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The Tenth Vilasa


Glory to Gaura, Nityananda, Advaita and their associates. Be kind to this poor soul. Glory to the merciful listeners. Now listen, Shri Rama and Shri Raghunandana, two disciples of Acarya, came back from Vrndavana. They reported gladly to Thakura Mahasaya about the well being of Vraja. They told excitedly, “How can we describe the beauty of Radha Thakurani sent by Shri Jahnava Isvari, she had created a magnificent glory by sitting in the left side of Gopinatha who Himself had ordered the Goswamis to do that. They had held a great festival on this occasion that we had seen by our own eyes. The Vaishnavas of Vraja had become mad in joy. “Hearing this incident, all of them became very glad and Ramacandra requested those two to take their baths quickly. Shri Thakura Mahasaya with Ramacandra went gladly to take their bath in Padmavati. On their way, they saw two brahmana boys were coming with many cubs of goats, sheep and buffaloes. Looking at them, Shri Mahasaya told Ramacandra that these two boys had fine devotional qualities for worshipping Krishna. Ramacandra began to discuss different scriptures in the presence of those two boys. The boys on hearing the discussion from some distance began to tell to each other, "Most probably these two Vaishnavas are Shri Thakura Mahasaya and Kaviraja. We have already heard about their glory. Today is an auspicious day that we can meet them now." Saying so, they put aside the cubs and came near to Ramacandra and Thakura Mahasaya with a heart swinging like a pendulum. Thakura Mahasaya sweetly asked them, "Who are you? Whose sons you are?" One boy told, "I am Harirama and he is my younger brother, Ramakrishna. Sivai Acarya is our father. He used to spend a lot of money on the occasion of Bhavani worship. Balarama Kaviraja is a good physician. Being ordered by our father, we came here to buy these cubs. My father believes that sacrifice of these cubs before the goddess will grant him the happiness of heaven. “After saying so, he called on his men and ordered them to cross Padmavati leaving those cubs here. Being ordered by Harirama Acarya, they crossed the river without the cubs and these two brahmana boys. Harirama told Thakura Mahasaya, "True, we came here to buy the cubs, but now our visions have become cleaned by your teachings. Now be favorable to us and accept us and give once again the proof of your glory. “Saying so the two brothers fell on the ground to touch his feet. Observing the humble disposition of these two brothers, both Thakura Mahasaya and Ramacandra became very much perturbed and embraced them. After taking bath, they took those boys to the temple of Prabhu most happily. That day was an auspicious day and Shri Kaviraja initiated Harirama. Thakura Mahasaya initiated Ramakrishna Acarya. Harirama and Ramakrishna were very fortunate because at once they could get the feeling of the unattachable identity of Ramacandra and Narottama. They fell prostrate on the feet of their religious masters who empowered their disciples to a great extent. They dedicated their disciples to the feet of Radha-Krishna and Chaitanya. They helped their disciples to know Shri bhakti-siddhanta thoroughly. Harirama and Ramakrishna became mad in the juices of love and devotion. On the eleventh day i.e. the day after Vijaya Dasami (the tenth day of the worship of goddess Bhavani), they asked for their farewell from their religious masters and came back to Goyasa village from Kheturi. They first of all got Balarama Kaviraja and spent that night in his house. They told everything to Balarama who is turn reported everything about their father. In the morning they became face to face with their father. On seeing his sons, Sivai became fire with anger and shouted at them by saying, "O fools, which one among the scriptures has said that the Vaishnavas are superior to brahmanas? By offending Bhagavati, you have spoilt your lives. What type of Vaishnava he is that he made to accept defeat and humiliation before the society of scholars. I know I must be successful due the favor of Durga towards me. Thus further, he won’t dare to do This. “ Harirama became furious and cried out again and again, "Let the Panditas come here and let me see their powers. They have to defeat me first otherwise all their shoutings will be proven fake.” On hearing the utterances of his son, Sivai Acarya became impatient in anger and forced his son to appear before the Pandita Society. Harirama, proud like a lion, refuted all the explanations of the Panditas and established the superiority of devotion. He proved that the Vedas have said that the Vaishnavas are worshipped by all. The Panditas being defeated from all respects, began to stare at Harirama someone said, "How can he know all the scriptures?” Another one replied, "From the favor of Vaishnavas, do you know the glory of Ramacandra and Narottama? These two brothers had obtained favor from those great Vaishnavas. No one can defeat them.” The Panditas became ashamed and went back to their house after saying, "The Vaishnavas have power, no doubt.” Out of blind anger, Sivai called forth Murari who was a world conquering scholar of Mithila. He was so proud of his knowledge that he used to look upon the other scholars like grass under his feet. He came with many students and supporters. Balarama Kaviraja very easily defeated him in the debate. Being defeated, he said, "It is impossible for me to grasp the limit of glory of the Vaishnavas.” Saying so, he distributed all his belongings among others and took self-banishment by not going back to his own country. He accepted the life of a beggar. Sivai being ashamed, reached to the dying condition. He became very sorry for insulting the Vaishnavas. He was rightly served by goddess Bhagavati. The news of the people being converted into Vaisnavism spread all over the countries. The Vaishnavas became very glad for this. Harirama and Ramakrishna Acarya gladly engaged themselves in nama-sankirtana. They became most apathetic towards material life after getting the valuable wealth like devotion. They began to stay with Balarama Kaviraja being always engaged in singing the glory of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. One day, one some personal purpose, the two brothers came to Gamvila village on the bank of Suradhuni (Ganga).That place had many scholars among whom Ganganarayana Cakravarti was the foremost one. He was a man of devotional disposition and had conquered the desire for material pleasure. He was a good teacher. Secretly he had been watching Harirama and Ramakrishna and began to think after observing their transcendental brightness, "They weren’t like this before, but now what a change has come in them. Kaviraja and Shri Thakura Mahasaya had favored them for which they’ve become great Vaishnavas and great scholars in all scriptures. Many scholars had accepted defeat from them. Being ashamed the world-conqueror scholar became a beggars. These two brothers are very fortunate .He who had criticized Thakura Mahasaya, had been rightly served by Bhagavati. I, the worst brahmana, being proud of my knowledge had neglected him. The only way of my survival is to get favor form him. It is known that he is very merciful." Thinking in this way, Ganganarayana began to weep and to lament in this way, "There is no religion above Vaisnavism and worthless person like me get no interest in that religion. Fie, fie to my life. Without worshipping Krishna, I had spent the whole life on trifle things. O lord Narottama, help me to obtain love and devotion. I am taking refuge to your lotus feet.” In lamentation, he spent most of the night. At late night, he fell asleep and dreamt of Thakura Mahasaya in shinning glory and full of mercy. He was telling him smilingly, "You are my servant, don’t lament. All your desires will be fulfilled. Tomorrow, at the time of your bath in the Ganges, you will see me .I have come here from Kheturi. That time I shall talk to you.” As he disappeared, Ganganarayana became very sad. In the morning, after quickly finishing his daily duties, he came on the bank of Ganga and sat there in silent prayer. Harirama and Ramakrishna came to that place. Cakravarti greeted them very humbly and told them, "Please do stay here for a few days with me. If I am fortunate enough to get prabhu here, please tell him about me." Most fortunately, Mahasaya with some disciples came to the bank of the Ganges. Harirama and Ganganarayana, "Look, prabhu by chance has come to take bath in the Ganges.” Ganganarayana became highly satisfied because he found Thakura Mahasaya just the same, he had seen in his dream. Cakravarti asked Harirama about the identities of the Vaishnavas coming with Narottama. Harirama helped Ganganarayana to get the identities of them and moved forward to Narottama to give the identity of Ganganarayana. With a smile, Thakura Mahasaya said, "Bring Ganganarayana to me soon." Ganganarayana came with Harirama and fell on the feet of Narottama who in a trance of love, embraced Ganganarayana. In a sweet voice, he asked Ganganarayana, "Well, gentleman, won't the other brahmanas mind for your this type of behavior? Ganganarayana said, "O my lord, if your favor goes to the poor soul, he never cares for those devotionless brahmanas.” Saying so he worshipped the feet of Ramacandra. Ganganarayana was introduced to everybody. The people out of astonishment whispered to one another, "We found him in Gamvila many times but what a surprise, he is now a completely changed person.” Someone said, "He who was always proud of his knowledge, now how he has became so humble?” Some else said, "How this type of devotion arose in him? It was totally impossible for him.” Someone said, “O brothers, I think that everything has become possible due to the presence of this Mahasaya.” Then everyone began to praise the fortune of Ganganarayana who being a staunch brahmana, had become a devout Vaishnava. Anticipating that Ganganarayana was trying to tell something to him, Thakura Mahasaya told him, "Don’t think anything else. After taking bath, I shall go to Vudhuri and tomorrow I shall go back to Kheturi for I have some important business to do in the temple of Gauranga. You should stay here today with Harirama and Ramakrishna and tomorrow you all should go to Vudhuri. There you can meet Karnapura and others. On the next morning you all should go to Kheturi quickly.” Saying so, after a quick bath, Mahasaya went to Vudhuri with others. Ganganarayana, after his bath went to home with Harirama and Ramakrishna and stayed at Gamvila for that day. In the early morning they went to Vudhuri gladly and stayed in the house of Shri Govinda Kaviraja. Divyasimha, son of Govinda became astonished to observe the devotional efforts Ganganarayana. There, Karnapura Kaviraja and others were also present .In the morning they hastily came to Kheturi and observed the image of Shri Gauranga. Ganganarayana prayed before Prabhu the fulfillment of his desire. That day they spent in the pleasure of sankirtana. On the next morning, after finishing bath and daily duties, Thakura Mahasaya thought that today was the most auspicious day to initiate Ganganarayana. So did he and dedicated Ganganarayana to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. Narottama who was an incarnation of devotion, empowered Ganganarayana with his own power. Being overwhelmed with joy, Ganganarayana could not check his tears and lay prostrate on the lotus feet of Narottama who took him to his bosom. Narottama dedicated Ganganarayana to Ramacandra. Ganganarayana worshipped the feet of Ramacandra, Govinda Kaviraja and others. All the Vaishnavas there became very happy. Ganganarayana, the genius of all scriptures, began to study the Gosvami books. He began to swim continuously in the stream of happiness derived from sankirtana. In this way, Ganganarayana achieved some extra high qualities of love and devotion. Jagannatha Acarya who was a devout worshipper of Bhagavati, was ordered by her to take refuge to the lotus feet of Narottama. She told him, "Without worshipping Krishna, life is a futile one. Go. and touch the feet of Narottama who will give you salvation.” Being ordered by her, he in the next morning came to Kheturi and fell on the feet of Thakura Mahasaya. With tears he told Thakura Mahasaya, "Being ordered by Bhagavati, I have come to you. Now I am at your feet. O lord, please initiate me and save me from damnation.” Hearing this humble confession, Thakura Narottama initiated that brahmana. In this way, Narottama got many disciples. For this incident, some became happy while some became angry. There was a king in a distant place, named Narasimha who was a great patron of scholar brahmanas. One of those brahmanas angrily complained to the king, "There is no one to think about religion which is in stake now. Narottama dasa, son of Krishnananda Datta, had become a Vaishnava and now he is initiating the brahmanas. I don't know what type of a magician he is in doing all these miracles. If you say that he is a scholar, then my opinion is this it is his false pride before the ignorants. Will he dare to face us? Let’s go to his place and let see the fun. I know he must make haste to flee from there. If you can accomplish this, you will be praised by all the countries for keeping the prestige and superiority of the brahmanas. The king is the savior and the only judge due to the order of God. Otherwise the brahmana class will be perished.” On hearing this, the king made arrangements to go to Kheturi with others among whom there was Rupanarayana also. The professors with many books started proudly. The king with his men halted at Kumarapura village near Kheturi. Here, on getting the news of the king's coming, Mahasaya told Ramacandra slowly, "We have to face the professors and I know a great debate will occur.” Ramacandra smiled and said, "They can be defeated very easily and will come to fall on your feet.” Thus Ramacandra and Ganganarayana came to Kumarapura and took the guises of two shopkeepers. One of them became the seller of betel leaf shop to buy betel leaf. When the panditas arrived at the town, their disciples went to the shop to buy betel leves for their teachers. One of them asked the price, and the seller replied in Sanskrit. The student accepted his defeat, and the seller said, "You are a fool, you know nothing. If you want to keep your prestige, go and bring your teacher.” The student being ashamed informed everything to his professor and said, “That young sellers of Kheturi, the place of Narottama, are great scholars. If you want to defeat Narottama, first defeat these young sellers. Otherwise stop going to Kheturi.” Hearing this the Panditas became furious and ordered the student to guide them to that place. They began debate on different scriptures. Gradually Narasimha, Rupanarayana and many people came to that place to witness the battle of scriptures. The seller men began to refute one by one all the explanations given by the Pandita in a very polite way. Thus very easily the Panditas were defeated by the sellers. Someone said, "When the Panditas had come here they were just like lions. But now after defeat they have become dogs.” Then the people began to sing the glory of Thakura Mahasaya. These hearsays made the king nervous. He asked Rupanarayana very slowly, "What is the way out now"? Rupanarayana said, "Vaisnavism is superior to all religions. Humiliating the Vaishnavas leads to the path of hell. Let us go and take refuge to his feet. Otherwise there is no way out from damnation.” Narasimha said, "I am also thinking so. Let us go quickly.” Rupanarayana said, "Stay here today. Tomorrow start with your men.” This news spread all over that tomorrow the king with his men would go to Kheturi. The condition of the professors was undoubtedly most miserable. They could not face the king due to shame. They confined themselves in a lonely place. They used to tell one another about the forth coming situation they had to face tomorrow. Here after defeating the professors, the two shop-keepers started for Kheturi. Ramacandra distributed the betel leaves among the poor and Ganganarayana also distributed his earthen materials among the poor villagers. Being satisfied, they returned to Kheturi and reported everything to Thakura Mahasaya. Here King Narasimha began to think silently whether a wicked person like him would get the mercy of Thakura Mahasaya. In extreme lamentation, he told Rupanarayana, "My life will be totally futile unless I get his mercy.” Certain invisible one throw the words, "He will forgive by his own merciful nature." The king became very much perturbed to hear this and began to wait for the morning in a swinging heart. How pity was the condition of the professors. The most proud professor among them fell asleep at late night and saw in hi dream goddess Bhagavati with a sword in her hand. She told in an angry voice, "O you rogue, how futile is your whole life study. You will go to hell as you have criticized the Vaishnavas. I shall be satisfied if I sever you head. O wicked soul, I don't know how to give you a lesson. Only Narottama can save you from damnation.” Then with blood-shot eyes, the goddess vanished. Waking up from sleep, the professor began to tremble in fear. He awakened others with a shout and told others, "Luckily I am saved. Bhagavati came to kill me as I had underestimated Narottama. Now only he can save me from the sufferings of the hell.” In the morning, he went to report everything to the king. The king told, "I had forbade you before to criticize Narottama as an ordinary man. Is it possible for a human being to perform all these transcendental deeds? Shri Thakura Mahasaya is respected person to us all.” Saying so, he consoled the pandita. After taking their baths, the king with all the professors started for Kheturi on foot. Reaching Kheturi, they hastily went to the courtyard of Gauranga. Being very humble, the king with others lay prostrate on the ground to bow Shri Gauranga. Ramacandra, the most wise person, with Govinda and others, took great care of them. All of them became very eager to meet Shri Thakura Mahasaya who had been sitting in a lonely place. After awhile, Shri Thakura Mahasaya came to that place and everyone had been observing his beauty. King Narasimha and Rupanarayana advanced forward first towards Narottama and said humbly, "O lord, how can we introduce ourselves. We are fully materialists and wicked persons. We are dedicating ourselves to you but we are afraid of telling anything to you. Please kindly initiate us and fulfill our desires.” Saying so, they fell on his feet with tears in their eyes. Observing their perturbed condition, Thakura Mahasaya very affectionately consoled them and embraced them. Narasimha and Rupanarayana fell on the ground to touch his feet and at once all their agonies were vanished and they got extreme peace in their minds. The king brought that illustrious professor to Narottama and said, "He is the head of the professors. His pride has gone and now forgive and favor him.” That brahmana stood before Mahasaya and sorrowfully reported about the anger of the goddess. He fell on the ground in crying and sought the refuge of Narottama. Shri Thakura Mahasaya, the image of mercy, favored him by embracing him. Then Ramacandra pacified him by lifting him from the ground. Then all of them became devotees of Krishna Chaitanya. Thakura Mahasaya with all of them came to the courtyard of Prabhu and observed the waving light ceremony of Prabhu. Shri Santosa Raya most heartily took them to a house and brought many things for their eating. He most humbly requested them to cook their food but Narasimha and others begged prasadam from Santosa Raya who most gladly granted this proposal. So Narasimha, Rupanarayana and others went to that place where Shri Thakura Mahasaya with his followers had been sitting. How can I describe the divine pleasure they got in eating prasadam! Then they spent the whole day in extreme pleasure. On the next day, in an auspicious moment all of them took initiation from Shri Thakura Narottama who dedicated them to the feet of Prabhu. Rupanarayana and others stayed there for a few days during which they began to study the Gosvami books. In due course of time all of them became possessors of love and devotion and extremely interested in doing sankirtana. They used to enjoy the songs written by Shri Govinda Kaviraja. They used to listen to Shrimad Bhagavata from Ganganarayana Cakravarti. In this way, they forgot the difference between day and night. He who once came to Kheturi forgot to go elsewhere leaving this type of divine pleasure. King Narasimha and Rupanarayana hurriedly went to their country to bring the queen Rupamala who was a devoted wife and a lady of beautiful disposition. Thakura Mahasaya became very happy to observe her beautiful nature and gave her initiation. Rupamala became so happy that she sweared to take one lakh Harinama in a day. Everyone began to sing the glory of Thakura Mahasaya. Haricandra Raya was a dacoit. He heard about the qualities of Thakura Mahasaya and came to take refuge to his feet. Thakura Mahasaya saved him from damnation by giving initiation. After initiation, he was renamed as Haridasa and became the possessor of precious gem like devotion. He gave his possession of Jalapantha. Everyone became astonished to see the change in a dacoit. The people began to whisper, "Shri Thakura Mahasaya is a man of transcendental qualities by which he subdued a dacoit very easily. But Canda Raya is the most notorious of all dacoits. If he can overcome Canda Raya, the whole country can have a sigh of relief.” Someone said, "Don't worry, Canda Raya will soon be favored and with all his men will be great Vaishnavas. Due to that favor, he must give up his dacoity.” In the meantime, one brahmana came to them to inform about the rescue of Canda Raya by Thakura Mahasaya. Canda Raya was a terror before but now his only appearance could give pleasure to the eyes. The brahmana further said, "I have seen in my own eyes that Candra Raya and his men are dancing in sankirtana on the courtyard of Prabhu.” Hearing this miraculous incident, the people in a crowd went to see Canda Raya whom they found lying on the dust of the ground and his whole body was trembling with emotion. Everyone got relief for averting the tyranny of Canda Raya. In the meantime, some unknown persons with arms and weapons came to that place and asked the people how Canda Raya had become a Vaishnava. The people explained the whole event in nutshell. Canda Raya with his followers were devotees of goddess Bhagavati. Canda Raya was a powerful Zamindar and the head of the dacoits. Goddess Bhagavati became so angry upon him that she punished him with the help of a brahmana ghost. When again she found that Canda’s life was at stake, she ordered him to take refuge to the feet of Narottama. Thakura Mahasaya favored him and rescued him from damnation. Canda Raya became a most humble Vaishnava. Taking advantage of his weakness, the Yavana king tried torture him. But Canda Raya did not bother about his pains and remained loyal to the feet of Narottama. The Yavana king brought a mad elephant to kill Canda Raya but the elephant fled away instead of moving forward towards Canda Raya. Being highly disturbed the king ordered to imprison Canda Raya. Instead of being sad, Canda Raya thought gladly that he had been rightly served for his misdeeds. Someone suggested him to cite hymns praising the goddess but Canda Raya refused to cite any other hymns that hymns of Lord Krishna. Observing his sincerity, Prabhu became so glad that due to him, the Yavana king became so afraid that he released Raya after begging to him. He came to Kheturi to meet Thakura Mahasaya. Hearing all these incidents, the unknown persons, throwing out their weapons, lay prostrate on the ground before Thakura Mahasaya. Thakura Mahasaya asked them sweetly about their particulars. They replied in tears, "We are dacoits of Bengal and the most disgracing thing is that we are brahmanas and Canda Raya is our leader. We used to do dacoity on the river. This time we had come here to consult with Raya but we heard about the episode of Canda Raya from the people. Now we have changed our minds. Observing your lotus feet from distance, a sudden change came to our mind. We are wicked and robbers. Please save us from damnation.” Now they began to cry miserably. In the meantime Canda Raya came to that place and all of them became very happy to see him. Canda Raya very humbly greeted them all. After a few days, Thakura Mahasaya initiated them all. If anyone listens to these episodes, can get rid of damnation. So be attentive to Narottama Vilasa by Narahari.