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Birth Of Yamuna-Devi in Her Personified Form

By the divine arrangement of Lord Krishna. Shrimatt Radharani cursed Viraja-devi to become a river and also to descend into the material world. This was part of a greater plan of Lord Krishna, to save the conditioned souls who were suffering in the material world, and for this purpose, He had arranged through His transcendental illusory potency ( Yoga-maya ) that this pastime took place.


After Shrimiti Radharani    had   cursed    Viraja-devi,    She also cursed Shridama to become a demon   ( he    became Shankas-ura ).   And    he in   return    ciused   Shrimati   Radharani   to be separated from Lord Krishna for one   hundred  years.    In   this way, through   transcendental   disagreements   and   arguments, the various associates of Lord   Krishna came into the material world. Trie reason for their   descent    is twofold;    one,   to help the conditioned souls to become    freed    from    the    clutches   of the cycle of birth and death and to attain   their   eternal   relati­onship with   Lord    Krishna.    And    secondly     to   assist   Lord Krishna when He   incarnates'   in    this    world    to    display His transcendental pi.stime. The reason   for   Lord   Krishna's   des­cent into the material world is given  by    Lord    Krishna    Him­self in the    Shrimad-Bhagavad-Gita.    ••Whenever   and    wnerever there is a   decline    in    religious   practice,   O   descendant   of Bharata and a predominant rise of irreligion, at that time 1 descend Myself."

"To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself appear, millenuium after millennium." ( B- G. 4-7. & )

The mercy of the Vaishnavas ( devotees ) is described in the following prayer :

"] offer my respectful obeisances unto all the Vaishnava devotees of the Lord. They are just like desire-trees who can fulfill the desires of everyone, and tftey are full of compassion for the fallen conditioned souls."

Viraja-devi descended into the material world in the form of the Yamuna River, to purify and give love of Lord Krishna to the conditioned souls and she also appeared in her human-like form to assist Lord Krishna in His pastimes.


Kalindi ( Yamuna-deyi ) took birth from Viyaswata ( the sun-god ) and Sanjna ( the daughter of Visvakarnta ) Due to the bright effulgence of the sun god. Sanjna would close her eyes when Viyaswata would approach her. Becoming angry with Sanjna Viyaswata cursed her that a son would lake birth from her who would taice everyone's life away. Later he blessed her that she would give birth to a daughter, who would free everyone from the realm of birth and death. Sanjna gave birth to twins. Yam a ( the god of death ) and Yami ( Yamuna ), who was also known by the name Krishna, cecause her bodv was blackish. Both, Yamuna and Yamaraj have also appeered in a golden-coloured form simultaneously. Yamaraja's other form is known as Dharmaraj, ( he awards the pious activities of the living entities )- And Yamuna-devi's golden coloured form is   Vishaka-dev%   who   is   actually   the person from whom   Viraja   devi  ( Yamuna-devi )   has expanded.

Yamima-deyi informed her father   that   she   would   not marry any one except   Lord   Krishna.   Viyaswata   advised her that it would be very difficult for her to marry   Lord   Krishna, because He was actually the Supreme Personality  of   Godhead. But Yamuna-devi decided she   would   perform   severe   auster­ities until her desire was  fulfilled.   Seeing   her   determination. Viyaswata relented and built for her a residence   in  the   waters of   the   Yamuna   near   Khandaya forest.   How   she   attained Lord Krishna's grace to become His wife is narrated as  follows in the Tenth Canto of Shrimad-Bhagayatam :


"Once Krishna and Arjuna   reached   the  bank of the Yamuna, they washed their hands and feet and mouths and drank the clear water, of the Yamuna. While they were resting and drinking water, they saw a   beautiful girl of martigeable age walking alone on the  bank   of the Yumuia. Krishna asked His friend   Arjuna   to   go forward and ask the girl who she was. By the order  of Krishna, Arjuna immediately approached the girl, who was very beautiful. She had an   attractive   body   and nice glittering teeth and smiling face. Arjuna inquired, "My dear girl, you are so beautiful with  your   raised breasts, may I ask you who you are ? We are surprised to see you loitering he^e alone. What is  your  purpose in coming here ? We can guess only   th at   you   serch-ing after a suitable husband. If you don't    mind,   you can disclose your purpose. I shall try to   satisfy you," The beautiful girl was the  River   Yamuna   personified. She replied, "Shri, I am the daughter  of   the   son-god, and I am now performing penance and austerity to have Lord Vishnu as my husband. I think He is the Supr­eme Person and just suitable to become my husband. I disclose my desire thus because you wanted to know it."


The girl continued, '<My dear sir, 1 know you are the hero Arjuna, so I may further say that I'll not accept anyone as my husband besides Lord Vishnu, because He is the only protector of all living entities and the bestower of liberation for all conditioned souls. I shall be thankful unto you if you pray to Lord Vishnu to become pleased with me." The girl Yamuna knew it well that Arjuna was a great devotee of lord Krishna and that if he would pray, Krishna would never deny nis request.To approach Krishna diiecily may sometimes be futile. But to approach Krishna through His devotee is sure to be successful. She further told Arjuna, "My name is Kalindi, and I live within the water of the Yamuna. My father was kind enough to construct a special house for me within the waters of che Yamuna and I have vowed to remain in ttie water as long as I can not find Lord Krishna." The message of the girl Kalindi was duly carried to Krishna by Arjuna althougn Krishna, as the Supersoul of everyone's heart, know everything. Without further discussion, Krishna imme­diately accepted Kalindi and asked her to sit down on the chariot."(Shrila Rupa Goswami, has described in his Lalita-madhava that, Kalindi, the golden form of Yamuna-devi, is a reflection of Visakha-devi)