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Eighth Wave


Description of Shri Narottama's Visit to Shri Navadvipa and Shri Nilacala and Other Activities


     1. Glory, glory, to Lord Gaurachandra, the son of Shaci! Glory, glory to Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita, who are like spiritual love personified!

     2. Glory, glory to Gadadhara and Shrinivasa Pandita! Glory to Vakreshvara, Shri Murari, and Haridasa!

     3. Glory to Gauri-dasa and Shri Svarupa Damodara! Glory to Lord Gaurachandra's personal associates!

     4. Glory, glory to my listeners, who are abodes of spiritual virtues! Please kindly listen to what I will say now.

     5. Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura, the great teacher of the devotional literatures, crushed into dust the mayavadis' pride.

     6. Accompanied by his disciples, he happily stayed in Yajigrama. He always looked to see Narottama's arrival on the path.

     7. In his heart Shrinivasa always thought, "On what day will I again have Shri Narottama's association?"


The Arrival of Shrila Narottama Thakura Mahashaya


     8. Meditating on Lord Gaura's pastimes, Shri Narottama Thakura joyfully went to Navadvipa.

     9. Approaching Navadvipa, Narottama Mahashaya became agitated, he thought in his heart.

     10. "In Navadvipa Lord Gaurachandra enjoys wonderful pastimes eternally, pastimes that are an ocean of the bliss of sankirtana.

     11. "Great festivals are always always celebrated in house after house of Navadvipa. Rapt in bliss, the people of Navadvipa do not notice how the days and night pass.

     12. "In Navadvipa no one sorrows. Everyone always sees Lord GAuracandra.

     13. "I was not born at that time. I did not see Lord Gaurachandra who is like a great treasure of spiritual bliss."

     14. Thinking in this way, and floating in the tears from his eyes, Narottama continued his journey. After traveling a great distance, he saw Navadvipa.

     15. He saw the wonderful beauty of Nadiya's great city. A river of bliss flowed there from house to house.

     16. Chanting the names of Lord Hari, the people  went from one place to another in the four directions. Amongst themselves the people spoke of Lord Gaurachandra's sweetness.

     17. In the midst of His associates, in the midst of sankirtana, Lord Gaura, who enchants all the worlds, enjoys wonderful pastimes of dancing.

     18. A great tumult of "Jaya! Jaya!" arise, without stop. Supremely auspicious glorious beauty fills Nadiya.

     19. Gazing and gazing, Narottama was overcome with bliss. He did not know himself. Tears of spiritual love streamed from his eyes.

     20. After some moments to become peaceful, he looked again. This time he saw Nadiya was floating in an ocean of sorrows.

     21. Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya was agitated, "Did I see a dream?",  he thought in his heart.

     22. He was soaked in the tears from his eyes. He had no power to walk. Under a wonderful ashvattha tree he sat down alone.

     23. What shall I say? That tree was very glorious. Merely from the touch of that tree's shade, peacefulness and other benefits arise.

     24. Again and again Narottama thought in his heart. He looked in the four directions. He felt comforted.

     25. On the path he saw an elderly brahmana. He wished to ask him questions. He did not have power to ask.


Shri Narottama Thakura Mahashaya Meets and Converses With an Elderly Brahmana


     26. Every day that brahmana came and for some moments stayed under that tree.

     27. That tree was a pastime-place of Lord Nimai. It was very dear to Him. Seeing the tree, the brahmana slowly approached.

     28. Seeing Narottama, the brahmana thought in his heart, "This person is a cup into which Lord Nityananda hs poured His mercy. That is certain.

     29. "Seeing him, I become joyful. My heart is no longer burned by terrible flames of sorrow.   

     30. "How wonderful his form! How sweet is his handsome grace! From his large eyes flow rivers of tears of spiritual love.    

     31. "From where has he come so suddenly?" Thinking these thoughts in his heart, the brahmana yearned to question Narottama.

     32. Approaching, the brahmana asked Narottama, "What is your name, child? From where have you come?"

     33. Narottama identified himself to the brahmana. Very humbly Narottama offered respectful obeisances.

     34. Learning of Narottama's identity, the brahmana hugged him, the brahmana was soaked by the tears from his eyes.

     35. With a father's great love, the brahmana tighly hugged Narottama. Sitting under the tree, the brahmana gently, gently said:

     36. "O child, how can even Brahma with his four mouths or Shiva with his five mouths describe the bliss that filled Nadiya?

     37. "From the day Nimai departed, Nadiya became barren like a dessert.

     38. "I do not know what thought suddenly arose in His heart, that He accepted sannyasa from Keshava Bharati?

     39. "The story of His sannyasa does not come to my mouth. When I remember His graceful hair, the sorrow grows in my heart.

     40. "With my own eyes I saw Him wearing glorious garments that enchanted all the world. Later He wore only a kaupina. How can my life's breath bear that news?

     41. What shall I say? We were all cheated. Did not Nimai leave Nadiya and go away?

     42. "After visiting all the holy places He made His home in Nilacala. With His personal associates He enjoyed wonderful pastimes there.

     43. "Hearing the auspicious news of these pastimes from travelers coming and going, the people of Navadvipa became joyful at heart.

     44. "Then Lord Nimai suddenly disappeared from Nilacala. Hearing this news, the people of Nadiya felt they were struck by a thunderbolt.  

     45. "In Nadiya Lord Nimai had numberless personal associates. Now most of them are also no longer to be seen by any person's eyes.

     46. "I have no power to describe the conditions of Nadiya now. Day by day Nadiya is more and more covered by blinding darkness.

     47. "Shrinivasa Pandita and a host of others can no longer be seen here. Who has the power to describe Nadiya's condition now?

     48. "My heart breaks to speak of Nimai's chaste wife Vishnupriya.

     49. "She is Goddess Lakshmi Herself. Her glories are beyond the touch of the material world. After many days she also disappeared from this world.

     50. "Everyone was burned by the flames of separation from Lord Nimai. Whoever remained alive was as good as dead.

     51. "Not even for a single sesame seed's worth of time can the people of Navadvipa remain peaceful. Even when they lay down to sleep, they calll out, 'O Nimai, where are You?'

     52. "Amongst themselves the people talk of Nimai's pastimes and glories. Sorrowful, they always weep.

     53. "Hearing the news, travelers on the roads to Nadiya loudly weep.

     54. "Even the wicked sinners of Nadiya weep. What shall I say? Everyone is now filled with sorrow.

     55. "What more shall I say? I myself was a follower of tarka (dry logic). Bewildered, I thought Nimai an ordinary human child. I did not understand who He is.

     56. "Nimai is Lord Narayana Himself. That is the veredict of the scriptures. His activities, activities beyond the touch of matter, are famous in all the worlds.

     57. "I personally saw His activities when He was a child. When I think of them, I feel my heart rips into shreds.

     58. "What shall I say? Under this asvatha tree Nimai very joyfully discussed the scriptures.

     59. "In the midst of His disciples, handsome Nimai was like a moon surrounded by a host of stars.

     60. "Filling my eyes, I saw Nimai's glory from afar. Even today I cannot forget Him, even for a half a sesame seed's worth of time.

     61. "O child, Narottama, this I tell you! One day Nimai allowed me to see Him at this place.

     62. "In the four directions were thousands and thousands of disciples. In their midst Shaci's son Nimai shone with great splendour.

     63. "Seeing His wonderful splendour, I fell unconscious. When I regained consciousness I looked, but I saw Him no more.

     64. "After many moments becoming peaceful, I thought in my heart, 'In the midst of His disciples Nimai enjoys pastimes in Nadiya eternally.'

     65. "From that moment I come very day to this place. It is by His will that today I have seen you.

     66. "You are like a cup into which Lord Nimaicandra has poured His mercy. That is why I have told these secrets now to you."


The Brahmana Shows Narottama Thakura Mahashaya the Path to Mayapura. Narottama Thakura Mahashaya Goes There


     67. Hearing the brahmana's very affectionate words, Narottama placed on his head the dust from the brahmana's feet.

     68. Shedding tears, he said to the brahmana, "O saintly one, please give your mercy to foolish me."

     69. Hugging Narottama, the brahmana said, "May you live a long time, child, and become advanced in devotional service."

     70. After speaking these words, for some moments he hugged Narottama. With tears from his eyes he soaked Narottama's body.

     71. Again he gently, gently said to Narottama, "In Navadvipa are very many houses.

     72. "Everywhere you will see Lord Nimaish personal associates. Traveling on the first path, you will come to Mayapura.

     73. "In that place is the home of Shaci and Jagannatha Mishra. In that  place Lord Narayana descended to this world."

     74. Speaking these words, the brahmana became agitated. Narottama walked on that first path.

     75. In the midst of Navadvipa are many villages. Asking the people for directions, Narottama entered Mayapura.

     76. Very agitated, he asked, "Where is Jagannatha Mishra's house?"

     77. Someone replied, "Walk on this path, then you will see Jagannatha Misra's house."

     78. Speaking these words, that person became soaked by the flood of tears from his eyes. Deeply sighing, he glanced at Narottama.

     79. Narottama could not check a flood of tears from his own eyes. Gently, gently, Narottama entered Jagannatha Mishra's house.

     80. Seeing Narottama, merciful Shuklambara Brahmacari thought in his heart:

     81. "Even today my heart is burned by terrible flames of sorrow. Still, when I see this person I become joyful.

     82. "Bringing many books, Shrinivasa came from Vraja. I think this person must be his dear companion Narottama.

     83. "He must be Narottama, the Narottama whom Lord Chaitanya attracted to Him at Ramakeli."  In his heart Suklambara thought in this way.

     84. Shuklambara asked Narottama, "What is your name?" Narottama then identified himself.

     85. Then Shuklambara identified himself. Hugging Narottama, Suklambara floated in the tears from his eyes.

     86. Rolling on the ground, Narottama fell before Suklambara's feet. He could not check the tears that flowed from his eyes.

     87. Falling in the courtyard of Lord Chaitanya's house, Narottama bitterly lamented. Consoling him in many ways, Suklambara Brahmacari made him peaceful.

     88. Then Narottama offered respectful obeisances to Lord Chaitanya's dear personal associate Ishana. Again Narottama could not remain peaceful.

     89. Hugging Narottama, Shri Ishana very affectionately gazed at his face.

     90. Filled with tears, he said to Narottama, "Child! It is the good that now you have shown yourself.

     91. "From the Vaishnavas travelers coming and going I have already heard your whole story from beginning to end."

     92. Speaking these words, Ishana had no power to say anything more, then Suklambara Brahmacari took Narottama to his own home.

     93. Seeing Damodara Pandita, Narottama earnestly offered respectful obeisances at his feet.

     94. Suklambara Brahmacari introduced Narottama to Shri Damodara Pandita, Shri Damodara Pandita tightly hugged Narottama.

     95. Again and again, Damodara Pandita said to Narottama, "We all yearned to see you.

     96. "By the Lord's will the life-breath somehow remained in my body. It is good that you came so soon. Now I can see you.

     97. "I have no strengnth to tolerate this terrible sorrow. This I know: I will not again see Shrinivasa!"

     98. After speaking some words to Narottama he became peaceful again. Then he introduced Narottama to ShriPati, Shrinidhi, and the other devotees.

     99. On the pretext of dreams the Lord's personal associates that had already left this world appeared before Narottama.

     100. With only one mouth I cannot describe all the mercy Lord Chaitanya's personal associates gave to Narottama.


Departing From Navadvipa, Narottama Travels to Nilacala


     101. Narottama stayed in Nadiya for a few days. Then he departed for Nilacala.

     102. Bidding farewell to all the devotees, Narottama floated in the tears from his eyes. He could not keep his heart peaceful.

     103. At Lord Chaitanya's house Narottama asked Ishana Thakura for permission ot go to Nilacala.

     104. Agitated with great affection, Lord Chaitanya's associates Isana Thakura said to Narottama:

     105. "O Narottama, quickly go to Nilacala. Day by day the blinding darkness has descended everywhere.

     106. "For many days it has been dark. From many devotees I have heard this news.

     107. "By the Lord's will Gopinatha Acarya and the other devotees there have been covered by that darkness. I cannot describe their condition.

     108. Go there and meet with them. Then at once go to Srikhanda and Kantak-nagara

     109. "Then, accompanied by Shrinivasa, please return here. i will see you again. That desire rests in my heart. This I say to you.

     110. "What will happen in the meantime? I do not know. Also go to Shantipura and Khadadaha."

     111. After speaking these words Shri Ishana Thakura became silent. Who knows what was in his heart? He could not check his tears.


On the Path to Nilacala, Narottama Visits Shantipura


     112. Very agitated at heart, Narottama went from Navadvipa to Shantipura.

     113. I cannot describe how, plunged in thinking of Lord Advaita's pastimes Narottama lamented.

     114. Gazing at Santipura village, and saying, "I was cheated!", Narottama wept.

     115. Lord Shri Advaita was like the monarch of Santipura. In Santipura He enjoyed pastimes beyond the touch of matter.

     116. The previous day Lord Shri Advaita informed Shri Acyuta_nanda that He had given to Narottama great mercy.

     117. As Shri Acyuta_nanda was watching for him on the path, Narottama entered Santipura.

     118. Who can describe the condition of Santipura's people now that the Lord had disappeared from this world?

     119. Narottama asked someone for directions to Lord Advaita's house. Weeping, that person said, "Walk on this path."

     120. Many floods of tears flooded from Narottama's eyes. With an unsteady heart he walked on that path.

     121. Accompanied by His personal associates, unseen by others, Lord Advaita appeared before Narottama and gave him great mercy.

     122. Filled with the ecstasy of spiritual love, Narottama fell unconscious. By Lord Advaita's will, he quickly became conscious again.

     123. With a peaceful heart Narottama entered Lord Advaita's house. He saw Acyuta_nanda, who was sitting there.

     124. Even without an introduction, Acyutananda knew the identity of his guest. Narottama offered respectful obeisances to Shri Acyutananda.

     125. In this way they met. Shri Acyutananda's golden body was thin and emaciated. Separated from Lord Advaita, Acyutananda ws tormented with grief.

     126. Seeing Narottama, Shri Acyutananda became restless at heart. He held out his arms. Filled with spiritual love, he hugged Narottama.

     127. With tears from his eyes he soaked Narottama's body. He was agitated at heart. Who has the power to know what he felt?

     128. Sweetly he said to Narottama, "I cannot keep you here for many days.

     129. "For now there is no need for you to stay here. At once go and see Lord Nilacalacandra.

     130. "Quickly meet with the Lord's personal associates and bid them all farewell. Hurry, for you have many duties to perform."

     131. After speaking these words, Shri Acyutananda arranged for Narottama to meet Lord Advaita's personal associates.

     132. With great affection they all hosted Narottama for three or four days in Santipura.

     133. Then, bidding everyone farewell, Narottama at once set out for Nilacala. I cannot describe the details of Narottama's journey.


Shrila Narottama at Ambika-Kalana


     134. Quickly Narottama crossed the Ganga at Harinadi-grama, entered Ambika, and saw the Deities Nitai-Chaitanya.

     135. These Nitai-Chaitanya Deities were the very life of Gauri-dasa. How wonderful ws his method of serving Them! His service charmed all the worlds.

     136. In the courtyard of those Deities' temple Narottama rolled on the ground. Soaked with the tears from his eyes, he offered respectful obeisances.

     137. Narottama had a very wonderful meeting with Hrdaya Chaitanya and the other dear devotees of the Lord.

     138. I will not make this book very large by recording all their conversations.

     139. Very affectionately bidding them all farewell, Narottama continued on his journey to Nilacala.

     140. Floods of tears flowed from every person's eyes. Tears flowed without stop from Narottama's eyes.

     141. Narottama completely surrendered himself at the feet of Nitai-Chaitanya, Agitated, he departed from Ambika and continued his journey.


Shrila Narottama at Sapta-grama, Where Shri Shri Nitya_nanda Prabhu Enjoyed Pastimes


     142. Narottama visited all the villages where Lord Chaitanya's dear devotees stayed.

     143. How wonderful was his journey! Narottama looked in the four directions. From a distance seeing Sapta-grama, he offered his respectful obeisances.

     144. In that place the seven great sages performed glorious austerities. In that place Shri Ganga, Shri Yamuna, and Shri Sarasvati meet.

     145. A person who sees Sapta-grama finds that all his sufferings are taken away. In Sapta-grama Lord Nityananda enjoyed many blissful pastimes.

     146. Now I will briefly describe the thoughts in Lord Nityananda's heart when He arrived at Sapta-grama.

     147. On the command of Shri Chaitanyacandra, who was then staying at Navadvipa, Shri Nityananda journey to Gauda-desha.

     148. From Orissa Shri Nityananda entered Gauda-desa. As if intoxicated with spiritual love, He praised the land of Gauda.

     149. No one can describe all the glories of Gauda-desa. It is the crown on the head of all holy places.

     150. In Shri Chaitanyacandrodaya-nataka (2.23) it is said: "Glories to the crown of holy places, Gauda-desa, where, in the city of Navadvipa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead appeared in a form splendid like gold, and Devotional Service appeared in every home."

     151. Gauda-desa is filled with many holy places. Who knows all of its glories? By His own will Lord Nityananda wandered in Gauda-desa for many days.

     152. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (Adi. 1.175) it is said: "In the Shesha-khanda Lord Nityananda enjoyed nectar pastimes as for some days He wandered over the earth."

     153. With great pleasure Lord Nityananda continued His journeys. By visiting many places He brought great benefit to all conditioned souls.

     154. The Ganga is the personification of all holy places. On both its banks Lord Nityananda joyfully wandered.

     155. In His heart Lord Nityananda thought "To see Shri Saci-mata, I will quickly go to Nadiya."

     156. In Panihati-grama Lord Nityananda met Rama dasa, Gadadhara dasa, and many other devotees.

     157. At first Lord Nityananda began a kirtana at Raghava Pandita's house. The bliss from that kirtana pervaded all the world.

     158. The great devotee Raghava Pandita had taken birth in that place. Any place where a great devotee has taken birth has glory without end.

     159. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (2.50) it is said: "In whatever country and whatever family they descended to this world, with the great power these Vaishnavas delivered everyone in an area of eight-hundred thousand miles."

     160. Hearing that Lord Nityananda had come to Panihati-grama, the devotees came there from the four directions.

     161. Any place where the devotees go becomes a holy place.

     162. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (Adi 2. 51) it is said: "Any place where the Vaishnavas visit becomes very pure and sacred, a place of pilgrimage."

     163. How wonderful were the pastimes Lord Nityananda enjoyed with the devotees! At Panihati-grama Lord Nityananda manifested many different kinds of ecstatic devotional emotions..

     164. What person with only one mouth has the power to describe the pastimes Lord Nityananda enjoyed at Gadadhara dasa's house?

     165. At Khadadaha, Padmavati's son Nityananda was always wild in sankirtana.

     166. At Purandara Pandita's temple, Lord Nityananda manifested ecstatic spiritual love even the demigod Brahma cannot attain.

     167. When Lord Nityananda arrived at Sapta-grama, the people in the village nearby found that all their sorrows fled far away.

     168. Lord Nityananda accepted Uddharana Datta as His personal associate. His pastimes with that devotee are famous in the world.

     169. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (Antya, 5.440-461) it is said: "On the bank at this place where three rivers meet Lord Nityananda stayed at the home of fortunate Uddharana Datta.

     170. "With his body, mind, and words Uddharana Datta sincerely worshipped Lord Nityananda's feet.

     171. "Uddharana Datta became qualified to serve Lord Nityananda directly. What greater good fortune can anyone attain?

     172. "Birth after birth Lord Nityananda is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Birth after birth Uddharana Datta is His servant.

     173. "Because of Uddharana Datta all the merchants became purified. Of this there is no doubt.

     174. "Lord Nityananda went there to deliver the merchants. He made those merchants qualified to attain ecstatic love and devotion.

     175. "Going from house to house among the merchants there, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of kirtana.

     176. "All the merchants took shelter of Lord Nityananda's feet and worship them in every way.

     177. "Seeing how the merchants were worshipping Lord Krishna everyone in the world felt wonder in wonder in his heart.

     178. "Lord Nityananda's mercy is an ocean that has no shore. He delivered all these foolish, lowly merchants.

     179. "Accompanied by His associates, Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes of sankirtana at Sapta-grama.

     180. "Even if he had a hundred years to do it, no one could describe all the sankirtana pastimes of Lord Nityananda at Sapta-grama.

     181. "As He had enjoyed in the town and villages of Nadiya, so Lord Nityananda enjoyed pastimes at Sapta-grama."

     182. Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura gave this elaborate descriptions. Who understands the good fortune these merchants attained?

     183. Uddharana Datta was always wild in the ecstaty of spiriutal love. With a blissful heart he always served Lord Nityananda.

     184. Staying always near Lord Nityananda, Uddharana Datta saw many blissful pastimes at very sacred Triveni-ghata and in Sapta-grama.

     185. Every place Lord Nityananda visited became a very holy place, a place where all other holy places reside.

     186. Who can count all the holy places in Gauda-desa? In Lord Nityananda's company Uddharana Datta traveled to all those holy places.

     187. At Santipura Lord Nityananda very joyfully met Lord Advaita.

     188. From there He went to Navadvipa. Many different ornaments glisten on Lord Nityananda's body.

     189. Charming anklets jangled on His glorious feet. No one in all the universe is like Him.

     190. In the Shesha-khanda sutras Narayani's son (Shrila Vrndavana dasa Thakura) declares (Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata Adi 1.176):

     191. "No one can understand Lord Nityananda's limitless pastimes. Wearing tinkling anklets, He enjoyed pastimes in all the places of Mathura"

     192. Shri Mathura and Shri Navadvipa are not different. Mathura is Navadvipa. That is certain.

     193. His body decorated with a variety of jewel ornaments, Padmavati's son , Nityananda, enjoyed pastimes in Nadiya.

     194. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (Antya 5.518) it is said: "Silver anklets glistened on Lord Nityananda's graceful feet. His words were sublimely sweet. His walking and gestures were graceful like the king of the elephants."

     195. In house after house the people gathered with their friends and enjoyed blissful sankirtana without end.

     196. Navadvipa was like the capital city Mathura. How many people lived in Navadvipa? I do not know.

     197. I cannot describe the bliss Lord Nityananda gave to Shri Shaci-mata in Navadvipa.

     198. Who can describe the wonderful pastimes Lord Nityananda enjoyed as He wandered in Nadiya with His associates?

     199. Uddharana Datta was plunged in chanting Lord Nityananda's glories. He always served Lord Nityananda's feet!

     200. Overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love, Narottama entered Uddharana Datta's village of Sapta-grama.

     201. Narottama asked the people about Uddharana Datta's house. Weeping, someone replied, "This is it.

     202. "At every moment burned by the sorrow of separation from Lord Nityananda, after some days Uddharana Datta disappeared from this world.

     203. "When Lord Nityananda was no longer openly manifest in this world, Sapta-grama became covered by blinding darkness." When Narottama heard these words, a flood of tears flowed from his eyes.

     204. I cannot describe how Narottama was filled with sorrow. Then he met the dear personal associates of Lord Nityananda.


At Khadadaha, Shri Vasudha Thakurani, Shri Jahnavi Thakurani, and The Other Devotees Give Mercy to Narottama


     205. Departing from Sapta-grama, Narottama walked along the Ganga's bank. As he walked, he visited the homes of the devotees.

     206. I cannot describe the secret Narottama Mahashaya saw when he entered Khadadaha.

     207. Lord Nityananda fulfilled Narottama's desires. By Lord Nityananda's will, Narottama became peaceful.

     208. As he went to see Lord Nityananda's house, Narottama met Lord Nityananda's personal associates.

     209. Quickly the devotees took Narottama to Lord Nityananda's house. They informed the mistress of the house.

     210. Shri Vasudha and Shri Jahnavi were sitting with Virabhadra and talking of Lord Nityananda's activities.

     211. Even though they were filled with sorrow, when They heard Narottama had come, They became joyful at heart.

     212. In the inner rooms Narottama approached and offered respectful obeisances at Their lotus feet.

     213. i have no power to describe the mercy Goddess Vasudha and Jahnavi, who know all truths, gave to Narottama.

     214. For two or four days they kept Narottama amongst Them. Together they passed the days and nights tasting the nectar of talking about Lord Krishna.

     215. Filled with ecstatic spiritual love, they said to Narottama, "It is right that you have the tittle "Mahashaya" (great soul)

     216. After speaking many words among themselves, They told Narottama he should continue on his journey to Nilacala.

     217. I do not know how to describe Shri Jahnavi's condition at the time of Narottama's departure. A river of tears flowed from her eyes.

     218. I cannot describe how Shri Virabhadra, speaking very sweet words, bid farewell to Narottama.

     219. Now become very sorrowful, Parameshvari dasa described the path Narottama should follow.

     220. With great affection Mahesha Pandita and the other devotees bid farewell to Narottama. They could not be peaceful.

     221. Falling to the ground, Narottama offered respectful obeisances to everyone. With a sorrowful heart he departed from Khadadaha.


Narottama Meets Shrila Abhirama in Khanakala-Krishna-nagara


     222. Narottama traveled on the path. When he encountered a devotee's home he stopped for a visit.

     223. Quickly he arrived at Khanakula-Krishna-nagara. There he offered respectful obeisances at the feet of Shri Abhirama Thakura.

     224. Overcome by feelings of separation from Lord Nityananda, he was not in external consciousness. His wife, Shri Malini, had no peer.

     225. Abhirama and Malini gave great mercy to Narottama. They commanded him to quickly proceed on his journey to Nilacala.

     226. Seeing Shri Abhirama's condition, Narottama became very sorrowful! Tears like a flooding river flowed from his eyes.

     227. Seeing Shri Abhirama's service to his Deity Gopinatha, Abhirama felt his heart overflowed with bliss. I cannot describe how Narottama bid him farewell.


Shrila Narottama Arrives in Nilacala and Meets with Gopinathacarya and the Other Devotees


     228. Wherever he went, Narottama met many devotees and personal associates of the Lord.

     229. Remembering the devotees' glories, he floated in the tears from his eyes. After very few days he arrived in Nilacala.

     230. Gopinatha Acarya and the other devotees watched for Narottama's arrival on the path.

     231. The Lord had already commanded them to console Narottama at Nilacala.

     232. Who has the power to describe the desires in the hearts of the Lord's dear personal associates?

     233. Gopinatha Acarya said to Kanai-khutiya, "I hope I will see Narottama soon. That desire is in my heart.

     234. "By the Lord's wish I will see Narottama today or after many days. That is my opinion."

     235. Kanai-khutiya then said, "From the mouths of everyone I heard that Narottama has departed from Navadvipa and is on the way to Nilacala.

     236. "I know he will not delay." After speaking some words he said, "Who has the power to understand his activities?"

     237. Then Shikhi Mahati and the other devotees said to Gopinatha, "Now is the time to see Shri Jagannatha."

     238. Hearing these words, Gopinatha Acarya and his dear associates, went to see Lord Jagannatha.

     239. Amongst themselves they talked of Narottama. They talked of how the Lord attracted Narottama at Ramakeli-grama.

     240. They talked and talked of how the Lord gave mercy to Narottama. In this way they walked on the path to the Simha-dvara gate in Lord Jagannatha's abode.

     241. In separation from the Lord, Gopinatha Acarya had become very thin. Although his body was emaciated, he was effulgent like the sun.

     242. What shall I say? He was like mercy personified. Anyone who saw him even only once, floated in the tears from his eyes.

     243. Staying far away, Narottama watched them all. A flood of tears flowed from his eyes. His heart was restless.

     244. In his heart he thought, "They must be the personal associates of the Lord." From a certain brahmana he learned who they were.

     245. At the simha-dvara gate one devotee said to another. "Today Narottama will come. This thought stays in my heart."

     246. As they were speaking auspicious words, everyone saw Narottama.

     247. Narottama's body was filled with devotion. A flood of tears always flowed from his large eyes.

     248. How wonderful was his spiritual love! With an unsteady heart he fell to the ground and offered respectful obeisances to the personal associates of the Lord.

     249. Filled with spiritual love, everyone hugged Narottama. They soaked Narottama's body with the tears from their eyes.

     250. Although they were always burned by the flames of terrible sufferings, every person there felt that bliss now had taken birth in his heart.

     251. Very mecifully taking Narottama with them, they all went to Lord Jagannatha.

     252. His heart unsteady in the ecstasy of spiritual love, Narottama gazed at the glory of Lord Jagannatha and Lord Baladeva.

     253. Dark Jagannatha's glory defeated a host of monsoon clouds and an abundance of black aNjana. Fair Baladeva's glory defeated jasmine flowers and silver.

     254. The moons of Their faces filled the three worlds with light. Their graceful lotus eyes enchanted all the worlds.

     255. Their arms were broad. They were charming and graceful. They were gracefully decorated with glistening ornaments.

     256. The two Lords were on both sides. In the middle was Subhadra. Lord Jagannatha was glorious with His Sudarshana-cakra.

     257. With unblinking eyes Narottama gazed at Them. He became unsteady in the ecstasy of spiritual love. He could not keep his heart peaceful.

     258. Seeing Narottama's wonderful condition, the personal associates of the Lord were overcome. They could not check their tears.

     259. Gopinatha Acarya made Narottama peaceful again. A priest of Lord Jagannatha gave Narottama a prasadam-garland.

     260. Taking Narottama with him, Gopinatha Acarya slowly, slowly departed from the temple and returned to his own home.


Narottama Thakura Sees the Tota-Gopinatha Deity and Hears the Glories of Gadadhara Gosvami


     261. The Lord's personal associates at Nilacala all heard that Narottama had come.

     262. Although at every moment they were burned by flames of terrible sorrow, they all became happy at heart.

     263. Gopinatha Acarya introduced Narottama to all the devotees. He entrusted Narottama to the care of Jagannatha Vipra.

     264. Jagannatha Vipra took Narottama to all the devotees. I cannot describe how Narottama met all the personal associates of the Lord.

     265. Who can describe how Narottama lamented when he saw Haridasa Thakura's samadhi.

     266. Very sorrowful, Narottama then went to visit Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami.

     267. Falling to the ground, he offered respectful obeisances to Gopinatha. Gazing at Gadadhara's glories he wept.

     268. Seeing the condition of Gadadhara Pandita's dear associates, Narottama wept, tears streaming from his eyes.

     269. Seeing Narottama, Shri Manu Gosvami became restless and hugged him.

     270. He soaked Narottama with the tears from his eyes. Again and again he said, "By the Lord's will, I now see you.

     271. From the Vaishnavas coming and going I heard all about you. I yearned to see you. Now I have seen you."

     272. Speaking these words, he took Narottama's hand, led him to a secluded place, and gently, gently said:

     273. "O Narottama, when I see the Deity Tota Gopinatha I always weep. I cannot restrain myself.

     274. "Look at this beautiful place in the midst of a garden. Fortunate persons saw blissful pastimes in this place.

     275. "My master Gadadhara would sit here and, his heart overcome with spiritual emotions, would read from Shrimad-Bhagavatam.

     276. "With his graceful mouth He would explain the verses of Shrimad-Bhagavatam. How many rivers of the bliss of spiritual love would flow from his explanations?

     277. "Who did not yearn to hear his explanations?  Anyone who heard them, even only once, would never forget them.

     278. "Lord Gaura-Hari, who was the master of Gadadhara's life, would sit beside him and listen to the sweetness of his explanations.

     279. "In this place Lord Nityananda Raya would sit, and in this place Lord Advaita Acarya would sit.

     280. "Here would sit Shri Svarupa Damodara, Vakreshvara, Shri Murari Gupta, and Gadadhara dasa.

     281. "Here would sit Shri Mukunda and Narahari. As if with a single pair of eyes they all gazed at Gadadhara Gosvami's face.

     282. "Raya Ramananda and many other personal associates of the Lord also would sit in this place. They were all effulgent like the sun.

     283. "Who has the power to describe the splendour of Lord Gaura's personal associates? Gazing at Them even demigods become embarrassed.

     284. "At the time of Rathayatra They all enjoyed pastimes here. Thinking of Them, I feel my heart break.

     285. "O Narottama, in this secluded place many times Gadadhara Gosvami would talk with Gadadhara dasa.

     286. "I have no power to describe the words Gadadhara Gosvami affectionately spoke to Khandavasi Narahari in this place.

     287. "Taking Damodara to this place, Gadadhara Gosvami described the thoughts that stayed in his heart.

     288. "At the time when the Deity was served, Lord Gaurachandra would come here and stand before the Deity Gopinatha.

     289. "Gazing at the Deity, Lord Gaurachandra again and again praised the garments and decorations. How can anyone know what Lord Gaurachandra thought in His heart as He spoke those words.

     290. "Gadadhara Gosvami had only two duties! To serve the Deity Gopinatha and to reside at Shri Kshetra. He had no other duty.

     291. "Thinking, Shri Gaurasundara will always stay in Nilacala, 'Gadadhara Gosvami vowed to stay there always. To leave the Lord's association was unbearable for him.

     292. "When Lord Gauranga's departed from Shri Kshetra to visit other places, Gadadhara Gosvami turned away from his vow and followed the Lord.

     293. "In many ways Shri Gaurasundara forbade him, but Ratnavati's son Gadadhara only became more and more agitated.

     294. "O Narottama, how many pastimes did Gadadhara Gosvami enjoyed at this place.

     295. In Shri Chaitanya-charitamrita (Madhya 16. 130-143) it is said: "When Gadadhara Pandita started to go with the Lord, he was forbidden to come and was asked not to give up the vow of kshetra-sannyasa.*

     296. "When he was requested to return to Jagannatha Puri, Gadadhara Pandita told the Lord, 'Wherever You are staying is Jagannatha Puri. Let my so-called kshetra-sannyasa go to hell.*

     297. "When Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu asked Gadadhara Pandita to remain at Jagannatha Puri and engage in Gopinatha's serive, Gadadhara Pandita replied, 'One renders service to Gopinatha a millions times simply by seeing Your lotus feet.*

     298. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu then said, 'If you abandon His service it will be my fault. It is bette that you remain here and render service. That will be My satisfaction.'*

     299. "The Pandita replied, 'Do not worry. All the faults will be on my head. I shall not accompany You but shall go alone.*

     300. "I shall go to see Shaci-mata, but I shall not go for your sake. I shall be responsible for the abandoning of my vow and service to Gopinatha!*

     301. "Thus Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami traveled alone, but when they all arrived at Kataka, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu called him, and he went in the Lord's company.*

     302. "No one can understand the loving intimacy between Gadadhara Pandita and Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Gadadhara Pandita gave up his vow and service to Gopinatha just as one gives up a piece of straw.*

     303. "Gadadhara Pandita's behaviour was very pleasing to Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's heart, Nevertheless, the Lord took His hand and spoke to Him, displaying the anger of love.*

     304. "'You have abandoned Gopinatha's service and broken Your vow to live in Puri. All that is complete because You have come so far.*

     305. "'Your wanting to see Me is simply a desire for sense gratification. In this way, You are breaking two religious principles, and because of this I am very unhappy.

     306. "If You want My happiness, please return to Nilacala. You will simply condemn Me if You say any more about this matter.*

     307. "Saying this, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu got into a boat, and Gadadhara Pandita immediately fell down in a unconscious state.*

     308. "Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ordered Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya to take Gadadhara Pandita with him. The Bhattacarya told Gadadhara Pandita, 'Get up!' Such are the pastimes of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu."*

     309. Seeing these wonderful activities, the Lord's personal associates were surprised. They all knew the reason.

     310. On Lord Chaitanya's command, Sarvabhauma and the other devotees consoled Gadadhara and brought Him home.

     311. As long as Lord Gaurachandra had not returned to Shri Kshetra, Gadadhara suffered greatly.

     312. Everywhere the truth became manifest, the truth that Gadadhara Pandita was most qualified, was the king of the brahmanas, was the noble and generous king of the sannyasis.

     313. In Shrila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami's Kadaca it is said:


avanisura-varah shri-panditakhy yatindrah

     sa khalu bhavati radha shri-gauravatane

narahari-sarakarasyapi damodarasya

     prabhu-nija-dayitanam tac ca saram matam me


     "When Lord Gaura descended to this world Shri Radha became Gadadhara Pandita, who is the king of the brahmanas and the sannyasis. That is the final opinion of Narahari Sarakara, of many dear devotees of the Lord, and also of me, Svarupa Damodara."

     314. "O Narottama, what shall I say to describe Gadadhara Pandita's glories. Lord Gaura was the master of His life. This is known everywhere.

     315. "Gadadhara could not tolerate separation from Lord Gauranga. He always swam in the ocean of bliss gazing at Lord Gauranga.

     316 and 317. "When, accompanied by His dear associates, Shri Gaurasundara returned from Vrndavana, Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami gazed at the Lord's face and at once fell uncouscious overcome with the ecstasy of spiritual love.

     318. "The fortunate devotees saw all these blissful pastimes. O Narottama, there is no end to the description of these pastimes.

     319. Coming here from Gauda-desha, Lord Nityananda stood here and gazed at the Deity Gopinatha.

     320. Happily Lord Nityananda met with Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami. All who saw Them were fortunate. This is known everywhere.

     321. In Shri Chaitanya-Bhagavata (Antya 7.116-125) it is said: "Seeing this Deity, a three-fold bending Deity holding a flute to His mouth, Lord Nityananda shed tears of joy, tears that had no end.

     322. "Learning that Lord Nityananda had come, Gadadhara stopped reading Shrimad-Bhagavatam and went to Him at once.

     323. "They gazed at each other's face. Grasping each other's neck, They wept.

     324. "They offered obeisances to each other. They glorified each other.

     325. "They both said, "Now My eyes are purified." They both said, "Now My life has become successful."

     326. "External consciousness was no longer present in the bodies of the two Lords. the two Lords floated in an ocean of bliss and love.

     327. "Seeing this display of great love and devotion, the devotees in the four directions fell to the ground and wept.

     328. "How wonderful was the love Nityananda and Gadadhara felt! They did not say anything but words of love and devotion.

     329. "Gadadhara had no desires to see the face of anyone who criticized Lord Nityananda.

     330. "Gadadhara Pandita would not look at the face of anyone who did not love Lord Nityananda."

     331. "O Narottama, when I remember the meeting of these two Lords, my life's breath weeps.

     332. "Peacefully sitting together, for many moments Lord Nityananda and Gadadhara Pandita glorified Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

     333. "Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami invited Lord Nityananda, 'Today You take Your meal here.'

     334. From Gauda-desha Lord Nityananda had brought, as a gift for Gadadhara, a sack of 80 pounds of rice.

     335. In his heart Lord Nityananda thought, "I do not know what else to bring." Aloud Lord Nityananda said, 'O Pandita, please offer this rice to Lord Gopinatha, and then You eat the remnants of His meal.'

     336. "In this way Lord Nityananda gave the rice to Shri Gadadhara Pandita. Seeing the rice, Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami praised it many times.

     337. Shri Gadadhara Pandita cooked some of the rice and also cooked shaka and spicy vegetables.

     338. Quickly he prepared a sauce of tamarind leaves, the sweet fragrance of these foods filled the garden cottage.

     339. In this way He placed the offering before the Deity Gopinatha. Then Lord Gaura Raya, who is present in every heart, suddenly came there.

     340. Smiling, He said, "You two are trying to conceal what You have done. I am entitled to a share of this meal. This You do not know.

     341. "Never have I been a person different from You two. Therefore I wish to tell You that what You are doing is a little improper.'

     342. "Hearing these words, Shri Gadadhara Pandita very joyfully placed the prasadam-meal before Lord Chaitanya.

     343. "Lord Chaitanya then said, 'Dividing this offering into three equal parts, We three will sit together and eat this food.'

     344. After speaking these words and quickly dividing the food into three parts, Lord Gaura-Hari sat down to eat.

     345. On His right was Shri Nityananda. On His left was Shri Gadadhara Pandita. Meditating on Their splendour, my heart feels it will no longer remain conscious.

     346. "Gently smiling, and praising the shaka and tamarind sauce, Lord Gaurachandra ate.

     347. "With a joyful heart Lord Nityananda ate. Gently, gently smiling, He glanced at Gadadhara Gosvami.

     348. "With great bliss Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami ate. I cannot describe the end of the blissful pastimes that took their birth on that occasion.

     349. "After rinsing Their mouths, the three Lords sat down again. Meditating on all these pastimes, I feel my heart is breaking.

     350. "O Narottama, look, look. Here in this secluded place is Gadadhara Gosvami's old and tattered asana.

     351. "In this place Lord Gaura-Hari who is Gadadhara Gosvami's very life, would sit on that asana.

     352. "As He relished the verses of Shrimad-Bhagavatam, tears would fall from the Lord's eyes and wet the books. Look, the place where the Lord enjoyed these pastimes is before Your eyes.

     353. "I have no power to describe all the pastimes Lord Gaura-Hari and Gadadhara Gosvami enjoyed in this garden-cottage.


In Lord Gopinatha's Temple Shriman Mahaprabhu Disappears


     354. O Narottama, what did Lord Gaura-Hari gently, gently said to Gadadhara Pandita in this place? I do not know.

     355. From Their eyes a flood of tears flowed. Seeing Them, even men whose hearts were like stone melted.

     356. Who has the power to understand the actions of Lord Chaitanya, the crest jewel of the sannyasis? Suddenly the earth was covered with blinding darkness.

     357. Lord Chaitanya entered Lord Gopinatha's temple. There He disappeared. He did not come out.

     358. Even if I had a hundred thousand mouths I could not describe the devotees' condition when Lord Chaitanya disappeared from this world.

     359. In this place Gadadhara Gosvami fell unconscious. All the great devotees wept.

     360. I cannot describe how Lord Gaura, who love the devotees like a father and who has the jewels of all virtues, comforted the devotees.

     361. To Gadadhara Gosvami Lord Gaura gave this command: "A brahmana's son named Shrinivasa suffers very greatly.

     362. "Walking on the path, he heard of My disappearance. Then he decided to give up his life.

     363. At that time I gave him comfort. He will approach you. Your mercy will protect him.

     364. "You know everything. What more shall I say? By My wish he will stay with You for some days."

     365. After speaking these words, Lord Gaura made Gadadhara Pandita peaceful again. After some days Shrinivasa came to that place.

     366. How Shrinivasa was like spiritual love personified! A flood of tears always flowed from his eyes. He was in the early teenage years (kaishora). How wonderfully graceful was His body!

     367. O Narottama, in this place Shrinivasa fell to the ground to offer respectful obeisances at Gadadhara Gosvami's feet.

     368. Extending His arms, Gadadhara Gosvami hugged Him. The tears from his eyes soaked Shrinivasa's body.

     369. As a mother and a father love their son, so Gadadhara Gosvami loved Shrinivasa.

     370. My heart has no power to understand the mercy Gadadhara Gosvami gave to Shrinivasa.

     371. Bidding farewell, Shrinivasa departed from Vrndavana. Filled with sorrow, Gadadhara remained in this place.

     372. Day by day His delicate body became more and more emaciated. Day and night the tears from His eyes rained on the ground.

     373. His long deep sighs were like flames from a fire. Then, suddenly, He disappeared from this world.

     374. I cannot describe the devotees' condition at that time. Only by the Lord's wish did they somehow remain alive.

     375. Previously He had told me of your story. Then, at that time of sufferings, I saw you.

     376. Although my heart felt like it was burning in flames, when I saw you I became happy by the Lord's will.

     377. O Narottama, please always be saintly and peaceful. To the Lord's dear devotee Shrinivasa please repeat all that I have told you.

     378. At once you should leave Nilacala and go to Gauda-desa. Giving them the gift of devotional service, make the conditioned souls successful in spiritual life.

     379. Lord Chaitanya has given His mercy to you. Now you should destroy the people's misfortunes.

     380. You should plunge them in the ocean of the bliss of sankirtana, you should reveal to them the supremely blissful desires in Lord Gaura's heart.

     381. Speaking in this way, with great love Gadadhara dasa hugged Narottama, had him offer obeisances to the Deity Gopinatha, and bid him farewell.


At Kashi-mishra's House, Shri Narottama Thakura Meets Shri Gopala-guru


     382. Narottama went to Kashi-mishra's house. There he met Shri Gopala-guru.

     383. With great affection he gently, gently spoke these sweet words:  

     384. "Only by the Lord's wish do I somehow remain alive. Gazing at this holy place, I will soon bid farewell to this life.

     385. "O Narottama, look, in this very secluded place Lord Chaitanya all alone, would sit on a straw asana.

     386. "In this place Lord Mahaprabhu would lie down. Shri Govinda would massage His feet.

     387. "Who has the power to understand Lord Krishna Chaitanya's pastimes. He manifested ecstatic spiritual love even Brahma and the demigods cannot attain."

     388. Seeing Lord Chaitanya's bed and asana, Narottam rolled on the ground. Again and again he wept.

     389. His heart wild with spiritual love, Shri Gopala-guru hugged Narottama, loudly he wept.

     390. After many moments Gopala-guru became peaceful. He consoled Narottama and made him peaceful also.

     391. Gopala-guru showed Narottama all the different places where Lord Chaitanya was plunged in the ecstaty of spiritual love.

     392. Gopala-guru spoke of Vakreshvara Pandita's glorious activities. He made Narottama offer respectful obeisances at the lotus feet of the Deity Shri Radhakanta.


Shri Narottama Thakura at the Gundica Temple


     393. After offering respectful obeisances to the devotee Jagannatha Vipra, Narottama went to see the Gundica temple.

     394. Jagannatha Vipra said to Narottama, "On this pathway Lord Jagannatha, the moon of Nilacala, goes on His procession.

     395. "In this place Lord Chaitanya danced before the rathayatra cart. Lord Chaitanya's sankirtana chanting filled all the worlds.

     396. "Here Lord Chaitanya pushed the Rathayatra cart with His head. Watching, Brahma and the demigods praised Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

     397. "Here Lord Chaitanya gave mercy to King Prataparudra. That act brought great bliss to the hearts of the Lord's personal associates.

     398. "Here watching the Lakshmi-vijaya festival with His personal associates, Lord Chaitanya spoke some words.

     399. "With joyful heart Lord Chaitanya and His personal associates ate maha-prasadam in this garden.

     400. "Look, there is the charming Gundica temple, where Lord Chaitanya enjoyed many pastimes.

     401. "Even if I had a hundred thousand mouths, I still could not describe the bliss the Lord felt as He cleansed the Gundica Temple.

     402. "Accompanied by the devotees, Lord Chaitanya bathed here in the Indradyumana-sarovara."

     403. In this way learned and expert Jagannatha dasa Vipra showed Narottama the various places of Lord Chaitanya's pastimes.

     404. Taking Narottama with him, Jagannatha went to Gopinatha Acarya's home. To Gopinatha Acarya he described Narottama's activities.

     405. Gopinatha Acarya and the other devotees gave mercy to Narottama. I cannot describe all these activities in detail.

     406. Gopinatha Acarya said to all the devotees, "I will not be able to see Shrinivasa. Therefore you please tell all this information to him.

     407. "Hearing the descriptions of Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya's disciple Shri Syamananda, I became blissful.

     408. "He should come here at once. Then I will be able to see him." As Gopinatha Acarya spoke these words, tears flowed from his eyes.

     409. I have no power to describe how Narottama quickly bid farewell to all the devotees.


Shri Narottama Thakura Travels from Orissa to Gauda-desha


     410. Narottama departed from Nilacala. He was eager to see Syamananda.

     411. Syamananda was happily engaged in devotional activities in Orissa. Accompanied by his disciples, he relished the nectar of sankirtana.

     412. Protecting them from the very foolish blasphemers, he gave the people the gift of pure spiritual love and devotion (prema-bhakti), a gift even the demigods cannot attain.

     413. From the people's mouths hearing that Narottama Mahasaya had come, Syamananda, leading the host of his followers happily went to meet him.

     414. How wonderful was their meeting! The fortunate people watched. Syamananda felt he had regained his life's breath.

     415. To his own home Syamananda took Narottama Mahasaya. The people of Nrisimhapura were very joyful.

     416. I will not describe in details the devotional activities of those two devotees then. The wonderful affection they had for each other is well known.

     417. Sitting in a secluded place and talking of many things, Narottama and Syamananda passed the day and night.

     418. After telling Syamananda the news of Shri Jagannatha-ksetra (Nilacala), now sorrowful Narottama continued on his journey to Gauda-desha.


Narottama at Shrikhanda


     419. At once Syamananda went to Nilacala. Meanwhile Shri Narottama Thakura Mahasaya arrived in Gauda-desha.

     420. Seeing Shrikhanda, Narottama wept, the tears flowing from his eyes. He entered Narahari Thakura's home.

     421. Words are far from having the power to describe what Narahari Sarakara Thakura felt when he heard the words, "Narottama has come."

     422. To his own associates Narahari said, "With my own eyes I saw Narottama's father as he came and went within Gauda-desha.

     423. "He was a king named Kishnananda Raya. By the Lord's will Narottama took birth in his home.

     424. . "The Lord wishes to do many works throught Narottama. When will I see Narottama? Bring him to me."

     425. At that moment Narottama came before Narahari Thakura. Narottama offered respectful obeisances. Tears like a flooding river flowed from his eyes.

     426. Gazing at him and affectionately hugging him, Shri Narahari Thakura soaked Narottama with the tears from his eyes.

     427. Shri Narahari kindly asked questions of Narottama. Gradually, gradually Narottama told him everything.

     428. Hearing the news of the devotees still alive in Shri Jagannatha-kshetra, Narahari became sorrowful. He could not keep his heart peaceful.

     429. After some moments he became peaceful again and said, "Quickly return there. I have seen you with my own eyes.

     430. "You will fulfill the Lord's desire. May you live a long life and preach the glories of devotional service."

     431. After speaking these words, Narahari entrusted Narottama with him, Raghunandana went to the courtyard of Lord Mahaprabhu's temple.

     432. Gazing at the Deity of Gaurachandra, who enchanted all the worlds, Narottama, overcome with spiritual love, offered his respectful obeisances in the courtyard.

     433. Then Narottama met all the devotees of the Lord, then Raghunandana sent Narottama to Yayigrama.


Shri Narottama Thakura Mahasaya At Shrinivasa Acarya's House in Yajigrama


     434. His heart restless, Narottama went to Shrinivasa Acarya's home in Yajigrama.

     435. Who has the power to describe what Shrinivasa Acarya felt when, accompanied by his disciples, he saw Narottama outside his house.

     436. Before Narottama had a chance to offer respectful obeisances, Shrinivasa hugged him. He introduced Narottama to all the devotees there.

     437. Sitting with him in a secluded place, he asked questions of Narottama. Filled with sorrow, Narottama answered.

     438. Shrinivasa wished him to tell the news of Nilacala, Navadvipa, and other places. There was no end to their talks.

     439. When he had heard everything, Shrinivasa Acarya glanced at Narottama. Shrinivasa could not remain peaceful.

     440. Who knows what was in their hearts? After some moments they stopped weeping. Then they became peaceful again.

     441. Shrinivasa Acarya said to Narottama, "Go to Khetari-grama. Don't delay.

     442. "What shall I say? At once you should preach there, that is needed. You should arrange there for service to the Deity.

     443. "Soon I will come there with my disciples. Don't worry if I am late in coming."

     444. After speaking these words, Shrinivasa, with an agitated heart returned to the company of his associates and at once bid Narottama farewell.


Shrila Narottama at Katoya


     445. As he entered Kantaka-nagara, Narottama could not check the flood of tears that flowed from his eyes.

     446. Hearing that Narottama had come, Gadadhara dasa felt happiness fill his very sorrowful heart.

     447. Approaching Gadadhara dasa, Narottama fell to the ground and offered respectful obeisances.

     448. Seeing Narottama, Gadadhara dasa hugged him and soaked his body with the tears from his eyes.

     449. He had Narottama sit near him, He asked about everything. Agitated, Narottama described everything.

     450. Hearing the sad news, Gadadhara dasa felt his heart had been ripped into shreds. He gave out a long sigh, a sigh like a flame from a fire.

     451. Fearing this book will become very large, I will not describe all that Gadadhara dasa kindly said to Narottama.

     452. After surrendering himself at the reddish lotus feet of the Deity Shri Gaurachandra, Narottama at once departed from Khetari-grama.

     453. Gazing at the Deity Gaurachandra, who was Gadadhara's very life, Narottama could not remain peaceful.

     454. Gazing at the place where Lord Mahaprabhu accepted sannyasa, Narottama again could not remain peaceful.

     455. Fainting, he fell to the ground. The tears from his eyes soaked the ground.

     456. I cannot describe how he wept. He would not be consoled. His heart overflowed with sorrow.

     457. In place after place he met the devotees who had been personal associates of Lord Chaitanya.

     458. Comforting them with many words, he bid them farewell and departed for Radha-desha.


Shrila Narottama Thakura at Ekacakra-grama, the Place in Radha-desha Where Lord Shri Nityananda Appeared in this World


     459. In the middle of Radha-desha is the village named Ekacakra, where Lord Nityananda Rama was born.

     460. As Narottama entered Ekacakra-grama, Lord Nityananda, assuming the features of an elderly brahmana, appeared before him.

     461. Then He showed Narottama all the places where Lord Nityananda had enjoyed pastimes with His associates.

     462. Lord Nityananda could not deceive Narottama. Finally He manifest His original form before Narottama's eyes. Who has the power to describe these pastimes?

     463. Seeing Lord Nityananda-Balarama, Narottama fell unconscious, a flood of tears streamed without stop from his eyes.

     464. By Lord Nityananda's wish, Narottama became peaceful after some time. Lord Nityananda forbade Narottama to tell anyone of these events.

     465. After surrendering himself before Lord Nityananda's glorious feet, with a joyful heart Narottama circumambulate Ekacakra.

     466. After offering respectful obeisances to all the residents of Ekacakra, Narottama, his heart plunged in Lord Nityananda's glories, departed.


Shrila Narottama Thakura Mahashaya Returns to Khetari-grama


     467. After asking from the local people directions on the path to Khetari-grama, Narottama very quickly went to the banks of the Padamavati.

     468. He crossed the Padmavati and entered Khetari-grama. The local  people went to meet him.

     469. What shall I say? All those people became very fortunate. Gazing at Narottama, they felt their hearts were filled with cooling bliss.

     470. With a joyful heart one person said to another, "His wonderful renunciation has no equal."

     471. Another person said, "This worry stays in my heart. Narottama will think, 'I possess a kingdom, Why should I not reside in it?'"

     472. Another person said, "To a pure Vaishnava all places are the same. Descending to this material world, the pure Vaishnavas deliver the blasphemers."

     473. Another person said, "In this place stay blasphemers without end. Narottama will never get to reside in his kingdom."

     474. Another person said, "Narottama has come to deliver the people of all places. In my heart I know this is true."

     475. After speaking these words, the people were filled with doubt. They worried that Narottama, leaving them in the blinding darkness of materialistic life, would depart on a pilgrimage to holy places.

     476. After speaking these words, the people shed flood of tears from their eyes. As if with a single pair of eyes, the people gazed at Narottama.

     477. At that moment a voice from the sky announced, "This Narottama will happily remain here always.

     478. "By the Lord's will he has come to deliver the blasphemers and give them the gift of pure devotional service."

     479. Hearing these words, everyone became filled with wonder. Again and again they offered respectful obeisances at Narottama's feet.

     480. With joyful hearts they gathered around Narottama Mahasaya. How wonderful and glorious was his entrance into that village!

     481. Taking Narottama with them, the people went a very beautiful and secluded place. In that place Narottama Mahasaya made his home.

     482. Khetari was a very large and pleasant village. It had many neighborhoods, with different names. It had wonderful houses.

     483. The capital city part of that area was Gopalapura. In that village many wealthy people resided.

     484. The people there were all plunged in false material pleasures. They did not think, "How will my future be auspicious?"

     485. I cannot describe how Narottama, seeing them, felt compassion for them.

     486. King Santosa Raya and the others eagerly talked about Narottama.


Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu Accepts the Grihastha-ashrama


     487. After bidding Narottama farewell, Shrinivasa Acarya and his followers at Yajigrama could not remain peaceful.

     488. At Shrikhanda everyone heard, "Now Narottama has departed." Everyone thought of Narottama's charming nature and activities.

     489. Shri Raghunandana came to Yajigrama. At once he made arrangements for Shrinivasa's wedding.

     490. At Yajigrama resided Shri Gopala Cakravarti. He yearned to give his daughter to Shrinivasa Acarya.

     491. In a private place Shri Raghunandana very sweetly said to Shri Gopala dasa:

     492. "Your daughter is a suitable match for Shrinivasa." Hearing these words, Gopala became joyful.

     493. The kinsmen were informed of the prospective marriage. They all said, "This very moment give that girl to him."

     494. In the month of Vaisakha, on the third day of the dark fortnight, at an auspicious moment, he gave his daughter to Shrinivasa Acarya.

     495. Previously everyone called that girl by the name Draupadi. At the moment of her wedding her name became Ishvari.

     496. How sweet and charming was she! She was like a golden statue. She was like devotional service personified. Her virtues had no limit.

     497. I have no power to describe Ishvari's effulgence and glory at the moment she was married to Shrinivasa Acarya and he also gave her diksha-mantra initiation.

     498. In this context I will also mention that the great brahmana Shri Gopala at once became a disciple of Shrinivasa Acarya.

     499. Gopala's two sons, Syama dasa and Ramacandra, whom some called Syamananda and Ramananda, also became disciples of Shrinivasa Acarya's disciples. Their character and activities were wonderful. This everyone knows. Therefore I have mentioned them only briefly.

     500.  (page 904)

     501. Giving away his daughter, Shri Gopala Cakravarti honoured all his guests.

     502. All the men and women in the village said, "Fortunate, fortunate is the brahmana Gopala.!"

     503. In this way Shrinivasa Acarya was married. At that time great bliss took birth in every person's heart.

     504. I cannot describe the fatherly love Shri Narahari Sarakara felt when he heard the news of Shrinivasa Acarya's wedding.

     505. Hearing this news, Gadadhara dasa and the other devotees all praised Shrinivasa as they talked among themselves.


Shrinivasa Acarya Prabhu Teaches the Gosvamis' Books


     506. Shrinivasa regularly taught the Gosvamis' books to his disciples.

     507. Shrinivasa Acarya was like a shoreless ocean of spiritual knowledge. Hearing his speak, every person felt wonder in his heart.

     508. Dvija Haridasa was a dear personal associate of Lord Gaura. His two sons, Shridasa and Gokulananda decided:

     509. "When Lord Gaura left us, my fathe went to Vrindavana. At that time he commanded us to become a disciple of Shrinivasa Acarya.

     510. "Afte a few days have passed, Shrinivasa has come here from Vraja. Why should his duty be delayed? At once let us go to see Shrinivasa."

     511. Talking in this way, the two sons departed from Yajigrama and with joyful hearts went to see Shrinivasa Acarya.

     512. The object of their father's command was now before their eyes. They were plunged in an ocean of nectar love for Shri Shri Radha and Krishna.

     513. When Shrinivasa Acarya asked, they revealed their identities. Again and again they both offered respectful obeisances to Shrinivasa.

     514. After revealing their identities to Shrinivasa Acarya the two boys, overcome with great respect and spiritual love, floated in the tears that flowed from their eyes.

     515. Shridasa and Gokulananda both requested, "Please give us diksha-mantra (initiation), O merciful one, please be merciful to us."

     516. Shrinivasa Acarya said, "For now you should wait." Then he performed the auspicious beginning of their study of the Gosvamis' books.

     517. the two boys carefully studied the Gosvamis' books. I cannot describe all their wonderful activities.


The Story of Ramacandra Kaviraja Becoming a Disciple of Shrinivasa Acarya


     518. The two boys had great affection for Shrinivasa Acarya. They always always stayed with Shrinivasa's disciples.

     519. One day at Yajigrama, Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura went to the lake west of his house.

     520. Accompanied by his associates, he sat down. He was effulgent like the sun. With merciful eyes he glanced at the path.

     521. He saw a person carried on a glorious palanquin. The gloriously dressed person was going after a wedding to his own home.

     522. This person was handsome like Kamadeva. He was decorated with many ornaments. His features were graceful and delicate. His complexion defeated fresh butter.

     523. His form removed the pride of golden ketaki and campaka flowers. The hair on his head glistened.

     524. His forehead was glorious. His eyes and eyebrows delighted the heart. His ears, nose, and cheeks were splendid without peer.

     525. His face was like a graceful moon. His lips were red. His neck was like a conchshell or like a lion's neck. His chest was broad.

     526. His belly and navel were charming. Three folds of skin adorned his waist. His arms reached to his knees. His fingers were graceful.

     527. His waist was slender. His knees and feet were graceful. He wore new, fine, and wonderful garments.

     528. Seeing him, Shrinivasa Acarya thought, "Is he a Gandharva's son, or an Ashvini-kumara?

     529. "How wonderful is his youthful handsomeness. In my heart I think he must be a demigod. If he worshipped Lord Krishna, this person would put his handsome features to good use."

     530. Thinking in this way, he asked his associates, "What is his name? What is his caste? Where is his home?"

     531. Offering respectful obeisances, someone said, "He is a great pandita. His name is Ramacandra. He is  known as a king of poets.

     532. "He is a dig-vijayii pandita and a physician. He is famous. He was born in a family of physicians his home is in Kumara-nagara."

     533. Hearing all this, merciful Shrinivasa Acarya gently, gently smiled and then returned to his house.

     534. Hearing Shrinivasa's inquiries, Ramacandra continued on his palanquin. In this way he saw Shrinivasa Acarya.

     535. Thinking and thinking, in his heart he surrendered to Shrinivasa Acarya. "After how many moments will I see him again?", he thought.

     536. Grave and serious, he remained silent. He returned to his home. That day he passed in anguish.

     537. He passed a night at a brahmana's home. With a restless heart he thought of Shrinivasa Acarya's feet.

     538. The next morning he approached Shrinivasa Acarya. Standing before Shrinivasa Acarya, he wept.

     539. Like an uprooted tree he fell to the ground, Again and again he offered respectful obeisances. He could not remain peaceful.

     540. With a voice choked with emotion he spoke to Shrinivasa Acarya. Hearing him speak, who could remain peaceful?

     541. He placed his head before Shrinivasa Acarya's feet. He fell to the ground, there he stayed, his body darkened by dust.

     542. Grasping Ramacandra's hands, Shrinivasa Acarya joyfully picked him up and hugged him.

     543. Touching Ramacandra's head with his hand, Shrinivasa Acarya gave him a blessing. His eyes filled with tears, Shrinivasa gently, gently said:

     544. "In the same way I met Narottama in Vrindavana. Who will not always weep as he hears of Narottama's glories?

     546. "Narottama is one eye. You are the second eye. You two are my eyes. You two are my arms."

     547. When he heard Narottama's name Ramacandra felt ecstatic spiritual love arise within his heart.

     548. Shrinivasa Acarya understood the thoughts that filled Ramacandra's heart. In great detail Shrinivasa talked of Narottama.

     549. As he listened, Ramacandra did not reveal his thoughts to Shrinivasa Acarya.

     550. Smiling, Shrinivasa Acarya gently, gently said, "The desire in your heart will be soon fulfilled."

     551. After speaking these words, he gave great mercy to Ramacandra. He began Ramacandra's auspicious study of the Gosvamis' books.

     552. Seeing Ramacandra's wonderful power of scholarship, with a joyful heart, an auspicious moment Shrinivasa Acarya gave him initiation in chanting the Radha-Krishna mantra.

     553. Now becoming Shrinivasa's disciple, Ramacandra floated in the nectar of pure devotion. Day by day his wonderful spiritual love grew.

     554. In his own book Kaviraja Karnapura has very sweetly told this story.

     555. Anyone who hears this story of Shrinivasa Acarya and Ramacandra, who are filled with ecstatic spiritual love, will attain the precious jewel of pure devotional service.

     556. Thinking of Shrinivasa Acarya's feet, Narahari dasa speaks this Bhakti-ratnakara.