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Gomati Nadi


The Skanda Purana says that Brahma ordered the sons created from his mind to carry on with creation. They first wished to see Lord Vishnu, so they traveled in a western direction to the Arabian Sea and'performed penance along the bank.After thousands of years Sudarshana Chakra, the Lord's disk personified, appeared to them from the sea, and a divine voice informed them that the Lord would arrive soon. They offered glorification and prayers to the chakra, and then they meditated on Lord Brahma.Brahma saw their situation and asked Ganga to go to the earth for the sake of the Lord's appearance. He told her that she would be known there as the Gomati River.Brahma asked her to follow Vashistha, one of his mental sons, and she came to the earth following him. Thus she became "known as Vashistha's daughter and the descendent of Ganga.Gomati Nadi meeting the Arabian Sea in Dwaraka at Chakra-tirtha. A bath awards liberation.

(Left:) Damodara-kunda in Girnar, where Lord Brahma and Lord Indra held sacrifices. Because the demigods wished to bathe, Brahma requested the holy rivers to appear from his water pot and form this pond.