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Patala Two Lilavatara-kathana

Description of the Pastime Incarnations


1        To protect the Vedas the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appeared as Hayagriva at the yuga's beginning.  He killed the great demons Madhu and Kaitabha and from His nose He manifested the Vedas sought by the scriptures personified.

2        Wishing to give renunciation to the people, the Lord appeared in the beginning as the four Kumaras.  He taught the pure yoga system to those who had pure hearts and He Himself was renounced from material enjoyment.

3        Then the Lord appeared in the form of Narada and brought the pure yoga of acting without karmic results, which is described in the Pancaratra.  To some of His disciples the Lord taught the highest form of renunciation.

4        During the period under Svayambhuva Manu's protection, Lord Narayana, the master of all, appeared from Brahma in the form of a great boar.  He lifted the earth to protect it and, attacking with His tusk, He killed Diti's son.

5        The Lord appeared as Sesa, who decorates the universe beneath all the planets.  All the planets are like a small artistic picture painted on His hoods.  The sages and great serpents serve His feet.

6        Below Lord Sesa is Lord Kurma, whose great transcendental body fills the entire universe.  Sesa is like a small line (on His shell).  Aryama, the leader of the Pitas, worships Him.

7        Although only five years old, Dhruva left his mother and performed austerities in Madhuvana.  The merciful Supreme Lord appeared before him and gave him his own planet.  The great sages and sannyasis worship him.

8        Seeing Kardama Muni's austerities aimed at attaining mystic powers, the Lord appeared as Sukla in a pure and splendid transcendental form.  After giving him the benediction that He would appear as his son, with a tear of bliss the Lord created a holy lake.

9        Born as the son of Ruci and Akuti, the Lord was famous by the name of Yajna.  To protect the three worlds He performed a yajna where the arani sticks were the demons.

10      The Lord became Devahuti's son, named Kapila, who was the leader of the siddhas.  He gave to her His own transcendental potency and He taught her the pure sankhya-yoga system, which enables one to distinguish between spirit and matter.  He explained that pure yoga system to many great devotees also.

11      The limitless Lord became Atri's son, who was named Datta, and who was the great master of yoga.  To Prahlada, Haihaya, Yadu and many other devoted disciples, He taught the science of seeing everything with equal vision, which He had learned from many gurus.

12      The Lord became Nara and Narayana Rsis, the two sons of Dharma and his wife Murti, who was Daksa's daughter.  To attain peacefulness, generosity, mercifulness, and purity of heart and body, the two Lords performed severe austerities that brought pain to the king of the demigods.

13      The Lord was born from King Nabhi and was name Rsabha.  Attaining complete mastery over the yoga system, and His desires always fulfilled, He taught the science of yoga to His many sons.  He Himself acted as the great yogis do, remaining free of karma.

14      When the four Kumaras preached to Lord Brahma the idea that the Supreme has no qualities, the Lord appeared as a swan and, His heart melting with compassion, explained to the sages that the Supreme both has and does not have qualities.

15      When King Vena was killed by the brahmanas, his arms were massaged, the Lord appeared in the form of King Prthu.  He made the unhappy people peaceful and milked all opulences from the earth.

16      When Siva destroyed Daksa's yajna, the Lord appeared in a eight-armed form to please Siva and accept the ghee offered by Bhrgu.  The demigods, humans, and many others offered prayers to the Lord.

17      Born as Gaya in King Priyavrata's dynasty, the Lord became very famous by the actions of His body, mind, and words.  Yajna personified, which had the form of Indra, passionately competed with Him.

18      Wishing to enjoy the glances and other pastimes that Prajapati Samvatsara's son enjoyed with the Yamini's, the Lord descended in the form of Kamadeva and enjoyed amorous pastimes with the goddess of fortune.

19      Seeing they were engaged in severe austerities, the merciful and unlimited Lord appeared before King Pracinabarhi's sons in a very peaceful form.  He gave them the worship of His feet and He instructed them to stay at home with the trees' daughter.

20      In the Svarocisa-manvantara the Lord was born as Vibhu, the son of the brahmana Vedasirsa and Tusita-devi.  He was the best of they who follow all the principles of religion.  As the teacher of the world He carefully followed the vow of celibacy taught by the sages.

21      In the third manvantara the Lord was born as Satyasena, the son of Dharma and the friend of King Indra.  To protect the three worlds He killed many demonic Yaksas and Raksasas.

22      In the fourth manvantara Lord Hari rescued the king of the elephants, who called out, "O Narayana!" as he was being dragged into a lake by a very powerful crocodile.  In the same way the Lord, who is the king of the demigods, rescues (His devotees) from the ocean of repeated birth and death.

23      During the fifth manvantara the Lord appeared as Vaikuntha, the best of brahmanas.  Requested by her, the unlimited Lord revealed the spiritual world to the goddess of fortune.

24      In the sixth manvantara the Lord appeared as Ajita, the son of the brahmana Vairaja.  Seeing the demigods broken by a brahmana's curse, the Lord became unhappy.  Assisted by the demigods and demons, He at once churned the ocean of milk.

25      The demigods and demons were disappointed when the great mountain fell from their hands as they churned the ocean.  His heart melting with compassion, the Lord assumed the form of a wonderful tortoise.  The Lord considered that the mountain moving on His body pleasantly scratched the itching He felt.

26      Wishing to cure the great distress born from churning the milk ocean, the Lord became Dhanvantari, the enjoyer of sacrifices.  He carried a great cup of nectar that was the Ayur Veda.

27      When the demons stole the nectar, the demigods took shelter of Lord Dhanvantari.  The Lord then became Mohini, whose desires are always fulfilled.  He bewildered the demons and ended the demigods' sufferings.

28      Because He received from him a gift of water, the Lord appeared before Satyavrata as a great fish.  As He enjoyed pastimes on the ocean of devastation, the infallible Lord pulled a boat the size of the earth and taught the science of spiritual life to the brahmanas.

29      In order to rip apart the sufferings of the three worlds, the Lord appeared as Nrsimha.  To protect His devotee, the Lord grabbed the king of the demons and with His claw ripped open the demon's chest.

30      When Bali with his armies conquered the three worlds, the Lord appeared as Vamana.  Asking for charity, He took three steps and in this way gave the heavenly planets to Aditi's sons.

31      The Lord said, "I am the follower of My devotee", and to prove His words He entered the lower worlds, became the guard named Gadadhara, protected Bali's home, and expelled the demon Ravana.

32      The Lord appeared as Rama in the family of Bhrgu Muni.  When His father was killed, the Lord took a great sharp axe and made it so the earth had no more ksatriyas upon it. Then He gave the earth to the brahmanas and went to live on Mount Mahendra.

33      His lotus feet served by the demigods, the Lord appeared as Lord Rama, who was a moon born from the ocean of the sun-god's dynasty.  Led by Visvamitra, in order to destroy the demigods' enemies the Lord broke Siva's great bow.

34      The Lord showed His prowess to Parsurama, married beautiful and fair Sita, and, hearing of His father's words when He returned home, went to live in the forest with His new bride.

35      The Lord crossed the Ganga, was followed by His younger brother, left Mount Citrakuta, killed the demon Viradha, and chased with His bow killed the cruel demon Marica, who had assumed the form of a stag.  The Lord attained a terrible state when Sita was kidnapped by the king of Lanka.

36      Thinking the moon a blazing sun, a gentle breeze a howling wind, a garland of malati and mallika flowers a string of crescent moons, and singing a collection of sparks, He laughed and looked about as a man deeply in love with a woman and now filled with anxiety for His beloved.  As He was enjoying pastimes with Jambavan, Kamadeva had stolen His mind.

37      The Lord killed the monkey-king Vali, built a bridge with His great friend, crossed the ocean, and with many great monkeys killed an army of hundred thousand yaksas and raksasas.  With a blazing arrow He killed Lanka's king and He also killed the king's sons and younger brothers.  In this way the Lord recovered splendid Sita and returned to His own city.

38      Protecting also the sun and the other planets, the Lord ruled the earth.  He protected all the principles of religion and the service of the cows, brahmanas, and the wise.  He led His devotees, who were all filled with love for Him, from the city and the forest to His own peaceful abode.

39      By Lord Rama's order His younger brother Bharata stayed in His own home.  The Lord abandoned His opulences and accepted the vow of vanaprastha.  The Lord also defeated many millions of Gandharvas.

40      His younger brother Shri Laksmana went to the forest and with many great austerities served Rama and Sita.  On Lord Rama's order, Laksmana, who was a fire that burned the armies of His enemies, left His body and went to His own transcendental abode.

41      Very powerful and pure intelligent Satrughna, was very kind to the poor and wretched.  With His chivalrous power He broke the pride of His enemies.  He served the devotees and killed the demon Lavana.  He was very handsome.  He treated equally His own associates and strangers.

42      To show Markandeya Muni that all the planets in the world of maya rest in His abdomen, the Lord assumed the form of a small child reclining on a banyan leaf and intently sucking His toe.

43      To protect they who were defeated in battle by the horrible and ugly demon Vrtra, the Lord assumed the form of the best of the demigods.  Praised by Garuda and the kinnaras, the Lord removed everyone's sufferings, fears and griefs.

44      Out of compassion the Lord saved the Valikhilyas, the best of the brahmanas, who, the size of a thumb, were the object of Indra's laughter.  When, as they were carrying firewood in their hands to serve their spiritual master, they fell in a cow's hoof print puddle and were drowning, they appealed to the Lord and He rescued them.

45      When the seed of King Dusyanta was placed in Sakuntala, the Supreme Lord, who is never born, took birth.  When the limitless Lord performed many yajnas and gave great wealth in charity, the kings that had performed many asvamedha-yajnas became filled with wonder.

46      Seeing that the people in Kali-yuga will have neither intelligence nor spiritual strength, the Lord will appear as the son of Parasara Muni and Vasu's daughter.  He will collect and arrange the Vedas.

47      In the Vrsni dynasty the Lord will appear as Lord Baladeva.  With His great strength He will break apart the strength of the demigods' enemies.  As if He were plowing the fields He will drag the Kuru's capitol with His plow, making everyone there tremble with fear.

48      Bearing the name Shri Krishna, the unborn Lord, who is full of all transcendental potencies, will take birth to expand His glories.  He will give happiness to the earth, King Vrsni, and the devotees that take shelter of His feet.

49      In His original form the Lord was born in Vasudeva's home.  He went to Gokula and, appearing as a child, with many pastimes and with charming childish words and laughter delighted the cows, gopas, and gopis.

50      To protect Vraja He will kill many great demons sent by Kamsa.  Holding a great mountain in His left hand for seven days, He will crush Indra's pride.

51      When Brahma steals the calves and gopa boys, Balarama will be at first bewildered.  The  limitless Lord will assume the forms of the many gopa boys, remove Balarama's bewilderment, and also deliver Brahma from a host of illusions.

52      By playfully playing the flute the Lord will fill the gopis with amorous desires and made them run to Vrndavana forest.  With them He will enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes that fill the demigods with wonder.

53      He and Balarama brought by Akrura to Kamsa's festival, the Lord will quickly break Siva's bow and then kill the elephant Kuvalayapida, the wrestler Canura and Kamsa himself.

54      Wishing to offer guru-daksina, the Lord will give Sandipani Muni his dead son (returned to life).  The Lord will kill Jarasandha and Yavanasura.  He will marry many hundreds of wives headed by Rukmini and He will father ten sons in each of them.

55      The Lord will kill Narakasura and his associates, and, going to the heavenly realm he will return the jewel earrings to the mother of the demigods.  To please His beloved He will take away the king of Indra's trees.  Then He will defeat the demigods in battle.

56      The Lord will defeat Banasura in battle.  When He eclipses my own powers He will establish Himself as the best of the immortal demigods.  When Yudhisthira defeats the kings in battle and performs a yajna, the Lord will kill Sisupala, His old rival for Rukmini's hand.  In this way the Lord will remove a great burden from the earth.

57      He will show the world the importance of honouring the brahmanas.  He will bestow limitless mercy on His servants.  He will protect King Pariksit from being burdened by a brahmastra weapon.  While acting for a brahmana's sake He will show Arjuna the Bhuma-purusa.

58      For one who directly worship His transcendental form, the supremely pure Lord removes from his heart the lust, affections, fears, and attachments that come with household life.  To him the Lord reveals His own transcendental form.  What more can I say than this?

59      For they who are devoted to the pollen of the Lord's lotus feet and who are thus plunged in a great ocean of bliss the pseudo-happiness of impersonal liberation does not appear, what to speak of the fears created by lust and attachment.

60      The Lord will show His transcendental glories which are greater than visiting the Ganga and other holy places, performing austerities and sacrifices, following vows, and performing many other pious deeds.  On the pretext of a brahmana's curse He will kill His own exalted family.  In His own transcendental body He will return to His pure and transcendental abode.

61      From the Lord will be born a son named Pradyumna, whose virtues will be like the Lord's, and who will bring great happiness to the people.  With His smiling face and handsome limbs he will make them happy as if he were giving them sweet nectar to drink.

62      From the Lord will also be born unborn Aniruddha, the original Deity of the mind and the original creator of words.  When Aniruddha kidnaps usa, Banasura will loose the great power of His many arms and will become a peaceful follower of Siva.

63      From the arani wood of Vyasadeva will be born Bhagavan Sukadeva, a great yogi who will speak to the people a beautiful, pure and peaceful book that is the essence of all the Vedas, a book that brings one to the Lord.  By having faith in this book the people in Kali-yuga will attain peace.

64      In Kali-yuga the Lord will appear as Buddha, the son of a jina.  He will write seductive heretical scriptures that bewilder the demons.

65      When the path of devotion to the Lord is destroyed by a host of heretical scriptures and the brahmanas have gone astray, the Lord will appear as the brilliant sun that is the Kalki incarnation.  Attacking the blinding darkness that is a host of demon-kings, He will protect the principles of religion.

66      During the eight manvantara the Lord will appear as Shri Sarvabhauma, the son of Sarasvati-devi and the great brahmana Dharmagupta.  Understanding Bali's glories, He will take the opulence of Indra and give it to Bali Maharaja.

67      During the ninth manvantara the peerless Lord will become Rsabha, the son of Ambudhara and Ayuskara, and the friend of the Indra named Adbhuta.  He will come to kill the enemies of the demigods, protect the worlds, and teach the principles of morality to the people.

68      During the tenth manvantara the Lord will appear in Visuci's home as Visvaksena.  He will be the close friend of the Indra named Sambhu.  He will protect the demigods, conquer the worlds, and, with a great army kill the demigods' enemies.

69      In the eleventh manvantara the Lord will appear as Dharmasetu, the grandson of Arthaka.  He will protect the demigods, kill the demons, and give the realm of the demigods to Vidhrti's son.

70      In the twelfth manvantara the Lord will appear as Svadhama, the son of Sunrta-devi and the brahmana satyasaha.  He will protect the yuga and bring great happiness to the universe.

71      In the thirteenth manvantara the Lord will appear as Yogesvara, the son of Devahotra and Brhati.  He will befriend the Indra Divaspati in the heavenly worlds and by His mystic power He will manifest a limitless form.

72      After that the Lord will appear in Satrayana's home as the son of Devavanita-devi.  Concerned for the welfare of the world, He will teach the science of kriya-yoga.

73      O brahmana, thus I have described the many pure incarnations of the Lord, who have descended for the welfare of the universe.  Some incarnations are complete manifestations of the Lord, some partial, and some are parts of His parts.  Following the paths of knowledge, pious deeds, or meditative trance, one should remember these forms of the Lord.

74-76  The eighteen great faults are said to be: 1. illusion, 2. laziness, 3. bewilderment, 4. cruelty, 5. overpowering lust, 6. fickleness, 7. madness, 8. envy, 9. violence, 10. lamentation, 11. exhaustion, 12. dishonesty, 13. anger, 14. longing, 15, fear, 16. wandering aimlessly in the material worlds, 17. coarseness, and 18. dependence on others.  The Lord's transcendental form is full of all powers and opulences.  It is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss.

77      I take shelter of Lord Krishna, the master of the universes.  His pastime incarnations again and again protect the worlds that are home to the moving and unmoving creatures.