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          All glories to Shri Chaitanya Acarya and his good wife, Laksmipriya.  All glories to the listeners of Prem Vilasa.  I bow to the feet of all the devotees of Lord Krishna.  I am an illiterate fool, devoid of devotional qualities.  But being ordered by the merciful Lord, I have taken up the task of narrating Prem Vilasa.

          Prabhu said, "My devotees who are still in this world are non-different from Me.  Some of them are writing about the pastimes of Radha Krishna, and others are writing about the pastimes of Shri Gaura.  Those who write about Radha Krishna will surely receive my favour."  Shri Jahnava and Viracandra ordered me to write about the qualities of Shrinivasa and Narottama who manifested divine love on the earth.

          After the birth of his son, Acarya did not go out of his house for six months.  He stayed home quietly observing his son's growth.  Gradually the auspicious day of offering rice to the son approached and Acarya called upon an astrologer to fix the date for the ceremony.  On an auspicious day they offered prasadam to their son. 

          Time passed, and eventually the day of Cuda Karana came near.  On an auspicious day the usual rituals performed and Acarya offered the sacred thread and saffron colored dress to his son.  The boy looked enchanting in the new dress and his parents were overwhelmed with joy.  Thereafter, on the third day, the boy began to cry for want of education.  The Pandita took this as a sign of Shrinivasa's brilliance.

          Around this time Shrinivasa heard a voice speak to him in a dream saying, "Shrinivasa you must go to Vrndavana.  Gaud is the favorite place of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  It is through His grace that you will be empowered to distribute transcendental books relating the pastimes of the Lord.  Do not take education from anyone, for I will teach you everything.  Always remember to chant the holy names of Radha Krishna."

          After receiving these instructions, Shrinivasa refused to go to the school of any teacher.  His parents were filled with anxiety at the thought of their son remaining uneducated. 

          After some time Shrinivasa decided to leave Yajigrama and seek an education.  After ten days he requested his mother's permission and went to Dhananjaya Vidyavasa to take instruction from him.  Dhananjaya, however, told him, "O Shrinivasa, I am unable to teach you anything.  You have already stolen everything from me.  I am unable to understand you.  Alas, Sarasvati Devi has become annoyed at me."  Feeling ashamed Shrinivasa offered his obeisances at the feet of Dhananjaya, but Dhananjaya would not let Shrinivasa bow at his feet.  Greatly disappointed, Shrinivasa returned to his house feeling dejected.  His parents did not know anything about this incident.

          Feeling discontent Shrinivasa entered his room and lay on his bed.  When his mother had finished cooking she came into the room to call her son to eat but she could not find him.  Acarya went to the Pandita to inquire about his son but he was told that Shrinivasa had left the place long ago.  Acarya was very upset, but when he entered the room of his son again, he found Shrinivasa sleeping with his books in his hand.  When he awoke he could not say anything to his father out of shame.  He said to his mother, "give me rice," and began to laugh.  After eating, Shrinivasa washed his mouth and again went to bed.  Suddenly he heard a voice from the sky, "You will acquire knowledge of all scriptures.  I am the goddess Sarasvati and being ordered by Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, I have appeared in your dream to make you a genius in all subjects."  Shrinivasa opened his eyes but could see no one.  Smiling happily Shrinivasa came out of his room and his parents embraced him tightly.  From that time forward Shrinivasa gave up reading books regarding ordinary subject matter and simply chanted the holy names of the Lord.

          Remaining faithful to the lotus feet of Shri Jahnava and Viracandra, I, Nityananda dasa narrate Prem Vilasa.