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Glorification of Shri Gaura Sundara and his associates


All glories to Gaura Krishna, who charmed the universe as the Lord of Nadia and was the life of his devotees.1


All glories to Nityananda Haladara and Shri Advaita Acarya who was the Lord himself.2


All glories to Gadadhara Pandita, Shrivasa, Shri Svarupa, Vakreswara and Haridasa.3


All glories to Vasudeva Sarvabhauma Vacaspati and Ramananda, a great lover of Krishna. 4


All glories to Pundarika Vidyanidhi, Shri Jagadananda Pandita and Sanjaya.5


All glories to Vidya Vacaspati and Shrinatha Cakravarti.6


All glories to Gadadhara Dasa, Narahari dasa and Shri Mukunda.7


All glories to Shri Vasu Ghosh, Gauridasa, Dhananjaya, Banamali and Shri Garuda Mahasaya.8


All glories to Vallava Acarya and Dwija Haridasa.9


All glories to Rupa-Sanatana and Shri Gopala Bhatta.10


All glories to Raghunatha Bhatta, Raghunatha Dasa and Shri Jiva.11


All glories to Shri Bhugarbha, Lokenatha, Sasthidhara, Shri Subhuddhi Misra and Shri Candrasekhara.12


All glories to Kasi Misra, Gopikanta and Shri Hrdaya Nanda.13


All glories to Jagannatha Sena, Shri Madhusudana, Ciranjiva Sena and Shri Raghunandana.14


All glories to Shri Saranga, Avirama and Thakura Vrndavana.15


All glories to Krishnadasa Kaviraja and Shri Acarya Shrinivasa.16


All glories to Shri Thakura Mahasaya Narottama and Syamananda.17


All glories to all the devotees of Shri Gaura Candra.18


I adore the numerous Chaitanya devotees for whom Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the life and soul.19


I also adore the devotionally qualified listeners for their attention. Now be patient, I will tell something more.20


The narrative of Shri Chaitanya Dasa


There was a village named Cakkhandi on the bank of the Ganges where a brahmin named Shri Chaitanya Dasa lived.21


Originally he was known by the name of Gangadhara Battacarya. How he got the name Chaitanya Dasa will be described here.22


Shri Gaura Sundara accepts sannyasa from Kesava Bharati


Navadvipa candra, Shri Gaura, who was the ocean of devotional qualities, used to sport in Nadia with his associates.23


After conveying his hidden desire to his associates, He left for Kantakanagara where Shri Bharati lived.24


When news spread in Nadia that Gaura rai would embrace ascetic life, the people of Kantakanagara hastened to meet him.25


Everyone-whether young of old, man or woman-ran to see Shri Gauranga.26


They stood like painted dolls when they observed the beautiful curly hair of Gaura sundara.27


The people could not express their feelings which were tossed by emotional storm.28


Lord Gaurachandra understood their feelings, but he humbly requested them to bless him with all success in his effort to achieve devotion to the lotus feet of Krishna.29


He stayed at the residence of Shri Bharati and insisted that there was no reason for delay.30


Shri Bharati was choked with emotion and could not speak. On the order of Prabhu a barber came and floated in his own tears while he placed his hands on the head of Prabhu and began to shave off the hair. Having completed the job, the barber fell to the ground and lamented bitterly for his work.31-33


People on all sides began to cry when they saw Prabhu without so much as a tuft of hair.34


The sound of their walking filled the air and it was impossible for one person to hear another person talking.35


They accused Providence for its cruelty.36


Gangadhara Bhattacarya see Mahaprabhu as an ascetic.


gangadhara Bhattacarya was present at the time of Mahaprabhu's hair cutting. He could not control himself and cried bitterly until he fainted on the ground.37-38


By the wish of Prabhu, he regained his senses after sometime.39


Mahaprabhu was offered the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya and when that name entered the ears of the brahmin Gangadhara he began to utter it repeatedly while simultaneously crying.40-41


He could no longer stay at Kantakanagara and ran to the banks of the Ganges like a madman.42


He lost all interest in bathing or eating and simply repeated the name of Chaitanya.43


In that mood he entered his village Cakkhandi and the people of that village were quite astonished to see his transformation.44


Standing at a distance, an impassionate brahmin observed Gangadhara Bhattacarya.45


One person said to another, "how surprising, Gangadhara Bhattacarya has gone mad."46


Another said, "I know something about the cause of his madness. Please listen to me attentively.47


"Nimai Pandita of Nadia, who is an incarnation of God--a beautiful looking man, as effulgent as the Sun--left his house and went to Kantakanagara. He renounced his fine clothes and accepted the life of an ascetic. He took his vows of asceticism from Shri Kesava Bharari and was given the name Shri Krishna Chaitanya. Everyone became grief-stricken to see him as an ascetic; even the demigods have been crying in the sky. It is a great shock to everyone. Gangadhara is crying because he remembers the Lord's beautiful hair and he utters Mahaprabhu's name repeatedly. For this reason he behaves like a madman. I do not see any way for him to become normal again."48-55


The fame of Gangadhara as Chaitanya Dasa


Some said, "He is the servant of Chaitanya, therefore only Chaitanya can cure him."56


Thereafter the villagers called him by the name Chaitanya Dasa.57


Gangadhara was satisfied with hsi new name and would respond immediately if anyone called him by that name.58


From that time on no one called him by his former name. Whoever settled in that village came to know all these facts from an old brahmin of Cakkhandi.59-61


Chaitanyadasa's desire for a son

Chaitanyadasa's wife Lakshmipriya was very devoted to her husband. They had no children but were not sorry because of that. Due to the plan of Mahaprabhu, the desire for a son grew more in their minds.62-63


Shri Chaitanyadasa asked his wife why such a desire should enter his mind. He could not understand why he should suddenly be so eager to have a son.64-65


Visit to Nilacala by Chaitanyadasa and his wife

Lakshmipriya told him, "Pleasw go to Nilacala soon because Mahaprabhu will fulfil our desire."66


Chaitanyadasawas pleased with with the suggestion and both of them started for Nilacala through Jajigrama.67


The father of Shri Lakshmipriya, who was a brahmin named Balarama, lived int he village Jajigrama.68


They rested for four days in the house of Balarama and at an auspicious moment they started their journey.69


Balarama bid farewell to his daughter and son-in-law and requested them to convey his respects at the feet of Mahaprabhu.



Shri Chaitanyadasa happily took leave of his father-in-law.71


On the way to Nilacala they found many travellers who were also going to that holy place.72


One night the couple began to lament their misfortune as they had made no effort so far to get the favor of Mahaprabhu. They doubted whether they would get the darshan of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Lord Jaggantha in Nilacala.73-75


Chaitanyadasa's dream

After severe lamentation the brahmin fell asleep and had a wonderful dream.76


He saw a boy just like Syama Sundara in an attractive standing posture. In beauty he could challenge millions of Kandarpas. He had the feather of a peacock on his head and a dress of yellow color. His beautiful face could attract millions of moons. His body was decorated by ornaments and smeared with sandal paste. His flute playing enchanted the universe.77-79


Suddenly the color of his body changed to a bright glittering gold. He wore a cloud colored dress with a red border. But his other decorations and his posture were just like Syama Sundara.



Then again, Chaitanyadasasaw Gaura in another feature with a shaved head and holding a danda and kamandalu in his hand. Again the Lord changed his features. This time Chaitanyadasa saw Gaura with Syama Sundara with eyes as big as a lotus leaf and standing beside Balarama and Subhadra. Lord Brahma and other demigods were worshipping him.82-84


Suddenly the brahmin woke up from his dream and became very sad. His wife consoled him sweetly in various ways. They started their journey in the early morning with eager hearts.85-86


Chaitanyadasa in Nilacala

After a long time they reached Nilacala and were eager to see Mahaprabhu.87


Having realised the mind of his devotee, Mahaprabhu who was the Lord of Himself passed through the main gate of the temple with his associates. That gate was marked by the figure if a lion.88


Mahaprabhu's gait could challenge the movement of an elephant. His complexion was as bright as gold and his illumination was as strong as the Sun. The beauty of his face could conjour the moon and his mouth showered nectar through his smile. His lotus like eyes and long ears were more beautiful than those of Kandarpa. His sandalwood tilak glittered on his forehead and a garland of tulasi hung from his neck. His broad chest could humble Kamadev. He wore a beautiful saffron colored dress and his hands reached down to his knees. The other parts of his body were so beautiful that the whole universe was grateful to have such an incarnation taking birth on the earth. 89-98


The brahmin and his wife enoyed the beauty of Gaurachandra without so much as blinking. They could not take their eyes off his body. But Chaitanyadasa could not control his tears when he saw the shaved head of Mahaprabhu.99-101


By glancing from the corner of his eyes, Shri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu showered profuse mercy on the most fortunate brahmin.102


Prabhu's mercy on Chaitanyadasa

After consoling the brahmin, PRabhu sweetly told him, "Prabhu Jaganntha has brought you here because he is pleased with you. Go and meet him. He will fulfil your desires."103-104


Hearing these sweet words from lthe beautiful mouth of Prabhu, the brahminfell on the ground and offered obeisances. He dedicated his heart and soul to the gracious feet of Prabhu who at that time appropriated the brahmin for his own plan.105-106


Darshan of Jagannatha

Prabhu ordered Govinda, "Please take the responsibility to show Prabhu Jagannatha peacefully to this innocent brahmin."107


Gaura candra and his followers also went to visit Nilacala candra.108


Shri Chaitanyadasa offered his respects to the associates of Mahaprbhu very humbly. They were pleased with him and introduced him to other followers of Shri Chaitanya.109-110


On the order of Prabhu the devotees took the brahmin to visit Prabhu Jagannatha.111


The happiness of the brahmin knew no bounds when he observed both the moving and unmoving Lord in the same place.112


Silently the brahmin prayed to them in many ways, and Gaurahari smiled sweetly at the brahmin.113


Mahaprabhu orders Chaitanyadas to go to Gaudadesha

Mahaprabhu dedicated the brahmin to the gracious feet of Jagannatha and ordered Chaitanyadasa to go to Gaudadesha.114


After visiting Jagannatha, Mahaprabhu and his followers went to the house of his favorite associate Kasi Misra.115


Shri Chaitanyadasa being highly satisfied, returned to his home.116


All the devotees thought about the brahmin as they returned to their own homes.117


They asked Shri Govinda whether he knew what the brahmin had desired and prayed for to Jagannatha.118


Govinda assured them that in time the brahmin's desire would be revealed by the wish of Mahaprabhu.119


Mahaprabhu reveals the mystery

Meanwhile Prabhu called Govinda and told him in a serious tone, "The brahmin has come here to pray for a son from Jagannatha. He will get a son named Shrinivasa. I shall empower Shri Rupa to write many devotional books and empower Shrinivasa to circulate those books."120-122


Shrinivasa - a favorite devotee of Mahaprabhu


"Shrinivasa is the natural forearm of my pure love and he will give happiness to every human being. Shri Chaitanya ordered the brahmin Chaitanyadasa to go to Gaudadesha immediately.123-124


In a dream Jagannatha appeared to Chaitanyadasa and ordered him to go to Gaudadesha as soon as possible.125


He said to the brahmin, "You will get a son who will be full of devotional love. He will become a great scholar of all shastras within a very short time."126


When he woke up the brahmin thought to himself, "How can I leave a place where I have found so much happiness?127


Gaurachandra, who is both Vrajendranandana and Jagannatha in one person, has accepted a worthless person like me for his own purpose."128


While speaking this the brahmin and his wife cried in bewilderment.129


Meanwhile Govindadasa arrived at the brahmin's place and respectfully took him to meet Mahaprabhu.130


Mahaprabhu ordered one of his servants to take the brahmin to see Nilacalacandra.131


Mahaprabhu's order to Chaitanyadasa

Prabhu smiled at the brahmin and said, "Jagannatha is satisfied with you and will fulfil your wish very soon. Go to Gaudadesha without any delay and engage in nama sankitana continously."



After this Prabhu bid the brahmin farewell. Chaitanyadas bowed at the feet of the Lord and prepared to leave.134


I have no ability to describe this scene when a favorite servant would take leave from his master.135


The brahmin paid his respects to the companions of Prabhu at the time of his departure. They also felt very sad to see him go.



The brahmin returns to Gaudadesha

The brahmin and his wife left Nilacala and cried all the way to Gaudadesha.138-139


When he reached Gaudadesha on the order of Prabhu, he informed the residents of that place about all the incidents which had transpired in Nilacala.140


In great happiness he visited Balarama Sarma of Jajigrama and told him everything.141


He stayed there for a few days and then returned to his own home taking Balarama with him.142


 Chaitanyadasa meets the villagers

The friends of Chaitanyadasa came to meet him in his house. Balarama stayed there for a week and then returned to Jajigrama. The people of the village Cakhandi regarded themselves as very fortunate to have Chaitanyadasa in their midst.143-145


Chaitanyadasa teaches nama and prema

Shri Chaitanyadasa remained absorbed in topics of Krishna at all times. He dedicated himself to the feet of Shri Gaurachandra and remained engaged in sankirtana.146-147


The people of the village were astonsihed to observe the wonderful devotional practices of Chaitanyadasa.148


But others criticised hims aying, "It is all meaningless. Because of his practices he will not get any children and has already lost his wealth."149


Hearing these comments the brahmin smiled silently but did not reveal anything to anyone.150


To silence those persons, Lakshmipriya became pregnant after a few days. From the time of her pregnancy even the critics began to adore them both.151-152


The women of Cakhandi village were very happy to hear the news of her pregnancy and brought her many gifts.153-154


When the time of her delivery finally arrived, her husband was very excited.155


The birth of Shrinivasa

At an auspicious moment, (The moment of the fourht of the twenty seven stars of Hindu astronomy) during the Rohini Muhurta at day time on the day of the full moon in the month of Vaishaka, Lakshmipriya gave birth to a son.156


There were many good signs at the time of the birth of Shrinivasa.



At the time of his son's birth Chaitanyadasa saw many miraculous visions in his dreams. His ecstasy increased when he saw his son's beautiful golden complexion.158-159


Chaitanyadasa dedicates his son to the feet of Mahaprabhu

The brahmin couple gladly dedicated their son to the gracious feet of Mahaprabhu.160


Hearing the news of Shrinivasa's birth, many respectable men came to the house of the brahmin to bless the child.161-162


The women of the village were happy to see the beautiful boy and blessed him from the core of their hearts. They congratulated Chaitanyadasa for his good fortune. The boy grew day by day just like the moon.163-165


The Anna-Prasana and Nama-Karama ceremonies of Shrinivasa

At the correct time the brahmin arranged for the child's Anna-Prasana ceremony and then the Nama-Karama ceremony. With the permission of others he gave the name Shrinivasa to his son. The name was gladly accepted by the guests attending the ceremonies.166-169


The childhood sport of Shrinivasa

Everyone was pleased to see the child crawling on the ground. By holding the finger of his mother, the boy learned to walk. Sometimes he used to fall on the ground while walking but his mother would quickly take him on her lap and amile. All the women of the village used to come to the house of the brahmin and hold him on their laps affectionately.170-174


One day Lakshmipriya asked her son to speak the names of Gaura Visvambhara, Gadadhara, Shrivasevara, Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda Haladhara as well as the name of Shri Advaita Prabhu, and Krishna the son of Shri Nanda. She encouraged him to speak the names of Shri Govinda, Gopinatha, Madana Mohan and the associates of Prabhu. Shrinivasa delightfully tried to repeat the names but he could not speak them all at the same time. His sweet words were so pleasing to the ears of the listeners that they felt the boy was showering nectar from his mouth. When Shrinivasa was five years old he wanted to start his education. His father agreed to educate him and the expert child very easily learned all the subjects.175-183


The Chuda-Karana and Upanayana ceremonies of Shrinivasa

After a few days the ceremony of Chuda-Karana of Shrinivasa  took place and he looked bery beautiful with a sacred thread.184


People were astonished by his capacity to quickly grasp Vyakarana, Kosha, Alankara and Tarka, etc. His teacher Dhananjaya Vidyavacaspati taught him nost satisfactorily. In a short while he became the pride of the village of Cakhandi.185-187


The old and expert brahmin worshippers of Lord Vishnu told one another that they had never in their lives seen so meritorious a boy as Shrinivasa who had obtained knowledge of all the scriptures within such a short time. They also spoke of his devotion to Krishna.188-190


They were enchanted to see the beauty of the boy and wondered if he was an embodiment of some demigod because no ordinary child could have possessed such a beautiful golden complexion, a moon-like face, a beautiful mouth with well set teeth, beautiful curly hair, a broad chest, a well shaped neck, hands, legs and shoulers. Above all else, his sweet yet humble style of speaking charmed them all.191-195


They acknowledged that Chaitanyadasa's good fortune was due to the mercy of Mahaprabhu. Because of that mercy he gained this jewel-like son. They blessed Shrinivasa from the core of their hearts and wished him all success in his life.196-198


The affection of the villagers towards Shrinivasa

One man said that although he himself had many children he nevertheless loved Shrinivasa more than his own. He decided to suggest that Chaitanyadasa give his son in marriage at an early age. In this way they all blessed Shrinivasa in various ways. Shrinivasa regularly visited the houses of the devotes who lived in Cakhandi village.199-203


The favor of Shri Govinda Ghosh to Shrinivasa

Shri Govinda Ghish was a great devotee of Shri Gaurachandra and was always absorbed in the Lord's pastimes. Little by little a feling of intense affection for Shrinivasa grew in his heart. He told everyone that Shrinivasa was an embodiment of Shri Gaurachandra. The village people felt great affection for Shrinivasa.204-207


Shri Narahari and Shri Raghunandana of Shrikhanda were eager to see Shrinivasa who was also eager to meet them. However Shrinivasa could not go to Shrikhanda alone. By chance a person came from Jajigrama and with him Shrinivasa returned to Jajigrama in order to meet Narahari and Raghunandna.208-210


Thakura Narahari and his follwers were going to the Ganges for a bath via Jajigrama when they met Shrinivasa. Shrinivasa and Narahari were glad to meet each other. Shrinivasa humbly fell at the feet of Narahari who most affectionately embraced him.211-214


Narahari's affection towards Shrinivasa

Thakura Narahari told Shrinivasa, "My eyes become soothed by seeing you, my dear son, because I have been eager to meet you for a long time." He stroked the body of Shrinivasa with his lotus hands as they spoke. Shrinivasa folded his hands and said, "please be kind to me and grant me every success. I am an ignorant person; I know nothing. Please save me from all types of misfortune." Shrinivasa wept as they spoke and Thakura Narahari consoled him and took him to his own house.215-219


The identity of Shri Sarkar Thakura

According to Shri Gaura-ganoddesa-Dipika Shri Sarkar Thakura was formerly Madhumati, a most favorite confidante of Shri Vrsabhanu-nandini Radhika in Vrndavana. She had now appeared as Narahari Sarkar, the favorite follower of Mahaprabhu.220-222


The verses composed by Kavi Karnapura also quote the same facts about Shri Narahari Thakura.223


The experts of Vaishnava literatur have described the great affectionate felt for Shrinivasa. Having learned many important things and received useful advice from Shri Thakura, Shrinivasa returned to Cakhandi.224-226


Shrinivasa hears the biography of Chaitanya from his father

Shrinivasa eagerly requested his father to tell him about the life of Shri Gauranga.227


Shri Chaitanyadasa said, "Being an ignorant person, how can I describe the pastimes of Gaurachandra? He is beyond the reach of even Lord Brahma."228


"My dear son Shrinivasa, listen to me. Visvambhara Rai is himself Vrndavan candra Krishna. When he was merely a boy playing with other young boys, we were studying. We were students taking our lessons from our teachers. At that time we had no clear conception of devotion. We heard about Mahaprabhu and his wondersul activities and cherished the hope of meeting him even once. But wicked people would not let us go to him. Those persons were so proud of their knowlede that they would mock Mahaprabhu. I felt despressed and prayed to Krishna to give him an opportunity to meet Prabhu Gaura Rai. I also prayed to him to destroy the pride of the upstarts. Now listen how the Lord Himself destroyed their pride."229-236


The Navadvipa visit of a world-renowned scholar

By chance a world renowned scholar paid a visit to Navadvipa. He advertised himself as the representative of Shri Sarasvati devi by whose mercy he had become a great scholar. The professors of Navadvipa wee panic stricken adn the people of Cakhandi became bewildered. At that time Lord Narayana, the husband of Sarasvati devi, lived in Navadvipa as Nimai Pandita and was teaching his pupils Vyakarana and other scriptures on the bank of the river Jahnavi.237-242


The scholar had heard of the academic fame of Nimai Pandita but seeing that Nimai was merely a boy he did not consider him a competitor. Nevertheless he approached Nimai who requested him to explain the glory of the Ganga. The scholar easily and quickly cited many slokas of a superior quality and astonished the people who were listening. From the slokas Prabhu selected one and pointed out that the scholar had wrongly interpreted in three aspects. When the scholar could not give any satisfactory or correct interpretation of the verse he felt ashamed and acknowledged his own defeat. Nimai Prabhu behaved like a gentleman with the scholar. When the scholar learned the real identity of Nimai from Sarasvati devi, he submitted himself at the feet of the Lord. The scholars of Nadia were delighted to hear of Nimai Pandita's victory and the Lord's fame spread throughout the country.243-253


Mahaprabhu's visit to Gaya

Mahaprabhu went to Gaya with many followers and returned from Gaya as a transformed person. With the aim of teaching  entire mankind. He began to demonstrate the real meaning of devotional love and this delighted his disciples. They admired the devotional qualities of Nimai Pandita.254-256


The people of Nadia had never identified Nimai as the Supreme Lord. He gave his blessings to Shrivasa and other devotees and they gradually came to understand who he really was. At last Gaurahari could no longer hide his identity and revealed himself to his devotees; Shrivasa Pandita, Shri Pandit Gadadhara, Shri Murari Gupta, Haridasa, Suklambara Brahmacari and others, all of whom were charmed by his devotional qualities. Advaita Gosvami and Prabhu Baladeva Nityananda joined with Mahaprabhu in his pastimes in Navadvipa.257-264


The deliverance of Jagai and Madhai

My dear son Shrinivasa, I want to tell you that there is no limit to the kindness which has been shown on mankind by this incarnation. Without any weapons he has delivered mankind simply by divine love. Nimai particularly wanted to deliver the wicked, wretched and heretic people who were influential in the Kali Yuga. In Nadia there were two notorious decoits named Jagai amd Madhai. They were addicted to wine and mean and continually performed sinful activities. The people of Nadia knew that only the Lord himself could punish them. Even Ravana and Kamsa were no match for these two brothers. Prabhu delivered them from their sinful lives with the help of Nityananda Prabhu, the ocean of mercy.265-273


One day Prabhu advised Nityananda to preach the teachings of Lord Krishna. Nityananda and Haridasa took the responsibility seriously and went into the streets singing Harinama. The sound of their singing infuriated Jagai and Madhai who came running to kill Nityananda and Haridasa. In a drunken state Madhai hit Nityananda on his forehead, but Nityananda the ocean of mercy, remained unmoved and unexcited. Mahaprabhu grew angry when he heard the news but Nityananda checked the Lord's anger and requested him to bless the two utterly helpless brothers. Prabhu at once pardoned them and Jagai and Madhai fell at the feet of Nityananda and Gaurachandra. The two notorious brothers were transformed and with tears in their eyes they prayed to the Lord to forgive them and help them settle their disturbed minds. Prabhu was pleased with them, and ordered them to clean the bathing ghats of the Ganges. They adhered seriously to the order of the Lord and engaged themselves in that cleaning task everyday. Thus they became favorite associates of Mahaprabhu.



Some inferior students laughed at Nimai Pandita because he had delivered those two notorious brothers. They always tried to criticise Nimai and find fault with him. But the people of Navadvipa in general were greatly relieved by the thought that Prabhu had conquered these two brothers through love and kindness. Thereafter the devotees were able to sing sankirtana safely.289-296


Chastisement of the Kazi

At that time Navdvipa and other places were under the powerful influence of a Yavana named Kazi. The Yavana king of Gaudadesha was also under the control of this Kazi. The common people in these places could not perform the religious rituals out of fear of the Kazi who forbid them to sing sankirtana. This increased the anger of Mahaprabhu. One night Prabhu took his companions to the streets to sing sankirtana. On the order of Mahaprabhu  all the inhabitants of Nadia arranged a divine festival in each house and lit many lamps. Carrying their lamps, lakhs of people went out in the streets to join in the sankirtana. The sounds of the khola, kartals and the dancing feet of the devotees filled the air. As they danced and chanted the crowd angrily destroyed the house and flower garden of the Kazi, Prabhu had already shown himself in the form of Nrishna avatara so the Kazi could understand that Prabhu was not an ordinary man. Meanwhile he was informed by his men that the great sankirtana led by Mahaprabhu was destroying his house and gardens. The Kazi grew frightened and hastened to meet Mahaprabhu with tears in his eyes. He fell at the feet of Gaurachandra and begged for mercy. Prabhu at once favored the Kazi and since that time sankirtana in the streets and everywhere has been free from all obstructions.297-319


Chaitanyadasa's Gaura darshan

I planned that after returning from Jajigrama I would go to Navadvipa to see Shri Gaurachandra. With this plan in mind I finished my work in Jajigrama quickly and went happily to Kantakanagara. Shri Bharati Swami used to live there and he loved me very much. When I would go to Jajigrama or Kantakanagara I would always meet him and sometimes stay in his house. I thought that after visiting him I would go to Navadvipa to see Mahaprabhu. On my way I saw that a crowd of people was going somewhere and the roads were crowded. When I asked them where they were going they replied that they were going to Shri Bharti's house because Mahaprabhu had gone there. My ecstasy upon hearing this was as great as if the moon had fallen into my hands. I went to the house of Shri Kesava Bharati and saw Shri Gaura Sundara whose fair complexion at once charmed me.320-329


I have never seen such a complexion which could shame the Kanaka champa flower, such beautiful curly hair, glittering forehead, such beautiful ears, nose, big eyes, such a beautiful face that could defeat the pride of lakhs of moons. I have never seen so broad a chest such long hands, so slim a waist, such beautiful thighs and legs in my life.330-335


O my son Shrinivasa, what can I say to you? Seeing the beauty of Mahaprabhu I then and there sank into the nectarine ocean of the beauty of the Lord.336-337


When someone asked another person why Prabhu had come there the reply was that Prabhu would accept sannyasa from Kesava Bharati and would renounce his beautiful curly hair.338-339


The words exploded in my ears. And I watched a barber come and begin shaving the hair of Prabhu's head. When the shaving was completed people began to cry ut loudly that the whole world was perplexed.340-342


While describing this narrative the brahmin Chaitanyadasa fell to the ground unconscious. And having heard these descriptions from his father, Shrinivasa cried bitterly. After a long time the brahmin regained consciousness and sighed heavily. When he opened his eyes he found that his son was lying on the ground crying. He took his son on his lap and prayed to Gaurahari to favor his child. He cleaned the dust from his son's body and wiped his tears. he then continued to narrate other incidents which had happened in Nilacala.343-349


While describing the wonderful pastimes of Mahaprabhu in Nilacala Chaitanyadasa could not check the tears which flowed from his eyes.350


He told his son about the characteristics of Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Prabhu and the other associates of the Lord.351


He also described the pastimes of the Lord in Vraja for which he was regarded as an incarnation appearing in Navadvipa.352


Shrinivasa could not control his desire to hear the pastimes of Gauranga and prayed to Providence for lakhs of ears by which he could hear the activities of the Lord.353-354


His desire was so intense that the color of his face turned red in passion and tears flowed constantly from his eyes. He repeatedly bowed to the feet of his father and asked him everything abour Shri Gaurachandra. Laer Shri Chaitanyadasa told his son sweetly that he had grown up enough to look after his mother in Jajigrama. Chaitanyadasa wished to leave all responsibilities including the charge of his wife in Shrinivasa's hands for he had decided to go to Vrndavana.355-359


Description of Rupa and Sanatana Gosvami

In Vrndavana Prabhu Gaura Rai had many duties to be performed by Rupa and Sanatana. The duties carried out by these two brothers proved that they were not ordinary persons.360-361


Chaitanyadasa told his son that when he had first seen Rupa and Sanatana he could not recognize them. Now that he knew then he could describe their life stories to his son.362-363


Most of the professors from Navadvipa would assemble at that village Ramkeli.  My professor was the most learned man in Cakhandi and he was invited to visit Ramkeli. We also accompanied our professor to Ramkeli and reached that place at an auspicious moment.364-366


After settling in our residence near the house of Rupa and Sanatana we accompanied the professors to the court. There we saw that just like Indra the king of deities, Rupa and Sanatana were sitting in the court surrounded by professors and Pindits. Their beauty and brillance immediately captured the hearts of everyone present. They smiled sweetly at everyone as they glanced around with their large beautiful eyes. We were attracted by their long hands, broad chests and beautiful waists.



They received us with great respect and we were astonished by their humble and modest attitude. Although they had enormous welth, they had no pride at all. On the contray, they requested everyone to bless them so that they might achieve devotion to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.373-374


Sanatana was the elder brother and Rupa was the younger brother but both were scholars in all scriptures. They satisfied the professors of the different countries, with enormous wealth and they attentively listened to the professors' opinions and views on different subjects.375-376


The professors also appreciated the brothers for their explainations and interpretations of different verses.377


Although they held the most influenctial and prestigious positions as Prime Ministers in the court of the king of Gauda who had great affection for them, they never insulted anyone. We were quite satisfied to stay with them for many days.378-380


After a long time the professors left Ramkeli and we also returned to our village. A few days after that Mahaprabhu embraced ascetic life and went to Nilacala with any Vaishnava devotees.381-384


From Nilacala Prabhu went to Vrndavana and stopped on his way in the village of Ramkeli where he met Rupa and Sanatana. After blessing them Prabhu decided to return to Puri instead of Vraja. Sometime later Prabhu agains started for Vrndavana.835-387


In Ramkeli Rupa and Sanatana heard that Prabhu had gone to Vrndavana. We do not know what motivated them but at that time they renounced everything related to wealth, knowledge or pleasure. Shri Rupa and his brother Shri Vallava first left for Vraja but met Shri Krishna Chaitanya in Prayaga.388-391


Prabhu was happy to see Rupa and blessed him in various ways. From Ramkeli Gosvami Sanatana clandestinely went to Vraja but met Prabhu in Kashi. Shri Chaitanya was also happy to meet Sanatana and gave the two brothers valuable advice.392-396


Whent he people of different countries came to know that Rupa and Sanatana had gone to Vraja they wondered how it was possible for the two brothers to give up all types of pleasure and wealth. The people of Ramkeli -- women, men, children, old and young -- all praised the activities of Rupa and Sanatana. The professors of Ramkeli did not want to stay ther in the absence of Rupa and Sanatana and sadly left. Everyone except the Vaishnavas felt sorry because Rupa and Sanatana had lost their interest in worldly matters. In Vrndavana Shri Rupa and Sanatana took up the profession of teaching.397-403


The installation and worship of Shri Radha Govinda in Vrndavana

After re-establishing the lost holy places, Shri Rupa Gosvami felt anxious on only one point. According to the scriptures Shri Govinda Vrajendra Kumar had been installed as a deity in a holy place in vrndavana, but Shri Rupa had not found that deity although he had searched many places for a long time. He even searched the houses of the people of Vraja, but when he could not find the deity he sat petiently on the bank of the Jamuna.404-407


One day by chance a Vrajabasi came to Shri Rupa Gosvami. He was beautiful, calm and quiet in his manner and he asked Shri Rupa why he looked so sad. Shri Rupa felt a great attraction toward The Vrajabasi  and told him his story. The Vrajabasi told him not to be anxious because there was a spiritual place named Gomatila in Vrndavana where a certain cow used to willingly let down her milk every afternoon. Shri Govinda devi kept himself hidden there under the ground. The Vrajabasi led Shri Rupa to Gomatila.408-413


After locating the place that Vrajabasi suddenly disappeared and Shri Rupa fell onthe unconscious. After a long time he regained his senses but he could not control the tears which rolled down his face. Shri Rupa Gosvami realised the desire of the Lord and checked his emotions. He told the Vrajabasis about the hidden deitiy of Shri Govinda deva and they came to Gomatila in a crowd. They were surprised to learn that Gomatila was a spiritual place. A divine oracle from Balarama was heard by everyone, and the Vrajabasis dug very carefully until they at last unearthed the deity of Govinda deva who was as beautiful as millions of Kandarpas.414-421


In the book Shri Sadana Dipika written by Shri Radha Krishna Gosvami, the disciple of Shri Haridasa Pandita GOsvami of Vraja, the details of the above mentioned narration have been written.422-432


Everyone glorified the name of Shri Govinda deva and people were attracted to Gomatila to see the deity. Even Lord Brahma and other demigods came in the disguise of human beings to pay their respects to that deity. The place overflowed with lakhs of people. Shri Rupa Gosvami at once sent a letter to Mahaprabhu in Shri Khetra and Mahaprabhu could not control his happiness upon receiving the news. 433-437


Kashiswara brings Shri Gaura Govinda to Vrndavana

Mahaprabhu privately advised Shri Kashiswara to go to Vrndavana, but Kashiswara lamented because he did not wish to leave Prabhu. Gaurahari's realised the state of his devotees mind and gave him a deity of himself. Mahaprabhu and Krishna (in the form of the deity) ate rice and other foodstuffs simultaneously to please his devotee.438-441


Prabhu taught Kasishwra how to worship the deity of Shri Gaura Govinda and then sent him to Vrndavana. Upon reaching Vrndavana Kashiswara placed the deity of Shri Gaura Govinda on the right side of the deity of Shri Govinda deva and served them both with great sincereity and devotion.     442-443


The book Shri Sadana Dipika has narrated everything about this incident.444-445


Only favored person can understand the lila of Shri Govinda deva. He had two types of lilas -- Prakata and Aprakata. His Aprakata lila was manifest in hs inamimate form.446-447


My dear son Shrinivasa, what can I say to you? Shri Govinda revealed himself in his Prakata form to Shri Rupa.448


Shri Vrndadevi revealed herself to Shri Rupa

Shri Vrndadevi appeared before Shri Rupa in his dream and by the order of Mahaprabhu Shri Rupa unearthed Shri Vrndadevi from the bank of Brahma Kunda. What a beautiful form was possessed by Shri Vrndadevi who could immediately fulfil the desires of her devotees. The book Shri Sadana Dipika has narrated everything about this incident.449-453


My dear son Shrinivasa, I am utterly unable to describe the activities of Shri Rupa and Shri Sanatana who lived occasionally in Mahavana.454-455


The worship of Shri Madana Gopala by Shri Sanatana

Sanatana once saw Shri Madan Gopala playing with hs friends on the bank of the Jamuna. Madan Gopala, who was bound by the love of Sanatana, also appeared in his dream and said, "I do not like living in Mahavana. I want to stay in your cottage." Then he disappeared, leaving Sanatana in an ecstatic state of mind.456-459


Sanatana who throughly understood the Lord's intention, ecstatically received the Lord in his cottage the next morning. He engaged himself at once in the service of the Lord. But he was unhappy because he could offer only dry chappati to the king of kings, Shri Madan Gopala. The Lord could understand his devotees despression and arranged for his own food.460-463


Building the temple of Shri Madan Gopala

a rich man from Multana named Krishnadasa Kapura was an influential Kapura Kshatriya. He left his boat and fell at the feet of Sanatana Gosvami with tears in his eyes. Sanatana blessed the man and dedicated him to the feet of Shri Madan Mohan. From that very day Krishnadasa began to build a temple for the Lord, decorating it with many valuable jewels. He offered many kinds of foods for his offerings. Sanatana was satisfied by all these arrangements and the Vrajabasis were happy to see Shri Madan Mohan, the light of Sanatana.464-472


The service of Shri Gopinatha by Paramananda and Madhu Pandita

Who can understand how Prabhu revealed himself to his devotees? Paramananda Bhattacarya and Shri Madhu Pandita were two great devotees whose deep devotional love bound Krishna, Vrajendra Kumar. They installed the deity of Shri Gopinatha near the famous Vamshivata. The book Shri Sadana Dipika has described this incident.473-477


When Madhu Pandit saw Madan Mohan he fell at the feet of the Lord, lying flat on the ground. Suddenly the Lord appeared before them and Madhu Pandita was appointed as high priest for his daily service. Shri Paramananda Bhattacarya had an affectionate attachment for Madhu Pandita.478-480


The people of vraja were overwhelmed by the glittering brightness of the complexion of the Lord and they came in crowds for the darshan of Gopinatha. Shri Chaitanyadasa admitted to his son that he was eager to go to Vrndavna.481-485


While describing these incidents to his son, Shri Chaitanyadasa began to cry so miserably that tears rolled down his cheeks and soaked his body. Shrinivasa held the feet of his father and also cried, whondering when his own desires would be fulfilled. After a long time they controlled each other's emotional outbursts and remained absorbed in the lilas of Krishna. Those who attentively listen to this narration of the father and son are sure to obain the precious gem of devotion. The poet Shri Narahari Dasa taking the feet of Shri Advaita Prabhu has taken the reponsibility to narrating the book Shri Bhaktiratnakara.