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The Ninth Vilasa


Glory to Gaura, Nityananda, Advaita and others. Be favorable to this poor soul. Glory to the merciful listeners. While going to Vrndavana from Kheturi, Shri Jahnava Isvari had done some transcendental deeds. Many wicked heretics got favor and mercy from her and obtained the most valuable gem like devotion. Those who came in contact with her, got the favor of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and became mad in singing the glory of Him. The road which Shri Isvari had taken for her travel, the local people used to follow her in that way. The village which she used to choose for her halt, the villagers there used to get extreme pleasure. In this way, favoring many poor souls, she went to Madhupuri (Mathura) quickly via Prayaga. She with all her followers took bath in Shri Visrama Ghata. She paid respect to a brahmana of Mathura and stayed there for that night. In the morning, after taking bath, again started her journey. The news of her coming to Mathura, spread all over the country. The Goswamis of Vrndavana quickly came forward to receive her. Here Shri Isvari became charmed to see the beauty of the forests of Vrndavana. She could not control her tears. So she got down from her palanquin and started walking on foot. Shri Paramesvara dasa told slowly to Isvari, "Shri Gopala Bhatta, Shri Bhugarbha, Lokanatha, Shri Jiva, Shri Krishna Pandita and others have come here to receive you." Saying so, he showed her their coming towards her. Seeing them, Shri Jahnava became overwhelmed with joy. The Goswamis began to shed tears on seeing Shri Isvari and fell on her feet. They were introduced to Krishnadasa Sarakhela, Madhavacarya etc. Shri Paramesvara dasa introduced Shri Govinda and others to them. Shri Govinda Kaviraja and others bowed to the feet of the Goswamis. The Goswamis most cordially and affectionately embraced them. Shri Jiva Gosvami talked a lot with Shri Isvari and very carefully helped her to get on the palanquin. He took all of them very quickly to a lonely house. The people took to their heels to meet Shri Isvari. The priests of Shri Govinda, Gopinatha and Madanamohana came also to meet her. How can I describe the highest of pleasure which occurred in Vrndavana after this meeting? When Shri Isvari with her followers settled themselves in that house, many items of food came to them. Shri Isvari first of fed her men and then took something herself. Shri Gopala Bhatta and others most gladly returned to their houses. For observing the rajabhoga arati of Shri Govinda. Shri Jiva Gosvami took all of them to the temple. Shri Jahnava Isvari became charmed to see the beauty of Shri Radha Govinda after entering into the temple. Shri Madhava Acarya and others also became overwhelmed to observe Shri Govinda. After arati, they took mahaprasadam and returned to their house for taking rest. Shri Jiva Gosvami returned to his house. In the afternoon, Shri Jahnava Isvari and others quickly took their baths. Then they observed Madanamohana, Gopinatha, Shri Radhavinoda, Shri Radharamana and Shri Radha Damodara. She offered those clothes and ornaments to the deities which she had brought with her. Then they took prasadam. She reported to Lokanatha, about the great festival at Kheturi and the course of her coming to Vrndavana. The Goswamis became very glad to hear those incidents. The Goswamis also narrated the happenings in Vrndavana. Shri Isvari became very perturbed to listen to the narrations. After checking her emotion, she told al of them to listen to the poetry composed by Govinda. His compositions so charmed the Goswamis that they conferred the title of Kaviraja on Govinda. After taking permission from them, Shri Isvari started for Bahula Vana and then for Shrikunda. Those who came from Shrikunda, now accompanied Shri Isvari to that place. After visiting Radhakunda and Syamakunda, they went to Shri Manasa Ganga and Govardhana. Then they went to Vrsabhanupura and from there to Nandisvara. They also visited Shri Yavat village where Balarama had done His rasalila sport. Again they returned to Vrndavana. Shri Isvari cooked food for the deities and offered them. Then she distributed that prasadam among the Goswamis. In this way, Shri Jahnava stayed a few days there. Shri Jiva Gosvami read out from his books for Shri Isvari. Now Shri Isvari with her followers visited the twelve forests of Vraja. Then she began to think returning to Gaura. The Goswamis permitted her to go. She took her leave of Shri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madanamohana, Radha Damodara, Shri Radharamana and Shri Radha Vinoda. I am unable to describe her pathetic state of mind at the time of leaving. Madhava Acarya and others pacified her. That day they stayed there. Gauridasa Pandita had a favorite disciple whose name was Varu Gangadasa, a man of fine qualities. Once he had come to Vrndavana but he could not live in one place for a long time and used to travel always here and there. Shri Isvari favored him and ordered him to go with her to Gaura. Thus by her ordered, he prepared himself to go with her. Here Govinda and others went to the houses of the Goswamis to take farewell. They bowed to the feet of Shri Gopala Bhatta and Lokanatha. The Goswamis blessed them by putting their feet on their heads and conveyed their blessings to Shrinivasa and Narottama. From there they went to the house of Bhugarbha Gosvami and then to the house of Shri Jiva Gosvami. There they found Shri Krishnadasa Kaviraja and others. So getting all of them there, they fell on their feet. The Goswamis blessed them wholeheartedly. So Jiva Gosvami affectionately told Govinda, "report everything to Acarya and send me a copy of your book Gitamrta. I shall finish this book which I am writing now very soon. I shall send it with a letter to you there." Saying so, he gave his book Gopala Virudavali to Govinda. Krishnadasa Kaviraja highly recommended that book. In this way, they visited all the Gosvami houses and returned to their house for some rest. Shri Isvari at late night went to bed and during her sleep Shri Gopinatha appeared before her in her dream. He gave His own garland to Isvari and in a sweet smile, told her, "What you have thought about my lady-love, send me from Gaura as soon as possible. She will sit by my left side and this will remain on my right side. The beauty which will come out of that, you can see later on." Saying so He entered into the temple. She woke up and hid the garland in a private place. She went to observe the morning ceremony of waving light. Then she came back very gladly to her house. On that morning, in an auspicious moment, she started from there. The Goswamis came to bid farewell and accompanied her for some distance. Then being ordered by Shri Isvari, they stopped following her but burst into tears. Shri Jahnava Isvari also began to weep. Krishnadasa Pandita, Madhava Acarya, Murari, Chaitanya and others began to weep to. With them wept the people of Vraja. After a long time, the people of Vraja stopped following them and returned to their houses. Shri Isvari with others came to Shri Mathura and decided to do a night halt there. She very carefully fed the Mathura brahmana. From there she started for Gaura. After a few days, she reached Kheturi. Having got the news of her coming, Narottama out of joy, forgot his own entity. He sent a message to Ramacandra who with others at once came to Narottama's house. They moved forward with the people of Kheturi to receive Shri Isvari. Who can describe the flood of happiness when all of them met one another. Narottama and others fell on the ground to bow to her feet. She became glad too to see Narottama and others again. Then with a big crowd she entered into Kheturi proper. Shri Isvari was given the same house of the time of festival. Many Vaishnavas were engaged to serve her. Her companions were also given the same houses. Varu Gangadasa felt charmed to see the loneliness of the place. Ramacandra Kaviraja very carefully carried many necessary things to their houses separately. Shri Thakura Mahasaya earnestly requested Shri Isvari to take her bath. Thus she took hot bath and then ate some prasadam. Then she quickly cooked for Prabhu and offered Him. When the mahantas finished their baths, Shri Santosa offered them new clothes and some prasadam. Then the cooks prepared food, offered Shri Krishna and then served the prasadam to the mahantas. Then Shri Govinda Kaviraja and others with the cooks sat for taking food. After that, all of them took a little nap. Shri Isvari also took a little nap and then got up quickly to complete her bath. Narottama, Ramacandra, Santosa and others gladly came to meet Shri Isvari. Shri Isvari ordered them to take their seats. Narottama cherished the hope of telling something to her and she at once realized that. For his satisfaction, Shri Isvari explained the incidents that had happened at Vrndavana. She also very subtly explained the order of Shri Gopinatha. When she told them that she would start soon, Ramacandra with folded hands, told her, "We hope that you will stay here for sometime but your decision has made us very much disappointed." Isvari said, "I cannot think anything at all you better suggest me what to do." Shri Thakura Mahasaya said slowly, "It is good to start for Khardaha within a couple of days for your presence is necessary at the time of building the image. It is not wise to waste time in relation to this type of job. It will take some time to reach Khardaha. Tomorrow I shall send a man to Khardaha." Saying so, in the presence of Shri Jahnava Isvari, he wrote a letter and handed over to Santosa. He also wrote a letter to Shri Acarya and dispatched both the letters without delay through two persons. In the evening Shri Isvari went to the courtyard of Prabhu to observe the waving light ceremony. She remained there for a long time in listening to kirtana. Then she returned to her house Madhava Acarya and others also returned to their places. Ramacandra and others also returned to their places. Ramacandra and others remained in the courtyard of Prabhu. After the offering of food to Prabhu, they distributed the food among the mahantas. After eating they relaxed on the beds and Shri Santosa and others remained engaged in massaging their legs. Ramacandra with a little milk offering of Prabhu, went to Shri Isvari and requested her to drink that. The brahmana ladies who were with Shri Isvari, were given food also. While Shri Isvari went to sleep, Ramacandra returned to the temple of Prabhu. He with Govinda and others took some prasadam. Thakura Mahasaya also ate something. In an opportune moment, Thakura Mahasaya instructed Govinda Kaviraja about some duties to be done towards the Goswamis on their journey and handed over the book Gopala Virudavali to Govinda. Govinda gave that to Ramacandra. Then all of them went to sleep. In the dream of Narottama, Shri Lokanatha Gosvami appeared. Narottama fell on his feet and soaked his lotus feet with his tears. Lokanatha embraced Narottama and consoled him with very sweet words. Then he disappeared. Shri Thakura Mahasaya became very happy and spent the whole night in singing Shri Nama kirtana. In the morning all the mahantas took the pleasure of discussing about Shri Vrndavana with Narottama. They spent four days in this way during which Shri Isvari took the pleasure of cooking for them. Shri Thakura Mahasaya after discussing with Ramacandra, fixed up a date of Isvari's going. He sent Shri Govinda Kaviraja and some others to Vudhuri. Shri Santosa said, "Tomorrow they will start in the morning. So let us prepare the arrangements. He instructed the priests, "Be careful in serving Prabhu and the Vaishnava's." Warning them in this way, he reported everything to Shri Isvari. Shri Santosa Raya prepared everything and handed over the things for Shri Isvari to Paramesvara dasa. In the morning they all took their leave of Prabhu. The priest gave them Prabhu's garlands and clothes. They all bowed to Prabhu by lying on the ground. We do not know what Shri Isvari had prayed to Prabhu silently. She held the garland and clothes on her head. Then she started with all from the courtyard. Shri Thakura Mahasaya bade her farewell by citing a hymn written by himself:


gauranga vallabhi kanta shri krishna vrajamohana

radharamana he radhe radhakanta namo ‘stu te


Ramacandra with those who would accompany her, became very perturbed at the time of their leaving. The people of Kheturi village became very perturbed also. They followed her up to the bank of Padmavati. After consoling everybody Shri Isvari got up on the boat. Shri Thakura Mahasaya ordered the boatman to cross the Padmavati quickly. The people of Kheturi in a perturbed mind returned to their village. After crossing the river, they quickly came to Vudhuri. The people of that village came running to see the mahantas entering into their village. The mahantas became very satisfied with them and blessed them. Shri Isvari with all went to stay in a lonely place. Shri Govinda Kaviraja ordered the cooks to start cooking. Then they offered food to Krishna and kept aside the prasadam after sometime. Shri Isvari completed her cooking very briefly and offered them with milk to Krishna. Then she ate very gladly. After taking another bath, she came to take her seat. The cooks distributed prasadam among the mahantas. Then Shri Thakura Mahasaya with the rest of all ate very gladly. On that day, Shri Isvari became very happy and negotiated the marriage of Varu Gangadasa who was a very apathetic type of man and had no intention to marry. But due to the order of Shri Isvari, he had to marry. Syama Raya, which was a beautiful image in looking, appeared in the dream of Shri Isvari and told her, "Now hand me over to Varu Gangadasa." Being ordered in her dream, Shri Isvari became very happy and did that what he had said. She arranged the food offering to Syama Raya and a great festival took place on the next day. We do not know what she had instructed Varu Gangadasa but we can see that since that day, he was engaged in the service of Syama Raya and began to settle at Vudhuri. Shri Isvari with all came to Kantakanagara. Shri Yadunandana and others came forward to receive them and brought them in the temple of Prabhu at the time of Prabhu's just going to bed. All of them became very happy to see Gaurachandra and then went to an arranged house. Shri Thakura Mahasaya and other also were given beautiful but solitary houses. They went to take bath in the Ganges. Shri Yadunandana sent a message to Yajigrama and Shri Acarya Thakura with his men came quickly to that place. Then all of them ate prasadam. They became very glad to see Acarya. Shrinivasa bowed to the feet of all the mahantas who affectionately embraced him. They asked Acarya about his well being. The persons who came with Shrinivasa, bowed to the feet of the mahantas. The cooks prepared the food and offered Krishna. After that they kept aside the prasada. Shri Isvari cooked quickly in brief and offered to Krishna. Then she ate something and after taking another bath, she requested the mahantas to eat. The mahantas along with Shrinivasa and others ate most gladly. Then Shrinivasa went to Shri Isvari and they remained engaged in talking to each other. Then Shrinivasa went to the house of Narottama. Shri Govinda Kaviraja reported everything to Shrinivasa what the Goswamis had instructed him. Ramacandra Kaviraja gave the book Gopala Virudavali to Acarya who held it on his head. He with all the mahantas observed the ceremony of waving light before Prabhu. They started sankirtana. Shri Jahnava became overwhelmed to see the beauty of Prabhu. After a long time, she returned to her house. Shri Gauranga also was led to the bed to sleep. Shrinivasa and the mahantas also went to their places to sleep. At the end of the night Shri Gopala Bhatta appeared in the dream of Shrinivasa who at once fell on his feet and washed the lotus feet of his religious master by his tears. Shri Bhatta Gosvami embraced him and told Shrinivasa sweetly, "I am always with you. You are my principal disciple in birth after birth." Saying so he put his feet on the head of Shrinivasa and then disappeared. Shrinivasa in the memory of Shri Gopala Bhatta, got up on his bed and sang the glory of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. In the morning he finished his morning duties and bathing in the Ganges. He visited the temple of Shri Gauranga and the place of Shri Bharati. At the time of departing all of them became perturbed with misery. Shrinivasa consoled Shri Yadunandana and others. Then with Shri Isvari, Shrinivasa came to Yajigrama. Acarya Thakura sent a message to Khanda which made the people of that place mad in joy. Shri Raghunandana came to Yajigrama and observed the feet of Shri Jahnava. He stayed at Yajigrama for a long time during which he became restless in listening to the incidents of Vraja. Again with Shrinivasa, he went to meet Shri Isvari and told her mildly, "I have heard everything from Shrinivasa. There should be no delay to go to Kharadaha. Tomorrow, do come to Shri Khanda. I have go now." Saying so, after bowing to her feet, Shri Raghunandana returned to Khanda happily. He collected all necessary things for her service and cleaned the house for her. The people of Khanda began to wait eagerly for Shri Isvari. There at Yajigrama, Shri Isvari with others quickly finished their eating. Acarya read out from the devotional books for sometime and they started sankirtana. In the morning, Shri Isvari with others went to Shrikhanda. Quickly they moved to the courtyard of Prabhu and became glad to observe the beauty of Prabhu. They became overwhelmed with emotion to see the places where Nityananda Prabhu had danced, where He had drank honey in a trance of love, where Nitai had observed the dance of Narahari. After enjoying the pleasure of those places, they returned to their houses. On that day they quickly finished their cooking and after offering food to Prabhu, they finished their eating quickly. Knowing the mind of Shri Isvari, Shri Raghunandana started beautiful kirtana and in the flood of sankirtana, everyone began to swim happily. They began to roll on the ground forgetting their own entities. Playing of musical instruments was as beautiful as dancing. They began to sing the glory of singing dancing and playing of instruments in that way. In a trance of emotion, they spent the whole night in singing kirtana. Due to the wish of Prabhu they stopped at last and went to their houses to take rest. In the morning they did their morning duties. Shri Isvari hastily finished her bath, cooked for Prabhu and then fed all of them by her own hand. Who knows how they had enjoyed the eating on that day? Shri Raghunandana became overwhelmed with emotion observing the affection of Shri Isvari towards them. The people of Shri Khanda were greatly moved by the high qualities of the associates of Shri Isvari. Shri Isvari again took her bath and sat among Shrinivasa and others. She told him, "From here, we should move to Kheturi. Tomorrow morning, we should start for Khardaha. I shall send a message from there soon." Saying in this way, she came to the courtyard of Prabhu and observed the evening waving light. Then all of them started Shri Nama kirtana. When all of them went to their houses Shri Raghunandana and his men met Shri Isvari and told her softly, "We heard that tomorrow morning you will start from here. We don't dare to forbid you to go now. As you are independent one, we are seared to request you that we will be obliged if you please visit our place from time to time. There is no one so shameless creature like me. My worthless life is still alive though it is always burning in the fire of separation." Hearing these humble utterances of Shri Raghunandana, Shri Isvari could not check her tears. After a long time Shri Isvari and Raghunandana pacified themselves. Raghunandana distributed prasadam to everybody though they were not at all hungry. He handed over the things what were for Shri Isvari to Shri Madhava Acarya. As it was already late forgoing to bed, they hastily went to their houses. In the morning, apathetic scene occurred there when all of them began to say good-bye to one another. Shri Isvari took the same course to go to Khardaha. Here Shri Thakura Raghunandana at Shri Khanda used to be very glad to get the company of Acarya and his associates. Shri Acarya stayed that day at Shrikhanda. In the morning he went back to Yajigrama. After spending 2-3 days at Yajigrama, Acarya went to Nadia with two persons. His Navadvipa tour had been discussed in Bhaktiratnakara. From there, he came back to Yajigrama and spent that day in sankirtana. On the next day, he started in the morning and within 4-5 days came to Vudhuri. He ordered Shri Govinda Kaviraja and others to stay at Vudhuri and he himself came to Kheturi on the next day. The people of Kheturi came to meet him. He with Thakura Mahasaya talked to them very sweetly. All of them came to the courtyard of Gauranga and observed Him. In the meantime, a letter from Khardaha. Being relieved to know about the well-being of Khardaha, he sent a reply with the news of well being of Kheturi to Khardaha. After going back to their house, Acarya and Thakura Mahasaya remained engaged in discussing about Krishna. We do not know what Acarya, Thakura Mahasaya and Ramacandra had discussed alone. Shri Acarya stayed there for 15 days and then went to Kancanagara via Vudhuri. There they stayed for 5 days and then went to Yajigrama. At Yajigrama, Shri Acarya remained engaged in teaching his disciples all the devotional scriptures. Who will dare to interfere in his discussions? The debate-loving persons used to flee from that place. Students from distant places used to come to him to study. Acarya used to visit many places as a Professor of devotional scriptures due to the favor of Shri Chaitanya. Sinners and heretics due to the favor of Acarya, began to sing the glory of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. Shri Thakura Narottama who was an ocean of qualities and a non-attachable feature of Shri Acarya, began to spend his days happily with Ramacandra who was more favorite to him than his own life. Shri Thakura Mahasaya and Ramacandra remained engaged in teaching Shrimad Bhagavata and the books of the Goswamis to their students. On listening to the analysis of devotional scriptures by Narottama, the believers in karma and jnana began to criticize Thakura Mahasaya by saying, "Being a Vaishnava, he is criticizing karma and jnana." But even the brahmanas of distant places used to come to Kheturi to study Gosvami books along with the Vaishnavas and then began to teach others. One day, Narottama with Ramacandra had been discussing the topic on Krishna. In the meantime, a distinguished brahmana came to Narottama and told him in crying, "O, being proud, I told so many things against you to many students but on that particular day I had criticized you, I became a prey to the disease of leprosy. I took many medicines and performed many rituals, but alas, apart from cure, the disease began to aggravate day by day. I thought of committing suicide by jumping into the Ganges. In my dream, devi Bhagavati appeared and angrily told me, "You will face a serve misfortune. Being proud, you’ve insulted Narottama by calling him a sudra. You are still a fool after studying so many scriptures. He who has taken Narottama as an ordinary man, has no chance of avert in misfortune in any life. If he forgives you, then you will get rid of misfortune." Saying so, she disappeared. In the morning, I have come straight to you. First of all, I became afraid of facing you but a brahmana in my way told me that you are ever merciful. I looked at you from a distance but your merciful feature at once has cooled my eyes as if I have got back my life. O lord, be merciful to me. I am taking refuge to your feet." Saying so, the brahmana began to cry loudly. He fell on the ground to touch the feet of Narottama. Shri Thakura Mahasaya said, "You have done nothing to humiliate me." The brahmana said, "Do put your feet on my head, then a sinner's mind will be pacified." Narottama thinking of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, embraced the brahmana. The brahmana being very glad took the dust of Narottama's feet and began to dance by raising his hands. After a long time, he became quiet but by that time his disease had gone and he became purified at long last. The feeling of love and devotion arose in the mind of the brahmana which led him to think, "This cure seems to me very dangerous. I hope I could get the disease again for this cure may create pride in my mind." So this thought made him a Vaishnava and his followers also became Vaishnavas too. This news spread all over the village which made all the brahmanas scared. They began to warn one another in this way, "Be careful in your behavior about Narottama. Don't call Narottama a low caste person." Someone said, "Being proud of our brahmanism, we have failed to acknowledge a jewel like Narottama." Some one said, "There is no question of being a brahmana or a high caste person. Without his mercy, it is not possible to identify Him." Someone said, "Narottama is himself an abode of mercy. He by his own quality can save the sinners." Someone said, "So many qualities do not belong to an ordinary man. He is a man only in appearance. He is an incarnation to save the beings from damnation." The brahmana warned his followers by singing the glory of Narottama. Narottama's qualities were above any discussion. He used to visit Yajigrama from time to time to meet Acarya. I have elaborately discussed the meeting of Narottama and Acarya with Vira Hamvira in Bhaktiratnakara. So be patient in listening to Narottama Vilasa by Narahari.