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In the Skanda Purana it says that Vashistha and other sages used to worship Vishnu (Lord Ranganatha) in Sri Rangam.A Gandharva named Sundara and his hundred wives once went there to bathe in the Kaveri River. They were bathing naked when the sages came to the river for a bath.Seeing the sages, the frightened ladies covered themselves with their clothes. But Sundara did not bother to cover himself, so Vashistha cursed him to become a demon.Sundara's hundred wives paid obeisances to Vashistha and begged his forgiveness. Being pleased with them, Vashistha said, "Sundara will remain a demon for sixteen years. Then he will go to the bank of the Chakra-tirtha River on Venkata Mountain and try to eat a sage named Padmanabha, a devotee of Lord Vishnu. The Lord will send His chakra, or disk, to behead the demon, and Sundara will become free of this curse and regain his form and place as a Gandharva."While Sundara's wives embraced Sundara and wept, he turned into a demon with big teeth and red hair, and his terrified wives fled back to heaven.Sundara ran from forest to forest and country to country eating many creatures. At last he reached Venkata Mountain and caught Padmanabha. Lord Vishnu's chakra decapitated the demon, and Sundara emerged from that body. He prayed for constant remembrance of the divine chakra. Then he offered respect to Padmanabha and returned to Gandharva-loka.Venkata Mountain is mentioned in Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.19.16. It is the abode of Lord Venkateshwara, who resides in Tirumala atop Saptagiii, seven hills above Tirupati.