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Yamuna Devi by Padmalochana dasa

Transcendental Descent of the Yamuna

Yamuna is the transcendental river which flows through Goloka Vrirdavana, the original abode in the spiritual world and the transcendental playground of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, Who is the source of all incarna-tiors. Lord Krishna is enjoying there eternally with His devo­tees, who are headed by His eternal consort Shrimsti Radharani and Her eight assistant girlfriends, namely, Lalita, Visakha, Chitradevi, Indulekha, Champakalata, Rangadevi, Tungavidya, Sudevi. Some of the most intimate devotees of Lord Krishna expand in difierent forms, so that they can satisfy and serve Lord Krishna in different ways.

It is exp'ained by Shrila Rupa Goswami and Shrila Bala-deva Vidyabhusana that Yamuna is the liquid form of Shrimati Visakhadeyi. The Yamuna River can easily purify nne of all sinful reactions and benedict one with material prosperity simply by someone thinking of bathing in her waters, but the real benefit of coming into contact with her transcendental water is the attainment of devotion to Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

Although Radha Kunda, Govardhana, Yamuna and othsr pastime places of Goloka have   eternally   existed,   incon- ceivably, at some point in eternity, they where created by   Lord Krishna for the pleasure of Shrimati   Radharani.


The following ttory is taken from the Garga  Safflhita and Brahma Vaivarta Purana,

Once Shrimati Radharani was   sitting   alone,   waiting   for Lord Krishna to come and meet Her, when She   received    infor­mation th: t Lord Krishna was enjoying in a secluded place v,ith Viraja   Upon hearing this, in an angry   mood,   Shrimati   Radha­rani immediately went to the place   of Viraja.    Shridhama   had been posted at the gate   of   Viraja's   garden,     When   Shrimati Radharani    arrived    there    Shridhama      prevented     Her     from entering. Shrimati Radharani   demanded   to   see    Viraja    imme­diately. When Viraja came   out   to    meet    Radharani.    Shriirtnti Radharrni a, cutsed her to become a    river   and    also   to descend into the material    world.    At   that   tin.e  Lord Knta did not show Himself   and    Radharani    returned   to    Her 0Wn pla.c. Thereafter. Krishna took    Viraja    and enjoyed    with   her in the forest. While Krishna ;was    enjoying   with   her,  Viraja's seven children    disturbed    them    with their    fighting     amongst themselves. Viraja   became    ver>    angry    at    her  children   and cursed theni to become bodies   of   water.    She    further  cmsed them that nc-one could drink their waters and that  they   Should riot be i ble to meet with each other till the dissolution    o*   the material universe. These seven   sons    manifested    as  the   seven rceans surrounding    the    seven    dvi#«,   namely, the salt water cceir,    sugarcane    cceae. wine    ocean, ghee    ccean,    yoghurt ocean! milk ocean;   and    the   freshwater    ocean.   Then     Lord Krishna informed Viraja that it was now time for her to g% into the material world but that she sould not be frightened    as,    He would a'ways be close to her and   when    He    wouid.abveht on the earth, He would take her   as   one   of   His    wives      After offering her obeisances over aed over again to Lord Krishna and to GoJoka Vrindavana, Viraja then started her journey in the form of the river Yamuna. As she was leaving Goloka Vrindavana, site met with the rivhr Ganges who was also coming from another part of Goloka known as Navadvipa. She was als® going to the material realm for the purpose ot purifying the living entities who were entrapped there. The transcendental waters of the Yamuna and Ganga mixed toge­ther and they travelled as one river throughout Vaikuntha (the spiritual world) until eventually they came to the edge of the material universe. When the Supreme Lord appeared in His form as Vamanadeva in the sacrificial arena of Bali Maharaja. He extended His left foot up to the covering of the universe and pierced a hole in the covering with the nail of His big toe and thus those transcendental waters flowed in and descended on Dbruvaloka. Next they flowed down on to the planets of the seven sages (Marici. Atri, Angira, Pulaha, Kralu, Pu'astya, Vasistha). After this the Gnnges (the Yamuna remained hidden in the water of the Ganga) is carried through space by unlimited celestial airplanes to the moon and then flows onto Lord Brahma's abode on top of Mount Meru where the trans­cendental waters divide into four branches which flow in the four directions. That branch which flows to the south descends into the Himalayan Mountain Range where the Yamuna saparatas and flows down the Kalinda mountain (and thus becomes known as Kalindi, the daughter of Kalinda) and appears on the earth at a place of the name Yamunotri and from there flows in an easterly direction eventually passing through Indraprastha ( New Delhi ). From there she next reaches the place where the original Goloka Vrindavana < known on   earth    as   Gokula )    has   manifested.   When   the reached Gokula she began to   flow   very   slowly   through that land which was the transcendental   playground   of   her   Lord Krishna. When   she   reached     the place   of     Visramghat   in Mathura she stopped to rest for a whi'e.    Just    to fully   appre­ciate the whole of Gokula (Vrindavana-dhama), she divided   off into many branches   some   flowing   around   Govardhana hill, Varsana, Nandagram and the other   forests   of   Gokuladhama. After this she slowly,   reluctantly   started    her   journey again. After passing through   Mahavana   and leaving  the  borders of Gokula Vrindavana, she flowed on until    she   reached   Prayag, where she again met with the   river    Ganga   and   their  waters mingled together and flowed   on   as oneriver  through   the city of Lord Siva, Kasi ( Banaras ), and slowly they flowed towards Gupta   Vrindavana,   known   as   Navadvipa-dhama.   As   they entered the borders of   Navadvipa-dhama   they   slowed   down so that they   could   fully   appreciate   Shri   Chaitanya   Maha-prabhu's   Navadvipa-dhama   Who   is   non - different   to    Shri Radha Krishna and   Vraja-dhama.   Wanting   to   visit   all the future places of Shri    Chaitanya   Mahaprabhu's  pastimes,  they slowly flowed round the dhama until   eventually    they   realized that they had to continue   on   their   journey.    As   they   were approaching the great salt ocean, all of the demigods   showered flowers   upon   them. At   that time   Yamuna   devi   spoke  to Ganga devi, "All glories to    you, you   are the   purifier   of the three worlds and you have   risen from   the Lotus   feet of Lord Krishna Himself all the ihree worlds are singing   your   glories. Unfortunately I have to separate from you now and  return   to Goloka   Vrindavana.    O   Ganga,   you please go,   three    is no place in the three worlds which can purify one as  uuickly    and thoroughly    as   simply   coming   in    contact with    your divine waters. If I   have offended you   in   any way,   then please foj-give me". Shri Ganga replied in the following words, "O yamuna, please accept my humble obeisances, you, in fact are the purifier of the three worlds and you have manifested from the left side of Lord Krishna's body. I along with every­one in the three worlds am always praying for your mercy. You are the very life force of Lord Krishna, so please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet again and again. You are even worshipped by the residents of Goloka and one who comes in contact with you is guaranteed of entering into the divine pastimes performed in Goloka Vrindavana. By the order of Lord Krishna I shall new descend to Pstalaloka but I am hesitating to follow that instruction due to fear from be­coming separated from you. I long for that time when 1 shall be "ible to join you in serving Shri Shri Radha Krishna in Goloka Vrindavana. I am falling again & again at your lotus feet begg­ing forgiveness for any offences committed by me." Thus Gan-gaji descended into the Nether regions to purify the conditioned souls trapped there. After this Yamuna started to flow over the ocean and slowly crossed island after island until she came to the golden mountain range of the name Lokaloka and started to rise up that mountain range and retrace her previous course back to Goioka.


Passing through Vaikuntha she eventually entered Goloka again. At that time all of the demigods of the material worlds and the residents of the spiritual world started to shower flowers and sing prayers in glorification of the Yamuna, by whose mercy one can easily and very quickly crosss over the ocean of nescience and arrive at the Lotus feet of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. (These cursing pastimes take place in the cpulent realm of Goloka and have nothing to do with the sweet pas­times of the inner realm of Vraja-Vrindavana).