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Glorification of Gaurachandra and his associates

All glories to Shri Gaura Sundara, Nityananda Avadhuta-Haladhara, Advaita Iswara, the Lord of Santipura and Gaura's favorite Shri Pandita Gadadhara.1-2


All glories to Pandita Thakura Shrinivasa, the Hari namamrtamagna Haridasa, Shri Svarupa Damodara and Shri Murari Gupta.3-4


All glories to Vasudeva Sarvbhauma Mahasaya, Rai Ramananda, the abode of love, Gouridasa, Shri Pandita Vakreswara, narahari, Shri Mukunda and Kashiswara.5-6


All glories to Jagadisha, Gauridasa, Dhananjaya, Sanatana, Rupa, Jiva, Gopala, Bhujarva, Lokenatha and Raghunatha Bhatta. 7-8


All glories to Raghunatha Dasa of Shrikhanda, Shri Ragava of Govardhana, Shrinivasa, Narottama, Ramacandra and Syamananda.9-10


All glories to Shri Thakura who was a great Vaishnava and from whose touch the universe became pure.11


All glories to the numerous listeners who have great devotional qualities.12


The character of Shrinivasa

While keeping the memory of Shri Gaura in his mind, Shrinivasa engaged himself in the service of his parents. His parents also had great affection for their son. Even the residents of Cakhandi village loved Shrinivasa so deeply tht they could not live a single day without seeing him. Shrinivasa behaved with them very modestly and this increased their affection for him. After a long time Shrinivasa's father died and his mother bore her grieg only for the sake of Shrinivasa.13-18


A few days after his father's death Shrinivasa went to the house of his maternal grandfather in Jajigrama. He planned to settle in Jajigrama with his mother. The inhabitants of Jajigrama were happy to hear this and most willingly they built a beautiful cottage for them. Shrinivasa was the life of the inhabitnts of Jajigrama and the surrounding areas. He was always absorbed in devotion and this pleased the associates of Chaitanya. Shrinivasa heard the pastimes of Shri Chaitanya from the Chaitanya devotees and his ecstasy increased as he listened.19-25


Shrinivasa's desire to go to Nilacala

Shrinivasa was anxious to go to Nilacala. He worried whether or not he would get the association of Prabhu, whether the associates of Prabhu would favor him, whether Shri Pandita Gadadhara would give refuge to him and allow him to live under his shelter, whether he could sit with Mahaprabhu while the Lord heard Shrimad Bhagavatan and explained it to his followers, of whether he could see Prabhu Nilacalacandra Jagannatha with Prabhu Balarama and Subadra devi.26-31


Shrinivasa visits Shrikhanda

Shrinivasa made up his mind and left for Shrikhanda. With tears rolling down his cheeks he bowed before the deity and before the favorite companions of Shri Gaurachandra. Thakura Narahari affectionately extended hs hands and embraced Shrinivasa. He soaked the body of Shrinivasa with tears and inquired about his well being. Shrinivasa told him that he was on his way to Nilacala to see the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu. Shri Narahari gladly gave him permission to go to Nilacala without delay because Prabhu would soon disappear from the world.32-39


Tarja song of Shri Advaita Acarya

Advaita Acarya wrote some Tarja songs and sent them to Narahari in which he exposed some of his intentions.40


In the book Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita it is said: Tell to Baula - people have become aula. Tell to Baula - there is no sale of chaula.41


Tell to Baula - all activities have become aula (dishevelled) Tell to Baula - it has been said by a Baula.42


The meaning of the Tarja song which Prabhu had cleverly interpreted made the devotees very anxious. They suspected that Prabhu, who was the Lord Himself, might disappear from the world at any tine. As soom as Shrinivasa heard this he began to cry, but the devotees consoled him and advised him to go to Nilacala. They gave him some money for his needs on the way.43-46


Shrinivasa meets the devotees of Shrikhanda

Raghunandana came to meet Shrinivasa and embraced him ecstatically. Shrinivasa met all the devotees of Mahaprabhu who lived in Shrikhanda and then took leave from them. He returned to Jajigrama and reported everything to his mother.47-49


Shrinivasa's journey to Nilacala

After taking leave from his mother Shrinivasa started for Nilacala on the auspicious day of Sukla Panchami in the month of Magh. He was then a handsome young man and attracted many travellers who saw him. Someone said, "He must be a prince. Although his is travelling by foot, he seems to be a great dovotee." Another saind, "He must be a follower of Shri Gaura; is not, why is he continually crying?" Some said, "it may be because everything is possible for Gauranga Gosvami." Another person said, "My dear brothers, whoever once looks at Gaurachandra ---- whether man or woman -----can no longer control his emotions." Another said, "Gaurachandra himself is Vrajendra Kumar and he has been performing pastimes in Nilacala." One man said, "Utkala is a fortunate place as both the moving and the unmoving Lords are there." Someone said, "Gaura and Jagannatha are one, but whoever denies this is sure to perish."50-59


As the men spoke, they watched Shrinivasa pass by, ecstatic tears rolling down his face. As Shrinivasa travelled he paid his respects to each traveller he met coming from Shri Khetra and inquired from him about the welfare of Mahaprabhu. He simultaneously prayed to the Lord to give him two wings so he could fly to Nilacala.60-63


Repentance and lamentation of Shrinivasa

In a jovial mood Shrinivasa was running toward Nilacala when he learned the shocking news of Mahaprabhu's disappearance. There can be no description of such a heartbreaking shock. Shrinivasa beat madly on his head with his hands, tore off his hair and ripped the skin from his chest with his finger nails. He cried so pathetically that even a stone could be melted by his tears. He repeatedly lost consciousness and fell on the ground. Throughout the day he lamented and in the evening he decided firmly to give up his own life by entering into a fire. He continually cried and repeated the name of Mahaprabhu. 64-71


Darshana of Mahaprabhu in a dream

By the wish of the Lord, late in the night Shrinivasa fell asleep and dreamed of Shri Gaurachandra. Shrinivasa saw Prabhu as beautiful as lightning; the glow of his face challenged millions of moons. He had two big and beautiful eyes; he had hands which reached down to his knees and he had a flower garland around his neck. His nectarine smile charmed Shrinivasa at once. When Prabhu appeared before his devotee to consolehim, Shrinivasa fell at the lotus feet of the Lord who placed those feet on Shrinivasa's and blessed him. These incidents have been described by Shri Nrsinha Kaviraja in his book of verse.72-78


After this Prabhu disappeared and Shrinivasa woke up from his dream. But he again became very sad. Understanding that Shrinivasa was not pacified Gaurahari appeared again in a dream and told him softly that Gadadhara and the associates of Prabhu wee eagerly waiting for Shrinivasa so he should go to Nilacala without any delay. Prabhu wiped Shrinivasa's wet eyes with his own hands, embraced him lovingly and then disappeared. In the morning Shrinivasa woke up and resumed his journey.79-85


After a long time Shrinivasa reached Nilacala and upon seeing the tank, Shri Narendra-Sancha, he could not control his tears. Shri Narendra was a king and Sancha was his Prime Minister. The name of the tank came from the names of the two great men. Mahaprabhu used to sport in the water of the tank. When the memory of that pastime came to mind Shrinivasa began to cry, rolling on the ground. After a long time he controlled himself, and after paying his respects to Shri Narendra he continued his journey.86-91


Nama sankirtana of Shrinivasa in Nilacala and the darshan of Jagannatha in a dream

In the dead of night he decided to rest at a place near the Singha-Dwara and absorbed himself in chanting the holy name. Tears streamed from his eyes and he lost his balance and fell on the ground. Due to the wish of Prabhu he slept and Lord Jagannatha with Balarama and Subhadra, appeared in a dream.92-95


Lord Jagannatha glanced mercifully at Shrinivasa and then disappeared. While Shrinivasa was observed in an ecstatic mood, a brahmin came to him and said, "My dear son of a brahmin, I think you have not eaten for a long time. Take this Shri Mahaprasad and eat it." Then the brahmin disappeared.96-99


Shrinivasa wondered, "How could that brahmin have known my sorrow? Then after giving me Shri Mahaprasad he disappeared." While he was thinking about the incident the Lord appeared before him and consoled him. Shrinivasa accepted the mercy of Prabhu Jagannatha and gladly ate the mahaprasad. Then he washed his hands and mouth with the water of Shri Narendra Sancha which he had kept in a water pot and then he also drank the water. He chanted quietly and gradually fell asleep.100-105


Shrinivasa's darshan of Lord gauranga in a dream

In his sleep Shrinivasa dreamed that Prabhu Shri gauranga surrounded by his asscoiates looked like Purandara, the king of the demigods, sitting with his subjects in his court. Gadadhara Pandita sat before the Lord and read melodiously from the Bhagavatam. All the listeners cried perspiring and quivering in ecstasy. Then the dream faded away.106-109


When he awoke Shrinivasa began to chant again and once again fell asleep. Again he dreamed that Gaurachandra and his associates were coming through the Srsinha Dwara gate.110-111


Shri Gaura's body could put shame to a golden mountain. His hands were long, reaching his knees. His face was as beautiful as numerous moons. His smile seemed to shower nectar. His lotus eyes spread out to his ears and constantly shed tears of love. A garland of tulasi hung from his beautiful neck, andhe wore a beautiful dress. The glittering brightness of his body seemed to charm the whole universe. He walked in an ecstaic mood with the beautiful gait of a lion. Shrinivasa was so charmed that in ecstatic love he fell asleep on the ground and bowed to the feet of Prabhu. Prabhu looked at his favorite servant with a sad glance and said to him, "Do not be sorry. Your heart will forever be the restinf place of mine." Then Prabhu disappeared and Shrinivasa woke from lhs sleep in the morning.112-120


Shri Gopinatha's darshan of Shrinivasa

Shrinivasa calmed his heart and started for Markanda after asking the way from some passing travellers. After finishing his scheduled morning duties he took his bath in Markanda. He asked an old brahmin for directions to the temple of Shri Gopinatha. That old brahmin took him to the temple where lived Shri  Gadadhara who had become half-dead due to the disappearance of Mahaprabhu. Shrinivasa was so sad to see the condition of Gadadhara. He fell prostrate at the feet of Gadadhara and hastily went to the temple of Shri Gopinatha. Everyone in that place asked Shrinivasa who he was and where he had come from. Shrinivasa replied that he had come from Gauda and that his father was Shri Chaitanyadasa and he himself was Shrinivasa. They all were very glad and embraced him most lovingly.121-134


Shri Pandita Gosvami was sitting alone in a solitary place. His mental state was beyond description. His moon-like face and beautiful body had grown pale like a lotus deprived of water. He cried constantly, and his tears soaked his body as well as the Bhagavatam he held in his lap. In a choked voice he recited slokas from the Bhagavatam. From time to time he uttered the name of Shri Gaura Sundara and he heaved sighs as hot as fire. By the wish of Prabhu, Gadadhara had remianed alive only to meet Shrinivasa, so when Shrinivasa bowed at his feet Gadadhara regained his normal condition. Someone introduced him to Shrinivasa.135-146


Gadadhara eagerly embraced Shrinivasa and they cried madly in utter misery, soaking each other with tears. Although Gadadhara was in a wretched state of mind, he derieved some happiness from seeing Shrinivasa. Gadadhara ordered one of his followers to introduce Shrinivasa to the other Vaishnava Gosvamis living there. Soon all the devotees knew that Shrinivasa had come to meet Pandita Gosvami.147-154


Shrinivasa meets Rai Ramananda and Sarvabhauma

Rai Ramananda used to come everyday to the house of Sarvabhauma where they would sing the glories of Shri Gaura. Shrinivasa went to Sarvabhauma's house where he met both of them and fell at their feet. Seeing Shrinivasa their ocean of misery overflowed its limits. They embraced Shrinivasa in ecstatic love and Shrinivasa repeatedly bowed at their feet with tears in his eyes. They embraced him again and ordered one follower to take him to meet Vakreswara Pandita.155-164


Shrinivas fell at the feet of Vakreswara Pandita who most affectionately embraced the boy. He said, "It is good that you have come, my dear son. Mahaprabhu will perform many duties through you. He also ordered Shrinivasa to meet other Gosvamis.



Shri Paramananda and other sannyasis had been living miserably since the disappearance of Mahaprabhu. They had their strength and energy and without sense of day or night they lived in a half dead state. Shrinivasa met each of them and paid his respects whereupon each of the sannyasis embraced him affectionately. They all cried, embracing one another and after a long time they controlled themselves and advised Shrinivasa to meet other devotees.173-180


Shrinivasa met many Vaishnavas in the house of Sikhi Mahiti. The devotees greeted Shrinivasa tearfully and Shrinivasa spoke to each one of them. Kanai Khutia told Shrinivasa, "My dear son Shrinivasa, today you have come like a light to our blind eyes." He and his sister said, "We are alive only for you."181-185


Shri Pattanayaka Banknath and others were also happy to meet Shrinivasa and advised him to meet the other devotees and give them relief.186-187


Taking permission from Baninatha, Shrinivasa met Govinda and Sankara. He found them sitting in a lonely place, lamenting the absence of Prabhu Gauranga. They had become so thin that even a puff of wind could have dispatched them. Shrinivasa fell at their feet and they at once took in their arms. They all cried loudly and lamented in various ways. Shrinivasa fell on the ground unconscious but with utmost care the devotees consoled him and advised him to meet the others.188-193


With a disquieted mind Shrinivasa went to meet Gopinatha Acarya who became very emotional upon seeing Shrinivasa and took him in his arms. After a long time Shri Acarya said, "I have had a desire to meet you. A few days ago Prabhu disappeared but unfortunately you could not come in time. Do not be sorry, Prabhu will always remain in your heart. Now go and meet the other companions of the Lord." Thus Shrinivasa went everywhere and met the great devotees who accepted him affectionately.



Due to the disappearance of Mahaprabhu the devotees had fallen into a miserable condition which was beyond description even by lakhs of mouths. Shrinivasa visited all the places where the deities of the Lord had been installed and he met the devotees who remianed as inert as the deities. It seemed that they stayed alive only to meet Shrinivasa.204-206


Shrinivasa cried in despair because he could not get the association of Raghunatha and Svarupa. Raghunatha had become disheartened upon the disappearance of Prabhu and the absence of Svarupa and had gone to Vrndavana. Shrinivasa could not meet the two devotees and he lamented in different ways. Nevertheless he went with a heavy heart to visit the place where Raghunatha had lived. Who can describe the glorious character of Shri Raghunatha who was the disciple of Shri Yadunandana Acarya?207-211


In the drama Shri Chaitanya Candrodaya Shri Sivanandana Sen gives the identity of Yadunandana Acarya who was the favorite disciple and friend of Shri Vasudeva Dutta Thakura. Everyone in Nilacala had known Shri Raghunatha for he was a handsome young man and a favorite follower of Shri Chaitanya deva.212


The condition of Maharaja Pratapa Rudra due to Shri Gaura's disappearance.

During the lifetime of Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Pratapa Rudra Maharaja had entrusted his state to his son. The king absorbed himself in singing the glories of Mahaprabhu with Vasudeva Sarvabhauma and Ramananda. They were passing their days in extreme happiness until they suddenly felt the approach of a bad omen. At that very moment they received news of the disappearance of Mahaprabhu whereupon the king thrashed his body on the ground and beat his head with his hands. At last he fell on the ground unconscious. The condition of Raya Ramananda was just like king Pratapa Rudra's as he could not bear the passing of Mahaprabhu. Hearing that the king had also been deprieved of seeing Mahaprabhu before his disappearance, Shrinivasa began to lament his own similar misfortune. He decided that they were both unfortunate.213-221


Shrinivasa visits the tomb of Haridasa

Shrinivasa went to the seashore and saw the tomb of Haridasa Thakura. He paid his heartfelt homage before the tomb by throwing himself on the ground. He remembered the activities of Thakura Haridasa and while recollecting his character, Shrinivasa fell again on the ground calling the name of Prabhu Haridasa until he fell unconscious. The devotees who were present at that time consoled Shrinivasa in various ways but when Shrinivasa again paid his respects to the tomb he again lamented. Seeing the boy so perturbed one of the devotees took Shrinivasa to Pandita Gosvami who ordered them both to go to the temple of Jagannatha.



Shri Jagannatha Darshan

Shrinivasa entered the temple through the lion-embossed main gate. At that time he looked as brillant as the sun, his body was smeared with dust and his eyes were red from crying. Everyone was spell bound to see the condition of Shrinivasa and at the same time they were charmed to see his magnificant gait. Someone said, "Look at Shrinivasa whose heart is the eternal dwelling place of Krishna Chaitanya." Another person agreed with him and said, "It must be true, otherwise so many devotees would not be so concerned about him. Although the companions of Mahaprabhu are in a miserable state due to his disappearance they nevertheless look happy in the presence of Shrinivasa." Someone else said, "Jagannatha has brought him here to relieve us of our miseries." Another person said, "The former message of Prabhu is now clear to us." One man said, "I cannot bear to see the misery of such a gentle boy." Shrinivasa paid his respects before the Singha Dwara gate and went first to see the Lord who delivers sinners from damnation. After that he went forward to see Shri Sinha deva and paid his regards to the deity by eulogising in various ways. Then he very cautiously entered the temple and stood to one side where he could see the divine face of Nilacala candra from a distance.231-245


The beauty of Jagannatha and Baladeva

The beauty of Nilacala Candra was so splendid that it could beat the beauty of a dark cloud about to pour water. His lotus eyes stretched out of his ears and the beauty of his face could defeat millions of moons. How wonderful were his hands, how beautiful and glamorous he appeared in ornaments and bright dress. Long flower garlands that touched the ground hung from his beautiful neck and a crown of flowers bedecked his attractive head.246-250


Shrinivasa then looked at the deity of Shri Baladeva who was so beautiful that he defeated the brillance of the moon or the kinda flower or a sandal mountain. What a beautiful face, even a glance from his eyes could make a kandarpa senseless. His hands, eyebrows, large eyes and forehead were so beautiful that it would be impossible for anyone to describe them properly. Shrinivasa felt thrilled to see the beauty of Shri Baladeva and became mesmerised by the beauty of Shri Subhadra. He also observed the illustrious Sudarshana Chakra with full satisfaction. The main priest of Prabhu Jagannatha gave Shrinivasa prasadam and a flower garland use by the Lord.  Shrinivas avisited all the temples within the compound of the main temple and at last he and his guide returned to the house of Shri Gopinatha where he again paid his obeisances to the lotus feet of the deity.251-260


Shrinivasa again meets Shri Gadadhara

For a second time Shrinivasa went to the house of Pandita Gosvami who permitted him to eat mahaprasad. Shrinivasa became emotional and began to cry. He was attracted by the divine scent of the prasada and he ate it with utmost love. After that he went to the house of Shri Pandita Gosvami who was also in a miserable state of mind. Pandita Gosvami told Shrinivasa to take a seat beside him and then he said in a choked voice, "You have the desire to read the Bhagavatam and I also want to teach you but everything has been disarranged." Then he fell silent. From time to time he would cite slokas from the Bhagavatam then explain their meanings to Shrinivasa who considered himself most fortunate to get the instruction. Pandita Gosvami advised Shrinivasa to go to Vrndavana where he could fulfil his desires. He told him that he had a Bhagavatam with him but it had become decayed. Shrinivasa looked through the book, paid his regards by touching it to his head and then grew very emotional while looking at the words. He remembered Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Gadadhara whose tear drops had made the words illegible in some places. While reading the book Shrinvasa reached such a level of ecstasy that the Gosvami became frightened. He tried to pacify Shrinivasa with his affection that knew no bounds.261-279


Shrinivasa's journey to Gaudadesha from Nilacala

Shri Gosvami advised Shrinivasa to go to Gaudadesha after taking leave of the devotees. He ordered Shrinivasa to convey his messages to Dasa Gadadhara, Narahari of Shri Khanda and many others. Most probably Shri Gosvami gave some incredible instruction to Shrinivasa which the boy could not comprehend. As he could not question the orders he began to lament in various ways. When he took his leave from Shri Gosvami Shrinivasa cried bitterly. He dedicated himself to the lotus feet of Shri Gopinatha and went to see Prabhu Jagannatha. He prayed to the Lord in bitter lamentation. He took his leave and some of them walked with him for a long distance. Shrinvasa reached Gaudadesha and conveyed the messages to Shri Gosvami to various people. He wondered whether he could ever see Shri Gosvami again and with that thought in mind he started for Shri Khanda.280-297


Meeting the devotees of Shri Khanda

Meeting Shrinivasa, Thakura Narahari embraced him affectionately and began to cry. He asked Shrinivas about the condition of the companions of Mahaprabhu in Nilacala and in a choked voice Shrinivasa reported everything, describign the miserable condition of the devotees, caused by the disappearance of the Lord. While speaking about Shri Pandita Gosvami, Shrinivasa could not control himself and fell on the ground unconscious. Shri Raghunandana and others also grew emotional just seeing Shrinivasa and Thakura Narahari took the initiative to pacify everyone.298-304


Shrinivasa rested tht night in Shri Khanda but in the morning he set out again for Shri Kshetra thinking that this time he would not adhere to the order of Shri Gosvami and would stay with him. After passing into Utkala he noticed some people coming in his direction.305-307


Shrinivasa asked them eagerly whether there was any news of Shri Gosvami but they not answer. After a long time they could only say that Shri Pandita Gosvami had disappeared. The news came as a stroke on Shrinivasa's head and he fell unconscious on the ground like an uprooted tree. The messengers from Shri Kshetra began to chastise themselves for giving such news to Shrinivasa. But what else were they to do when he inquired? Now they should take care of him and try to save his live. They made every attempt to bring him back to consciousness, but upon regaining consciousness, Shrinivasa again lamented andbeat his head with his hands. He addressed Pabhu Gadaghara loudly and chastised him for sending him back to Gaudadesha. His lamentation even broke the hearts of the birds and animals.308-317


The darshan and order of Gaura Gadadhara

In the dead of night when Shrinivasa was in deep sleep he dreamed of Gadadhara who tried to console him in various ways but still Shrinivasa did not stop crying. Like a madman he began to run in the direction of Jaipur village but he lost his direction. Another day Gaura and Gadadhara were in his dream and directed him to go to Vrndavana via Navadvipa. Then they disappeared.



In the morning he started for Gaudadesha on the way he met many persons who recognised him as a great devotee. They suspected that he had not heard the news from Gaudadesha and when Shrinivasa asked them directly about the well being of the devotees in Gaudadesha they could not utter a single word.323-329


The disappearance of Shri Nityananda and Advaita

Being asked repeatedly by Shrinivasa, someone stood with his face hanging down and began to cry. He then reported in a choked voice that Nityananda and Advaita had disappeared. When he heard that, Shrinivasa flung his body on the ground and decided to give up his life. He beat his head with his hands and tore his chest with his finger nails. With his arms stretched towards the sky he called the names of Gaura, Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara and Svarupa. He told them loudly, "I will not stay in this world without you. In the morning I shall light a fire and enter it." Lamenting in this way he fell asleep in the dead of night.330-337


Nityananda and Advaita appeared before Shrinivasa in his dream. He became overwhelmed to see the golden complecion of Nitai which glittered like the morning sun. What a beautiful smiling mouth that overflowed with love, what a beautiful face, just like the appearance of the brillant full moon. How wonderful he looked with tilak on his forehead. Glittering earrings hung from his beautiful ears. His broad eyes were charming and his nose was curved like a parrot's beak. His beautifull set teeth could be compared to Kunda flowers. His gait was like that of a lion. Beautiful nipura tinkled on his feet. Shrinivasa was also mesmerised by the beauty of Shri Advaita Prabhu whose physique could be compared to a golden mountain. He had painted tilak on his forehead, and a garland of tulasi hung from hs neck. His long arms were just like the trunk of an elephant and his broad chest, thin waist and beautiful knees and legs easily charmed the human beings of this world. Shrinivasa cried in joy while observing them. He fell at the feet of the two Prabhus and soaked them with tears from his eyes. Nityananda and Advaita were also happy to see Shrinivasa and affectionately stretched their arms out to embrace him tightly. They consoled him in various ways. They told him, "do not do what you  have decided because you have to perform many duties. First go to Gauda because many persons there have been waiting for you. Then you should go to Vrndavana." They again embraced Shrinivasa and placed their feet on his head. Then they disappeared.338-361


Shrinivasa returns to Gauda and then starts for Navadvipa

Shrinivasa felt perplexed in the morning but started his journey. In a few days he crossed the boundry of Utkala and entered into Gaudadesha via Madhyadesha. he went to Shri Shri Khanda and met the companions of Mahaprabhu. Remembering the order of Prabhu, Shrinivasa started for Navadvipa but as he heard the news of Nadia from the other travellers he could not control his tears. He was so eager to reach Navadvipa that he covered two days' distance in only one day. Nearing about Shrinivasa's journey to Nadia can help the sincere listeners obtain devotion to Krishna. Remembering the glory of Shrinivasa Acarya, Narahari takes pleasure in writing this book Shri Bhaktiratnakara.