord Rama worshiped a Deity of Lord Vishnu brought by Hanuman to this lake from Vibandaka Rishi's hermitage. Hanuman regularly bathed here. Sri Ramanujacarya took initiation from Guru Mahapurnam on the banks of this lake.Shiva-Ganga Sarovara in the Chidambaram Mandir complex. This is the only place in South India where Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are Worshiped simultaneously. Near this lake is a hall with 1,000 pillars.