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Ravi River


In the Rg Veda this river is called Purushni. In classical Sanskrit literature the Vedic Purushni came to be known as Iravati {ira means "water"), and "Ravi" is derived from Iravati.The Rg Veda says that King Indra made the waters of this river favorable for King Sudasa when the king's enemies attempted to change the river's course during a war.The Mahabharata says that the country of Madra, situated between the rivers Ravi and Chenab, was the home of Madri, the mother of Nakula and Sahadeva.Papa Nashani-kunda (in Puri) relieves all the sins of anyone who bathes in her.Chandan Talab, or Narendra Sarovara, in Jagannath Puri is where .^  Lord Jagannath's Candana Yatra, or sandalwood festival, takes place annually. Lord Caitanya sported in this lake.


Amritsar Sarovara manifested by the inspiration of the fourth Sikh guru. Guru Ramdas, in 1577. The Darbar Sahib, or Golden Temple, stands in the middle of "the pool of immortal life" f amritsar).