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All glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the friend of the poor. All glories to Nityananda the ocean of mercy and all glories to Shri Advaita, the abode of all good qualities. Glory to Shri Pandita Gadadhara the embodiment of love. Glory to Shri Pandita Shrinivasa, the distributor of that love and glory to Vakresvara, Shri Murari and Haridasa.1-3


Glory to Sarva Bhauma, Kasi Misra and Ramananda; glory to Vasudeva Ghosh and Madhava and Mukunda.4


Glory to Dhanajaya, Shri Svarupa Damodara, Narahari, Gouridasa, Kasiswara.5


Glory to Gadadhara Dasa, Shridhara, Vijay and glory to Suklambara Brahmacari and Shri Sanjay.6


Glory to Bhatta Gopal, Rupa and Sanatana. Glory to Raghunatha Dasa who is the life of the poor.7


Glory to Shri Bhugarva, Lokenath, Shri Raghav and glory to Raghunatha Bhatta and Acarya Yadava.8


Glory to Shri Jiva the abode of all desirable attributes and glory to Kaviraja Krishnadasa the kind hearted.9


Glory to Shrinivasa Acarya Thakura and glory to Narottama whose grace was boundless.10


Glory to Syamananda whose former name was Dukhi Krishnadasa and who had a magnigificant character.11


Glory to all the vaishnavas, the abodes of kindness by whose favor all desires are fulfilled.12


Glory to the listeners for they are the abode of all good qualities. Now please listen attentively to my narration.13


Speaking the name of Shri Gauranga, Shrinivasa travelled towards Gaudadesha with the books.14


With him was Narottama who was non different from Shrinivasa in every way, and also his most beloved Syamananda.15


With Narottama and Syamananda, Shrinivasa travelled happily without any trouble.16


From time to time he met groups of pilgrims going to Nilacala and travelled with them through the forest.17


Shrinivasa followed the same route which Shri Chaitanya had travelled on his way to Nilacala.18


Shrinivasa requested various pilgrims to point out the places where Chaitanya and his companions had stayed and then he personally visited each of those places.19


It was a pleasure to travel through the forests and they experienced no trouble whatsoever.20


To prevent this book from becoming voluminious we will not describe the various countries and villages through which Shrinvasa passed.21


Soon the news apread that a rich man was going to Nilacala with immense wealth.22


A band of robbers maintained by King Hamvira came to know from an astrologer that the carts were filled with priceless jewels.23


They informed the king that a rich man was carrying priceless jewels on his cart.24


The king was quite happy to receive the news from his bank of robbers. The activities of that king shall now be narrated in brief.25


Vira Hamvira and his thieves were a source of constant threat to people of Vishnupura.26


His various misdeeds were countless as we have learnt from other professional storytellers.27


King Hamvira ordered his undomitable robbers to prepare themselves, attack the cart and bring the money to the palace secretly. "Threathen them, but do not kill anyone," ordered the king.28-29


On the order of the king the robbers left in a large group which roused fear in the hearts of the innocent people of Vishnupura.30


Just like the king, this bank of robbers enjoyed dacoitry immensely.31


Far outside Vana Vishnupura they spotted Shrinivasa and followed him at a distance.32


Shrinivasa decided to enter Vishnupura via Pancakuti.33


Shrinivasa was pleased that he had reached his own country without any trouble; he had no idea that the king of Vishnupur was a wicked person.34


He stopped in a large village in the forest near the capital which was known as Vana Vishnupur.35


They prepared and ate their meals during the daytime and spent half the night singing the names of Shri Krishna.36


When they lay down tht night they all fell into a deep sleep.37


The honest villagers wondered if Krishna would save these rich men. "They are sleeping without anxiety but out of fear  of the king we cannot warn them. Our king is a wicked man who sends his band of robbers near and far even for a little money," said the villagers.38-40


They wondered how this rich man had safely travelled so far with a cart load of wealth.41


Someone suggested, "This rich man is a pious person and for that reason the robbers would not touch him."42


Someone countered, "No the robbers are certainly following them, who knows when they will strike."43


The village people spoke quietly and stayed in their houses. Meanwhile the robbers were actively designing a plan to steal the cart.44


One thief said, "Dear robbers, we had better design a good plan and act accordingly. If we fail this mission we will be ridiculed in the society of thiefs."45


They decided to strike near Tamaragarama but their first attempt failed.46


They tried again one night near Raghunakhtur but their courage failed them. But when Shrinivasa was near Vana Vishnupur the thieves felt enough courage to carry out their plans because it was so close to their home.47-48


If we steal these carts today and deliver them to the king he will be pleased; otherwise he will kill us all said one of the thieves.49


They joined together to worship Goddess Chandi by offering her goats, sheep and buffaloes.50


Bowing at her feet they prayed, "Please grant us success and save us."51


Then they sent out a scout to determine their whereabouts and security of Shrinivasa's camp.52


The scout found them all sleeping and informed the others that this would be the most appropriate time to strike.53


The robbers came, disguised but easily took the carts and went deep into the forest.54


At the end of the night they reached Vana Vishnupura and narrated their story to the king as they handed the great wealth.55


As news of the robbery spread the wise inhabitants of Vishnupura lamented and discussed the incident amongst themselves.56


"Our wicked king has commited a great sin," said one man privately to another.57


"This traveller was gong to Khetra to visit Lord Jagannatha with his wealth from Vrndavana."58


"The wicked king has given trouble to a pious man and therefore the king will be punished."59


Another person sobbed silently in anticipation of the forthcoming misfortune of the entire Vana Vishnupura.60


"In the land of Bharata there is no king as wicked as this one. Who will punish this sinner?"61


Another man said, "Because of his bad habits the king will certainly suffer in hell and will never be saved."62


"Everything about this man is bad; I wonder who can save him?"63


"Only Lord Narayana can bring good to such a person. Just see how he favored me the entire Kali Yuga which is beyond anyones's power of description."64


"Although Jagai and Madhai were born in a brahmin family of Navadvipa their activities were notorious."65


"In this Nadia lila Lord Narayana delivered these two notorious brothers who were once demons amongst the inhabitnts of Nadia."66


"Both man and demigods praised Gauranga for delivering the two brothers."67


"Jagai and Madhai turned into great devotees. Who can describe the Lord's transcendental activities?"68


"Lord Krishna Chaitanya is God himself and he has given the living biengs the jewel which is sought even by Brahma.69


"But Lord Gauranga disappeared in Nilacala. Now who will deliver this wicked king?70


Someone said, "listen brothers, this wicked king will be delivered by a true devotee of the Lord himself.71


But another man replied, "No it is utterly impossible to get darshan of such a devotee here. Why should a person come to this land of sinners?72


A scholar answered, "the scriptures say that the true devotee is always prepared to travel through the lands of the pious and impious and by his magnanimity he delivers mankind from damnation.73


"The Lord accomplishes his will through his devotees; not a single desire can be fulfilled without the mercy of such a true devotee."74


"I hope some true devotees appears in Vishnupura," said one wishful man.75


"By his grace alone will the wicked ways of the king be changed. When Vira Hamvira becomes a Vaisanva sorrow will be removed from this place."76


The pious people prayed to the Lord to destroy the king's wickedness.77


While the honest people were praying the king's reformation, the king himself was happily receiving the stolen goods.78


Praising the robbers for their bold achievement, the king gladly rewarded them with clothes and jewels.79


King Vira Hamvira thought the carts belonged to western India. "On many occasions I have obtained great wealth but never before have I felt so satisfied about it. Certainly these carts must be filled with priceless jewels."80-82


He looked greedily at the crates and tore them open with his own hands. There in he found the priceless, jewel-like books of the Vrndavana Gosvamis.83


The sight of the bools struck the mind of the king with wonder and as he stared at them unflinchingly his heart began to change.



In amazement the king called the astrologer and asked, "How did you calculate the arrival of this cart?"85


The astrologer replied, "My dear king in my calculations I found that the carts would contain priceless jewels."86


"Do not be afraid said the king, your calculations are correct."



"They are not false, there is no doubt that these books are like jewels in all respects."88


"The receipt of such books is certainly my good fortune." Then he turned to the robbers.89


The king anxiously demanded, "Did you kill anyone, tell me the truth?"90


"They were all sleeping and none of them knew we stole the carts," said the robbers in self defense.91


"You ordered us not to kill and in fact we had no need to kill for we stole the carts without anyone knowing."92


The king was relieved when he heard that and turned to his brahmins, "All of my misdeeds are bout to go on trial."93


"I have given sorrow to some great man and I shall certainly be burnt in the fire of his anger."94


"If I get the opportunity to meet the man who possesses these books I shall take refuge at this feet."95


"Although I am a sinner, I am sure he will forgive me."96


The king dispatched several men in search of the pious man travelling with the cart and menwhile protected the carts and the books with great care.97


When the queen heard about the books she was extremely anxious to see them.98


The presence of the books within the palace added a kind of brillance to the enviroment.99


Bright and happy days dawned over Vishnupura and a positive transformation came in the hearts of the evil minded people.100

King Hamvira longed for the day when he would meet the man who owned the books.101


While the king was once thinking about the books the Goddess of sleep descended on his eyes.102


In his dream the king saw a beautiful man with golden complexion and magnificant features.103


With a smile on his moon-like face the man told the king not to worry for his desires would soon be fulfilled.104


He will be pleased with you because you are his dedicated servant life after life, said the man in his dream.105


The dream vanished and the man disappeared; when the king's sleep was broken he began to cry.106


He shouted over and over, "what have I seen?" and looked around him. No one could understand his behavior.107


The lamentation of Shrinivasa


After the robbers had carried away the books Shrinivasa's sleep was suddenly broken.108


At dawn Shrinivasa and the othrs searched here and there for the books.109


Failing to find the carts they cried as though they had been struck down.110


Narottama decided to commit suicide and Syamananda declared he would enter into a blazing fire.111


How can I describe the pain of Shrinivasa?112


The other men travelling in their party decided they would never return to thieir homes again.113


News of the robbery was circulated everywhere. Shrinivasa and the others were plunged in an ocean of grief.114


When they recovered from the initiative shock they began to discuss what to do.115


Suddenly a certain voice told Shrinivasa that he would find the books in the palace of the king of Vishnupura, he should go at once and meet him.116


Shrinivasa felt joyful and he simultaneously noticed auspicious signs around him.117


Realising that these signs had come from Prabhu himself, Shrinivasa sent Narottama to Kheturi to obey the orders of Prabhu Lokenath. He sent Syamananda to Utkala via Ambika.118-120


"If the books are found I shll inform you and we will meet again, do not be worried," instructed Shrinivasa.121


Shrinivasa bid farewell to his two friends but who can describe their anxiety upon partine.122


On the order of the Acarya they went to Kheturi with anxious minds.123


Who can understand the activities of Narottama? His first mission was to infuse spiritual strenght in Shri Santosh.124


Upon meet Narottama the people of Kheturi gave up their grief and misery.125


Shrinivasa visits the king's palace.


Arrangements were made for Narottama and Syamananda to live in a solitary place. When the wise men of Kheturi heard about the theft of the books they became very sorry.126


After bidding farewell to his two close friends Shrinivasa felt morosr.127


Leaving his travelling companions in one place Shrinivasa travelled  alone to Vana Vishnupura.128


Who can understand the heart of the mahanta who travelled alone in search of the books.129


People who saw him wondered, "why such a beautiful person has come to Vishnupura."130


"Is he a demigod or an incarnation of the Supreme Lord? Everyone is moved by his physical chaarm."131


With a sense of excitment people came forward to meet Shrinivasa.



Shri Krishna Vallava, the son of a brahmin, felt feelings of divine love when he saw Shrinivasa.133


He took Shrinivasa to his own home in the village Denuli and dedicated himself at the feet of the Acarya.134


The Acarya asked many questions and Krishna Vallava answered then as well as he could.135


When he learned that the king regularly listened to the recitation of the Shrimad Bhagavatam, the Acarya and Krishna Vallava went to the royal court.136


When the king saw Shrinivasa Acarya he spontaneously rose from his seat and touched the ground before Shrinivasa's feet, considering himself a fortunate man.137


The king offered Acarya Thakura a magnificant seat, but Shrinivasa told the king not to ask him questions.138


The Acarya said, "O king, when the Bhagavata recitation is com;plete you may ask me any questions and I will answer them."139


"We shall do as you desire," said the king as he thought secretly that this man must be the owner of the books.140


"It is my good fortune that he has visited me, so I shall dedicate muself at his feet."141


As the king comtemplated his position and stared at Shrinivasa Acarya, Shrinivasa finally spoke.142


The king's heart had been purified simply by seeing Shrinivasa and he wished to learn the correct commentary of the Bhagavata.143


"Respected Sir, I wish to hear the explaination from you," said the king.144


Shrinivasa at once understood that the evil desires of the king had been purged.145


"Which portion of the Bhagavata do you want to hear?" asked Shrinivasa. "Please recite the portion of Bhrmara Gita," replied the king.146


Shrinivasa was pleased with the king's suggestion and one of the king's readers brough the book to Shrinivasa.147


Shrinivasa Acarya recited very carefully and diligently revealed the true mystery of the Bhagavata.148


Tears rolled down the cheeks of each person who heard the recitation and the king himslef became overwhelmed.149


The king's pundit, Shridasa Cakravarty, also became emotional as he listened.150


Those who heard the recitation shared their loving emotions with others.151


The Acarya himself became lost in a trance.152


King Hamvira fell at the feet of Shrinivasa and although the recitation had been completed the king could not check his emotions.153


When he regained his composure the king thought, "I have committed a great sin against this man."154


In humility he cried again and again and grew impatient.155


King Hamvira arranged a solitary place for Shrinivasa Acarya to stay and met him in the evening.156


Bowing at the feet of the Acarya King Hamvira folded his hands and asked, "O master, please tell me the reason you have come here."157


Shrinivasa's heart bounded with joy as he replied, "please listen for I can tell you the reason in brief."158


"Lord Shri Krishna, the prince of Vraja completed his pastimes in Vrndavana but purposely reappeared with those companions in Navadvipa."159-160


"The activities which the Lord revealed in Navadvipa cannot be described even by the demigods like Siva.161


"He was the personification of the truth of te scriptures and he intoxicated the entire world with san kirtana."162


"With many associates he led the life of a householder for sometime and then he accepted sannyasa from Kesava Bharati."163


"He became known as Shri Krishna Chaitanya and simply to deliver mankind from damnation he travelled as a pilgrim to all the holy places."164


"For the pleasure of his devotees the Lord lived at Nilacala, the home of the active Brahma (Jagannatha)."165


"Two of the favorite devotees of the Lord were ministers of the king of Gaudadesha. They were wealthy men and also great scholars."166


"Their names were Rupa and Sanatana. Renouncing everything they went to Vrndavana."167


"On the order of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu they lived in Vrndavana and following the directions of the scriptures they rediscoved the holy place sof Vraja."168


"They wrote many nectarine books on the life and pastimes of Lord Krishna and in those books they revealed his Braja Lila."169


"They also wrote commentaries on the Shrimad Bhagavatam and other holy books."170


"Being ordered by those masters, I the most incompetent person born in Gaudadesha went to Vrndavana."171


"I became a disciple of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami and studied the books of the Gosvamis."172


"Shri Jiva Gosvami and other wise Vaishnava devotees entrusted me with the task of propogating the books in Gaudadesha."173


"Although I reached this country safely with the books they were silently stolen in the dead of night at a place not far from here."174


"We made every endeavor to find the books and searched patiently in all places."175


"Within my group there was a prince named Narottama who was not only a great scholat but a renunciate of worldly affairs.176


"Also in my party was a wise man named Syamananda. I sent them both to their respective countires."177


"In a place not far from here I have kept the rest of my group who are all residents of Vraja."178


"I have travelled everywhere in search of these books but when I learned that you were fond of hearing the recitation of Bhagavata I came to your palace."179


"Now I have told you what little I know. What more can I say? Regarding the disappearance of the books my heart is nearly broken."180


Hearing the sweet words of Shrinivasa the king fell at his feet and in remorse, he burst into tears and sobbed, "I am the king of the robbers and I have committed numerous misdeeds."181-182


"O my master, I got the news through a messenger that you were travelling through the forest."183


"The prospect of getting money from travellers always gladdened my heart. I asked the astrologer to calculate the wealth you wee carrying and his calculations were fully correct."184


"The astrologer said, `a very rich man is carrying precious jewels and you can steal them with very little endeavor'."185


"Since I believed the astrologer, I sent the robbers to steal the carts but ordered them not to kill anyone."186


"The thieves easily took the carts but when I saw the crates I was filled with happiness."187


"I tore open the crates but when I saw the jewel-like books my mind was transformed."188


"I was anxious to find the owner of these books so I sent a man in search of you."189


O my master, you are the Lord himself and the savior of the down trodden. Somehow you have come here to bless this worthless person."190


"The moment I saw you, I dedicated my life at your feet. O master,, please forgive my crimes and have mercy on me.191


"Please do not dislike me because of my great sins and perscribe for me a path of liberation."192


The king fell at the feet of Shrinivasa and drenched him with tears.193


Realising the depth of the king's anxiety Shrinivasa Acarya immediately blessed him.194


Night grew to a close as they discussed various subjects and the ocean of love overflowed its limits.195


The king brought Acarya's men to Vishnupura and arranged comfortable lodgings for them.196


Acarya Shrinivasa bathed and upon the earnest request of the king they went to see the books.197


Shrinivasa's ecstasy was boundless as he retrieved the books.198


The king arranged for the worship of the books and then took the Acarya into his inner apartments.199


The queen was overwhelmed with joy when she got the darshan of Shrinivasa Acarya.200


She bowed at the feet of Shrinivasa and cried emotionally because of her good fortune.201


After blessing the queen Shri Acarya and the king walked together to the Acarya's lonely house.202


Falling at Shrinivasa's feet the king repeatedly lamented, "my mind is too disturbed because of the misdeeds I have committed."



But Shrinivasa understood the king's state of mind and reassured him saying, "Do not be concerned. I dedicated you to the feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. Always worship those two lotus feet, Considering yourself a sinner, you should continually sing the Lord's nane in san kirtana."204-206


Shrinivasa had removed the king's grief by speaking the Hari Krishna mantra into his ear.207


Shrinivasa continued with a sweet voice, "always be attentive to hear and sing the holy name."208


"Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the savior of the world gave this nama mantra to mankind for its welfare.209


"Dear king, after you have studied the books of the Gosvamis I shall give you initation in Radha Krishna mantra."210


Thereafter Shrinivasa pacified the king by describing the different methods of devotion.211


With joyful hearts the king and his family dedicated themselves to the feet of Shrinivasa.212


Soon the story of the stolen books and their recovery as well as the deliverance of Vira Hamvira was known everywhere.213


Shri Krishna Vallava, Dasa Cakravarty and others took refuge at the feet of the Acarya.214


a river of happiness flowed through Vishnupur and the Goddess of devotion appeared in every house.215


Forgetting all other affairs the people of Vishnupur absorbed themselves in thoughts of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Nityananda and Advaita.216


They were intruiged by the names and characters of great masters like Gadadhara, Shrinvasa and others.217


Their thirst for meeting he Vaishnavas increased and they longed to see Navadvipa and Vrndavan.218


The joy they derived from singing the glories of Shrinivasa is beyond my power of description.219


Considering themselves most fortunate they held continous nama sankirtana.220


In a moment of excited emotion the king approached Shrinivasa Acarya with foldedhands and said, "O master, you have removed all our sorrows and given us a jewel rarely obtained even by demigods."221-222


"O master, by now everyone knows that the books were stolen, please send a letter to Vrndavana informing the Gosvamis that the books were recovered and the robber was subjugated.. This is my humble request."223-224


"Also please request the Gosvamis to forgive this sinner."225


"Also please, send a similar letter to Shri Thakura Narottama and Syamananda wherever they are."226


The Vrajabasis guards of the carts return to Vrndavana


Upon hearing the request of the king the Acarya informed him thathe had already written the letters for that purpose and showed the king a copy.227


The king was satisfied by the letters, and Shrinivasa further told him that the men who had accompanied the carts would soon return to Vrndavana.228-229


The Acarya handed the letters over to the men and advised them in their travels. The king showed his respect to those men by prostrating himself on the ground. 230-231


The king packed those same carts which had brought the books with different gifts of Shri Govinda, Gopinatha and Madan Mohan. There were also gifts for the others.232-233


With all those gifts the men took leave of everyone and started for Vrndavana.234


They returned to Vrndavana with their cart load of gifts and went first to deliver a letter to Shri Jiva Gosvami.235


When they narrated the entire episode in detail, the gloom which had settled over Vrndavana was removed.236


Shri Jiva received special news from Shrinivasa and happily prayed for his welfare and the welfare of the others.237


He distributed the presents of King Hamvira to their proper places.238


Receipt of that letter from Shrinivasa kept Shri Jiva in a state of continous pleasure.239


King Hamvira then arranged for the letter of his master Shrinivasa to be delivered to Kheturi.240


Thakura Mahasaya and Syamananda were sitting in a solitary place, overwhelmed with sorrow.241


When the messenger reached Kheture he inquired, "where is Shri Thakura Mahasaya? Please inform him at once that a messenger has come from Vana Vishnupura with a letter from Shri Acarya."242-243


Someone ran to Narottama with the news. "A man has come from Vana Vishnupura carrying a letter from Shri Acarya." What pleasure those words gave him.244-245


When the messenger was brought before Narottama, Thakura Mahasaya inquired about his welfare. The messenger replied that everything in Vana Vishnupura was alright.246


Syamananda embraced the messenger with tears of joy and the messenger eagerly brought forth the letter and then bowed at the feet of the two saints by touching the ground.247-248


Through that letter they learnt the entire episode and all the current news and were extremely happy.249


Narottama directly told king Santosh, his cousin brother, "The books have been found at Vana Vishnupura and Shrinivasa has given grace to king hamvira of Vishnupura."250-251


News of the recovery of the books and the deliverance of Vira Hamvira satisfied Shri Santosh's mind.252


The wise king Santosh Dutta showed proper respect to the messenger of the king of Vishnupura. 253


After learning everything in detail from the messenger king Santosh arranged for lavish religious ceremonies to celebrate the event.254


King Santosh's behavior surprised everyone and made Shri Thakur Mahasaya very happy.255


In the presence of Syamananda, Thakur Mahasaya wrote a reply to Shrinivasa.256


In the letter he expressed his own desires and also informed Shrinivasa that Syamananda would go to Utkala.257


He wrote a second letter to king Hamvira congratulating him for his good fortune.258


When the messenger returned to Vishnupura he delivered the two letters to king Hamvira and narrated everything he has seen and heard.259


Praising the good fortune of the messenger the king then went to the house of Shrinivasa Acarya.260


At that time Shrinivasa was teaching his disciples from the books of the Gosvamis. He was seated as the sun surrounded by many planets and the scene was very satisfying.261-262


King Hamivra approached Shrinivasa and prostrated himself on the ground.263


Standing before the Acarya with folded hands the king informed him that two letters had arrived from Kheturi in the morning.264


Shri Thakura Mahasaya has given grace to this sinner and written me a letter, said the king.265


"There is also a letter for you," he said as he handed over Shrinivasa's letter happily.266


Shrinivasa read the letter out loud and whoever heard it could not help but cry.267


When the letters had been read the king informed Shrinivasa about the news he had gained from the messenger.268


He told Shrinivasa about the enthusiasiam with which king Santosh performed the religious ceremonies and gave gifts to the brahmins to celebrate the discovery of the books. Everyone was happy to hear the news.269-270


Everyone praised the good fortune of the king for he had received a letter of congratulations from Narottama.271


After sometime the king took leave from the Acarya and returned home.272


In a solitary place he re-read the letter from Narottama and was overwhelmed. The queen found him and requested him to let her hear what was in the letter.273-274


The king happily read the letter to her.275


The contents of that letter left her overwhelmed and she prayed repeatedly to the Lord, "please be kind to me - a sinner, and let me get the darshan of Shri Narottama Thakura."276-277


She also fell at the feet of the king saying, "Now your life has some meaning for you have easily received the jewel of devotion at the feet of Shri Krishna."278-279


"No, that jewel is very rare to find," said the king. "How will a sinner like me ever get it?"280


"I have spent my life uselessly and hace committed countless misdeeds."281


In his distress the king lay down on the ground calling out the nameof Shri Krishna Chaitanya.282


He raised his arms and called out the names of Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita.283


He cried while calling the names of Gadadhara, Shrivasa, Svarupa, Vakresvara, Haridasa, Murari, Mukunda, Gouridasa, Kasiswara, Rupa and Sanatana.284-285


With a heavy sigh he lamented, "O queen in this world there is not a single man as evil as I am."286


"In Navadvipa the Lord himself appeared as Mahaprabhu and performed many pastimes with his associates.287


"Hearing those pastimes my heart did not know; on the contrary, I used to criticize them extensively.288


"O what an auspicious moment it was that I had those books stolen. Because of that I got the grace of Shrinivasa Acarya.289


"He was able to melt my iron-heart and drown me in the sea of Shri Chaitanya's mercy.290


"My master Shrinivasa is an undending source of grace, and whoever takes refuge in him shall have all his desires fulfilled.291


"Do not worry. If you have unflinching faith in his lotus feet in this life and the next you will certainly get his mercy."292


The king continued to speak to the queen in this way but details of their discussion cannot be narrated for fear of the book becoming voluminous.293


After sending aletter Narottama became eager to meet Shrinivasa again.294


And in affection Narottama thought, "How can I live without Narottama?295


"Tomorrow morning Syamananda will leave for Utkala thought Shrinivasa as his mind filled with tears.296


Shrila Thakura Narottama was the embodiment of affection so who can describe it.297


"I know you will leave early tomorrow morning, but I would like to meet you as soon as possible in Nilacala. I will go there as soon as I receive a letter from you," said Narottama.298-299


Syamananda's sorrow was mitigated by Narottama's assurances.300


Shrila Narottama Thakura and Syamananda spent the rest of that day and night in a trance of love.301


Restraining his emotions, Narottama bed farewell to Syamananda as he left for Utkala.302


Narottama engaged a man to accompany Syamananda and gave him money for travelling expenses. At the time of departure Narottama felt vry sad. Syamananda bowed to Narottama lying prostrate on the ground and Narottama likewise bowed to Syamananda while embracing Syamananda burst into tears.303-305


Narottama was heart broken to see Syamananda leave.306


All the people of Kheturi village came to see Syamananda off.307


King Santosh and his men bowed humbly to Syamananda.308


Syamananda embraced Santosh with loving tears in his eyes.309


The king walked all the way to the bank of the Padmavati and cried as he helped Syamananda get into the boat.310


Syamananda kept his emotions in tact but he crossed the Padmavati with a heavy heart.311


On the other side of the river he bathed and rested for sometime. Having paid tribute to Padmavati he resumed his journey.312


He visited the Gauranga deity at Kantakanagaia and thereafter went to Santipura via Navadvipa.313


The names of all the devotees on whom he showered his grace cannot be described here.314


In Ambikanagara he went straight to the house of his guru in the mood of ecstatic love. In Ambika Shri Syamananda also saw the deity of Nityananda which was worshipped by Shri Gauri Dasa Pandita.315


The pleasure Syamandana derieved seeing the feet of his guru Hrdaya Chaitanya defies description.316


He affectionately showed Syamananda the deities of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda.317


Seeing the two Lords, Syamananda was overwhelmed with joy and tears rolled down his face.318


The two deities graced Syamananda by their great silence.319


How can I describe the pastimes of these two Lords to whom Pandita Gauri Dasa offered his service.320


Gauridasa Pandita was famous throughout the world for the Lord was bound by his love.321


Gauridasa Pandita was an abode of love just like Shri Suvala, the friend of Krishna in Vrndavana.322


Shri Suvala, the favorite friend of Shri Krishna is most beautiful, and his qualities have been perfectly sung by the Pandits.323


In the Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu it is said:"his bodily complexion is more brillant than gold; he is the best friend of Krishna; he wears a celestial necklace and a yellow colored dress; he possesses lotus eyes and he gives pleasure to his friends. I worship that Suvala.324


In Stavali it is said, that Suvala is drenched in the fountain of Shri Radhika's love and he never leaves the hand of Shri Gokula Candra even in his dreams. I bow to that loving embodiment Suvala.325


In the Sahayabheda the description of the book Ujjala Nilomoni it says, "is there any air of Shri Krishna in which Suvala has no right to interfere? He was even able to bring back the lady who had quarelled with her lover and seperated. He would prepare a suitable bed for Shri Krishna in his love making lilas in the Kunja grove. He would fn his tired and perspiring Krishna as his Lord rested his head on the breasts of his beloved.326


It was well known that Gauri was none other that Suvala himself and that he was the favorite associate of Shri Krishna and Nityananda.327


Gaura Ganaddesha Dipika says that Gauridasa Pandita and Suvala the friend of Krishna, are the same.328


In another part of the book it is stated that Suvala Candra of Krishna lila is presently manifest as Shri Gauridasa Pandita on Gaura lila and he is the favorite associate of Shri Krishna and Nityananda. I worship that Gauridasa Pandita.329


Sarkhela Suryadasa was a scholar and a broad minded person. His brother was Gauridasa Pandita.330


They lived at Saligram, but after taking his elder brother's permission Gauridasa settled at Ambika by the side of the Ganga. 331


As an introvert Gauridasa would always live in suclusion. The Lord understood his mind very well.332


One day Shri Chaitanya went to Ambika after crossing the Ganga from Santipura.333


He told the Pundit, "I had gone to Santipura and from there I went to the village Harinadi by boat.334


"I crossed the Ganga by rowing the boat with an oar. This is the oar; take it; I am giving it to you."335


"With this oar mankind can cross the ocean of this material world." Saying this the Lord embraced Gauridasa Pandita.336


The Lord took the Pandita with him to Nadia and engaged him in wonderful activities.337


Who can understand the plan of Gaura Candra? He gave the Pandita the lyrics that he himself had composed.338


After some days the Pandita returned to Ambika where he regularlyread the Gita given to him by Prabhu.339


Simply seeing the handwriting of the Lord on the manuscripts of the Gita gave the Pandita extreme pleasure.340


Fortunate visitors to Ambika can have darshan of the handwritten manuscripts of the Gita by Prabhu and also the oar.341


Who can describe the fame of the Pandita to whom Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda were the life and soul of.   342


He was constantly absorbed in singing the glory of Nitai and Chaitanya and knew nothing but their lotus feet.343


Nitai and Chaitanya were the lights within his eyes. Who can understand his total devotion?344


On sight of the Lord gave him immense pleasure and a moment of separation threw him in great sorrow.345


Understanding the mind of the Pandita, Lord Gaurahari once told him to bring a neem tree from Navadvipa and carve deities of chaitanya and Nityananda.346-347


He assured Gauridasa that he would find no trouble carving the deities and that all of his desires would be fulfilled.348


The Pandita was ecstatic with joy and carefully carved the wooden deities.349


He who made the deities was only a receiptent of the Lord's grace. It was the Lord's own manifestation and the others were merely instruments in the Lord's desire.350


Beholding the deities Pandita Gauridasa was overwhelmed with joy and could not restrain his tears.351


Considering himself most fortunate he made arrangements for the installation ceremony of the deities and took help from some of his favorite companions.352


Following the perscribed rituals he bathed and anointed the deities at an auspicious moment and then seated them on their throne.353


The devotees of the Lord were extremely happy to see the deities of Nitai and Chaitanya properly installed.354


The beauty of these two deities pleased the whole world but true realisation of their presence was reserved for the followers of Mahaprabhu.355


It was wellknown that Nitai and Chaitanya were bound by the love of Gauridasa.356


The pastimes revealed by Nitai and Chaitanya at the house of Gauridasa are also well known.357


How can I describe the activities of Gauridasa Pandita who was always engaged in serving the two Lords.358


Out of love Nitai and Chaitanya once told Gauridasa smilingly who can know your activities when you even do not know that you are always absorbed in love and devotion?359-360


"O Suvala, my friend, can you remember your first life? Can you remember the great fun we had when we took the cows to the bank of the Jamuna?"361


Saying this the deities turned themselves into Krishna and Balarama with black and fair complexions.362


In that form they held the Singa (horn), flute, cane, peacock feathers and ornaments. How beautiful they looked in the dress of cowherd boys.363


Beholding their beauty Gauridasa was overwhelmed with ecstatic joy.364


Only by the will of the Lord could he regain his consciousness and therefore he stared steadily at the deities on th throne.365


When the two Lords displayed their pastimes in this way Gauridasa experienced ecstatic love.366


One day Gauridasa prepared food and requested the two Lords to eat.367


The Lords heard the sweet request of gauridasa but without touching the food they remained silent.368


Seeing the attitude of his two Lords he told them in mock anger, "if you are satisfied without food, then why do you force me to cook?"369-370


It was then Gauridasa's turn to keep quiet and the Lord's spoke gently, "Gauridasa, you can never be satisfied by preparing a small quantity of food. Your habit is to prepare different varieties of dishes in large quantities. When we request you not to cook like this you never listen. Your laborious efforts are painful to us. Remember, whatever can be prepared most easily will be most satisfying to us."371-373


"I shall never do it again," replied Gauridasa. From now on I shall offer you only rice with boiled saka."374


This statement made the two Lords laugh and then they began to eat the meal he had prepared. "You have made such tasty dishes that we are very satisfied," said Nitai and Chaitanya in praise of Gauridasa's cooking.375-376


The sight of his deities eating brought unlimited pleasure to the eyes of Gauridasa Pandita.377


One day Gauridasa Pandita wanted to dress the two Lords with jewellery. Reading the mind of the Pandita the two deities decorated themselves with different ornaments fitted with rare jewels.378-379


When he entered the temple the Pandita saw that the deities one the throne were already decorated.380


The Pandita was overwhelmed with emotion and when he regained his normal composure he saw the deities dressed as usual.381


I have never seen that type of ornaments before, thought Gauridasa.382


"I wanted to decorate the body of my Lords with ornaments but I did not know what type of ornaments to use. My ignorance has now been removed."383


As the Pandita was contemplating the Lord said, "Ornaments made of flowers please me the most."384


The Pandita decorated Nitai and Chaitanya with flower ornaments.



Long flower garlands draped from the neck to the feet of the Lorda created unparallel beauty. For fun the Pandita placed a mirror in front of the Lords. 386-387


The devotional activities of Gauridasa Pandita became well known but I have described them only in brief.388


Hrdaya Chaitanya the disciple of Gauridasa Pandita

Hrdaya Pandita was a disciple of Pandita Gauridasa.389


Formerly he was known as Shri Hrdaya Nanda and was a great devotee of the Lord.390


I shall now narrate how Hrdaya nanda was re-named Hrdaya Chaitanya and how he received the mercy of Pandita Gauridasa.391


Early one morning Gauridasa went to meet Gadadhara Pandita.392


With a broad smile Gadadhara cordially received Gauridasa and said, "Since I have seen you in the morning, I know it will be a good day for me."393-394


But Gauridasa sweetly replied, "No it is for my own good that I have come here." Gadadhara said, "with what can I please you?" and Gauridasa replied, "I must pray to you for something."



"Everythins here is your," said Gadadhara. "Take whatevey you like without any hestitation."397


"I want Hrdaya Nanda," said Gauridasa whereupon Gadadhara called for Hrdaya Nanda.398


With an elated heart Hrdaya Nanda came forward and bowed at the feet of the two Pandits.399


Gadadhara Pandita spoke to Hrdaya Pandita and then dedicated him to the care of Gauri dasa Pandita.400


The manner in which Gadadhara Pandita showered his mercy on Shri Hrdaya is well known to all.401


He raised Hrdaya from his childhood and taught him the scriptures. Although Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami was overwhelmed by his affection for the boy, yet he happily gave Hrdaya Nanda to Gauridasa Pandita.402-403


Without receiving the grace of the Lord, who can understand the aims and objectives of Gadadhara and Pandita Gauridasa.404


Gauridasa spent time with Gadadhara Pandita discussing the glories of the Lord.405


Then taking leave of Pandita Gadadhara, gauridasa and Hrdaya Nanda went home.406


In due course of time he gave diksha mantra to Hrdaya Nanda and dedicated him at the feet of Nityananda and Chaitanya.407


Hrdaya truly dedicated himself to the service of the Lord and this pleased Gauridasa very much.408


Who can understand the activities of Gauridasa who floated continually in waves of love.409


One day he told Hrdaya Nanda that the Lord's birthday was approaching.410


"I shall visit the houses of my followers to collect provisions for the festvial and I shall return soon," said gauridasa.411


"Be very careful in your service to the Lord." Then Gauridasa left his house.412


Gauridasa passed some time in solitary places with other devotees singing about the glories of the Lord.413


Meanwhile Hrdaya Nanda began to think, "Why is the master so late in returning?"414


"Only two more days remain before the ceremony and enough provisions have already been collected here."415


Considering these points and remembering the feet of his spiritual master he decied to send invitations everywhere for the great ocassion.416


Pandita Gauridasa returned just one day before the festival and when he heard that Hrdaya had sent invitations everywhere, even without his persmission, Gauridasa felt happy right to the core of his heart.417


Outwardly, however he showed his displeasure and scolded Hrdaya angrily. "While I am still living you have acted in an independent manner."418


"You have sent invitation letters at your own will but I shall not join you."419


Hrdaya bowed at his mater's feet and went to the bank of the Ganges where he lived under a tree.420


Gauridasa started the festival and mahantas from far and near assembled there.421


One wealthy man sent a large quantity of provisions in a boat.422


The rich man met Shri Hrdaya Nanda on the bank of the Ganges and handed the provisions to him. Hrdaya Pandita sent a message to Pandita Gauridasa.423


In mock anger the Pandita told the messenger to tell Hrdaya Nanda that he could use the provisions for his own celebration.424


On the order of his guru Shri Hrdaya happily began to celebrate the occasion using those provisions.425


A large number of vaishnavas assembled there and in their association Hrdaya Nanda performed wonderful san kirtana.426


As the sound of the khola nd kartala reached the sky it seemed that the ocean of happiness would overflow its banks.427


Vaishnavas danced in a circle, with tears flowing continously down their faces.428


Suddenly Hrdaya observed that both Lord Nitai and Lord Chaitanya - the incarnations of love - were dancing within the circle.429


They style of their dancing was indescribable and their physical beauty brightened the whole world.430


The faces of those two Lords defeated the pride of the moon and Hrdaya Nanda cried in joy as he observed them.431


Hearing the joyous sound of that san kirtana Gauridasa became very pleased although he remained in his own place.432


He gently told Gangadasa, "It is now time to worship. Go to the temple."433


But when Hara Gangadasa entered the temple he found no deities on the throne.434


When he reported this to the Pandita, Gauridasa was overwhelmed in ecstasy as he realised that the two Lords had been bound in love of Hrdaya Nanda.          435


With a smile he took his stick in his hand and although he was happy to the core of his heart, he displayed outward anger and headed for that san kirtana gathering by the side of the Ganga. There he saw his two Lords dancing.436-437


Observing the mock anger of the Pandita the two Prabhus clandestinely entered the temple again.438


Gauridasa witnessed that Shri chaitanya had entered into the heart of Hrdaya Nanda.439


Seeing Chaitanya present in the heart of Hrdaya Nanda Gauridasa could not control his tears. He looked continually with unblinking eyes. He forgot his mock anger and unconsciously the stick fell from his hand.440-441


Stretching out his arms in ecstatic love he went forward to embrace Hrdaya.442


"How fortunate you are," said Gauridasa. "From this day I name you Hrdaya Chaitanya - the man in whose heart Shri Chaitanya always resides.443


He drenched Hrdaya with his tears and the disciple fell at he feet of his master.444


Together they returned to the temple.445


Acknowledging the special effulgence of the Lord, Gauridasa appointed Hrdaya chaitanya to the total service of the deities.446


The Vaishnavas were all happy about this and the great festival they held defies  description.447


The grace of the Lord on Hrdaya became known to all. This is the story about Hrdaya Nanda's obtaining the name Hrdaya Chaitanya.448


Syamananda and Prabhu Hrdaya Chaitanya

Hrdaya Chaitanya was the life of Syamananda. Only a drop of his mercy could help one obtain all of his desires.449


He blessed Syamananda extensively and grew disappointed only when Syamananda started for Utkala.450


Syamananda bowed at the lotus feet of his master with tears in his eyes.451


Before Nitai and Chaitanya, Syamananda lay prostrate on the dusty ground of the temple and his body was smeared with the dust.452


After paying his respects to the associates of the Lord, Syamananda prepared to leave Ambika but he was unable to travel because of his excessive emotions.453


The associates of Mahaprabhu were also filled with emotion and tried to console Syamananda in various ways.454



Bhaktiratnakara Chapter 7a


"After distributing Mahaprabhu's devotion in Utkala, please return to Ambika," they all requested.455


The son of Durika then left for Utkala, holding the memory of the feet of his guru in his heart.456


As he travelled he sang the glories of Nitai and Chaitanya. He grew mad with love and entangled other travellers in that same loving madness.457


Even great heretics began to feel fortunate when they saw Syamananda and took shelter in him.458


There was a village named Dandesvara in the middle of Gaudadesha which had formerly been the residence of Krishnamandala.459


Later Krishnamandala had decided to live in Utkala. How can I describe the wonderful activities that were performed in Dandesvara? 460


Syamananda chose to pass through that village on his tour and everyone was pleased to see him.461


From there he reached Dharendra village where he felt he should send letters to Shri Acarya Thakura and Thakur Mahasaya. He wrote the two letters which contained the particulars about his travels.462-463


Syamananda sent the letters with a letter bearer to the proper places. Those letters contained statements of his love and devotion and documented the fact that he had gratified utkala by his presence.464-465


When Thakur Mahasaya received Syamananda's letter he gladly read it in the presence of all.466


Thakura Mahasaya then sent that letter bearer to Shri Acarya who was still in Vishnupura. Thereafter Narottama began to visit various places of Navadvipa.467-468


The condition of Vana Vishnupura

Shrinivasa Acarya became excited with emotion when he received the letter from Narottama.469


He then read and re-read the letter of Syamananda.470


He told his associates about some of the transcendental activities of Syamananda.471


King Vira Hamvira took Syamananda's letter from the Acarya and touched it to his head.472


Simply by hearing the qualities of Syamananda he grew eager to meet him.473


Acarya Thakura was pleased to see the eagerness of the king.474


Shri Acarya then told the king that he would be going to Shri Khanda and jajigrama.475


The king said, "Vana Vishnupura has been glorified by your presence. Without you it will again become a forest."476


"Do not worry, I will return to Vishnupura soon," said Srnivasa.



"Please take this worthless person with you," requested the king.



"No, not now," said the Acarya.479


"I know that I should not keep you, said the king. "But I am unaable to behave properly in this respect."480


The king sobbed uncontrollably and Acarya Shrinivasa had to pacify him in various ways.481


After leaving the Acarya, the king went to the interior of his palace and met his queen who lamented bitterly saying, "the whole of Vishnupura will be plunged into utter darkness."482


The king said, "this time it is impossible to force him to stay here." And the queen replied, "I know that, but how shall we live without him?" Then she simply cried.483-484


Shri Vira hamvira composed himself and somewhat consoled his queen before returning to the Acarya.485


Shrinivasa's preparations to leave Vana Vishnupura

The king made all preparations for Shrinivasa Acarya to leave Vishnupura. When everything was ready the king requested the Acarya to come into the palace.486-487


The queen's happiness at having that last darshan of Acarya Prabhu is beyond anyone's description.488


She bowed at the feet of the Acarya, lying prostrate on the ground, and at the time of his departure she sank into the depth of misery.489


Acarya Prabhu was gladly moved by their devotion and after taking their leave he returned to his own house.490


When news spread that Acarya Prabhu would go to Jajigrama, the inhabitants of the village Vana Vishnupura grew morose. They all began to cry helplessly.491


They expressed their sorrow, "unfortunately, we cannot think of any way to prevent his leaving Vishnupura."492


A great crowd gathered near the Acarya because each person in Vishnupura had dedicated himself at the feet of Shrinivasa.493


They wanted to see him one more time and beg him not to go.494


Shri Acarya Prabhu started his journey from Vana Vishnupura with many gifts.495


The king and his men accompanied Acarya for some distance but then Prabhu ordered them to return to Vishnupura.496


Who can describe the king's  miserable state of mind caused by this separation.497


The king and his men returned to Vana Vishnupura and Shrinivasa Acarya continued towards jajigrama. People of the entire area came to know that the Acarya had gone to Jajigram.498-499


News of Acarya Prabhu's return to his own home in Jajigram brought joy to the inhabitants of that village.500


They ran to tell Lakshmipriya devi who was overwhelmed with affection for her son.501-502


Upon reaching Jajigram Shrinivasa first went to see his mother.503


He bowed at her feet and Lakshmipriya became very happy to see the face of her son.504


Her happiness was boundless; she was elated like a poor man who had suddenly gotten wealth.505


People of Jajigram happily rushed to Lakshmipriya's house to meet Shrinivasa.506


Shri Acarya satisfied them all with his sweet smile and kind words.507


A calm and quiet evening settled after the busy day.508


Seated in his house, Shri Acarya and his disciples added an extraordinary beauty to the atmosphere of jajigram.509


Acarya discussed the devotional scriptures with  his disciples and everyone was satisfied.510


The wise men of Jajigram had great affection for Shrinivasa and assembled in his house.511


The Acarya welcomed them with great pleasure.512


Shrinivasa offered them each a proper seat.513


The wise Vaishnavas were pleased by Shrinivasa's hearty welcome as he inquired from them about the happenings of jajigram.514


Shrinivasa narrated the episodes of his life in Vrndavana on his attainment of the favor of Rupa and Sanatana in his dream.515


Hw also told them how Bhatta Gopala had favored him and how he had studied the books written by the Gosvamis.516


Hw told them how he had visited various places in Vrndavana and how he had travelled to gauda with the books of the Gosvamis.517


He told them how the books had been stolen in Vana Vishnupura and later  recovered and then how he had decided to return to Jajigram.518


Each Vaishnava horbored a different emotion while listening to the narration of Shrinivasa. With great difficulty they controlled those emotions and simply stared at the face of Shrinivasa.519-520


Shrinivasa Acarya casually asked them about the Vaishnava Prabhus. 521


With heavy sighs they informed Shrinivasa, "Thakura Narahari is half dead. He lies on the ground in a semi-conscious state and laments in tears.522-523


Shri Raghunandana and the other devotees sing the glories of Gauda all the time.524


Who can tolerate the condition of Narahari Thakura? What to speak of his effect on human beings, his lamentation melts the stones and pierces the wood.525


Not long ago Dasa Gadadhara came to Kantakanagara from Navadvipa.



He continually sang the glory of Gauda and the sight of him pierced our hearts.527


Sometimes he lamented, sometimes he was silent and sometimes he would sing the glory of Gadadhara Pandita.528


Sometimes he would sigh the name of Nityananda and sometimes the name of Pandita Shrinvasa.529


Sometimes he would cry, "O Prabhu, how long shall I suffer in this world?"530


In this miserable condition Gadadhara dasa would lie on the ground like a dead man.531


He lived always in seclusion, without food or water, and his body burned in the fire of separation.532


O Shrinivasa, the Prabhus of Navadvipa have disappeared one by one from this world.533


We can barely speak the heart breaking news that even devi Vishnupriya has disappeared from this world.534


With that Shrinivasa fell on the ground unconscious and his body became stiff.535


The vaishnavas present there were sorry to see Shrinivasa's miserable condition.536


Late in the night he regained his senses but even a stone could be melted by his pitiful crying.537


A man named Gopala dasa took Shrinivasa in his lap and tried to console him.538


He gradually became pacified and for the reminder of the night they discussed Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.539


In the dead of night all of the devotees including Shrinivasa fell asleep.540


In a most beautiful form Shri Advaita the image of love, appeared to Shrinivasa in a dream.541


His eyes stretched out to his ears and the beauty of his fae defeated millions of moons. His long hands surpassed the beauty of the golden stalks of a lotus and he took Shrinivasa lovingly on his lap.542-543


Shri Advaita behaved in such a way that the burning fire in Shrinivasa's heart might be cooled.544


Having shown him great affection, Advaita said to Shrinivasa gently, "You will deliver many poor souls. You must preach the teachings of Mahaprabhu everywhere. Many wise men will suggest that you marry and you should do so without any hesitation."



Thereafter Advaita disappeared and dawn broke.548


Shrinivasa could not control his tears as he remembered the favor bestowed by Shri Advaita. Having finished his scheduled morning duties he started hurriedly for Shri Khanda.549-550


The meeting of Shrinvasa Acarya and Narahari Thakur in Shri Khanda


Shrinvasa felt happy as he entered Shri Khanda and went directly to have darshan of Shri Gaurachandra in the courtyard of Shri Gauranga temple.551


To show his respect he lay prostrate on the ground before the deity and his golden skin was smeared with dust.552


On hearing of the arrival of Shrinivasa, Shri Raghunandana went to inform Sarkar Thakur.553


Although Sarkar Thakur existed in a state of extreme misery, he became spontaneously happy to hear th news of Shrinivasa's arrival.554


Gently he spoke to Raghunandana, "bring Shrinivasa to me. He will soothe my eyes."555


Raghunandana was so glad that he ran to Shrinvasa who had been waiting patiently in the courtyard of Shri Gauranga temple.556


Shri Raghunandana was gem of all good qualities and by seeing Shrinivasa he got renewed life.557


Shrinivasa bowed at Raghunandana who at once embraced him affectionately. 558


Both of them became very sentimental.559


Soaked with tears Shrinivasa remained patiently in Raghunandana's embrace.560


Then Raghunandana took Shrinivasa to see Shri Sarkar Thakura.561


Shrinivasa Acarya found Shri Sarkar Thakura sitting in a lonely place.562


Shrinivasa was surprised by te extraordinary beauty of Sarkar Thakur despite the fact that he had lost his lustere and had grown very thin.563-564


His face seemed to derive iss beauty from the moon although it had grown pale like a lotus deprieved of water. His merry eyes had now grown full of tears.565-566


Shrinivasa stared at the face of Narahari Prabhu and then bowed to his feet, lying flat on the ground.567


Narahari Thakura welcomed Shrinivasa, and addressing him as his son he took him on his lap.568


Narahari shed tears as he held Shrinivasa tightly to his chest.569


After bathing Shrinivasa with is tears he seated the young man by his side.570


He caressed the body of Shrinivasa and asked him many things. Syamananda explained everything clearly and also told Narahari that Narottama had gone to Khetra.571-573


Who can describe what was then going on in the mind of Narahari Thakur?574


Again he told Shrinivasa, "I want to see Narottama it is my desire. He should come here because he has many things to accomplish here. You and Narottama should sing san kirtana because that will cool the burning sensation caused by the seperation from the Lord. It is good that you have come here early to relieve me. I wish a long life for you throughout which you will be able to earn devotion and circulate the devotional books everywhere. A time will soon come when people will give up religion and grow independent. They will not realise th importance of Guru-Krishna and vaishnava.575-580


"You will deliver all these heretics and you will be famous in the vaishnava world. Because you are eternal servants of Krishna Chaitanya the Lord will fulfil all your desires. Your mother is fortunately a great Vaishnava devotee. Spend sometime in Jajigrama and serve her sincerely. That is her desire and there will be time wasted if you observe her requests. Is is my opinion that you should marry now."581-585


Sarkar Thakur then asked Raghunandana, "what is your opinion about the marriage of Shrinivasa?" "It is a good idea in my opinion also," replied Raghunandana.586


"Do not disagree with this," said Thakur although Shrinivasa felt very shy.587


Shri Thakur Narahari knew all the right arguments so he was able to remove Shrinivasa's shyness in different ways. Knowing the wish of Thakur, Shrinivasa also remembered what Advaita Prabhu had advised him in the dream.588-589


Breaking his silence Shrinivasa Acarya assured then that he would not violate their order. This made them all very happy.590


Shri Thakur Narahari then bid farewell to Shrinivasa who returned to Jajigram. Holding Shrinivasa's hand, Raghunandana escorted him to the courtyard of Prabhu where Shrinivasa met other Vaishnavas of Shrikhanda. Thereafter he took leave of them also.591-594


Shrinvasa could not stay long in Jajigram and anxiously started for Kantakanagara. There he saw the deity of Shri Gauranga and rolled on the ground of the temple.595-596


From there Shrinvasa went to meet Dasa Gadadhara who was living in a lonely place.597


Dasa Gadadhara had been living without food or water and his condition cannot be described. His body was covered with dust from lying on the ground.598


The golden complexion of his body had grown pale, and he had no desire to live any longer. He sometimes sang the glory of Gaura and sometimes cried the name of Nityananda or Advaita. Sometimes he was silent and at other times he lamented, calling out the name of Gadadhara Pandit. He would cry, "O, Gadadhara, I wished to die before you, but you left this world before me."599-603


No one can comprehend what Gadadhra knew about the glory of Gadadhara Pandita.604


Who can describe how Gadadhara Pandita loved Dasa Gadadhara.605


When Shrinivasa met this illustrious Gadadhara Dasa he paid his respects by lying prostrate on the ground.606


Prabhu Gadadhra embraced Shrinivasa affectionately.607


"It was the grace of Prabhu that I have met you again" said Gadadhara. "I know how you went to Vrndavana from Gauda and how you studied there. I know also how you took initiation from Gopala Bhatta and how you got the mercy of the favorite associates of Mahaprabhu.608-610


"I know how you met Narottama there and that Prabhu himself had called narottama from Ramkeli village, I know how you visited places of Vraja with Narottama.611-612


"I also know how you and Narottama went to Gauda with the Gosvami books and how the books were stolen by the king of thieves and how you again recovered them.613


"Because I know all these things I am eager to meet Narottama. O Shrinivasa, I hope Narottama will come here soon."614-615


Then Gadadhara sighed heavily and remained silent.616


Who can understand the deep meaning behind the discussion of these two masters. Speaking emotionally, Gadadhara said, "Navadvipa has become an ocean of misery. Shrivasa and other associates have already disappeared from this world. I cannot even describe the misery created by the disappearance of devi Vishnupriya.617-620


THe whole of Navadvipa has sunk into utter darkness. Those who remain are in a dying condition. What more can I say? Although I have just come from there, this unfortunate soul is still alive."621-622


Shrinivasa could not control himself as he listened to Dasa Gadadhara.623


Gadadhara pacified Shrinivasa and looking into his face he said affectionately, "live long my son, becaues you and your companions must manifest Bhakti religion in this world.624-625


You and your devotees will be able to taste the sweet nectar of Prabhu's most precious san kirtana.626


"I think you should marry now and due course of time you will have many disciples."627


Then he advised Shrinvasa to return to his mother.628


Shrinvasa returned to his home and his mother was very pleased to have him back.629


Shrinivasa sent a letter to Vana Vishnupura with one bearer.630


He stayed in Jajigram and began to teach th disciples the books of the Gosvamis.631


Acarya Shrinivasa explained the Gosvami books following the doctrines of the Gosvamis.632


After listening to the explainations delivered by Shrinivasa, the heretics ran from his place like dogs in fear of lions.633


The Pandits who realised the truth of the superiority of Bhakti took refuge at the feet of Shrinivasa.634


Whoever feels happy listening to these incidents are sure to get the mercy of Prabhu Gaurachandra.635


Those who help other interested persons hear about those episodes are sure to drown in the ocean of Krishna Bhakti rasa.636


Remembering the lotus feet of Shrinivasa Acarya, Dasa Narahari takes pleasure in writing the book Bhaktiratnakara.637