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Fifteenth Wave

The Glorious Activities of «rť «yamananda


Calling Out the glories of «rť Gaura and «rť Gaura's Associates


††††††††† 1. Glory to Lord Gaura, Lord Nityananda, Lord Advaita, and Lord Gadadhara! Glory, glory to «rťvasa, Murari and VakreÁvara!

††††††††† 2. Glory to «rť Mukunda, Gaurť-dasa, and Gadadhara! Glory to PuŽÚarťka Vidyanidhi and «uklambara!

††††††††† 3. Glory to SŁryadasa, KŚŮŽadasa, and DhanaÔjaya! Glory to Narahari, Raghunandana, and Vijaya!

††††††††† 4. Glory to Ramananda Vasu, the abode of virtues! Glory to JagadťÁa and blissful «rť «ažkara!

††††††††† 5. Glory to KaÁť-MiÁra, KaÁťÁvara, and KarŽapŁra! Glory, glory to «rťnatha Cakravartť ÷hakura!

††††††††† 6. Glory to «rť Sundarananda and KaÔja Bhagavan! Glory to Abhirama, the lord of Malinť's life!

††††††††† 7. Glory to Raghunatha BhaŲŲa, Sanatana Gosvamť, and RŁpa Gosvamť! Glory to «rť BhŁgarbha and Lokanatha, the great monarchs of bhakti!

††††††††† 8. Glory to «rť Gopala BhaŲŲa and Raghunatha dasa! Glory, glory to «rť Jťva, who is famous in all the worlds!

††††††††† 9. Glory to KŚŮŽadasa Kaviraja, who is filled with spiritual love! Glory to VŚndavana dasa, the Vyasa of Lord Gaura's pastimes!

††††††††† 10. Glory to Haridasa, who is always as if intoxicated by tasting the ecstasy of love for the holy name! Glory to «rť «rťnivasa ńcarya, who is an ocean of mercy!

††††††††† 11. Glory, glory to Narottama! Glory to Ramacandra! Glory, glory to «yamananda, who gave the precious jewel of devotional service!

††††††††† 12. Glory, glory to the devotees who hear this book, devotees who are the abodes of virtue. Please kindly heart what I will now say.

††††††††† 13. To his associates one day «rťnivasa joyfully described «yamananda's activities.

††††††††† 14. At that time two of «yamananda's disciples, carrying a letter, arrived at «rťnivasa ńcarya's home.

††††††††† 15. To «rťnivasa ńcarya they gave a letter from «yamananda. Reading the letter, «rťnivasa ńcarya became joyful at heart.

††††††††† 16. «rťnivasa was very kind to «yamananda's disciples. At once her wrote a letter in reply and sent the two disciples to deliver it.

††††††††† 17. Reading the letter, «yamananda was overcome with bliss. «yamananda's character was charming and pure.

††††††††† 18. In previous portions of this book I described «yamananda's character and activities. Now I will say a little something of how he delivered the fallen souls.


«rťla «yamananda's Activities, His Mercy to «rť Rasikananda Murari


††††††††† 19. After traveling from Vraja to «rť GauÚa-maŽÚala, «yamananda quickly went to Ambika in Orissa.

††††††††† 20. That country was the place of his birth. He preached prema-bhakti in the villages DaŽÚeÁvara and Dharenda. Then he went to Rayinť.

††††††††† 21. In Malla-bhŁmi was the village named Rayinť. Nearby was the river named SuvarŽarekha.

††††††††† 22. Flowing north, the SuvarŽarekha destroyed the great sins of all the fallen souls.

††††††††† 23. Near Rayinť was the village named Barayita, which was situated in a beautiful place on the banks of the Dolažga river.

††††††††† 24. DaÁaratha's son Rama had stayed at Barayita. Lord «iva gave this place the name RameÁvara.

††††††††† 25. For some days Ramacandra happily enjoyed pastimes of wandering with Janakť and LakŮmaŽa in the forests of these places.

††††††††† 26. The king of this place was named Acyuta. He devotedly protected the people. His actions were very pure.

††††††††† 27. Acyuta's son was well know in Rayinť-grama. That son was known by two names: «rť Rasikananda and «rť Murari.

††††††††† 28. The people knew him by the names Rasika and Murari. After only a few days he became learned in all the scriptures.

††††††††† 29. He very expertly served his father and mother. His mother, who was very devoted to her husband, was named Bhavanť.

††††††††† 30. Murari's wife was named Iccha. She was very virtuous. For some days they made there home in GhaŽŲaÁila village.

††††††††† 31. GhaŽŲaÁila was near the SuvarŽarekha. During their forest-exile, the PaŽÚavas rested at that place.

††††††††† 32. One day, as he sat in a secluded place, Murari thought in his heart, "Whose disciple shall I become?"

††††††††† 33. At that moment a voice from the sky declared, "Don't be anxious. You will become a disciple of «rť «yamananda."

††††††††† 34. Hearing these words, Rasika Murari became joyful. From Shyamananda he would attain the chanting of the holy names.

††††††††† 35. Moment after moment this desire for spiritual initiation grew. Whenever he heard the words "Shyamananda Prabhu", a flood of tears flowed from Rasika Murari's eyes.

††††††††† 36. Murari was anxious. In this way the night passed. As night was beginning to end, Murari was drawn into sleep.

††††††††† 37. In a dream Murari saw Shyamananda. Sweetness rested on each one of Shyamananda's sublime wonderful limbs.

††††††††† 38. Smiling, Shri Shyamananda said to Murari, "In the morning you will attain me."

††††††††† 39. After speaking these words, Shyamananda suddenly disappeared. Now Rasikananda's heart was filled with bliss.

††††††††† 40. When dawn came, wise Shri Rasika, without saying a word to anyone, carefully watched the path.

††††††††† 41. A short distance away, Shyamananda walked on the path. His disciples, headed by Shri Kishora dasa, were around him on four sides.

††††††††† 42. Shyamananda was effulgent like the sun. His body was glorious. His face was glorious with a smile. His broad chest was charming.

††††††††† 43. Chanting the names of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda, he was overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. Swaying and swaying to and fro in that ecstasy, he walked.

††††††††† 44. Seeing Prabhu Shyamananda, Rasika Murari joyfully fell to the ground and touched his feet.

††††††††† 45. With joy in his heart, Shyamananda hugged Rasika and sprinkled him with tears from his eyes.

††††††††† 46. In his heart Rasika knew he had become fortunate. His master's glory now stood before his eyes.

††††††††† 47. Shyamananda was merciful to Murari. Very happily he gave Murari initiation into chanting the Radha-Krishna mantra.

††††††††† 48. With a joyful heart he accepted Rasikananda as a disciple. He presented Rasikananda before the feet of Shri Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda.

††††††††† 49. Rasika Murari was overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. Without stop tears streamed from his eyes.

††††††††† 50. Accompanying his spiritual master, he went to Rayani-grama. He was now plunged in the ocean of the bliss of sankirtana.

††††††††† 51. With only one mouth how can I have the power to describe Shri Rasika Murari's devotion to his spiritual master?

††††††††† 52. Shyamananda carefully watched Murari. Observing Murari's activities, Shyamananda became filled with bliss.

††††††††† 53. Shyamananda stayed at that place for some days. He preached the glories of devotional service and accepted many disciples.

††††††††† 54. Then, on four sides surrounded by his dear associates, Shyamananda departed from Rayani-grama.

††††††††† 55. By Shyamananda's mercy a person named Damodara, who previously practiced yoga, was now plunged in the nectar of devotional service.

††††††††† 56. Becoming a disciple of Shyamananda, Damodara always chanted, "Nitai-Chaitanya!" and wept.

††††††††† 57. Seeing how Damodara was overcome by the ecstasy of spiritual love, who could remain peaceful? Declaring, "Devotional service is the best of all spiritual paths!," Damodara would dance.

††††††††† 58. Shyamananda rescued Damodara. Wherever he went, Shyamananda gave people the precious jewel of devotional service.

††††††††† 59. I cannot describe how merciful Shyamananda preached devotional service in the town of Balarama-pura.

††††††††† 60. Accompanied by Kishora, Murari, Damodara, and his other disciples, Shyamananda celebrated a great festival in the village of Dharendra-grama.

††††††††† 61. Seeing Shyamananda, the villagers were overcome with bliss. They forgot all their sorrows and troubles.

††††††††† 62. Who will not become purified by hearing the names of the disciples Shri initiated in place after place?

††††††††† 63-65. Accompanied by Radhananda, Shri Purushottama, Manohara, Cintamani, Balabhadra, Shri Jagadishvara, Uddhava, Akrura, Madhuvana, Shri Govinda, Jagannatha, Gadadhara, Shri Anandananda, Shri Radha-mohana, and his other disciples, Shyamananda always floated in the waves of the bliss of sankirtana.

††††††††† 66. The poets' descriptions of Shyamananda's very wonderful pastimes fill all the hearers with bliss.

††††††††† 67. Here is a song in Belabali-raga:


jaya jaya sukhamaya shyamananda

abirata gaura-prema-rase nimagana

jhalakata tanu naba-pulaka-ananda


††††††††† Glory, glory to blissful Shyamananda! He is always plunged in the nectar of ecstasy of love for Lord Gaura. His body is effulgent. He is filled with ever-new bliss. The hairs of his body stand erect with joy.


††††††††† 68. shyamara gaura-carita-caya bilapata

badana su-madhuri haraye parana

nirupama pahum-parikara-guna shuna-ite

jhara jhara jhara-i sukamala-nayana


††††††††† He describes the pastimes of dark Krishna and fair Gaura. The sweetness of his face makes one breathless. When they hear the virtues of Shyamananda's peerless companions, the devotees find that tears spontaneously flow from their lotus eyes.


††††††††† 69. umada-i hiya anibara cuyata khana

sweda-bindu-saha tilaka ujora

aparupa nritya madhuratara kirtane

tulasi-mala ura cancala thora


††††††††† Tears flowed without stop onto his chest. His tilaka glistened in his perspiration. His dancing was wonderful. His kirtana was very sweet. The tulasi necklace on his chest slowly movad as he danced.


††††††††† 70. su-madhura gita dhunata anumodane

bhuja bhangima kara tarala lalama

pada-tale tala dharata kata bhantika

mari mari nichani dasa ghanashyama


††††††††† His very sweet singing was delightful. The tilaka on his graceful arms ran as he perspired. His feet danced in many graceful rhythms. Ah! Ah! Ghanashyama dasa worships him.


††††††††† 71. One day, surrounded by his disciples in the village of Dharendra-grama, Shyamananda became very wild in the ecstasy of sankirtana.

††††††††† 72. The mridangas were sounded. The sound of the karatalas charmed the heart. Shri Kishora and the other disciples sang many songs.

††††††††† 73. In the beginning were songs glorifying Lord Gaura and Lord Nityananda. The Vaishnavas became wild in ecstasy. No one could remain peaceful at heart.

††††††††† 74. From every eye floods of tears flowed without stop. Everyone rolled on the ground. Everyone became covered with dust.

††††††††† 75. Shyamananda Thakura danced in sankirtana. Watching his graceful motions, the demigods became filled with bliss.

††††††††† 76. Watching Shyamananda dance, even the demons and blasphemers were overcome with feelings of ecstatic spiritual love. They rolled on the ground and wept.

††††††††† 77. Saying, "O Prabhu Shyamananda, please deliver us!", they fell again and again at Shyamananda's feet.

††††††††† 78. Casting on them a glance of mercy, Shyamananda plunged them all in the nectar of ecstatic spiritual love.

††††††††† 79. Thousands and thousands ofpeople ran to see Shyamananda. Nothing was like the bliss of his sankirtana.

††††††††† 80. In the presence of Shyamananda's glories no one could remain peaceful. These blissful pastimes were manifested in Shri Nrisimhapura.


Shri Rasika Murari Prabhu's Pastime of Crushing the Blasphemers


††††††††† 81. A shower of ecstatic spiritual love fell on Shri Gopijanavallabhapura. Then the gift of service to the Deity Shri Govinda was given to Shri Rasika.

††††††††† 82. Rasikananda was a very powerful preacher. He kindly delivered the thieves and blasphemers.

††††††††† 83. To even the yavanas he gave the precious jewel of devotional service. Accompanied by his disciples, he traveled from village to village.

††††††††† 84. One wicked man sent an elephant to attack him. Rasikananda made that person his disciple. He engaged that disciple in service to Lord Krishna and the Vaishnavas.

††††††††† 85. That wicked yavana king became a surrendered disciple. How many fallen souls did Shyamananda deliver? I cannot count them.

††††††††† 86. Shri Rasikananda was always as if intoxicated by sankirtana. No one can describe all his glories.

††††††††† 87. A song in Belabali-raga:


jaya jaya rasika surasika murari

karunamaya kali-kalusha-bibhanjana

niramala guna-gana jana-mano-hari


††††††††† (Refrain) Glory, glory to Rasika Murari, who is expert at relishing spiritual nectar, who is merciful, who breaks Kali-yuga's sins into pieces, who is pure and virtuous, and who charms the hearts of all the world.


††††††††† 88. prabala pratapa-pujya paramadbhuta

bhakti-prakashaka sukhada sudhira

dagamaga prema hema-sama ujjwala

jhalakata atishaya lalita sharira


††††††††† He is powerful, worshipable, supremely wonderful, a great preacher of devotional service, a delight to others, very intelligent, plunged in the ecstasy of spiritual love, splendid like gold, and effulgent, graceful, and handsome.


††††††††† 89. shyamananda-carana cita cintana

anukhana sankirtana-rasa-pana

yakara saba-rasa gauracandra binu

ki kahaba swapane na janaye ana


††††††††† His heart is rapt in meditation on Shri Shyamananda's feet. At every moment he tastes the nectar of sankirtana. He tastes only the nectar of Shri Gaurachandra. He tastes no other nectar. What shall I say? Even when he sleeps, he thinks only of Lord Gaurachandra, and of no one else.


††††††††† 90. aparupa kirti lasata tri-jagatamadhi

kabi-bara kabya bidita anupama

nipata udara carita caru kachu

samujhi na shakata patita ghanashyama


††††††††† His wonderful glories are splendidly manifest in the three worlds. He is the best of poets. His poems have no peer. He is generous and virtuous. Fallen Ghanashyama dasa has no power to describe him properly.


††††††††† 91. Shri Rasikananda's virtues have no end. Hearing of Prabhu Shyamananda's glories, Rasikananda was always overcome with bliss.

††††††††† 92. Who is not charmed by Shyamananda's glories? In this way I have sung his glories in many ways.


Songs Descibing the Glorious Virtues of Shri Rasika Murari's Spiritual Master


††††††††† 93. A song in Kamoda-raga


o mora parana-bandhu†††††††††††††††† shyamananda sukha-sindhu

†††††††††††††††††† sada-i bihwala gora-gune

griha parihari' dure††††††††††††† anande ambika-pure

†††††††††††††††††† a-ilena prabhura bhabane


††††††††† O my life's friend! O Shyamananda! O ocean of bliss! O devotee always overcome with bliss by hearing of Lord Gaura's glories! Leaving your home far behind, you joyfully went to Ambika-pura. There you went to your master's house. ††††††††


††††††††† 94. hridaya-chaitanya dekhi††††††††††† ajhare jharaye ankhi

†††††††††††††††††† bhumite padaye lota-iya

shire dhari' se carana †††††††††††††††††† kari' atma-samarpana

†††††††††††††††††† eka bhite rahe danda-iya


††††††††† Seeing Hridaya Chaitanya, Shyamananda wept, tears falling without stop from his eyes. Shyamananda fell and rolled on the ground. He held Hridaya Chaitanya's feet to his head. He completely surrendered yourself to him. He respectfully stood at Hridaya Chaitanya's side.


††††††††† 95. dekhi' shyamananda-rita†††††††††† thakura kariya prita

†††††††††††††††††† nikate rakhiya shishya kaila

kari' anugraha ati ††††††††††††† shikha-iya bhakti-riti

†††††††††††††††††† nitai-caitanye samarpila


††††††††† Seeing Shyamananda's activities, Hridaya Chaitanya kept him at his side and made him his disciple. Very mercifully he taught him the ways of devotional service. He placed Shyamananda before Shri Shri Nitai-Chaitanya.


††††††††† 96. kathoka dibasa pare†††††††††††††† patha-ite braja-pure

†††††††††††††††††† shyamananda byakula ha-ila

prabhu nitai chaitanya †††††††††††††††† shyamananda kaila dhanya

†††††††††††††††††† yatra-kale ajna-mala dila


††††††††† After some days Hridaya Chaitanya became eager to send Shyamananda to Vraja-pura. Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya gave Their blessings to Shyamananda. As Shyamananda was about to depart, Hridaya Chaitanya placed on him a garland of spiritual instructions.


††††††††† 97. shyamananda pathe cale†††††††††††††††††† bhasaye ankhera jale

†††††††††††††††††† sonariya prabhura guna-gana

ekaki kathoka dine†††††††††††† prabeshila braja-bhume

†††††††††††††††††† bahu tirtha kariya bhramana


††††††††† As he walked on the path, Shyamananda floated in the tears that flowed from his eyes. He was rapt in thinking of his spiritual master's glories. For some days he traveled alone. Then he entered Vrajabhumi. There he visited many holy places.


††††††††† 98. dekhiya shri brindaranya††††††††† apana manaye dhanya

†††††††††††††††††† anande dharite nare theha

sikta ha-iya netra-jale†††††††††††††††††† lotaya dharani-tale

†††††††††††††††††† bipula pulakamaya deha


††††††††† Gazing at Shri Vrindavana, he thought himself very fortunate. Overcome with bliss, he could not remain peaceful. He became splashed by the tears from his eyes. He rolled on the ground. The hairs of his body stood erect.


††††††††† 99. giya giri-gobardhane††††††††††††††† kaila ye achila mane

†††††††††††††††††† shri-radha-kundera tate asi'

premaya bihwala haila††††††††††††††††† dekhi' anugraha kaila

†††††††††††††††††† shri-dasa-gosai-guna-rashi


††††††††† He went to Govardhana Hill. He stood on the shore of Shri Radha-kunda. There he was overcome with ecstatic spiritual love. Watching him, Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, who was filled with great virtues, felt great compassion.


††††††††† 100. shri-jiba nikate gela†††††††††††††† nija-paricaya dila

†††††††††††††††††† temho kripa kaila batsalyete

yeba manoratha chila†††††††††††††††††† taha yena purna haila

†††††††††††††††††† hridaya-chaitanya-kripa haite


††††††††† Shyamananda approached Shrila Jiva Gosvami and introduced himself. Shrila Jiva was very compassionate. He felt love like a father. By Hridaya Chaitanya's mercy, Shyamananda's desires were all fulfilled.


††††††††† 101. bhramila dwadasha-bana††††††††††††††††† kaila grantha-adhyayana

†††††††††††††††††† haila ati nipuna sebaya

shri-gauda ambika haiya††††††††††††††† rahila utkale giya

†††††††††††††††††† shri-gosvami-ganera ajnaya


††††††††† Shyamananda visited the twelve forests, studied the Gosvamis' books, and became very expert at Deity worship. On the Gosvamis' command, he went to Shri Gauda, Ambika, and Orissa.


††††††††† 102. pashandi-asura-gane††††††††††††† mata-ila gora-gune

††††††††† ††††††††† ka're ba na kaila bhakti-dana

adhama anande bhase††††††††††††††††† shyamananda kripa-leshe

†††††††††††††††††† keba na pa-ila paritrana


††††††††† He made even the demons and blasphemers wild with bliss when they heard of Lord Gaura's glories. To whom did he not give the gift of devotional service? With a small fragment of his mercy he made the fallen souls float in bliss. Whom did he not deliver?


††††††††† 103. ke janibe ta'ra tattwa†††††††††††† sada sankirtane matta

†††††††††††††††††† abanite bidita mahima

nija-parikara-sange†††††††††††† bilase parama-range

†††††††††††††††††† utkale sukhera nahi sima


††††††††† Who knows the truth of him? He is always as if intoxicated with the bliss of sankirtana. His glories are known in all the world. Accompanied by his associates, he enjoys blissful pastimes. In Orissa, his bliss has no end.


††††††††† 104. ye bareka dekhe ta're††††††††††† ye dhriti dharite nare

†††††††††††††††††† kiba se maruti manohara

narahari kahe kabhu†††††††††† rasikanandera prabhu

†††††††††††††††††† habe ki e nayana-gocara


††††††††† Any person who once saw him could not remain peaceful. How charming was his form! Narahari dasa asks: When will Rasikananda come before my eyes?


††††††††† 105. A song in Suha-i-raga


jaya shri duhkhini krishnadasa-guna

kahite shakati kara

hridaya-chaitanya-padambuje sada

cita-madhukara yara


††††††††† Who has the power to describe all of Duhkhi Krishna dasa's glories? His heart is like a bumblebee always drawn to the lotus flower of Hridaya Chaitanya's feet.


††††††††† 106. brindabane naba nikunje ra-ira

nupura pa-ila ye

shyamananda-nama bidita tathaya

sucarita bujhiba ke


††††††††† In a new grove of Vrindavana forest he found an anklet. H ebecame known by the name Shyamananda. Who understands his glories?


††††††††† 107. maha-mudha-mati utkalete yara

na chila bhakati-lesha

gaura-prema-rase bhasa-ila saba

sakala karila desha


††††††††† The foolish nondevotees in Orissa had not the slightest fragment of devotional service. Shyamananda made them all float in the nectar of ecstatic love for Lord Gaura. He made the whole country fortunate.


††††††††† 108. para-duhkhe duhkhi shyamananda mora

rasikanandera prabhu

ki kaba karuna yeho narahari

dine na chadaye kabhu


††††††††† My Shyamananda suffers when others suffer. He is the master of Rasikananda. Will he give mercy to me? Will he give the merciful gift that he will never abandon poor Narahari dasa?


††††††††† 109. Thus I have briefly told the story of Shyamananda. I will not tell it in detail, for that would make this book very large.

††††††††† 110. Hearing that Shyamananda had made Orissa and other places very fortunate, everyone in Gauda-desha became filled with bliss.

††††††††† 111. In Gauda-desha Shrinivasa, Narottama, and their dear associates were very expert in giving to others the precious jewel of devotional service.

††††††††† 112. Everywhere they expanded the branches and sub-branches of the Chaitanya tree. Anyone who speaks or hears of their activities finds his life's breath filled with cooling bliss.

††††††††† 113. Shrinivasa Acarya's dearest disciple was Ramacandra Kaviraja. His glories have no peer.


In the Branch Coming from Shrinivasa, the Story of Hari-ramacarya


††††††††† 114. One of Shri Ramacandra's disciples was Hari Ramacarya, whose extraordinary activities were famous everywhere.

††††††††† 115. Hari-ramacarya freely distributed ecstatic love for Shri Krishna Chaitanya. When the fallen souls' sins were all destroyed, Hari-ramacarya became joyful.

††††††††† 116. Hari-ramacarya was always overcome with ecstasy in sankirtana. The poets have in many songs described his activities, activities that charm the heart.

††††††††† 117. A song in Paurabi-raga:


jaya jaya shri-harirama acarya-varya

ashcarya-carita cita-hari

guna-gana-vishada bipad-mada-mardana

madhura maruti muda-bardhana-kari


††††††††† Glory, glory to Shri Hari-ramacarya! His wonderful activities charm the heart. His pure glories crush in pieces all false pride and material calamities. His form is delightful and charming.


††††††††† 118. pahum-pada-bimukha-asura durjaya jaya-

kriaka kirti jagata paracara

parama-sudhira dhira-dhriti-haraka

karunamaya mati ati hi udara


††††††††† He defeats the invicible demons averse to the Supreme Lord's feet. The whole world sings his glories. He takes away all peaceful composure in the hearts of the wise philosophers. His heart is very kind and generous.


††††††††† 119. anukhana gaura-prema-bhare unamata

matta karindra nindi' gati jora

sankirtana-rasa-lampata patu baishnaba-seba

sukha ko kahu ora


††††††††† At every moment he is as if intoxicated by tasting the ecstasy of spiritual love for Lord Gaura. His power defeats the power of wild elephants. He is greedy to taste the nectar of sankirtana. He expertly serves the Vaishnavas. Who can say where his bliss ends?


††††††††† 120. shrimad-bhagabatadi grantha-kathana

anupama barashata amrita-dhara

shri-shri-krishna-raya yaj-jibana

bhanaba ki narahari mahima apara


††††††††† He showers a peerless nectar flood of explanations of Shrimad-Bhagavatam and other holy books. The Supreme Lord, Shri Shri Krishna Raya, is his very life. How can Narahari dasa describe the shoreless ocean of his glories?


In the Branch Coming from Narottama, the Story of Shri Rama-Krishnacarya


††††††††† 121. A disciple of Shri Narottama was Rama-Krishnacarya, who was very learned and saintly. He walked on the pathway of devotional service.

††††††††† 122. He was very affectionate to the poor, wretched sinners. He destroyed the philosophy of the blapshemers. He was famous everywhere.

††††††††† 123. He always tasted the nectar of sankirtana. Who will not sing his glories, glories that charm the heart?


††††††††† 124. A song in Gauri-raga:


jaya jaya rama-krishna acarya sudhira

mahashaya sukhada udara

bhababesha nirantara kirtana lampata

atishaya sughara pracara


††††††††† Glory, glory to saintly, wise, intelligent, generous, delightful Rama-Krishnacarya! Overcome with ecstatic spiritual love, he is always greedy to taste the nectar of sankirtana. He very eloquently preaches the Supreme Lord's glories.


††††††††† 125. sukhamaya rasika-jana mana-ranjana


dwija-kula-mandala guna-gana-mandita

pandita-bara durmukha mada-hari


††††††††† He delights the rasikas' hearts. He breaks into pieces the fires of material sufferings and the darkness of ignorance. He is decorated with the virtues that rest in the circle of the brahmanas. He is very learned. He removes the fools' false pride.


††††††††† 126. shriman-mohana-raya-subigraha-seba

satata niyukta pradhana

adbhuta rati ullasita diba-nishi



††††††††† He always serves the Deity Shriman Mohana Raya. Day and night he is jubilant in the wonderful ecstasy of spiritual love. He always tastes the nectar of serving Lord Gaurachandra.


††††††††† 127. parama dayala narottama-pada-yuga

yacchu sarbaswa na janata anya

ko samujhaba uha rita rucira yasha

gayata narahari manata dhanya


††††††††† The feet of supremely merciful Narottama are the be-all and end-all of his life. He knows them alone and nothing else. Who understands all his glories? Singing his glories, Narahari dasa thinks himself fortunate.


In the Branch Coming from Narottama, the Story of Shri Ganga-Narayana Prabhu


††††††††† 128. Shri Narottama Thakura purified the fallen people. One of his disciples was Ganga-Narayana Cakravarti

††††††††† 129. Ganga-Narayana was very learned. Breaking the blasphemers' theories into pieces, he preached the truth of devotional service.

††††††††† 130. Day and night he became as if intoxicated by tasting the nectar of sankirtana. Floating in the bliss of songs glorifying his activities, the poets sing of him.


††††††††† 131. A song in Gauri-raga:


jaya jaya shri-ganga-narayana-cakrabarti ati dhira gabhira

dhairaya-harana barana-bara madhuri nirupama

mridutara rucira sharira


††††††††† Glory, glory to Shri Ganga Narayana Cakravarti! His very saintly and profoundly wise. His sweetness takes away one's peaceful composure. His soft and graceful form has no peer.


††††††††† 132. abirata sankirtana-rasa-lampata

lalita-nritya-rata prema-bibhora




††††††††† He always thirsts to taste the nectar of sankirtana. He gracefully dances. He is overcome with ecstatic spiritual love. He devotedly worships Shrila Narottama's lotus feet. He fills the world with splendor.


††††††††† 133. shri-chaitanyacandra-caritamrita-pane magana

mana satata udara

shri-gobinda-manohara-bigraha yaj-jibana



††††††††† He deeply drinks from Shri Chaitanya-caritamrita. He is always noble and generous at heart. The Deity Shri Govinda's charming form is his very life and treasure.


††††††††† 134. parama dayala dina-jana-bandhaba prabala pratapa


barani na shakati kiriti ati adabhuta bidita

dasa narahari-sukha-kari


††††††††† He the powerful and merciful friend of the poor and the fallen. He removes all their sorrows. He delights Narahari dasa. Alas! I have no power to describe his wonderful glories.

††††††††† 135. The devotees in the branches and sub-branches coming from Shrinivasa and Narottama mercifully destroyed all that was inauspicious for the fallen souls.

††††††††† 136. Who knows how to describe the nectar glories of these great devotees? The fortunate souls describe their glories in detail.

††††††††† 137. Thinking of Shrinivasa Acarya's feet, Narahari das speaks this Bhakti-ratnakara.