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This is a lake near the forest abode of the Rakshasi Hidimbi, whom Bhima married after slaying her brother Hidamba, a ferocious cannibal, in a savage fight. Near the lake are archeological remains of stone pillars and carvings, said to be Hidamba's and Hidimbi's massive house (though the Mahabharata says that Hidamba lived in a huge Shala tree). Islands are located within this large lake, and waterfalls empty into it.The Mahabharata says that the demon Hidamba possessed great power and might. His deformed features were hideous. He had bright yellow eyes, a gaping mouth with saberlike teeth and an insatiable lust for human flesh. Afflicted by hunger, he was roaming the night when he happened to spy the sleeping Pandavas and their mother from a distance.The wicked giant smelled the aroma of human meat and said to his sister, "Some food has come that I really like. Finally I can sink my eight deadly-sharp teeth into juicy, fleshy bodies. Go and find out who they are, sleeping so confidently in the forest."Obeying her brother's order, the Rakshasi monster went swiftly to where the Pandavas slept. There she saw the invincible Bhimasena standing guard over the Pandavas and their mother. When she saw Bhimasena standing as tall and sturdy as the trunk of a Shala tree and incomparably handsome, the Rakshasi desired to marry him.Able to change her body at will, the Rakshasi then took the form of a gorgeous human female, approached the mighty-armed Bhimasena and, smiling, said, "Where have you come from, noble man, and who are you? Do you know that the wild jungle is inhabited by Rakshasas, and that a most wicked Rakshasa named Hidamba dwells in this very place? He is my brother, and he sent me here because he wants to eat the flesh of all of you.


But when I look upon you, as handsome as a child of the gods, I desire no one else for my husband. Now that you know this, please treat me properly, and I shall save all of you from the man-eating Rakshasa."Bhimasena said, "O timid one, neither Rakshasas, humans, Gandharvas, nor Yaksas can withstand my prowess. You can at once send your man-eating brother to me."Noticing that this sister had been gone for a long time, Hidamba descended from his tree and himself went to hunt the Pandavas. When he saw that his sister hiad assumed a female form and was lusting after a itian, the Rakshasa rushed upon them saying, "I shall at once kill all of you Bhima, best of fighters, shouted in a menacing voice, "Halt! Stand right there! O stupiid Rakshasa, let's come together, one on one, and I shall send you to thie abode of death."Then the deadlly fight ensued, and the two of them attacked and dragged one another with sheer power. Both the Rakshasa and Bhima demonstrated extraordinary prowess, breaking giant trees and tearing apart the toughest jjungle vines as furiously as two maddened elephants.Bhima then hoisted aloft the body of the ferocious Rakshasa and whirled it around nnore than one hundred times. Then he pulverised the demon against the hard ground, slaughtering him like a sacrificial animal. The poweirful and beloved son of Pandu then grasped the Rakshasa's body fi'irmly in his hands and broke it in half.Seeing Hidamiba dead, the Pandavas became wildly enthusiastic, and they honored Bhimasena, tiger among men, who always tamed his foe. Then they tooJk their mother and departed, and the Rakshasa lady Hidimbi went with them.Nitai Dasa (with a jar o/kunda water)standing before pillars said to be the ruins of the home of Hidamba in Dimapur