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Shrinivasa's journey from Vrndavana to Gaudadesha

Glory to Shri Gaura Govinda, the jewel of all good qualities. Glory to Shri Nityananda th mine of love. Glory to Shri Advaita Candra, the ocean of grace, and glory to the dearest friend, Gadadhara Pandita.1-2


Glory to Pandit Shrivasa the kindhearted, flory to Vakreswara, Shri Murari, Haridasa.3


Glory to Shri Svarupa, Rupa, Sanatana, and glory to all the followers of Shri Gaura Candra. Glory to all the listeners. Kindly listen attentively to my narration.4-5


Shrinivasa Acarya and Narottama spent their time happily at Vrndavana.6


One day Shrinivasa spoke to Narottama in a sweet voice.7


"Today, of and on, I have had many good omens. The muscles of my right hand and eyes are pulsating. Suddenly a great joyful feeling rises in my heart which makes me feel that I will deifinitely meet some Vaishnava today."8-9


Narottama thought, "I think that Dukhi Krishnadasa will come here today," and with this happy thought he went to meet Shri Jiva Gosvami.10-11


At the same time Syamananda (Dukhi Krishnadasa) simultaneously arrived at the house of the Gosvami who was pleased to see him.12


The Vrndavana episodes of Syamananda

Although Syamananda has already been mentioned I will now narrate something which would bring auspiciousness to everyone.13


Syamananda was born on the full moon day of the Bengali month of Caitra. His childhood and boyhood was spent happily in his house but in his early youth he became indifferent to worldly affairs.



In the month of Phalguna Syamananda decided to leave his home.16


In the presence of is parents in the village Dandeshwar Syamananda left home and went to the village Ambika.17


There he became a disciple of Hrdaya Thakura and dedicated himself to the service of his guru's feet. He took diksha on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna at an auspicious moment and with the permission of his guru he went to Vrndavana.18-19


he travelled through many places of pilgrimage on his journey and at last entered Vrajamandala with great pleasure.20


He joyfully went from Govardhan to the bank of the Radha Kunda and on seeing the beauty of Radha and Syamananda he became lost to himself or any worldly affairs.21


A man named Vrajavasi Dasa was surprised by Syamananda's condition and inquired about him.22


He took Syamananda to Shridasa Gosvami and introduced to Shridasa Gosvami and introduced him.23


Syamananda paid his respects by lying on the ground, tears were flowing from his eyes.24


Shridasa Gosvami blessed him and asked him to sit down and tell them about himself.25


Syamananda told his story to Dasa Gosvami who was very glad to hear it.26


Syamananda spent that day  with Dasa Gosvami and the next day he was sent with an escort to Vrndavana.27


The man who accompanied Syamananda to Vrndavana introduced him to Shri Jiva Gosvami.28


Feeling quite humble, he fell at the feet of Jiva AGosvami with tears in his eyes.29


Shri Jiva Gosvami affectionately embraced him and asked him to sit down.30


Shri Jiva Gosvami inquired about news from the devotees of Gaura Candra and also asked about the manner in which the deities of Gaura and Nityananda were being worshipped.31


Shri Jiva asked about the activites of Hrdaya Chaitanya and Syamananda told him everything.32


Syamananda answered each of Shri Jiva's questions but carefully avoided speaking of himself.33


Syamananda then asked how he could study the Bhakti literature. 34


Gosvami answered, "Do not worry. You will taste the literature along with Shrinivasa and Narottama."35


Simply hearing the names of Shrinivasa and Narottama brought ecstatic pleasure to the body and mind of Syamananda.36


He requested that Jiva Gosvami give him permission to go an dmeet them.37


Just at that time Shrinivasa and Narottama arrived at Shri Jiva Gosvami's house.38


Jiva Gosvami happily introduced Shrinivasa to Krishnadasa whose nickname was Dukhi, informing then that he had just come from Gauda.39


Syamananda was the disciple of Hrdaya Chaitanya Thakura who had many uncommon qualities.40


He had just come from Radha Kunda and had reported everything about his guru to the Gosvami.41


"He is very eager to meet both of you," said Jiva Gosvami as he introduced Syamananda to them.42


Syamananda offered respects to Shrinivasa by bowing on the ground and Shrinivasa embraced him for a long time.43


When Syamananda offered his respects to Narottama, he returned his obeisances and embraced Syamananda with great affection.44


They derived spontaneous love from their meeting with Syamanada.45


Who can describe the wonderful relationship between Shrinivasa, Narottama and Syamananda?46


Being throughly satisifed, Shri Jiva Gosvami began Syamananda's study of the Bhakti literature.47


He was placaed under the care of Shrinivasa and in due coursr of time Syamananda  became throughly conversant in Bhakti literature and became a teacher.48


Syamananda occasionally sent news to Ambika and the other devotees marvelled at his devotion.49


Syamananda desired to worship Krishna like one of the female attendants of Shri Radhika and by the grace of his guru his desire was fulfilled at Shri Jiva's house.50


Shri Jiva Gosvami permitted Syamananda to worship as he desired.51


Because Radha Syamananda were pleased by the method of worship employed by Syamananda, Shri Jiva named him Syamananda.52


Day by day his devotees increased, and seeing it the pleasure of the Vrajabasis increased.53


He felt pure devotion towards Shri Jiva Gosvami and maintained constant companionship with Shrinivasa and Narottama.54


Oblivious of his own needs he was always engaged with others in singing the glories of Lord Nitai and Chaitanya.55


He liked to dance near the Jamuna, raising his hands in the air and shouting the glories of his guru Hrdaya Chaitanya.56


Musunderstanding the behavior of a matured devotee, ignorant people made foolish arguments about Syamananda and as a result they suffered.57


Syamananda remianed intoxicated by the  nectar of Bhakti, even the taste of which can change the pleasure of anyone.58


He regularly visited the deities of Shri Radha Govinda, Radha Mandan Mohan and Radha Gopinath.59


Seeing he beauty of these three deities together, who can contain himself?60


These three cannot always be seen together, customatily they come together on the eleventh day of every fortnight on the full and new moon days.61


Who can describe the beauty that is created when these deities are placed together on the throne.62


When the Govinda deity was manifested, there was no Radhika deity with him.63


Lord Madana Mohan also appeared alone. The manner in which they got their consorts will now be narrated in brief.64


Purusottama Jana was the son of king Prataparudra. He was an accomplished and beautiful boy.65


When he learned that the two deities were being worshipped without their consorts, he sent two deities of Radha Thakurani with utmost care and devotion.66


When the deities reached Vrndavana the Vrajabasis became very happy.67


Shri Madan Mohan joysully told his priest in a dream, "Two images of Shri Radha have been sent but the sender does not know that actually one is of Shri Radha and the other is of Shri Lalita.68-69


Go without delay and bring the two deities. The smaller one is of Shri Radha and so place her on the left.70


The larger one is Lalita so place her on the right. The priest left as soon as he heard the Lord's instructions.71


He brought the two deities and installed then as he had been instructed.72


Shri Visvanath Cakravarty in his Stavamala Lahari has said, "O Madan Gopala you are stayin in the jewel-bedecked temple situated under the shade of the Kadamba trees on the bank of the Jamuna where you are worshipped continously by Lalita, the one who gives pleasure to Radhika. Let me also live near your temple."73


When this pastime of Madan Gopala became known, it generated great interest amongst the Vaishnavas.74


When Purusottama Jana heard the wonderful story he was overwhelmed with joy.75


He wanted to send a consort for Shri Govinda but his attempts were all in vain.76


With an anxious mind he fell asleep one day and Shri Radhika appeared in his dream.77


She softly instructed Purusottama Jana, "send me to Shri Govinda as soon as possible.78


Everyone knows that the deity of the consort of Shri Jagannatha Deva in Cakravera is Shri Radhika.79


I have been living in Cakravera for a long time as Lakshmi Thakurani, but no one knows this."80


After revealing herself as Radhika and not Lakshmi Thakurani, she disappeared.81


After this vision Purusottama Jana rushed to Cakravera to see things for himself.82


In this context I shall narrate how Radhika remained at Cakravera. 83


I shall also narrate how Shri Gopala went from the place of Govinda to the South walking on foot.84


Sadhana Dipika mentions that Shri Gopala, the ocean of mercy, came to live in Shri Vrndavana, the abode of Shri Govinda, simply to give witness on behalf of Choto Vipra of Utkala. Gopala who is the lover of his devotees, still lives in Utkala. As Lord Hari is capable of doing any work or free to do no work at all, he is certainly able to travel on foor.85-86


The travels of Shri Gopala have been told elsewhere in detail. Now I shall narrate the travels f Radhika.87


Once Shri Radhika came to Utkala from Vrndavana to bless her faithful devotees.88


In the village Radhanagar in Utkala there lived a brahmin of South Indian origin.89


His name was Vrhad Vanu and as a devout vaishnava he was well known for his scholarship.90


Vrhad Vanu worshipped Radhika in the form of his daughter.91


Sadhana Dipika says that many stories are told about this incident even today. There it says that the devout Vaishnava named Vrhad Vanu lived in Radhanagar in Utkala. He served Shri Radha as his own daughter for a few years as an example of the mercy of Radha, and such mercy might not have been possible.92-94


I am not competent to describe the love of Shri Vrhad Vanu.95


He would consider a second to be an intolerably long period if he could not see Radha for she meant everythin to him.96


At an old age the brahmin expired and the king heard the news from the local people.97


The king of Kshetra, who was dearly devoted to Lord Jagannath, went to Radhanagar to see the celestial deity.98


As the wise was considering what to do, Shri Radhika appeared in his dream.99


"Take me immediately to the temple of Jagannath and keep me there," said the deity. The king obeyed the order happily.100


With utmost care he stored Radhika in Cakravera the temple of Shri Jagannatha which was a beautiful place.101


Because she spent a long time in Cakravera everyone began to think she was Lakshmi.102


Because she was worshipped as Lakshmi, Radha gradually transformed herself into the fullest form of Shri Lakshmi.103


Who can understand the divine pastimes of Shri Radha who lived in Cakravera as Lakshmi.104


When it was time to go to Vrndavana, she informed Purusottama Jana her desire.105


After receiving her command in his dream, the prince carefully and respectfully sent the image to Vrndavana accompanied by a large number of people.106


Everyone in Gauda and Utkala came to know that Shri Radha had moved from Shri Kshetra to Vrndavana.107


On the day Shri Radha entered Vrndavana, the ocean of happiness verflowed its banks. She was placed on the left of Shri Govinda, creating a beatuiful sight.108-109


The beauty of Shri Govinda accompained by Shri radhika is beyond anyone's description.110


Thus Shri Radhika arrived in Vrndavana. This episode has been narrated by earlier poets.111


The details of this story can be found in Sadhana Dipika and other books, and whoever listens to this story can obtain the power of divine love.112


The appearance of Gopinath with Shri Radhika near Vamsivata was predestined by the Lord Himself.113


Most dear to the Gaudiya Vaishnavas are the deities of Shri Govinda, Gopinath and Madan Mohan.114


The Gaudiya Vaishnavas knew that these three deities were their very lives, and they were captured by the Lord in these forms.115


Chaitanya Charitamrita says that these three deities are the life of the Vaishnavas of Gauda. "Worship these three deities for they are my Lords."116


Whenever Syamananda saw the deities he was overwhelmed and could not control his mind.117


His eyes also became satiated while beholding the deities of Radha Vinod, Radha Mohan and Radha Damodara.118


Lokenath, Gauranga, Gopal Bhatta and others were all kind to Syama Sundara.119


Syamananda's emotions when he visited the tombs of te Gosvamis is beyond description.120


Ocassionally he went to Radha Kunda or Syama Kunda and met Shridasa Gosvami frequently.121


Who can describe the activities of Syamananda in Vrndavana?122


He passed his time happily with Shri Acarya Thakura and Shri Thakura Mahasaya.123


Shrinvasa was satisfied by the uncommon endeavors of Syamananda.124


Who can describe the sweet disposition of Shrinivasa?125


He always meditated on the activities of the Lord as they were revealed in Navadvipa and Vrndavana.126


Who can describe his meditation on the pastimes of the Lord in Navadvipa?127


Shrinivasa's power of meditation.


In a solitary place Shrinivasa was one day meditating on Lord Chaitanya's pastimes in Navadvipa.128


Navadvipa is a delightful place, loved even by demigods like Brahma. All six seasons were present there continously.129


Navadvipa was adored with various kinds of flowers, blooming plants and creepers and sounds of cuckoos and other birds pleased everyone.130


Within Navadvipa there was a wonderful place known as Mayapur which could move all the sorrows of life.131


Shrinivasa could visualise Lord Gaura Sundara sitting on a wonderful throne, surrounded by his dearest followers.132


As he abosrbed himself in that wonderful sight of the Lord and his companions, Shrinivasa took some scented sandal wood paste and applied it to the body of the Lord.133-134


He decorated the Lord with a garland of different flowers and with a dedicated heart began to fan the Lord with a chamara.135


By drinking the nectar of the moon faced Gaura Candra, Shrinivasa was overwhelmed and lost in himself.136


He could no longer stand erect and began to sway as tears of pure love fell from his large eyes.137


He at last lost his senses in emotional turbalence, and the Lord was pleased by the sincereity of his devotee.138


The Lord gave his garland to Shrinivasa and the touch of these flowers sent Shrinivasa swimming in an ocean of joy.139


When Shrinivasa regained his senses of the external world he saw that the garland the Lord had given him was actually hanging around his neck.140


The beauty and fragrance of that garland was beyond description. Bumble bees swarmed from all sides just to smell it.141


Shrinivasa tried to hide the garland quickly but someone noticed it.142


Shrinivasa was absorbed day and night in meditation on the Lord's pastimes in Navadvipa. He tried to keep it a secret.143


In the same way he floated pleasurably in the ocean of Lord Krishna's pastimes in Vrndavana.144


One day in spring Shrinivasa was meditating on the particular pastime of Shri Krishna known as Holi.145


There is a place called Phalgunastha lila which is now known as Phaghutola.146


It is a solitary, beautiful place with a continous cool breeze.147


The young kadamba trees surrounding the place resound with the sounds of cuckoos and the chatter of parrots.148


Bumble bees fly from flower to flower and innumerable peacocks and peahens dance frequently there.149


Deer and does roam freely there and Shri Radha and Krishna with sakhis used to watch them. 150


One of the sakhis of Shri Radha named Vrnda took the help of innumerable other gopis and arranged the necessary paraphernalia for the Holi festival.151


She gathered powders of different colors and tuned the vina and other musicial instruments.152


Shri Krishna, Shri Radha and the sakhis played an excited game of Holi in the Kunja groce.153


In divine mirth Shri Radha and her sakhis threw colored powder on the body of Shri Krishna.154


With the approving wink of the sakhis Shrinivasa assumed the role of a maidservant and supplied powder to Shri Radha as he stood by her side.155


The beauty created by the love play of Shri Radha and Krishna could make hundreds of kandarpas faint.156


The sun was covered by colored powder thrown in the sky and the sound of the earth was deafened by the musicial instruments. Shri Krishna, the king of divine fun, also showered powder on everyone. 157-158


After drenching the gopis with colored powder mixed with musk and saffron he offered various excuses so the he could embrace and kiss them.159


Lalita and other sakhis were thrilled with joy as they watched the unique Holu festival.160


When at last the sport came to an end, they placed both Shri Radha and Shri Krishna on a throne.161


Shrinivasa, the maid servant took up the chamara and fnned Shri Radha and Krishna to remove their exhaustion and thus his desires were fulfilled.162


When his service was finished he regained his external senses and discovered that his body was covered with Holi powder and there was no way to conceal it.163


The colored powder glittered on his body and its divine fragrnace drove everyone mad.164


In this way Shrinivasa redularly meditated. Who can describe his enending love.?165


The service of Shrila Narottama Thakura


As Narottama witnessed the loving activities of Shrinivasa, he could hardly contain the joy within his heart.166


Who can describe the ecstatic service Narottama rendered to Shri Radha and Krishna?167


One day Radha, Krishna and the sakhis were sporting in a grove.168


Just for fun, Shri Radha asked one of her attendants to bring various kinds of food there very quickly.169


Lalita and other sakhis happily and carefully prepared different types of food.170


Taking a hint from the sakhis Narottama - as a maid servant - begn to boil milk.171


When he saw that the milk was about to boil over he quickly took it off the fire with his bare hands.172


Although his hands and fingers were scorched he did not notice, and he handed the milk over to the sakhis.173


The sakhis gave Radha and Krishna the milk and whatever remained was returned to Narottama. Just as he received the milk he regained his external senses.174


He glanced at his scorched hands, and although he tried to conceal them somenear near him had already noticed.175


Who can descirbe the divine activities of Narottama?176


His mind roamed continually in Navadvipa and Vrndavana and he kept himself constantly in the joyful company of Sinivasa.177


Shrinivasa and Narottama ocassionally visit Govardhana


Ocassionally Shrinivasa Acarya and Narottma visited Govardhan.178


One day in a solitary cave in Govardhan they heard the sound of a flute which was so beautiful it could enchant the three worlds.



They became overwhelmed by the flute playing and could no longer keep their balance but tottered back and forth.180


When they entered that cave in Govardhan the fragrance of the body of Shri Krishna entered their nostrils. The boundless pleasure they derived from that scent left them both unconscious.181-182


When they regained their consciousness they saw a cowherd boy standing before them.183


The gentle boy had an attractive body, carried a stick in one hand and wore a beautiful turban on his head.184


Shrinivasa caressed the cowherd boy and with a joyful heart asked him, ""My dear son, what are you doing here?" The cowherd boy replied, "I have come to protect you two."185-186


"You do not know that there are many dangers but we cowherd boys know everything."187


"From a distance I noticed that both of you were lying on the ground unconscious."188


"I left my companions and came here quickly and I have been standing here for a long time.189


"Now I am free from my anxiety and I will return to the pasture,"then the boy disappeared.190


Shrinivasa wondered where that young cowherd boy had gone.191


Although he soaked with the nectar of his words, it is unfortunate that we do no know who he is.192


They continued to discuss the incident while they sat in the shade beneath a tree, ocassionally sighing or crying heavily.193


They passed that day in a sorrowful state of mind and at night by the grace of Krishna, they fell asleep.194


In their dream Shri Krishna appeared with his dark blue complexion which charmed the whole world.195


He was dressed as a dancer with a flute in one hand and the beauty of his face put the God of love to shame. He smiled sweetly and said, "You were charmed by the sound of the flute and smelling the fragrance of my body you lost your senses, so I rushed here immediately."196-198


In the guise of a cowherd boy I gave you darshan and when you had composed yourselves I disappeared."199


Both of you were disappointed when I left so I have come again to bring you satisfaction."200


Then the Lord disappeared, their dream broke and they awoke with tears streaming down their eyes.201


Afte sometime they composed themselves, and as it was dawn they performed their usual morning duties.202


Shri Krishna performed many pastimes in Govardhan and the memory of these makes ones heart throb in joy.203


Visit to Shri Radha Kunda


Shrinvasa and Narottama ocassionally visited Radha kunda where tyeh were glad to meet Shri Dasa Gosvami.204


How Dasa Gosvami favored them is beyond my power to describe.205


The affection shown them by Krishna Dasa Kaviraja and other's also defies description.206


They were overwhelmed by affection, and they considered themselves fortunate to see the beauty of the kunda.207


With the sun on their heads one day Shrinivasa and Narottama visited the Sun temple to worship the Sun God.208


Shrinivasa showed Narottama the path by which Shri Radha would visit the Sun temple to worship the Sun God.209


Shrinivasa had hardly spoken the words when they suddenly heard the sound of foot bells.210


The ecstatic joy they derived from that sound cannot be described.211


With pleasure they visited places like Nandargama, Yavata, Varsana, etc. The glory of these places cannot be described.212


They plunged into the sea of pleasure in vrndavana and their mysterious revelations are beyond the scope of presentation.213


How the Gosvamis of Vrndavana graced Shrinivasa and Narottama cannot be described for fear of the book becoming too long.214


Shrinivasa takes the devotional scriptures to Gauda


The Vrndavana Gosvamis decided to send Shrinivasa to Gauda as soon as possible.215


It soon became known everywhere that Shrinivasa would take the books of the Gosvamis to Gaudadesha.216


Shrinivasa would leave Vrndavana on the full moon night of the Bengali month of Agrahayana (Nov and Dec) and in Gaudadesha he would distribute the books in different places.217


How would the associates of Lord Chaitanya bear the seperation of Shrinivasa?218


"How will our hearts be consoled?" they said as tears rolled from their eyes.219


Even the learned Vrajabasis could not control themselves because Shrinivasa was the ight of their lives.220


Was there anyone who did not love Shrinivasa? Even the most unfortunate people considered him to be their light.221


His devotion gave immense pleasure to Shri Jiva Gosvami. One day Shri Jiva and the other Vrndavana Gosvamis assembled happily at the Govinda temple.222-223


They prayed to Shri Govinda, "O Lord, please bestow on Shrinivasa the strength he will require to distribute these books."224


The moment they finished their prayers, a garland dropped from the neck of Shri Govinda for Shrinivasa.225


With tears of love in his eyes the priest quickly took it and respectfully handed it to Shrinivasa.226


He received the garland with utmost respect and affection for the Lord and as a beheld the beautiful face of Shri Govinda he became impatient.227


He worshipped the deity again and again by touching himself to the ground and he could not stop the tears which flowed from his eyes.228


Everyone who saw the grace bestowed on Shrinivasa from Shri Govinda praised both the Lord and his devotee.229


Shri Jiva and the others then settled the day that Shrinivasa would leave for Gaudadesha.230


It was agreed that the fifth day of the bright moon night of the month of Agrahayana was the appropriate date for the commencment of the journey.231


Shri Jiva Gosvami sent Shrinivasa to take leave of Dasa Gosvami.232


Dasa Gosvami's heart began to ache in anticipation of the seperation and his condition grew pitiful.233


Shouting the names of Svarupa, Rupa and Sanatana he rolled on the ground with tears streaming down his face.234


He was extremly weak as he had been eating only every three or four days.235


In his ill health he could barely tolerate a gust of wind, yet he regularly performed his religious rituals.236


He was so weak that he could not stand up after bowing to the deities on the ground. The devotees requested him not to bow on the ground but he remained silent.237


He was very grateful when anyone assisted him and his devotion charmed even the demigods.238


With great pleasure he worshipped the Lord with a Govardhana sila and a Gunjamala given to him by the Lord. While absorbed in worship he forgot even his own existence.239


While singing nama kirtana Dasa Gosvami was oblivious to the passing of days and nights and ocassionally passed sleepless nights crying in ecstasy.240


Who can understand the sincerity of Dasa Gosvami who was always absorbed in meditation on the pastimes of Shri Radha and Krishna and Shri Chaitanya.241


When Shrinivasa arrived at Govardhana he found that Dasa Gosvami was reading in a solitary place.242


Shrinivasa fell at the feet of Dasa Gosvami, considering himself most fortunate.243


Shri Dasa Gosvami embraced Shrinivasa, gave him a seat by his side and inquired about his well being.244


At that time Narottama and Syamananda also reached there and bowed at the feet of Shri Dasa Gosvami.245


Shri Dasa Gosvami inquired about their well being and then turned to Shrinivasa.246


Shrinivasa informed him of the decision made by the Gosvamis for him to go to Gaudadesha and Dasa Gosvami happily accepted the decision.247


He advised Shrinivasa to be very careful while executing this service and then embraced him with tears in his eyes.248


He also embraced Syamananda and Narottama who bowed at his feet with utmost respect.249


The three devotees took leave from Dasa Gosvami whose affection for them is beyond description.250


At the time of their departure from Govardhan the mental condition of the three devotees was so touching that no one could restrain their tears.251


Shri Krishnadasa Kaviraja and other advanced devotees escorted thm to Vrndavana quickly.252


Having recieved the news of their departure, other Vaishnavas assembled in Vrndavana.253


Shri Jiva welcomed th Vaishnavas and arranged for their accomodiation.254


Shri Jiva favored one fortunate gentleman of Mathura and ordered him, "within three or four days Shrinivasa will leave for Gaudadesha with the books. Arrange for his journey however you think best." On receiving the order the man considered himself most fortunate.255-257


The Mathura gentleman ordered for carts and engaged an experienced man to act as the guide.258


He gave some money to te guide for travelling expenses and when everything was arranged he informed Shri Jiva Gosvami.259


The books were kept in four bundles and packed in wooden crates to protect them from the rain.260


Within those crates were the jewel like books of the Gosvami, the mere darshan of which could remove all sorrows.261


The name of each book was announced as it was placed in the box.



Shri Jiva told Shrinivasa that he had included some of his own writings but he had kept others which he would send later, when the editing was completed.263-264


Shri Jiva then took Shrinivasa to visit Shri Madan Gopala.265


Seeing the beautiful deity of Shri Madan Gopala Shrinivasa could no longer control his emotions and is heart trobbed in love.266


He could no longer control his tears as he prayed to the Lord for permission to leave and Shri Madan Mohan bid him farewell by some different gestures.267


The priest gave Shrinivasa a garland from the Lord and innumerable people comforted him.268


Thereafter he visited the tomb of Shrinivasa Gosvami. Who can described Shrinivasa's emotions at that place?269


"O Prabhu Sanatana, you are the friend of all unfortunat men," cried Shrinivasa as he rolled on the ground.270


Shrinivasa was deep;y attached to the pure character of Sanatana Gosvami although that character remained a mystery to others. Shri Chaitanya himself spoke respectfully about Sanatana to Ramananda at Nilacala.271-272


In Chaitanya Charitamrita it is said that Rupa's elder brother is Sanatana and in this world there is no greater scholar.273


He renounced all worldly pleasures and was humble, detatched and always absorbed in study.274


Mahaprabhu often told his followers that Sanatana Gosvami was his favorite devotee.275


As an ocean of love and mercy, Sanatana excelled all other devotees in his compassion towards unfortunate souls.276


In his book Shri Vilapa Kusumanjali Shri Dasa Gosvami has said that Sanatana is an ocean of mercy and a compassionate friend of the down trodden masses. "I am an ignorant and worthless person and Sanatana helps me drink bhakti rasa based on Vairagya. I take refuge in Sanatana my Lord."277


Shri Rupa Gosvami belongs to the branch of Sanatana Gosvami and others in that branch are Rajendra Gosvami, Krishna Khaya Crahmacari, Krishna Misra Gosvami, Bhagavata Dasa Gosvami and others.278-279


Shrinivasa Acarya was an admirer of the qualities of Sanatana as he sat beside Sanatana's tomb he could not stop the tears from his eyes.280


Somehow Shri Jiva pacified Shrinivasa and took him to his own house.281


Thereafter Shrinivasa visited the tomb of Rupa Gosvami with utmost self control.282


He bowed on the ground before the tomb of Rupa Gosvami and tears fell from his eyes.283


As he considered the great character of Rupa Gosvami, Shrinivasa's heart began to throb.284


The glory of Shri Rupa is endless and whoever describes that glory in any form can be praised everywhere.285


In Chaitanya Candradaya Shri Kavi Karnapura Gosvami states that Shri Rupa Gosvami is the most suitable person as the inheritor of Svarupa and of Shri Radha, and he is the ultimate resting place of Shri Radha. Shri Rupa is the form of true love and devotion. Prabhu Chaitanya empowered Shri Rupa to explain his own love and devotion and propagate that within the world. Prabhu Chaitanya manifested his own lilas through Shri Rupa.286


Sadhana Dipika states that the followers of the bhakti cult must not keep the company with those who have divorced themselves from Shri Rupa's doctrine on love and devotion. Simply by the grace of Shri Jiva, one can understand the truths of his philosophy. Again and again I worship the lotus feet of Shri Rupa.287-288


In Prema Bhakti Candrika Shri Narottama says that Shri Rupa has occupied a place in the heart of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. "O Prabhu Rupa when will you give me a place beneath your feet?"289


Sadhana Dipika also says, "O tongue, always sing the name of Shri Rupa. O mind, always remember Shri Rupa, the personification of kindness. O head, always bow to Shri Rupa, the embodiment of grace. Simultaneously remember to worship Shri Raghunatha Gosvami, the unseperable for of Shri Rupa."290


The wonderful attributes of Shri Rupa Gosvami havae been described by learned men in various ways.291


If Rupa were not born in the Kali Yuga who would distribute love of Krishna throughout the world? Who would renounce all pleasures, worship Vrndavana and discuss the books of the the Bhakti cult? Only the swans can seperate the milk from the water. Simultaneously who could have understood the activities of Krishna in Vrndvana and who could explain the love of Shri Radha and Krishna? Shri Krishna is pleased with anyone who attempts to praise him through Rupa.292-295


Not only lay men but even Shri Chaitanya himself liked to praise the qualitie of Shri Rupa.296


It is well known that Shri Rupa Gosvami was the life of the associates of the Lord.297


A large number of the associates of the Lord tried to sing the glory of Sanatana and Rupa but could not describe them completely.298


All glories to Sanatana and Rupa - my very life - who gave direction to countless people. They were the only persons who knew the Vaishnava rituals.299


Within Vrndavana they were the resivors of natural love and mercy; they were oceans of kindness and friends of the poor. They were the foremost amongst devotees.300


Only Shri Rupa and Sanatana knew how to behave accordinf to the teachings of the Bhagavata and other Bhakti scriptures. All three worlds praised their character.301


The dust of their lotus feet cooled the earth from the scorching rays of the sun of Kali. They continually worshipped Shri Vyasa deva and the holy feet of Shri Radha.302


All glories to Shri Rupa and Sanatana, the jewel of all ascetics, who had unflinching devotion to Shri Radha and Krishna. Giving up all worldly pleasures they sang the glories of the groves of Vrndavana and the feet of Shri Radha. Therefore these two brothers were gifts from Shri Chaitanya, the ocean of mercy, and in their absence I have become an orphan.303-305


Who can describe the activities of Rupa and Sanatana? I have narrated them only briefly.306


Who can describe how Shrinivasa prayed before the tomb of Rupa?307


Shrinivasa received the mercy of Shri Rupa and left that place.308


Taking leave from Radha Damodara


Shrinivasa next went to the temple of Radha Damodara - the life of Shri Jiva Gosvami - to take leave his leave. Shrinivasa got the favor of Shri Radha Damodara, the source of divine rasa.309-310


How kindly Shri radha Damodara gave him permission to leave is beyond anyone's ability to describe. Shri Jiva gave Shrinivasa the mala prasad.311


When he realised the mercy of Shri Radha Damodara on Shrinivasa, Shri Jiva's heart filled with ecstatic joy.312


After spending some time with Shrinivasa, Shri Jiva requested him to take Narottama and Syamananda to see Gopala Bhatta Gosvami. "From here I shall go to the Govinda temple where I have some duties to perform."313-315


"A few hours after that I shall go there again and request everyone to give you permission to leave today."316


Having explained his plans, Shri Jiva left the Shri Govinda Mandir, he ordered the carts to be prepared for carrying the books to Vrndavana.317


Quickly finishing his other duties, Shri Jiva went to Shri Bhatta Gosvami.318


Shrinivasa, Narottama and Syamananda had also gone to Shri Bhatta Gosvami to take his leave.319


On their way they met Dvija Haridasacarya sitting beneath a tree in a solitary place with tears in his eyes.320


His body was emaciated and his life was waning. He continually cried out the name of Krishna Chaitanya with heavy sighs.321


Shrinivasa bowed at his feet and Haridasa Acarya embraced him tightly.322


Haridasa softly and affectionately told Shrinivasa, "I know that early tomorrow morning you will leave for Gaudadesha. You must obey what I am going to tell you.323-324


Shri Dasa and Gokula Nanda are my two sons. Birth after birth they are your disciples.325


When you go to Gaudadesha you must give them initiation and teach them the most precious Bhakti scriptures.326


Shrinivasa was struck by Haridasa's orders, but Haridasa reassured him in various ways.327


"You are not aware of your capabilities, but do not be ruluctant to follow my order.328


You will not be at fault for carrying out my orders." In this way Haridasa encouraged Shrinivasa with sympathic words.329


Haridasa Acarya had wonderful characteristics. I shall narrate how he went to Vrndavana.330


During the life time of Lord Chaitanya many devotees came and went between Gauda and Nilacala and Vraja by the will of the Lord.331


Pandita Jagadananda went to Vrndavana and then returned to Nilacala via Gauda to meet Mahaprabhu.332


Prabhu's disciples in Gauda, Khetra and Vrndavana swam perpetually in an ocean of happiness.333


By the will of Shri Advaita, Mahaprabhu disappeared, plunging the whole world in a deep sea of sorrow.334


Being unable to bear the seperation of Mahaprabhu, Haridasa Acarya decided to leave his body. 335


He lamented so bitterly upon the disappearance of the Lord that he could not contain himself and continually sobbed.336


Nothing could pacify him and his heart burned continually in fire. He would roll on the ground shouting, "O Prabhu, where have you gone?"337


"Without Lord Gaurachandra my life has become meanigless. I shall commit suicide by entering into the fire tomorrow morning."338


After making this final decision he fell asleep and Lord Gaurasundara appeared in his dream.339


The wonderful beauty of Mahaprabhu charmed the whole world and his effulgence dazzled the earth.340


Gold or thunder were no comparsion for his radiant beauty which curbed the pride of thousands of Gods of beauty. 341


His beautiful face conquered the glow of the full moon and nectar eminated from his gentle smile.342


How beautiful were his arms, chest and his long eyes. His movements put the elephants to shame.343


Overwhelmed in joy Haridasa rolled on the ground holding the Lord's lotus feet to his head.344


As a great lover of his devotees, the Lord could no longer check himself and took Haridasa in his arms as he gently told him, "My heart breaks at your lamentation, but your decision is not proper. Dearest Shrinivasa, who is the embodiment of my own love, will propagate the Bhakti scriptures in Gaudadesha. Of course, you already know this, but you should meet him and give him your mercy. You should make every attempt to get you sons initiated by Shrinivasa. By the grace of Shrinivasa, the desires of your sons will be fulfilled and their names will become famous in the sphere of devotion."345-351


"You will meet Shrinivasa at Vrndavana but do not waste any time; go to Vrndavana at once. I will always remain with you and ocassionally you shall see me."352-353


The affectionate Lord embraced his devotee Haridasa Acarya and then disappeared.354


When his sleep broke Haridasa felt disquieted, but as it was dawn he performed his morning duties.355


He called his sons and told them sweetly that he would leave that very day for Vrndavana.356


"Yoy are both very fortunate because Lord Chaitanya has affection for you," said Haridasa.357


"My sons after sometime you must take initiation from Shrinivasa, the most favorite disciple of the Lord."358


Shrinivasa will go to Vrndavana and later he will return to Gaudadesha to circulate the precious books of the Gosvamis."359


"Simply by seeing him you will understand his glory and from him you will attain the jewel of devotion which remains unobtainable even by the demigods."360


Afte speaking to his sons Haridasa Acarya left his home just as Shri Chaitanya had ordered.361


But eventually he began to sink into the ocean of misery. My heart aches as these incidents crowd my mind.362


Remembering hte characteristics of Shri Rupa and Sanatana Haridasa would cry, and seeing his condition people were moved with pity.



The activities of Shri Haridasa Acarya should be described for one can attain pure devotion by remembering his name.364


However, a description of his life in Vrndavana cannot be elaborated for fear of this book becoming voluminous.365


Haridasa embraced Shrinivasa again and again, bestowing his mercy.



But upon bidding farewell to Shrinivasa he became perplexed and floated in his own tears.367


He embraced Narottama and advised him in various ways.368


Haridasa also embraced Syamananda and blessed him by wishing him all good fortune.369


The meeting of Vrajabasi Kanai and Shrinivasa


Shrinivasa and his associates tearfully took leave from Haridasa Acarya.370


On the bank of the Jamuna there was a solitary place with one beautiful tree.371


Under that tree a Brajavasi named Kanai worshipped Krishna.372


When Shrinivasa appeared there and bowed to kanai, the Vrajabasi embraced him for a long time.373


He sadly admitted to Shrinivasa that this would be the last meeting.374


As the embodiment of love you will teach the Bhakti literature in Gaudadesha and easily free mankind from his sinful reactions.375


"You have received the mercy of Rupa and Sanatana. How luckly you are?"376


As they discussed the character of Rupa and Sanatana Kanai became restless.377


Kanai's love and respect for Rupa-Sanatana should be briefly narrated.378


Kanai's mother was an abode of affection who had great love for Rupa and Sanatana.379


Who can comprehend Kanai's activities for he spent his time with Rupa and Sanatana.380


He would lovingly bring Rupa and Sanatana to his own house and give them alms.381


Whatever was available - food, fruits or vegetable - he would give respectfully to Rupa and Sanatana.382


Once when Sanatana went to Kanai's house to beg for alms, Shri Krishna himself in the guise of Kanai gave alms to Sanatana.383


Kanai became famous everywhere because the Lord himself had assumed Kanai's form to please Sanatana.384


Everyone liked Kanai's associationand he became a favorite friend of Rupa and Sanatana.385


When Sanatana and Rupa passed away Kanai decided to give up his life out of grief.386


By the wish of the two brothers his life was saved and after leaving home he travelled throughout Vraja.387


He decided to live beneath that tree on the bank of the Jamuna where he cried continually for Rupa and Sanatana, sometimes rolling on the ground. As he could not bear the seperation from his two friends, he grew totally indifferent to his own life.



Shrinivasa was moved by the miserable condition of Kanai and with tears in his eyes he took leave.391


Thereafter Shrinivasa went to Shri Bhugarba Gosvami and bowed at his feetby lying prostrate on the ground.392


Shri Gosvami embraced Shrinivasa affectionately and Shrinivasa told him of the devotees he had visited.393


Shri Gosvami consoled them and permitted them to take leave saying, "tomorrow I shall go to the Govinda temple."394


"I will bid them farewell, but my heart is about to break," thought Shri Gosvami. Tears rolled down his face.395


Who can describe the deep affection Shri Bhugarba felt for Shrinivasa, Narottama and Syamananda? He dedicated them all to the feet of Shri Chaitanya.396


They bowed again to the feet of Shri Gosvami and travelled on with a heavy heart.397


Then Shrinivasa went to meet Shri Bhatta Gosvami but on the way he met other Vaishnavas.398


The Three Vaishnavas bade blessings from those Vaishnavas and with their permission started through the groves.399






On the way Shrinivasa and the others met Shri Jiva Gosvami and together then proceeded towards Gopala Bhatta's place.400


When they arrived they saw that Gopala Bhatta was sitting in a lonely corner completely absorbed in the form of Shri Radha Raman.



Ocassionally he recited verses he had composed and those recitations charmed everyone.402


He would say, "O Lord of Vandira, you are decorated with peacock feathers and your body is smeared with sandal paste; you are the flirt of Vrndvana and your complexion is deep blue like the color of a full bloomed blue lotus; you have tamed the great snake named Kaliya and as the son of Nanda you are the emboiment of supreme joy. O lotus eyed Govinda, Mukunda, you ae slender and beautiful. BE kind to a poor man like me."403


The behavior of Shri Bhatta Gosvami is beyond description. Knowing that Shri Jiva had arrived he eagerly looked towards the path.404


Shri JIva, Shrinivasa and the others reached his house. They bowed to Shri Gosvami and Shri Jiva requested Shri Gosvami, "Please infuse Shrinivasa with your complete strength."405-406


"Place your feet on Shrinivasa's head so that he can easily reach Gaudadesha."407


"Bless him so that by curbing the pride of the hearetics he can easily distribute the books there."408


While considering Shri Jiva's request Gopala Bhatta prayed to Shri Radha Raman.409


It cannot be described how Shri Radha Raman gave his mercy to Shrinivasa and then permitted him to leave.410


Seeing the mercy which Radha Raman had bestowed on Shrinivasa, Gopala Bhatta Gosvami affectionately brought mala prasad to Shrinivasa.411


With tears in his eyes Shrinivasa bowed again and again at the feet of Shri Bhatta Gosvami.412


Shri Bhatta consoled him in a gentle voice and dedicated him to Shri Radha Raman.413


Bestowing unlimited mercy on Shrinivasa, Shri Bhatta Gosvami wished him all success.414


Sweetly he blessed Narottama saying, "Let Shri Radha Raman fulfil all your desires."415


He affectionately told Shrinivasa, "May Shri Radha raman be kind to you."416


He embraced each of them and they all bowed at this feet.417


Shri Bhatta Gosvami turned to Jiva and said, "tomorrow morning I shall go to the Govinda temple."418


Shri Jiva and the others bowed again at the feet of Shri Gosvami and went to meet Lokenath Gosvami. When tyeh arrived Shri Lokenath Gosvami was sitting mesmerised by the beautiful face of Shri Radha Vinod.419


Shri Lokenath was greatly moved by afection when Shri Jiva arrived. 420


Shri Jiva bowed to him and spoke softly, "Tomorrow morning Shrinivasa will leave for Gaudadesha."421


Lokenath turned to Radha Vinod and offered a pryer and then gave mala prasad to Shrinivasa.422


In affection he told Shrinivasa and other many things which cannot be narrated here.423


The three devotees bowed on the ground at his feet.424


With tears in his eyes and a heavy heart Lokenath Gosvami embraced each of them.425


Composing himself Shri Gosvami told Shri Jiva, "all of them are in you care."426


In humility Shri Jiva bowed with the others at the feet of Lokenath and then they left.427


Thereafter they visited the deity of Shri Gopinath. The beautiful posture of Shri Gopinath had attracted the whole world.428


The hearts of the devotees were transformed by the beauty of Gopinath and their feelings defy description.429


Shrinivasa requested Madhu Pandita and others to pray for the safe journey of Shrinivasa.430


Madhu Pandita prayed to Gopinatha and gave a garland from Shri Gopinath to Shrinivasa as a token of the permission granted by the deity.431


To offer his respects, Shrinivasa lay prostrate on the ground with tears of love in his eyes before taking leave of the deity.432


The devotees consoled Shrinivasa and requested him to return to Vrndavana again.433


They also showered grace on Syamananda and Narottama but whay they said is beyond my power of description.434


The devotees of Gopinath embraced Shrinivasa and the others in great love and then bowed at their feet by prostrating themselves on the ground.435


Madhu Pandita and the others assured Shri Jiva that at the time of depature the next morning they would meet at the Govinda Mandir.



Then Shri Jiva told Shrinivasa to go to the temple of Gopisvara.437


Shrinivasa and the others went to Gopisvara mandir but Shri Jiva went to the Govindaji mandir.438


In the presence of the deity Shri Gopisvara, Shrinivasa began to pray.439


Gopisvara was pleased with Shrinivasa and assumed the form of a brahmin to bid farewell.440


The prayers of Narottama and Syamananda before Shri Gopisvara could move anyone's heart.441


Bowing respectfully to Shri Sankara Gopisvara, Shrinivasa and the others slowly left.442


They visited the tomb of Kasiwara Gosvami where they paid their respectful obeisances.443


Who can describe the glory of Kasiwara Gosvami who originally installed Shri Gaura Govinda in Vrndavana.444


He placed the deity of Gaura on the right side of Shri Govinda and the beauty it created charmed anyone.445


Subdued by the love and devotion of Shri kasiwara, Shri Chaitanya had come to the western province.446


Shri Sadhana Dipika says, "I worship Shri Kasivara Gosvami whose power of love and devotion brought Shri Chaitanya to western India as a deity."447


It is well known that Kasivara was the favorite associate of Mahaprabhu and that Rupa and Sanatana always appreciated his qualities.448


Recalling the wonderful qualities of Kasivara, Shrinivasa became restless.449


He bowed again and again before the tomb of Kasivara, lying on the ground with a heavy heart. Thereafter Shrinivasa tearfully visited the tomb of Raghunatha Bhatta.450-452


One's wars can be cooled by hearing the qualities of Raghunatha Bhatta Gosvami.453


He was a scholar in all scriptures and had learned everything simply by hearing the holy book. For this quality he was appreciated even by Vrhaspati, the guru of the demigods.454


His recitation of the Bhagavata was unparalleled, and even great sages like Vyasadeva would have derived pleasure listening to it.



His devotion astonished even the demigods. In this way Shrinivasa praised the glory of Shri Bhatta.456


After prostrating himself on the ground before Shri Bhatta's tomb, Shrinivasa and the others left for Govinda temple.457


Shrinivasa felt overwhelmed while beholding the Govinda deity. Then he started home with Shri Jiva.458


Feelings of love swelled within him and forgetting himself he began to sing songs he had composed.459


In one song, Shri Radhika had seen the beauty of Shri Govinda and she was describing it to her sakhis.460


"Who has scuptured that moon-like face and who had sculptured those two eyes. Only my heart knows how I feel when I see it. Who has shaped his earrings, cut carefully in gems? My meditation is fixed on them. A gold ringed pearl is on his nose and it looks like a white moon-like flower is surrounded by lightning and smiling from behind some clouds. His forehead is decorated with tilak of sandal paste and beautiful paintings. He shines within my hart, yet my heart aches because I cannot behold that beautiful face to my full satisfaction. If God had given me the power I could continually enjoy his sweet voice. His arms are stronger that the trunks of elephants and his fingers are colored with cinnabai. My youthful body longs for the touch of those fingers. His graceful movements rival the gait of an elephant. In the humble opinion of Shrinivasa, he is an ocean of beauty created by providence.461-468


Shrinivasa could no longer contain himself and cried passionately, "what beauty I have seen."469


With extreme affection and care Shri Jiva Gosvami consoled Shrinivasa and took him home.470


Shrinivasa remained in his own house while narottama and Syamananda went to theirs.471


He had spent the entire day meeting many Vaishnavas and deities, but in the night he began to lament.472


Lifting his hands to the sky he called out, "Providence has deprived me of this pleasure."473


"Shall I, a worthless person, ever again see the deities of Govinda, Gopinatha, Madan Mohan, Radha Vinod, Radha Mohan and Radha Damodara? Will Prabhu Shri Gopal Bhatta ever bring me back to Vrndavana or give me the opportunity to serve his feet again?"



Shall Lokenath Gosvami, the incarnation of kindness, bestow his grace on me again?"477


"Catching hold of the hair of this sinner, will the gracious Bhugarba Gosvami ever bring me back again?"478


"Will Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami, the embodiment of kindness, fulfil my desires again?"479


"Shri JIva Gosvami is the light of the poor and the unfortunate people, shall I ever see his feet again?"480


"O the associates of Prabhu Chaitanya, will you ever bring such an unfortunate man as me to Vrndavana again and allow me to enjoy your company?"481


His voice became choked with lamentatin and tears flowed down his face.482


The lamentation of Narottama melted even the wood and stone.483


Who can describe the lamentation of Syamananda?484


The thought of impending seperation made each of them restless and they could not sleep.485


The anxiety which tore the heart of Shrinivasa is known only to Shri Govinda.486


By the will of Govinda Shrinivasa fell alseep in the late hours of the night.487


In his dream Shri Govinda left the temple and went to Shrinivasa, walking with the gait of an elephant.488


Defeating the beauty of collyrium or the lotus flower, Shri Govinda's beauty put hundreds of gods to shame. He was asorned by jewellery and wore the feather of a peacock on his ehead. He had long eyes and his body was well designed. the beauty of his face defeated the beauty of hundreds of moons.489-492


For his own pleasure Shri Govinda deva told Shrinivasa smiling, "O Shrinivasa, stop lamenting for it is causing me grat pain."493


Do you not know that you are the embodiment of my love and I am always with you?"494


"I have expressed my desires through Rupa and Sanatana."495


"Through your distribution of these books I shall destroy the grief of mankind and give them the wealth f love."496


"I promise I shall accept anyone who takes shelter in you."497


"Whoever becomes your disciple  shall be very fortunate; you shold take them with you and perform san kirtana."498


"Never worry about anything. From time to time you will see me in this same eay."499


Having consoled Shrinivasa, Shri Govinda then transformed himself into Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.500


Shrinivasa could not contain himself as he begged for a hundred eyes to see the form of the Lord.501


He worshipped the Lord's feet by fallin on the ground and Chaitanya placed his feet on Shrinivasa's head.502


The Lord embraced Shrinivasa and bid him farewell for his journey to Gaudadesha. Then he abandoned his Chaitanya form and entered the temple.503


Upon the disappearance of Shri Govinda, Shrinivasa became emotionally torn and when his sleep broke he saw that it was dawn.504


After performing his morning duties grief stricken Shrinivasa excerised his patience and sat alone in a solitary place.505


Shri Narottama and Syamananda came there.506


Together they all went to Shri Jiva Gosvami.507


Directly they all went to Shri Govinda Mandir.508


The Vaishnama Mahantas had assembled there. Their names are mentioned here for the welfare of the readers.509


Shri Bhatta Gosvami, the most kindhearted. Bhugarva and Lokenath Gosvami, the abode of good qualities.510


Shri Madhava, Shri Paramananda Bhattacarya and Shri Madhu Pandita, who all had sparkling characters.511


Premi Krishnadasa, Krishnadasa Brahmacari and Raghava Pandita, the owners of love and devotion.512


Yadava Acarya, Narayana the fortunate, Shri Pundarikshya, Govinda, Ishana.513


Shri Govinda, Bani Krishnadasa the benevolent, and Shri Uddhava, who would ocassionally travel to Gaudadesha.514


Dvija Haridasa, Krishnadasa Kaviraja and Shri Gopala Dasa, whose performances are miraculous.515


The names of all the Vasinavas who came there cannot be given here.  Vrajabasis also assembled at the abode of happiness. 516


With great pleasure Shri Jiva Gosvami, Krishna Pandita and others brought forward the jewel-like books in the presence of all.517


Taking the permission of all te devotees, they loaded the books on the carts.518


When the crates of books had been carefully secured everyone gave permission for the carts to start.519


The cart driver started the cart at an auspicious moment and those who followed or proceeded the carts were most fortunate.520


A competent person was ordered to walk before the carts to guard it.521


In this way the carts moved towards Mathura and the Gosvamis followed it for some distance.522


With heavy hearts they called farewell to Shrinivasa.523


He offered his respects to the gosvamis but started his trip with a heavy and anxious mind.524


Shri Jiva Gosvami and a few other learned men accompanied them up to Mathura.525


The remaining mahantas returned to their respective houses. Who can describe their intense feelings of seperation?526


The people of Mathura were jubilant when the carts arrived but that episode cannot be described as the book would become too voluminious. What fun there was in Mathura that day.527-528


They passed the day and night singing the glories of Shri Krishna and left Mathura the following morning.529


Shri Jiva Gosvami travelled some distance with them but sank in an ocean of sorrow at the time of farewell.530


While embracing Shrinivasa Acarya Thakuta he began to cry bitterly.531


Entrusting Syamananda and Narottama to Shrinivasa, Shri Jiva bid them all farewell with a heavy heart.532


He embraced Narottama but their discussion cannot be described.



Out of affection he dedicated Syamananda to Shrinivasa but while embracing Syamananda Shri Jiva could no longer hold his composure.



Krishnadasa Kaviraja, Pandita Raghunatha, Shri Gopala, Madhava and others also lost their composure and drenched Shrinivasa and the others with tears.535-536


Their mutual exchange of respect and love is beyond description.



Vaishnava Grihasthas and other good men of Mathura also cried as they witnessed the parting scene.538


With tears in his eyes Shrinivasa offered each person the respect due him. Finally taking leeave from the other devotees Shrinivasa started his journey and the others bid him farewell and returned to their houses.539-540


Shri Jiva and others returned to Vrndavana sincerely praying for Shrinivasa's safe journey.541


Shrinivasa, Narottama and Syamananda moved cautiously towards Gaudadesha with the holy books.542


Whoever hears the story of Shrinivasa's journey to Gaudadesha gets the jewel of devotion.543


Remembering the gracious feet of Shrinivasa Acarya, Narahari dasa narrates the Bhaktirtnakara.