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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Narahari Chakravarti Thakura > Namamrita Samudra > Verses 1 to 281

By Shrila Narahari Chakravarti Thakura

Translated by Bhumipati Dasa

Edited by Purnapragya Dasa
Published by Rasbiharilal and Sons, Bazaar, Vrindavan

All Rights Reserved by Rasbiharilal and Sons.

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All glories to Sri Krishna Chaitanyacandra


samsara asara bodha prada

muda sadana sri guro premakanda

sri radha-krsna he he pravara

rasamaya srila caitanya candra

sri nityananda kamarwuda mada

damana srimad advaita deva

srivasadi pramatta prabhu parikara

bho mam praslda praslda


I offer my respectful obeisances at the lotus feet of my spiritual master, who helped me realize that this material existence is temporary and useless. O Sri Sri Radha-Krsna! O Sri Caitanyacandra! You are an ocean of transcendental mellows. O Sri Nityananda! You enchant millions of cupids. O Sri Advaita, and the other associates of the Lord, such as Srivasa! Please be merciful to me. Kindly bestow your mercy upon me.



     About the Author


Another name of Sri Narahari Cakravarti Thakur is Ghanasyama dasa. He was born at the beginning of the 17th century, in a village called Renapura, in the district of Murshidabad. His fa­ther was Sri Jagannatha, who was a disciple of the famous Sri Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur. Sri Narahari Cakravarti Thakur was a disciple of Sri Narsithha Cakravarti. "My spiritual master is Sri Narsirhha Cakravatl. My wish is to serve his lotus feet, birth after birth." (Narottama Vilasa 13).


By the order of Lord Govinda, he went to Braja and served the Deity as a cook. That is why he was also famous as Rasuiya Pujarl. He wrote a number of books, such as Bhakti Ratnakara, Narottama Vilasa, Srinivasa Caritra, Glta-candrodaya, Chandah-samudra, Gaura-carita-cintamanI, Namamrta samudra, Paddhati Pradlpa and Sanglta-sara-sarigraha. He was an expert cook, singer, musi­cian and artist, as well as being an exalted devotee.


The lives of all the great devotees have not been described in Sri Caitanya-bhagavata, Sri Caitanya caritamrta and Sri Caitanya-maiigala. It was there­fore very difficult to find details about the lives of Sri Lokanatha, Sri Prabhodananda, Sri Gopala Bhatta,   Srlnivasa,   Sri   Narottama   and   Sri Syamananda Prabhu. To fill this vacuum, Sri Narahari CakravartI Thakur described the lives of the Gaudiya acaryas who had appeared after the disappearance of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu- in his books Bhakti Ratnakara and Narottama Vilasa. In the fifth chapter of Bhakti Ratnakara, he gives a detailed description of Braja-mandala- and in the twelfth chapter, there is a detailed description of Navadvlpa-mandala. There is no doubt that these books will greatly help the devotees visualize the two holy dhamas, as if viewing an illustrated map. In this present book, Sri Narahari Cakravarti Thakur has described the names of Sriman Mahaprabhu's associates, along with a humble ap­peal to each of them.




O my spiritual master! O Sri Sri Radha-Krsna! O Caitanya-Nitai! O Advaita Prabhu! Please give me shelter at Your lotus feet.


Text 2


O Gadadhar! O Srlnivasa! O Svarupa Damodara! O Narahari! Kindly allow me to drink the nectarean love of Sri Gaura.


Text 3


O Haridasa Thakur! You are an ocean of mercy, and you are very dear to Gaura. Please reveal the glories of the holy name within my simple heart.


Text 4


O SacldevI and Jagannatha Misra! O PadmavatI and Hadai Pandit! Kindly be merciful to this fool¬ish child, as you feel appropriate.


Text 5


O Sri Kubera and Nabhadevl! Please grant me your mercy, so that I can serve the lotus feet of your son, Sri Advaita.


Text 6


O Laksmldevl! O Visnupriyadevl! Kindly bestow your mercy upon me so that I can joyfully wander throughout Nadia.


Text 7


O Vasudadevl! O Jahnavadevl! Please be merci¬ful to me so that the pastimes of your Nityananda may become manifest within my heart.


Text 8


O Garigadevl! You are the daughter of Nityananda. Kindly arrange that I shall be able to serve the lotus feet of Nityananda Prabhu, along with Vasuda and Jahnava.


Text 9


O Madhava and Ratnavatl! Be merciful to this fallen soul, so that my mind may remain fixed at the lotus feet of your son, Gadadhara.


Text 10


O Madhavl! O Malini! O Damayantl! O Sltadevl! Other that you, who else is there to protect Gauranga?


Text 11


O Vasudeva Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya! Please make me intoxicated by the transcendental qualities of your Lord Gauranga.


Text 12


O mother of Sathl! O Sathl! This is my humble request at your lotus feet: may I never see the face of a person, even in my dream, which is averse to Sri Gaura.


Text 13


Srlvasa's maidservant, Duhkhl! You have become Sukhl, or happy, by Gaura's mercy. Be kind to me so that I can also become happy like you.


Text 14


O Padmanabha Cakravartl! There is no superior devotee of Gaurariga than you. Please make me a servant of your lotus feet.


Text 15


O brahmana, Sri Caitanya dasa! My only wish is that I may sing the glories of that person who directly associates with Lord Gauranga.


Text 16


O Dasa Gadadhara! Please give me shelter at your lotus feet. May I never forget Gauranga- in this life, as well as after death?


Text 17


O Govinda! O Garuda! O Kavicandra! O Kaslsvara! Kindly make this fallen soul a servant of your servant.


Text 18


O Visvarupa! O Acyuta! O Vlracandra Prabhu! Please engage me in the service of your lotus feet, and never allow me to forget you.


Text 19


O Gauridasa! O Nandana Acarya! O Vanamali! Kindly make this fallen soul a puppet in your hands.


Text 20


O Vidyanidhl! O Halayudha! O Raghunan- dana! Please make me rich, just this once, by giving me the treasure of love of God.


Text 21


O Murarl!  O  Govinda!  O Mukundal  O Vasughosa! 1 catch hold of your lotus feet and beg forgiveness for all my offenses.


Text 22


O Ananta! O Isvara Purl! O Madhavendra Purl! You are intoxicated by the transcendental mellows of ecstatic love for Sri Sri Radha-Krsna. 1 seek your mercy.


Text 23


O Kesava Bharatl! Please be merciful to me at this time, so that 1 may not learn anything other than the topics of Sri Visvambhara.


Text 24


O Vasudeva Dutta! O Uddharana Dutta! 0 Purandara! Please save me, for 1 am a poor and wretched person.


Text 25


O Damodara! O Srikara! O Vallabha! O Sanatana! Kindly award me, out of your own sweet will, the jewel of pure devotional service.


Text 26


O Gopinatha Acarya! O powerful Nrsimhananda! Please destroy my wicked mental¬ity, so that my heart will become purified.


Text 27


O Bhugarbha! O Lokanatha! Kindly show your mercy at this time, for there is no one more fallen than me.


Text 28


O Bhagavatacarya! O Madhavacarya! You are full of mercy. Be kind to me, so that my mind may always remain fixed upon in the Lord.


Text 29


O Rupa and Sanatana! You are dearer to Gaura than His own life. Please give me strength, so that I can nicely describe the Lord's transcendental qualities.


Text 30


O Gopala Bhatta! O Raghunatha dasa! I appeal to you, with a straw in my teeth, that you please make me a servant at your lotus feet.


Text 31


O Sri Jlva! O Subuddhi Mis'ra! O Raghava! O Kamsarl! Please do whatever you feel is proper for me. I have nothing more than this to say.


Text 32


O Gauranga's dear Sridhar Thakur! 1 shamelessly beg you to please remove my distress.


Text 33


O Vamslvadana! O Vakresvara! O Sivananda! Kindly mitigate my miseries and award me happi¬ness, just once.


Text 34


O Madhupandit! O Kaslmisra! O Gangadasa! My only support is your lotus feet. Please do not make me broken-hearted.


Text 35


O Kaslnath! O Haribhatta! O Ramananda Basu! Please give me the lotus feet of Sri Gauracandra in charity.


Text 36


O Kavikarnapura! Please listen to my words. Make me fully merged within the pastimes of Gauranga.


Text 37


O Kamalakara! O Pippalai! O Mahesa! If you please deliver this sinful person- your fame will be¬come spread unlimitedly.


Text 38


O Kamalakantha! This is my fervent prayer at your feet: May I develop faith in the water that has washed the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas?


Text 39


O Jhadudasa! I repeatedly pray that the dust from the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas may become my life and soul.


Text 40


O Kalldasa! This is my heartfelt desire- may my faith in the remnants of the Vaisnavas continually increase?


Text 41


O Jagadananda! O singer, Sastidhara! Give me strength, so that I can always sing the glories of Gauranga.


Text 42


O ecstatic Minaketana Ramadasa! Please inspire me to become happy by appreciating the transcen¬dental qualities of Nityananda Prabhu.


Text 43


O Srlkanta! Please free me from my bewildering mentality. Let Caitanya and Nityananda, who are non-different from each other, become my life and soul.


Text 44


O learned Anupama! Kindly make sure that I never give up the lotus feet of Gauranga.


Text 45


O Brahmananda! O Paramananda Purl! Grab me by the hair, and make me always fixed on the path of devotional service.


Text 46


O Capala Gopala! Protect this sinful person. May I never commit even a slight offense against any devotee?


Text 47


O two brothers, Jagai and Madai! Bestow mercy upon me by taking away my sinful reactions that were accumulated from many lifetimes.


Text 48


O Candrasekhar Acarya! O Raghupati Upadhyaya! Be kind upon me, so that the conclu¬sion of the scriptures will manifest within my heart.


Text 49


O Sikhi Mahiti! Kindly do me this favor. May 1 have immense love for Sri Krsna Caitanya, as well as for Lord Jagannatha?


Text 50


O Srlnath! O Tulasi Misra! O Kala Krsna dasa! Please deliver me, for by doing so- you will become glorified all over the world.


Text 51


O Saraiiga Thakur! O Sundarananda! O mag¬nanimous Govinda! Please save me from the pangs of material existence.


Text 52


O Ratnabahu! O Bhavananda! O Danafijaya By exhibiting mercy to an afflicted person, one's glories become increased.


Text 53


O Vrndavana dasa, the son of Narayanl! Why am 1 in such a pathetic condition when all of you are there?


Text 54


O Yadunath Thakur! O Murarl! Please deliver me. I can no longer tolerate the burning effect of poison, in the form of material enjoyment.


Text 55


O King Prataparudra! This is my request to you-please annihilate my enemies in the form of lust, anger and so on.


Text 56


O Hiranya! O Clranjlva! O Narayana! Let my mind remain fixed in contemplation on the transcendental qualities of Nityananda, Advaita and Gauranga.


Text 57


O noble Buddhimanta Khan! Let Sri Gaura-govinda become the Lord of my life.


Text 58


O Hrdaya Caitanya! Please fulfill my desire. Let me become a servant of he who glorifies the quali¬ties of Gauranga.


Text 59


O Bhavananda! O Srigarbha! O Srlnidhi! Can 1 please sing about the pastimes of Sri Gauranga, day and night?


Text 60


O Prabodhananda! I request you to please make me intoxicated by the transcendental qualities of Gaura, just once.


Text 61


O Jagadlsa! O Siiriman! O Sanjaya! O Sudarsana! Why do you reject ime, despite your being the deliv¬erer of the fallen scouls?


Text 62


O Dvijahari daisa! O Jagannath! O Balarama! You deliver the enttire world. Why then do you ne¬glect only me?


Text 63


O Junior Haridaisa! You were fortunate to be pun¬ished by Gaurangai. Please punish me and thus de¬stroy my offenses.


Text 64


O Abhirama! Kindly protect me from atheistic and demoniac people. This is my request to you.


Text 65


O Ramananda Raya! You are an ocean of tran-scendental mellows. Kindly give me the association of those devotees who are merged in the ocean of the transcendental mellows of ecstatic love.


Text 66


O Gauranga's dear Sri Govinda! You are filled with devotional service to Gaura. Please allow me to serve the lotus feet of Gaura, day and night.


Text 67


O Sankara Thakur! You are the shoe and pillow of Gaurahga. Always make me intoxicated by the sweet aroma of Gauranga's transcendental body.


Text 68


O dear Suklambara! O resident of Nadiya! People will laugh at you if you hate me.


Text 69


O Locandasa Thakur! Please ensure that my mind always remains merged within the ocean of Gauranga's pastimes.


Text 70


O Devananda! 1 roll on the ground and beg of you- may I wander about from village to village while singing the glories of Gauranga.


Text 71


O Purusottama Ramadasa! May 1 dance around while being maddened by the qualities of Gauranga? This is what I want, by your grace.


Text 72


O Mukunda Thakur! It is proper for me to live as a humble person, in a place where the glories of Gauranga are discussed.


Text 73


O Paramesvara dasa! Please give me this bene¬diction- may I cry constantly, upon hearing of Gauranga's transcendental qualities.


Text 74


O Ananta Acarya! O auspicious Yadu Ganguly! Please remove all of my inauspiciousness.


Text 75


O Gopala dasa! O Sulocana! Please bless me so that my mind always remains fixed upon contem¬plation of the transcendental characteristics of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna and Sri Caitanya.


Text 76


O Sri Caitanya dasa! O Ramadasa! O Visnudasa! Kindly give me residence in Navadvlpa and Vrndavana.


Text 77


O Krsnananda! Have mercy on this fallen soul. May the pastimes of Gaurahga manifest within my heart, day and night.


Text 78


O Subhananda! Please fulfill my desire to watch Gauranga's pastime of sleeping, at the end of night.


Text 79


Listen, O Satyaraja! May I see with my own eyes the pastimes of Sri Gauranga's bathing and eating in the morning, along with His associates?


Text 80


O Kumuda! Please show me Gauranga's pas¬times of eating, before noon, in the houses of the devotees.


Text 81


O Vasanta! Please show me Gauranga's noon¬time pastime of enjoying within a garden, in the company of His devotees.


Text 82


O lotus-eyed Sudhanidhi! Do this favor for me. Show me the Lord's walking through the streets of Nadiya, in the afternoon.


Text 83


O Manohara! Show me how Visvambhara en¬gages in pastimes at your house, in the evening.


Text 84


O Suryadasa! Please be kind and show me how Gauracandra joyfully enjoys pastimes in the house of Srlvasa at night.


Text 85


O Ramabhadra! Do whatever must be done, so that the congregational chanting of the holy name in the courtyard of Srivasa, at night, may intoxi¬cate me.


Text 86


O Gopikanta Misra! Let me tell you about my wish. Please reveal to me Sri Sri Radha-Krsna's pas¬times, in the land of Braja.


Text 87


O Srlpatl! Would you please keep me in the for¬est of Vrndavana? There, I shall be able to see Sri Sri Radha-Krsna's pastimes, day and night.


Text 88


O Madhusudana! Please show me how Sri Krsna enjoys pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana in the dead of night, and how He returns home and takes rest.


Text 89


O Navanihoda! Please allow me to see how Krsna akes up in the morning, takes His bath, and then ats in the association of His dear friends.


Text 90


O Kanu Thakura! Please show me how Krsna goes to the forest in the morning, and how Radhika thus becomes full of anxiety.


Text 91


O Srlmanta! Kindly permit me to see Sri Sri Radha-Krsna's meeting at noon, on the banks of Radha-kund, and the various pastimes they perform there.


Text 92


O Nandini! Show me how Krsna goes to the house of Sri Radha, and how He enjoys sporting activities with His friends in the afternoon.


Text 93


O Nandana! Show me what Radhika does in the evening. Also show me how Yasoda pampers her son, Krsna.


Text 94


O Yadava! Show me how Sri Sri Radha-Krsna behave with each other and how They meet in the groves of Vrndavana, in the dead of night.


Text 95


O Pltambara! Always show me the rasa-llla pas¬times of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, as well as Their sleep¬ing together in the beautiful groves at night.


Text 96


O Balabhadra Bhattacarya! Here is my request. May my mind always remain fixed on singing the glories of Sri Gauracandra?


Text 97


O Goplnatha Singh! Kindly give me the boon that I may always glorify the Lord's appearance day, which is the Phalguni Purnima.


Text 98


O Vanlnatha! Please fulfill my desire, so that 1 can glorify the childhood pastimes of Visvambhara.


Text 99


O Kaslnath! Offer me at the lotus feet of Krsna, whose footprints- decorated with the flag, thunder¬bolt, and so on- were seen by His parents.


Text 100


O Kavidatta! Please give me strength so that 1 can constantly glorify the pastime where Visvambhara bestowed mercy upon the thief.


Text 101


O Sri Hari! Please show me that pastime of Gauranga's, when He ate food grains on Ekadasl.


Text 102


O Tapana Misra! Please keep me at the lotus feet of that transcendental child- who, on the pretext of crying, made everyone chant the holy name of Hari.


Text 103


O Jltamitra! May that divine young boy who happily sat down at the filthy place where contami¬nated pots and garbage were thrown, become the Lord of my heart?


Text 104


O Vallabha Caitanya dasa! Kindly give me shel¬ter at the lotus feet of that young boy who ate the offerings that His mother had carefully arranged, for worshiping goddess Sasthi.


Text 105


O Sivananda! Please give me the association of that transcendental boy, who passed urine on Murarl's plate that he used for eating.


Text 106


O Sri Gopala! Let me remember that Lord, who maintained a puppy in His house.


Text 107


O Laksmlnatha! May that Lord remain within my heart- who beat His mother and then went to fetch a coconut?


Text 108


O Nayana Misra! Please give me the association of that young boy, who engaged in various sporting activities with the young girls of Navadvipa.


Text 109


O Nandai! Bestow your mercy upon me, for I am a fallen soul. May 1 always glorify Gauranga's un¬limited restless activities?


Text 110


O Uddhava! May my mind remain attached to the lotus feet of that Lord, who became greatly learned in all scriptures at a very young age?


Text 111


O Srlrariga! Please let me see the nectarean face of Sri Gaura. When Mother Sad sees that face, she forgets everything.


Text 112


O Raghunatha Misra! May I praise that Lord who shattered the hearts of the atheists by His scho¬lastic pastimes?


Text 113


O Jagadlsa! Kindly make me qualify to see the Lord's water pastimes in the Ganges, which he per¬formed along with His fellow students.


Text 114


O Govindananda! Please make me a servant of that personality who is celebrated throughout the entire world, and whose glories are described in all scriptures.


Text 115


O Govinda Dutta! Please allow me to see the Lord's pastimes of marrying Laksmlpriya.


Text 116


O Purandara Pandit! Give me shelter at the lo¬tus feet of that Lord, who made the entire Bengal glorious by the flavor of His scholastic pastimes.


Text 117


O Jagannathacarya! Can you please show me the pastime of Gauranga marrying Visnupriya?


Text 118


O Banlnatha Basu! Make me a servant of that Lord who, on the pretext of suffering from gastric disorder, manifested loving devotional service.


Text 119


O Ramai! O Isana! Please offer me at the lotus feet of that personality who wanders about Nadiya as the most learned scholar.


Text 120


O Vaisnava acarya! Please give me shelter at the lotus feet of that Lord, by whose influence all the learned Bhattacaryas of Navadvlpa trembled in fear.


Text 121


O Vaisnavananda! Please bless me so that I can keep in my heart that Lord who awards happiness to His mother in various ways.


Text 122


Listen, O Paramesvara dasa! You are full of mercy, and so please allow me to see the pastime in which Gauranga defeats the Digvijayl pandit.


Text 123


O Madhava Pandit! Please let me meet that Lord who deceives His devotees and wanders about Nadiya.


Text 124


O Sri Ratna Pandit! Please let me have devotion at the lotus feet of that Lord who showered His mercy upon Isvara Purl at Gaya.


Text 125


O Dhruvananda! May that Lord who recognizes all the devotees, and who reveals Himself to them, become my master?


Text 126


O Puspa-gopala! Please let me have a glance of that Lord who sat on the throne of Lord Visnu, at Srlvasa's house.


Text 127


O Kanthabharana! Please show me the meeting of Visvambhara with Nityananda.


Text 128


O Bhagavata dasa! Would you kindly show me that Lord, who manifested His six-armed form to Lord Nityananda.


Text 129


O Srlharsa! Make me a servant of that Lord, whose universal form was seen by Sri Advaita Prabhu.


Text 130


O Raghu Misra! Award me the lotus feet of that Lord, who was given a plough and a stick by Sri Nityananda.


Text 131


O Bhagavanacarya! May I always sing about how Jagai and Madai attained love of God?


Text 132


O Ramananda! Please show me how Mother Saci had experienced that Krsna and Balarama are non-different from Gaura and Nitai.


Text 133


O Rudra! May 1 glorify the Lord's mahaprakasa pastimes, in which He displayed His mood of opu¬lence for twenty-one hours?


Text 134


O Bhagavan Pandit! Kindly allow me to always sing about the Lord's pastime of chanting the holy names in the streets of Nadiya.


Text 135


O Gopalacarya! May I constantly glorify the Lord's pastime of chastising the Kazi, as He per¬formed nagara sariklrtana?


Text 136


O Damodara dasa! Kindly help me fix my mind on that Lord who, in the form of Varaha, imparted knowledge to Murarl Gupta.


Text 137


O Jagadananda Pandit! Please give me the lotus feet of that Lord who climbed up onto the shoulders of Murarl.


Text 138


O Visnudasacarya! Please bless me so that I can sing the glories of that Lord who happily ate Suklambara's rice.


Text 139


O Bholanatha dasa! Kindly give me the associa¬tion of that Lord who sportingly made all of the devotees eat mangoes in the off-season.


Text 140


O Vanamall Visvasa! Please let me see the pas¬times of that Lord who took great pleasure in steal¬ing the garments of His devotees.


Text 141


O Bhavanathpara! Kindly award me the lotus feet of that Lord who danced in the dress of Rukmini, and allowed the devotees to drink His breast milk.


Text 142


O Ganga Mantrl! May that Lord who displayed mercy on His dear associate, Mukunda, by punish¬ing him, appear within my heart?


Text 143


O Ananta dasa! May I sing the glories of that Lord who enjoyed kirtana pastimes after bolting the door at the house of Srivasa?


Text 144


O Visnai Hazara! May I always sing about the loving quarrel between Nityananda and Advaita?


Text 145


O Vijaya! May the life and soul of Saci become my life and soul as well, for He cautioned all the devotees to guard against committing vaisnava-aparadha?


Text 146


O Narayana Vacaspatl! Please give me that benediction which the devotees received by offering prayers to the Lord.


Text 147


O Srimian Pandit! Please show me the Lord's ac¬tivities of bestowing mercy upon Haridasa, and His drinking of water from Srldhara's old waterpot.


Text 148


O Bhagavatl Devananda! Kindly show me the pastimes of the Lord, in which He enjoyed water sports with the devotees at night in the Ganges.


Text 149


O Vijaya Pandit! May the Lord become my life and soul, for He was embarrassed after punishing Advaita Acarya?


Text 150


O Caitanya dasa of Rahgavatl! Please let me have a glimpse of the Lord's pastimes of eating at the house of Advaita Prabhu.


Text 151


O Kamsarl! Please make me understand that Krsna and Balarama are non-different from Gaura and Nitai, as was realized by Murarl.


Text 152


O Acaryaratna! May that Lord- who made the dead son of Srlvasa speak the truth about the soul's condition in material existence, bestow mercy upon me?       


Text 153


O Jagannatha Tirtha! May I alwafs sing about the qualities of that Lord, who in an angry mood, jumped into the Ganges and was rescued by Nityananda?


Text 154


O Murarl Mahiti! I wish to sing the glories of that Lord who awarded His remnants to NarayanI devl.


Text 155


O Murarl Pandit! Please bless me so that I can see the unlimited pastimes of Gaurahga in Nadiya.


Text 156


O Anantacarya! May I always meditate upon the pastimes of Gauracandra with Visnupfiya?


Text 157


O Kalanidhi! Kindly display your compassion upon me, so that I can constantly chant about the Lord's blissful Nadiya pastimes, with great happi¬ness.


Text 158


O Hastigopala! Please allow me to see the pas¬times of that Lord, who is internally Krsna and ex¬ternally Gaura.


Text 159


O Akincana dasa! Please bless me sufficiently so that I can witness Sri Gauracandra's ecstatic mood.


Text 160


O PremI Krsnadasa! Make me a surrendered soul at the lotus feet of that Lord who flooded the whole world with love of Sri Radhika.


Text 161


O Madhava Pattanayaka! Kindly let me see that Lord, who could never repay His debt to Sri Radhika.


Text 162


O Sugrlva Misra! Allow me to take shelter at the lotus feet of that Lord who has become golden be¬cause of thinking about Sri Radha's sweetness.


Text 163


O Anubhavananda! Please exhibit your mercy so that I can sing the glories of Gauranga, who is the crest jewel among all incarnations.


Text 164


O Vasudeva tlrtha! May I remember the tran¬scendental qualities of that Lord who changed His dress and external appearance, for the sake of the fallen conditioned souls?


Text 165


O Vipra Murarl! Show me the Lord's pastimes of traveling throughout South India, as well as the pastimes He enacted while residing in Vrndavana and Purl.


Text 166


O Kurma Thakur of Kurmaksetra! Please bless me so that I can describe the Lord's pastimes of trav¬eling throughout South India.


Text 167


O Tulasi Padicha! Drown me in the ocean of the Lord's pastimes. Even Brahma, Siva and Ananta are not able to reach the limit of these pastimes.


Text 168


O Ramananda Mangaraja! O Kanai Khuntia! Make my life successful by awarding me love of God, which is rarely attained, even by personalities like Brahma.


Text 169


O Jagannatha Padicha! This is my prayer- may I float in the ocean of Gauranga's pastimes?


Text 170


O Paramananda Mahapatra! Let me always sing about Lord Gauracandra, who never leaves Nadiya for even a moment.


Text 171


O Jagannatha Mahati! May 1 develop attach¬ment for those places where the devotees of Gaurahga enact their pastimes?


Text 172


O Kaslnath Mahati! Please make my eyes suc¬cessful. May I see Gauracandra, wherever I look?


Text 173


O Ramacandra Kaviraja! Do this favor for me-may I constantly sing about Krsna's transcendental qualities?


Text 174


O Jagannatha Kara! You are filled with love of God. May I float in an ocean of happiness by glori¬fying the festival that celebrates Krsna's birth?


Text 175


O CakrapanI Acarya! Make that Lord- who killed Putana, and awarded her the position of His mother-my ultimate goal of life.


Text 176


O Kamadeva! Place me at the lotus feet of that Lord who broke the Sakata cart, while sleeping un¬der it.


Text 177


O Caitanya dasa! Kindly keep me in the associa¬tion of the devotees of that Lord- who killed the demon, Trnavarta, and performed many other such pastimes.


Text 178


O Jangali! May I always praise that pastime of Krsna- in which Mother Yasoda binds Him with ropes, while the gopis laugh?


Text 179


O Durlabha Visvasa! May that Lord- whose ab¬domen was bound by ropes, and who uprooted the twin Arjuna trees- make me happy?


Text 180


O Syamadasa Acarya! Remind me of that pas¬time in which Krsna bought many fruits, by exchang¬ing two handfuls of grain.


Text 181


O Jnana dasa! May I always sing the unlimited and enchanting pastimes of that restless boy, Sri Krsna?


Text 182


O Lokanatha! O Rajendra! This is my prayer to you- may I always sing about how Krsna killed the demons- Baka, Vatsya and Agha.


Text 183


O Janardana dasa! Kindly remove my distress. May I achieve happiness by hearing about the kill¬ing of Dhenukasura and Pralambasura?


Text 184


O Haricarana! Please show me those pastimes where Krsna saved His friends from the devastating forest fire- and where He subdued the serpent, Kaliya.


Text 185


O Kama Bhatta! May I sing the pastimes of Nanda Maharaja's deliverance from the clutches of Varuna- and Krsna's stealing the garments of the gopis, who were observing vows?


Text 186


O Narayana dasa! Please manifest, within my heart, that pastime in which the wives of the sacri¬ficial brahmanas met Sri Krsna.


Text 187


O Ramasena! Make me a friend of that Lord, who felt immense happiness by lifting Govardhana Hill.


Text 188


O Devananda dasa! Please give me shelter at the lotus feet of that Lord- who very easily broke the tradition of offering sacrifice to please the demigod, Indra.


Text 189


O Hariharananda! Please show me how the demi¬gods performed abhiseka to Lord Govinda.


Text 190


O Srlman Thakur! Show me that transcenden¬tal boy who, on the pretext of enjoying a picnic, bewildered Brahma.


Text 191


O Srlnath Cakravartl! Make me a companion of that Lord, who performed the rasa-llla pastimes in Vrndavana.


Text 192


O Sri Hoda Gopala! May I always remember that Lord- who killed the demons- Sankhacuda, Arista and Kesi?


Text 193


O Nartaka Gopala! Please satisfy my eyes by showing me Sri Sri Radha-Krsna's pastimes with the gopis.


Text 194


O experienced Baninatha Pattanayaka! May I always chant the eternal and ever-fresh pastimes of Braja?


Text 195


O Purusottama Tirtha! This is my request- may my mind always remain attached to Krsna's pas¬times in Mathura and Dvaraka?


Text 196


O Cidananda! Be compassionate upon me, so that I can attain Krsna's shelter. May I always sing with the understanding that Krsna never leaves Vrndavana?


Text 197


O Upendra Asrama! Please keep me in the asso¬ciation of that Lord- who pleases His father, mother, boyfriends and girlfriends.


Text 198


O Ananda Puri! May that Lord- who constantly relishes transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana- be¬come the lord of my life?


Text 199


O Vadanananda! Please give me some happiness, for my life is burning due to the fire of association with godless people.


Text 200


O Bhaskara Thakur! Make sure that I do not even see the face of a person who is averse to Krsna.


Text 201


O Caitanya dasa, the pujarl of Lord Govinda! Give me the association of those devotees who al¬ways chant the holy name of Krsna.


Text 202


O Pujarl Gosaidasa! Kindly show me Sri Govinda, Sri Goplnatha and Sri Madana Mohana.


Text 203


O Govinda Gosai! I fall at your feet and beg that you kindly engage me in the service of Sri Govinda's lotus feet.


Text 204


O Sri Chand Haldar! You are the friend of Gauridasa. Kindly detach me from the association of people who are averse to Krsna.


Text 205


O Raghunatha! I cut off the head of that person who does not have faith in the Deity form of Krsna, and the topics of Krsna.


Text 206


O Ratnakara! I cut that atheist into pieces, who makes a distinction between Gaura and Krsna.


Text 207


O Satyananda Bharatt! I keep my foot on the head of that sinful person who is envious of Gaura and Krsna.


Text 208


O Sekhara Dvijaraja of Kasi! May that person who blasphemes the Lord be struck by a thunder¬bolt!


Text 209


O Raghunatha Purl! May that person who in¬dulges in false arguments, while discussing the pas¬times of Gaura Krsna, go to the hell known as Kumbhlpaka?


Text 210


O Ramatlrtha! This is my appeal to you. Let ev¬eryone have devotion at the lotus feet of Gaura Krsna.


Text 211


O Damodara Purl! Be kind to me, so that I may develop faith in the Lord's abode, similar to that which 1 have for the Lord Himself.


Text 212


O Raghava Purl! Let that person become ruined who has no faith in the land of Navadvlpa.


Text 213


O Nrsirhha Purl! Let that person become burnt to ashes who does not have affection for the holy land of Vrndavana.


Text 214


O mendicant brahmana! You are dear to Gauranga. Please be merciful to me so that I can see the abode of Vrndavana within Navadvlpa.


Text 215


O Dvijavara, the disciple of Madhavendra! Please give me shelter at Mathura-mandala.


Text 216


O Vipradasa! Please give me strength, for I can¬not tolerate the conditions of this material world any longer. May I be able to destroy anyone who acts sinfully?



Text 217


O Nrsirhha Caitanya! This is my request- may I have the strength to vanquish the atheists who are opposed to sariklrtana.


Text 218


O Laghu Kesava! I burn the face of that person who does not take pleasure in seeing the Deity form of the Lord- made of wood, stone, or metals like gold.


Text 219


O Brahmananda Svarupa! Please give me unlim¬ited ears so that I can hear the Lord's glories, unlim-itedly.


Text 220


O Kaviraja Misra! May I hear, birth after birth, whatever glories of the Lord you have described.


Text 221


O Mukundananda Cakravartl! My desire is this-may I stop finding faults with the Vaisnavas and instead, chant their glories.


Text 222


O Mahananda! I do not wish to see the face of that person who thinks that the Vaisnavas belong to a particular caste.


Text 223


O Mukunda Kaviraja! Do me this favor. May I have devotion at the feet of the Vaisnavas that will appear in the future?"


Text 224


O Rajiva! Quickly save me from the bad asso¬ciation of a person who considers the water that has washed the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord to be ordinary water.


Text 225


O Badu Jagannatha! Please save me from that dog-eater who considers the spiritual master to be a mortal being.


Text 226


O Bhatuya Gopala! Kindly destroy that sinful person who diminishes one's attachment for the lo¬tus feet of his spiritual master.


Text 227


O Bhagavad-gita-reciting brahmana! Be kind to this fool. May I develop firm faith in the Lord, by studying devotional literature?


Text 228


O Vasudevavipra! Please remove the pride in my material body that I possess. May I develop compas¬sion for all living entities, giving up all enviousness?


Text 229


O Trimalla and Vyenkata, the elder brothers of Prabodhananda! Please be merciful to me, for I am very fond of sense gratification.


Text 230


O famous Purusottama Galima! Please mercifully glance upon me, just once.


Text 231


O Nllambhara! This is my request at your feet-may I never hear blasphemy of the Vaisnavas.


Text 232


O Vaidya Krsna dasa! You are an ocean of mercy. I always criticize others. Therefore, please protect me.



Text 233


O Krsnadasa of Radhadesa! You are always joy¬ful. Make sure that I do not associate with those who blaspheme others.


Text 234


O greatly sober Visnu Purl and Krsnananda Puri! Please purify the sinful body of this fallen soul.


Text 235


O Vipra Janaklnath! Kindly give me the bene¬diction that I will not indulge in dry arguments, as well as any form of cheating or hypocrisy.


Text 236


O Raghunatha Vaidya! You will become glorious if you remove my lust, anger and other bad habits.


Text 237


O Brahmananda Bharati! This is what I want. May I sing about Gaura's transcendental qualities with sincerity?


Text 238


O Krsnadasa Brahmacarl! I submit this petition at your feet- may I never see the face of a material¬ist, even in my dream?


Text 239


O Paramananda Upadyaya! May I not become influenced by sinful materialistic people?


Text 240


O Hrdayananda! Please make sure that I do not fall into the bad association of materialistic people.


Text 241


O Nakula Brahamacari! May I never eat food¬stuff cooked by gross materialists.


Text 242


O Sadipuriya Gopala! Please punish me, so as to remove my atheistic mentality.


Text 243


O Narayana! Please save me. A witch, in the form of a woman, has swallowed me.


Text 244


O Purusottama Brahmacarl! I am unable to esti¬mate how many sinful activities I have committed.


Text 245


Listen, O Gokula! I have become bewildered by lust. I always get a kick from women, just like an ass.


Text 246


O Paramananda Avadhuta! Please see to it that I am not punished by the Yamadutas.


Text 247


O Lokanatha Pandit! Kindly eradicate this bad habit of mine. I am always under the control of anger.


Text 248


O Haricandana! This is my request- may I never become overwhelmed by anger?


Text 249


O Bhagavatacarya! Please be merciful to me, for I have given up my occupational duties, being greedy for material enjoyment.


Text 250


O woodcutter, Jagannatha! Please cut the knots of my bondage to fruitive activities.


Text 251


O Vallabha Bhatta! Kindly chastise me, because I am so deluded by false ego that 1 do not even know who I am.


Text 252


O Naukadi dasa! You must punish such a hypo¬crite, as me.


Text 253


O Ramacandra Purl! Please help me out, so that I may not preach the topics of Krsna to faithless people.


Text 254


O Laksmanacarya! I only want this- may I never eat foodstuffs that have not been first offered to Krsna?


Text 255


O Sanatana dasa! 1 ask for this boon- may I never eat the poisonous food of fruitive activities?


Text 256


O Paramesvara dasa! You are very dear to Nityananda. May I not be influenced by fruitive activities and mental speculation?


Text 257


O Nandana Thakur! Please bestow mercy on me so that I can cultivate the limbs of devotional ser¬vice.


Text 258


O Sadasiva Kaviraja! Kindly listen to my words. Make sure that I never cause even the slightest anxi¬ety to any living entity.


Text 259


O Makaradvaja! You are full of compassion. May I always show respect to everyone, with my body, mind and speech?


Text 260


O Yogesvara! This is my request- may I always utilize my life for the welfare of others?


Text 261


O Paramananda Gupta! Listen to my appeal. May I consider honor and dishonor, as well as happiness and distress, to be equal?


Text 262


O Vipra Subhananda! Give me the strength so that I can have tolerance, like that of a tree, in the face of other people's criticism.


Text 263


O Chandanesvara! Please be merciful to me, so that I may not become attached to worshiping the demigods.


Text 264


O Visvesvaracarya! Please protect me! May I never disregard anyone, even by mistake?


Text 265


O fortunate Vidyavacaspatl! Help me to give up the association of those who are envious of Hari, Guru and Vaisnavas.


Text 266


O child, Krsnadasa! O Krsnadasa Kaviraja! Save me this time, for I have committed many sinful ac¬tivities.


Text 267


O Sri Ananta! Be merciful to me, so that I can chant the glories of Gaura and Nityananda.


Text 268


O Vitthalanatha, who is very dear to Raghunath! O Govinda! Kindly allow me to live in the associa¬tion of the devotees of Gauranga.


Text 269


O Raghava Gosai! I am very unhappy. Please keep me with you, and engage me in the service of Radha-kunda.


Text 270


O Srlnivasa! O Narottama! O Syamananda! All of you bestow mercy upon me, for I am an extremely wicked person.


Text 271


O Gadadhara Bhatta! You are very dear to Jiva Gosvami. Please manifest the actual purport of Srimad Bhagavatam in my heart.


Text 272


O Bijuli Khan! You, along with your associates, please grant me your mercy so that I can develop detachment.


Text 273


O Gauranga's dear cowherd men! Please give me the jewel that you received from Gauranga, after offering Him products of the cow.


Text 274


O all the men and women who are residents of Nadiya! Please be merciful so that I can attain the shelter of that moon-like personality of Nadiya.


Text 275


O inhabitants of Braja! My request is that 1 may attain the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha-Govinda, who are always assisted by the gopls.


Text 276


O all devotees of Navadvlpa! Be compassionate, so that 1 may always meditate upon Nadiya.


Text 277


O all devotees of Vrndavana! May 1 always medi¬tate upon the transcendental abode of Vrndavana.


Text 278


O exalted Vaisnavas! My only prayer is that I may always float in the ocean of the nectarean holy names.


Text 279


O Lord! I beg that You award the treasure of love of God to anyone who hears these holy names, and to anyone who makes others


Text 280


I am a foolish person. Please be satisfied with me. Do not seriously consider my fault, if I have failed to describe these holy names in order.


Text 281


All of you are my lord and I am the your servant. Please bless me and fulfill my desires.



What more can I say? O dear servants, associ¬ates, and devotees of Gaura- this fallen Narahari has no shelter other than you.


Thus ends the translation of Sri Namamrta Samudra.