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In the Skanda Purana it is said that Vishvakarma's daughter Samjna married the sun god. But she could not bear her husband's luster and always used to blink her eyes when seeing him.

One day the sun god, Vivasvan, got angry and said to her, "Because you blink ['control'—yam] your eyes when you see me, a son named Yama [the controller of death] will be bom to you."

That frightened her, and she blinked her eyes even more in astonishment. Seeing this, Surya again cursed her. "Now you are looking at me with fluttering eyes, so a fluttering daughter named Yami [the wavy Yamuna River] will be bom to you."Samjna produced twins, Yama and Yami. Then, unable to tolerate her husband's luster, she left her shadow {chaya) in Surya's house to act like her and went to her father's house.After many days Vishvakarma advised her to retum to her husband's house, but instead she went to Dharmaranya to practice penance. She assumed the guise of the mare Vadava and avoided the sunlight.Surya thought that Chaya was his wife and produced two sons and a daughter from her. Srimad-Bhagavatam (6.6.40-41, 8.13.8-10) mentions some of these events and the children's names: the Manu Savami; Sanaiscara, the planet Saturn; and Tapati, the Tapti River. Chaya looked after her own children more affectionately than she cared for Samjna's children, and Yama could not tolerate it. One day he lifted his right foot to kick Chaya. She angrily cursed him, saying that his foot would always discharge pus and blood.

Yama then went and told his father what had happened. He said he doubted that Chaya was his real mother, because a mother never curses her children. So Surya discovered that Samjna had left her shadow and gone to her father's house.Surya went to Vishvakarma, who told him that Samjna had come there but that he'd sent her back to Surya's house. Surya then understood by dint of penance that because Samjna could not bear his luster, she was practicing penance in Dharmaranya. He went there and saw her in the form of a mare. He became a horse and enjoyed her company, and the Asvinikumara twins were bom.A place dug by the right hooves of the Asvinis became filled with water and became a sacred, hot-water kunda, or tapta-kunda. By bathing there, people got free of s"ins and diseases like leprosy.Gathering water in Kurukshcini ai IU ahmayoni-tirtha, which is also called Brahmasaras (the lake of Brahma) and Brahmavedi (the altar of Brahma). King Kuru did penance here. Kurukshetra is known as Sannihati because all the tirthas gather there every new-moon day.