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The Eighth Vilasa


Glory to Gaura, Nityananda, Advaita and others. Be kind to this poor soul. Glory to the merciful listeners. At the time of evening ceremony of waving light before Shri Gaurachandra all the mahantas came to the temple. They became very happy to observe the ceremony. The priest gave them offered garlands and Tulasi. Then they began sankirtana. After that they went to their own rooms. Many items of food were offered to Prabhu. After Prabhu's eating, Shri Acarya took prasadam fro Isvari and then distributed that separately and served to every room. All of them became very happy to eat the tasteful prasadam. Shri Acarya told everybody to bless Santosa Raya who had arranged everything by giving the full financial help. They also blessed him. Being happy Acarya Mahasaya with his companions came to the temple of Prabhu. Shri Acarya, Thakura Mahasaya and Syamananda ate some prasadam. Again Shri Acarya cautioned those whom he had engaged in the service of the mahantas. As it was late at night, they all entered into their rooms and went to sleep. In the morning, they completed their morning duties. Now the cooks of the mahantas took their baths first, did their `Anhika' and going round the Tulasi. Then they entered into the separate kitchens. Ramacandra Kaviraja with others supplied the necessary commodities to the cooks in each kitchen. Then the cooks began to cook varieties of items very gladly. At the time of cooking, Ramacandra and others used to be standing cautiously beside the kitchens if any cook needed any help. Shri Santosa Raya was engaged in arranging separate containers decorated with betel leaves, gold and silver coins, beautiful silk dresses what he would offer to the mahantas. Shri Santosa Raya went to Shri Isvari and asked for her permission. Then he went to all the mahantas and offered them those things one by one. They all wore the silk cloths and sat for doing Anhika. Santosa Raya gave beautiful cloth and coins to each and everyone who came with the mahantas. At the time Acarya came to that place and became very glad to see the charity of Santosa Raya. In the meantime the priest informed that he had arranged prasadam separately. Shri Acarya requested them to take seats and began to serve food to them. The mahantas sat in rows and became very happy to eat prasadam. In the courtyard of Shri Jahnava Isvari's house, some Vaishnavas took their seats for taking meals. They were Krishnadasa Sarakhela, Madhava Acarya, Raghupati Upadhyaya, Krishna Bhaktavarya, Shri Minaketana, Ramadasa, Mahidhara, Murari, Chaitanya, Jnanadasa, Manohara, Kamalakara Pippalai, Nrsimha Chaitanya, Shri Jiva Pandita, Shri Gaurangadasa, Vrndavana, Shri Sankara, Kanai, Nakari, Krishnadasa, Paramesvara dasa, Balarama, Damodara and Mukunda. I am giving the names of these who sat with Shri Acyutananda for eating. They were Shri Gopala, younger brother of Acyutananda, Shri Kanu Pandita, Vishnudasa, Narayana, Vanamali dasa, Shri Ananta, Janardana, Shri Madhava, Lokanatha Bhagavatacarya. Raghunathacarya with his companions, Shri Chaitanyadasa, son of Shri Vamsivadana, with his companions, Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya with his companions, all were enjoying the prasadam by sitting in their own rooms. What a beautiful scene was there! All were enjoying prasadam delightfully. In another room were eating Shripati, Shrinidhi, Krishnadasa, Shri Sanjaya, Kasinatha, Mukunda, Paramananda, Sekhara Pandita, Krishnadasa, Vaisya, Subhananda, Shri Gopala Acarya, Kavicandra Kirtaniya, Sasthivara. Krishnadasa of Akaihata with his companions were eating in their place most gladly. Vaninatha, Sivananda, Vallabha Chaitanya, Nartaka Gopala, Bhagavatacarya Jita Misra, Raghu, Shri Uddhava, Kasinatha, Shri Narayana Misra and Shri Mangala sat in one place and were eating all along very happily. Shri Raghunandana, Sulocana and others were eating in their room. Shri Yadunandana Cakravarti and his companions were taking prasadam by sitting in their own place. Shri Acarya and Shri Thakura Mahasaya were inspecting their eating very carefully. When all the mahantas finished their eating, they were offered water for washing their mouths. After that they took prasadam. At last the priest fed all the Vaishnava guests there. Even the untouchable persons also got the highest respect there. At long last, Acarya and Thakura Mahasaya took their prasadam. Who has witnessed such a big festival in his life? People used to say that they had never seen such a great festival. Some persons said that how it was possible for a human being to perform such a festival which was even totally impossible for the gods. Some persons said that those who had performed this festival, they were no human beings because all the devotees of Shri Chaitanya were even worshipped by the gods. Some persons said that they had even moved the heretics by the topics on Krishna. Above all, the heretics had eaten the left over food of the Vaishnavas and prayed to them to rescue them from damnation. Some persons said that Narottama would rescue all the heretics from damnation and there would be not a single heretic in this country. In this way, the people began to glorify Narottama. Now listen, Shri Acarya after taking some rest, told Thakura Mahasaya privately, "They will take their leave in the morning. They will take their baths after crossing Padmavati. We should pack some food for them, so that they can eat after bath." Hearing this, Thakura Mahasaya did not loose time. He quickly ordered to prepare food. After food had been ready, he first of all offered them to Prabhu and then packed them separately. He reported Acarya that everything was ready but all these preparations could be done by the evening. Here all the mahantas being eager to observe the waving light ceremony came out of their rooms and gathered in the courtyard of Prabhu. The priest offered them garlands, and Tulasi. After the ceremony, the mahantas started sankirtana. Within a while, the river of nectar began to flow there and all the mahantas began to swim in the ocean of love. They could not control themselves and fell on the ground out of ecstasy. Their beautiful bodies became smeared with dust. After a long time, they observed the Sayana Arati of Prabhu. Again the priest gave garlands and Tulasi to them. Then the mahantas returned to their own places. Acarya with Narottama supplied prasadam separately to each room. He told the mahantas, "Tomorrow Kheturi will sink into utter darkness. I am giving some prasadam with you so that you can eat after crossing Padmavati. At noon, you can reach Budhari. Govinda with some men and the cooks should enter first to the village. Ramacandra and others will go with them up to Budhari. Then they will be back here for accompanying Shri Isvari to Vrndavana. Now please accept these prasadam and eat all of your Shrinivasa fed all of them with a broken heart. Even the mahantas became so emotional that they all kept mum. Then Acarya reported everything to Shri Isvari. Observing the disturbed condition of Shrinivasa, Shri Isvari consoled him and most affectionately gave him her left over food. In a delighted mind, Acarya asked Santosa to make the boats ready for the mahantas. Santosa said that he had already done that. Hearing this Acarya became very glad and went his room to take some rest. In the morning all of them did their morning duties and observed the morning ceremony of waving lights. Shri Govinda Kaviraja with some companions and cooks started first. They crossed Padmavati and at noon reached Budhari. Here the mahantas in the morning went to take leave of Shri Isvari. Shri Acyutananda told her in crying, "Most probably, I may not see you again." Shri Gopala and others told something which could break the heart. Shripati, Shrinidhi and others, Vaninatha and others, Raghunatha Acarya and others, all of them became perturbed and grief-stricken at the time of taking leave. Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya said, "Please, let me see your feet again." Shri Canda Haladhara, Mitu Haladhara, Shri Chaitanya and others could not speak anything. Shri Raghunandana told her, "Please, be kind to us to see you soon." Shri Yadunandana said, "Please come back Pippalai and others to go back to Khardaha. After bidding farewell to them, she became extremely sad. Other mahantas gathered in the courtyard of Prabhu and became ecstatic in emotion. They lay prostrate on the ground and their bodies became smeared with dust. They all asked for the well being of Acarya and others from Prabhu and prayed to him to favor them to listen to this sankirtana life after life. The priest gave them the clothes used by Prabhu. By holding the clothes on their hands, they started with broken hearts. Shri Hrdaya Chaitanya by holding Acarya in his lap, told mildly, "Visit Ambika time to time and let me see you. Syamananda is your." Acarya said, "Syamananda is my life. I do not think of him anything other than this. To Narottama and Ramacandra, Syamananda and his companions are most precious things." Hrdaya Chaitanya most affectionately dedicated Syamananda to Shrinivasa. When they left Kheturi village, an outcry of despair arose in that village. The people of that village became mad in sorrow. On the bank of Padmavati, Acarya consoled everybody. After embracing everyone, the mahantas with Ramacandra and others boarded on the boats which started at once. Acarya and others rolled on the ground with loud crying. Observing them, the mahantas could not resist their tears. By the wish of Prabhu, they somehow crossed Padmavati. They took their baths and ate prasadam and then started for Budhari village. Acarya and others returned to Kheturi. Shrinivasa with Shri Thakura Mahasaya and Syamananda went to the temple of Prabhu. The priest told Acarya Thakura, "Just now, Shri Isvari took her bath. After the leaving of the mahantas, she had been sitting alone in a pool of tears. Shri Madhava Acarya and others also took their baths just now." Hearing this, Shri Acarya again became restless and hastily went to see Shri Isvari. Shri Isvari eagerly asked Shrinivasa about the going of the mahantas and he reported everything in brief. On hearing the report, Shri Isvari looked at the face of Shrinivasa whom she found very thin not only for the misery of separation but also for his fasting since last night. She thought, "Today they are not at all thinking of their eating. I m afraid of their health. If I do not take the initiative of feeding them they won't get anything to eat." Thinking so, she told Acarya sweetly, "You had already taken your bath and it is now afternoon. But you are still in fasting. It is paining me. So be quiet and take food in my house." Hearing this, Acarya became so obliged that he called Narottama and other to that place. Shri Isvari affectionately ordered Nrsimha Chaitanya and other to call everyone and sit in a row on the ground. Someone arranged the banana leaves and someone filled the glasses with water. Then Shri Isvari served various kinds of food to them. Being ordered by Shri Isvari they all ate happily. Shri Isvari out of affection, again and again served a profuse quantity of food to them. They all ate voraciously. After their eating, the servants cleaned the place. Shri Acarya and others happily went to gather in the courtyard of Prabhu. Someone gave them offered betel leaves. When they returned to their own rooms, they found many persons were waiting for mahaprasadam. So they were also served prasadam. In this way a huge number of Vaishnavas were fed. Shri Isvari's loving service cooled their miseries of separation. So a day ended happily. Shri Isvari went to the temple and became ecstatic in observing the beauty of Prabhu. The priest gave her the offered garland. In the evening during the ceremony of waving light, millions of people gathered in the courtyard. Next started the sankirtana whose divine sound covered the world. Aged, young, respectable — all became mad in sankirtana. Even the gods amalgamated themselves with the people to join in that sankirtana. Some persons began to roll on the ground while some began to roar like lions. Who will describe the happiness of shri Nama sankirtana? In this way they spent the whole night unconsciously. Due to the wish of Prabhu, they stopped at last. Shri Jahnava Isvari happily returned to her house. In the morning, after finishing her daily duties, she took bath in hot water. After doing worship, she began cooking preparations. Here Shri Acarya and others after taking their baths and observing the rajabhoga arati of Prabhu, came to see Shri Isvari. In the meantime, Shri Isvari offered food to Prabhu and after his eating she took away the bowls from the temple. Then she sat among Shri Acarya and others. She asked Acarya anxiously about Ramacandra and others. At the same time, they returned from Vudhuri. They reported, "Everything could be completed perfectly and the mahantas could eat at Vudhuri very timely. The mahantas did sankirtana after their eating. At late night they slept a little and in the early morning, everyone became very much perturbed to bid farewell to us. Most probably, we all became stone-hearted at that time of separation so that we became able to cross Padmavati to come here very easily." Saying so, they became silent. Shri Isvari consoled them and fed them. Shri Acarya ate the left over food of Shri Isvari and then fed the rest of the Vaishnavas who had been waiting for prasadam. Everyone showed their respect to Shri Acarya who consoled Santosa and others by saying, "Due to the wish of Shri Isvari, everything is over very successfully. Now she is eager to go to Vrndavana and I should not stop her from going. When she will be back from Vrndavana, you can see her feet again. Now don't show her your restlessness of minds. Tomorrow morning, she will start." Hearing this, Shri Santosa Raya slowly went to Isvari and stood there very humbly. Knowing his mind, Shri Isvari consoled him and Santosa requested her to come back son to them. Shri Isvari assured him. Then Shri Santosa Raya most gladly brought all the things what he would give to Shri Isvari for carrying to Vraja. He gave fine silky clothes, ornaments, jewelleries for Shri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madanamohana, Shri Radhavinoda and Shri Radha-Ramana and Radha Damodara. Apart from these, he also gave gold and silver coins to Shri Isvari. Shri Jahnava became very happy to see that every arrangement had become complete very perfectly. At the time of waving the light ceremony of the evening, Shri Isvari told something silently to Prabhu and the garland of Prabhu fell on the ground. The priest gave that to Shri Isvari who held that on her head. After Shri Nama sankirtana, Shri Isvari sleep. In the morning, she first went to take her leave of Prabhu. The priest gave her offered garlands. Now I shall give the names of companions who went with Shri Isvari. They were Shri Pandita Krishnadasa, son of Suryadasa, Madhava Acarya, Murari, Chaitanya, Krishnadasa brahmana, Nrsimha Chaitanya, Balarama, Mohinidhara, Kanai, Nakaridasa, Gauranga, Sankara, Shri Paramesvara dasa, Dasa Damodara, Raghupati Vaidya, Upadhyaya Manohara, Jnanadasa, Mukunda dasa and others. From Kheturi, Shri Isvari took Shri Govinda, Shri Gopiramana, Bhagavan, Gokula, Nrsimha, Vasudeva and others. The people of Kheturi lost their patience and began to cry. Shri Narottama, Acarya and other began to follow them for some distance in crying. The feature of love, Shri Jahnava Isvari, pacified them in various ways and forbade them to follow her anymore. So she got up in a palanquin and started her journey. Shri Acarya, Narottama and Syamananda could not check their tears at the time of their going. In a broken heart, they returned to Kheturi. The people of Kheturi in a dying condition, began to sing the glory of Shri Jahnava. Someone told to another, "She will be back very soon from Vrndavana." Some said, "She will go to her village in another way. What is the use of coming here?" Someone said, "This Acarya Mahasaya has won over Shri Isvari by his love and devotion." All these discussions made them very happy. Here Shri Acarya, Shri Thakura Mahasaya and Syamananda returned to the temple. Due to the wish of Shri Isvari, they pacified themselves and completed their baths and worship and then went to observe the waving light ceremony of Prabhu. They visited all the Vaishnava houses, met them and talked with them. Then they fed others the prasadam and took their seats in the courtyard of Prabhu. The cook of Prabhu began to serve food to them. After eating they washed their mouths and took betel leaves. Acarya along with others became engaged in talking about Krishna. In the morning Acarya came to the temple courtyard and told the Vaishnavas who were about to take their leave, "It is your place. Please come here from time to time. Now it is evening and too late to start today. Tomorrow morning you should start for your own villages. Now please accept the things which Santosa Raya had cherished in his mind to give." All of them became glad to hear the nectar like words of Acarya. Thus Shri Santosa Raya, according to their permission, offered fine clothes and coins to them. In the evening, all of them observed the waving light and then went to their rooms to sleep. Shrinivasa with his companions sat there for sometime in discussing the topic of Krishna and then went to bed. In the morning, Acarya and others gathered in the courtyard of Prabhu and observed the morning waving light. The Vaishnavas who would like their leave then, also gathered and observed the ceremony. The priest gave them garlands of Prabhu. Gradually all the Vaishnava guests took their leave of Kheturi in singing the glory of the great festival. The brahmanas, the singers, the dancers and the instrumentalists also took their leaves in tears. On observing the procession of men from Kheturi, the people of that place began to say, "Who is able to count the heads"? Someone said, "Everything has been possible for Narottama." In this way, they began to sing the glory of Narottama. Here Narottama and Shrinivasa took their baths and after doing their worship, ate some sweets. We don't know on what topic, Narottama and Shrinivasa were engaged in talking about but we see them wet with the tears from their eyes. They observed the beauty of Prabhu and rajabhoga arati of Prabhu. Then they ate prasadam and after that took betel leaves. Then they took their seats. Acarya very affectionately told Shri Thakura Mahasaya and Syamananda, "I shall start tomorrow morning with Syamananda and by crossing Padmavati, I shall go to Vudhuri village. From there I shall go to Yajigrama, I won't stay there long and shall go to Vana-Vishnupura. Again I shall be back to Yajigrama. And Syamananda will first visit Navadvipa and Ambika and then should go and settle at Bahadurapura in Dharenda. He should preach devotion in all those places and should send me a letter with all reports. I shall send a letter with detailed reports of Yajigrama to him very soon. When Shri Isvari will be back here, do send me a letter as soon as possible. Shri Isvari will take this course and from here some persons should accompany her. Then all of us will come to Kheturi again very soon." Though this news of his going was a shock to Thakura Mahasaya, yet he pacified himself and went to prepare arrangements for Acarya's going. He sent a letter quickly to Vudhuri and arranged the both for crossing Padmavati. The things which would go with Syamananda were handed over in charge of Rasikananda. The things which would go with Shri Acarya were handed over in the charge of Karnapura Kaviraja. Shri Santosa arranged all these things and reported to Shri Thakura Mahasaya. Hearing this, Acarya became very happy and along with others went to inspect the store room of Prabhu. He found that the store room was full of commodities and praised Santosa for this superb deed. They all spent the evening in enjoying the waving light ceremony. The priest put on the garlands around their necks for which they began to look very beautiful. Observing the beauty of Prabhu, Acarya again and again glanced at Narottama knowing his intention, Shri Thakura Mahasaya started sankirtana. The other singers and instrumentalists began to arranged their instruments such as khola and karatalas. Devidasa, Gokula, Gauranga and others began to play khola and karatalas. Shri Thakura Mahasaya began to sing a song written by Shri Vasu Ghosa:

"O Sakhi, look at the feature of Lord Gaura.

See, his beautiful face defeating millions of moons,

his hands defeating the elephants,

his eyes defeating the Khanjana birds,

See, his beautiful forehead bedecked with tilaka,

his long stretching hands and

flower garland around his neck,

his conch like throat and broad chest,

bedecked with sandal and ornaments.

See, his thigh and knee defeating the

banana tree and his saffron dress,

his white nails defeating millions of moons.

Vasu Ghosa says, "Gaura where have you been?

Has the providence created your beauty to charm the maids"?

How can I describe the sweet tune of the song? Mrdanga accompaniment with the song attracted everyone’s heart. On listening the sweet sound of the mrdanga and the melting voice of Narottama made Shri Acarya Thakura mad in love. He stood up to dance in a beautiful posture which maddened the listeners. He began to shine in his beautiful posture which maddened the listeners. He began to shine in his beautiful golden complexion. How magnetic was his smile in his moon like face. How attractive were his lips with kunda white teeth. How big were his lotus eyes stretching up to his ears. How beautiful were his bee like eyebrows and parrot beak like nose. How long were his hands and broad was his chest. How deep was his naval and beautiful were his legs and feet. Viewers became mesmerized to see his dancing. The whole of Kheturi was present there. Even many respected persons from distant places were present there. The whole festival area was lighted up with lamps. Sometimes the people used to sing loudly the glory of all singing and dancing there. Even the gods in their carriers appeared on the scene to enjoy the dancing of Shrinivasa. The gods began to say that it was not at all possible for human being to dance like this. Only the servants of Shri Chaitanya could do this. The gods began to shower flowers on the head of Acarya. While dancing, Shrinivasa forgot his own entity and in emotion he began to embrace Devidasa in a pool of tears. Who can restrain himself from being moved to listen to the khola recital of Devidasa and kirtana recital of Shri Gokula. Shri Thakura Mahasaya began to shout, "Speak, speak" by embracing him. Syamananda, Ramacandra Kaviraja and others became overwhelmed with emotion and began to weep. Thus the ocean of happiness overflowed there for the beautiful sankirtana. Due to the wish of Prabhu, they stopped at late night. After completing kirtana, all of them began to roll on the ground and smeared the dust of that place. After embracing each and everyone, they returned to their own houses to take some rest. In the morning, Shri Acarya dressed up and came to the courtyard of Prabhu. Syamananda with his companions also came to that place. Narottama with Ramacandra and Santosa and others in a broken heart came too. Even the people of Kheturi on hearing the leaving of Acarya, came running to the place. The courtyard of Prabhu became a crowded place. Syamananda bowed before Prabhu. The priest gave garland and clothes offering of Prabhu to Acarya who distributed those among others. Though inwardly Acarya was very much moved, yet outwardly he consoled everybody and started from Kheturi. Shri Thakura Mahasaya became down with misery. Ramacandra pacified him very lovingly. On reaching the bank of Padmavati, Acarya Thakura hastily boarded on the boat to conceal his emotion. Shri Thakura Mahasaya told many things to Syamananda who began to float in a stream of tears. Narottama by taking Syamananda in his lap began to weep helplessly. Ramacandra pacified them. Syamananda got on the boat which started at once. They crossed the river and reached Vudhuri. Here Thakura Mahasaya and others took their baths and returned to the courtyard of Prabhu. Suddenly the happy memories of Prabhu's dancing with his associates made Narottama so happy that he began to sing the glory of the courtyard. The priest informed Shri Thakura Mahasaya that Prabhu's arati was over and now they could eat prasadam. Shri Thakura Mahasaya with others ate happily and distributed prasadam among the villagers of Kheturi. On that day many heretics also ate prasadam. Now a change came to their minds and they began to talk to others in this way, "O brothers, how fruitless own lives are. Who will rescue us from the judgment of Yama? This Thakura Narottama can do this." Someone said, "I am scared of going near him." Someone said, "Let us fall on his feet." In saying this, they in crying fell on the feet of Narottama. Shri Thakura Mahasaya who is an ocean of mercy, very sweetly told them, don't cry. You are very fortunate. Shri Krishna Chaitanya will favor you and rescue you from damnation." On hearing these hopeful words, the poor souls cried out, "O my lord, we had done all types of evil deeds. We are not afraid of doing those deeds. We had gone elsewhere for dacoity and only had returned last night. Those who did not go with us, rebuked us to a great extent. They were also dangerous dacoits but now due to you, they have become Vaishnavas. "O my lord, be merciful to us." These pathetic confessions melted the heart of Thakura Mahasaya who favored them all. He advised them, "Always do wise company and being very humble always listen and sing kirtana. Always be careful about behaving with Vaishnavas. Don't do anything which may humiliate them. And always cite Harinama." Saying so he embraced them all. All of them ran to fall on his feet and he put his feet on the heads of each and everyone. So devotion most automatically came to reign over them. Shri Thakura Mahasaya became very anxious for not getting any news from Acarya. He decided to send Ramacandra to Acarya but in the meantime a man came with the letter of Acarya from Yajigrama. Being very glad, Thakura Mahasaya sent a reply to Acarya and began to sing the glory of Acarya. Al these episodes can purify your mind, so be kind to listen to Narottama Vilasa by Narahari.