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Seventh Wave


Distributing the Devotional Literatures and Other Activities



     1. Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the friend of the poor! Glory, glory to Shri Nityananda, who is an ocean of mercy!

     2. Glory to Shri Advaitadeva, who is the abode of virtues! Glory to Shri Gadadhara Pandita, who is filled with spiritual love!

     3. Glory to Shrinivasa Pandita, who is the giver of spiritual love and devotion (prema-bhakti)! Glory to Sarvabhauma, Kasi Misra and Ramananda! Glory to Vasudeva Ghosha, Madhava and Mukunda!

     5. Glory to Dhananjaya and Shri Svarupa-Damodara! Glory to Narahari, Gauri-dasa, and Kashishvara!

     6. Glory to Gadadhara dasa, Shridhara, and Vijaya! Glory to Suklambara Brahmacari and Shri Sanjaya!\

     7. Glory to Gopala Bhatta, Shri Rupa and Sanatana! Glory to Raghunatha dasa, the life of the sorrowful!

     8. Glory to Shri Bhugarbha, Lokanatha, and Shri Raghava! Glory to Raghunatha Bhatta and Yadava Acarya!

     9. Glory, glory to Shri Jiva who is a great treasure-house of virtues! Glory to the merciful Krishnadasa Kaviraja!

     10. Glory, glory to Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura! Glory to Narottama, who is very glorious!

     11. Glory, glory to Shyamananda, who is a shoreless ocean of virtues and whose previous name was Shri Duhkhi Krishnadasa!

     12. Glory to the Vaishnavas, whose mercy has no limit! Only by their mercy will I be able to complete this task.

     13. Glory, glory to the listeners of this book, listeners who are abodes of spiritual virtues! Now please kindly listen, and I will speak.

     14. Remembering Lord Gauranga, and taking with him the jewellike books, Shrinivasa Acarya travelled on the path to Gauda-desha.

     15. Accompanying Shrinivasa were Narottama, who was separate from him only by having a separate body, and Shyamananda, who was an object of great affection for him.

     16. Accompanied by Narottama and Shyamananda, joyful Shrinivasa travelled on the path without any trouble.

     17. Meeting some pilgrims going to Nilacala, Shrinivasa and his companions travelled with them on the forest path.

     18. Shrinivasa specifically travelled on the path Lord Chaitanya had walked to Nilacala.

     19. In place after place he asked about the places Lord Chaitanya had visited. Seeing all those places, Shrinivasa became wild with bliss.

     20. With great bliss they travelled on the forest path. For many days there was nothing to fear.

     21. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not write of every village and province they visited.

     22. The news spread everywhere, "A saintly person is travelling to Nilacala with a great treasure."

     23. A band of highwaymen maintained by King Birahambira heard from an astrologer that the devotees's cart was filled with jewels.

     24. The highwaymen approached the king and said, "A wealthy merchant is travelling with a cart filled with priceless jewels.

     25. Hearing this from the highwaymen's mouths, the king became joyful. Now I will say something of that king's activities.

     26. Through the highwaymen, the king was always robbing others. Seeing him at very moment the people trembled in fear.

     27. The misdeeds of this king had no end. This I have heard from the elder brahmanas.

     28. Birhambira commanded his invincible highwaymen, "Prepare yourselves and go to this merchant at once.

     29. "Taking his cart and wealth and secretly bring them here. Frighten the people, but do not destroy anyone's life's breath."

     30. Receiving these orders from the king, the highwaymen departed. Seeing them, the respectable people trembled.

     31. This king and his followers were always happy to rob and plunder.

     32. Going far away from Vana-Vishnupura, the highwaymen remained unseen.

     33. Shrinivasa Acarya, his companions and the cart left Pancakuti and proceeded on the path to Vana-Vishnupura.

     34. Shrinivasa thought, "Without any trouble I have come so far."  He did not know that Vishnupura's king was vicious and sinful.

     35. Shrinivasa came to a large village in the forest, a village near the capital city, Vana-Vishnupura.

     36. With eating and other like activities the devotees concluded the day. Half of the night they passed in the happiness of talking about Lord Krishna.

     37. That night they all lay down. Sleep came to everyone. No one remain awake.

     38. In their hearts the good people of the village worried, "How will Lord Krishna protect these wealthy travelers?

     39. "They do not worry. They know nothing of the danger. Afraid of the king, we cannot warn them.

     40. "This wicked king sends his robbers far away for even a little money.

     41. "These wealthy men have a cart filled with treasure. How have they come safely on the roads?"

     42. Someone said, "these wealthy travelers are religious men, and for that reason the highwaymen did not rob their wealth."

     43. Another person said, "The robbers are following them. No one knows when they will strike.

     44. Staying in their homes, the villagers spoke in this way. Meanwhile the highwaymen made their plans.

     45. One of them said, "O my brothers, let us succeed in this deed. Let us not become embarrassed in the community of highwaymen.

     46. "Near Tamadagrama village we prepared to strike, but we did not succeed.

     47. "Then, near Raghunathapura village the guards at night were too powerful.

     48. "Now they have come near Vana-Vishnupura. Now we must be intelligent and strong.

     49. "Today we must give this cart and its treasure to the king. Then he will be pleased with us. If we do not succeed, he will kill us for sure."

     50. After speaking in this way, the highwaymen gathered together and worshipped Goddess Candi. To her they offered goats, buffaloes, and other beasts.

     51. Again and again they bowed at Goddess Candi's feet and prayed, "Please make our mission a success. Please protect us all."

     52. After speaking this prayer, they approached the place where Shrinivasa Acarya and the devotees stayed. The leader of the highwaymen sent a scout ahead.

     53. The scout approached and looked. Everyone slept. Aware that this was the right time, the scout returned to the highwaymen and informed them.

     54. Manifesting a fearful appearance, the highwaymen came, took the cart, and entered the forest.

     55. At night's end they entered Vana-Vishnupura, told everything to the king, and gave him everything.


Hearing the News of the Cart's Theft, the Pious People Lament and Reflect


     56. The good people of Vana-Vishnupura heard the news: the king has robbed a great treasure.

     57. In private one person said to another, "The evil-hearted king has done a very sinful deed.

     58. "Traveling from Vrindavana to see Lord Jagannatha at Nilacala, a wealthy man carried a great treasure.

     59. "To this wealthy man the most sinful king, whose actions are all vicious, has brought suffering. This sinful king will never be delivered. Thus I know."

     60. Weeping, another person said into someone's ear, "Now Vana Vishnupura will be destroyed.

     61. "In the whole land of Bharata no one is wicked like this king. Who will punish this sinful king?

     62. Another person said, "Because of his sins this wicked king will suffer in hell. Never will he escape."

     63. Another person said, "This king's every action is a sin. How will he become good? Please tell me."

     64. Another person said, "Lord Narayana can turn him into a good man. No one can describe how the Lord is merciful in Kali-yuga.

     65. "Although born of a brahmana family in Navavipa, the two brothers Jagai and Madhai were the crest jewels of sinners.

     66. "The people trembled in fear of these two sinners. Still, in His Nadya pastimes the Lord gave them mercy and delivered them.

     67. "Men and demigods praised the Lord when He delivered them, praised Him with prayers that had no end.

     68. "Jagai and Madhai became kings of devotees. Who can praise all the Lord's extraordinary activities, activities beyond the touch of the material world?

     69. Someone else said, "Krishna Chaitanya is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself. To the conditioned souls He gave a precious jewel even Brahma and the demigods find difficult to attain.

     70. "At Nilacala Lord Krishna Chaitanya disappeared from this world. Who will deliver the sinners now?"

     71. Someone else said, "O my brother, this I say to you: The mercy of a great devotee will deliver sinners like this king."

     72. Someone else said, "Great devotees are rarely seen. Why would a great devotee come to this place of sinners?"

     73. Someone else say, "The scriptures say that great devotees travel everywhere to deliver the conditioned souls.

     74. "The Supreme Personality of Godhead acts through His devotees. Without a great devotee's mercy no one can attain perfection."

     75. Someone else said, "Ah! My heart hopes that some great devotee would come to this place.

     76. "If a great devotee grant a small particle of his mercy, then not even a small particle of sorrow will remain in this place. Then all the evil thoughts and plans will perish. Then our king will become a Vaishnava."

     77. Speaking many words, the people prayed to the Supreme Personality of Godhead "Please destroy the wicked deeds of our king."

     78. As the good people were anxiously praying for his welfare, the king was joyful that the stolen treasure was now within his palace.

     79. The king was very pleased with the highwaymen. He praised them and rewarded them with valuable jewels and garments.

     80. In his heart King Birahambira thought, "This cart certainly came from Western Bharata.

     81. "On many days I have obtained great wealth, but never I felt such bliss within my heart.

     82. "I know that now I have many priceless gems." Thinking in this way, he gazed at the chest filled with books.

     83. At once he opened the chest. He gazed at the jewellike books in the chest.


Gazing at the Jewellike Books, the King is Filled with Wonder and Has a Change of Heart.


     84. Simply by seeing the books, the king became pure at heart. Again and again he gazed at the jewellike books.

     85. Surprised, the king said to his astrologers, "Please tell me: How did you calculate this?"

     86. The astrologer replied, "O great king, when I calculated this I saw that priceless jewels would be in the chest."

     87. Hearig this, the king said, "Do not fear. Your calculations were right.

     88. "Attaining the priceless jewels, I have become very fortunate."  After speaking these words, the king glanced at the highwaymen.

     90. Agitated, the king again and again asked the highwaymen, "You did not kill anyone? Tell me the truth."

     91. The highwaymen replied, "Everyone  was asleep. We took the cart and came here. None of them even knew.

     92. "You forbade us, why would we kill? We were successful in the way (we said)."

     93. Hearing these words, the king became peaceful. To the brahmanas the said, "After many days my sins will bear their fruit.

     94. "I brought sorrow to a great saint's heart, the fire of his anger will burn me to ashes.

     95. "If I see the owners of these books, I will surrender at his feet.

     96. "O my brothers, in this sinner's heart rest this certain thought: that saint will give his mercy to me."

     97. Speaking these words, the king sent messengers to search (for the books' owner). Carefully the king protected the books and cart.

     98. Hearing the story of the books, the queen yearned to see them.

     99. What shall I say? The presence of the books filled the king's palace with a great splendour.

     100. Auspiciousness suddenly filled Vishnupura, the people's sinful deeds were all destroyed.

     101. In his heart King Birahambira always thought, "After how many moments will I see the owners of these books?"

     102. As the king anxiously thought in this way, the goddess of sleep drew him into sleep.

     103. On the pretext of a dream he saw a handsome man whose wonderful form defeated golden Mount Meru.

     104. Smiling and smiling, and His face like the moon, that person said, "Do not worry. That person will come and meet with you

     105. "In his heart that person is merciful to you. You are his servant birth after birth."

     106. After speaking these words, that person suddenly disappeared. The dream broke. The king floated in the tears from his eyes.

     107. "What did I see? What did I see?" he said again and again. In the four directions he looked. He did not understand his own heart.


When the Books are Stolen, Shrinivasa and the Others Lament and Decide on a Plan of Action


     108. After the highwaymen stole the books and cart and fled, everyone's sleep suddenly broke. They all awakened.

     109. Agitated, Shrinivasa Acarya and the others searched here and there that morning.

     110. They searched, but they did not find. They wept. "Alas! We are struck by a thunderbolt!" everyone said.

     111. Narottama said, "I will give up my life." Shyamananda said, "I will enter the fire."

     112. How can I describe what Shrinivasa Acarya felt in his heart? How can I say how his heart felt ripped into shreds?

     113. Everyone in that group of travelers felt tormented at heart. They all decided, "We will not return to our homes."

     114. News of the books' theft was spread everywhere. Shrinivasa Acarya and the others were plunged in a great ocean of sorrow.

     115. After many moments they became peaceful again. They talked among themselves. I cannot describe what they said.

     116. Suddenly a voice said to Shrinivasa, "The books are at Vishnupura. Go to the king's palace there.

     117. Hearing these words, Shrinivasa became joyful at heart. Then he saw some auspicious signs.

     118. Aware that these signs were hints from the Supreme Lord Himself, everyone sighed with relief. Then Shrinivasa said to Narottama.

     119. "At once go to Khetari-grama. There follow Lokanatha Prabhu's commands. 

     120. "Shyamananda I will send with you: First go to Ambika and then to Orissa,

     121. "When I find the books I will send the news to you. Don't worry, we will all meet again.

     122. After speaking these words, he bid farewell to Narottama and Shyamananda. I cannot describe how they were agitated and sorrowful.

     123. Narottama and Shyamananda did not jump over Shrinivasa Acarya's words. They went to Khetari-grama, but their hearts were not peaceful.

     124. Who has the power to understand Narottama Mahashaya's pastimes? First he gave spiritual powers to the devotee Shri Santosha.

     125. When they saw Narottama, all the people became very joyful. They forgot all their grief and sorrow.


Shrinivasa Acarya Goes to the King's Assembly Hall


     126. Narottama and Shyamananda very carefully stayed in a vey secluded place. Hearing of the books theft, the wise people became sorrowful.

     127. After bidding farewell Narottama and Shyamananda, Shrinivasa became sorrowful. He could not make his heart peaceful.

     128. Leaving his traveling companions in a certain place, Shrinivasa quickly entered Vana-Vishnupura.

     129. Who understands the heart of a great soul? To find the books Shrinivasa traveled alone.

     130. Whenever he went, the people said amongst themselves, "An extraordinary person has come alone to Vishnupura.

     131. "Is he a demigod, or is he an amsha-avatara of the Supreme Personality of Godhead? Seeing his handsomeness, who will not find his own peaceful composure at once destroyed?

     132. In this way the people spoke. From the four directions joyful-hearted people ran to see Shrinivasa Acarya.

     133. When he saw Shrinivasa, a brahmana's son named Shri Krishna-vallabha felt ecstatic spiritual love arise within him.

     134. To his own home in De-uli-grama, Shri Krishna-vallabha took Shrinivasa there he completely surrendered himself at Shrinivasa's lotus feet.

     135. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura asked questions. Shri Krishna-vallabha answered them, one after another, in detail.

     136. Hearing that the king regularly heard from Shrimad-Bhagavatam, taking Krishna-vallabha with him, Shrinivasa went to the royal court.

     137. Seeing Shrinivasa Acarya's glorious form, the king carefully fell to the ground to offer respectful obeisances He thought himself fortunate.

     138. He offered Shrinivasa a wonderful seat. Shrinivasa, forbidding any questions, said:

     139. "O King, when the reading of Shrimad-Bhagavatam is concluded, you may ask questions and I will answer."

     140. Replying, "As you command", the king thought in his heart, "This acarya must be the owner of the jewellike books.

     141. "By my good fortune he now allows me to see the hint. I shall surrender myself at his feet."

     142. Thinking in this way, the king glanced at Shrinivasa Acarya. When the Bhagavatam reading was completed, Shrinivasa spoke some words to the king.

     143. By now the king's heart had become purified. The king requested an explanation of the Bhagavatam passage that had been read. He said:

     144. "O great soul, in my heart is the desire that you explain these verses of Shrimad Bhagavatam with your own saintly mouth."

     145. Hearing these words, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura understood that the king's wicked mentality had fled far away.

     146. Shrinivasa Acarya asked, "Which part of Shrimad Bhagavatam does your heart wish to hear?" the king replied, "Shri Bhramara-gita (the Black Bee's Song)."

     147. When the king spoke these words, Shrinivasa became plunged into happiness. The king's reader gave the book to Shrinivasa.

     148. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura carefully began to read. His explanations had never been heard before. They were like a monsoon of nectar.

     149. In that royal court tears streamed from every eye. King Birahambira was overcome.

     150. Who can describe the agitation the king's reader, whose name was Vyasa Cakravarti felt?

     151. When Shrinivasa spoke his explanations, ecstatic spiritual love arose within every person.

     152. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura forgot himself. He could not remain peaceful. He was overcome with feelings of spiritual love.

     153. When the explanation was completed, King Birahambira could not remain peaceful. Falling at Shrinivasa Acarya's  feet, he offered respectful obeisances.

     154. After some moments becoming peaceful again, the king thought in his heart, "I committed a very terrible offense at this saint's feet."

     155. King Birahambira was plunged in the nectar of humble regret. He floated in the tears from his eyes. He could not remain peaceful.

     156. Offering a sitting place in a very private room, at sunset the king met with Shrinivasa Acarya.

     157. The king offered respectful obeisances, with folded hands he asked, "O master, why have you come to this place?"


To the King, Shrinivasa Acarya Tells The Story of the Books


     158. Hearing these words, with a joyful heart Shrinivasa Acarya said to the king, "I will tell you in brief.

     159. Vraja's Prince Krishna, who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, concealed His openly manifest pastimes in Vraja.

     160. Then, at the apropriate time, accompanied by His associates and servants, He very joyfully descended to this world in Navadvipa.

     161. Even Shesha, Shiva, and all the demigods cannot describe all the wonderful pastimes the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoyed in Navadvipa.

     162. He clearly taught the truths of the scriptures. He made the whole world wild with bliss in performing the sankirtana-yajNa.

     163. For some days He was a householder surrounded by many associates. Then He accepted  sannyasa from Keshava Bharati.

     164. His name was Shri Krishna Chaitanya. To give mercy to the conditioned souls, He traveled to all the holy places.

     165. To give happiness to the devotees, He made His home in Nilacala. There He enjoy wonderful pastimes as the moving and unmoving Supreme Personality of Godhead.

     166. "Two of His dear devotees were the ministers of Gauda-desha's king. These two devotees. were very wealthy, very learned, and profoundly wise.

     167. "Their names, Rupa and Sanatana, are famous in the world. Renouncing every thing, they went to Vrndavana.

     168. "On Lord Mahaprabhu's commandt they resided in Vrndavana. Following the descriptions of scriptures, they revealed Vraja's holy places.

     169. "They wrote many books, books like oceans of nectar. They understood a great treasure-house filled with the jewels of Lord Krishna's pastimes in Vraja.

     170. "They wrote commentaries on Shrimad-Bhagavatam and other scriptures. With only one mouth how can I describe all their glories?

     171. "A very unqualified person, I was born in Gauda-desha. On the command of the Lord's personal associates, I went to Vrndavana.

     172. "I became a disciple of Shrila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. I studied the books of the Gosvamis and other holy books also.

     173. "Shrila Jiva Gosvami and other wise devotees gave me the task of circulating these books in Gauda-desha.

     174. "Proceeding very carefully, I eventually came to this place. A little distance from this place the books were stolen as night was about to end.

     175. "Gathering together, all of us travelers searched here and there for the books. We could not remain peaceful.

     176. "One of the group is a prince named Narottama. He is very renounced. He is learned in all the scriptures.

     177. "Another of the group is named Shyamananda. He is learned in every branch of knowledge. These two I sent to their own countries.

     178. "In my group also are armed guards from Vraja. They are all together now in a certain place.

     179. "Looking for the books, I went everywhere. Hearing of your Purana readings, I came here.

     180. "Thus I have told you something of my story. What more shall I say? Because I cannot find these books, my heart is now ripped to shreds."

     181. Hearing Shrinivasa Acarya's words, the king became agitated. He fell down to offer respectful obeisances at Shrinivasa's glorious feet.

     182. Weeping, he said, "I am the thief. I have no power to describe all the crimes I have committed.

     183. "O master, from a messenger's mouth I heard the news that you had arrived by the forest path.

     184. "I was always happy to gain more wealth. After performing his calculations, my astrologer said to me:

     185. " 'A very wealthy merchant is traveling with very precious jewels. With only slight effort you can get those jewels.'

     186. "Hearing this words, I sent a band of highwaymen to get the wealth. But do not kill anyone, I told them.

     187. "Easily they took the cart and brought it here. Seeing the chest, I became very joyful.

     188. "Opening the chest, I saw the jewellike books. Simply by seeing them, I had a change of heart.

     189. "I longed to see the books' owner. At once I sent a messenger to search for him.

     190. "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the purifier of the fallen, the Supersoul who resides in every heart.

Suddenly you have shown yourself to fallen me.

     191. "Simply by seeing you, I have decided to surrender myself at your feet. Please forgive my offenses and give your mercy to me.

     192. "Please do not seeing that I am a great sinner, hate me. Please give me some way to become free from my sins."

     193. Speaking these words, he fell before Shrinivasa Acarya's feet. With tears from his eyes he sprinkled the Acarya's feet.

     194. Seeing that the king was very agitated at heart, Shrinivasa Acarya gave great mercy to him.

     195. The night passed and morning came as Shrinivasa and the king talked. They were both flooded by the ocean of ecstatic spiritual love.

     196. At once the king had Shrinivasa Acarya's traveling companions brought there. He gave them residences in a pleasant place.

     197. The king carefully arranged facilities for Shrinivasa Acarya to bathe. Taking the acarya with him, the king went to were the jewellike books were kept.

     198. Seeing the books, Shrinivasa Acarya felt his heart blossom with bliss. No one can describe the joy he felt.

     199. After worshipping the books in many ways, the king, taking Shrinivasa Acarya with him, went to the inner apartments of the palace.

     200. I do not know how to describe the great bliss the queen felt when she saw Shrinivasa Acarya.

     201. Offering respectful obeisances at Shrinivasa Acarya's feet, she considered herself fortunate. She floated in the tears from her eyes.

     202. After giving his mercy to the queen, Shrinivasa Acarya, accompanied by the king, went to his secluded residence.

     203. Falling at Shrinivasa's feet, the king said again and again, "I commited many sins. My heart is not peaceful."


Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu Gives Mercy to the King


     204. Understanding the king's heart, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura again and again said, "Cast all worries far away.

     205. "To you I have given Shri Krishna Chaitanya's feet. In your heart always meditate on His feet.

     206. At every moment considering yourself as offender, always engage in nama-sankirtana (chanting the Lord's holy names)."

     207. Speaking these words, Shrinivasa removed the king's sufferings. Then he taught the Hari-nama maha-mantra to the king.

     208. In a sweet voice again and again he said to the king, "Always carefully hear and chant this maha-mantra.

     209. "Lord Shri Krishna Chaitanya, who is the purifier of the worlds, gave this nama mantra to the conditioned souls.

     210. "O king, after you have tasted the nectar of the Gosvami's books, I will give you diksha (initiation) into the chanting of the Radha-Krishna mantra."

     211. After speaking these words, Shrinivasa taught the king about the different features of devotional service. In this way King Birahambira's heart became peaceful.

     212. Accompanied by his family, with a joyful heart the king surrendered himself to Shrinivasa Acarya's feet.

     213. "The stolen books were recovered, the king of thieves was delivered." This news went everywhere.

     214. Shri Krishna-vallabha, Vyasa Cakravarti, and the others all surrendered themselves at Shrinivasa Acarya's lotus feet.

     215. An ocean of bliss flooded Vishnupura. Bhakti-devi, the goddess of devotee, gave her mercy to home after home.

     216. Everyone was overcome with the glories of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Shri Nitya_nanda, and Shri Advaita. The people thought of no one but them.

     217. The names and glories of Shri Gadadhara, Shri Shrinivasa, and the other personal associates of the Lord made the people always wild with bliss.

     218. Everyone yearned to see the great Vaishnavas. They became deeply attached to Navadvipa and Vrndavana.

     219. Who has the power to describe how they were plunged in bliss by chanting Shrinivasa Acarya's glories?

     220. Considering themselves very fortunate, they all always sang the Lord's holy names in Nama-kirtana.

     221. With a joyful heart King Birahambira folded his hands and said to Shrinivasa Acarya:

     222. "O master, you have stopped all my sufferings. To me you gave a precious jewel rare even among the demigods.

     223. "O master, now I will place a request before your sacred feet. The books were stolen. This everyone knows.

     224. "Please write a letter and send it to Vrndavana, a letter saying that the books were recovered and that I, a fallen thief, was punished.

     225. "Also, please request all the Gosvamis to give their mercy to fallen sinner me. A similar letter should be sent to Shri Narottama Thakura and Shri Shyamananda.


The Carts' Armed Guards Are Sent Back to the Vrajavasis in Vrindavana


     227. Hearing the king's words, Shrinivasa Acarya gave to the king a letter Shrinivasa had already written.

     228. Seeing the letter, the king became very happy. Again and again Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura said to the king:

     229. "The men who brought the cart from Vraja I will soon send back to Vraja with the cart."

     230. After speaking these words, Shrinivasa Acarya carefully gave the letter to his traveling companions.

     231. Falling to the ground, the king offered respectful obeisances to these men. Who can describe how he honoured them?

     232. The cart that had previously carried the jewellike books the king carefully filled with various goods.

     233. These goods, the king gave as gifts to Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinatha, Shri Madana-mohana, and the other Deities in Vraja.

     234. Taking the gifts with them, the armed guards bid farewell and at once commenced their journey.

     235. Joyfully they took the cart to Vrndavana. They gave the letter the Gosvamis.

     236. They told everything from beginning to end. Hearing the news, every person felt his anxiety was destroyed.

     237. When the letter was read everyone became very joyful.

     238. Shrila Jiva Gosvami distributed the gifts King Birahambira had sent.

     239. After reading the letter Shrinivasa had send, Shrila Jiva Gosvami felt joy in his heart moment after moment.


Sending the Good News to Khetari-grama


     240. At once King Birahambira sent his master Shrinivasa's letter to Khetari-grama.

     241. Staying in a secluded, Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya and Shri Shyamananda were filled with worry.

     242. Arriving at Khetari-grama, the messenger asked, "Where is Shri Narottama Thakura Maharaja?

     243. "Please tell him at once that Shri Shrinivasa Acarya from Vana-Vishnupura has sent for him a letter."

     244. Hearing these words, someone at once informed Shri Narottama Mahashaya, saying, "A man has come from Vana-Vishnupura.

     245. "He bear a letter from Shrinivasa Acarya."  What bliss Narottam felt as he heard this news. His bliss had no end.

     246. Having the messenger brought to him, Shri Narottama asked him. if the letter brought good news. The messenger replied, "The news is very good, O Mahashaya."

     247. Hearing these words, Shyamananda floated in tears of bliss. Extending his two arms, he hugged the messenger.

     248. The very eager messenger gave the letter to Narottama Mahashaya. Rolling on the ground, the messenger fell before the two saints' feet.

     249. Reading the letter, Narottama and Shyamananda learned all the news. They could not keep their hearts peaceful. They were plunged in a shoreless ocean of bliss.

     250. With sweet words Narottama briefly informed his cousin, King Datta Santosha, saying:

     251. "The books were quickly found at Vana-Vishnupura, Shrinivasa Acarya gave mercy to King Birahambira."

     252. Hearing that the books were found, and King Birahambira was delivered, King Santosha felt his mind, heart, and life's breath filled with cooling bliss.

     253. With great bliss wise Shri Santosha gave great honour to the royal messenger.

     254. From the messenger King Santosha heard the news from beginning to end. To celebrate the auspicious news, the king gave great wealth in charity.

     255. Watching, King Santosha's activities, everyone was filled with wonder. Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya was joyful.

     256. Making Shyamananda sit at his side, Narottama wrote a letter to Shri Shrinivasa Acarya.

     257. In that letter he revealed the thoughts in his heart. He also said that Shyamananda would go to Orissa.

     258. He also wrote a separate letter to King Birahambira. In that letter he congratulated the king on his great good fortune.


Departing from Khetari-grama, the Messenger Returns to Vishnupura


     259. Taking the two letters with him, the messenger returned to Vishnupura. Giving both letters to the king, he recounted everything.

     260. After praising his messenger's good fortune, the joyful king approached Shri Shrinivasa Acarya.

     261. At that moment Shrinivasa Acarya was teaching the Gosvami's books to his disciples.

     262. He was like the sun-god in the midst of his royal assembly. Seeing his glory, who would not feel his eyes filled with cooling bliss?

     263. Approaching, King Birahambira fell to the ground and carefully offered respectful obeisances to Shri Shrinivasa Acarya.

     264. With folded hands standing before Shrinivasa Acarya, the king said, "This morning some letters came from Khetari-grama.

     265. "Although I am a sinner, Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya very mercifully wrote a letter to me.

     266. "This letter he wrote to you, O my master." Speaking these words, the king very joyfully gave the letter to Shrinivasa Acarya.

     267. Shrinivasa Acarya read the letter aloud. The listeners could not check the tears that flowed from their eyes.

     268. When the letter had been read, the king again spoke. He repeated the news he had heard from the messenger's mouth. News not included in the letter.

     269 and 270. He described how King Santosha enthusiastically performed various auspicious rituals and gave charity to the brahmanas. Hearing the news, everyone became very joyful.

     277. Everyone praised the king's good fortune, for Shri Narottama Mahashaya has personally written a letter to him.

     272. After many moments, the king, taking permission to leave, departed from Shrinivasa Acarya's assembly and quickly returned to his palace.

     273. In a private room he read Shri Narottama Mahashaya's letter. The king was overcome. He could not remain peaceful.

     274. At that moment his queen entered the room and requested, "Please be merciful and allow me to hear the letter."

     275. Hearing the queen's words, with a very joyful heart the king at once read to her the letter.

     276. Simply by hearing the letter, the queen forgot herself. Again and again she begged fate:

     277. "O master, please be merciful and allow fallen me to see once Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya.

     278. Speaking these words, the queen was splashed by the tears flowing from her eyes. Falling to the ground, she grasped the king's feet.

     279. To the king, she said, "Now your life is successful. Easily you have attained a treasure of spiritual love for Lord Krishna's feet."

     280. The king said, "That treasure is very rare and difficult to attain. Will that treasure ever touch me? I am an abode of great sins.

     281. "I have wasted this birth in wicked deeds. No one can write all the offenses I committed."

     282. Speaking these words, the king became agitated at heart, calling out, "Shri Krishna Chaitanya!", he rolled on the ground.

     283. Raising his arms and calling out, "Prabhu Nitya_nanda! Shri Advaita Prabhu!", he bitterly lamented.

     284 and 285. Calling out the names of Gadadhara, Shrinivasa, Svarupa, Vakreshvara, Haridasa, Murari, Mukunda, Damodara, Gauri-dasa, Kashisvara, Rupa, and Sanatana, he wept.

     286. Again and again he gave out long sighs. To his queen he said, "In this world of birth and death no one has a heart wicked like mine."

     287. In Navadvipa the eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoyed wonderful pastimes with His personal associates.

     288. "When I heard of the Lord's pastimes, my heart did not melt. How many times did I speak foolish speculations about the Lord's nature? My actions were like that.

     289. "Why, at an auspicious moment, did I steal those books? I do not know. Because that act I attained the association of Shrinivasa Acarya.

     290. "Although I was like a lump of iron, Shrinivasa made me melt. Being merciful to me, he plunged me in the ocean of the Lord's pastimes.

     291. "To me Shrinivasa Prabhu gave the greatest mercy. Because of him my desires are all fulfilled.

     292. "Do not worry. In life and death consider his feet and his associated the greatest treasure."

     293. To his queen, speaking many words in this way, the king praised Shrinivasa Acarya. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not describe his words in detail.

     294. Happily Narottama Mahasay sent a letter. Now he yearned the see Shrinivasa Acarya again.

     295. Again and again Narottama affectionately thought in his heart, "How will I be peaceful without Shyamananda?

     296. "Tomorrow morning Shyamananda will go to Orissa." Thinking in this way, Narottama became splashed by the tears from his eyes.

     297. Shri Narottama Thakura ws spiritual love personified. Who as the power to describe the love he felt for Shyamananda?

     298. After many moments Narottama became peaceful again. To Shyamananda he said, "Tomorrow morning you will certainly depart.

     299. "Quickly go. When you send a letter I will go to Nilacala and meet you."

     300. Shyamananda had been very agitated. Hearing these words, he became happy at heart.

     301. Shri Narottama Thakura and Shri Shyamananda spent that day and night rapt in the ecstasy of devotional service.

     302. Making himself peaceful, the next morning Narottama bid farewell to Shyamananda as Shyamananda began his journey to Orissa.


Shrila Shyamananda Prabhu's Journey to Orissa


     303. Narottama gave Shyamananda one assistant and some coins and other things. At the time of departure he was very agitated.

     304. Shyamananda was splashed by the tears from his eyes. Falling to the ground, he offered respectful obeisances to Shri Narottama Thakura.

     305. In the same way Shri Narottama Thakura offered obeisances to him. Hugging Shyamananda, Narottama floated in the tears from his eyes.

     306. No one can describe what Narottama Mahashaya felt when he bid farewell to Shyamananda.

     307. From the four directions the people of Khetari grama ran to that place. Everyone was agitated at Shyamananda's imminent departure.

     308. Accompanied by his courtiers, King Shri Santosha Datta humbly offered respectful obeisances to Shyamananda.

     309.  Hugging Shyamananda King Santosha bid him farewell. The king could not stop his tears.

     310. Going to the Padmavati's banks and helping Shyamananda board the boat, king Shri Santosha floated in the tears from his eyes.

     311. As he climbed on the boat Shyamananda remained very peaceful. But it was with an unpeaceful heart that he reached the river's farther bank.

     312. Bathing and performing other duties, he stayed there for a few moments. Then, offering obeisances to the Padmavati, he continued his journey.

     313. At Kantaka-nagara he saw the Deity of Lord Gauranga. Passing through Navadvipa, he went to Santipura.

     314. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not describe the holy places he visited and the devotees he blessed with his mercy.

     315. Quickly he went to Ambika-nagara. Filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love, he went to his spiritual master's house.

     316. Who can describe the bliss he felt when he saw Shri Hridaya Chaitanya's feet?


At Ambika-nagara Shri Shyamananda Sees the Deities Shri Gaura-Nityananda Worshipped by Shri Gauri-dasa Pandita, The Story of Shri Gauri-dasa Pandita


     317. Giving great mercy to Shyamananda, his spiritual master shows him the Deities Shri Krishna-Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda.

     318. Gazing at the two Lords, Shyamananda was overcome. He could not stop his tears.

     319. Standing silently there, the two Lords gave great mercy to Shyamananda.

     320. Who can describe the pastimes of thesw two Lords Shri Gauri-dasa Pandita devotedly served?

     321. Now I will briefly speak of Shri Gauri-dasa Pandita's activities. Lord Chaitanya is conquered by Gauri-dasa's ecstatic love. This is known in all the world.

     322. Gauri-dasa Pandita is like spiritual love personified. Like Shri Subalacandra, he is the abode of spiritual glories.

     323. Very handsome Shri Subala is very dear to Lord Krishna. The wise reverently describe Subala's activities and glories.

     324. In Shrila Rupa Gosvami's Shri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, Fifth Part, Third Wave, 17th Text, it is said:

     "Subala's body is described as follows. His complexion is just like molten gold. He is very, very dear to Krishna. He always has a garland around his neck,a and he wears yellow clothing. His eyes are just like lotus flower petals, and he is so intelligent that by his talking and his moral instructions all the other friends take the highest pleasure. Let us all offer our respectful obeisances unto Krishna's friend Subala.*

     325. In Shri Vraja-vilasa-stava, Text 22 it is said, "Filled with deep love for him, and anxious that they may be separated, Subala never, even in dream, lets go of the hand of Shri Krishna, the moon of Gokula. Subala's heart is sprinkled by the waters of the swiftly moving mountain stream of devotion to Shrimati Radhika. I offer my respectful obeisances to Subala, whose body trembles with love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna."

     326. In Shri Ujjvala-nilamani, Sahaya-bheda-prakarana, Text 14, it is said:

     "Then, when this gopi quarreled with Krishna and left Him, Subala met her, satisfied her with his words, and convinced her to return and enjoy amorous pastimes with Krishna in the forest cottage. After Their pastimes were concluded, and Lord Krishna rested His perspiring body on His beloved's breast, Subala fanned Him. What service is Subala not qualified to perform?"

     327. Shri Gauri-dasa was Subala himself. This truth is known everywhere. He was dearly loved by Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda.

     328. In Shri Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, Text 128, it is said: "Gauri-dasa Pandita, who was very dear to the Lord, was Subala Himself."

     329. In another scripture it is said: "I worship Shri Gauri-dasa Pandita, who was very dear to Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda. He is endowed with all spiritual virtues. Previously he had been Subala."

     330. Sarakhela Suryadasa Pandita was generous and noble-hearted. His brother was learned Gauri-dasa Pandita.

     331. After speaking with his elder brother, he went from Saligrama to Ambika on the Ganga's banks.

     332. A hermit, he always stayed in a secluded place. Lord Chaitanya well understood the desires in Gauri-dasa Pandita's heart.

     333. One day Lord Gaura-Raya left Shantipura, crossed the Ganga, and went to Ambika.

     334. To Gauri-dasa Pandita Lord Chaitanya said, "I left Shantipura and went to Harinadi-grama. Then I entered a boat.

     335. "With this small oar I crossed the Ganga in a boat. Now I give this oar to you.

     336. "With this oar please bring the jivas to the farther shore of the river of repeated birth and death." Speaking these words, Lord Chaitanya hugged Gauri-dasa Pandita.

     337. Taking Gauri-dasa Pandita with Him, Lord Chaitanya went to Nadiya. There He plunged Gauri-dasa into very wonderful pastimes.

     338. Who has the power to understand Lord Gaurachandra's activities? He gave the nectar of His own copy of Bhagavad-gita to Gauri-dasa Pandita.

     339. After some days Gauri-dasa Pandita returned to Ambika. He always read the songs the Lord had given him.

     340. No one can describe the happiness he felt when he saw the Bhagavad-gita Lord Chaitanya had copied with His own glorious hand.

     341. Even today fortunate visitors to Ambika can see the Bhagavad-gita the oar given by Lord Chaitanya.

     342. No one can say where Gauri-dasa Pandita's glorious fame comes to an end. Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nitai were the be-all and end of his life.

     343. He was always as if intoxicated by singing songs glorifying Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nitai. He knew only Shri Chaitanya and Shri Nitai. He knew nothing but Them.

     344. Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya were the pupils of his two eyes. How can outsiders understand the wonderful flood of spiritual love that arose within him?

     345. I do not understand the great bliss he felt when he saw the Lord or the apex of sorrow he felt when separated from the Lord for a single sesame seed's worth of time.

     346. Understanding Gauri-dasa Pandita's heart, one day Lord Gaurahari carefully said to him:

     347. "You should get a nima tree from Navadvipa. From it carve Deities of Me and My brother.

     348. "Easily you will fashion the two Deities. In this way your desires will certainly be fulfilled.


Conquered by Gauri-dasa's Love Shri Gaura-Nitai, by Their Own Wish, Manifest the Form to the Deities.


     349. Hearing these words, Gauri-dasa Pandita became very joyful. Carefully he carved the wooden Deities.

     350. He who carved the Deities was like a vessel into which the Lord had poured His mercy. By His own will the Lord personally came there. Any person who had any other conception of what happened there was only deceived, tricked by the Lord Himself.

     351. Seeing the wonderful Deities, noble Gauri-dasa Pandita became wild with bliss. Without stop a flood of tears flowed from his eyes.

     352. Considering himself fortunate, and accompanied by the Lord's dear associates, he installed the Deities with an abhisheka ceremony.

     353. Following the rules of scripture and custom, at an auspicious moment he performed the abhisheka and placed the Deities on Their thrones.

     354. Gazing at the Nitai-Chaitanyacandra Deities, the Lord's personal associates were plunged into great bliss.

     355. These two Deities enchant all the worlds. Still, only the devotees understand Them. Others do not know Their true identity.

     Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya Are Conquered by Gauri-dasa's                               Love

     356. Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya were conquered by Gauri-dasa's love. Day and night this news spread everywhere in the world.

     357. The pastimes of Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya enjoyed in Gauri-dasa's home are famous in the world.

     358. How can I understand Gauri-dasa Pandita's desires? He was always plunged in service to the Lord.


Lord Gaura and Lord Nityananda Reveal Their Own Forms to Gauri-dasa


     359. Filled with ecstatic love, and gently, gently smiling, the Nitai-Gaura Deities one day said to Gauri-dasa:

     360. "Who can understand your activities? Overcome with spiritiual love, even you do not understand your own self.

     361. "O friend Subala, do the joyful pastimes herding the cows on the Yamuna's banks not stay in your heart?"

     362. After speaking these words, the two Lords, who were two great abodes of spiritual love, suddenly manifested the dark and fair forms of Krishna and Balarama.

     363. They carried buffalo horn bugles, sticks, and flutes. They were crowned with peacock feathers and decorated with ornaments. How glorious were Their cowherd-boy garments! They enchanted all the three worlds.

     364. Gazing at Them, Gauri-dasa forgot himself. He was as if intoxicated with the ecstasy of spiritual love. Who can know what he felt?

     365. After some moments he became sober by the Lord's will. He gazed at Lords Nitai-Chaitanyacandra as They sat on the throne.

     366. In many ways like this the two Lords enjoyed many pastimes. Overcome with bliss, Gauri-dasa could not keep his body peaceful.


The Two Lords Accept Rice and Vegetables Offered by Gauri-dasa


     367. One day, Gauri-dasa cooked and said to the two Lords, "Please eat."

     368. Although They heard Gauri-dasa Pandita's gentle words, the two Lords did not eat. They only stood silent.

     369. Crookedly glancing at the two Lords, Gauri-dasa Pandita, now filled with anger, sweetly said:

     370. "If Your hearts find no pleasure in eating, then why do You force me to cook?"

     371. After speaking these words, Gauri-dasa remained silent. Gently, gently the smiling Lords said to Gauri-dasa pandita:

     372. "Your cooking is never quickly completed. You make rice, many kinds of vegetables, and many other preparations.

     373. "When We forbid you, you pay no attention. We cannot bear to see your great labor. Whatever is most easy to prepare is the best of all."

     374. Then Gauri-dasa said, "Never will I cook like that again. I will prepare only one kind of boiled shaka. That is what I will give You to eat."

     375. Hearing Gauri-dasa Pandita's words, the two Lords smiled. Now They ate the offering. Happily They said:

     376. "Never have We tasted shaka like this. Simply by eating this one shaka We are perfectly pleased and satisfied.

     377. Praising the offering in this way, the two Lords ate. Watching this pastime Gauri-dasa Pandita became filled with cooling bliss.


Because of the Desire Hidden in Gauri-dasa's Heart, Shri Gaura-Nityananda Manifest a Great Variety of Ornaments


     378. One day with a joyful heart Gauri-dasa wished to decorate his Deities with some ornaments.

     379. Understanding Gauri-dasa Pandita's heart the two joyful Lords manifested Their forms as decorated with a great variety of jewel-ornaments.

     380. Entering the Deity-room, Gauri-dasa Pandita gazed at the splendour of the two Deities standing on the jewel-throne.

     381. Gauri-dasa became wild with bliss. He was not in external consciousness. After some moments he became peaceful again. Now he saw the Deities were dressed as usual.

     382. In his heart Gauri-dasa thought "Never have I seen such wonderful ornaments.

     383. "I wished to decorate the Deities with ornaments. With what kind of ornaments should I decorate Them? Now my doubt is destroyed."

     384. Thinking for a moment, the Deities said to Gauri-dasa Pandita: "Flower ornaments give Us great happiness."

     385. Hearing these very sweet words, Gauri-dasa very carefully decorated his Deities with flower ornaments.

     386. On his Deities he placed great flower garlands that reached to Their feet, charming garlands with splendid beauty that had no end.

     387. Gauri-dasa placed a mirror before the Lords. I do not know how to describe all the wonderful pastimes the two Lords enjoyed.

     388. Gauri-dasa Pandita's glorious activities are famous in all the world. To purify myself I described a very few of them.


A Brief Account of the Story of Gauri-dasa Pandita's Disciple Hrdaya Chaitanya Prabhu.


     389. Hridaya Chaitanya was a disciple of Gauri-dasa Pandita. Hridaya Chaitanya thought only of Gauri-dasa Pandita Thakura. He thought of nothing else.

     390. Previously everyone called him by the name Shri Hridayananda. He was always carefully engaged in serving the Lord.

     391. Now I will briefly say how, by Gauri-dasa Pandita's mercy he attained the name Hridaya Chaitanya.

     392. One morning Gauri-dasa approached Gadadhara Pandita.

     393. Seeing Gauri-dasa, Gadadhara Pandita very respectfully gave him a seat nearly.

     394. Gently, gently smiling, again and again Gadadhara said, "This morning I have seen you, therefore this day will be auspicious for Me."

     395. Gauri-dasa very sweetly said, "Because I have seen You, this day will be auspicious for me."

     396. Gadadhara Pandita said, "What shall I give to you, that I will make you happy?" Gauri-dasa said, "I have a request. I will accept a gift from You."

     397. Gadadhara said, "Everything here is your property. Please take whatever you wish. Why hesitate?"

     398. Gauri-dasa Pandita Thakura then said, "I wish Hridayananda."  Hearing these words, Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami called for Hridayananda.

     399. With a joyful heart Hridayananda came. Falling to the ground he offered respectful obeisances to the two great devotess.

     400. After speaking some words, Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami gave Hridayananda to Gauri-dasa Pandita.

     401. Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami gave great mercy to Hridayananda. This is known everywhere. Who can describe the full extent of that mercy?

     402. Gadadhara Pandita had protected Hridayananda from his boyhood. He taught Hridayananda the scriptures. Hridayananda the scriptures. Hridayananda learned in very few days.

     403. Although he was overcome with love like that of a father, Gadadhara Pandita did not feel possessive. Happily, He gave Hridayananda to Gauri-dasa Pandita.

     404. Without the Supreme Personality of Godhead's mercy, who has the power to understand the activities of Gadadhara Pandita and Gauri-dasa?

     405. Tasting the nectar of talking about the Lord's pastimes, Gauri-dasa stayed for many moments at Gadadhara's side.

     406. The, bidding farewell Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami, Gauri-dasa returned  home with Hridayananda.

     407. After some days he gave mantra-diksha to Hridayananda. He presented him at the feet of Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya.

     408. Hridayananda became plunged in service to the Lord. Seeing this, Gauri-dasa became joyful at heart.

     409. Who has the power to understand Gauri-dasa blissful pastimes? Moment after moment many waves of spiritual love arose within him.

     410. One day Gauri-dasa said the Hridayananda, "Soon will be the festival of the Lord's birth.

     411. "Soon I will go to the homes of my disciples and collect ingredients for that festival. This I have decided in my heart.

     412. "Please be always attentive in the Lord's service." Speaking these words, Gauri-dasa departed from his house.

     413. Accompanied by some dear friends, Gauri-dasa went to a secluded place and became wild with bliss by tasting the nectar of the Lord's pastimes.

     414. Staying at home, Hridayananda thought and thought in his heart, "Why is the master so late in returning?

     415. "Many provisions have already been collected here. Only two days remain before the festival."

     416. Thinking in this way, and remembering his spiritual master's feet, Hridayananda sent festival invitations eveywhere.

     417. Gauri-dasa Pandita returned one day before the festival. Hearing of the invitations, he became joyful at heart.

     418. Externally angry, he rebuked Hridayananda, "Even while I am still present you act independently.

     419. "You sent out the invitations. Therefore you should celebrate the festival. But I will not stay here for it."

     420. Hearing these words, Hridayananda offered obeisances at his guru's feet, went to the Ganga's banks, and sat under a tree.

     421. Meanwhile, Gauri-dasa began the festival at his home. From everywhere many saintly devotees arrived.

     422. At that time a wealthy merchant sent in a boat many provisions for the festival.

     423. On the Ganga's banks the merchant informed Hridayananda of this. Hridayananda sent a message to his spiritual master.

     424. Hearing the message, Gauri-dasa became externally angry and said to the messenger, "Go and tell him to take the provisions and celebrate the festival himself."

     425. Receiving this command from his guru, Hridayananda joyfully celebrated the festival. I cannot describe that celebration in detail.

     426. Many Vaishnavas gathered at his festival. Hridayananda sang a wonderful kirtana.

     427. The sounds of the kholas and karatalas touched the sky. the great ocean of bliss overflowed.

     428. In a great circle the Vaishnavas danced. Tears of spiritual love always flowed from every eye.

     429. Then Hridayananda saw Nita and Chaitanya, the two Lords who are spiritual love personified, dance in the midst of the sankirtana.

     430. How graceful was Their dancing! They made the whole world wild with bliss. Their glorious forms filled the world with light.

     431. The two moons of Their faces destroyed the pride of the moon in the sky. They showered a monsoon of bliss on Hridayananda's eyes.

     432. Hearing tumultous sounds of "Jaya!" from the bliss of that sankirtana, Gauri-dasa at home became wild with bliss.

     433. To Ganga-dasa Pandita, Gauri-dasa gently, gently said, now is the time for worship. Please go to the temple room.

     434. Entering the temple room, and seeing the simhasana Deity throne was empty, Ganga-dasa went and told Gauri-dasa.

     435. What wonderful ecstatic spiritual love arose within Ganga-dasa when he heard this news! He knew that with pure spiritual love Hridayananda had turned the two Lords into his submissive servants.

     436. Gently, gently, smiling, taking a stick in his hand, and his heart filled with bliss, Gauri-dasa externally feigned anger.

     437. He went to the sankirtana on the Ganga's banks. There he saw the two Lords dancing.

     438. Seeing Gauri-dasa Pandita's anger, the two brothers disappeared and returned to Their temple.

     439. Then Gauri-dasa saw Lord Chaitanyacandra enjoy a wonderful pastime. He saw Lord Chaitanya enter Hridayananda's heart.

     440. Gazing at Lord Chaitanyacandra in Hridayananda's heart, Gauri-dasa could not check his tears. He gazes with unblinking eyes.

     441. He forgot his external anger. The stick fell from his hand. He did not notice it.

     442. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, he extended his arms, ran, and with a joyful heart hugged Hridayananda.

     443. To Hridayananda he said, "You are fortunate, fortunate, from today your name will be Hridaya Chaitanya."

     444. Speaking these words, with the tears from his eyes Gauri-dasa splashed Hridaya Chaitanya. Rolling on the ground, Hridaya Chaitanya fell at Gauri-dasa's feet.

     445. Taking Hridaya Chaitanya with him Gauri-dasa Pandita Thakura returned to the temple courtyard.

     446. What shall I say? Gazing at the sweetness of the two Deities, Gauri-dasa appointed Hridaya Chaitanya superintendent of the Deity worship.

     447. The bliss of the Vaishnavas was like an ocean that had no shore. I have no power to describe this great festival.

     448. The news of Gauri-dasa Pandita's mercy to Hridaya Chaitanya spreak through all the world. In this way he attained the name Hridaya Chaitanya.


Shyamananda Bids Farewell to His Spiritual Master, Prabhu Hridaya Chaitanya


     449. Hridaya Chaitanya was Shyamananda's very life. A tiny particle of his mercy fulfilled all of Shyamananda's desires.

     450. He was very merciful to his dear disciple Shyamananda. When Shyamananda departed for Orissa, Hridaya Chaitanya was sorrowful at heart.

     451. Offering obeisances at his spiritual master's feet, and bidding him farewell, Shyamananda felt his heart float in the tears from his eyes.

     452. Before the Nitai-Chaitanya Deities he revealed the desires in his heart. Offering obeisances, he was darkened by the dust of the temple courtyard.

     453. Many prayers he spole to the Lord's personal associates. Finally, he could not leave Ambika.

     454. Seeing he was filled with sorrow, the Lord's personal associates spoke many words to console Shyamananda saying:

     455. "After in Orissa you distribute the jewels of devotion to the Lord, please come again to Ambika."

     456. In this way they spoke many words. Hearing their words, and meditating on his guru's feet, Shyamananda began his journey to Orissa.

     457. Always he sang the glories of Shri Shri Nitai-Chaitanya. Wild with spiritual bliss, he made others wild with bliss also.

     458. Seeing Shyamananda, even the great blasphemers felt themselves fortunate. They begged to take shelter of him.

     459. In the midst of Gauda-desha was a village named Dandeshvara. Previously it was the home of Krishna-mandala.

     460. Then he went to live in Orissa. Who can describe the wonderful pastimes he enjoyed in Dandeshvara?

     461. Walking on the path, Shyamananda came to that village. Seeing Shyamananda, every person felt his eyes filled with cooling bliss.

     462. From there he quickly went to Dharendra-grama. He was eager to send a letter.

     463. He wrote two letters describing all that had happened, one letter to Shri Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura, and the other letter to Shri Narottama Mahashaya.

     464. He very carefully sent the letters with an associate of Narottama Mahashaya.

     465. In the letters he revealed his spiritual love and devotion, and his merciful efforts to make Orissa fortunate.

     466. Receiving the letter, Narottama Mahashaya joyfully read it aloud to everyone.

     467. Then Narottama Mahashaya sent the same associate to carry the second letter to Shrinivasa Acarya in Vishnupura.

     468. After sending the letter, Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya went to see Shri Navadvipa and other holy places.


The Condition of Vana-Vishnupura at that Time


     469. Receiving the letter from Shri Narottama, Shrinivasa Acarya became wild with wonderful spiritual love.

     470. From Narottama Mahashaya's letter he learned of Narottama's activities. Then he read Shri Shyamananda's letter again and again.

     471. With great joy he informed everyone of Shri Shyamananda's wonderful activities.

     472. Taking it from Shrinivasa Prabhu, King Birahambira joyfully held the letter to his head.

     473. Hearing of Shyamananda's glories, moment after moment the king longed to see him.

     474. Seeing the king's eagerness. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura felt the bliss in his heart grow moment after moment.

     475. Gently, gently Shrinivasa Acarya said to the king, "At once I will go to Yajigrama. Then I will go to Shri Khanda.

     476. The king said, "Vana-Vishnupura is now fortunate. Without you, O master, it will become a jungle."

     478. The king said, "Please take sinful me with you." Shrinivasa Acarya said, "Perhaps that will be after some days."

     479. The king said, "I have no power to keep you here. I cannot describe the feelings that have taken birth in my heart."

     480. After speaking these words, the king could not remain peaceful. In many ways Shrinivasa Acarya consoled him.

     481. Hearing Shrinivasa Acarya's words, the king became peaceful. At once he entered the inner rooms of his palace.

     482. To his queen he told everything. She said to him, "Now blinding darkness will cove Vishnupura."

     483. The king said, "I have no power to keep him here." The queen said, "In my heart I know that as the truth.

     484. "The spiritual master will depart. How will remain peaceful then?" As she spoke tears streamed from her eyes.

     485. After consoling his queen and becoming peaceful himself, King Birahambira again approached Prabhu Shrinivasa.


The Preparations for Shrinivasa Acarya's Departure from Vana-Vishnupura, He Bids Farewell


     486. The king made all preparations for Shrinivasa Acarya's journey.

     487. When all was arranged, the king, speaking many prayers, brought Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu into the inner rooms of the palace.

     488. Who can describe what the queen felt when she saw her spiritual master, Shrinivasa Acarya?

     489. Falling to the ground, she offered respectful obeisances. She spoke many prayers. When the time of her spiritual master's journey came, she became plunged in an ocean of sorrow.

     490. Shrinivasa Acarya was overcome by her devotion. Mercifully consoled her. Then he returned to his own residence.

     491. Hearing that Shrinivasa Acarya would go to Yajigrama, the villagers wept.

     492. Vey sorrowful, one person said to another, "I do not see any way to prevent his departure."

     493. Speaking many words in this way, the people ran to see him. Every person had surrendered his life's breath at Shrinivasa Acarya's feet.

     494. Filling their eyes, they gazed at Shrinivasa Acarya. I cannot describe the prayers they said to him:

     495. Carrying many valuable gifts, Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu departed from Vana-Vishnupura.

     496. Accompanied by his associates, the king followed him for a certain distance. Finally Shrinivasa Prabhu commanded him, "Now return to Vishnupura."

     497. Seeing the condition of the king now separated from his spiritual master Shrinivasa, who could remain peaceful?

     498. Thus the king and his entourage returned to Vana-Vishnupura, and Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura proceeded to Yajigrama,

     499. The news that Shrinivasa Acarya had gone to Yajigrama spread everywhere. The people talked of it.


Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu Returns to Yajigrama


     500. Hearing that Shrinivasa Acarya had returned to his home, the residents of Yajigrama felt they had regained their lives.

     501. Approaching her, everyone very happily told the news to Lakshmipriya Thakurani.

     502. I cannot describe how Shrinivasa's mother was overcome with love when she heard her son had returned.

     503. As Shrinivasa Acarya entered Yajigrama, his mother watched for him on the path.

     504. Shrinivasa offered respectful obeisances at his mother's feet. With happy eyes she gazed at her son's face.

     505. Moment after moment her heart, mind, and body overflowed with bliss. She was like a poverty-stricken person who suddenly attains a valuable treasure.

     506. Running, the people of Yajigrama came there. Gazing at Shrinivasa, they felt their eyes and life's breath become filled with cooling bliss.

     507. Many people came to his house. With sweet words Shrinivasa Acarya satisfied everyone.

     508. Many people came and went. When beautiful twilight came all had gone.

     509. In his own home Shrinivasa Acarya sat amongst his disciples and others. What wonderful glory shone at that time!

     510. Shrinivasa Acarya's mouth always spoke of the devotional literatures. From four sides the saintly devotees happily gazed at him.

     511. The wise devotees from around Yajigrama affectionately came to Shrinivasa Acarya's home.

     512. Shrinivasa Acarya heard the many devotees had come. He went to them. Blissfully he met them.

     513. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura brought them all to his home. Very respectfully he welcome them, offered them sitting placess.

     514. The wise Vaishnavas were overcome by Shrinivasa Acarya's actions. One by one he asked them of the news of Yajigrama.

     515-518. Shrinivasa Acarya described how he had gone to Vrndavana and how, in a dream, he attained the mercy of Shri Rupa and Shri Sanatana. How he attained Shrila Gopal Bhatta Gosvami's mercy, how he studied the Gosvami's books, how he traveled in the land of Vrndavana, how, bringing the devotional books with him, he had come to Gauda-desha, how the books were stolen, how the books were recovered at Vana-Vishnupura, and how he finally returned to his own home.

     519. Listening to the whole account from beginning to end, the Vaishnavas felt many kinds of ecstatic spiritual emotions arise within their hearts.

     520. After some moments the Vaishnavas became peaceful. With unwavering eyes they gazed at Shrinivasa's face.


Shrinivasa Acarya's Condition on Hearing, From the Wise Devotees' Mouths of the Condition of Lord Chaitanya's Personal Associates.


     521. Shrinivasa Acarya sweetly and gently asked about Lord Chaitanya's personal associates.

     522. With long sighs they gently, gently said, "Narahari Thakura is on the verge of death.

     523. "Day and night he repeatedly falls unconscious, rolls on the ground, talks wildly, and floats in the tears from his eyes.

     524. "Shri Raghunandana and his dear companions always sing of Lord Gaura's glories.

     525. "Seeing Narahari Thakura's condition, who can remain peaceful? Seeing it, even the stones and dry wood break into pieces. How can I describe the condition of others?

     526. "Not many days ago Gadadhara dasa went from Navadvipa to Kantaka-nagara.

     527. "Day and night he sings of Lord Gaura's glories. Seeing his condition, we feel as if our chests are ripped asunder.

     528. "One moment he talks wildly, another moment he is silent, and another moment he speaks of Gadadhara Pandita's glories.

     529. "One moment he calls out Nityananda!" and gives out a long sigh. Another moment he asks 'Where has Shrinivasa Pandita gone?'

     530. Another moment he says, 'O Lord, for how many more days must I suffering, stay on this earth?'

     531. "Speaking words like these, he gives out long sighs. Fallen on the ground in the Lord's courtyard, he is on the verge of death.

     532. "He stays in a secluded place. He does not eat food or drink water. His body burning in the flames of separation, he trembles.

     533. "O Shrinivasa, day by day Lord Chaitanya's personal associates in Navadvipa are disappearing from this world.

     534. "Then there is news we cannot speak with our mouths, the news that rips? our hearts into shreds! Vishnupriya-devi has disappeared from this world."

     535. Hearing these words, Shrinivasa Acarya fell unconscious. His body was motionless, No breath came from his nostrils.

     536. Seeing Shrinivasa's condition all the Vaishnavas became agitated, their chests were flooded with tears from their eyes.

     537. Late at night Shrinivasa Acarya returned to external consciousness. He wept. His weeping split stones into pieces.

     538. A great devotee named Gopala dasa hugged Shrinivasa and spoke many words to console him.

     539. After many moments Shrinivasa became peaceful again. The remainder of the night he passed in kirtana glorifying Lord Chaitanya.


In a Dream Lord Advaita Prabhu Appears Before Shrinivasa and Gives Him a Command


     540. After some time everyone went to sleep. The goddess of sleep pulled Shrinivasa into sleep.

     541. On the pretext of a dream, Shri Advaita, who is spiritual love personified, came before Shrinivasa's eyes. His handsome form conquered even Kamadeva himself.

     542. His enchanting eyes reached almost to His ears. The circle of His graceful face rebuked millions of moons.

     543. His graceful arms defeated golden lotus stems. Affectionately He hugged Shrinivasa, holding him to His chest.

     544. Merciful Shri Advaita extinguished the flames of separation that burned within Shrinivasa.

     545. Gently, gently smiling, with a father's great love, and with sweet and gentle words He said to Shrinivasa:

     546. "You will deliver many conditioned souls. Everywhere You will preach Lord Chaitanya's philosophy.

     547. "Many wise devotees will advise You to marry. You should marry. Do not feel sorrow in your heart."

     548. After speaking these words, Lord Advaita disappeared. Wakening, Shrinivasa saw the night had ended.

     549. Meditating on Lord Advaita's glories, Shrinivasa could not stop his tears. His tears streamed down his chest.

     550. Awakening in the morning and performing his morning duties, Shrinivasa at once went to Shrikhanda.


At Shrikhanda, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura Meets Narahari Thakura


     551. Entering Shrikhanda, with a joyful heart he entered the Gauranga temple's courtyard and gazed at the Deity of Gaurachandra.

     552. He rolled on the ground. Elaborately he offered respectful obeisances. The limbs of his golden body became darkened with dust.

     553. "Shrinivasa has come!" Hearing these words, Shri Raghunandana went and told Narahari Thakura.

     554. Although his heart was burned by flames of sorrow, Shri Narahari Sarakara Thakura still became joyful when he heard the news.

     555. To Shri Raghunandana, Shri Narahari sweetly said, "Bring Shrinivasa he will fill my eyes with cooling bliss."

     556. Hearing Narahari's words, Raghunandana Thakura went to the temple courtyard and, with a joyful heart, met Shrinivasa.

     557. Finding Shrinivasa, Shri Raghunandana, who was like a treasure-house of virtues, felt he had regained his life's breath.

     558. Shrinivasa offered respectful obeisances to Shri Raghunandana. Hugging him, Shri Raghunandana would not let Shrinivasa go.

     559. What wonderful spiritual love flooded his heart! Hugging Shrinivasa, Raghunandana could not stop the flood of tears that flooded from his eyes.

     560. Shrinivasa floated in the tears from his eyes. Helpless, he rested in Raghunandana's great hug.

     561. Soaked by the tears from his eyes, Shri Raghunandana took Shrinivasa to Shri Narahari Sarakara Thakura.

     562. Shri Narahari Sarakara sat in a secluded place. Seeing him, Shrinivasa became wild with bliss.

     563. Ah! Ah! Narahari's handsome form brought cooling bliss to the breath of life. How can even the golden campaka flower compare to his glorious form?

     564. His peerless handsome form was now withered and darkened. Moment after moment, his very delicate body became more and more emaciated.

     565. The sweetness of his face was glorious like the moon. But now he was distraught, like a fish out of the water.

     566. A monsoon of bliss rained from his eyes. A great flood of tears always flowed from his eyes.

     567. Gazing and gazing at Narahari Prabhu, and feeling as if intoxicated by tasting the nectar of pure devotion, Shrinivasa fell to the ground and offered his respectful obeisances.

     568. Affectionately gazing at Shrinivasa, and saying, "Child, come here," Shri Narahari Thakura hugged Shrinivasa.

     569. Holding Shrinivasa to his chest, Narahari was overcome. He could not check the tears that flowed from his eyes.

     570. With tears of spiritual love he soaked Shrinivasa. Taking him by the hand, he had Shrinivasa sit at his side.

     571. With a father's great love, with his hand he gently stroked Shrinivasa's body. Seeing his wonderful actions, who would not feel blissful?

     572. With very sweet words he asked questions. Shrinivasa answered the questions one after another.   

     573. Shrinivasa told his whole story, from beginning to end. He also explained how Narottama had gone to Kshetra.

     574. With affectionate words, he again said to Shrinivasa, "Soon I must Narottama. That is the desire in my heart.

     576. "I know that Narottama will come here soon. By him many tasks will be done.

     577. "When you sing sankirtana with him, I will become wild with bliss. Then I will find cooling relief from the ferocious flames of separation from Lord Gaura.

     578. "O child, it is good that you have so quickly come here. Filling my eyes, now I can gaze on You.

     579. "May You have a long life and make great advancement in devotional service. May You circulate the devotional literatures everywhere.

     580. "Renouncing their own proper duties, the people will become independent. They will not understand the hearts of Lord Krishna, the gurus, or the Vaishnavas.

     581. "With the power of devotional service You will deliver all these blasphemers. All the Vaishnavas will sing of Your glories. 

     582. "You are an eternal servant of Shri Krishna Chaitanyacandra. Lord Chaitanya will fufill Your desires.

     583. "Your mother is a great vaishnavi. Please stay for some days in Yajigrama and serve her.

     584. "Fulfill the wishes of her heart. In that there will be no loss for You.

     585. "Child, You should marry. That is what I think in my heart. "  After speaking these words, he again said to Shri Raghunandana:

     586. "I say he should marry. What do you think?" Hearing these words, Shri Raghunandana said, "We all think that way."

     587. Then Narahari Thakura said, "Do not disagree." Hearing these words, Shrinivasa became embarrassed.

     588. Shri Narahari Thakura was learned in all truths. Speaking some words, he destroyed Shrinivasa's embarrassment and any other obstacle.

     589. Shrinivasa Acarya understood Narahari Thakura's explanations. He also remembered how Lord Advaita commanded him in a dream.

     590. Turning from his silence, Shrinivasa said, "I will not jump over your command." When Shrinivasa Acarya spoke these words, joy took birth within everyone there.

     591. Speaking sweet words, Shri Narahari Thakura bid farewell to dear Shrinivasa, who was departing for Yajigrama.

     592. Taking Shrinivasa by the hand, Shri Raghunandana gently, gently led him to the temple courtyard.

     593. In the temple courtyard Shrinivasa met the Vaishnavas of Shrikhanda.

     594. Staying there for many moments, Shrinivasa finally bid farewell, left Shrikhanda, and quickly returned to Yajigrama.


Shrinivasa Prabhu Goes to Kantaka-nagara and Meets With Gadadhara Prabhu.


     595. Staying there for many moments, he was not peaceful. Departing from Shrikhanda, he quickly went to Kantaka-nagara.

     596. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, He gazed at the Lord Gauranga Deity there. In Lord Gauranga's courtyard he became darkened by dust.

     597. Then he visited Gadadhara dasa, who stayed in a secluded place. What shall I say? Gadadhara's heart was filled with sorrow.

     598. Gadadhara did not eat or drink anything. Nothing pleased him. He always rolled on the ground. He was darkened with dust.

     599. His body that defeated golden lotus flowers was no longer sweet. It was withered beyond the description of words.

     600. He did not wish to live for even half a sesame seed's worth of time. He sang Lord Gaura's glories. Sometimes he deeply sighed.

     601. Sometimes he meditated on Lord Nityananda's glories. Sometimes he chanted Lord Advaita's holy name. Sometimes he was silent.

     602. Sometimes he chanted Gadadhara Pandita's name. Sometimes, soaked by the tears from his eyes, he bitterly lamented.

     603. "O Gadadhara! I wished to leave this world before You did. You left before me. I am not fortunate."

     604. Only Gadadhara dasa understood the true glories of Gadadhara Pandita. Others did not understand.

     605. Who has the power to describe the wonderful spiritual love that bound Shri Gadadhara Pandita and Shri Gadadhara dasa?

     686. Splashed by the tears from his eyes, Shrinivasa approached Gadadhara dasa, fell to the ground, and offered respectful obeisances.

     607. Seeing dear Shrinivasa, Prabhu Gadadhara extended His arms and with great affection gave him a hug.

     608-614. "O Child! I have heard how you left Gauda-desa, went to Vrndavana, stayed there for some time, became rapt in study, accepted diksa-mantra initiation from Shri Gopala Bhatta Gosvami attained the mercy of Lord Chaitanya's dear personal associates, with great affection met Narottama, how the Lord drew Narottama out from Ramakeli-grama, how with Narottama You wandered in Vraja, how, taking the books, You set out fro Gauda-desa, how the king of robbers stole and the books and how at Vana-Vishnupura You recovered the books. What more shall I say? In my heart I wish to see Narottama one more time.

     615. "O Shrinivasa, in my heart this desire has taken birth: May Narottama dasa come here soon."

     616. Speaking these words, Gadadhara dasa deeply sighed. For some time he was silent.

     617. Who has the power to understand his activities? Agitated and with a choked voice he again said to Shrinivasa:

     618. "I saw Navadvipa. Days after day the ocean of sorrow grows there.

     619. "Shrinivasa Pandita and the other dear associates of Lord Chaitanya have almost all disappeared from this world.

     620. "Vishnupriya-devi has also disappeared, These words do not come to my mouth. They rip my heart into shreds.

     621. "Navadvipa is filled with blindly darkness. Everyone there is on the verge of death.

     622. "What shall I say? Even though I have come from there, my shameless life breath continues to stay in this sinful body."

     623. Hearing these words, Shrinivasa could not remain peaceful. He was splashed by a flood of tears from his eyes.

     624. After many moments Gadadhara dasa became peaceful again. Glancing at Shrinivasa's face, he affectionately said:

     625. Child, may You live a long life. Stay on this earth. With Your associates preach the dharma of devotional service.

     626. "Soon You should marry. Everyone agrees on that. You will have many followers."

     628. Speaking these words, Gadadhara mercifully bid farewell to Shrinivasa, who was about to go to his mother's side.

     629. Bidding farewell, Shrinivasa returned to his home. His mother was filled with bliss.

     630. Writing a letter, he at once sent it with a messenger to Vana-Vishnupura.

     631. Surrounded by disciples, he happily stayed at Yajigrama. He taught them the books of the Gosvamis.

     632. Shrinivasa Acarya lectured on the Gosvami's books. He proved that the philosophy they taught ws the best of all.

     633. Hearing His explanations of devotional service, the followers of foolish doctrines fled away, like dogs afraid of a lion.

     634. The panditas who knew that devotional service is the best of all spiritual paths begged to take shelter at Shrinivasa's feet.

     635. Persons, who hearing all this, find that bliss takes birth within them, will attain the mercy of Lord Gaurachandra and His associates.

     636. Persons who regularly marrate these activities to faithful persons will become plunged in the nectar ocean of devotion to Lord Krishna.

     637. Thinking of Shrinivasa Acarya's feet, Narahari dasa speaks this Bhakti-ratnakara.