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This kunda is almost dried up, but people still circumambulate it and make offerings. Originally Arjuna created it to quench the thirst of his horses. While visiting Manipur to fetch wealth for Maharaja * Yudhishthira's rajasuya sacrifice, or coronation ceremony, he shot an arrow into the ground, and all the sacred rivers came to fill the kunda. The Srimad-Bhagavatam (9.22.32) mentions that Arjuna married a Manipur princess and had a son named Babhruvahana, who became the adopted son of the Manipuri king.Kaina Koop, a sacred well in Imphal, is one of many wells and ponds found at the enchanting palaces built by King Pakhangba, also known as Kaina.In Imphal there is a temple with Shyam-kunda on one side and Radha-kunda on the other (their meeting point is pictured here). In the temple complex reside Sri Govindaji, Lord Jagannath, and Krishna-Balaram.