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Thirteenth Wave


Çrénivasa Äcarya's Wedding and Other Activities


          1. Glory, glory to Çré Kåñëa Caitanya, who is the shelter of all! Glory, glory to merciful Çré Nityananda Prabhu!

          2. Glory to Çré Advaitadeva, who is an ocean of spiritual virtues! Glory, glory to Çrévasa and Gadadhara Paëòita!

          3. Glory to Gadadhara dasa and Çré Murari Gupta! Glory to Vakreçvara, Çré Mukunda, and Narahari!

          4. Glory to Çré Gauré-dasa Paëòita and Damodara Paëòita! Glory to Çré Svarüpa, Haridasa, and Çuklambara!

          5. Glory, glory to the devotees of the Lord! O devotees, please be merciful to me. I take shelter of you.

          6. Glory, glory to the hearers of this book, hearers who are abodes of spiritual virtues. O hearers, please kindly hear what I will now say.


Çrénivasa Äcarya and the Devotees Depart From Navadvépa


          7. Çrénivasa Äcarya, Narottama, and Ramacandra happily traveled in Navadvépa.

          8. Then, after offering respectful obeisances at the feet of Çré Éçana Öhakura, they departed.

          9. Çré Éçana Öhakura hugged them. He was restless. He could not check his tears.

          10. His body was overcome with affection. Who can understand the deep love in his heart?

          11. I wish I could say something about him. Alas, I have no power to say anything more. I have revealed all the knowledge of him that I have in my hand. From that you may see a little of his nature.

          12. At that time the Lord's personal associates became very sorrowful at heart.

          13. Giving him great mercy, the Lord's associates bid farewell to Çrénivasa. Çrénivasa Äcarya offered respectful obeisances at the great devotees' feet.

          14. Again and again Çrénivasa offered obeisances to navadvépa-dhama. Weeping and weeping, he departed from Navadvépa.

          15. As he traveled on the path, Çrénivasa visited the homes of many different devotees. At those times great joy arose within his heart.

          16. Arriving at Çré Khaëòa, Çrénivasa saw the Deity Çré Gauraìga. There he also met with Çré Raghunandana.

          17. With great affection and with gentle words, Çré Raghunandana asked about the news fron Navadvépa.

          18. Çrénivasa described his travels in Nadéya. Weeping and weeping, he described the condition of the devotees. He said:

          19. "Many of the elder devotees in Nadéya have disappeared from this world. The remaining devotees have become silent.

          20. "Éçana Öhakura lives alone in Lord Gauraìga's house. How can I ever attain the power to describe all his endless glories?

          21. "As I was travling on the path I heard from the people's mouths the news that Éçana Öhakura has now also disappeared from this world.

          22. "Day after day Nadéya has become covered with blinding darkness. What can I say? What will happen next? I do not know."

          23. Hearing these words, Çré Ragunandana was flooded with feelings of spiritual love. His arm around Çrénivasa's neck, he loudly wept.

          24. By the Lord's wish, after some moments Çré Raghunandana became peaceful again. Who knows how to explain Çré Raghunandana's activities?

          25. Çrénivasa Äcarya consoled him in many ways. Then Çrénivasa departed for Yajigrama.

          26. The three devotees (Çrénivasa, Narottama, and Ramacandra) offered respectful obeisances to Çré Raghunandana and then peacefully departed fro Yajigrama.

          27. With joyful hearts Çré Gokulananda and the others went to meet the returning devotees and return with them as they went to their homes.

          28. With joyful hearts the people of Yajigrama went to see Çrénivasa at his home.

          29. With a joyful heart Çrénivasa Äcarya appropriately greeted the devotees.

          30. Çrénivasa Äcarya's virtues and activities were all wonderful. He always acted for others' welfare.

          31. Outside his house was a very secluded place where he would go and sit with the devotees.

          32. Hearing the news from Navadvépa, everyone became agitated. Çrénivasa's disciples asked many questions.

          33. Dear Narottama gently, gently said, "Today Bérahambéra will come. That he has decided in his heart."

          34. At that moment a messenger from the king arrived and said, "Today the king will come.a


King Bérahambéra Arrives at Yajigrama


          35. At an auspicious moment, and with a joyful heart, King Bérahambéra arrived from Vana-Viñëupura.

          36. Seeing Yajigrama, the king became joyful. From afar the king offered obeisances to Yajigrama.

          37. Seeing a pleasant place near Yajigrama, the king peacefully stopped for a rest.

          38. The horses, elephants, footsoldiers, and others in the kingñ entourage stayed in that place. Taking only a few men with him, the king entered Yajigrama village.

          39. Many gifts the king had brought from his palace. He sent them ahead to his spiritual master's house.

          40. Meditating on Çrénivasa Äcarya's feet, he slowly approached Çrénivasa Äcarya's house.

          41. Seeing Çrénivasa Äcarya's lotus feet, the king fell to the ground. Again and again he offered respectful obeisances.

          42. Seeing Narottama's effulgent form, the king thought in his heart, "This must be Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya Prabhu.

          43. "Now my life has become a grand success." Thinking in this way, with endless bliss the king again and again offered respectful obeisances at Narottama's feet.

          44. Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura and Narottama Öhakura very mercifully hugged the king.

          45. To Prabhu Ramacandra the king offered respctful obeisances. The king requested Ramacandra's associates, "Please accept me."

          46. Ramacandra, who is the abode of spiritual virtues, joyfully accepted the king as one of his associates.

          47. Falling to the ground, the king joyfully offered respectful obeisances . Overcome with spiritual love, everyone hugged him.

          48. How can I understand the joy in King Bérahambéra's heart or the splendor of the king's devotion?

          49. Seeing the king's devotion, with joyful hearts the people of Yajigrama praised him.

          50. Now King Bérahambéra's associates all became qualified to walk on the path of pure devotion.

          51. The king and his associates now had good fortune without limit. Talking amongst themselves, the people in place after place praised him.

          52. Seeing the king's activities, Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura and Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya became very joyful.

          53. Glancing at King Bérahambéra, Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura and Ramacandra gave great mercy to him.

          54. The questions that took birth in his heart King Bérahambéra posed to Ramacandra Kaviraja.

          55. In this way Ramacandra and the king spoke of spiritual topics. I, the author of this book, will describe this conversation, in detail, in another book.

          56. Who has the power to describe the bliss the king felt as he gazed at his spiritual master's personal associates in Yajigrama?

          57. In his heart the king decided to stay in Yajigrama. Moment after moment in Yajigrama the king grew more and more anxious.

          58. The king's heart decided not to return to Viñëupura. The kign informed Ramacandra and Çrénivasa Äcarya of his decision.

          59. Çrénivasa Äcarya and Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya affectionately consoled King Bérahambéra.

          60. The devotees consoled the king. Then they sent him to see the various holy places near Yajigrama.

          61. The very humble king visited the holy places. All the great devotees happily gave mercy to him.

          62. Returning to Yajigrama, the king thought and thought, "How can I return to Viñëupura without my spiritual master?"

          63. Understanding the king's heart, Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura spoke to him these sweet words:

          64. "After some days I will go to Khetaré-grama. From there I will go to Viñëupura.

          65. Then from Khaòadaha Çré Jahnavé Éçvaré sent a letter with a messenger on the path.


From Khaòadaha Çré Jahnavé-devé Sents a Deity of Çré Radhika to Våndavana


          66. With a joyful heart the messenger from Kha'dadaha approached Çrénivasa Äcarya.

          67. Seeing the messenger, with a joyful heart and sweet words Çrénivasa Äcarya asked about Jahnavé-devé's welfare.

          68. With humble and gentle words the messenger briefly said to Çrénivasa Äcarya:

          69. "All is well with Jahnavé-devé at Khaòadaha. To the fallen souls she mercifully gives spiritual love and devotion (prema-bhakti).

          70. "She has fashioned a Deity of Çré Radhika. Gazing at the Deity's beauty, she is overcome with bliss.

          71. "She requested Parameçvaré-dasa and the other wise devotees to take the Deity to Våndavana.

          72. "She gave opulent garments, ornaments, and other paraphernalia. She also gave 700 coins. The Deity and all the paraphernalia were carefully placed in a wonderful boat.

          73. "Meditating on the Deity Çré Gopénatha, Jahnavé-devé said to Him, 'Please quickly attract Your beloved to be with You.'

          74. "Who understands Jahnavé-devé's actions? At an auspicious moment she sent the Deity and paraphernalia on Their journey.

          75. "The boat quickly departed. In only one day it went to Nadéya.

          76. "Today the boat will arrive in Kaëöaka-nagara. Carrying this letter, I have quickly come to you."

          77. After speaking these words, the messenger placed the letter in Çré Äcarya's hand. Çrénivasa Äcarya accepted the letter and touched it to his head.

          78. Simply by reading the letter, Çrénivasa Äcarya felt great joy in his heart. Accompanied by all the devotees, he went to Çré Kaëöaka-nagara.

          79. They brought glorious garments and other gifts to offer to the Deity.

          80. King Bérahambéra had a thousand coins hidden away. Now he took these coins and gave them to Ramacandra Kaviraja.

          81. Ramacandra informed Çrénivasa Äcarya Prabhu. Smiling, Çrénivasa Äcarya departed with the king.


The Boat Carrying the Deity Arrives at Çré Bharaté-ghaöa in Kaöoyara. The Vaiñëavas Assemble and Perform a Blissful Saìkértana


          82. Quickly the boat traveled to Kaëöaka-nagara. It landed at Çré Keçava Bharaté Gosvamé's ghaöa.

          83. The moment the boat landed at the ghaöa, the devotees joyfully assembled there.

          84. The devotees there were learned in every branch of knowledge. Their leaders were Çré Parameçvaré dasa, Nåsiàha Caitanya, and Kanai Öhakura.

          85. Who has the power to know what was in those devotees' hearts? Meeting with Çrénivasa Äcarya, the devotees felt their joy greatly increase.

          86. When Çrénivasa Äcarya told the news from Navadvépa, everyone became sorrowful. No one could remain peaceful.

          87. Çrénivasa Äcarya and the other devotees became restless at heart. After some moments they became peaceful again. They were all filled with spiritual love.

          88. Falling before the feet of Parameçvaré dasa and the other devotees, the king offered respectful obeisances.

          89. Learning of the king's identity, the devotees tightly hugged him and gave great mercy to him.

          90. Seeing the splendor of all the devotees, King Bérahambéra became wild with the bliss of spiritual love. He could not remain peaceful.

          91. Seeing ecstatic spiritual love arise within him, the people of Kaëöaka-nagara all praised the king's good fortune.

          92. Who will not weep to hear of the king's humbleness? Nåsiàha Caitanya said to him, "You are fortunate."

          93. Someone said, "Çrénivasa Äcarya's mercy has great power. The king considers that mercy dear as life itself."

          94. The king attained wonderful spiritual love for the devotees. How can I describe it? After all, from his birth he was situated as a king.

          95. Çré Parameçvaré Öhakura joyfully took Çrénivasa Äcarya to the Deity in the boat.

          96. To Çrénivasa Äcarya he sweetly said, "Jahnavé-devé will return to Våndavana.

          97. "The Deity of Çré Radhika will be given to the Deity of Çré Gopénatha. Let us at once enter the boat."

          98. After speaking these words, Parameçvaré dasa pulled away the curtain concealing the Deity. Parameçvaré dasa and Çrénivasa Äcarya gazed at the beautiful Deity Çré Radhika

          99. The Deity's every limb was beautiful. She had no peer. Gazing at the Deity, Çrénivasa Äcarya was overcome with spiritual love.

          100. With a joyful heart Çré Parameçvaré dasa again and again showed all the Deity paraphernalia to Çrénivasa Äcarya.

          101. He said, "These garments, ornaments, and other things are for Lord Gopénatha and His two beloveds. They are for those three persons.

          102. "I will give garments, ornaments, and other gifts to the Deities S Govinda and Çré Madana-mohana."

          103. Parameçvaré dasa showed all these things one by one. Looking at them, Çrénivasa Äcarya felt great joy.

          104. Çrénivasa Äcarya very humbly gave  garments, ornaments, and a thousand  coins for the Deities' service.

          105. Çré Parameçvaré dasa brought everyone to the boat. With great love he showed them everything.

          106. Narottama, Ramacandra, Govinda, Çrédasa, Gokulananda, and the others happily looked at everything.

          107. Seeing the devotees' splendor, the people on the Gaìga's banks became very joyful.

          108. After staying for many moments on the Gaìga's banks, the devotees went to see the Gauraìga Deity.

          109. With joyful hearts Çré Yadunandana and the other devotees entered the courtyard of Lord Gauraìga's temple.

          110. Gazing at the Deity Gauraìga, everyone became agitated. they could not stop their tears.

          111. A great ocean of ecstatic spiritual love arose and flooded the courtyard of Lord Gauraìga's temple. In the saìkértana of the holy names everyone became wild with bliss.

          112. The loud sound of that nama-kértana broke the sky. Nåsiàha Caitanya danced wonderfully.

          113. Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, Parameçvaré dasa called out, "Sing! Sing, O Narottama and Çrénivasa!"

          114. Kanai Öhakura had no power to remain peaceful. Again and again he hugged Ramacandra.

          115. Çrédasa, Gokulananda, Govinda, and the other devotees became wild in the nama-kértana.

          116. For the dear devotees of the Lord saìkértana was the be-all and end-all of their lives. Who would not be attracted to their saìkértana?

          117. For many moments they all drank the nectar of nama-saìkértana. Then they became peaceful in Lord Gauraìga's temple's courtyard.

          118. Visiting the place where Lord Gauraìga accepted sannyasa, the devotees rolled on the ground and became covered with dust.

          119. How can I describe the activities of Lord Gauraìga's devotees? That day they stayed at Kaëöaka-nagara.

          120. When they departed on the following morning they were all sorrowful at heart.

          121. Traveling by boat, Parameçvaré dasa and the other devotees departed from Kaëöaka-nagara.


King Bérahambéra Is Sent to Viñëupura


          122. Accompanied by his dear associates, Çrénivasa Äcarya went from Kaëöaka-nagara to Yajigrama.

          123. When Çrénivasa bid farewell to his peerlessly affectionate disciple King Bérahambéra, the king was very sorrowful.

          124. When he departed for his journey to Viñëupra, King Bérahambéra could not remain peaceful at heart.

          125. Touching his spiritual master Çrénivasa Äcarya's feet to his head, the king wept and gently, gently said:

          126. "At once I will return to Vana-Viñëupura. When next I see his merciful glance, again I will have the company of my spiritual master."

          127. Hugging him, Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura said, "Don't delay. Go at once to Viñëupura."

          128. Hearing these words, the king fell down to offer obeisances at Narottama's feet. The tears from his eyes fell on Narottama's lotus feet.

          129. "Please give mercy to me", the king said in a choked voice. "In the three worlds no one is an offender like me."

          130. "Because of my past misdeeds I am very sorrowful at heart. What should I decide in my heart? What should I do?"

          131. Hearing these words, Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya said, "You have already defeated all your past sins.

          132. Do not think any more of them in your heart. Now carefully try to gain the precious jewel of pure devotional service."

          133. After speaking many words in this way, Narottama hugged the king. The king's heart was now filled with joy.

          134. The king offered respectful obeisances at the feet of Ramacandra and Govinda. He spoke very humble words. Hearing those words, every heart melted.

          135. Then the king offered respectful obeisances at the feet of Çrédasa and Gokulananda. Tears streamed from his eyes.

          136. Then the king offered respectful obeisances at the feet of all of Çrénivasa Äcarya's disciples, one after another.

          137. Then the king offered respectful obeisances to all the people of Yajigrama. Now very sorrowful, the king departed.

          138. Then, with a very joyful heart, the king's wife entered Çrénivasa Äcarya's house.

          139. Çrénivasa Äcarya's wife was named Draupadé-devé. She was filled with every virtue. She was wonderfully sweet and charming.

          140. The queen brought gifts of exquisite garments and ornaments. Seeing their splendid beauty, Draupadé-devé was filled with wonder.

          141. The queen touched her head to Draupadé's feet. Bidding farewell, the queen was filled with sorrow.

          142. Again and again the queen offered respectful obeisances to the land of Yajigrama. Then, riding in a caturdala, she departed.

          143. The king also departed from Yajigrama. After traveling a certain distance, he mounted an opulent royal vehicle and continued to Vana-Viñëupura.


Çrénivasa Äcarya Prabhu Goes to Khetaré-grama


          144. On the next day, accompanied by Narottama and Ramacandra, Çrénivasa went to Khaëòa.

          145. Çrénivasa offered respectful obeisances to Çré Raghunandana and requested, "I wish to depart tomorrow for Khetaré. Please give your permission.

          146. Çré Raghunandana said, "I will go to Khetaré. After staying there for some days, I will at once return."

          147. After speaking these words, Çré Raghunandana bid farewell to Çrénivasa Äcarya. The people of Yajigrama were now anxious at heart.

          148. Çrénivasa Äcarya said to Narottama Öhakura, "Raghunandana Öhakura will never give his consent.

          149. "Who has the power to understand the activities of Lord Caitanya's devotees? I do not understand. I stand in blinding darkness."

          150. As he spoke these words, tears streamed from his eyes. He was agitated. After some moments he became peaceful again.

          151. Taking all the devotees with him, Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura at once departed from Yajigrama and went to Kaïcanagaòiya.

          152. There the devotees stayed for two days. Day and night they were plunged in the bliss of saìkértana.

          153. Departing from Kaïcanagaòiya-grama, they next went to the area around Budhari-grama.

          154. The people of Budhari-grama were now joyful at heart. They brought the devotees to a wonderful house.

          155. Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura, Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya, Ramacandra, and the other devotees were all very joyful.

          156. Çrénivasa Äcarya Öhakura was very joyful at heart. Day and night he was wild in the ecstasy of saìkértana.

          157. For two days the devotees stayed at Budhari-grama. Then, crossing the Padmatavé, they went to Khetaré.

          158. The people of Khetaré became very joyful at heart. They accompanied the visiting devotees as they proceeded from the Padmatavé's banks.

          159. Together they entered Khetaré-grama. Seeing Çrénivasa Äcarya, everyone felt joyful at heart.

          160. After resting for some moments in the temple courtyard, everyone returned to their homes.

          161. The people of Khetaré were all very fortunate. I have no power to understand the bliss they felt day and night by seeing the visiting devotees.

          162. Day and night Çrénivasa Äcarya  and Narottama Öhakura Mahaçaya enjoyed blissful pastimes of saìkértana.

          163. Who was then not plunged in the nectar ocean of pure devotional service? Who will not sing of the wonderful mercy given by Çrénivasa and Narottama?

          164. Day after day the glories of Çrénivasa and Narottama became known everywhere.

          165. One day a great invincible blasphemer saw Çrénivasa's and Narottama's saìkértana. The blasphemer was filled with wonder.

          166. Tears filled the eyes of this brahmaëa from Baìga-deça. He rolled on the ground and fell down before the feet of Çrénivasa and Narottama.

          167. This brahmaëa, who had been a hedonist and an atheist logician was now filled with devotion. Now he took shelter of Çrénivasa Äcarya's lotus feet.

          168. Çrénivasa Äcarya told that person to dedicate his life to the service of Narottama. With great joy that person engaged in devotional service.

          169. In this was Çrénivasa and Narottama enjoyed many blissful devotional activities. Who has the power to understand their glories?

          170. Then, one day, Çrénivasa and Narottama had a sorrowful conversation in a private place.

          171. Staying only a few days, they quickly departed. Accompanied by their associates, they quickly returned to Yajigrama.

          172. Çrénivasa went to Raghunandana Öhakura's side. Raghunandana very affectionately hugged Çrénivasa.

          173. He asked Çrénivasa about his welfare. Then, taking Çrénivasa by the hand and leading him to a private place, he gently, gently said:

          174. "A terrible time has come. Many doubts will take birth in the devotees' hearts."

          175. In Çré Bhajanamåta it is said: "When Çré Kåñëa Caitanyacandra and Çré Nityananda descended to this world, the people of Kali-yuga all became Vaiñëavas.

          176. "However, as time passes, day by day most of the advanced, intermediate, and beginning devotees will find doubts arise in their hearts."

          177. Raghunandana continued: "This does not worry Lord Gaura Räya. He knows the many great works that you will do.

          178. "You will live a long life on this earth. You and your associates will protect the true spiritual path.

          179. "By your power the people who have turned their faces away from Lord Kåñëa will eagerly turn their faces toward Him again. They will find shelter in you."


Çré Raghunandana Disappears From This World


          180. After comforting Çréniväsa with many words like these, Raghunandana went before the Deities Madana-Gopäla and Gauräìga.

          181. He had his son bow down and surrender himself at the feet of the Deities Gaura and Gopäla. For three days he was wild in the ecstasy of saìkértana.

          182. Meditating on Narahari's lotus feet, he fixed his eyes on the Deities Gopäla and Gauräìga.

          183. Gazing at Them and again and again chanting the names of Çré Kåñëa Caitanya, Raghunandana disappeared from this world. Seeing these events, the people became filled with wonder.

          184. All this happened on the auspicious çukla-ekädaçé of the month of Çravaëa. Who will not sing of Çré Raghunandana's glories?

          185. Çré Raghunandana's son was Känäi Öhäkura. He arranged a great festival. The arrangements had no end.

          186. As long as Çréniväsa Äcärya was at Khaòadaha, the festival was not celebrated.

          187. I cannot describe that festival. All the Mahäntas came from Khaëòa.

          188. How can I know how to describe Çréniväsa Äcärya and Narottama Öhäkura? They were very intelligent. They were careful and respectful. They were filled with the bliss of saìkértana.

          189. Känäi Öhäkura's son was Çré Madana, who danced wonderfully in saìkértana.

          190. Who has the power to describe Madana's glories? I have only described them briefly in a few words.

          191. Känäi had two sons: Çré Madana and Vaàçé, who were both filled with devotion.

          192. Even in his paugaëòa age, Madana possessed the splendid jewel of pure devotional service. He surrendered himself at the feet of Prabhu Narahari.

          193. Seeing him, everyone became filled with bliss. Who knows how to describe his dancing in kértana?

          194. What shall I say? At Çré Khaëòa the great splendor of pure spiritual love was manifest, spiritual love that fulfilled all desires.


Çréniväsa Äcärya Prabhu Goes to Vana-Viñëupura and Accepts a Second Wife


          195. Then all the mahäntas returned to their own homes, and Çréniväsa Äcärya also respectfully bid farewell and departed.

          196. Hearing the words Känäi Öhäkura spoke at the time of departing, Çréniväsa floated in the tears that flowed from his eyes.

          197. Weeping and weeping as he remembered Çré Raghunandana's glories, Çréniväsa Äcärya returned to Yäjigräma.

          198. Çréniväsa Äcärya stayed in Yäjigräma for four days. Then he quickly went to Vana-Viñëupura.

          199. With joyful hearts the king and his followers went to greet Çréniväsa Äcärya Öhäkura.

          200. At Viñëupura, Çréniväsa Äcärya stayed at a wonderful house. Surrounded by his associates, Çréniväsa Äcärya was splendid and glorious.

          201. The residents of Viñëupura were very fortunate. By seeing Çréniväsa Äcärya, they were filled with bliss day and night.

          202. One night, in a dream, Çréniväsa Äcärya saw himsefl marry again on Lord Gauracandra's command.

          203. I will briefly narrate the very wonderful second marriage of Çréniväsa Äcärya.

          204. In Räòha-deça, in the village of Gopäla-pura, was a glorious community of brähmaëas.

          205. In that village was the home of a brähmaëa named Raghunätha. Some called him Raghunätha Cakravarté.

          206. That brähmaëa's wife was named Mädhavé, and their saintly daughter was Gauräìgapriyä.

          207. No husband was yet arranged for the daughter. For this reason the brähmaëa and brähmaëé were anxious at heart.

          208. One morning the brähmaëé sweetly said to her husband:

          209. "In a dream a very saintly brähmaëa said to me, 'Çréniväsa Äcärya will become your daughter's husband.'

          210. "I respectfully asked about Çréniväsa Äcärya's arrival here. The brähmaëa said, 'He will come from Çäntipura'.

          211. "I tried to ask another question, but then the dream broke. The effulgence I saw in that dream filled my heart."

          212. Then the brähmaëa said, "This morning I saw a dream where I gave my daughter to Çréniväsa Äcärya."

          213. Hearing these words, the brähmaëé said, "Why should there be any delay? We must accept Çréniväsa Äcärya."

          214. Hearing the brähmaëé's words, with a joyful heart the brähmaëa at once went and placed his request before Çréniväsa Äcärya.

          215. Hearing the brähmaëa's words, Çréniväsa Äcärya was stunned. To please everyone he accepted the marriage proposal.

          216. "Glorious! Glorious!" everyone said again and again. "This girl is worthy. She is wonderfully beautiful."

          217. The king and his associates were very joyful. Great wealth was spent on Çréniväsa Äcärya's wedding.

          218. For some days Çréniväsa Äcärya stayed at Viñëupura. Then, consoling everyone, he returned to Yäjigräma.

          219. Accompanied by everyone, Çréniväsa Äcärya returned to his own house. With joyful hearts the people of Yäjigräma gazed at Çréniväsa Äcärya.

          220. Çréniväsa Äcärya's two wives gazed at each other. Their hearts overflowed with the bliss of sincere spiritual love.

          221. I have no power to describe the spiritual love they both felt. By serving Çréniväsa Äcärya, they were both overcome with bliss.

          222. Çréniväsa Äcärya was always glorious in activities of spiritual love for Lord Kåñëa. Accompanied by his disciples, he freely distributed the precious jewels that were the devotional books.


The Deity Çré Çré Gopénätha Meets the Deity Çré Rädhikä in Våndävana


          223. One day Çréniväsa Äcärya said to his disciples, "Bliss has suddenly taken birth in my heart.

          224. "Çré Parameçvaré däsa and many other devotees will come here today."

          225. After he had spoken these words, Çréniväsa could see Parameçvaré däsa approaching from afar.

          226. From afar Çréniväsa Äcärya and the other devotees honored Parameçvaré däsa with words of praise.

          227. The devotees asked about the welfare of Parameçvaré däsa and his associates. The devotees offered them glorious sitting places.

          228. Çré Parameçvaré däsa gently, gently said, "I came here without hindrance. At once I will go to Våndävana.

          229. "Following the Deity Gopénätha's command, I took the Deity Rädhikä to Him. She was placed at His left side.

          230. "Previously the Öhäkuräëé Deity was placed at Lord Gopénätha;'s right side. She is wonderfully beautiful. I saw Her with my own eyes.

          231. "O Çréniväsa, gazing at Lord Gopénätha sitting on His throne with His beloved, no one could remain peaceful.

          232. "The people say amongst themselves, 'Look at the wonderfully dressed and decorated Deity Rädhikä! Sent by Jähnavé-devé, Rädhikä stands at Lord Gopénätha's left side.'

          233. "Speaking words like these, the people sing the glorious of Jähnavé-devé. Who will not feel cooling bliss by hearing Jähnavé-devé glorified in this way?

          234. "Again and again everyone gazes at Çré Rädhikä. Gazing at Lord Gopénätha's face, the people offer prayers.

          235. "I cannot describe how the people are overcome with feelings of spiritual love. With unblinking eyes they gaze at Çré Rädhikä.

          236. "Turning around and around, the people call out, 'Jähnavé-devi sent this Deity Rädhikä!'

          237. "Gazing at Çré Rädhikä, the people celebrate a great festival. In this way they become free of all troubles.

          238. "Today I will climb on the boat at Kaëöaka-nagara. I will send news ahead to Khaòadaha.

          239. "Jähnavé-devé will return soon. That I tell you. That is the news."

          240. Hearing these words, Çré Äcärya became joyful. Accompanied by all his associates, he went to Kaëöaka-nagara.

          241. Çré Parameçvaré and his companions boarded the boat. Speaking many words, Çréniväsa bid him farewell.

          242. Çré Parameçvaré and his companions proceeded to Khaòadaha. There he offered respectful obeisances at the glorious feet of Çré Vasudhä and Çré Jähnavé.

          243. I have now power to describe how Jähnavé-devé was filled with spiritual love when she heard all the devotees speak.

          244. Who has the power to know the thoughts in Jähnavé-devé's heart? Then Jähnavé-devé gently, gently said to Parameçvaré däsa:

          245. "Go at once to Aöhapura-gräma. There establish service to the Deities Rädhä-Gopénätha.

          246. On Çré Jähnavé-devé's command. Çré Parameçvaré däsa thus established service to Çré Rädhä-Gopénätha.

          247. The fortunate devotees saw the festival celebrated when Jähnavé-devé arrived there.

          248. I cannot describe the good fortune of the villages Jähnavé-devé visited.


The Pastime of Çré Véracandra Prabhu's Wedding


          249. In Jhämaöapura, which is near Räjabala Häöa, Jähnavé-devé visited the home of a devotee servant.

          250. In that home Yadunandana Äcärya stayed. By Jähnavé-devé's mercy he was filled with pure devotion.

          251. Yadunandana's wife was named Lakñmé. What shall I say? She was very devoted to her husband.

          252. Their daughters were named Çrématé and Näräyaëé, whose graceful limbs stood at the highest summit of loveliness.

          253. On Jähnavé-devé's wish that fortunate brähmaëa gave both his daughters in marriage to Véracandra Prabhu.

          254. At the time of that marriage was a great and blissful festival. In that festival Yadunandana became a disciple of Véracandra.

          255. Jähnavé-devé was jubilant. Çrémati and Näräyaëé both became disciples of Véracandra.

          256. The fortunate devotees watched Véracandra's wedding. Who can describe the glory and beauty of that wedding?

          257. Lord Nityänanda's son Véracandra was very powerful and glorious. He enchanted all the worlds. His body was not diferent from the body of Lord Caitanya Himself.

          258. In Çré Kavi-karëapüra Çré Gaura-gaëoddeça-dépikä it is said: "Véracandra Prabhu is Lord Kñérodakaçäyé Viñëu, who is manifested from Lord Saìkarñaëa. Véracandra Prabhu's body is not different from the body of Lord Caitanya."

          259. When the wedding festivities were completed, Véracandra returned to His home. Seeing her son's two brides, Jähnavé-devé became joyful.

          260. Everyone in Khaòadaha-gräma became joyful. I cannot write of all the opulent dowry that was given to Véracandra.

          261. Gaìgä-devé was very joyful at her brother's wedding. How can I have the power to describe Gaìgä-devé's glories?

          262. Who can describe all the joyful festivities on the occasion of Véracandra Prabhu's wedding?

          263. Gaìgä-devé was an incarnation of the River Gaìgä, which was born from the touch of Lord Viñëu's feet. Her husband was Mädhava Äcärya, who was filled with pure devotion.

          264. In Çré Gaura-gaëoddeça-dépikä it is said: "Lord Nityänanda's daughter Gaìgä-devé was an incarnation of the Gaìgä River, which was born from the touch of Lord Viñëu's feet. Her husband, Mädhava Äcärya, was an incarnation of Mahäräja Çäntanu."

          265. In Çré Vaiñëava-vandanä it is said: "I offer my respectful obeisances to Maòhava Äcärya, who is full of spiritual love and bliss. By the power of his great pure devotion he became the dear husband of Gaìgä-devé."


Çré Jähnavé-devé's Service to the Deity Çré Gopénätha


          266. I cannot describe the bliss that filled Khaòadaha. Who will not sing he glories of Véracandra?

          267. Thus Jähnavé-devé arranged her son's marriage. She made the poor and fallen people able to engage in devotional service.

          268. Accompanied by her associates, she again went to Våndävana. There she saw the Deities Rädhä-Gopénätha.

          269. In the middle is Lord Gopénätha. Rädhä is on both His right and left. Their wonderful glory and beauty has been described in many ways.

          270. In Çréla Viçvanätha Calravarté's Stavämåta-laharé it is said:


täpiïchah kià prema-vallém upäntaù

          pärçva-dvandva-dyoti-vidyud ghanaù kim

kià vä madhye rädhayoù çyämalendur

          gopénäthaù péna-vakñä gatir naù


          "Is He a dark tamäla tree embraced by two flowering vines of spiritual love? Is He a dark raincloud with two glistening lightning flashes at its two sides? Is He a dark moon bewteen two Anurädhä stars? Broad-chested Lord Gopénätha is the goal of our lives."


          271. How can I describe the handsomeness of Lord Gopénätha? He is spiritual love personified. He is conquered by Jähnavé-devé's devotion.

          272. In Çré Viçvanätha Cakravarté's Stavämåta-laharé it is said:


çré-jähnavyä mürtimän prema-puïjo

          dénänäthän darçayan svaà prasédan

puñëan devälabhya-phelaù sudhäbhir

          gopénäthaù péna-vakño gatir naù


          "Broad-chested Lord Gopénätha, who is like Jähnavé-devé's personified spiritual love, who allows the poor and shelterless to see Him, and who mercifully gives to the devotees the nectar of His prasädam remnants, remnants even the demigods cannot attain, is the goal of our lives."


          273. To Rädhä-Gopénätha, Jähnavé-devé offered various gifts she had brought from Gauòa-deça.

          274. Çré Rädhikä-Gopénätha ate the grains, vegetables, and other foods Jähnavé-devé had brought.

          275. Jähnavé-devé spoke many prayers before Çré Rädhä-Gopénätha. Who can understand Jähnavé-devé's actions?

          276. Then Jähnavé-devé visited the Deities Çré Govinda and Çré Madana-mohana. Gazing at these Deities, who stood with Çré Rädhä at Their sides, Jähnavé-devé felt her eyes were filled with cooling bliss.

          277. Thus these three merciful Deities stood with Çré Rädhä at Their sides. These three Deities are the very life's breath of the Gauòéya Vaiñëavas.

          278-279. In Çré Caitanya-caritämåta (Antya 20.142-143) it is said: "The Våndävana Deities of Madana-mohana with Çrématé Rädhäräëé, Govinda with Çrématé Rädhäräëé, and Gopénätha with Çrématé Rädhäräëé are the life and soul of the Gauòéya Vaiñëavas."*

          280. Çré Jähnavé-devé enjoyed many blissful activities in Våndävana. I have only one mouth. I cannot describe them all.

          281. The learned devotees will describe Jähnavé-devé's travels in elaborate detail.

          282. Jähnavé-devé's return to Vraja has already been described in Anuräga-vallé and other books.


With His Mother's Permission, Çréla Véracandra Prabhu Travels to Våndävana


          283. After some days Prabhu Véracandra obtained His mother's permission to travel to Våndävana.

          284. At an auspicious moment He departed from Khaòadaha. Accompanied by His associates, He arrived at Saptagräma.

          285. He stayed at the home of a very pious merchant. For two days He was overcome with the bliss of kértana.

          286. To the fallen and sorrowful people He gave the precious jewel of devotional service. Then He joyfully roceeded to Çäntipura.

          287. Accompanied by Prabhu Advaita's son Kåñëa Miçra, He was filled with bliss in saìkértana.

          288. What did Véracandra privately say to Kåñëa Miçra? I do not know. Accompanied by His associates, Véracandra then went to Ambikä.

          289. Arriving in Navadvépa, He stayed there for two days. How can I have the power to describe the bliss He felt there?

          290. With only one mouth I have no power to describe the ecstatic spiritual bliss Prabhu Véracandra felt in Nadéyä.

          291. From Navadvépa He quickly went to Çré Khaëòa. There He met Känäi Öhäkura.

          292. Känäi Öhäkura was Çré Raghunandana's son. I have no power to describe the ecstatic spiritual love he felt.

          293. Véracandra was filled with the bliss of saìkértana. Then he secretly went to Yäjigräma.

          294. Very respectfully He entered Çréniväsa Äcärya Öhäkura's house. There He met Çréniväsa and his associates.

          295. By tasting the nectar of the topics of Lord Kåñëa, Véracandra was overcome with bliss. What did Çréniväsa Äcärya tell Him in private? I do not know.

          296. Accompanied by Çréniväsa Äcärya and his associates, Véracandra went from Yäjigräma to Kaëöaka-nagara.

          297. For one day They stayed at Kaëöaka-nagara. Day and night they were overcome by the ecstasy of spiritual love.

          298. After bidding farewell to Çréniväsa Äcärya, Prabhu Véracadra proceeded on to Budhari-gräma and Çré Khetaré-gräma.

          299. How much bliss did Narottama Öhäkura Mahäçaya feel when he met Prabhu Véracandra!

          300. In the courtyard of Lord Gauräìga's temple there was great dancing in saìkértana. Countless people came to see Prabhu Véracandra.

          301. What did Prabhu Véracandra say in private to Narottama Öhäkura Mahäçaya? Eventually Véracandra and His associates joyfully continued on Their journey to Vraja.

          302. On the pathway Prabhu Véracandra gave His mercy to a poverty-stricken brähmaëa. That brähmaëa became wealthy with the precious jewels of pure devotion.

          303. Another brähmaëa was very proud of his learning. Prabhu Véracandra did not consider that person very important. Véracandra crushed that person's pride into powder. Then Véracandra made that person a devotee filled with pure devotion.

          304. Travelling on the path, Véracandra enjoyed many blissful pastimes with His associates. After some days They entered Mathurä City.

          305. Prabhu Véracandra was very handsome. Seeing Him, no one could remain peaceful.

          306. Seeing Him, the people said amongst themselves, "Look at the son of Nityänanda-Balaräma!"

          307. One person said, "How can a human being be so gloriously handsome?" Another person replied, "He is not a human being."

          308. Another person said, "Look! How wonderful are His companions!  Gazing at their splendor brings cooling bliss to my eyes."

          309. Speaking words like these, the people gazed at Véracandra. News of Véracandra's arrival spread everywhere.

          310. Hearing that Véracandra had arrived in Våndävana, everyone went to see Him.

          311. Çré Jéva Gosvämé, who was full of spiritual love for Lord Caitanya, went to see Véracandra. Kåñëadäsa Kaviräja, who was the abode of all virtues, also went.

          312. Çré Ananta Äcärya, who was an exalted disciple of Gadädhara Paëòita and was also the priest serving the Deity Govinda, also went.

          313. His disciple Haridäsa Paëòita Gosvämé, who was also a priest serving the Deity Govinda, and whose virtues have no end, also went.

          314. Conquered by Haridäsa's pure love, the Deity Govinda once personally came and begged from him some rice and milk.

          315. This is described in the following words of Sädhana-dépikä: "By the Supreme Lord's own command, Çréla Rüpa Gosvämé, who is an ocean of mercy, entrusted to my guru, Haridäsa, the service of the Deity Çré Govinda.

          316. "Conquered by his sincere service, the Deity Govinda personally came and begged some rice and milk from Haridäsa."

          317. Kåñëadäsa brahmacäré, who was the priest serving the Deity Çré Madana-Gopäla, and who was also a disciple of Gadädhara, also went to see Véracandra.

          318. Gopäla däsa Gosvämé, who was also a disciple of Gadädhara paëòéta Gosvämé, also went to see Véracandra.

          319. Çré Madhu Paëòita, who was the priest serving the Deity Çré Gopénätha, and who was also a disciple of Gadädhara Paëòita, also went to see Véracandra.

          320. Çré Madhu Paëòita's godbrother Bhavänanda, who was delighted to serve the Deity Gopénätha, also went to see Véracandra.

          321. Thus Haridäsa, Gopäla, Bhavänanda, a host of others, as well the priests engaged in serving the Deity Govinda, all joyfully went to see Véracandra.

          322. Käçéçvara Gosvämé, who was famous everywhere, very happily went with Çré Kåñëa Paëòita.

          323. Käçéçvara Gosvämé's disicples Govinda Gosvämé and Çré Yädaväcärya also went to see Véracandra.

          324. With great joy everyone went to see Véracandra.

          325. Taking Prabhu Véracandra with them, all the Vrajaväsés joyfully went to see the Deities in the temples.

          326. Who then was not overcome with the ecstasy of love for the Supreme Lord? All the Vrajaväsé Vaiñëavas sang the Lord's glories.

          327. Accompanied by the devotees, Véracandra gazed at the Deities Çré Govinda, Çré Gopénätha, and Çré Madana-mohana.

          328. Gazing at the Deities Çré Rädhävinoda, Çré Rädhäramaëa, and Çré Rädhä-Dämodara, the devotees felt their eyes filled with cooling bliss.


Çréla Véracandra Prabhu Travels in Vraja


          329. After first taking permission from Çré Bhügarbha Gosvämé and Çré Jéva Gosvämé, and the other devotees, Çré Véracandra Prabhu began His travels in Vraja.

          330. Accompanied by Yädava Äcärya and other devotees, Véracandra visited Madhuvana, Tälavana, Kumudavana, and Bahulävana.

          331. As, accompanied by the devotees, He was going to Rädhä-kuëòa, Véracandra met Çré Jéva Gosvämé and his associates on the path.

          332. Accompanied by many Vaiñëavas, Prabhu Véracandra went to Rädhä-kuëòa's shore and saw its wonderful beauty.

          333-334. Approaching the Rädhä-kuëòa tamäla tree under which Lord Gauracandra sat when He was traveling in Vraja's forests, Véracandra became filled with ecstatic spiritual love. Watching Him, the devotees were filled with wonder.

          335. After some moments Prabhu Véracandra became peaceful again. Gazing at Rädhä-kuëòa and Çyäma-kuëòa, He was filled with bliss.

          336. At Rädhä-kuëòa, Çyäma-kuëòa, and Govardhana Hill Véracandra was overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. He danced in saìkértana.

          337. The Vrajaväsés offered Him many different foods to eat. In the company of the devotees He stayed there for five or six days.

          338. Bidding farewell, Çré Jéva, Çré Bhügarbha, and the other devotees departed for Våndävana.

          339. Although He had no power to depart, somehow Véracandra pacified Himself and departed from that place.

          340. Slowly, slowly He walked from Govardhana Hill and went to Çré Kåñëadäsa Kaviräja's cottage.

          341. There he stayed for two days. Then, accompanied by Kåñëadäsa Kaviräja, Véracandra went to Våndävana.

          342. Väsudeva, Uddhava, Yädava, and some other devotees also went with Prabhu Véracandra.

          343. Departing from Govardhana Hill, Véracandra saw many places of Lord Kåñëa's pastimes. Accompanied by the devotees, He traveled in Kämyavana.

          344. In Kämyavana, Véracandra bathed in Vimala-kuëòa and other holy ponds. Then, with a very joyful heart, He went to Våñäbhänu-pura.

          345. Väsudeva said to Prabhu Véracandra, "In this place was Mahäräja Våñabhänu's home.

          346. "Using a variety of deceptions, Kåñëa would often visit. Unseen by others, He would gaze at the sweetness of Rädhä's graceful form.

          347. "One day Kåñëa thought and thought, 'How can I enter Våñabhänu's palace?'

          348. "Then Çrédämä was sent to Mahäräja Nanda's home with an invitation to the birthday festival of Våñabhänu's daughter Rädhä.

          349. "Çrédämä gave the invitiation to all in Nanda's home. Taking everyone there with him, Çrédämä returned to Våñabhänu's palace.

          350. "With great joy Kåñëa entered the palace. Undertsanding Her gopé-friends' hints, Rädhä retired to a private room.

          351. "Unseen by others, Rädhä and Kåñëa met in that private room. They gazed and gazed at each other. Enthralled, They could not turn Their eyes away."

          352. A song in Toòé-räga:


rädhikära janma-tithi dina jäni

braje keho dhåti dharite näre

nanda yaçodädi adhika ulläsa

ä-isena båñabhänura ghare


          On Rädhikä's birthday no one in Vraja could remain peaceful. With great joy Nanda, Yaçodä, and the others all went to Våñabhänu's home.


          353. våñabhänu nande ägusäri ghare

äne yaçodäya kåttikä laiyä

dadhi-haridrädi chaòä'yä aìgane

näce gopa-gaëa haraña haiyä


          Våñabhänu greeted Nanda, and Kértidä greeted Yaçodä. In the courtyard the cowherd people showered each other with yogurt, turmeric, and other like substances. Joyfully they danced.


          354. bäje kata bhäti bädya kolähale

keho käru kathä nä çune käëe

pä-iyä samaya käla alakhita

cähi' rahe rä-i-mukhera päne


          A great tumult of splendid instrumental music followed, a tumult so loud no ear could hear any words of conversation. At that moment, unseen by others, Kåñëa entered a private room, where He gazed at Rädhikä's beautiful face.


          355. rädhä bidhu-mukhé çyäma-mukha-çobhä

heri' rahe näre phirä'te äìkhi

narahari bhaëe nä jäni ki rasa

prakäçaye duàhu doàhäre dekhi'


          Moon-faced Rädhä gazed at the splendid handsomeness of dark Kåñëa's face. She could not turn Her eyes away. What nectar did the divine couple taste as They gazed at each other? Narahari däsa says: I do not know.


          356. Accompanied by the devotees, Prabhu Véracandra departed from Våñabhänu-pura and entered Nanda-gräma.

          357. Glancing at Prabhu Véracandra's face, Väsudeva said, "In this place was a great festival on Lord Kåñëa's birthday."


          358. A song in Kämoda-räga:


räëé yaçomaté                  kahe nanda prati

                   kåñëa-janma-tithi ithe

kari' nimantraëa                 äna bandhu-gaëa

                   e sädha upaje cite


          Queen Yaçodä said to Nanda, "Today is Kåñëa's birthday. We should invite all our friends and kinsmen. This desire has taken birth in my heart."


         359. çuni' nanda-ghoña                 ha-iyä santoña

                   upananda suta äni'

båñabhänu-ghare               päöhäyena täre

                   kahiyä binaya-bäëé


          Hearing these words, Nanda-gopa became happy. Speaking humble words, he sent Upananda's son to Mahäräja Våñabhänu's home.


          360. çuni' se-i kñaëe           bhänura bhabane

                   kailä nimantraëa giyä

båñabhänu-gaëa                sahita gamana

                   kare nänä-drabya laiyä


          Hearing Nanda's words, Upananda's son at once went to Våñabhänu's palace and gave them the invitation. Accompanied by his associates, and bearing many gifts, Våñabhänu went to nanda's home.


          361. änande kåttikä            räëé premädhikä

                   rädhikä la-iyä säthe

yaçomaté päçe                  yä-ite ulläse

                   yaçodä mililä pathe


          Filled with affection, Queen Kértidä greeted Rädhä. As Kértidä was joyfully going to greet Yaçodä, Yaçodä met her on the path.


          362. kata nä ädare             laiyä gelä ghare

                   äsane basä'lä räëé

båñabhänu nande               mililä änande

                   ha-ila maìgala-dhwani


          With great love Queen Yaçodä took them into the palace and gave them glorious seats. Våñabhänu and Nanda met and spoke auspicious words.


          363. baraja-nagare             prati ghare ghare

                   raöaye utsaba-kathä

gopé-gaëa nehe                 cale nanda-gehe

                   gä-iyä maìgala-gäthä


          In home after home in Vrajapura there was talk of the great festival. Singing auspicious songs, the gopés affectionately went to Nanda's house.


          364. nänä äbharaëa            pari' gopa-gaëa

                   harañe sarasa hiyä

haridrä-sahita           dadhi dugdha ghåta

                   òäle nandälaye giyä


          Decorating themselves with a variety of ornaments, and bearing gifts of yogurt, milk, ghee, and turmeric, with joyful hearts the cowherd people went to Nanda's palace.


          365. nandädika saìge          sabe näce raìge

                   bibidha taraìga täya

bäje yantra-gaëa                ghanaçyäma ghana

                   nanda-mahotsaba gäya


          Musical instruments played. Nanda, his family, and his guests all joyfully danced. Many great waves of bliss flooded the celebration. Thus Ghanaçyäma däsa sings of the great festival in Nanda's home.


          366. A song in Dhänaçé-räga:


kåñëera janama-tithi dine

tähä mari ki änanda nandera bhabane


          Ah! What bliss filled Nanda's palace on Kåñëa's birthday!


          367. rädhikä-badana düre dekhi'

animikha kåñëera jharaye du'öi äìkhi


          For afar seeing Rädhä's face, Kåñëa gazed at Her with unblinking eyes. He wept.


          368. rädhikä dhairaya nä-i bändhe

alakhita cähiyä çyämera mukha-cände


          Rädhikä could not remain peaceful. Unseen by other, She gazed at the moon of dark Kåñëa's face.


          369. äìkhi-koëe sakhére jänäya

guru-jana mäjhe ebe ki habe upäya


          With a glance from the corner of Her eye, Rädhä hinted to a gopé-friend, "How shall we solve the problem of being in the midst of all these elders?"


          370. bhäbite bhäbite binodiné

ha-ila birasa ghäme tite tanu-khäni


          Thinking and thinking, playful Rädhä became withered with sorrow. Her slender body became wet with perspiration.


          371. lalitä rä-ire se-i-kñaëe

biraciyä chale laiyä gelä nirajane


          At that moment Lalitä. on some pretext, took Rädhikä to a secluded place.


          372. nayana-iìgite kundalatä

päöhä-ilä känure ächaye rä-i yathä


          With signal-glance, Kundalatä sent Kåñëa to the secluded place where Rädhä was.


          373. dohära milane mahä-raìga

narahari dekhe düre rahi' sakhé-saìge


          With great joy the divine couple met. Staying amongst the gopés, Narahari däsa watches from afar.


          374. After with a joyful heart hearing this song of Lord Kåñëa's birthday celebrations, in the devotees' company Véracandra joyfully saw many places of Lord Kåñëa's pastimes.

          375. He saw Çré Pävana-sarovara, where Lord Kåñëa bathed. Then Véracandra went to Khadiravana and Yävaöa.

          376. He joyfully saw many places of Lord Kåñëa's pastimes. Then He went to Räma-ghäöa, where Lord Balaräma enjoyed the räsa dance.

          377. Singing of Lord Balaräma's pastimes, Véracandra danced. Then He joyfully saw the banyan tree in Bhäëòéravana.

          378. Then Väsudeva said, "This is not the same banyan tree. The original banyan tree of Bhäëòéravana has disappeared."

          379. After hearing these words, Véracandra sat down in a secluded place. In His heart He meditated and meditated on the pastimes Lord Kåñëa enjoyed in Bhäëòéravana.

          380. Then Véracandra suddenly saw the two brothers Kåñëa and Balaräma. Accompanied by Their gopa-friends, the two brothers then enjoyed many pastimes in that place.

          381. Gazing at the glorious beauty of Çré Bhäëòéravana, Véracandra Prabhu felt his heart become wild with bliss.

          382. Véracandra walked to Nanda-ghäöa, Céra-ghäöa, Bhadravana, Bhäëòéravana, and Çré Lohavana.

          383. With His companions He went to Çré Gokula in Mahävana. With great joy He saw Lord Kåñëa's birthplace.

          384. He saw Rä-ola, Çré Rädhikä's birthplace. He bathed at Viçräma-ghäöa in Mathurä.

          385. After seeing Gokarëäkhya Çiva, He went to Akrüra-tértha. Then He entered Çré Govinda's temple in Våndävana.

          386. That day was the Bhädra Kåñëa-janmäñöamé day. Çré Govinda was worshiped with a glorious abhiñeka.

          387. Seeing this, everyone became joyful at heart. The people spoke sweet and gentle words.


          388. A song in Maìgala-räga:


äju çubha-kñaëe janma-abhiñeka

siàhäsane çobhe gobinda-indu

aìga-bhaìgi bhüri bhubana mohaye

nirupama rüpa amiyä sindhu


          Now, at an auspicious moment, is performed the abhiñeka on the Janmäñöamé day. The Deity Çré Govinda is like a glorious moon glistening on His siàhäsana. His graceful limbs charm all the worlds. His peerless handsomeness is an ocean of nectar.


          389. manamatha-mada bhara-bhara mukha

heri' keho nähi dhairaya bändhe

dadhi-haridrädi chaòä'yä aìgane

näce sabe mahä-madhura chände


          Gazing at Çré Govinda's face, which takes away Kämadeva's pride, no one can remain peaceful. In the temple courtyard everyone showers yogurt, turmeric, and other like substances. They very gracefully dance.


          390. abhiñka-géti gäya nänä bhänti

dhare täla tähe uthale hiyä

bäya mådaìgädi-bädya dåmi dåmi

tä dåmiki dåmi tädhik dhiyä


          The devotees sing many glorious abhiñeka songs. Many different rhythms are sounded. Every heart overflows with bliss. "Dåmi dåmi tä dåmiki dåmi tädhik!", the mådaìgas and other musical instruments declare.


          391. surapati-gati ati alakñita

bariñe kusuma swa-gaëa-saìge

jaya jaya dhwani ghana ghana bhaëa

ghanaçyäma-mana mudita raìge


          Unseen by the people, the kings of the demigods and their enourages come and shower flowers. There is a great tumult of "Jaya! Jaya!" Ghanaçyäma's heart is filled with bliss.


          392. A song in Kämoda-räga:


dekha abhiñeka çubha-kñaëe

gokula-ballabha bilasaye siàhäsane


          Look at the glorious abhiñekha ceremony! At an auspicious moment Çré Govinda, who is dear to Gokula's people, is placed on His siàhäsana. He is splendid and glorious.


          393. ähä mari ki rüpa-mädhuré

kulabaté satéra paräëa kare curi


          Ah! Ah! How sweet is His handsome form! He has stolen the saintly girls' hearts.


          394. ki naba sugandhi-drabya diyä

ke mäjile e tanu kemane dhare hiyä


          A devotee anointed Çré Govinda with new fragrant ointments and then performed the abhiñeka! During that ceremony, how could any devotee remain peaceful at heart?


          395. ke sädhe parä-ile péta-bäsa

meghera upare ki bijuré parakäça


          A devotee placed yellow garments on Çré Govinda, who now was like a dark raincloud over a glittering lightning flash.


          396. gorocanä-candana sahite

ke dile tilaka bhäle bhubana mohite


          On Çré Govinda's forehead, a forehead that charms all the worlds, a devotee placed tilaka of gorocanä and sandal-paste.


          397. ke bändhile phule keça-jhuöä

jagatera dhairaya dharama-dhana chüöä


          A devotee binds Çré Govinda's hair. Çré Govinda's splendor robs the world of its peacefulness.


          398. ke dile kuëòala çruti-müle

doleki madhura ithe kebä nähi bhüle


          A devotee places earrings on Çré Govinda's ears. How sweetly they swing to and fro! Who would not be charmed by them?


          399. ke dile galäya maëi-mälä

bäòhä-ile abalä-kulera käma-jwälä


          A devotee places a jewel necklace on Çré Govinda's neck. Flames of Käma's desires now glisten in Vraja's girls.


          400. ke dile nüpura räìgä-päya

jhunu nunu nunu rabe ramaëé mätäya


          A devotee places anklets on Çré Govinda's reddish feet. The anklets' jingling sounds of "Jhunu nunu nunu!" make Vraja's girls wild with bliss.


          401. äpanä nichaye ghanaçyäma

tribhaìga bhaìgite müruchaye kata käma


          Gazing at Çré Govinda, how many Kämadevas faint in ecstasy? Ghanaçyäma däsa worships Çré Govinda.


          402. Gazing at the Deities Madana-mohana and Gopénätha, Prabhu Véracadra was filled with bliss.

          403. On The Bhädra çukla-añöamé is Çré Rädhikä's birthday. On that day Véracandra saw a peerlessly glorious abhiñeka of Çré Rädhä.

          404. A song in Kämoda-räga:


äju ki maìgala abhiñeka çobhämaya

rädhikä ratana-siàhäsane bilasaya


          How auspicious and glorious is the abhiñeka today. Sitting on Her jewel-siàhäsana, Çré Rädhikä is splendid and glorious.


          405. jini' käïcäsonä-rüpa jhalamala kare

mukha-cände kata nä cändera mada hare


          Her glistening form defeats new gold. The moon of Her face removes the pride of how many moons!


          406. nirupama nayana-cähani-cäru-çobhä

prati aìga-balané bhubana-mana-lobhä


          The splendor of Her graceful glance has no peer. Her every limb charms the hearts of all the world.


          407. kebä nä ä-ise e nä çobhä nirakhite

phirä-ite näre äìkhi bäreka cähite


          Who will not gaze at Her splendid beauty? Once seeing Her, no one can turn his eyes away.


          408. jaya jaya dhwani sabe kare cäri päçe

biyäpre bädyera dhwani e bhümi äkäçe


          From the four directions everyone calls out, "Jaya! Jaya!" Instrumental music fills the earth and sky.


          409. näce kata sädhe loka lekhä nä-i tära

dadhi dudha haladé chaòäya bhäre tära


          How many people dance? I cannot write that number. The people shower yogurt, milk, and turmeric.


          410. upajaye parama kautuka tile tile

e hena änande kari hiyä nä uthale


          Moment after moment more and more sublime bliss takes birth. The bliss overflows in every person's heart.


          411. ä-ila yäcaka yata toñaye labhäya

bhubana bharila yaçe narahari gäya


          Every person that begs a boon is satisfied. The worlds are filled with Çré Rädhikä's glories. Thus sings Narahari däsa.


          412. A song in Kämoda-räga:


äju ki maìgala-abhiñeka çubha-kñaëe

bilasaye rädhikä ratana-siàhäsane


          Now, at an auspicious moment, is the auspicious abhiñeka ceremony. Sitting on Her siàhäsana, Çré Rädhikä is splendid and glorious.


          413. dekha dekha o nä rüpa nayana bhariyä

kun bidhi niramila ki mädhuré diyä


          Look! Look! Fill your eyes with the splendor of Her glorious form! What sweetness rests in that form!


          414. kanaka-käminé-däma rüpa ki upamä

cändera garaba hare o-mukha-candramä


          What golden beautiful girl is Her peer? The moon of Her face removes the pride of the moon shining in the sky.


          415. ki madhura madhura madhura mådu häsi

bariñaye sadä-i amiyä räçi räçi


          What sweetest, sweetest sweetness stays in Her gentle smile, a smile that always showers floods and floods of nectar.


          416. bhubana-mohana-mana-mohana cähani

nayana nichani ména khaïjana hariëé


          Her charming glance enchants the hearts of all the worlds. The does, fish, and khaïjana birds all worship Her graceful restless eyes.


          417. jagat ändhära kare käla-keça-chaöä

bijuré-çikhare yena jaladera ghaöä


          Her black hair is like blinding darkness that fills the worlds. Her face and hair are like a black cloud and a flaming lightning flash.


          418. adhara-paraçe näsä beçara su-bhänti

bhurü bhujaìginé ki e bhramera pänti


          Her glistening nose-ornament almost touches Her lips. Her eyebrows are two black snakes, or two lines of black bees.


          419. madana muruche heri' cikurera äbhä

kanaka-måëäla jini' bhuja-yuga-çobhä


          Seeing the splendor of Çré Rädhikä's hair, Kämadeva is overcome and falls unconscious. The splendor of Çré Rädhikä's arms defeats the golden-lotus' stems.


          420. jhalake aìguré-guli cämpära kalikä

räìgä kara-tala nakhe phuöila mallikä


          Her fingers are glistening cämpaka buds. Her reddish fingernails are blossomed mallikä flowers.


          421. ki madhura grébära bhaìgima bakña péna

mågapati nindi mäjä-khäni ati kñéëa


          How charming are Her graceful neck and full breasts! Her slender waist mocks the lions' waist.


          422. nirupama lalita nitamba parisara

ulaöa kadalé üru parama sundara


          Her hips are graceful without peer. Her sublimely lovely thighs are like upside-down banana trees.


          423. caraëa-kamala-tale aruëa-udaya

narahari-hiyära mäjhäre bilasaya


          The reddish sunrise that rests on the soles of Her lotus feet glistens in Narahari däsa's heart.


          424. Gazing at Çré Rädhikä's abhiñeka on Her birthday, Prabhu Véracandra could not keep His heart peaceful.

          425. After very blissfully staying for some days at Våndävana, Prabhu Véracandra and His companions returned to Gauòa-deça.

          426. Bidding farewell to everyone, Véracandra departed. I, who have only one mouth, have no power to describe all these pastimes.

          427. At the time of His departure everyone gathered around Him. When He had walked a short distance everyone began to weep.

          428. Prabhu Véracandra was soaked by the tears from His eyes. Again and again He bid farewell to everyone.

          429. Finally becoming peaceful again, Prabhu Véracandra departed from Mathurä and returned to Gauòa-deça.

          430. In Gauòa-deça He visited all the places He had visited in the past. To everyone He described His visit to Våndävana.

          431. Without stop He was plunged in the bliss of saìkértana. Arriving at Khaòadaha, He offered respectful obeisances to His mother.

          432. Thus I have briefly described Prabhu Véracandra's journey to Våndavana and return to Gauòa-deça. Later the wise devotees will describe these pastimes in elaborate detail.

          433. Fearing this book will become very learge, I will not describe in detail the nectarean virtues and pastimes of Véracandra and Gaìgä-devé.

          434. Persons who faithfully hear this narrations will easily break the bonds of repeated birth and death.

          435. Placing a blade of grass between my teeth, again and again I beg: Please dive into the jewel-filled ocean of devotional service that is this book, Bhakti-ratnäkara. Please always swim and play in that ocean.

          436. Thinking of Çréniväsa Äcärya's feet, Narahari däsa speaks this Bhakti-ratnäkara.