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Tattvavit Dasa wrote and edited the book. He served in India during the Prabhupada Centennial year, and besides traveling with the Hare Krishna Utsava in North India and writing an article about it, he edited several Centennial-related publications: Srila Prabhupada andHis Disciples in Germany, the Proceedings of the ISKCON Social Development Conference and the May-June issue of Prabhupada Toshani. He also taught at VIHE.


Jaya Vijaya Dasa, who researched and compiled the book, is American born, which is notable considering that he led padayatra in India for ten years. He developed many connections with tirthas. He also collected sacred waters. He wishes to compile more books on      related subjects.Atmanivedana Dasa designed and laid out the book. Upananda Dasa helped compile narrations and planned the map. Paramatma Dasa drew the map and the picture of the personified rivers bathing Srila Prabhupada. Sitalatma Dasa compiled the Introduction. Alaukika Dasa,Bhakta Ashish, Bhakta Kannan, Bhaktin Mitra and Bhaktin Anne helρed produce the book.The main photographers were Jaya Vijaya Dasa, Nitai Dasa,Upananda Dasa and Jai Kumar. Thanks to Mr. Pran Mehta and Mahatta & Co. for their photographic assistance and to Dr. R. D. Chavan.Many people helped the Sahasra Tirtha Jala (STJ) project. Badri Vishal Dasa had the seed idea of bathing Prabhupada with sacred water.Pancarataa Dasa thought of promoting STJ as a fund-raising project.Radha Raman Dasa, Nitai Dasa, Caitanya Candra Dasa and others researched holy places and compiled a list of 1,500 tirthas for the water collectors.The STJ continental coordinators were Hridaya Caitanya Dasa,Ramiya Dasa, Sankirtana Dasa, Bala Krishna Dasa, Mandapa Dasa and Isvara Swami.The maker of copper kalasas and most of the silver kalasas was Sanjeev Agarwal from Rampur, U.P., and the maker of the silver and gold kalasas was Manoram Caitanya Dasa from Madras. Naveen Krishna Dasa and Tukarama Dasa directed the fund-raising campaign. Sankirtana Dasa coordinated the water collection, kalasa production and the shipments of kalasas and sacred waters.