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Fourteenth Wave


Visiting the Homes of Shrinivasa Acarya's Disciples, and Other Activities


Obeisances to Shri Gaurasundara and His Associates


          1. Glory, glory to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the shelter of all! Glory to Nityananda, who is Rohini's son Balarama!

          2. Glory to Shri Advaitacandra, the son of Kuvera! Glory to Gadadhara, for whom Lord Gauranga is His very life!

          3. Glory, glory to Shrivasa and Murari, who are filled with spiritual love! Glory, glory to Vakreshvara, who is the abode of spiritual virtues!

          4. Glory to Haridasa! Glory to Gadadhara dasa! Glory to Pundarika Vidyanidhi and Shuklambara!

          5. Glory to Narahari, Gauri-dasa, and Dhananjaya! Glory to Bhavananda's son Ramananda!

          6. Glory to Shri Vijaya Vasu, Madhava, and Mukunda! Glory to Kashishvara, Yadu, and Shri Paramananda!

          7. Glory, glory to Shri Nandana and Acaryaratna! Glory to Rupa and Sanatana, who are very dear to Lord Gaurachandra!

          8. Glory to Raghunatha dasa, Raghunatha Bhatöa, Gopala Bhaööa, Shri Bhugarbha, Shri Lokanatha, and merciful Shri Jiva!

          9. Glory, glory to Shri Gaurachandra's devotees! By remembering them all one attains the great treasure of devotional service.

          10. Glory, glory to the hearers of this book! Those hearers are all the abodes of spiritual virtues. O hearers, please kindly listen to what I will now say.


Letters Sent Between Vraja-mandala and Gauda-mandala


          11. With a joyful heart Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura regularly relished the nectar of devotional books with his associates.

          12.  By the Lord's mercy he was a great teacher of all the scriptures. He regularly removed the false pride of any who would oppose devotional service.

          13. Shrinivasa Acarya's pure devotion had no end. Shrila Jiva Gosvami was very respectful to him.

          14. Who has the power to describe the affection Shri Jiva felt for Shrinivasa? From Vraja he mercifully sent many letters to Shrinivasa Acarya.

          15. One day Shrinivasa Acarya said to his associates, "A letter will come from Shrila Jiva Gosvami. Why would there be any delay?"

          16. At that moment an intelligent devotee named Shri Vasanta Raya, who was carrying a letter, entered Shrinivasa Acarya's assembly.

          17. With a few words he told the news from Vraja. Then he gave Shrila Jiva Gosvami's letter to Shrinivasa Acarya.

          18. Very respectfully Shrinivasa Acarya accepted the letter. Tears flowing from his eyes and onto his chest, he read the letter.


The Letter From Shrila Jiva Gosvami


          "Glory to Shri Krishna, the master of Vrindavana! Greetings at the feet of Shri Shri Shrinivasa Acarya, whose feet bring all happiness to me. He who bears the name Jiva offers respectful obeisances and gives you the following information:

          "I always wish you well. For many days we have not heard news of you. You bring us great happiness. At present I and the others are in good health. The only exception is Bhugarbha Gosvami, who surrendered himself, body and soul, before Lord Krishna, who is Vrindavana's  master.  Among your own followers, please write to us about Shri Vrindavana dasa. Does he read yet, or not?

          "Also, where is Shri Vyasa Sharma, and how is he doing? I ask the same of Shri Vasudeva Kaviraja.

          "Also, the editing of Shri Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu, Shri Madhava-mahotsava, Shri Gopala-campu's Second Part, and Shri Hari-namamrita-vyakarana is not yet complete. They will not be ready this year. If the Supreme Lord is favorable, I will finish them eventually. Everyone here offers respectful obeisances to all of you there. Please also give my blessings to the saintly king."


          19. The Vrindavana dasa mentioned in this letter is Shrinivasa Acarya's eldest son.

          20. In Vraja there was talk of Shrinivasa's son. Shrila Jiva Gosvami happily mentioned his name.

          21. Vyasa and Vasudeva are two disciples of Shrinivasa Acarya. The saintly king's name is Birahambira.

          22. After some days another letter came for Shrinivasa Acarya. Shrinivasa read it aloud in the assembly of devotees.


The Second Letter


          "Glory to Shri Krishna, the master of Vrindavana!

          "Greetings to Shrinivasa Acarya, who has all virtues, and who is my dear friend.

          "The person named Jiva from Vrindavana offers his obeisances, his embrace, and his wish that all will be auspicious for you. These greetings are an offering of respect from a person who resides in Vrindavana. I was very eager to ear about you. When I did to hear about you or heard inauspicious reports, I became sorrowful at heart. Now that I have heard from you, I feel comforted.

          "This letter is in reply to your most recent letter. This we say: Even if the body and senses bring many sorrows and obstacles, the devotee should persevere. In this way a devotee will make an end to all sorrows.

          "Shri Shyama dasa Acarya is a devotee who knows the true goal of life. He wishes to be with you. He is learned and affectionate. His explanations of devotional service to the Lord give the correct conclusions. With help like the help he gives, the blasphemers will be crushed into pieces. Now I am editing and re-considering the books Vaishnava-toshani, Durgama-sangamani, and Gopala-campu. Now I am engaged with these books. I am myself carefully editing and re-considering these books. This must be done.

          "Previously I sen you the Hari-namamrita-vyakarana. If that book and its commentary are studied then all misunderstandings (of Sanskrit grammar) will be corrected. The other books are in the final stage. The second part of the Gopala-campu is now finished. It needs only the final touches. When I become fortunate I will hear news of you. From afar I think of your welfare. I think of the welfare of Vrindavana dasa and the others. I also think of the welfare of the devotees headed by Shri Gopala dasa. This letter is addressed to Shrinivasa Acarya."


          23. The; Shyama dasa Acarya mentioned in this letter is the son of Vyasa Acarya.

          24. Vrindavana dasa is Shrinivasa's son. "The others" mentioned after him are his brothers and sisters.

          25. Shri Gopala dasa is the son of King Birahambira. Shri J'iva Gosvami reveals his name here.

          26. That devotee became famous everywhere by the name Shri Dadhihambira. Shri Jiva Gosvami thinks of the welfare of him and his associates.


Another Letter


          27. When he received this letter from Shrila Jiva Gosvami, Shrinivasa Acarya sent a letter in reply.

          28. As they came and went between the two places, the Vaishnavas carried letters. I cannot describe the bliss these letters brought.

          29. At that time Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura enjoyed pastimes at Yajigrama. His heart yearend to see Ramacandra dasa.

          30. Ramacandra, Narottama, and Shri Govinda, these three. were always as if intoxicated by performing sankirtana at Shri Khetari-grama.

          31. One day, as the three sat together, a letter from Shrila Jiva Gosvami arrived.

          32. Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, and very respectfully placing the letter to his head, Govinda read the letter aloud.


The Third Letter


          "Glory to Shri Krishna, who is like a moon shining in Vrindavana!

          "Greetings to Shri Ramacandra Kaviraja, Shri Narottama dasa, and Shri Govinda dasa, who are praised by all the Vaishnavas, and who are a great treasure of happiness for persons like myself.

          "I, who bear the name Jiva from Vrindavana, embrace you and humbly speak these words: I give all respect to you and I wish for your welfare. Out of great affection I always wish for your welfare. Out of affection for me please send me copies of your songs. Then I will consider myself very fortunate. What more need I say? You three are affectionate without limit. One should always be rapt in devotional meditation. This is described in Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu, in the verse beginning with the words `seva sadhaka-rupena' Sadhana is performed with the external material body. Siddha devotional service is performed by meditating on performing devotional service as one desires with one's original spiritual form. That is the meaning of this verse from Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu. Siddha devotional service performed according to desire (raga) is of many kinds according to time, place, and pastime. How many words could be employed to describe it? Sadhaka devotional service is of three kinds and it follows the descriptions found in the Agamas and other scriptures. The great acaryas teach sadhaka devotional service. For us sadhaka devotional service is the be-all and end-all of our lives. What more need be said? This letter was written on the caturdashi day of the month of Vaishakha."


          33. After hearing Shrila Jiva Gosvami's merciful letter, everyone joyfully sang Shrila Jiva Gosvami's glories.

          34. Bidding everyone farewell, Shri Govinda Kaviraja departed from Khetari and went to Budhari-grama.

          35. Sitting down in a secluded place, with a joyful heart Govinda collected together his jewellike songs.

          36. At that time another letter came from Vraja. After first touching the letter to his head, Govinda dasa read it.


The Fourth Letter


          "Glory to Shri Krishna, who is like a moon shining in Vrindavana!

          "Greetings to the great devotee Shri Govinda Kaviraja, who is the abode of sublime spiritual love. Jiva Gosvami always thinks of your welfare. Our friendship shines with great splendor. There I yearn always to hear that all is auspicious for you.

          "Previously you sent me some songs you had written describing Lord Krishna. Tasting these songs sweet like nectar, I became very pleased. Howver, I am still not satisfied. I yearn to get your most recent songs. Please be merciful and send them.

          "I received a copy Shyama dasa made of Shrinivasa Acarya's commentary on Brihad-Bhagavatamrita. This new commentary removes all doubts. What more need be said? This letter to you, who are merciful, glorious, and auspicious, was written on the third day of the bright fortnight of the month of Caitra.

          "Please give my blessings to Narottama and (Ramacandra) Kaviraja. Many obeisances to Shri Krishna dasa."


          37. In the last paragraph of this letter the word Kaviraja refers to Ramacandra Kaviraja. Narottama and Ramacandra were oftened mentioned together in this way.

          38. The words "Shri Krishna dasa' in this letter refer to Krishna dasa Kaviraja Gosvami.

          39. Reading this letter, Shri Govinda dasa was overcome by feelings of ecstatic spiritual love. He sent his collection Gitamrita (the Nectar of Songs) to Shrila Jiva Gosvami.

          40. What poems can compare with Govinda dasa's poems? Who will not praise Govinda dasa's songs? Who will not sing them?


A Song         


          41. jaya gobinda bidita mahi-majha

prema-ratana-dhana           bitarana pandita

                   nirupama madhura-carita kabiraja


          Glory to Govinda dasa, who is famous in this world! He expertly distributed the precious jewels of ecstatic spiritual love. He had no peer. His character was very sweet. He was the king of poets.


          42. parama bicitra              kabya-binyasa

                   ki racaba sukaushala naha abagaha

tikhina bana-sama              bedha-i hiya shira

                   ghuma-i rasika-gana shuna-i ucchaha


          His poetry is sublime, colorful, and wonderful. What shall I say? His poems are plunged in the nectar of sublime poetic skill. His poems are like sharp arrows that pierce the heart. The rasikas have become very eager to hear his poems.


          43. brinda-bipina                samaja raja tahi

                   shrimaj-jiba jagata-jana-prana

pramudita-cita                   prashamsi' paraspara

                   karu nitya gita amiya rasa-pana


          He is the king of the devotees in Vrindavana. He is the life's breath of Shrila Jiva Gosvami and all the people of the world. He is joyful at heart. He praises the devotees. He writes songs sweet like nectar.


          44. shrila narottama            ramacandra-saha

                   umada-i hiya sukha kahana na yaya

gaya-i akhila            loka ati unamata

                   narahari kumati bimukha bhela ta'ya


          Shrila Narottama and Shrila Ramacandra are his companions. I cannot describe how his heart is flooded with bliss. His songs make the whole world wild with bliss. Alas! The fool Narahari dasa has somehow turned his face away from him.


Ramacandra Kaviraja at Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu's House


          45. Hearing the news in these letters, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura could not control himself. His body was filled with bliss.

          46. Attracted to Shrinivasa Acarya, Ramacandra went from Khetari to Yajigrama.

          47. Seeing Shrinivasa Acarya, Ramacandra Kaviraja felt bliss arise within his heart. He was overcome. Who was he? In his ecstasy he did not know.

          48. Ramacandra fell to the ground and Shrinivasa's feet. Shrinivasa Acarya hugged him and sprinkled him with the tears from his eyes.

          49. He asked the news of Shri Narottama. Then he gave this command: "You must be a guest in my house.

          50. Ramacandra's heart was filled with bliss. Then he offered respectful obeisances at the feet of Shrinivasa's wife.

          51. Shrinivasa's wife was named Draupadi. She was a great devotee of Lord Gauranga. The motherly affection she felt for Ramacandra had no peer.

          52. Seeing Ramacandra, every person there felt joy in his heart. Every person was properly introduced to him.

          53. Shri Ramacandra's activities were very sweet. Shrinivasa Acarya was always conquered by love for him.

          54. How can I describe Shrinivasa Acarya's friendship with Ramacandra? It was a friendship effulgent with spiritual love.

          55. How wonderful was Ramacandra's saintly nature! Others have already described his virtues in great detail. He is famous everywhere.

          56. I will only describe him in brief. Already in my heart I have decided this. Out of fear this book will become very large, I will not describe him in detail.

          57. One full-moon evening Ramacandra smiled with a joyful heart.

          58. Seeing Ramacandra smile, Draupadi gently, gently said to Shrinivasa Acarya:

          59. "Why does he smile? I do not understand." Shrinivasa Acarya replied, "I will tell you. Please listen carefully.

          60. "Accompanied by the gopis, Radha and Krishna were picking flowers ina  flower-filled forest grove.

          61. "Radha picked a wonderfully-blossomed jasmine flower. Holding that flower up in the moonlight, Krishna was filled with wonder.

          62. "Seeing Krishna filled with wonder, the gopis all smiled. Standing at my side, Ramacandra smiled also."

          63. Hearing these words, Draupadi felt great wonder in her heart. In this way those blissful pastimes were revealed. What more shall I say?

          64. Shrinivasa Acarya stayed with Ramacandra always. Tasting the nectar of the Gosvamis' books, in his heart he was overcome with bliss.

          65. Ramacandra Kaviraja was very learned. No one was learned like him.

          66. Day by day the bliss in Yajigrama increased. In sankirtana glorifying the Lord, the devotees were overcome with bliss.


Shrinivasa Prabhu's Travels


          67. Taking with him his dear associates, after some days Shrinivasa Acarya went to Kancanagadiya-grama.

          68. Everyone became plunged in the great bliss of sankirtana. The fallen souls' sins at once fled far away.

          69. For some days everyone very joyfully stayed there. Then they very joyfully went to Budhari-grama.

          70. From Khetari-grama a messenger was sent with news of Shrinivasa Acarya's imminent arrival.

          71. Accompanied by his associates, Shrinivasa Acarya very joyfully entered Budhari-grama.

          72. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, the devotees greeted each other. Filling their eyes, the glorious devotees gazed at each other.


          73. Shrinivasa Acarya's glory made every heart overcome with bliss. Who will not sing of his charming form and virtues.


          74. A song in Saranga-raga:


                   (refrain) jaya jaya guna-mani shri shrinivasa

dhani dhani abani-bhaga                ki e aparupa

                   gaura-premamaya maruti prakasha


          (Refrain) Glory, glory to Shri Shrinivasa, who is rich with the jewels of spiritual virtues! How fortunate, how fortunate has the earth become now! Shrinivasa is personified wonderful spiritual love for Lord Gaura.


          75. kunkum kanaka            kanja jini' tanu-ruci

                   rucira badana-bidhu adhara sudhara

madhurima hasa                bhasha mridu manjula

                   yanu barishaye naba amiya apara


          The splendor of Shrinivasa's form defeats kunkuma, gold, and lotus flowers. His face is glorious like the moon. Nectar flows from his lips. Sweetness rests on his smile. His words are gentle and charming. His words shower a shoreless flood of new nectar.


          76. candana-tilaka bhala                bhuru nirupama

                   dagamaga locana-kamala bishala

komala bhuja-yuga             janu bilambita

                   kambu-kanöha uru-mandita mala


          Sandal tilaka graces his forehead. His eyebrows have no peer. His large lotus eyes overflow with bliss. His gentle arms hang to his knees. His neck is graceful like a conchshell. A flower garland hangs down to his thighs.


          77. shoha-i pahirana           basana krishodara

                   tri-bali su-balita nabhi abhirama

uru uru-jangha-                  parba-jana-ranjana

                   pada-nakha nichani dasa ghanashyama


          A splendid garment is tied about his slender waist. Tribali is gracefully placed near his charming navel. His graceful thighs and legs delight the people. Ghanashyama dasa worships the nails of his toes.


          78. A song in Belabali-raga:


jaya shrinivasa acarya                   jagata-jana-jibana

                   parama-rasika guna-dhama

pamara-agati           patita-gati-dayaka

                   dina-bandhu bara-carita-lalama


          Glory to Shrinivasa Acarya! He is the life of this world's people. He is a great rasika. He is the abode of spiritual virtues. To the fallen people whp have no auspicious future he gives an auspicious future. He is the friend of the poor. He is decorated with the ornaments of saintly qualities.


          79. su-lalita bhaba-bhushane                   ati bhushita

                   campaka shona kusuma-sama deha

nirupama gauracandra                  priya parikara

                   yahe hari' hiya na bandha-i theha


          He is decorated with the ornaments of charming spiritual love. His body is glorious like campaka flowers. He is a dear personal associate of peerless Lord Gaurachandra. Gazing at him, what person will not find his heart bound to him with ropes of spiritual love?


          80. bhubana su-bidita                   prema-rasa-badara

                   sukhada narottama pahum jachu prana

nirabadhi yugala-keli           amiya pibi'

                   mati' bilase ki racaba kabi ana


          He is famous in the world. He showers a great monsoon of the nectar of spiritual love. He delights Narottama. He is his spiritual master's very breath of life. He always sips the nectar of the divine couple's pastimes. Tasting the nectar of spiritual pastimes, he is as if intoxicated. What more shall the poets say of him?


          81. mari mari yanka            carana-kinkara

                   karunamaya ramacandra kabiraja

ki kahaba ki e naba            bhakati-kalpa-taru

                   narahari lagi' ropala mahi-majha


          Ah! Ah! Merciful Ramacandra Kaviraja serves his feet. What more shall I say? He is a new kalpa-taru tree of bhakti planted near Narahari dasa on this earth.


          82. Shri Narottama's glories make everyone on this earth wild with bliss. Who will not sing the glories of Narottama's spiritual virtues and handsome form?


          83. A song in Belabali-raga:


                   (refrain) jaya shri narottama parama udara

jaga-jana-ranjana               kanaka-kanja ruci

                   janu makaranda barishe anibara


          (Refrain) Glory to saintly Shri Narottama! He delights the people of the world. He is splendid like a golden lotus flower. He is like an eternal shower of nectar.


          84. jhalamala bipula            pulaka-kula-mandita

                   nirupama badane nirata mridu-hasa

öhalamala nayana              karuna-rasa-ranjita

                   hara-i shrabana-mana bacana-bilasa


          He is effulgent. The hairs of his body stand erect in ecstasy. A gentle smile rests on his peerless face. His eyes are restless. He delights in tasting the nectar of giving mercy to others. His splendid words charm the ears and the heart.


          85. nirupama tilaka             lalaöa madhuratara

                   tulasi-malakula kanöha ujora

su-balani bahu                   lalita kara-pallaba

                   parisara ura upama nahu thora


          His tilaka is peerless. His forehead is charming. A tulasi necklace rests on his charming neck. His arms are graceful. His flower-petal hands are graceful. His broad chest has no peer.


          86. kaöi-taöa kshina           nila naba ambara

                   pina prabara uru gadhala sudhara

komala carana-yugala                   ati shitala

                   bilasata narahari-hridaya-majhara


          His waist is slender. His new garments are blue. His thighs are broad and graceful. His lotus feet are pleasantly cool. He is splendidly manifest in Narahari's heart.


          87. The Vaishnavas are glorious. They charm the heart. They all look effulgent like the sun.

          88. Accompanied by his associates, Shrinivasa Acarya stayed at Shri Budhari-grama. Day and night he was overcome with the bliss of sankirtana.


A Great Festival in Rorakuli-grama


          89. For some days Shrinivasa Acarya enjoyed pastimes at Shri Budhari-grama. Then he joyfully went to Rorakuli-grama.

          90. Shri Govinda Cakravarti was overcome with ecstatic spiritual love. At his home he and his associates met with Shrinivasa Acarya.

          91. Shri Govinda Cakravarti was a very dear disciple of Shrinivasa Acarya. He was expert at singing and playing musical instruments. He was like devotional service personified.

          92. Shrinivasa Acarya's disciple Shri Govinda Cakravarti went from mahala to Rorakuli-grama.

          93. He made his home at Rorakuli-grama. How can I describe all his glories? He was famous everywhere.

          94. Bliss flooded Shri Govinda's house when Shrinivasa Acarya came with his companions.

          95. Preparations were made for a great, great festival. Invitations were sent everywhere.

          96. Viracandra came with His companions. Krishna Mishra also came with his companions.

          97. Shri Hridayananda's disciple Shri Gopiramana came from Amnbika.

          98. Ramai Thakura bid farewell to Balarama-pura and also came with a joyful heart.

          99. Accompanied by his associates, Raghunandana's son Kanai Thakura came from Khanda.

          100. Shri Yadunandana offered obeisances to his Deity Gaurachandra and came fro Kanöaka-nagara.

          101. Accompanied by his associates, Shri Nayanananda Mishra very joyfully came.

          102. They all came to Rorakulai-grama. Who has the power to describe the bliss they felt?

          103-104. Walking ahead, Shrinivasa Acarya, Narottama Thakura Mahashaya, Ramacandra, Shridasa, Gokulananda, and the others brought everyone into the house. Wonderful bliss flooded Govinda's house.

          105. The day passed in great bliss of singing and dancing. When morning came everyone bathed and performed their morning duties.

          106. Then everyone sat down in the temple courtyard. Everyone saw a wonderful glory there.

          107. Then Shrinivasa Acarya brought the Deity there. Gazing at the Deity, everyone was filled with bliss.

          108. Everyone requested Shrinivasa Acarya to perform the abhisheka and other rituals.

          109. On everyone's request, Shrinivasa Acarya joyfully performed the abhisheka and other rituals.

          110. Everyone thought, "What shall we name the Deity?" At that moment a disembodied voice spoke within the temple.

          111. "Perform abhisheka with the name 'Radha-vinoda'!", the voice said. Hearing these words, every person felt bliss take birth within his heart.

          112. Shrinivasa Acarya carefully performed the rituals. He placed the Deity on His throne and dressed Him in wonderful colorful garments.

          113. Shri Shri Radha-vinoda's glorious handsomeness was very wonderful. Gazing at Him, every person's eyes were flooded with bliss.

          114. Then every person placed his eyes on the Shri Radhika Deity. Talking amongst themselves, everyone agreed, "She is very wonderful to see."

          115. Everyone gazed at the Deities Shri Radhika-Radhavinoda. No one could turn his eyes away. Everyone gazed with unblinking eyes.

          116. Countless people were there. I cannot write how many they were. In Govinda's house there was an ocean of bliss, an ocean that had no shore.

          117. Auspiciousness filled Govinda's house. From the four directions everyone called out, "Jaya!"

          118. I cannot describe the festival celebrated on that day. I will describe a little of what happened on the following day.

          119. On the morning on the following day, Prabhu Viracandra, Krishna Mishra, and the other devotees bathed and performed their morning duties.

          120. Everyone gathered in the courtyard of Lord Radhavinoda's temple. Gazing at Lord Radhavinoda, everyone floated in bliss.

          121. Shyama dasa, Devi dasa, Gokula dasa, and many others arrived. A very glorious sankirtana was then begun.

          122. Shyama dasa and Devi dasa played mridangas. How many waves of nectar were born at that festival?

          123. The sound of the mridangas pierced the sky. Hearing the graceful rhythms, no one could remain peaceful.

          124. Gokula and the others sang songs in a great variety of ragas. They sang many unusual and exotic scales and ragas.

          125. The singers and musicians were like the art of various diatonic melodies personified. From the beginning they sang songs glorifying Lord Gaurachandra.

          126.  Lord Gaurachandra became attracted by their songs and mantras. Accompanied by His associates, Lord Gaurachandra personally came there. He was present before everyone's eyes.

          127. The sound of Shri Narottama's voice charmed every heart. It was like an endless shower of ever-new nectar.

          128. How can even the demigods' songs compare to that rare and wonderful sankirtana? Everyone was overcome with bliss.

          129. Overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love, Shrinivasa Acarya swayed to and fro. Wild with bliss, Viracandra Prabhu danced.

          130. Advaita Acarya's son Krishna Mishra was splashed by the tears that streamed from his eyes.

          131. Shri Raghunandana's son Kanai Thakura became wild in the ecstasy of spiritual love. I have no power to describe his condition.

          132. Shri Nayanananda Mishra became darkened with dust. Going from place to place, he danced. His graceful motions charmed every heart.

          133. Ramai Thakura danced with wonderful grace. He loudly roared. He turned this way and that in the four directions.

          134. Who would not weep on seeing the condition of Gadadhara dasa's disciple Shri Yadunandana?

          135. With great love Shri Gopiramana Cakravarti dove into the ocean of the bliss of sankirtana.

          136. The Vaishnavas headed by Ramacandra and Shridama could not remain peaceful. They were overcome by the ecstasy of spiritual love.

          137. Prabhu Viracandra was rapt in dancing. Suddenly He stopped dancing. Hugging Narottama, He wept.

          138. In that way everyone was overcome by the ecstasy of spiritual love. Who embraced who? That I have no power to write.

          139. Forgetting themselves, everyone rolled on the ground. Some wept and grasped other devotees' feet.

          140. Who has the power to describe how the devotees were filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love? The demigods thought themselves fortunate to watch all of these activities.

          141. Eventually the sankirtana stopped, and everyone became peaceful again. Everyone joyfully sat down together in the courtyard of the Lord's temple.

          142. Everyone was plunged in talking of Radha-Krishna's pastimes and Shri Chaitanya's pastimes. They were very fortunate.

          143. The devotees peacefully sat in the courtyard and talked. In this way the courtyard became a great ocean of spiritual love.

          144. Seeing Govinda Cakravarti filled with ecstatic spiritual love, every person felt great joy in his heart.

          145. Govinda was famous as Shri Bhavuka Cakravarti (Cakravarti who is filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love). Seeing his activities of devotion and spiritual love, who will not praise him?

          146. For some days the devotees stayed in Rorakuli-grama. They were wild in the bliss of sankirtana.

          147. When the time came for everyone to depart, Prabhu Viracandra, Krishna Mishra, and all the devotees were overcome with sorrow.

          148. Bidding each other farewell, they all departed. Because I have only one mouth, I cannot say very much of all these pastimes.

          149. Shrinivasa Acarya and Narottama Thakura Mahashaya followed the visiting devotees as they departed. Tears streamed from every eye.

          150. Porters carrying various items were sent to follow the departing devotees.

          151. Narottama and the other dear associates of Shrinivasa Acarya stayed a few more days in Rorakuli-grama.

          152. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not describe how Shrinivasa Acarya visited the homes of his various disciples.

          153. I cannot describe how bliss took its birth in the area around Rorakuli-grama and how pure devotional service grew very powerful there.

          154. Simply by Shrinivasa Acarya's merciful glance everyone became plunged into sankirtana.

          155. At Shri Govinda's house, Shrinivasa Acarya and his associates very joyfully gazed at the handsome splendor of Shri Radhavinoda.

          156. Understanding the desires in Shri Radhavinoda's heart, Shrinivasa crossed the Padmavati and went to Khetari-grama.

          157. Accompanied by his associates, Shrinivasa entered the courtyard of Lord Gaurachandra's temple. Seeing the Lord's devotees, everyone was overcome with bliss.

          158. For many days the devotees were all plunged in the nectar of sankirtana. This brought great bliss to the people of Khetari-grama.

          159. In a secluded place Shrinivasa bid farewell to Narottama, who was more dear to him than life.Then he went to Budhari-grama.

          160. Seeing Shrinivasa Acarya, the people of various places would talk amongst themselves about his glories.

          161. One person said, "Shrinivasa Acarya is like personified love for Lord Gaura. Through Shrinivasa, Lord Gaura will perform many tasks.

          162. "Shrinivasa teaches the philosophy of the Gosvamis' books. He removes the pride of all who oppose devotional service."

          163. Another person said, "O my brothers, the materialists, who have turned their faces away from Lord Krishna, are very independent. They jump over the rules of religion.

          164. "Amongst the materialists a person named Raghunatha is most prominent. He tricks and cheats the people in general.

          165. "This misbehaved sinner has invented his own philosophy, a philosophy he preaches in Banga-desha."

          166. Another person said, "I saw some great sinners turn away form the kirtana glorifying Lord Krishna. These sinners sing instead a kirtana glorifying their own selves."

          167. Another person said, "In Radha-desha is a degraded brahmana philosopher named Mallika. He is famous. No one is wicked like him.

          168. "That great sinner calls himself Gopala. Speaking an illusory philosophy worthy of the rakshasas, he tricks the people in general."

          169. In Shri Chaitanya-bhagavata (Adi. 14.81-87) it is said: "Because of this fortunate event, even today all the men and women in East Bengal are followers of Lord Chaitanya's sankirtana movement.

          170. "Gradually, some sinners came and destroyed everything.

          171. "Interested only in filling their bellies, these sinners claim, 'I am Lord Ramacandra'.

          172. "Some of these sinners gave up chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna. Instead they chanted the name 'Narayana', thinking that name referred to themselves.

          173. "I can see the truth of these people. Why are they not ashamed to make these useless claims about themselves, claims that are like a heap of ashes?

          174. "In Radha-desha lives a great brahmana-demon. In his heart he is a demon, but he has a glass facade of being a brahmana.

          175. "This sinner claims he is Krishna and calls himself 'Gopala'. Everyone else calls him 'the jackal'."

          176. Someone else said, "These people bring great inauspiciousness to everyone. When He descends to this world, Lord Kalki will punish all these mlecchas."

          177. After speaking these words, all the people, with great joy in their hearts, offered respectful obeisances at Shrinivasa Acarya's feet.

          178. After fulfilling everyone's desires, Shrinivasa Acarya returned to his own home in Yajigrama with his associates.

          179. From the mouths of the people of Yajigrama, Shrinivasa heard, "Prabhu Viracandra is now preaching the truths of religion.

          180. "In Radha-desha, in the village named Kandara, is the auspicious and glorious home of Jnana dasa.

          181. "In that place is also the home of a Kayastha named Jaya Gopala. Because of his pride of learning, wicked-heartedness took birth within that Kayastha.

          182. "Although he had no true knowledge, this person posed as a guru. He arrogantly questioned what his own guru tried to teach him.

          183. "Prabhu Viracandra preached the actual truth. Still, this imposter rejected Viracandra's mercy and fled from that place."

          184. Hearing these words, Shrinivasa Acarya became joyful at heart. At that time a letter came from Viracandra.

          185. With great respect Shrinivasa Acarya accepted the letter. His heart blossoming with joy, he read that letter.


The Fifth Letter


          "Glory to Shri Gaura-Nityananda! Shri Viracandradeva, who always thinks of you and your companions, and who hugs you with spiritual love, says: O Shrila Shrinivasa Acarya, you have great spiritual power given by Shri Shri Mahaprabhu. It is because of this power that you are able to explain and circulate the books of Shrila Rupa Gosvami, who also received great power from the Lord. It is because of your peerless spiritual power that the Gosvamis' books were so widely distributed amongst the saintly devotees in Gauda-mandala. Therefore I have sent this letter informing you of My activities. Jaya Gopala dasa will not accept My mercy. This is now known in all the world. My followers will not talk with him. I have forbidden them. Therefore you should not talk with him either."


          186. After sending that letter from Kandara, Prabhu Viracandra went to Khadadaha and gave the same information to His sons.

          187. As Prabhu Viracandra was the abode of spiritual virtues, so His sons were also filled with spiritual love and devotion.

          188. His eldest son, Gopijanavallabha, was a preacher. His middle son, Shri Rama-Krishna, was saintly and generous.

          189. His youngest son, Shri Ramacandra, was very peaceful. The fortunate devotees will describe the glories and activities of these three sons.

          190. Who will not weep to hear of Prabhu Viracandra's glories? The devotees rejected the sinner Jaya Gopala dasa.

          191. This news was spread everywhere. Who never talked of it?

          192. Accompanied by his disciples, Shrinivasa Acarya returned to Yajigrama. He always passed the time in either sankirtana or discussion of the scriptures.

          193. In this book I will not write the names of Shrinivasa Acarya's disciples. In another book, a book describing Shrinivasa's activities, I will describe his disciples in detail.

          194. Who will not find his heart filled with cooling bliss by hearing of Shrinivasa Acarya's glories? Who will not sing songs glorifying Shrinivasa Acarya's virtues and activities?


Songs Glorifying Shri Shrinivasa Acarya's Virtues and Activities


          195. A song in Kamoda-raga:


e mora jibana prana           parama-karunaban

                   acarya öhakura shrinivasa

jiniya kancana deha            jagate bidita yena

                   shri chaitanya-premera prakasha


          Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura is my very life's breath. He is very merciful. The splendor of his form defeats gold. He is famous in all the world. He revealed the truth of ecstatic spiritual love for Lord Chaitanya.


          196. chaitanya priya yata              kare sneha abirata

                   kahite ki jani guna-gana

alpa bayasa haite               bidyara nipuna cite

                   cinte sada chaitanya-carana


          He is always affectionate to Lord Chaitanya's dear devotees. I do not know how to describe all of Shrinivasa's glories. From the time when he was only a few years old his heart was expert in spiritual knowledge. He always meditated on Lord Chaitanya's feet.


          197. eka-dina ratri-sheshe              shri-chaitanya snehabeshe

                   nita-i candera sange laiya

shrinivasa-pashe asi'           swapna-cchale hasi' hasi'

                   kahe shrinivasa-mukhe cana


          Once, at the end of night, Shrinivasa attained the association of Lord Nitai, who was overcome with ecstatic love for Lord Chaitanya. On the pretext of a dream Lord Nitai approached Shrinivasa. Smiling and smiling, Lord Nitai glanced at Shrinivasa's face and said:


          198. yabe shighra brindabana                  tatha rupa-sanatana

                   racila bicitra grantha-gana

bitariba toma-dware           eta kahi' bare bare

                   nityanande kaila samarpana


          "At once go to Vrindavana. Through you, I will distribute the wonderful books Rupa and Sanatana wrote." When Lord Nitai had spoken these words, Shrinivasa again and again offered respectful obeisances to Him.


          199. hena-kale swapna-bhanga                dharite naraye anga

                   shrinivasa byakula ha-ila

nilacala gauda-deshe           bhramiya se premabeshe

                   brindabane gamana harila


          Then the dream broke. Shrinivasa could not remain peaceful. He was agitated. After first traveling in Nilacala and Gauda-desha, he went, overcome with spiritual love, to Vrindavana.


          200. kata abhilasha mane              ullase alpa-dine

                   mathura-nagare prabeshila

shri-rupa sanatana              e domhara adarshana

                   shuni' tatha murchita ha-ila


          His heart filled with spiritual desires, he joyfully traveled. After a few days he entered Mathura City. Hearing that Rupa and Sanatana had disappeared from this world, Shrinivasa fainted unconscious.


          201. kandaye cetana pana             kahe bhume loöa-iya

                   ha ha prabhu rupa-sanatana

ki lagi' bancita kaila             na bujhi e-saba khela

                   ki lagiya rakhila jibana


          Regaining consciousness, he wept. He rolled on the ground. He called ou, "Alas! Alas! Rupa and Sanatana Prabhus have cheated me! I cannot see their glorious activities! Why should I continue to protect my life?"


          202. aiche kheda-yukta mana                  jani' rupa-sanatana

                   swapna-cchale asi' premabeshe

shrinivasa kole laiya            netra-bari nibariya

                   kahe ati su-madhura bhashe


          In this way Shrinivasa was overcome with sorrow. On the pretext of a dream Rupa and Sanatana came before Shrinivasa. Filled with spiritual love, they embraced Shrinivasa, sprinkled him with tears from their eyes, and then spoke to him these very sweet words:


          203. shighra giya brindabana                   kara atma-samarpana

                   shri-gopala-bhaööera carane

na bhabibe kona duhkha               pa-ibe parama sukha

                   aiche dekha diba du-i jane


          "Quickly go to Vrindavana. Surrender yourself at Shri Gopala Bhaööa's feet. You will not suffer. You will be very happy. Now we two have allowed you to see us."


          204. eta kahi' adarshana               haila rupa-sanatana

                   shrinivasa prabhate uöhiya

prabeshaye brindabane                 prema-dhara du-nayane

                   brindabana-shobha nirakhiya


          After speaking these words, Rupa and Sanatana suddenly disappeared. At dawn Shrinivasa arose from sleep and entered Vrindavana. Gazing at Vrindavana's beauty, his eyes were flooded with tears.


          205. shri-jiba shri-shrinivase           pa-iya anandabeshe

                   gosvami-ganera mila-ila

shri-rupera swapnadeshe               ati-snehe shrinivase

                   shri-gopala-bhaööa-shishya kaila


          Shrila Jiva Gosvami joyfully greeted Shrinivasa and introduced him to the Gosvamis. Following the command Shri Rupa very affectionately gave in a dream, Shrinivasa became a disciple of Shri Gopala Bhaööa.


          206. shri-jiba-gosvamira yata                   sneha ke kahiba kata

                   kara-ila shastra-bicakshana

shribasa ananda-mane                  priya-narottama-sane

                   kichu dine ha-ila milana


          Who can describe the great love Shri Jiva felt for Shrinivasa? He made Shrinivasa learned in the scriptures. After some days Shrinivasa very joyfully met dear Narottama.


          207. narottame la-iya sange           braje bhramilena range

                   gobindera ajna-mala pana

gosvamira grantha-gana                karilena bitarana

                   shri-gauda-mandale sthira hana


          In Narottama's company, Shrinivasa joyfully traveled to various places in Vraja. Then Shrinivasa attained a command-flowergarland from the Deity Shri Govinda. He distributed the Gosvamis' books. Then he stayed in Gauda-mandala.


          208. gaura-prema-sudha-pane                 sada matta sankirtane

                   jagate ghoshaye yasha ya'ra

kahe narahari dine              uddhare apana-gune

                   e-mana dayalu nahi ara


          He drank the nectar of ecstatic love for Lord Gaura. He was always as if intoxicated by performing sankirtana. His fame is sounded in all the world. Narahari dasa says: O Shrinivasa, please kindly deliver poor me. No one is merciful like you.


          209. A song in Belabali-raga:


(refrain) jaya jaya shri shrinivasa guna-dhama

dina-hina-tarana prema-rasayana

aichana madhurima nama


          (Refrain) Glory, glory to Shrinivasa, who is the abode of virtues! He delivered the poor and fallen. He gave them the nectar-elixir of ecstatic spiritual love. He gave them the sweet holy name.


          210. kancana-barana tanu su-lalita

kaushika-basana biraje

prema-nama kari' kahata bhagabate

so-i barana tanu saje


          His graceful form eclipsed gold. His silk garments were splendid. He chanted the holy name in ecstatic love. He preached Shrimad-Bhagavatam. His form was glorious.


          211. nija-nija bhakata parishada sangahi

prakaöa su-caranarabinde

nirabadhi badanahi nama birajita

radhe krishna gobinda


          He stayed amongst his devotee associates. In this world he manifested his glorious lotus feet. On his mouth the holy names "Radhe! Krishna! Govinda!" were always splendid manifest.


          212. yugala-bhajana lila-aswadana

grantha-kalpataru hate

tuya binu adhame sharana ko de-oba

gobinda-dasa anathe


          He worshiped the divine couple. He tasted the nectar of Their pastimes. In his hand he held the kalpa-taru tree that was the Gosvamis' books. O Narottama, without you the fallen souls have no shelter. Please give shelter to helpless poor Govinda dasa, who has no master.


          213. A person in whose heart the idea that he is very glorious and fortunate has taken birth will not have the power to describe Shrinivasa Acarya's virtues and activities.

          214. Who will not sings songs describing Shri Narottama dasa Thakura Mahashaya's virtues and activities, which are all filled with ecstatic spiritual love?


Songs Describing the Virtues and Activities of Shri Narottama dasa Thakura Mahashaya


          215. A Song in Kamoda-raga:


o-mora karunamaya           shri-öhakura mahashaya

                   narottama premera murati

kiba se komala tanu           shirisha-kusuma yanu

                   jiniya kanaka-deha-dyuti


          Ah! My merciful Shri Narottama dasa Thakura Mahashaya is like ecstatic spiritual love personified. His form is graceful and gentle. The splendor of his golden form defeats the shirisha flower.


          216. alapa bayasa ta'ya                kona sukha nahi bhaya

                   gora-guna shuni' sada jhure

rajya-bhoga teyagiya          ati alakshita haiya

                   gamana karila braja-pure


          From his early childhood Narottama was not attracted to material pleasures. Hearing Lord Gaura's glories, Narottama always wept. Unseen by others, Narottama renounced his royal pleasures and secretly went to Vraja-pura.


          217. prabeshila brindabane            parama ananda-mane

                   lokanatha atma samarpila

kripa kari' lokanatha           karilena atmasat

                   radha-krishna-mantra-diksha dila


          Very joyfully he entered Vrindavana. He surrendered to Shri Lokanatha Gosvami. Shri Lokanatha mercifully acepted him and gave him initiation into the Radha-Krishna mantra.


          218. narottama ceshöa dekhi                   brindabane sabe sukhi

                   pranera samana kare sneha

shrinibasacarya-sane ye marma               ta' keba jane

                   prana eka bhinna-matra deha


          Seeing Narottama's spiritual activities, everyone in Vrindavana became happy. They all loved him as they loved their own life's breath. Who understands the heart of his friendship with Shrinivasa Acarya? Narottama and Shrinivasa were like one life present in two bodies.


          219. shri-radhabinoda dekhi'           sada-i judaya ankhi


bhakti-shastra-adhyayane              mahanande bade mane

                   purna haila abhilasha yata


          Again and again gazing at the Deity Radhavinoda, Narottama felt his eyes filled with cooling bliss. He devotedly served his spiritual master, Shri Lokanatha Gosvami. As he studied the devotional scriptures, Narottama felt great bliss in his heart. In this way he felt all his desires were fulfilled.


          220. prabhu-anumati mate            shri-braja-mandala haite

                   shri-gauda-mandale prabeshila

prabhu-anugraha-bale                   nabadwipa-nilacale

                   bhakta-grihe bhramana karila


          With his spiritual master's permission he left Shri Vraja-mandala and went to Shri Gauda-mandala. By his spiritual master's mercy he visited the homes of the devotees in Navadvipa and Nilacala.


          221. kiba se madhura-riti               khetari-gramete sthiti

                   sebe gaura shri-radharamane

shri-ballabikanta nama                  radhakanta rasa-dhama

                   radha-krishna shri-braja-mohane


          How charming and sweet were his ways! He resided in Khetari-grama. He served the Deities Shri Gaura, Shri Radharamana, Shri Ballavikanta, Shri Radhakanta, Shri Radha-Krishna, and Shri Vrajamohana, who were all like abodes of spiritual nectar.


          222. e chaya bigraha yena             sakshat bihare yena

                   shobha dekhi' keba nabhi bhule

priya ramacandra-sange                narottama maha-range

                   bhase prema-rasera hillole


          These six Deities enjoyed pastimes before Narottama's eyes. Who will not be overcome by gazing at the splendor and handsomeness of these Deities? Narottama was always happy in his dear friend Ramacandra's association. He floated in nectar waves of ecstatic spiritual love.


          223. narottama-guna yata             ke taha kahibe kata

                   prema-brishöi ya'ra sankirtane

shri-adwaita nityananda                 gana-saha gauracandra

                   nacaye dekhila bhagyabane


          Who can describe all of Narottama's glories? In sankirtana, Narottama showered a great monsoon of ecstatic spiritual love. In Narottama's sankirtana, Lord Gaurachandra, Lord Nityananda, Lord Advaita, and Their associates all danced. The fortunate devotees saw Them with their own eyes.


          224. gaura-gana-priya ati               narottama maha-mati

                   baishnaba-sebane ya'ra dhwani

ki adbhuta dayaban            ka're ba na kare dana

                   nirmala bhakati cintamani


          Noble-hearted Narottama was very dear to Lord Gaura's devotees. With his words he rendered great service to the Vaishnavas. How wonderful was is mercy! To whom would he not give charity? He gave in charity the precious cintamani jewel of pure bhakti.


          225. pashandi asura-gane              mota-ila gora-gune

                   bihwala ha-iya premabeshe

alaukika-kriya yara             hena ki ha-ibe ara

                   se na yasha ghoshe deshe deshe


          He made even the demons and blasphemers as if intoxicated with bliss by tasting the nectar of Lord Gaura's glories. He was overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. His extraordinary activities were beyond the touch of this material world. Who was like him? In country after country his fame is proclaimed.


          226. kahe narahari dina                 ha'be ki e-mana dina

                   narottama-pade bika-iba

saghane du-bahu tuli'          prabhu narottama bali'

                   kandi ki dhulaya loöa-iba


          Poor Narahari dasa says: When will the day come when I will atain Shri Narottama's feet? When, raising my arms and calling out, "Prabhu Narottama!", will I weep and roll about in the dust?


          227. A song in Deshapala-raga:


jayatu shubha-mandita su-pandita

narottama mahashaya, manojna saba-rita

bara-gauraba gabhira ati-dhira guna-dhama

premamaya rupa rasa-kupa upama-rahita

matta dina rati rata gana naba tana

gati-nritya hrita citta, mridu anga abhirama


          Glory to Shri Narottama! He is very learned. He is decorated with auspiciousness. He is respectful and profound. He is the abode of virtues. He is filled with ecstatic spiritual love. He is like a deep well filled with spiritual nectar. No one is his peer. Day and night he is as if intoxicated by singing sweet songs. His graceful dancing charms the heart. His soft limbs are delightful.


          228. sebana su-bigraha nirantara maha-mudita

gaurahari-bhakta-priya-patra, karuna bidita

dina-jana-bandhu krita purna saba kama

manjutara kirti, jaga-bhushana na dushana

apara guna para nahi payata

kabindra gayata anukshana hi ghanashyama


          He always joyfully serves his Deities. He is dear to the devotees of Lord Gaura-Hari. His mercy is famous. He is the friend of the poor. He fulfills their every desire. His fame is glorious and charming. He is like a beautiful ornament decorating the world. He does not find fault with others. He is like a shoreless ocean of virtues. No one can find the farther shore of that ocean. At every moment Ghanashyama dasa and the multitudes of kings of the poets sing songs glorifying Shri Narottama.


          229. Shri Narottama's virtues and activities are like a shoreless ocean. How can I, who am worthless like a pile of ashes, describe them with my one mouth?

          230. Hearing of Shri Narottama dasa Thakura Mahashaya's virtues, who will not weep in ecstasy? When a person meditates on Shri Narottama's virtues and activities, then all inauspiciousness flees far away.

          231. Thinking of Shrinivasa Acarya's feet, Narahari dasa speaks this Bhakti-ratnakara.