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The Eleventh Vilasa


Glory to Gaura, Nityananda, Advaita and their associates favor the poor soul. Glory to the merciful listeners. Now listen to me. Kaviraja Thakura and Thakura Mahasaya wrote two separate letters in which they enclosed the songs written by Shri Govinda to Vrndavana very carefully. In reply from Vrndavana, they got the news of the well-being of that place. Thus gladly they conveyed this news to Yajigrama. At Yajigrama, Acarya with his students and followers used to spend the days in discussing about devotional scriptures. On knowing the efforts of Shri Narottama by which he had favored and saved many heretics and wicked dacoits, pleased Acarya to a great extent. He at once decided to go to Kheturi. In the meantime, someone informed that Virabhadra had come to their place. Being delighted, Acarya Thakura advanced forward to meet Viracandra who on seeing Acarya coming towards him, got down from his palanquin quickly. Acarya and his followers fell on the ground to show their respect to Virabhadra who at once embraced Acarya and asked about his well being. Viracandra started walking slowly with Acarya by holding the hand of Acarya. Acarya very humbly asked Viracandra Prabhu, "I thought one day at Khardaha that I will go to Kheturi via Yajigrama. With my followers I had already visited the places of Nadia. Then I went to Shri Khanda and from there quickly I have come here." Saying so, he entered into a house and took his seat. The visit of Prabhu so delighted Acarya that it seemed to him as if the actual owner had come to his own place. Draupadi Isvari and Shri Gauranga-priya, wives of Acarya, bowed to the feet of Viracandra Prabhu. They washed the feet of Prabhu with cold water. The eldest son of Acarya, who had been named by Shri Jiva Goswami as Vrndavana, was a boy of very beautiful intellect. Vrndavana with his two brothers, Radhakrishna and Shri Gitagovinda fell on the feet of Prabhu who blessed them very affectionately. He put his feet on the heads of the three respectively. The three daughters of Acarya, Hemalata, Krishnapriya and Shri Kancanalata were very devotional minded. They also bowed to the feet of Prabhu Viracandra who blessed them too. Prabhu asked about their well being very sweetly and the three girls spontaneously dedicated themselves to the feet of Prabhu. After sometime, prabhu with his followers went to take bath. Here, the wives of Acarya quickly took their bath and started cooking for prabhu various items of food. They decorated the rice place with scented rice and other items. One wise disciple of Acarya offered food first to Salagrama Candra and also to that Govardhana Sila given by Prabhu Nityananda to Viracandra. The two Thakuranis decorated the rice plates for two Prabhus. After the eating of Govardhana Sila and Shri Vamsivadana, the priest offered the water for washing mouth. Then he offered betel leaves to them. After that they went to bed. Here after back from the river, Viracandra and his followers took their seats for eating by sitting in the courtyard of Gauranga. Prabhu Viracandra told Shri Acarya to sit with him and to take food. Acarya Thakura said humbly, "It is not fair to sit with you for eating for I want to eat after you all." Hearing this, prabhu caught Acarya's hand and said with a smile, "There is no one to blame you if you sit by my side and take food with me." Acarya was unable to violate Prabhu’s request. Thus he sat with prabhu Viracandra. Everyone became charmed to observe the beauty of all the great Vaishnavas sitting in a row. Banana leaves were placed before them and prabhu ordered to serve the food. They wives of Acarya began to serve food. Shridasa, Gokulananda and Vyasa decorated the plates filled with bowls full of delicious curries. All of them with Viracandra ate most happily. After eating, they washed their mouths and took betel leaves. Prabhu took rest a little and then spent the rest of day and night in discussing about Krishna. In the morning, Shri Viracandra with Acarya started for Kheturi most gladly. All of them reached Vudhuri via Kantakanagara. Govinda and others getting the news of their coming, had been waiting on the path. Viracandra Prabhu with Acarya and others met Govinda and others on the way. Govinda most gladly took them to the house. Viracandra and Acarya became very pleased to get beautiful resting places and delicious food. They stayed two days at Vudhuri. All the Vaishnavas of that place, came to meet prabhu, Acarya and others. After taking bath in Padmavati River, all of them crossed the river and most happily moved towards Kheturi. On knowing the coming of Prabhu, Thakura Mahasaya ordered his cooks to prepare various items of food. He collected different kinds of fruits and sweets. He ordered his men to clean the houses. Then he with his men stood on the road and waited for Prabhu. Prabhu with his followers appeared just like the million moons to soothe the heat of the sun. Thakura Mahasaya advanced forward and bowed to the feet of Viracandra. Prabhu embraced Narottama. Who could not hold his tears and touched the feet of prabhu again and again. Acarya Thakura and Shri Thakura Mahasaya took prabhu to the courtyard and temple of Gauranga. They observed the images of Gauranga, Vallabhikanta, Shri Vrajamohana, Radhakrishna, Radhakanta, Shri Radharamana. Viracandra could not control his tears after observing the beautiful images. He fell on the ground again and again to bow to the images. When he checked his emotion, the priest gave him the offered garland of Prabhu. Acarya Thakura then very carefully took him to the house. The priest also gave offered garlands to all the Vaishnavas who came with Viracandra. The people of Kheturi came to see prabhu Viracandra. On their way back to their houses, one said to another, "Nityananda is Balarama himself and prabhu Virabhadra is his son and is an abode of qualities. His beautiful feature can increase the thirst of the eyes to see him again." Someone said, "We are very fortunate to have the chance of seeing him most easily." Someone said, "All these have become possible only due to Shri Thakura Mahasaya." Here Viracandra took his seat with his followers in the beautiful house. Acarya Thakura told very sweetly to Viracandra prabhu, "Your food is ready because it has been prepared before your coming to the house." Prabhu took out his Govardhana Sila from his cloth bag and offered food before Him. After His eating, he again put Him in his cloth bag. Then varieties of prasadam came from the temple. Prabhu told Acarya, "Now I am hungry. So let us not waste time." He with all his followers sat down to eat. Harirama, Ramakrishna, Ganganarayana, Shri Govinda Cakravarti and others began to serve various items of food to Viracandra and other Vaishnavas. Due to the superb taste of all items, prabhu and others ate too much. Then they washed their mouths. After that Acarya Thakura with his followers began to discuss about Radhakrishna and Chaitanya and in this way they spent the whole day and night. In the morning, prabhu took his bath. Then Shri Santosa stood before prabhu with a beautiful cloth in his hand and requested prabhu to wear it. He also offered new clothes to all the Vaishnava followers of prabhu. Prabhu then decorated his Govardhana Sila with flowers, sandalwood paste and Tulasi and offered food before Him. Then he distributed the prasadam among all. After them prabhu ate himself. With the permission of prabhu, Acarya and Thakura Mahasaya decided to start sankirtana. On hearing the announcement of sankirtana, people from every corner of Kheturi came running to throng all around the courtyard. In the afternoon, after Viracnadra's coming with his associates to the courtyard of Gauranga, the Utthvapana arati ceremony took place. The priest gave him the garland and sandal offerings. Acarya delightfully decorated prabhu with sandalwood paste and flower garlands and began to weep in joy to observe the beauty of prabhu. Thakura Mahasaya with other singers and instrumentalists started sankirtana gladly. Within a second the whole atmosphere changed into a divine like feelings. Devidasa started playing khola and karatalas. Gokula started singing nectar like kirtana, the sound of which pierced the heaven. The voice of Shri Mahasaya led to the ocean of happiness to overflow its bank. Viracandra amidst the group of Vaishnavas began to shine like the sun. He in his beautiful feature began to dance magnificently with the music and kirtana. With raised hands he began to utter "Haribola" very sweetly. His big deep eyes began to shed tears of joy. His restless lotus like feet began to move very beautifully. The gods began to move very beautifully. The gods began to shower flowers upon the heads of the Vaishnavas. Prabhu Viracandra in the hope of dancing with al of them, began to stare here and there. In the meantime, he found that Shri Acarya with his followers were dancing by his side. The earth began to tremble by the feet stepppings of the dancers. Gradually all of them forgot their own entities and began to roar like lions. Someone began to tremble out of trance. Someone began to hold the feet of Viracandra. Someone began to roll on the ground out of ecstasy. Prabhu out of ecstasy tightly embraced Narottama and did not let him go out of his embrace. Sometimes he began to caress the face of Gokula. Sometimes he began to praise Shri Govinda Kaviraja for his songs. Then he began to encourage Gokula to sing more. Shri Gokula thus began to sing more beautifully the songs written by Shri Govinda in a very expert manner. In this way mid-night came. Then they stopped sankirtana and took their seats in the courtyard of Gauranga. In the morning all the Vaishnavas came to the house of Viracandra who requested Ramacandra to sing the songs of Shri Rasa Vilasa. Ramacandra's voice was just like nectar. His beautiful realization of Bhagavatam highly pleased Viracandra. Viracandra told Acarya, "I am afraid, can I meet you all again and have this valuable company of yours." Saying so, he began to weep. Acarya also began to weep with him. Somehow they checked their emotions and then Shri Rupa Ghataka, Ganganarayana, Syamadasa, Govinda and others brought fruit and sweets offerings for Shri Govardhana Sila. Prabhu offered them to Him. After that he offered betel leaves to Him and then put Him in a gold casket inside his cloth bag. After observing the image of Shri Gauranga, they all took prasadam. Prabhu then took some rest and after that he told Acarya, "I want to back to Khardaha via Ekacakra. Tomorrow morning I have decided to start. You should go with me for some distance." Acarya said, "Who will stand before your decision? Do what you want to do." Prabhu Viracandra said with a smile, "I cannot turn down your request. I have just tell you about my program, now do what you think better." Acarya told Narottama, "Tomorrow, prabhu will leave Kheturi with me." Hearing this Thakura Mahasaya became very much perturbed and Acarya pacified him. He ordered Santosa to make arrangements for Prabhu’s going. He ordered Thakura Kanai to pack the things what they would send with prabhu. He ordered Rupa Ghataka to pack the things what Acarya would carry. He sent a messenger to Vudhuri very quickly and ordered his men to arrange a large number of boats for prabhu on the bank of Padmavati. Next morning, prabhu Viracandra with Acarya and others stood before Gauranga. Then prabhu returned to his house where many persons came to say farewell to prabhu. Prabhu then started for the bank of Padmavati. The disciples of Thakura Mahasaya very humbly touched the feet of Prabhu Viracandra who blessed them all. Viracandra consoled Thakura Mahasaya and Ramacandra Kaviraja in various ways and took leave of them for some months. Acarya also consoled the villagers of Kheturi. Then he with Viracandra boarded on the boat. Ramacandra and others also took another boat. The boatmen started the boats. The remaining Vaishnavas along with Thakura Mahasaya who had been standing on the bank of Padmavati started crying loudly. Viracandra with his followers reached Vudhuri by crossing Padmavati. With a clouded heart, Thakura Mahasaya returned to the temple of Gauranga. All of them observed Gauranga, Vallabhikanta, Shri Vrajamohana, Radhakanta, Radhakrishna and Shri Radharamana whose faces at once removed the clouds from their minds. Thakura Mahasaya with others quickly took their baths and then ate mahaprasadam. They spent that day in discussing about Krishna. But since that day, Thakura Mahasaya became quite restless. After a few days, Ramacandra came from Yajigrama. Thakura Mahasaya became very glad to get back Ramacandra and became engaged in sankirtana for the days and nights with Govinda and others in the courtyard of Gauranga. Even king Narasimha and Canda Raya joined them in that wave of happiness. After a few days, Thakura Mahasaya told his disciples, "For a long time you have not gone to your own houses. This time pay a quick visit to your places." Though no one really wanted to leave Thakura Mahasaya, yet being ordered by him, they had to start for their houses. Only Ramacandra stayed with him. One day, sitting in a lonely place, Thakura Mahasaya and Ramacandra discussed something secret. Ramacandra Kaviraja after sometimes, went to Yajigrama with a perturbed mind. A message came from Yajigrama that Shri Acarya Thakura had gone to Vrndavana with Ramacandra Kaviraja. Who could understand the mind of those two? One day Shri Mahasaya could not control his mind and began to lament for some unprecedented happenings. He began to sing:

The associates of Gauranga, are Shrinivasa, Gadadhara,

Narahari, Mukunda, Murari.

Svarupa Damodara, Haridasa, Vakresvara

are possessors of divine love.

The sports what they had performed could melt the stone,

but how unfortunate I am for not able to witness them.

I failed to be born at that time and remained ignorant,

how can I forget this sorrow?

Prabhu Sanatana, Rupa, Raghunatha Bhatta,

Bhugarbha, Shri Jiva, Lokanatha,

all these prabhus did beautiful sports in Vrndavana with other devotees.

Now all of them have disappeared, leaving this world empty,

my eyes have become blind to whom I shall disclose my sorrow?

thus I am living like an animal.

Acarya Shrinivasa to whom I got the refuge

and whose words used to cool my mind,

he also has left me, and Ramacandra is absent,

how can I live without them?

The sorrows which I am bearing in my mind,

cannot be told to others. So I have lost interest in my own life.

The food I used to eat is just like poison to me, Yet I am still living

Then what is the value of Narottama dasa?

At that moment, the news came to him that Ramacandra Kaviraja had disappeared from the world. Shri Thakura Mahasaya completely broke down and ran to a dense forest. He began to cry loudly and lamented for Ramacandra. His voice became chocked and he fell on the ground. King Narasimha, Rupanarayana, Shri Govinda, Santosa could do nothing to pacify him. They could only cry along with Thakura Mahasaya. Due to the wish of Prabhu, he pacified himself after a long time. After 5-7 days, he decided to go for a bath in the Ganges. So some of his disciples very carefully took him to Vudhuri and from there to Gamvila near the bank of the Ganges. Suddenly he got tremendous temperature and he ordered his disciples to prepare a pyre for him. Then he remained completely silent. His disciples became completely at a loss. Ganganarayana pacified others many brahmana panditas came to meet him but he did not speak to them. In this state, he spent three days. He remained detached from the people. His disciples bathed him in the Ganges and placed him on a celestial seat on the pyre. The brahmanas began to jeer at Narottama by saying in this way, "This is the result of his effort of making brahmanas, his disciples. Now Narottama is dying after losing the power of speaking. Ganganarayana being a brahmana has become his disciple after discarding the customs of a brahmana. Now he is witnessing the condition of his religious master. We don't know what is expecting for him also." In this way, they began to throw the arrows of words towards Ganganarayana. Instead of being angry, Ganganarayana felt sorry for those heretics. He came and stood before the pyre with folded hands and prayed to Narottama, "You had saved many heretics before. This time theses heretics being ignorant of your power, are criticizing you. Your disciples are feeling very sad to hear their bad words. Please be favorable to them and save them from damnation." On hearing the helpless utterances of Ganganarayana Mahasaya again came back into sense. He got up on the pyre uttering the names of Radha-Krishna and Lord Chaitanya and came out of the pyre shining like the sun. The people around him began to shout Haribola. Suddenly the gods began to shower flowers on him. The now-believer brahmanas watching everything from distance became horrified. They began to repent for their evil mentality. With tears in their eyes, they fell on the feet of Ganganarayana and asked for mercy. Being moved by their prayers, Ganganarayana went to Mahasaya and requested him to forgive those brahmanas. The brahmanas then fell on the feet of Narottama and completely surrendered themselves after confessing all their sins. Thakura Mahasaya became so moved that he at once embraced them and empowered them with devotion. He ordered them to study devotional books to Ganganarayana. He then told everybody, "After few days I shall go to Kheturi and you all should go with me. Today I shall go to Vudhuri." Saying so he quickly took bath in the Ganges. This incident spread all over the country. From the bank of the Ganges, Mahasaya with others went to the house of Ganganarayana. There they ate prasadam. Then he started for Vudhuri very gladly. He went back to Kheturi with Shri Govinda, Kaviraja, Karnapura, Kaviraja Gokula, Vallabhi Majumdara and others and remained engaged on the topics of Krishna. Narottama used to serve the Prabhus all the time. Sometimes he used to roll in the dust of the courtyard of Gauranga and used to pray to the Prabhu in this way, "O Lord Gauranga, Vallabhi Kanta Krishna, be merciful to me like a materialist. O Lord, Radhakanta, Shri Vrajamohana, let me get rid of the agonies of this material world. O Lord, Radharamana, let me lie under your feet and do help me to remember you in this life and life after death." In this way, he used to lament everyday. In order to avoid crowd, he used to enter into the dense forest and cry out loudly, "O Lord Gauranga Sundara, the moon of Navadvipa, O Lord Nityananda, son of Padmavati, O Lord Advaita, the husband of Sita, Shri Pandita Gadadhara, the abode of love, Pandita Shrivasa, the ocean of mercy, O lords Vakresvara, Shri Murari, Haridasa, Shri Svarupa, Ramananda, Damodara, Shri Acarya Gopinatha, Kasisvara, O lords, Vacaspati, Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya, Suryadasa, Gauridasa, Shri Pandita Jagadisa Suklambara, Shri Govinda Ghosa, dasa Gadadhara, Pundarika Vidyanidhi Mahasaya, Mukunda, Madhava, Vasu Ghosa, Dhananjaya, Shri Jagadananda, Sankara, Shridhara, Shri Mukunda, Narahari, Shri Rupa, Sanatana, Shri Bhugarbha, Lokanatha, Shri Gopala Bhatta, Raghunatha Bhatta, Svarupa Raghunatha, the dwellers of Shri Kunda, Shri Jiva Goswami and the devotees of Gaura Nityananda, be merciful to me, I am at your feet. Don't neglect me because I am a sinner. Please fulfill my desires." With these prayers his eyes began to shed continuous tears. He began to roll on the ground. He began to pray to Shri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madanamohana, Radha Damodara, Shri Radharamana, Radhavinoda and the Queen of Vrndavana. He also prayed to Lalita, Visakha, Sucitra, Shri Campakalatika, Rangadevi, Sudevi, Tungavidya, Indulekha, Shri Rupamanjari, Ratimanjari, Kasturi, Labanga Manjari, Manjulali to help him to stay under the feet of Radharani. He prayed to Shri Radha, "O Shri Radharani, Krishna is yours, you are always engaged in his service. Please give me the chance of worshipping you both. I want to place you on a jeweled throne and I shall fan you at that time. Being directed by the sakhis, I shall offer betel leaves to your moon like mouths. Will any desires be fulfilled?" Saying so, he sighed. Then he tried to remember the sports of Gauranga with his associates in Nadia. Observing the restless state of mind of Thakura Mahasaya, Shri Radhavallabha became very anxious. Sometimes Thakura Mahasaya used to console his dear disciples and used to concentrate them in sankirtana. One day he asked his disciples about the delay of Ganganarayana in coming to Kheturi. In the meantime, Ramakrishna and Ganganarayana came with those brahmanas. All of them bowed to the feet of Thakura Mahasaya and expressed their desires of being initiated by Thakura Mahasaya. Thakura Mahasaya became glad. He initiated some of them and some of them got initiation from Ganganarayana. After that, all of them went to the courtyard of Gauranga. The priest gave them offered garlands. Shri Govinda Kaviraja and others became satisfied to observe the sincere efforts of the brahmanas. Shri Sankara Bhattacarya and other brahmanas very humbly bowed to the feet of the Vaishnavas. On the next day, a great festival took place. The brahmanas became mad in sankirtana. One day, Mahasaya in the morning, began to shed tears helplessly with fire like sighs. He lay down on the ground for sometime and his lotus face became dry. He with a chocked voice, began to lament in this way,

"How cruel is the providence to me, where Shrinivasa has gone

after giving me so much pain.

I had Ramacandra but he also had left me

and I cannot hear a word from him any longer.

Can I have him again in my life, my life has become futile.

Svarupa Rupa Sanatana Raghunatha, the merciful

and the Bhattas, be kind to me.

Acarya Shrinivasa whose servant is Ramacandra

can I have them again. Without observing their faces my heart

is getting pierced, just like a doe pierced by poisonous arrow.

I kept some jewels hidden under my cloth, who has stolen them

why Narottama is suffering so much misery?"

Saying so, he kept mum and everyone became aware of some unforeseen incidents. On knowing the state of mind of his dear disciples, Mahasaya consoled them all. Thakura Mahasaya came to the courtyard of Gauranga and dedicated himself once again to the feet of Prabhu. He started for Vudhuri with Govinda and others. He stayed one day at Vudhuri and Shri Govinda Cakravarti and others came to meet him. After talking very sweetly with them, Mahasaya spent the day and night in sankirtana. From Vudhuri, he quickly moved to Gamvila. After taking bath in the Ganges, he sat in the water and ordered Ramakrishna and Ganganarayana to massage his body. But there was no chance of massaging his body because only the touch of their hands, Thakura Mahasaya's body melted like milk and vanished in the Ganges. Suddenly the river became turbulent. Everyone became puzzled at this. The gods began to shower flowers from the heaven on seeing this type of disappearance. The cry of “Hari, Hari!” filled the air. The disciples of Shri Mahasaya went to the house of Ganganarayana and very patiently they kept themselves calm and quiet. Shri

Govinda Kaviraja and others quickly arranged for a funeral ceremony at Gamvila. Then they went hastily to Kheturi via Vudhuri. There king Narasimha, Rupanarayana, Krishnasimha, Canda Raya, Shri Gopiramana, Shri Govinda, King Santosa and others started preparations for a great festival. Due to the fear of exaggeration, I restrain myself from describing the festival in full but when they started sankirtana in the courtyard of Gauranga, within a short time, Devidasa, Gauranga, Gokula, Shri Govinda Kaviraja and others forgot their own entities. They began to roll of the ground. They began to roar like lions and they began to soak the ground with their tears. Suddenly due to the favor of guru, Krishna and Vaishnavas, everyone witnessed Narottama dancing with them. When he vanished everyone lost their patience. So Narottama again appeared and consoled them all. Who can realize the qualities of Thakura Mahasaya? So to get his favor, be attentive to Narottama Vilasa, narrating by Narahari.