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Pushkara Sarovara


Pushkara Sarovara (actually three lakes) is six miles from Ajmer. One achieves the results of the eight-fold system of yoga by residing there and the benefit of a horse sacrifice merely by looking, at the'water?.The Padma Purana says the lakes were created by a lotus flower thrown by Lord Brahma. He threw his lotus and it fell and then flew up and fell again and again flew up and fell. Three pits were formed, and they became filled with the Pushkara-tirtha waters from the higher planets. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva each took up residence in one lake.Brahma selected that place for the performance of a sacrifice. Savitri, Brahma's wife, was late for the start of the ceremony, and the demigods selected another wife for Brahma so that the auspicious time for the sacrifice would not pass. Indra found a lower-caste, virgin cowherd girl, and purified her for the marriage and sacrifice. When Savitri arrived and saw another wife, she cursed Brahma that he would not be worshiped outside Pushkara. So Brahma is the presiding deity of the tirtha, but that is the only place he is worshiped.Water collector Devananda Pandit Dasa talks with a Pushkar pandit.He was also cursed by Brighu Muni: "You will not have any temples on earth and none will worship you." How that happened is described in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.89):Once, long ago, a discussion arose among a group of sages as to which of the three chief lords—Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva—is the greatest. They deputed Brighu Muni to investigate the matter. He decided to test the lords' tolerance, for that quality is a sure sign of greatness. First he entered the court of Lord Brahma, his father, without offering him any respect. This enraged Brahma, who spoke in anger to Brighu, but he supressed his anger because Brighu was his son. Brighu cursed Brahma because he displayed a passionate temperament and failed to try to understand why Brighu came to see him.(Above:) Gopi-kunda in Galta, Jaipur, the town where Srila Baladeva Vidyabhushana defeated the Ramanandis in the 1500's by writing Govinda-bhasya.(Right.) Sirsagar Sarovara,

where Lord Vishnu rested at Pushkara in Satya-yuga and left behind a beautiful Deity of Himself and Shesha-naga.Even during droughts water always flows in the lake, and water is abundant

throughout the area.