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          All glories to Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu.  All glories to Advaitacandra and all the devotees. All glories to Shrinivasa Acarya and Narottama Thakura, the abode of love of God. All glories to the ocean of devotion, Shri Syamananda prabhu.  All glories to Ramacandra, who is decorated with all Vaishnava qualities.  Now listen intently as I describe the branches of these great Vaishnavas.


          Three brothers, Trimall, Venkata and the disciple of Shri Prabhodhananda?? were great scholars who lived in Trailinga. Shri Gopala Bhatta was the son of Venkata, and the disciple of Prabhodhananda Sarasvati.  When Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu toured the South, He stayed in the house of Venkata during Caturmasya.  In this way they were introduced to madhurya bhava.  Thus they began to worship Radha Krishna in mood of the residents of Vraja.  While the Lord resided in their house, Gopala, under the order of his father, attentively served Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  At that time the Lord instructed Gopala in the science of devotional service, thus Vrajabhava became manifested in Gopala.  In Krishna lila Gopala Bhatta was Shri Gunamanjari.  Later, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura became the beloved disciple of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami.  The Siddhanama of Shrinivasa was Shri Manimanjari.  Shrinivasa had numeroous disciples, who formed many branches and sub-branches of Mahaprabhu's tree of Bhakti.  The main branch was Ramacandra Kaviraja, the dear-most friend of Narottama.  The following is a list of the branches of Shrinivasa Acarya


1.       Shri Govinda Kaviraja was a great devotee songwrite.  His compositions melted the hearts of all and purified the world. 

2.       Shrinivasa showed his favor to the the wives of the two Kaviraja brothers.  Ratnamala was the wife of Ramacandra. 

3.       Mahamaya was the wife of Govinda.

4.       Shrinivasa blessed the son of Govinda, Divyasimha.

5.       Shrinivasa Acarya had two wives whom he himself gave initiation.  Among them the elder one was Draupadi, later known as Iswari.

6.       The younger one was Padmavati, later known as Shri Gauranga Priya.

7.       Acarya had three sons and three daughter whom he himself gave initiation.  The eldest son was Vrndavana.

8.       The middle son was Radha Krishnacarya.

9.       The youngest son was Govinda Gati.

10.     The eldest daughter was Hemlata.

11.     The middle was Krishnapriya.

12.     The youngest one was Kanchanalatika.  Thr branches and twigs from these direcet descendants were innumerable.

13.     Haridasacarya of Kanchamgadia belonged to the branch of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  His sons were Gokulananda and Shridasa who took their education from Shrinivasa Acarya.

14.     Shri Gokulananda was the elder son.

15.     The younger son was Shridasa who was initiated by Shrinivasa.  The branches of Shri Acarya were very strong devotees.  There presence caused the hearts of the atheists to tremble with fear. 

16.     Krishna Vallava was the son of Shri Gokulananda. 

17.     Narasinha Kaviraja.

18.     Raghunath Kar was a disciple of Acarya Thakur.

19.     Ram Krishna Chatta.

20.     His son was was Gopivallava Chatta.

21.     Gopi Vallava Chatta married Hemlata, daughter of Acarya. Shri Kumud Chatta belolnged to their branch.

22.     His son was Chaitanya.

23.     Kalanidhi Chatta, husband of Krishnapriya.

24.     Shri Rajendra Vandhya was his son-in-law.

25.     Among two daughters of Kalanidhi the elder one was Shri Malati.

26.     Shri Phulji Thakurani received the favor of Acarya Thakur.

27.     Vrndavana Chatta was one of the branches.

28.     Shri Govinda Chakravarty, a resident of Vorakuli village, received the title of Bhavuka Chakarvarty.

29.  His branch was Gopala dasa.

30.     The son of Shri Govinda Chakarvarty, Shri Raja Vallava, belonged to Shri Acarya's branch. 

31.     Karnapura Kaviraja.

32.     Vamsidasa Thakura.

33.     Gopaladasa Thakura of Bundhai para of Vahadurapura was a branch of Acarya.  He was an expert in Krishna kirtana.

34.     Shri Rupa Gatka.

35.     His branch was Raghunandana Dasa.

36.     Sudhakara Mandala.

37.     His wife was Shyamapriya, the wife and husband both got the favor of Acarya.

38.     Their son was Radha Vallava.

39.     Kamadeva.

40.     Gopala.

41.     The father of Isvari and father-in-law of Shri Acarya was Shri Gopala Chakarvarty.

42.     He had two sons, the elder one was Syamadasa.

43.     The younger one was Ramacharana

44.     Another disciple was Shri Raghu Chakarvarty, the father of Gauranga Priya and the father-in-law of Acarya.  He also got the favor of Acarya.

45.     Another disciple was Krishnadasa Chatta of Farodpura.

46.     Mohanadasa.

47.     Vanamalidasa from a Vaidya class.

48.     Radha Vallava Dasa.

49.     Mathuradasa.

50.     Radha Krishnadasa.

51.     Ramanadasa.

52.     Ramadasa Kavivallava had beautiful handwritting and was thus copied many books for Acarya

53.     Gopaladasa, father of Vanamalidasa.

54.     Atmarama.

55.     Nakadi branch.

56.     Chatta Shyamadasa.

57.     Durgadasa.

58.     Gopiramanadasa.

59.     Vaidya class - Raghunath dasa.

60.     Shri Dasa.

61.     Golulananda Chakarvarty got the title of Kaviraja.

62.     Gokulananda Dasa.

63.     Gopala Dasa Thakur.

64.     Chatta Shyamadasa.

65.     Radha Krishnadasa.

66.     Ramadasa Thakur.

67.     A great devotee Mukunda Thakura.

68.     Vyasa Chakarvarty of Vana Vishnupura who got the title of Acarya due to the favor of Acarya. 

69.     His wife Indumukhi.

70.     Another branch - their son Shyamadasa.

71.     King Vira Hamvira stole the books of the Gosvamis but later, due to the favor of Jiva Gosvami, got the name Chaitanyadasa.

72.     His queen Sulakshamana.

73.     The prince, who took initiation from his father Vira Hamvira.

74.     Karunadasa Majumdar of Karana family who had two sons.

75.     Janakirama Dasa and

76.     Prakasha Dasa who used to write the letters on behalf of Acarya and who got the title of Viswasa.

77.     Ramadasa.

78.     Gopaladasa.

79.     Vallavi Kavipata.

80.     Three disciples of Acarya were from Deoligrama - First, Krishna Vallava Chakarvarty received Shrinivasa's mercy when the later was searching for the Gosvamis books.  At that time Acarya stayed in the house of Krishna Vallava.

81.     Narayana.

82.     Nrisinha.

83.     Vasudeva Kaviraja.

84.     Vrndavana dasa Kaviraja.

85.     Vagavanadasa Kaviraja.

86.     Shrimanta Chakarvarty.

87.     Raghunandana.

88.     Gauranga dasa.

89.     Gopijana Vallava Thakura.

90.     Thakura Shrimanta.

91.     Chaitanyadasa.

92.     Govinda dasa.

93.     Tulasirama dasa.

94.     Vipra Balarama Dasa.

95.     Jayarama Choudhuri of Utkala.

96.     Brahmana Shri Harivallava Sarkar Thakura.

97.     Krishna Vallava Chakarvarty.

98.     Krishna Purahita Thakura of Gauda.

99.     Shyama Chatta and his branch.

100.    Shyamasundara Dasa.

101. Jayarama Chakravarty of Gauda.

102. Mathuradasa.

103. Atmarama.

104. Mathura nivasi Shri Govinda rama.

105. Shri Gopaladasa.

106. A branch of Acarya settled in Shri Kunda - Mahanadasa.

107. Hari Prasada.

108. Vrajanandadasa.

109. Harirama.

110. Sukhananda.

111. Muktarama.

112. Kalanidhi of Vangadasa.

113. Rama Sarana.

114. Rasikadasa.

115. Premadasa.



          Now I shall describe the numerous disciples and branches of Narottama dasa Thakura, the most exalted devoted of Krishna Chaitanya.  He delivered the by distributing the holy name. 


          Lokenatha Gosvami lived in the village of Talagadi in the district of Jessore.  He was a disciple of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and was sent to Vrndavana on His order. There he served his worshipful Deity, Shri Radhavinoda.  His Siddhanama was Manjulali Manjari.  His disciple was Narottama whose Siddhanama was Champaka Manjari.  Narottama had innumerable disciples.


1.       Balarama Chakarvarty of Kheturi was a brahmana of      Savarna caste belonging to Radi class.  He was given the title of Pujari due to his sincere service to the Deity.

2.       Shri Rupa Narayana Pujari of Savarna caste belonging to           Radi class of Kheturi.

3.       Ravirai Pujari of Budhari was a Vaidak brahmana.

4.       Shri Gopirama Chakarvarty, an expert in Sankirtana.      

5.       His elder brother Rama Kanta,

6.       and his son Radha Vallava Dutta.  Both of them received the favor of Thakur Mahasaya.

7.       Purusottma and Krishnananda were two brothers. 

8.       Shri Santosa Raya was the son of Purusottama Datta, who was a close friend of Govinda Kaviraja. 

9.       Santosa's younger brother was the disciple of his elder brother. 

10.     Rama Krishna Acarya Mahasaya was a scholarly brahmna who lived at Goyase near the confluence of the Ganges and Padma.  He had many disciples.

11.     Branch - Ganganarayana Chakarvarty was an exalted scholar of the Varendra caste.  He lived in the village of Gamvila on bank of the Ganges.  He was always absorbed in love of Krishna and recieved the title of Thakura Chakarvarty.  He used to feed 500 pupils everyday, and had many disciples of his own.

12.     Radha Vallava Choudhuri.

13.     Branch- Nava Gauranga dasa.  Narayana Ghosa.  Vinoda Rai.  Fagu Choudhuri.  Raja Govindarama.  Vasanta Rai. Prabhu Rama Dutta. 

14.     Branch - Sitala Rai.  Dharmadasa Choudhuri.  Nityananda dasa.  Dharu Choudhuri. 

15.     Branch - Chandidasa.  Vaktadasa.  Boncha Ramavadra. Ramavadra Rai.  Hanaki vallava Choudhuri. 

16      Branch - Shrimanta Dutta.  Purusottama.  Gokula Dasa. Haridasa.  Gangaharidasa. 

17.     Branch - Raja Narasinha Rai received the favor of Narottama to a great extent. 

18.     Rupanarayana Gosvami--Viracandra prabhu was so enchanted by his sweetl singly that he gave the title of Gosvami. Formerly he was known as Rupacandra, but his name was changed in Vrndavana to Rupanarayana.  He lived at Egara Sindhura in Kamrupa of Vangadesha on the bank of the Brahmaputra river.  He was a Kulin brahmana of the Varendra caste.  He was a great scholar and a great devotee who took initiation from Thakura Mahasaya. 

19.     Narasimha's wife Rupamala got the favor from Narottama.

20.     Jagannatha Acarya, a great scholar of Telia Budhari village was a Vaidak brahmana.

21.     Branch - Krishna Acarya was a Varendra brahmana of Gopalapura. 

22.     Branch - Radha Krishna Vattacarya, a Radi brahmana of Navadvipa. 

23.     Devidasa, a kirtana singer and an expert in different shastras.  Thakua Mahasaya gave him diksa mantra.

24.     Vaishnava Charana branch.  Sivarama dasa.  Krishnadasa Vairagi Rai.  Krishnadasa Thakura.  Samkara Viswasa. Madana Rai. 

25.     Branch - Vadu Chaitanyadasa. 

26.     Harish Candra Rai, Zamindar of Jalapantha was formerly a tyrant but after receiving Narottama's mercy he became a changed man and his name was changed to Haridasa. 

27.     Raghavendra Rai, Zamindar of the northern part of Gaderahat was a very pure hearted devotee from a brahmana family. 

28.     His wife Vishnupriya. 

29.     Raghavendra had two sons named Candraraya and Santosa who were notorious tyrants.  Later both of them became great Vaishnavas, giving all material pleasures.  The wives of Candraraya and Santosh became also became disciples of Thakura Mahasaya.  Candraraya's wife was Kana Kapriya.  Santosa Raya's wife was Nalini. 

30      Branch - Gandharva Raya, Gangadasa Raya, Vraja Raya. Radha Krishna dasa, Krishna Rai, Dayaramadasa. 

31.     Branch - Jagata Raya, Haridasa Thakura, Shri Kanta, Ksheru Choudhuri. 

32.     Branch - Rupa Raya, Candra Sikhara, Ganesha Choudhuri, Shri Govinda Rai, Mathura Dasa, Vagavata Dasa, Shri Jagadisha Rai. 

33.     Branch - Narottama Majumdar, Mahesha Choudhuri. 

34.     Branch - a Vaidak brahmin Shamkara Vattacarya of Naihati, Gosvami Dasa, Murari Dasa, Shri Vasanta Dutta, Shyamadasa, Gopala Datta, Ramadeva Dutta, Ganga dasa Dutta, Manohara Ghosh, Arjuna Viswasa, Kamala Sen, Yadava Kaviraj.

35.     Branch - Manohara Viswasa, Krishna Kaviraj, Vishudasa Kaviraja Thakura, the greatest man of the Vaidya family of Kumaranagara.

36.     Muka Maitra of Faridapura.  Govardhana Navdhari.  Valaka dasa Vairagi.  Vairagi Gaurangadasa.  Viharidasa Vairagi.  Gokula dasa Vairagi.  Prasada dasa Vairagi.

37.     Vipra Dasa--in his rice godown the Deity of Gauranga was found by Narottama.  His wife was Vagavati.  They had two sons, elder one was Yadunath.  Ramanatha, the ??Vakti Ratnakara who used to live at Pachpara village. One his favor to Gurudasa  Vattacarya of a Vaidak brahmin family helped Gurudasa to recover from leprosy. Gurudasa Vattacarya who became a disciple of Vakti Ratnakara.  Gurudasa lived at Gopalapura in Rada.

38.     Narasinha Raya brought many Pandits to Thakura Mahasaya. There names are as follows: Yadunath Vidyabhusana, a man Kashinath Tarkabhusana.  Haridasa Siromani.  Durgadasa Vidyaratna.  Sivanarayana Vidavayisha.  Chandra Kanta Naya Panchanama. 

39.     The following were decoits in the group of Chandraraya and got favor from Thakura Mahasaya: Vanamali Chatta. Govinda Vaduri.  Nilmani Mukhuti.  Lalita Ghosal. Kalidasa Ganguli.  Siva Chakarvarty. 

40.     Thakura Mahasaya used to visit many places where he had many disciples.  Kashinath Vaduri.  Rama Jaya Maitra. Narayana Saniyal.  Misra Puranadara.  Raghunath Vaidya and Misra Haladhara.




          Now I will mention the names of Syamananda's spiritual ancestors, as well as the branches of his disciples.  Suryadasa Sarkhela was a great scholar and his brother Gauridasa was also a man of great qualities. Formerly they lived at Shaligrama, and later settled in Amvika on the bank of the Ganges.  In Krishna lila Gauridasa Pandita was Suvala Sakha.  He inaugerated the worship of Gaura Nityananda.  He was one of the main branches of Nityananda Prabhu's disciples, under whose order Gauridasa settled in Amvika.  His disciple was Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya Mahasaya, whose Siddhanama was Shri Sudhira Sakhi of Shri Radhika.  His disciple was Dukhi Krishnadasa of a Sadyopa family who became famous by the name of Syamananda in Vrndavana.  When found the anklet of Shri Radhika, and received the mercy of Shri Jiva Gosvami who had changed his name to Syamananda.  Syamananda's Siddhanama was Shri Kanaka Manjari.  Jiva instructed him in the science of Krishna consciousness.  Syamananda Prabhu was the incarnation of the ecstasy of Advaita Acarya.  He had many disciples, which are listed as follows: 


1.       Shri Kisoridasa

2.      Dina Bandhu of Dharendra village 

3.       Nimu Gopa

4.      Kanai Gopa 

5.       Hari Gopa 

6.       The best branch - Rasikananda and Shri Murari of Utkala

7.       The wives of these two brothers became disciples of Syamananda.  Malati was the wife of Rasikananda,

8.       Sacirani was the wife of Shri Murari.  Rasikananda, Shri Murari and their wives lives at Rayani village and had many disciples of their own. 

9.       Branch - Damodara Yogi was a great scholar and had a long heated debate with Syamananda.  Finally Syamananda pierced upon his heart and showed Damodara his celestial thread.  Thus Damodara was convinced and took initiation from Syamananda. 

10.     Yadunath.  Rama Vadra.  Shri Jagadiswara.  Dhurvananda of Valaramapura.  Purusottama,  Krishnahari Dasa.  Uddhava of Nrisimhapura,  Askura.  Madhusudama.  Govinda. Jagannatha.  Gadadhara.  Sundarananda.  Hari Rai. Kalinath.  Shri Krishna Kisora.  Chintamani of Gopivallavapura.  Shri Jagadiswara.  Viravadra. Radhamohana.  Haladhara.  Radhananda.  Nayana Vaskara. Gauridasa.  Sikhidhwaja.  Gopala.  The Yavana decoit Sher Khan who later became known as Shri Chaitanya dasa, gave up all worldly pleasures and became a great Vaishnava.  He would always cite the names of Chaitanya, Nitai and Advaita and used to roll on the ground crying ecstatically. 


          Now I will describe the Swarupa (eternal identity) of the three Prabhus- Shrinivasa, Narottama and Syamananda. These three exalted souls took their birth due to desire of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Shrinivasa was the embodiment of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  Narottama was the embodiment of Nityananda Prabhu, and Syamananda was the embodiment of Advaita Prabhu.  Shrinivasa was the one sixteenth part of the full spirit of Shri Chaitanya (amsa Kala), Narottama was the amsa kala of Shri Nityananda, and Syamananda was the amsa kala of Shri Advaita.


"What had been Nityananda, so became Narottama. What had been Shri Chaitanya so became Shrinivasa.  And what had been Shri Advaita so became Syamananda.  In this way these three came on the earth."


After the worldly disappearance of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda Prabhu and Advaita Acarya, these three prabhus-Shrinivasa, Narottama, and Syamananda appeared on the earth and filled the universe with love and devotion. 


          Oh my listeners, I shall now describe something about Ramacandra Kaviraja and  his disciples.  Chiranjiva Sen of Khanda and his wife Sunanda had two beautiful sons, Ramacandra and Govinda.  After the death of their father the two brothers lived with their maternal grandfather in Kumaranagara.  Later they settled in Telia Budhuri. Ramacandra Kaviraja became the disciple of Shrinivasa.  The Siddhanama of Ramacandra was Karuna manjari.  He had three main branches. 


1.       Harirama Acarya - he was a great scholar belonging to a brahmana family of the Radi class.  He lived at Goyasa village at the confluence of the Ganges and Padma.

2.       Vallava Majumdar was a brahmana of the Radi class.

3.       Valasama Kavipati was a great scholar of Budhari.



          Now I have completed the twentieth chapter of the book Prem Vilasa.  I do not know if it has been done perfectly, but I have simply tried to execute the order of my guru.  I have tried to describe all the incidents which I personally heard or saw.  My diksa guru is Shri Janhava Iswari.  To describe the mercy she bestowed upon me, I would have to speak with a million mouths.  Viracandra Prabhu is my Siksa guru, he has also showered his mercy upon me.  I am the only child  of Atmarama Dasa and Sandamini.  When I was a mere lad my parents passed away, leaving me an orphan.  At that time I pondered throughtfully about my future.  One night I had a benediction dream.  Janhava Iswari appeared to  me and said, "Do not be afraid. Come to Khardaha and take initiation from me."  Thus I went to Khardaha and took shelter of Shri Iswari.  Formerly my name was Balarama Dasa, later Shri Iswari changed it to Nityananda dasa.  I bow repeatedly at the feet of my guru, Krishna and the Vaishnavas.  Taking the dust of the lotus feet of Shri Janhava and Viracandra, I, Nityananda dasa have completed the book Prem Vilasa