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          All glories to Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaitacandra and all the devotees of Gaurachandra. Shri Jahnava, the image of love, appeared in this world being emkpowered directly by Shri Chaitanya.  Much to the pleasure of Thakura Mahasaya, she stopped in Khetari on her way to Vrndavana.  Narottama and Ramacandra rushed to greet her. First they offer prayers of glorification, then bowed humbly at her feet.  With great respect they brought her to their residence and served her with great sincereity.  Thakurani was overwhelmed with ecstacy to see the Deity of Gaura Raya, and thus she remained there for four days during which time she itroduced many new methods of worshiping the Deity.  The devotees of the village arranged to bring great quantitites of curd, flat rice, sugar, bananas and a great quantity of sweets.  They also brought milk, ghee, pickles, kasandi, and a grat festival inssued.  For four days the people enjoyed the kirtana and delicious prasada.


          While sitting one day, Thakurani called Narottama and ordered him to sit near her.  Embracing him affectionately she said, "O my dear Narottama, I am so happy to see the exalted Vaishnava qualities, your pleasing disposition, and your sincere service attitude towards all the Vaishnavas. Before coming here I had heard of your divine qualities, but now I am witnessing even more than I expected.  In Vrndavana the devotees always speak highly of your service attitude towards all the Vaishnavas.   You have certainly been rightly named Thakura Mahasaya.  In my life I have never met a more sincere devotee than you.  I have not told anyone, except Ramacandra Kaviraja, that I was coming here to visit you. Now, I promise that I shall sing your praises throughout Vrndavana, Gauda and wherever else I may visit.  Your love for Gauranga has attracted me to you.  I know that you and Ramacandra as extremely dear to one another and you have decided to remain together life after life.  This is most pleasing to me.  It is also the blessing of Mahaprabhu that your Shri Acarya has obtained a true disciple like you.  Now be kind to me and permit me to go to Vrndavana happily to meet all the devotees of Shri Gauranga.  I am eager to visit Radha Kunda, Govardhana and other holy places there."


          When Thakurani actually announced her departure, Narottama and Ramacandra were filled with sadness, yet they offered a hundred coins to her for expenses on the way and accompanied her on her journey for about half a crosa (one mile) then tearfully bid farewell.  Seeing their tears, Thakurani held their  hands and affectionately said, "Please go to your homes peacefully.  Both of you are as dear to me as life.  Now let me go to Vrndavana safely."  Thakurani then startef for Vrndavana, as Narottama and Ramacandra returned to their homes with aching hearts. 


          After a long journey Thakurani finally reached Mathura where she happily visited the Lord's birth place and Visram ghat, then went on to Vrndavana.  Having this opporutnity to visit all the kunjas of Vrndavana, she felt herself to be the most fortunate of women.  When she visited the place where Shri Jiva Gosvami lived, he bowed at her feet and quickly snet news of her arrival to the other Vaishnavas in the area.  Shri Gopala Bhatta and Lokanath Gosvami quickly came to meet her and offered their humble obeisances and were introduced by Shri Jiva to Thakurani; "Here is Gopala Bhatta.  As soon as he heard of your arrival he rushed here to meet you."  Turning to Lokanath he said, "This is Lokanath Gosvami who lives here on the order of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu."


          With great pleasure Thakurani humbly addressed them, "I have come here on the order of Mahaprabhu.  Please be kind upon me as I have heard from wisem men that by your mercy I shall attain all perfection in life."  Turning to Lokanath Gosvami she said, "It is my great fortune to have this opportunity to met you, the spiritual master of Narottama.  I am charmed by Narottama's good gualities and devotional attitude towards Krishna and the Vaishnavas.  In the three worlds I have never met a Vaishnava as loving and devotional as Narottama.  The title Thakura Mahasaya is certainly his rightful title.  I think that the one who has such as disciple as Narottama is the most fortunate man in the three worlds."  Turning to Gopala Bhatta she said, "I am also greatly impressed by the loving disposition of Ramacandra, who is a disciple of your disciple, Shrinivasa Acarya.  It brings me great pleasure to see that he and Narottama are tied together with the rope of love and friendship.  He is the true disciple of an exalted spiritual master.  I am confident that these devotees are qualified to deliver mankind."  Gopala Bhatta and Lokanatha Gosvami listened to their own praises with great discomfort.


          I, Nityananda dasa, attempt to write this book, taking shelter at the feet of Jahnava Thakurani.  I am most unqualified, yet being repeatedly ordered by her to write, I must bow to her command.  If there are any mistakes herein or anything which contradicts the point of view of the Mahajanas, please forgive me for that.  It is my sincere desire to simply carry out the order of my guru and please the Supreme Lord Krishna.  Although I am unqualified, I am unable to stop writing as I will be guilty of disobeying my guru.  I am simply trying to repeat exactly what I have heard from my spiritual master.  By the mercy of Shri Jahnava and Viracandra, I, Nityananda dasa, write Prem Vilasa.