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Eleventh Wave


Shri Jahnavi-devi Journeys to Vrindavana and Returns


          1. Glory to Lord Gaurachandra, the master of the devotees lives! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda, the shelter of the shelterless!

          2. Glory to Lord Advaita Acarya, who is worshiped in all the worlds! Glory to Gadadhara! Glory to Shrivasa Pandita!

          3. Glory to Sanatana and Rupa, who are the abodes of nectar! Glory to Lokanatha and Shri Gopala, who are filled with spiritual love!

          4. Glory to Shrinivasa, Narottama, and Ramacandra! Glory, glory to the devotees of Lord Gaurachandra!

          5. Glory, glory to the herarers of this book, who are the abodes of spiritual virtues. O hearers, please kindly hear what I will now say.

          6. News of the great festival at Shri Khetari-grama spread everywhere.

          7. When the festival was concluded, the guests from different places all returned to their own homes.

          8. For the people of Shri Khetari-grama that festival did not end. Those fortunate people remained plunged in the nectar of devotional service.

          9. Gazing at Lord Gauranga, Lord Ballavikanta, and the other Deities, the devotees of the Lord, were so filled with spiritual joy that they forgot themselves.

          10. Thinking devotional thoughts the people brought many gifts, offered them to the Lord's personal associates, and joyfully worshiped those great devotees.

          11. How can I describe the ways the people worshiped Lord Gaura's personal associates? By those actions the people felt their hearts become filled with cooling bliss.

          12. Many people cvame to see the Lord'sMany people cvame to see the Lord's personal associates. They would not leave the courtyard of Lord Gaura's temple.

          13. The courtyard of Lord Gaura's temple was very charming and filled with ecstaticv spiritual love. To the visitors Narottama described the glories of that courtyard.

          14. Who has the power to know what was in Narottama's heart? He was always darkened by the dust of Lord Gaura's temple.

          15. He danced, played musical instruments, and sang songs of his own composing. He filled even the Gandharvas with wonder. To whom can I compare him?

          16. In Shrila Vishvanatha Cakravarti's Shri Stavamrita-lahari it is said: "Obeisances, obeisances to Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura. Overcome with the bliss of spiritual love, he falls to the ground and his body becomes decorated with dust from the path. The sight of him brings great auspiciousness.

          17. "Obeisances, obeisances to Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura. He sings beautiful songs of his own composition. His dancing removes the Gandharvas' pride. His actions fill everyone with wonder."


During Shrila Narottama's Kirtana on a Full-moon Night, Shri Shri Radha and Krishna Enjoy Remarkable Pastimes Beyond the Touch of the Material World


          18. In the company of Ramacandra, Gokula, and his other companions, Narottama always tasted many kinds of the rasa-nectar in sankirtana.

          19. One night, as the full-moon rose, Narottama tasted the nectar of sankirtana.

          20. First Narottama manifested the nectar of wonderful instrumental music. Then he became plunged in the nectar of singing songs about the rasa-dance pastime.

          21. The demigods and other celestial beings were enchanted by Narottama's singing and intrumental music. Even the demigods who were like the crest jewels of learned musicians could not remain peaceful.

          22. Then suddenly a great effulgence filled the four directions, an effulgence like lightning and monsoon clouds.

          23. Moment by moment a great wonder of a sweet fragrance filled the directions. Then came the ceaseless sound of jangling anklets and other ornaments.

          24. Then suddenly that sound was no longer heard in the sankirtana place. When the sound was gone everyone there fell unconscious.

          25. Ramacandra and Narottama floated in the tears that flowed from their eyes. Devidasa, Gokula, and the others rolled on the ground.

          26. Everyone knew that Lord Krishna and His beloved gopis has suddenly manifested a wonderful pastime. Then, by Lord Krishna's wish everyone became peaceful again.


After Visiting Place After Place on the Pathway to Vrindavana, Shri Jahnavi-devi Gives Mercy to Shrila Jiva Gosvami


          27. Sitting together in a secluded place, Narottama and Ramacandra, who were the abodes of spiritual virtues, tasted the nectar of Lord Krishna's pastimes.

          28. As they considered Shri Jahnavi-devi's immenent arrival in Vrindavana, their hearts became wild with bliss, although externally they were peaceful and sober.

          29. I have no power to describe in detail Jahnavi-devi's activities as she traveled to Vrindavana.

          30. Still, I will say a little something, something I heard from the saintly devotees' mouths, something of how, by giving the people the gift of sincere devotion, she made this earth a glorious place.

          31. One day Jahnavi-devi desired to stop at a large village.

          32. For one day she stayed at that village. Seeing her, the local people considered her an ordinary person.

          33. The people of this village were incorrigable blasphemers. Ferociously they taunted and mocked the Vaishnavas.

          34. At sunset some great Vaishnavas came and offered obeisances at Shri Jahnavi-devi's feet.

          35. Watching this, the blasphemers laughed and said, "In my heart I know she is only some brahmana's wife."

          36. One blasphemer said, "These people are fools. They have no good qualities. They bow down before a human being, but they will not bow down before the great demigods."

          37. Another blasphemer said, "May Goddess Candi give mercy to them." Another blapshemer said, "What do these fools know of Goddess Candi's mercy?

          38. "Will a brahmana or a brahmana's wife not bow down before Goddess Candi? These people have committed an offense to Goddess Candi."

          39. Speaking words like these, and laughing and laughing, the blasphemers went to Goddess Candi's temple. They were arrogant and full of boastful words.

          40. Bowing down before Goddess Candi, again and again they said, "Tonight please kill all these people.

          41. "Only if they worship your feet with their body, mind, and words should you protect them and give them shelter at your feet."

          42. After speaking these words, the blasphemers returned to their homes. As they slept they all saw the same dream.

          43. Goddess Candi was very angery with the blapshemers' words. Her lips trembled. Her eyes were red.

          44. On the pretext of a dream, Goddess Candi, holding a great sharp sword in her hand, spoke to the blasphemers the following words like thunder:

          45. "O wretched blasphemers, your sorrows will not end. Today I will sever your heads.

          46. "Intoxicated with pride, you chew and devour your own selves. You have mocked the Vaishnavas, who should be worshiped by all.

          47. "O wicked blasphemers, you do not know the truth of the person you consider an ordinary brahmana's wife.

          48. "I bow my head before her. She is worshiped by all. She is the wife of Lord Nityananda-Balaramacandra.

          49. "Jahnavi-devi is her very sweet name. When her name is chanted the fears and troubles of this world of birth and death flee far away.

          50. "She is Lord Nityananda's dear wife. She is like mercy personified. Out of her own kindness she gives to the fallen souls the gift of spiritual love and devotional service.

          51. "Who will not always offer respectful obeisances at her lotus feet? Everyone sings her glories. She stops the three mishries of material life."

          52. It is said:


nityananda-priyam prema-


shri-jahnavishvarim vande



          I offer my respectful obeisances to Shri Jahnavi-devi, Lord Nityananda's dear wife. To the people she gives the precious jewel of devotional service. In this way she stops the three miseries of material existence.


          53. "If she is merciful to you, then you will attain auspiciousness and misfortune will not fall upon you.

          54. "If you take shelter of her, she will give you protection. Your fate is not in my hand. No one has the power to disobey her order."

          55. After speaking these words, Goddess Candi suddenly disappeared. The dream suddenly broke. Without stop every blasphemer trembled in fear.

          56. When dawn came the tormented blasphemers rebuked themselves. They all fell down before the great Vaishnavas' feet.

          57. Soaked with the tears that flowed from their eyes, again and again they said, "We committed an offense. Please give us protection.

          58. "We came here on this path to become delivered of our blapshemy. Please destroy our misfortune. Please give us shelter.

          59. "If you are pleased with us and give mercy to us, then Shri Jahnavi-devi will also be pleased with us and give mercy to us. You have the power to give us the gift of devotion to her feet.

          60. "How can we have the power to understand the truth of her? Only if you appeal on our behalf will she give mercy to us.

          61. "What intelligence do we have? We have no good intelligence. Still, we have firmly decided to surrender ourselves at Jahnavi-devi's feet.

          62. "Everyone knows that we are all demons and blasphemers. If Jahnavi-devi delivers wicked people like us, then her fame will be proclaimed everywhere."

          63. After speaking these words, the blasphemers fell to the ground. Again and again they offered respectful obeisances. Seeing all this, the Lord's personal associates gave mercy to them.

          64. When Shri Jahnavi-devi gave mercy to the blasphemers their hearts became filled with joy.

          65. After staying in that village for two or four more days and making the blasphemers' lives a perfect success, Shri Jahnavi-devi continued on her travels.

          66. The former blasphemers became plunged in the nectar of devotional service. All who associated with them became also filled with devotion.

          67. Another day Shri Jahnavi-devi stopped at a glorious place by a riverbank near a village.

          68. Hiding in a place near this village, two seemingly unstoppable yavana thieves said to their followers:

          69. "These Bengalis must have many precious jewels. We will rob them all. Then we will decorate ourselves gloriously."

          70. First they sent a scout to learn about the travelers. Then they gathered their weapons.

          71. The scout returned and said, "After chanting nama-sankirtana, the Bengalis lay down and fell asleep.

          72. "In the second prahara (three-hour period) of the night, we should go there. Then our efforts will be successful. This I know."

          73. Hearing these words, the king of the thieves, dressed in very fearsome garb and accompanied by his followers, with a joyful heart proceeded to the find Bengali travelers.

          74. Very quickly the thieves walked. The distance to the travelers was very short. Then the path there suddenly became of limitless length.

          75. The foolish thieves had no power to understand what was happening. As they walked and walked, the night ended and dawn came.

          76. Seeing the dawn, and now frightened at heart, the king of the thieves said to his followers:

          77. "Look! Why is it impossible to find these travelers?

          78. "For a moment I thought I saw the Bengalis. I was mistaken. Walking the whole night, I was defeated.

          79. "Moment by moment this fear grows in my heart: The anger of these Bengali Gosvamis will destroy us all.

          80. "Everyone please honor what I will now say. From today on we will all renounce our occupation of thievery.

          81. "We commited sins without end. Nothing will save us from Yamaraja's hand.

          82. "Let us go, go to those Bengali Gosvamis. They will certainly give their mercy to us."

          83. After speaking these words and shedding his thief's disguise, with great remorse the thieves' king approached Shri Jahnavi-devi.

          84. Simply by seeing the exalted devotees, the thieves all became very pure at heart.

          85. Falling to the ground and weeping, with great remores they surrended themselves before the devotees.

          86. The thieves' king said, "In this country I am infamous as a great thief. If you give mercy to me, then your fame will be proclaimed in all the world.

          87. After speaking these words, the thief had no power to say anything more. Tears flooded his eyes. In his heart he was overcome.

          88. Seeing this, Shri Jahnavi-devi felt compassion take its birth in her heart. Accompanied by her associates, she gave mercy to the thieves.

          89. The news of her deliverance of the thieves was spread everywhere. Where she went after that incident I have no power to say.


Shri Jahnavi-devi Arrives in Mathura


          90. After some days Shri Jahnavi-devi entered Mathura. Seeing Mathura City, she was filled with joy.

          91. After honoring the Mathura-brahmanas, she bathed in the Yamuna at Vishrama-ghata.

          92. Hearing that Jahnavi-devi had unexpectedly arrives, the Vaishnavas of Mathura at once approached her.

          93. Seeing Jahnavi-devi, the Vaishnavas were soaked by the floods of tears that flowed from their eyes. Seeing the great devotees accompanying her, the Vaishnavas felt great bliss in their hearts.

          94. The devotees felt great love for each other. Filling their eyes, they gazed at each other.

          95. At that moment a Mathura-brahmana very joyfully sent to Vrindavana a messenger with news of Jahnavi-devi's arrival.

          96. The Vaishnavas took the great devotees to a wonderful house. In that Mathura house the visitors stayed for that day.


Accompanied by the Vaishnavas, Shri Jahnavi-devi Goes from Mathura to Vrindavana


          97. After seeing the Deities Varaha and Keshavadeva, the visitors went to Vrindavana in the morning.

          98. Accompanied by all the mathura Vaishnava, the visitors walked to Vrindavana. Seeing the beauty of Vrindavana, the visiting devotees felt great bliss arise within themselves.

          99. At once all the Gosvamis very joyfully came there from Vrindavana.

          100. Arriving at Akrura-sthana, the devotees saw Jahnavi-devi. From a short distance she approached them.

          101. Seeing the Gosvamis had come from afar, Jahnavi-devi said to Parameshvari dasa:

          102. "What are the names of these devotees who have now come? Please speak them so I may hear."

          103. On Shri Jahnavi-devi's command, speaking sweet words and pointing with a curved finger, Parameshvari dasa said:

          104. "Here is Shri Gopala Bhatta, who is filled with love for Lord Gaura. Here are Shri Bhugarbha and Lokanatha, who are the abodes of spiritual virtues.

          105. "Here are Krishnadasa Brahmacari, Krishnadasa Pandita, and Shri Madhu Pandita. Here is the person known as Shri Jiva."

          106. In this way he informed Jahnavi-devi of every devotee's name and activities. Hearing all this, Shri Jahnavi-devi felt great bliss.

          107. Approaching Jahnavi-devi, all the Gosvamis very joyfully fell to the ground and offered respectful obeisances.

          108. Shri Jahnavi-devi is ecstatic spiritual love personified. My knowledge is slight. Who understands her activities?

          109. Seeing the ecstatic love and spiritual activities of the Gosvamis, who will not feel his heart become wild with bliss?

          110. Shri Jahnavi-devi's activities were beyond the touch of the material world. In her presence the Gosvamis were shy and reserved.

          111. Krishnadasa sarakhela, Madhava Acarya, and Parameshvari dasa were prominent amongst Jahnavi-devi's noble and worthy followers.

          112. These great devotees then met the Gosvamis. How can I describe that meeting? I am worthless like a pile of ashes.

          113. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, these great devotees talked amongst themselves. Hearing their conversation, who could remain peaceful and unmoved?

          114. With a joyful heart Shri Parameshvari introduced Shrinivasa Acarya's disciples to the Gosvamis.

          115. With great affection he said, "This person is named Govinda. He is filled with the nectar of devotional service. He is the life's breath of all the Vaishnavas.

          116. "He is the son of Ciranjiva Sena. He lives at Khanda. He is the younger brother of dear Ramacandra."

          117. Hearing these words, Gopala Bhatöa and the other devotees very joyfully and affectionately hugged Govinda.

          118. Govinda was also introduced to Bhagavan Kaviraja and many other devotees. I cannot describe the affection the devotees felt for Govinda and the mercy they gave to him.

          119. Going to Akrura-sthana, everyone gazed at the Deity Shri Gopinatha.

          120. Shri Jiva humbly said to Jahnavi-devi, "This very secluded place is Akrura-sthana.

          121. "Because of the crowds of people there, Lord Chaitanya did not stay in Vrindavana. Instead He stayed at this place."

          122. Hearing these words, Shri Jahnavi-devi became soaked by the tears that flowed from her eyes. Letting out a long sigh, she offered respectful obeisances to that holy place.

          123. Unsteady with emotion, and rapt in thinking of Lord Chaitanya extraordinary pastimes, pastimes beyond the touch of the material world, the other devotees also offered respectful obeisances.

          124. Placing Shri Jahnavi-devi in front, the devotees then very blissfully entered Vrindavana.

          125. I have no power to describe what Jahnavi-devi felt as she gazed at the glorious beauty of Vrindavana.

          126. Accompanied by all the devotees, Shri Jahnavi-devi then went to the house Shri Jiva had already arranged for her residence.

          127. I have no power to describe how all the visiting devotees were pleased with their residences.

          128. Who understands how the devotees diligently served the Deities Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinatha, and Shri Madanamohana?

          129. Diligently serving the Deities, the devotees were rapt in samadhi. After seeing Jahnavi-devi, these devotees returned to their own homes.

          130. What bliss and love did Krishnadasa Sarakhela and the other visitors feel in their hearts as they met with the Vrindavana devotees!

          131. Hundreds and hundreds of men and women Vrajavasis came to see Jahnavi-devi. Who can describe how they longed to see her?

          132. After bidding farewell to Shri Gopala Bhaööa and the others, the visiting devotees went to the residences Shri Jiva had arranged for them.

          133. Shri Jiva stayed near Jahnavi-devi. Very expert, he arranged everything.

          134. After some moments, Shri Gopala Bhaööa, Lokanatha, and the others came to visit Shri Jahnavi-devi.

          135. Seeing the Gosvamis, Jahnavi-devi joyfully said with sweet words, "I will see the Deities."

          136. Hearing Jahnavi-devi's words, everyone became joyful at heart. In her company they went to see the Deities.

          137 and 138. They saw the Deities Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinatha, Shri Madanamohana, Shri Radhavinoda, Shri Radharamana, and Shri Radha-Damodara. Who can describe how the devotees were then filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love?

          139. To these Deities Shri Jahnavi-devi offered the glorious garments and ornaments she had brought.

          140. I have no power to describe the great devotion these devotees, humbly considering themselves very insignificant, felt.


Shri Govinda Attains the Title "Kaviraja" From the Vrindavana Gosvamis


          141. Accompanied by all the devotees, Shri Jahnavi-devi returned to her residence. In that secluded place they stayed.

          142. Shri Madhava Acarya and the other devotees then described the great, great festival at Shri Khetari-grama.

          143. Hearing these descriptions, Lokanatha and the other Gosvami very blissfully floated in the tears of spiritual love.

          144. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not describe the devotees' conversation then.

          145. Shri Parameshvari dasa then asked everyone to listen to Gocvinda dasa's nectar poems.

          146. Hearing Govinda's very beautiful poems, the devotees felt great joy in their hearts.

          147. Everyone said, "It is right that he be called Kaviraja." Addressing him as "Shri Govinda Kaviraja", they all praised him.

          148. With all this Jahnavi-devi  was very pleased at heart. How can I describe the bliss she always felt in Vrindavana?

          149. News of Shri Jahnavi-devi's arrival spread everywhere, news that plunged the wise devotees into the most sublime bliss.


Shri Jahnavi-devi Goes to Radha-kunda and, with Her Own Eyes, Sees Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami


          150. Staying then at Radha-kunda, Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami became joyful on hearing of Shri Jahnavi-devi's arrival. Still, he had no strength to walk to Vrindavana to see her.

          151. Overcome by feelings of separation from Shrila Rupa Gosvami, Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami was always unsteady at heart. Eating neither rice nor other like foods, he had become very emaciated.

          152. In his heart he thought only of his austere devotional activities. Seeing him, who would not feel his heart break?

          153. Krishnadasa Kaviraja and many other devotees offered obeisances to Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami and requested his permission to begin their journey to Vrindavana.

          154. Meanwhile Gopala, Raghava Pandita and other devotees also departed from Nandishvara, Govardhana, and other places.

          155. Arriving in Vrindavana, they all saw Shri Jahnavi-devi. They informed her of Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami's condition.

          156. Who has the power to describe what was in Shri Jahnavi-devi's heart?

          157. To Shrila Gopala Bhaööa and the other Gosvamis she said, "Tomorrow morning I will go to Shri Radha-kunda."

          158. Then everyone alse said, "See Shri Radha-kunda and the other holy places, and then please quickly return here.

          159. "Then, after a brief rest, please visit the forests of Vrindavana."

          160. After hearing these words, Shri Jahnavi-devi, with a joyful heart and surrounded by the wise devotees, departed for Shri Radha-kunda.

          161. Going by way of Bahulavana, she arrived at Shri Radha-kunda. Gazing at Radha-kunda's glorious beauties, she felt her heart overflow with ecstatic spiritual love.

          162. In her heart Shri Jahnavi-devi thought, "I will go to Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami's place and see him personally."

          163. Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami lived in a secluded cottage. Slowly, slowly he chanted the holy name and performed his devotional activities.

          164. Going ahead of the others, Krishnadasa Kaviraja stood before Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami.

          165. Taking advantage of the opportunity before him, he said, "Shri Jahnavi-devi has come here."

          166. When Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami heard these words, wonderful spiritual love filled his heart. His eyes filled with tears, he went out to meet her.

          167. As Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami approached, Shri Jahnavi-devi could see that although he was very thin and emaciated, he was still effulgent like the sun.

          168. Who has the power to know Shri Jahnavi-devi's heart? Tears flowed from her eyes. She had no power to stop them.

          169. Somehow regaining her peaceful composure, she then offered respectful obeisances to Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami. For Shri Jahnavi-devi, who is filled with ecstatic spiritual love, this action was somehow appropriate.

          170. What person, hearing the words Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami spoke to Shri Jahnavi-devi, would not feel his heart split into pieces?

          171. When Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami met Madhava Acarya and the other visiting devotees, every person felt wonderful spiritual love overflow in his heart.

          172. A wonderful flood of tears flowed from every eye. After some moments everyone became peaceful again.

          173. Seeing Jahnavi-devi, the Vrajavasis of Ariö-grama became joyful.

          174. For three or four days Jahnavi-devi stayed at Radha-kunda. With great care she cooked many delicious foods.

          175. She offered the food to Lord Krishna and then, with a joyful heart, she hosted a feast for all the Vrajavasi Vaishnavas.

          176. Honoring that feast, every devotee felt great bliss and spiritual love arise within him. Who would not yearn to see these activities?

          177. Shri Jahnavi-devi's wonderful activities are beyond the topuch of the material world. Who understands them? I am worthless like a pile of ashes. I have no intelligence  to understand them.


Shri Jahnavi-devi Sees a Great Wonder at Shri Radha-kunda

          178. One midday suddenly hearing flute-music on Radha-kunda's shore, Shri Jahnavi-devi could not remain peaceful.

          179. Then she saw a glorious wonder no one else saw. The wise devotees will later elaborately describe this beautiful event, an event that charms the heart.

          180. Although they will later describe it, I will tell it very briefly. Suddenly hearing flute-music, with great delight Jahnavi-devi looked in the four directions.

          181. There she saw Lord Krishna, handsome, dark, and effulgent, His form bending in three places, and His glories defeating Kamadeva.

          182. Gently, gently He smiled. Sweetly He played on His flute. Who could remain peaceful in His presence? He makes all the worlds wild with bliss.

          183. Shri Radha, Lalita, and the other gopis surrounded handsome and dark Krishna in a great circle.

          184. Seeing Their wonderful glory and beauty, Shri Jahnavi-devi suddenly fell unconscious. I have no power to say anything more of this event.

          185. After some moments she regained consciousness and became peaceful again. This event occurred in a secluded place. She did not reveal it to anyone.


After Seeing Govardhana Hill and the Other Holy Places, Shri Jahnavi-devi Returns to Vrindavana and Serves the Deities There


          186. Jahnavi-devi informed Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami of her desire to see Govardhana Hill.

          187. Falling to the ground, offering respectful obeisances, and plunged in humblenees, Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami gave his consent.

          188. Hearing Shrila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami's humble words, what person would not feel his own heart break? How can I describe what Shri Jahnavi-devi felt then in her heart.

          189. In the midst of her servants and followers, Shri Jahnavi-devi slowly, slowly went from Radha-kunda to Govardhana.

          190. How can I speak metaphors or similies or any words comparing it to anything else to describe how Jahnavi-devi was filled with ecstatic spiritual love as she gazed at Govardhana Hill, Manasa-ganga, and the other holy places?

          191. Madhava Acarya and some other devotees became wild with bliss. Shri Jiva Gosvami and some others made him peaceful again.

          192. Alas, with only one mouth I have no power to describe how the devotees were filled with ecstatic spiritual love as they gazed at Nandagrama and the other holy places.

          193. After a few days Shri Jahnavi-devi and the devotees around her returned to Vrindavana.

          194. With great bliss they gazed at the three Deities Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinatha, and Shri Madanamohana.

          195. After gazing at Shri Radhavinoda and Shri Radharamana, with joyful hearts they returned to their residences.

          196. At some times, with great care cooking rice, vegetables, and other delicious foods, Shri Jahnavi-devi fed the Deity Shri Govinda.

          197. At other times, cooking rice and a variety of vegetables, Shri Jahnavi-devi very joyfully fed the Deity Shri Gopinatha.

          198. At other times, in a short times cooking a great variety of foods, Shri Jahnavi-devi earnestly fed the Deity Shri Madanamohana.

          199. She also fed the Deities Radha-Damodara, Radharamana,and Radhavinoda.

          200. With the prasadam remnants of the meals she offered the Deities she fed the Vaishnavas. Who has the power to describe the bliss they all felt?


Shri Jahnavi-devi Visits the Forests of Vrindavana


          201. In her heart Shri Jahnavi-devi longed to hear the Gosvamis' books. Shri Jiva Gosvami read then aloud to her and she listened.

          202. By hearing Shri Brihad-Bhagavatamrita and the other Gosvami books, Jahnavi-devi was overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love. She could not become peaceful again.

          203. Seeing her rare and exalted devotional feelings, what person would not feel his heart filled with cooling bliss?

          204. After some days Shri Jahnavi-devi departed from Vrindavana forest and, accompanied by her associates, visited the other forests.

          205 and 206. She visited the twelve forests Madhuvana, Talavana, Kumudavana, Bahulavana, Kamyavana, Khadiravana, Bhadravana, Bhandiravana, Shrivana, Lohavana, Mahavana, and Vrindavana. The persons who saw the symptoms of ecstatic spiritual love she manifested on these visits were truly fortunate.

          207. With great joy in her heart, Shri Jahnavi-devi went to the slope of Govardhana Hill.

          208. In a very secluded place near Govardhana Hill, Shri Jahnavi-devi meditated and meditated in her heart.

          209. Accompanied each by His own gopi-beloveds, the two brothers enjoy pastimes here in a great dancing-circle in the Springtime."

          210. Thinking in this way, Shri Jahnavi-devi could not remain peaceful. Again and again she gazed at the place of the two Lords' Springtime pastimes.

          211. Suddenly she saw the Springtime rasa-dance. Surrounded each by His own gopi-beloveds, the two brothers enjoyed many pastimes.

          212. Accompanied by His own gopi-beloveds, Rohini's son Balarama enjoyed the phagu-keli pastime of throwing red-powder, and many other pastimes also.

          213. Accompanied by His own gopi-beloveds, Yashoda's son Krishna, who is the abode of nectar, enjoyed pastimes in the rasa-dance circle.

          214. Who has the power to describe the phagu-keli pastime and these other pastimes? I can speak no metaphors or similes or any words of comparison to describe the wonderful splendor and beauty of these pastimes.

          215. Gazing at these pastimes, pastimes that enchant all the world, Shri Jahnavi-devi fell, unconscious, to the ground.

          216. After some moments she regained consciousness. She did not tell what she had seen to anyone. Filled with sublime bliss, she left that place.

          217. I have no power to describe the bliss Shri Jahnavi-devi felt at Rama-ghaöa. There she saw her husband, the master of her life.

          218. Overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love, she forgot herself in that secluded place. In her heart she remembered and remembered Lord Balarama's rasa-dance pastimes.

          219. Her body was overcome with bliss. She let out a long sigh. Then she suddenly saw Lord Balarama's rasa-dance pastime.

          220. Accompanied by His own gopi-beloveds, supremely expert Lord Balarama enjoyed singing, dancing, and other pastimes in the rasa-dance circle.

          221. Gazing at the splendor and beauty of these pastimes, Shri Jahnavi-devi, overcome with bliss, fell unconscious. After some moments regaining consciousness, she looked and looked in the four directions.

          222. To others she did not tell the ecstasy of love she felt in her heart. Then, surrounded by her associates, she departed from Rama-ghaöa.

          223. Entering a village by the Yamuna's banks, and there seeing a soul overcome with grief, she felt compassion.

          224. In that village lived a humble and meek brahmana, In his old age he obtained a wonderful son, his only son.

          225. Then, as a boy in the pauganda age, the son died. Falling to the ground, the brahmana wept.

          226. Hugging her dead son, the mother wept. The mother and father's weeping made even the stones and sticks melt in grief.

          227. Hearing the couple's weeping, Shri Jahnavi-devi felt her heart melt with compassion. She could not remain peaceful.

          228. She wished to touch the dead child. "Do not touch my dead son," the mother said.

          229. Jahnavi-devi replied, "You are a Vrajavasi. By touching your son I will become purified."

          230. Saying these words, Jahnavi-devi placed her hand on the dead boy's head. Suddenly returning to life, the boy looked in the four directions.

          231. After first bowing down before Shri Jahnavi-devi's lotus feet, the couple picked up their boy. Everyone became joyful.

          232. Falling before Shri Jahnavi-devi's feet, the brahmana and brahmani said, "With your glance of mercy you brought our dead boy back to life."

          233. Seeing your grief, Lord Krishna Himself brought your son back to life. What did I have to do with it?"

          234. In place after place Shri Jahnavi-devi manifested her great mercy. Then, accompanied by her associates, she entered Vrindavana.


Shri Shri Radha-Gopinatha Give a Command to Shri Jahnavi-devi


          235. In Khadadaha remembering the Lord's command, Shri Jahnavi-devi decided to return soon to Gauda-desha.

          236. One day she visited the Deity Shri Gopinatha. Gazing at Shri Radha-Gopinatha, she stood before Them.

          237. In a light-hearted mood she thought, "If Radha were a little taller, that would be nice."

          238. She did not reveal these thoughts to anyone. Then, after watching the shayana-arati, she returned toher residence.

          239. On the pretext of a dream Lord Gopinatha appeared before her. With sweet words He said to Jahnavi-devi:

          240. "My beloved is not tall enough for Me. Gazing at Us, you noticed this discrepency.

          241. "Quickly return to Gauda-desha, have a Deity of My beloved fashioned, and then send that Deity here. You will see that Deity as She stands at My left side."

          242. Smiling Radha then said to Jahnavi-devi, "Don't hesitate. This is My desire also."

          243. After speaking many words like these, the divine couple suddenly disappeared. Jahnavi-devi dream broke. With great joy she looked in the four directions.

          244. Seeing night had ended and morning had come, with kindness and a joyful heart Jahnavi-devi said to Nayana Bhaskara:

          245. "Always meditating on Lord Gopinatha, please fashion a Deity of His beloved."

          246. Understanding the desire in Jahnavi-devi's heart, Nayana replied, "I will fashion the Deity." His heart was now resolved to his task.

          247. Shri Jahnavi-devi kept this conversation a secret. Not to anyone did she reveal Lord Gopinatha's command to her.

          248. No one can understand Lord Gopinatha's crooked ways. On the pretext of a dream He gave Jahnavi-devi a flower-garland.

          249. In the future a very fortunate soul will elaborately describe the wonderful pastimes of the Deities Shri Govinda and Shri Madanamohana.


Bidding Farewell to all the Devotees in Vrindavana, Shri Jahnavi-devi Prepares for Her Return to Gauda-desha


          250. The Gosvamis then made arrangements for Shri Jahnavi-devi's return to Shri Gauda-mandala.

          251. Everywhere was spread the news, "Shri Jahnavi-devi will soon return to Shri Gauda-mandala."

          252. Coming from whatever secluded places were their homes, all the Vaishnavas quickly assembled in Vrindavana.

          253. Shri Jahnavi-devi bid farewell to everyone. Thinking of her imending departure, she became agitated at heart.

          254. As she gazed at the Deities Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinatha, and Shri Madanamohana, wonderful tears flowed from her eyes.

          255. Gazing at the Deities Shri Radhavinoda, Shri Radha-Damodara, and Shri Radharamana, she became restless with emotion, a restlessness that did not stop.

          256. Gazing at the Deity Shri Gopishvara, in her heart she remembered Vrinda-devi and the other exalted souls she had seen in place after place.

          257 and 258. Gazing at the samadhis of the four devotees Shri Raghunatha Bhaööa, Shri Kashishvara Pandita, Shri Sanatana Gosvami, and Shri Rupa Gosvami, who was the best of the learned, Shri Jahnavi-devi wept. Sorrow ripped her heart into shreds.

          259. Gazing at Gauridasa Pandita's samadhi, Shri Jahnavi-devi shed a flood of tears from her eyes, a flood she could not check.

          260. What wonders did Shri Jahnavi-devi see then? What words did she, again and again, say to Badu Ganga-dasa?

          261. By talking with Badu Ganga-dasa, Shri Jahnavi-devi became peaceful again. Here I will give some information about Badu Ganga-dasa.


Description of Badu Ganga-dasa


          262. Shri Jahnavi-devi's mother was named Bhadravati. Bhadravati was the chaste and devoted wife of Surya-dasa.

          263. Seeing Bhadravati's devotional activities, everyone became filled with wonder. Badu Ganga-dasa; was the son of Bhadravati's elder sister.

          264. Badu Ganga-dasa was the affectionate disciple of Shri Gauridasa Pandita. When Gauridasa Pandita disappeared from this world, Badu Ganga-dasa's life seemed to waver.

          265. On the pretext of a dream Gauridasa Pandita commanded Badu Ganga-dasa, "At once go to Vrindavana."

          266. Arriving in Vrindavana at Dhira-samira, near his spiritual master's samadhi, Badu Ganga-dasa resided in a secluded place. There he diligently served his spiritual master.

          267. He visited Govardhana and many other holy places. Then he unexpectedly heard of Shri Jahnavi-devi's arrival.

          268. Going to vr, Badu Ganga-dasa saw Shri Jahnavi-devi. In this way I have briefly told the story of Badu Ganga-dasa.

          269. As Shri Jahnavi-devi was bidding farewell to everyone, someone gave her a gift of Deities of Lord Krishna and His beloved Radha.

          270. With a joyful heart Shri Jahnavi-devi accepted the wonderful Deities. Then she engaged Badu Ganga-dasa in the Deities' service.

          271. Shri Jahnavi-devi gave great mercy to Badu Ganga-dasa. "You will come with me," she told him.

          272. When night ended, dawn came, and Shri Jahnavi-devi was about to depart, all the devotees became very sorrowful.

          273. Accompanied by some of his godbrothers, Shri Govinda Kaviraja respectfully approached the Gosvamis.

          274. Again and again He offered respectful obeisances at the Gosvamis' feet. As he bid farewell to them, a flood of tears flowed from his eyes.

          275. Shri Gopala Bhaööa hugged Govinda. What person, hearing the words Shri Gopala Bhaööa spoke then, could remain peaceful?

          276. Lokanatha Gosvami was very affectionate to Govinda. Gently, gently he asked Govinda to tell Narottama:

          277. "Carefully serve the Deity. With body, mind, and words honor the Vaishnavas.

          278. "Carefully observe the holy days honoring Lord Vishnu and the Vaishnavas. In the company of Ramacandra and the others taste the nectar of devotional activities.

          279. "Tell all this to Shrinivasa also." After saying this, Lokanatha had no power to speak another word.

          280. I have no power to say what Bhugarbha Gosvami asked Govinda to tell Narottama and Shrinivasa.

          281. Shri Jiva affectionately said to Govinda, "What more can I say? Please tell everyone that I give them all an affectionate hug."