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          All glories to Gaurachandra, the husband of Laksmi - Vishnupriya. Glory to Nityananda, the life of Shri Vasudeva and Jahnava.1

          All glories to Advaita Isvara, the husband of Shri Sita. All glories to Shri Vasu and Pandita Gadadhara.2

          Glory to Dasa Gadadhara and Narahari and glory to Vakreswara and Shri Gupta Murari.3

          All glories to Jagadish and Shri Svarup Damodara. All glories to Haridasa and Brahmacari Suklambar.4

          Glory to Pundarik Vidyanidhi the great devotee and glory to Vasudev Ghosh, Mukunda and Sanjay.5

          All glories to Rai Ramananda, a man with all good qualities, and all glories to Vasudeva Sarvabhuma Battacarya.6

          All glories to Jagannath Misra Vidya Vachaspati and all glories to Vijaya Vanamali, a great scholar.7

          All glories to Kasi Misra, Shri Acarya Gopinatha, and Shri Mukunda the father of Raghunandan.8

          All glories to Shri Pandita Gadadhara and Damanjaya. Glories to Vansivadhan who overflowed with kindness.9

          All glories to Shri Sanatana and Rupa. All glories to Gopal Bhatta the ocean of good qualities.10

          Glories to Shri Bhugarda and Lokenath the friend of the poor. Glories to Raghunatha and Raghunath Bhatta the ocean of mercy.11

          All glories to Shri Raghava the favorite follower of Mahaprabhu and all glories to Shri Hriday Chaitanya Thakura.12

          All glories to Shri Jiva and Shridasa Vrndavana. Glories to Krishnadasa and Shri Gopala Narayana.13

          All glories to Shrinivasa, who was favored by the love of the associates of Mahaprabhu and all glories to Narottama Dasa the great devotee.14

          All glories to Ramacandra who communicated Mahaprabhu's divine love. All glories to Syamananda, the life of the Vaishnavas.15

          All glories to the listeneres of Bhaktiratnakara who are filled with all good qualities. Now please listen carefully to my narration.16

          When Shri Jahnava Isvari returned to Khardaha, everyone became disturbed for different reasons. Shrinivasa Thakura sent a report to Vishnupur from Jajigram. He also ordered Gokula Nanda and other disciples to stay in Jajigram and study the scriptures. He assured everyone that he would soon return to Navadvipa.17-20

          He also told his disciples that he had written a letter to king Hamvira ordering him to come to Jajigram as soon as possible from Vishnupur. After giving full instructions to his disciples, Shrinivasa Acarya left Jajigram at an auspicious moment. In Shri Khanda he went to the house of Raghunandan and informed him that he was on his way to Navadvipa. 21-23

          Shri Raghunandan behaved affectionately towards Shrinivasa and for some reason he cried while they were having a private discussion. Shrinivasa took leave of Raghunandan after bowing at his feet.24-25

          Shrinivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra Kaviraja started for Navadvipa in an ecstatic mood. When they saw Navadvipa in the distance their eyes filled with tears. They prayed to Mahaprabhu for countless eyes with which to see the glory of Navadvipa. They lost control of their own bodies and fell again and again in the madness of ecstatic love. They reverently touched the ground of Navadvipa and glorified the good fortune of Bharat Varsa because the Ganges and the other holy rivers flowed there. Even the Bhagavat itself praises the glory of Bharat Varsa. Shri Vishnu Purana states that Shri Navadvipa was like Bharat Varsa. It mentions that there are nine dwipas in Bharat varsa namely in Indra dwipa, Kasoru, Gandhava, Tamiapaina, Gavastavali, Naga dwipa, Saumya, and Varuna. The ninth dwipa was Navama dwipa or Navadvipa which was situated on the bank of the river. It extended Sahasra Yajana from North to South.26-35

          The Vishnu Purana also uses the word Sagara Samvaita in describing Navadvipa. It means, "Situated on the seashore" and that has been explained by Shridhara Swami. The book did not mention the name of Navama dvipa seperately so it can be understood that the Navama Dvipa was Shri Navadvipa. Also in Vishnu Purana is the statement that Nadia was the most glorious dvipa in Bharat varsa.


          In Shri Gaura Ganadesha Dipika it is stated; the place which has been regarded by many scholars as Shri Vrndavana, the place which has been called Goloka by the wise men, the place which has been considered Sweta dvipa by gentlemen and the place which has been called the ethereal world by saints may all certainly be called Navadvipa, the most wonderful and glorious place within the vast universe.38

          The name Navadvipa in famous in the world because here the nine methods of devotion to Krishna - Sarvana, kirtana, sarmana, padasavana, archana, vandana, dasya, and sakhya as well atma nividna - had all taken form and been practiced. The real identity of Navadvipa was also stated by Shri Prahlada in the seventh chapter of Shrimad Bhagavatam. He states that if these nine methods of devotional service can be followed sincerely then the devotee can attain pure love of Krishna and fulfillment of all his desires.39-42

          There was no mention of the name Navadvipa in Sakhya, treta, dwapara nor even at the beginning of Kali Yuga. Later in the Kali Yuga the name Navadvipa came into existence. Lord Krishna had originally established a villge named Vrajanava in Vraja for his sports, but in the course of time the village had preished. The name Navadvipa was used during the time of Mahaprabhu and his forefathers to reveal the sport of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. Wise and expert scholars have concluded that Shri Navadvipa dham was a most suitable place on which to meditate. It was truly eternal Vrndavana situated on the bank of the Jahnavi. It had been the abode of Pancha Siva and Cakti and devotion was its greatest ornament. Its nine dvipas - antar dvipa, simanta dvipa, godurna dvipa, madhya dvipa, koli dvipa, ritu, janhu, modadruna and rudra dvipa - were both glorious and magnificant. Some experts estimate that the extent of Navadvipa is Pancha Yajana while others say its extent is 16 krosa. The center of Navadvipa is between Mayapur where Prabhu Jagannatha is situated in his temple.43-56

          Within the district of Nadia, the beautiful Navadvipa area was so popular that it was impossible to calculate how many people actually lived there.57

          In Chaitanya Bhagavat it is stated that Shri Navadvipa Puri looked just like a madhupuri in which there were lakhs of people belonging to the same class. Providence had already arranged the decoration of Navadvipa for the pastime of the Lord.58-59

          Navadvipa was inhabitated by Brahmans and Vaishnavas, people who were virteous, gentle, noble, broad minded, industrious and learned in all scriptures. They were also many doctors, labourers and traders who lived in Navadvipa. They were all honest, religious and educated. They all looked like demigods and Navadvipa was like Vaikuntha.60-62

          A song in Chaitanya Bhagavat states; Jaya Shri Nadia, the abode of happiness. Nadia is a wonderful place where Brahmacaris, grihasta, vanaparasta and sannyasis all lived pecefully together where a new festival was held everyday, where people who had attained astasiddhi served humbly in the temples. The peopleof Nadia were not concerned with dharm, aratha, kama, or moksa. They could control tapatraya, and because they carried the light of devotion within them they were always calm, quiet and full of love. The houses of Nadia were beautiful and the entire district was surrounded by the river Suradhuni (Ganga). The pear like flowers which emulated the rising moon bloomed in Nadia.63-65

          Just like Vrndavana, the beauty of Navadvipa was ever fresh just as though the six seasons were simultaneously present there. The ever increasing glory of Nadia extended throughout the universe, yet its true glory was beyond the comprehension of any living being.66-67

          In Nadia the king of heaven, Indra, and other demigods like Hara (Siva), and Chaturanana (Brahma) engaged peacefully in meditation, while Ghanashyana sported joyfully with his confidants.68

          In this song the pastimes of Shri Gauranga in Navadvipa have been described by the poet in decorative language.69

          In Shri Chaitanya Chandramarta it is stated; I wish I could feel attraction for the place where the ever joyful and magnificently beautiful Shri Chaitanya deva took his birth simply to benedict the living beings. That holy place is Shri Navadvipa dhama where devotion was manifest in every house.70

          That divine place, Navadvipa dham, took advantage of the presence of the disguised incarnation of Shri Mahaprabhu, to reveal its true nature simply for the benefit of the Kali Yuga.71

          In Shrimad Bhagavatam it is stated; my dear Lord Krishna, it is you who protects mankind and destroys the enemies of the universe by taking forms like Nara, Tiryayaka, Rishi, deva, and Matsya. Now, my Lord, it is your desire to disguise yourself and perform nama kirtana in the Kali Yuga. For this reason you are known as Tri Yuga, because it is impossible for any scripture to reveal your disguised incarnation on earth.72

          In Navadvipa Shri Krishna revealed all of the pastimes which he had performed in previous incarnations. He manifest these divine activities as the son of Saci of Navadvipa. The pastimes of Navadvipa were beyond the comprehension of even Lord Brahma and other demigods, but by the wish of Mahaprabhu himself some persons understood him in truth.73-75

          But no one could grasp the totality of the lilas of Mahaprabhu which he performed in Nadia. These same pastimes which Lord Krishna performed in Dwarapa Yuga in Vrndavana were again revealed by Mahaprabhu in the Kali Yuga. Learned people said that Navadvipa was an eternal holy place which covered eight krosa. Just like a lotus flower, Navadvipa sometimes revealed its supernatural powers in their full glory and at other times concealed them. 76-79

          Without considering the extensive distance, pilgrims would come form all directions to meet Mahaprabhu in Nadia. Being attracted by some supernatural spirit they would come to take part in san kirtana.80-81

          Thus Navadvipa, the center of Mahaprabhu's pastimes with his associates, became the greatest of all holy places. 82

          In Navadvipa there was a special area known as Mayapur where the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Gaurachandra, took his birth.


          Mayapur was the Yogapitha of Navadvipa, none different from the Yogapitha of Vrndavana.84

          Mayapur was worshipable even by Brahma and other demigods, and devotees continually sang the glories of that holy place.85

          One's miseries can all be destroyed simply by seeing Mayapur. Shri Acarya Thakura visited that holy place.86

          Shri Acarya, Narottama and Ramacandra entered Mayapur, their minds absorbed in ecstasy. As they entered Mayapur they saw an old brahmin coming in their direction. They bowed to the brahmin and inquired about the welfare of Shri Ishana Thakura and the brahmin replied that he had just come from visiting Ishana. Ishana was a man of the highest quality and was famous throughout the world for his vast knowledge of devotional practices and his faithful service to Shri Saci devi.87-91

          It is stated in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavat; Ishana served Saci devi for a long time and thus became the most fortunate of all the fourteen great persons. The brahmin said that he had always heard about the sincere service of Ishana but he had at last been able to witness that service personally.92-93

          In Vaishnava Vandana it is stated; with folded hands I worship Ishana who is loved by Saci Thakurani.94

          No one can understand the true nature of Ishana's activities. Out of love for Ishana, Nimai chanda never went anywhere without him. And Ishana took Shachinandana Nimai as his life and soul. Nimai had been a restless child and Ishana had managed all of his mischievous activities.95-97

          The brahmin raminisced about the happy days in Nadia when people seemed to swim in an ocean of ecstasy. But Navadvipa had gradually sunk into utter darkness. Then the brahmin eagerly inquired whether the three Vaishnavas had been companions of Nimai Chand.

          Shrinivasa intorduced himself and his two companions to the brahmin, and the old man at once embraced Shrinivasa and wept. Looking affectionately into Shrinivasa's eyes he said, "my dear son, today my desires have all been fulfilled for I have gotten the opportunity to meet you. When I met Ishana today he told me you would be coming. Ishana is waiting eagerly for you so please go there immediately. I will join you in a short while."

          Shrinivasa bowed at the feet of the old brahmin who was walking slowly towards his house and then went quickly to the house of Ishana Thakura. He smeared his body with dust from the compound of the house of Jagannatha Misra and then soaked himself with his own tears. He searched for Ishana Thakura and found him at last in a lonely place. Ishana shone with a brillan effulgence but his eyes were closed and tears streamed down his face and soaked his body. His heavy sighs were as hot as fire.94-114

          Ishana was lamenting pathetically and calling out the name of Mahaprabhu, but when he saw Shrinivasa he eagerly extended his arms to embrace him. He also embraced Narottama and Ramacandra but the three devotees could only cry seeing the condition of Ishana.

          Shri Ishana Thakura consoled them and inquired about their well being. Shrinivasa satisfied him with all information and then presented his personal desire for Ishana's consideration. Shrinivasa wanted to visit the holy places of Nadia on his way to Vraja with Shri Raghava. Ishana told him that only the Lord could fulfil such a desire. The glory of Navdvipa was complicated and ordinary persons could never understand it. To undrstand Nadia one had to get the mercy of Prabhu Gaurachandra. Ishana had learned the glories of the pastimes of Navadvipa from expert devotees and even in the depths of his sorrow he could remember them.

          Later on Ishana Thakura decided that he would personally tour Nadia with Shrinivasa. He ordered Narottama to inform Shrinivasa to meet him and when they assembled he announced that the next morning they would begin a tour of the entire Nadia dhama.

          Shrinivasa joyfully fell at the feet of Shri Ishana who immediately embraced him, holding him tightly to his chest as if to cool his own burning heart. He then introduced Shrinivasa to other associates of Mahaprabhu who lived in Navadvipa. Shrinivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra rested that day in the house of Jagannatha Misra. 115-133

          Shrinivasa tours Nadia with Shri Ishana

THe next morning Shri Ishana Mahasaya, Shrinivasa Acarya, Narottama and Ramacandra began theri tour of Nadia with happy minds. After paying their respects at the temple of Mahaprabhu they left Mayapura and started for Atopura. As Atopura came into view, Shri Ishana began to describe the glory of that place to Shrinivasa.


          The description of Antadvipa

Shri Ishana explained that Atopura had fallen into obsureity for a long time. He then explained the origins of its original name Antardvipa. In the Dwarapara Yuga, Lord Krishna enacted his pastimes in Vraja. Once Lord Brahma stole the cows and cowherd boyfriends of Lord Krishna, but to destroy the pride of Brahma Krishna assumed the form of each calf or cowherd himself. Brahma could not understand the trick and became quite nervous. Driven by guilt Brahma to eulogize Krishna in various ways and Krishna let him continue for a long time before he felt satisfied with Brahma's repentance. Brahma, however, could not forgive himself and decided that his own guilt could not be absorbed without the help of the incarnation of Chaitanya.142-146

          By appearing in the first half of the Kali Yuga, Shri Krishna Chaitanya would benefit the entire age, and if Brahma could worship the Lord in Navadvipa, then certainly the Lord would fulfil his desires. It was here in Atopura that Brahma began his worship of Shri Krishna Chaitanya.

          When Prabhu Gaurachandra appeared as the great lover of devotees, the glittering brightness of his body seemed to illuminate the ten kotas of the globe. His golden complexion defeated the pride of gold and the glory of Kandapa. He was beautiful with his long arms that reached his knees as well as his gorgeous dress and ornaments. His large eyes stretched wide to his ears and their glance seemed to conquer the pride of millions of moons. His nectarine smile mesmerized the entire universe. Brahma was so overwhelmed by the presence of Shri Chaitanya that he lost his composure and wept as he eulogized the Lord. He fell on the ground in humble obeisances at the feet of Shri Chaitanya. Seeing the sincerity of Lord Brahma, Shachinandana was satisfied and spoke sweetly, "You are always my favorite and I am always pleased with you. Now tell me what yor desire."147-158

          Brahma humbly replied, "My dear Lord please take your birth in Nadia in the Kali Yuga and reveal your pastimes with your associates. At that time please allow me to take birth in a lower caste because I want to destroy my own pride. People should look on me with contempt so that my ego will be destroyed and I will rest humbly at your feet. In this incarnation please do not cover me with your illusory maya as you have done previously. I want to be continually involved with your associates and I want to worship throughout my many lives and deaths."159-164

          Shri Mahaprabhu was quite satisfied with the prayer of Lord Brahma and granted his request. Brahma was delighted and asked, "You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead itself, so who can understand your intentions? In your previous incarnations you have performed many pastimes. What will you reveal to us when you come to Nadia? I know you will appear there to save mankind from damnation, but I want to hear the details of your activities."165-169

          "In the form of a devotee I shall practice devotion, and I shall reveal the glory of the precious jewel sankirtana," replied Mahaprabhu. "I shall attract the attention of mankind to the glory of Vraja by an application of Madhura rasa.?170-172

          As he spoke Shri Ishana cried softly in memory of the love and devotion of Shri Radha and of the three wishes of Mahaprabhu which he expressed to Brahma and later revealed to qualify unvirteous devotees.173-174

          Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita has also mentioned these three goals of Prabhu Shri Krishna Chaitanya. 175

          Prabhu Chaitanya repeated his promise to Lord Brahma, "I assure you that you will be present in Navadvipa to observe my pastimes." Thereafter, Mahaprabhu disappeared and the place became known as Antadvipa. Brahma was satisfied that he had obtained the mercy of the Lord and waited eagerly for the auspicious incarnation of Mahaprabhu in Navadvipa. "My dear Shrinivasa," said Ishana, "who can describe the pastimes of Mahaprabhu in Antadvipa? Simply seeing Antadvipa fuflils all desires."176-180

          Visit to Suvana Vihara

Shri Ishana directed the devotees towards the village of Suvani Vihara where Mahaprabhu had performed many pastimes. Then they entered the village of Samalia.181-182

          Samanta dvipa or Samalia

As they looked at the beauty of Samalia, Ishana Thakura narrated the various incidents which made it famous throughout the world. Once Maheswara in Kailasha Parvata was enjoying the nectarine glories of the devotees of Nadia who were engaged in worship of all the incarnations of Shri Vishnu. Maheswara grew ecstatic as he sang the glories of the devotees of Krishna with his five mouths. While chanting Digavarma also danced so vigoursly that Girivara Kailash began to tremble. 183-184

          While dancing Maheswara played his instruments singa and damaru whose sound pierced the sky and he simultaneouly roared like a lion. Seeing he condition of her husband, Palvati devi felt puzzled and could not decide what to do. After a long time Deva Trilichana grew calm amd quiet but shed tears in ecstatic joy. Seated on his tiger skin and poised like a silver mountain, he sang the glories of the Kali yuga. Looking here and there with a beautiful smile on his face he called Paravati devi to sit by his side.

          Paravati joined him gladly and said, "My Lord I will not forget the favouring you have shown me today but I do not recognise he names you have uttered in your song. You have repeatedly praised the Kali Yuga, but what is in Kali Yuga?"

          Maheswara sweetly responded, "in this Kali Yuga, Shri Krishna Chaitanya will take his birth from the womb of Shri Saci devi in Nadia. He will have the complexion of Shri Radha and his beauty will conquer the entire universe including heaven and hell. He will destroy the pride of Kandarpa and will perform wonderful pastimes in Navadvipa. He and his associates will reveal the valuable love of Vraja and through him the magnificent ocean of sankirtana will become manifest to save the universe from damnation. During the appearing of this incarnation, no one will feel disatisfied. Even former criminals will gain his favor. You will find no one who is such an ocean of love as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu." 185-207

          Thereafter Paravati began to worship Shri Gaurasundara in Navadvipa and Mahaprabhu happily appeared before her, shedding the light of millions of moons from his beautiful face. Parvati was overwhelmed by his large eyes, broad chest his decorative body, his beautiful clothes and his magnificant gait. When Parvati could not control her tears, the Lord Vishvambhara said sweetly, "Although you have worshipped me for so long, still you cannot control yourself. Please tell me whatever you want."


          Parvati folded her hands and answered him gladly, "I know that you will bendict the Kali Yuga by your incarnation. You will easily destroy the tapa traya of the universe and increase the happiness of mankind. My Lord, as you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, you must know why I am so restless. I am guilty of some misjudgement towards my devotees. When I curse Chitraketu I had to take birth as Viritriusura. But your devotee had such glorious character that even when he was cursed he eulogised me. My Lord, please give him a chance to be one of your associates in your pastimes in Nadia, and please allow me to observe your sports in Nadia at all times."219-226

          Mahaprabhu answered, "your desires will all be fulfilled because without you I cannot perform my activities." Thereafter Mahaprabhu disappeared and Parvati fell on the ground in obeisances. Parvati placed the dust of Mahaprabhu's feet in the center of her hair. For that reason this place has been known as samanta dvipa. Parvati eagerly awaited the incarnation of the Lord in Nadia.227-230

          Samanta dvipa is a holy place which can destroy the fear of this material world and can help obtain the gem of devotion. Until now the people of this area worshipped devi but in the Samalia village Shri Gaurasundara and his many associates enacted their pastimes and performed Nagara sankirtana. Thereafter Shri Ishana and the devotees continued their journey through Nadia. 231-237

          Godruma or Gadigacha

While discussing the devotees of Shri Chaitanya, they entered the village of Gadigacha. Ishana began his narration of the history of Gadigacha by explaining that it had formerly been known as Godruma dvipa. One day Indra told Surabigavi, "because of the illusory potency of the Lord I am unable to control myself, and because of my pride I have created many offenses. Although the Lord has forgiven me I still feel guilty. I want to be trhoughly punished so that I may once again serve my Lord properly."

          Surabigavi sweetly replied, "I can understand your mind and I assure you that your desires will be fulfilled by this incarnation of the Lord. He will reveal himself in the near future simply to benefit the Kaliyuga. Vrajendranandana Krishna will take the form of Shri Gauranga and reveal his transcendental pastimes in Navadvipa. Only those who get his mercy will be able to understand his true nature. As Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Lord will save mankind from all types of miseries.238-249

          Surabi and Indra were delighted simply to observe the beauty of Navadvipa. In order to worship the feet of the Lord Surabi was able to see Sanatana who was the Lord himself. Her ecstasy was boundless as she observed the magnificant beauty of Shri Gaurachandra with his sweet smile. The moon of Navadvipa said to Surabi, "I can understand your mind and therefore I am empowering you to observe my pastimes in Navadvipa and thus all your desires will be fulfilled." 250-254

          The Lord had just spoken his bendiction to Surabi when Indra came running forward and humbly fell on the ground at his feet. Seeing Indra's miserable state of mind Prabhu Visvambhara assured him, "do not worry. You will get your desires fulfilled."255-257

          Indra then spoke to the Lord, "is there anyone who is not overwhelmed by your illusory potency? I long to see your Navadvipa pastimes which will be non different than your pastimes in Vraja. The Lord smiled softly and blessed Indra who in turn joined with Surabi in eulogising the Lord in various ways. They were very disappointed when Shri Chaitanya disappeared from their vision. They turned their attention once again to the beauty of Navadvipa where devotional love had already revealed itself. Previously there was a large pepula tree under which Surabi would rest and because of that the place had been known as Godruma dvipa. Its popular name was Gadigacha and whoever visited the holy place would gain devotion at the feet of Krishna and get his desires fulfilled. 258-261

          Madhya dvipa or Majita

Ishana Thakura and his three associates were enchanted by the beauty of Majita village which had previously been known as Madhya dvipa. At one time there were seven saints who were absorbed in the glories of the Lord and as they observed the beauty of Navadvipa they began to discuss the reasons why Navadvipa was the most holy of all places. One saint said that the glories of Nadia were boundless because the Lord would perform many pastimes there, both in Prakata and Aparakata forms. Everyone would be able to see the Prakata lilas of the Lord and the most fortunate devotees would also see the Aprakata lilas. Another saint said that simply to bendict the Kali Yuga the Lord would take birth in the house of Jagannatha Misra. His complexion would be golden and he would enchant the entire universe. Another saint said that the Navavipa pastimes of Krishna would be beyond the comprehension of Brahma and the demigods. Yet another commetned that because Shachinandana was self willed so all his activities would be performed according to his own personal desires. In the Kali Yuga he would benedict mankind with the most precious gift of devotional love. Another saint commented that because Mahaprabhu would be the ocean of kindness, his favor towards the living entities would be boundless. He and his associates would enchant the entire world by sankirtana. Yet another saint knew that Gaurahari would be the life of his devotees and he would renounce his home to live the life of an ascetic. Although he would bless the holy places with his presence, he would live in Khetra out of great love for Lord Jagannatha. In this way the seven saints talked and remembered the lotus feet of the Lord.270-288

          During the mid day Sun and like the mid day Sun, Prabhu appeared before them. The saints could not drop their eye lashes to observe the enchanting beauty of Prabhu. Being ecstatic they fell at the feet of Prabhu and began to eulogise Prabhu in various ways. After competing their circumbulating around Prabhu, they said to him, "O dear Lord, we all cherish the hope of observing your Nadia sport with our own eyes. We also want to see Nadia in our meditation and to sing the praise of your devotees."289-194

          The saints prayed to Prabhu to give them thousand eyes to observe Prabhu Himself. Prabhu being pleased, told them, "Your desires will be fulfilled but mind one thing, my Navadvipa sport is a confidentail one. So you have to keep it in your condifence. Hearing this, the saints said, "Prabhu, is it hymanly possible to cover the sun by the palms. Prabhu began to smile on hearing this. After favoring the saints, Prabhu disappeared. They felt very sorry die to his disappearance and left that place named Kumara Hatta on the bank of the Ganges very suitable for thier establishment and decided to stay there. That place became famous as the Sapta Rishi Ghata.295-303

          This place had become famous by the name of Madhua Dvipa because Prabhu had appeared here like the mid day Sun.304-305


THe saints who had been engaged in meditation here, had kept its named as Madhya vipa which could perish all misfortunes. Due to the sport of Gauranga here, it had become so famous in the world.


          Shri Ishana now advance gladly towards the village named Vamana paukhera. He started talking about the glory of that place where Prabhu had performed many sports to Shrinivasa. Some experts said that Vamana Paukhera had been formerly known as Vramhana - Puskara. He began to narrate the history of this village to Shrinivasa.309-313

          There had been a highly experienced old brahmin who was also a greag meditator and scholar in all scriptures. he had a hope in his mind to visit the Puskara Tirtha for which he had a great reverence, but could not go there due to his old age. he repented and said, "I am unfortunate as I cannot see Shri Puskara Tirtha as it is situated in distant western country . I have spent my golden days in futile. I am afraid as to when Shri Tirtha will favor me to go there." The brahmins began to lament over this privately. Observing the brahmin's miserable state of mind, Shri Puskara Tirtharaj out of kindness appeared before him. Suddenly a new kunda exposed itself with pure water. Shri Pukara tirtha Raj appeared before the brahmin and told him sweetly, "Do not lament anymore. Come and take your bath in this kunda." The brahmin became very glad and hastily took his bath. As soon as he got up from the Kunda, he obtained some sort of celestial knowledge.314-324

          The brahmins eulogised Shri Puskara Tirtha by falling on the ground and with his folded hands he again told him, "it is kind of you that you have come from a distant place for me." Puskara replied, "I have not come from a distant place on the contrary I used to live in Nadia for serving that holy place where all the holy places used to assemble to pay their homage.325-328

          Navadvipa dharma is the eternal abode of love and devotion which is hte sporting place of Shri Gaurachandra who has done the Rasa Vilasa once in Shri Vrndavana. He is Syama in Vrndavana and he is Gaura in Navadvipa. In Navadvipa Prabhu behaves like a Gopa. This Kaliyuga will float in the river of happiness due to the Prakata and aprakata sport of Prabhu. In this Kaliyuga Prabhu will distribute the precious gem like devotion and deliver the living being from damnation and reveal the glory of san kirtana. The fortunate people of Nadia can see the sport of Prabhu."


          On hearing all of this the brahmin began to weep loudly saying, "Can I take birth that time in Nadia? Can I be so fortunate to observe the beautiful sport of Gaura Candra?" Shri Puskara Raj appeared after consoling the brahmin in various ways.337-339

          The brahmin became very disheartened for the disappearances of Puskara. In the meantime an oracle came to the brahmin. "Always think of the feet of Shri Gaurachandra. Calm down for all your wishes will be fulfilled." The brahmin became very happy and began to think of the Moon of Navadvipa all the time. Everyone was very astonished to observe the efforts of brahmin through which he been trying to please Prabhu. The named Vramana Puskar came from that favor which Puskara had given to the brahmin.


          So this was the place of Puskara Tirtha where the brahmin had worshipped Prabhu. He who lived here, could get the darshan of Prabhu.346-347

          He who sang the praise of this place, could avoid the sufferings of Hell.348

          "O Shrinivasa, what shall I say as to whay I have seen here." Saying so, Shri Ishana began to weep. Now they started from Vamana Pukara.349-350

          Standing near the boundary of Hatadanga village Ishana told Shrinivasa, "Look at the village Hatadanga which had been formerly known as Uchagartha. I am now telling you from where the name has come. Indra and other deities used to live here and they began to talk to one anoher that the Kaliyuga would be gratified by the bodily appearance of Prabhu Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Advaita Iswana and Nityananda Valarama.351-356

          Some said that Navadvipa would become the sporting place of all Vaishnavas, Prabhus who would be the life of the poor, worthless and even wretched mankind. Some said that Prabhu with his associates would charm the universe by san kirtana. A river of divine happiness would be flowing in Nadia which would destroy the sins of mankind. Some said that the fortunate people could only observe the sport of Prabhu in Nadia.357-361

          They all cherished the hope of taking birth in Navadvipa at the time of Prabhu's appearance there. Some said with great confidence that they must be born there at that time to enjoy the sport of Prabhu. They hoped that they could engage themselves in the service of Prabhu. They began to sing kirtana loudly by raising their hands high up in the sky and pray to Prabhu to appear as early as possible in Navdvipa. They began to dance madly in loud kirtana. From this type of loud singing came the name Uchyahatta. Yhe sight of this place brough well being to mankind because Saci Kumara with his associates had gratified this place by his divine love and sankirtana. While describing this Ishana could not control his tears as the memory of Prabhu had been coming to his mind.362-371

          Koladwipa or Kulia Paharpura

          Shri Ishana with Shrinivasa entered the village named Kulia Paharapura. He said to Shrinivasa that this place had been formerly known as Koladwipa. A brahmin devotee of Shri Koladeva had started his worship for Shri Koladwipa here. That brahmin had been singin the praise of the character of Shri Koladeva with tears in his eyes. He prayed to Koladeva to appear before him only once. His sincere prayer and tears attracted the mind of the devotee loving Prabhu Gaurahari who took the form of Kola whose superb beauty, well shaped hands, legs, nose, eyes and heigh as high as a mountain went beyond description. The brahmin became overwhelmed to observe the beauty of Varahadeva and fell at the feet of Prabhu delightfully. Devotee loving Koladeva told the brahmin sweetly that his wishes would be fulfilled and he could observe the sport of Prabhu in Nadia. Then he disappeared. Though the brahmin became very disappointed yet he controlled his emotion and began to think about the form of incarnation which Prabhu would take in Navadvipa.372-388

          The brahmin took the help of the Vedas and other scriptures to find out the details of the appearance of Prabhu and his nature of incarnation. He found that Prabhu would appeare with Gaura complexion in a brahmin family of the Navadvipa in this Kaliyuga. He would establish the glory of sankirtana and distribute his doctrine of love and devotion among the poor and wretched mankind. He would taste the juice of Vraja love and would accept the life of an ascetic in an auspicious moment. Observing the supernatural land he began to lament in this way. Even the scriptures have mentioned the name of Shri Navadvipa dharma which will be the sporting place of Prabhu but I am so unfortunate that I know nothing of it. I doubt whether I will be favored by Shri Navadvipa to take my birth in Navadvipa at the time of Prabhu's appearance. Then he began to weep in despair. In the meantime he got an oracle from the sky saying, "You will be born at that time." The brahmin became very glad and was absorbed into the nama of Prabhu. Ishana told Shrinivasa that he had heard from an old expert that due to the favor of Koladeva to the brahmin, this place came to be known as Koladvipa. The sight of this place could destroy all kinds of ill beings and could grant pure devotion to mankind by fulfilling their desires to the fullest extent. In this way they kept on travelling the places of sport of Prabhu.389-402

          Ritudwipa or Ratupura

          While they reached near the village Samudragari, Ishana pointed out to Shrinivasa that the experts had called it Shri Samudra gati because it dealt with the topic on Ganga and Samudra. The village Samudra Gati had flourished here depending on the favor of the Ganges.403-405

          One day Samudra addressed Ganga saying that there has been none more fortunate than Ganga in the world. According to wise and virteous people, Shri Gaurasundara who was God Himself would bodily appear in Nadia and he would perform many sports onthe bank of the Ganga. He with his companions would sport in the water of the Ganga just like the sport of Krishna in the water of the Yamuna. Janhavi told Samudra sweetly, "to whom shall I tell my miseries? Though at first I will get much pleasure yet much more miseries will be waiting for me when Mahaprabhu will accept asceticism and will go to live by your side. He will increase your pleasure day by day by his numerous sports there. While there are so many chances of your pleasure then why are you increasing my miseries by telling my fortune?" Samudraanswered, "What are you saying? I have to see him in the dress of an ascetic which will be so pain staking to me that I am afraid as to how can I bear that. For this reason to get peace of mind I have come to you to take refuge under your kindness because you will show me the sport of Prabhu in nadia and his magnificant and enchanting beauty. I will obserce the favorite companions of Prabhu making the hair style of Prabhu's beautiful curly hair. I willsee with your help Prabhu and his associates all the time.


          In this way they remianed in constant thinking of the appearance of Prabhu and became very impatient. Gradually Suradhumi and Samudra came to realise that the time had come for the appearance of Prabhu.420-422

          At the time of appearance, the day became highly auspicious as that day occurred on the lunar eclipse and nama kirtana. Shri Navadvipa bhumi had become highly spirited and so also the house of Jagannatha Misra. All the peoplr began to float in the ocean of extreme happiness. All the saints began to worship Prabhu and Viramba and other deities began to shower flowers from heaven. When actually Prabhu was born, the news of his birth at once had been circulated in the world. To observe the Prakata lila of Prabhu Sindhu being perplexed, told many things to Ganga. Samudra everyday used to come with ganga and enjoy the sport of Gaurachandra. One day Samudra saw Gaurachandra with his associates under a tree on the bank of the Ganga. He had been sitting on a celestial throne who in beauty could defeat kandarpa, who in his beautiful curly hair could charm the whole world, who with his facial beauty could defeat million of moons. He was smiling as if showing nectar. His eyes were broad and stretched up to his ears. His hands were long stretching up to his knees an dhis chest was remarkably broad. He looked very beautiful with his well shaped naval, knees and legs. He wore a white silk dhoti with red borders. His body was smeared with samdal paste and was decorated by many types of scented flowers and ornaments. He looked beautiful with his companions standing at both sides. Shri Nityananda was on his right side and Gadadhara was on his left side. Advaita was in front of him with Shrinivasa and others. Samudra became ecstatic by this sight and looked at Gaurachandra without dropping his eyelashes.423-440

          Samudra became overwhelmed to observe Prabhu's companions serving their Prabhu. he began to cherish many hopes in his mind. Prabhu who was God Himself realised his mind and granted his wishes. Being mad in joy Smudra kept on enjoying the sport of Prabhu. He began to admire the fortune of ganga with whom he used to come everyday to observe the sport of Prabhu. The name Samudra Gati came from the coming of Samudra with Ganga. Now people used to call it by the named Samudra Gati the sight of which could increase the feeling of pure devotion in the minds of the devotees.441-447

          From Samudra Gari, Ishana started for Champakahatta. He said to Shrinivasa that the name Champakahatta had been transformed into Champakhati. In this place there had been a Champakavana where the gardeners used to pluck many champa flowers to make garlands and different types of flower ornaments. They used to establish a flower market here for selling their flower commoditites and people used to buy from them for worshipping of deities. In this way the name chapmahati came. 448-453

          Some experts said that here, there had been an old brahmin scholar who had great devotion for Krishna. One day he collected numerous Champaka flowers and began to worship Krishna most gladly. Though he thought of the green complexioned Krishna yet he viewed the form of Gaura in that form of Krishna. His Gaura complexion was as similar as that of Champaka flowers. Suddenly they form of Gaura disappeared leaving the brahmin in utter despair. He with a heavy heart began to stare at the Champaka flowers and started studying hte Vedas and scriptures in the hope of finding any answer to it. After a long time he controlled his emotions and told from the scriptures that Prabhu would appear in the Kali Yuga as an incarnation of Krishna for establishing the glory of san kirtana and changing the world by it. He again thought that Krishna would appear as an incarnation in Navadvipa but the time of appearance would take a longtime and that he would not be able to see the beautiful Gaura complexioned body of Prabhu. While thinking so he had been extracting heavy sighs and his face and breast used to be moistened with tears from his eyes.454-465

          Due to the wish of Prabhu, he fell asleep and dreamt of Shri Gaurahari whose beauty seemed to be beautiful like a champaka flower, whose facila beauty could defeat the beauty of his beautiful curly hair, eyes, nose hands and chest etc. which enchanted the whole universe. The brahmin's joy know no bounds and out of despair and grief the brahmin lost his sense. After a long time the brahmin our of passion embraced the champaka flowers and said, "You have showed me Gaura incarnation."446-473

          From the words of elulogies which the brahmin had uttered for the champaka flowers, came the name champakahatta. Prabhu then granted him the fulfillment of his desires. The brahmin became very glad as he could see Prabhu in Nadia. IShana now showed Shrinivasa the house of brahmin Vaninath who was the very favorite of Prabhu Gauranga. This hint about Vaninath had also been given by the book Shri Gaura Ganaddesa Dipika.474-480

          From Champika Village Ishana started for Ratipuna village. When they reached near Ratupura, he told Shrinivasa tht formerly it had been a small one. Formerly this place had been the dwellin place of numerous devotees of Krishna. Shri Gauranga had done many sports in this Ratupura village.481-484

          "O my dear Shrinivasa, said Ishana, "now I an narrating you the history of this village. Here all the six seasone Varsha, Sarata, Hemanta, Sita or Sisira, Vasanta and Girishma used to be present here bodily. Addressing one anoter they began to talk sweetly. Krishna candra will appear in Nadia, Some of them said, he will perform wonderful sport here to increase our happiness little by little. Some one said, "When Vrajendra nandana Gaurahari will reveal himself for our happiness. Some said, "Shri Narada has announced everywhere that he will be the incarnation in the first half of the Kali yuga." Some said, "when will he appear?" Some others said, "Vasanta may be that fortunate person." Vasanta became glad and he began to thank his own good fortune. The other Ritus with their king kept on thinking about the time of Prabhu's appearance. They began to worship Prabhu with many hopes in their minds. For this reason this place became famous as Ritudwipa. Prabhu would sport here during the all six seasons. He who took the view of this place,could be entitled to take his birth in Nadia to observe the sport of Prabhu. Saying so Ishana from Ritudvipa started for Vidya nagara with Srnivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra.485-498


          Ishana told them, look at the beauty of Vidyanagara. Now I am telling you from where the named has come." One day Vrihaspati in the court of the deities became very anxious. The deities asked him, "why are you so anxious? Vrihaspati being jubilant told them, "Prabhu will be born in the house of brahmin Jagannatha Misra in Nadia in this Kali Yuga. Prabhu Gaurachandra as the son of Jagannatha used to reveal many sports in his different forms of incarnation. When he is the incarnation of Rama, he shows his skill in weapons. Whereas being in incarnation of Krishna, he shows himself as a Gopa or a cowboy. Being the incarnation of Gaurachandra, he shows his skill in education.499-506

          "Prabhu will fulfil all my desires. I must go to navadvipa for worshipping Prabhu requesting him to reveal himself soon in Navadvipa." So Vrihaspati started for Navadvipa where Prabhu would perform his sport of education.507-510

          For observing this sport, Vrihaspati, a respected person, came to Navadvipa with his disciples. So Vrihaspati came tothis Vidyanagara for worshipping Shri Gaura Sundara Prabhu ordered Vrihaspati, "very soon I shall reveal myself with my companions here. Spread education as much as possible." Rrihaspati became bery glad and began practising education very sincerely. He also began to teach many pupils here. For the sport of Prabhu, he engaged himself in this effort and for this reason this place became famous as Shri Vidyanagara. The view of this village brought ulfillment in all spheres and removed ignorance. Gauranga with his companions chose this place for his different sports by living in the house of his devotee.511-518

          Now Ishana Thakura entered slowly Jannagara. He told Shrinivasa that this Jannagara had been formerly known as Jannadvipa. But why it had been called Jannadvipa? Janhumini thought in his mind that by observing the view of beautiful Navadvipa, "Kaliyuga is more fortunate than other Yugas because in the Kaliyuga appears Shri Krishna Chaitanya as an incarnation. He will appear with his associates in Navadvipa in the first part of the Kaliyuga. He will be of Gaura complexion and very beautiful looking. He will perform many sports here. Will I be able to observe this sport.


          Thinking in this way the saint began to worship Shri Gaurachandra and keeping his eyes shut he began to meditate. In his meditation, Prabhu appeared in his heart. He became enchanted to observe the grass green skin colored complexion of Prabhu in his usual posture of standing with a feather of a peacock in his hair. He had been holding a flute in his hand and played it sweetly. His moon like face glittered in brightness. Suddenly he saw Prabhu in his ascetic dress of saffron color holding a stick and a Kamamdolu in his hand and his bright skin had been glittering as bright as the Sun.527-532

          The saint could not keep his eyes shut any longer. As soon as he opened them he saw him in front of him. Prabhu's beautiful curly hair and the ornaments in his body which had darkened in the glow of gold mesmerised the saint and even the whole world. He had been looking so magnificant that kandarpa would be put to shame. Prabhu Gaurahari favored the saint who fell to the lotus like feet of Prabhu and soaked them with the tears from his eyes. The saint began to eulogise Prabhu by placing his eyes on the beautiful face of Prabhu.533-539

          Prabhu embraced him again and again and blessed him by saying that all his desires would be fulfilled. Then Prabhu disappeared and the saint being pacified began to thank his own good fortune. He said to himself, "My meditation became successful after a long time." The saint sincerely wanted to sing the praise of Nadia and engaged himself in singing the glory and grace of Nadia Cand all the time. In doing so his body became covered in dust and his eyes shed tears. As Janhumuni used to stay here, this place became to be known as Janhudwipa. Ishana told Shrinivasa, "While thinking of the sport of Shri Gaurachandra in Janhumuni, my heart is breaking up. People say that here is situated a beautiful forest full of different types of flowers named Tapavana of Shri Janhumuni. The view of this place can remove all miseries and agonies and can increase faith in devotion."540-548

          From Jannagara, Ishana went to the direction of Maugachi village which was a beautiful place and this place had been formerly known as Modrumadvipa. The real history of this place was that for keeping the words of his father, the son of Kaushalya had left Ayodhya and had gone to the forest. Having left the royal dress, Prabhu gladly began to travel in the forest with Janaki and lakshmana. The hard way became soft as Prabhu had walked on it with his soft feet.549-555

          The narrative of Prabhu's sports in the forest is a beautiful one. While Prabhu had been travelling from one forest to another, the weather always remained favorable to him. The people from all the countries became mad to observe the beauty of Ramacandra. The forests and mountains which Prabhu had visited became famous as great holy places.556-558

          A short distance from here to the northern direction, Ramacandra used to stay in a mountain cave. Even today peoples visit that holy place. In this way travelling many places Ramacandra came here. It was a beautiful scene that Ramacandra, the son of king Dasharatta was walking first, then Shri Janaki in the middle and Thakura Laksmana at the end. Apart from all people even the animals and birds were enchanted to see the beauty of Shri Rama, Shri Janaki and Shri Laksmana. Rama Rajivalochana who had been respected by even Vrahma and other Gods, had been walking with the gait of an elephant looking here and there. From a short distance of Navadvipa, he looked at the place with a smile on his face. observing the smiling face of Ramacandra, Janaki asked him, "why are you smiling?" Shri Ramacandra replied, "After the dwapara Yuga, there will occur a very funny thing in Navadvipa in the first half of the Kaliyuga. I shall perform a queer sport in Navadvipa and then I shall accept the life of an ascetic. I shall travel in this way as I am doing now." Thinking of the future I now smile.559-570

          Hearing this Janaki asked him with folded hands, "what will you do my Lord in Nadia?"571

          Prabhu said, "I shall be born of a brahmin family and shall reveal many activities in my childhood. My color complexion will be bright yellow which will enchant the world. I shall become a great scholar and become famous in the world. I shall marry twice after the death of my father. I shall go to gaya for Pindadana just as I have done in my life. I shall increase the devotional spirit of my devotees in Navadvipa and preach the glory of San kirtana. I shall go for asceticism after giving consolation to my favorite associates."572-577

          Listening to this, Shri Janaki told him with a smile, "As you have decided to go for asceticism then why will you marry? I think it is not fair, why are you so cruel when you are known for your kindness."578-579

          Hearing this Rama was ashamed and told Shri Janaki, "it is beyond your realisation what I am going to do in Navadvipa." While saying so Shri rama along with Shri Janaki and Lakshmana came to this place.580-581

          Here there had been a great banian tree. They came to stnad under its shade. Again Shri janaki asked, "What type of san kirtana will you start in Nadia?'582-583

          Janaki Vallava Rama Rajivalochana told his loving wife, "shut your eyes."584

          Then Janaki shut her eyes an dobserved the wonderful sport in Navadvipa. The numerous devotees of Prabhu had been engaged in San kirtana by singing and dancing with numerous musicial instruments. Among the devotees stood Shri Gaura Sundara looking very young and as an ocean of beauty. Sita became overwhelmed to see the world conquering beauty of Shri Gaurahari. She opened her eyes and looked at her loving husband. Lovingly Shri Ramacandra pacified her.585-589

          On the other hand, Shri Sumitranandana Lakshmana knew everything and so he became very much emotional to remember the memory of hte sport. As all of them became very jovial here, the place became famous as Modadrumadvipa.590-591

He who got the view of this madadrumdavipa, got the favour of Shri Rama, Janaki and Lakshmana.592

          "O my dear Shrinivasa, this is the place called Ramavata which disappeared with the entrance of the Kaliyuga.593

          From here Ramacandra gladly started for Utkala with Shri Sita and Lakshmana. In Utkala, Shri ramacandra installed the idol of Siva in the name of Rameswara. This place situated on the bank of hte Suvarna rekha. From there Ramacandra began to travel from forest to forest and everywhere he revealed various types of sports. Shri Gaura Sundara had done many sports in this Mangachi village.


          "O my dear Shrinivas, here lived a brahmin who was a worshipper of Rama. He had been present in the house of Jagannatha Misra at the time of the birth of Prabhu Visvambara. On the auspicious moment the deities began to make noises of ovation in the name of Prabhu and this made the brahmin very happy as he realised that his Prabhu had revealed himself. He knew at once that King Dasharatha had come in the form of Jagannatha Misra and Queen Kaushllya as mother Saci.599-603

          He did not tell anyone but only kept on observing Visvambhara. Then he returned to his own house. While thinking of Durva dala Shyama Ramacandra, he saw the son of Misra, Gaurahari in place of Ramacandra. In the very moment he fell asleep and saw Gaurachandra in front of him who had been looking magnificant in his Gaura complexion, with a moon like face, in his Gaura complexion, with a moon like face, big and long hands, broad chest, big eyes, silky curly hair on his head with a flower crown and the sacred thread hanging round his beautiful neck. He had been sitting on an ornamental throne in front of which stood Vrambha and other Gods with their folded hands.604-611

          While the brahmins had been looking at the beauty of gauracandra, Prabhu quickly changed his form and became Durvadala Syama Shri Rama Candra, son of Kaushallya who had been looking very beautiful in ornamental decorated royal dress, smiling face, the bow and arrow in his hands. Shri Sita Devi had sat by his side and Lakshmana had been holding an umbrella on the head of Prabhu. In front of Prabhu there stood Shri Pavana nandana Hanuman with his hands folded. The brahmins at once fell at the feet of Ramacandra who favored him very much as he was the greatest lover of his devotees. Then he disappeared and the brahmin woke up. But he became so grief stricken that Prabhu again appeaed before him and forbade him to tell anyone about this dream. So the Brahmin did not tell anybody. Ishana told Shrinivasa that the brahmin had done great favor to him and told him somethng of great value. In his opinion, he who once got the view of the place dwelt by te brahmin could be relieved from worldly services.612-623


Here Shri Gaura Candra had revealed the rama Lila with his assoicates.  After describing all these incidents, Ishana started for Vaikuntha from Maugachi. 624-623


Here Shri Gaura Candra had revealed the Rama Lila with his associates.  After describing all these incidents, Ishana started for Vaikuntha from Maugachi.624-625


Shri Ishana told Shrinivasa and Narottama slowly, "Look at Vaikuntha and listen to its former history."626-627


One day Narada came to Lord Siva in Kailasha Parvata from Shri Vaikuntha.  Siva then with his followers being seated on a leather seat, had been talking about Shri Krishna Carita with his five mouths.  Narada seeing Mahesa became very ecstatic and fell to his feet.  Deva Trilochana took Narada to his bosom and asked from where have you come.628-631


Narada gladly told him, "I had gone to see Shri Narayana whom I found was engaged in discussing with is followers about Navadvipa all the time.  Navadvipa is hte most beautiful place in Varthavarsa where Prabhu Narayana with his followers want to go. Seeing the great fun there I come here quickly to enquire what will be happening in Nadia.632-635


On hearing Narada Deva, Maheswara began to smile and became ecstatic in love.  He started at Narada and began to swing his head with heavy roars, Shri Kailasha Girisara began to weep in ecstatic love and wet his whole body with tears from his eyes. Leaving Maheswara in that ecstatic condition, Narada started from that place and reached Navadvipa and began to think in his mind.



This Navadvipa dharma was the best of all dharmas where the Sarvadharma Nath used to live.  I have come from Shri Vaikuntha Narayana.  Am I able to see him in this place?641-642


As soon as he thought it in his mind, he saw Shri Vaikuntha with his followers.  Narada became so moved by love that he could not control his tears.  After praying to Shri Navadvipa dharma in various ways, Narada went to Dwaraka to visit Lord Krishna. Rukmini Nath, Krishna became very happy to see Narada and asked him form where he had come.643-647


Narada replied, coming from Navadvipa, and kept his mouth shut. Krishna at once realised the mind of his devotees and took the form of Gaura.  Observing Nadiacandra, narada impatiently began to weep.  At once Prabhu took th form of Syamananda Krishna.  The saint kept this valuable jewel like gaura Krishna image in his mind privately.  Prabhu being glad to see the effort of Narada, advised him go to Siva in Kailasha and tell all of them to come to Navadvipa because time has come near.  So don't make dealy."



Having heard the sweet words of Krishna, Narada took his leave from there.  He hastily reached Kalilasha while singing the praise of gaura Krishna in his Vina (a musicial instrument) 656-657


Bowing to the feet of Siva, Narada reported to him everything which made Siva very much emotional.  He took Narada in his lap and began to dance in joy.  Narada conveyed the news of Nadia to everywhere and again came to this place.658-660


Narada began to think in his mind where he should be able to see the sport of Dwaraka here.  It seemed to him tht the riches of Dwaraka were all present in Nadia.  He could see Shri gauracandra sitting on an ornamental throne whose beauty could even make kandarpa enchanting.  Narada became overwhelmed to see the beauty of Prabhu.661-664


Prabhu said sweetly to Narada, "you will see my Prakata lila here within a very short time.  I shall keep your wish by delivering people permission.665-666


Then Prabhu disappeared leaving Narada in a perplexed state of mind.  He stayed for sometime in this Narayana Pitha and then started for a tour programme.  As Narada had seen Narayana here, this place became famous as Narayana Pitha.667-670


As the riches of Shri Vaikuntha revealed itself here it came to be known as Vaikunthapura.  The king of this place was a very efficient man who manifested the worship of Shri Narayana here. This village had been ruined for some time but again it flourished itself after a few years.  An old brahmin scholar used to live here who was a worshipper of Lakshmi narayana.  His pure efforts to serve Lakshmi Narayana was beyond any saying.671-675


Some times he used to go to the house of Vallava Misra and privately favoured Vallava Misra very much.  As the brahmin favored Vallava Misra adored his gurudeva.  He had been present here when the marriage took place between Prabhu and Lakshmi Vishyamvara dance by addressing lakshmi Vishyamvara as lakshmi Narayana.  Tears were streaming down from his eyes while had had been dancing in joy.676-680


Due to the wish of Prabhu, he checked somehow his feelings.  He stayed that night there and then cme to his cottage. Entering into his poor cottage he began to weep over the memory of Lakshmi Visvamvara.  He began to think in his mind, "Narayan has taken birth as the son of Sachi in the name of Gaura and Lakshmi, the daughter of Vallava Misra is Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of valalva Misra is Goddess Lakshmi Herself.  So Lakshmi narayana both have manifested themselves in this earth.  May a poor and worthless person like me ever get the favor of Prabhu Gaura Candra.681-686


While the brahmin had been eulogising Prabhu, he saw the darshan of Prabhu and the Vaikuntha Vilasa of PRabhu in his hut.  He saw Shri Gaura Candra sitting on a ornamental throne with Lakshmi by his side.  He saw the beauty of both of them which was beyond any comparsion.  In the meantime Prabhu took the image of Narayana with his four hands which perplexed the brahmin.687-691


The brahmin fell to the feet of Prabhu and Prabhu the lover of his devotees told him with a smile, "You are my most favorite servant in life after life and you are the mostsuitable person to observe my desires willbe fulfilled according to my wish."692-694


Saying so, Prabhu placed his feet on the head of the brahmin and disappeare.  Since that time the brahmin began to swim in the ocean of the sport of Shri Navadvipa.  Shri Ishana pointed out to Shrinivasa the actual place of the dwelling hut of the brahmins.



Prabhu with  his followers had done various sports in this Vai Kuntha pura which had become a place of religious importance. Shri Ishana paid his homage to this place and started for Matapura.698-700


Shri Ishana Thakura told Shrinivasa that this cillage matapura had been formerly known as Shri Mahatapura.701-702


According to the intention of Shri Krishna. the Pandavas had to live in the forest where different kinds of sports of Prabhu took place.  The illustrious five Pandavas brothers used to travel in forests after forests and citites after cities which had not been visited by the Pandavas.  They were taken to be regarded as the cities rejected by the Pandavas.  According to the Puranas, the Pandavas had killed many demons in different countries on their town progamme.  While travelling in this way they entered into Gauradesh and hailed in the village Ekchakra in Radha desha.  One of the Pandava brothers, Vima became very famous by killing the demonof Ekchakra.703-708


The five Pandavas brothers with Daupadi used to engage themselves always for the welfare of the people.709


Ekchakra used to remember the memory of Shri Krishna Valarama privately.  Observing its beauty, Yudhisthira, the eldest of hte five Pandavas bega to think that he had travelled many countries and villages but had never seen such a beautiful place like Ekchakra.  He understood that this place must be a place of sport of Krishna but he knew nothing about him as Krishna had never told them anything.  When the night had come to an end, due to the wish of Krishna Yudhistra fell asleep and dreamt of Lord Balarama who appeared before him and told him sweetly, "there is a village named Shri Navadvipa within a short distance from here which is encircled by the famous river Suradhumi and where in the first half of the Kaliyuga, Krishna will appear in disguise in the house of a brahmin.  Due to this wish his confidants will take their birth in different places but due to his wish I have to take my birth here i.e. in this Ekchakra village.710-720


Being astonished the king began to think in his mind that this Ekchakra village seemed to him as the Swetadwipa with beautiful scenaries.  At that very moment he woke up from sleep.  He told his brothers about his dream.  From Ekchakra, they came to Navadvipa and halted at this place.  Maharaja Yudhistra thought whether he could see the same here what he had seen in Ekchakra through his dreams.  While thinking so he became very perturbed.



Due to the wish of Krishna, Yudhistra fell to a little sleep and saw Krishna Valarama in his dream.  Krishna told Yudhistra with a smile, "this Nadia is my birth place.  I shall appear here bodily with my associates to madden the world with my san kirtana.  I shall sport on the bank of the Sindhu by taking all of you with me and help you to drink the juice of the precious love of Vraja.



Understanding the mind of the king, Krishna took the image of Gaura.  King Yudhistra forgot his own entity to observe the world maddening beauty of Krishna Valarama,  With profuse tears in his eyes, he fell at the feet of the two Prabhus.  The two Prabhus embraced the king and pacified him.  Then they disappeared.  In the morning the king told all to his brothers and they stayed there for some time.731-736


As Yudhistra was the greatest of all great men in the world, so this place became known as mahatapura.  The five pandava brothers with Draupadi used to stay here under the shadow of a Panchavata tree and used to observe the beauty of Navadvipa from here. There had been a high hillock named Yudhistra Vedi but all had been punished in time.  The Pandavas had lived here during the period of living incognito.  By the order of Shri Navadvipa Candra, the Pandavas started for Odradesha.737-742


In Utkala, they had lived for somedays near Purusottama Puri. THere had been a beautiful forest where an idol of Shri Madhava lay hidden under the custody of a demon.  Vima killed that deomon by his gada and rescued the idol.  They manifested the worship of Shri Madhava.  They manifested the worship of Shri madhava.  Even today fortunate people kept on worshippin that idol.  In this maharapura, Gaurachandra with his followers had revealed many sport.  He who once caught sight of this place, could easily attain devotion to Prabhu.  He who could remain absorbed into the topic of mahatapura could easily remove miseries of other people. Ishana while remembering the other people.  Ishana while remembering the sport of Gauranga, started from Shri Mahatapura.



Rudra Dvipa


There situated on the east side of the Ganges the village named Radupura which was also called by Rudrapura by many persons.  Shri Ishana Thakur told Shrinivasa that this Rudupura formerly known as Rudrapur had been a flourishing place but now it became a name only.  The name Rudrapura came from an incident.  Shri Rudra (Siva) became very delighted to know tht Gaura candra would appear in Nadia.  He with his followers began to sing madly the praise of Gaura carita.  He also began to dance madly with various types of musical instruments.  The earth began to tremble with his dancing.751-758


Observing the dance of Shri Rudra, the deities began to shower flowers on him.  Rudradeva began to tell everyone that now mankind would be rescued from miseries.  Though Prabhu had not yet taken his bath, yet Rudra sang the birth of Prabhu, "now Prabhu must take his birth in Nadiia andI shall cooly my eyes by seeing the sport of PRabhu's birth."  So hearing this, the deities in the heaven also began dancing in joy.759-762


While singing the praise of Prabhu, Rudra forgot his own entity which made Prabh Himself very anxious.  Prabhu inpercepitvely appeared before Rudradeva and pacified him by saying that he would very soon appead in Nadia with his followers to fulfil the intention of Rudradeva.  Being pacified Rudradeva became very glad and eulogised Prabhu in various ways.  Shri gaura Sundara embraced Shri Rudradeva and then disappeared.  Shri Rudra deva with his followers  took his seat here and began to sing the praise of Gaura Carita.763-769


For this reason, this place became famous by the name of Rudradqipa.  Shri Rudra helped one to attain devotion to the lotus like feet of Prabhu in one once caught sight of this place.



After telling the glorious history of Rudradvipa, Shri Ishana gladly advanced towards the Velapaukhera village which had been formerly known as Villyapaksha.  Now Ishana started describing the history of this name.  This place had possessed on idol of Panchavaktra Siva.772-775


Panchvakta Siva used to fulfil the desires of those who were genuine Krishna devotees.  Once someascetic brahmins began to worship Siva for the fulfillment of their desires.  They had worshipped Siva with marmelo leaves (Villya Patra) for fifteen days at a stretch which pleased Siva very much.  "He told the brahmins demand what you want."  The brahmin said, "we want the capavity of doing greatest deeds."  Siva being astonished said to them, "what are you saying?"  I know that the act of worshipping Krishna is the greatest of all deeds."  The brahmin said, "we know that the act of serving Krishna is the greatest of all deeds but how will it possibe for us to obtain.  O my Lord, kindly grant us that capacity."776-782


Panchavaktra told them, do not worry, you will get that capacity of serving Krishna.  Within a very few days, Krishna will reveal himself in a brahmin family in Nadia.783-784


"You also will be born at that time.  You all will give him much pleasure taking education from him.  You all will serve him with his other devotees.785-787


On hearing panchavaktra Mahadeva, they became very delighted and fell at the feet of Mahadeva.  They took their leave and remianed absored in the thought of the lotus like feet of Krishna.  Due tothe wish of Prabhu, Pnchvaktra disappeared from this place.  As the brahmins worshipped Siva with marmelo leaves for fifteen days, this place became famous by the name of Villya Paksha.



Here, Vishyamvara with his followers had performed many sports. Describing in this way, Shri Ishana Thakura started towards the direction of Variadanga a famous holy place.  Shri Ishana told Shrinivasa that this place had been formerly known as Varadvaja tila.  saint Varadwaja from his pilgrimage came to Chakradaha near the Ganges.  The name Chakradaha had been changed later as Chakdah from where the saint went to Navadvipa.  he decided to stay humbly in the forest of this tila for worshipping Gaurachandra in seclusion.  Being pleased with Varadwija, Prabhu Gaurahari appeared before him whom the saint eulogised in various ways.  Prabhu being satisfied told him to demand whay he had cherished in his mind.  "O my Lord, favor me by enabling to see your sport in Nadia."793-803


Prabhu granted him his prayer and disappered.  Varadwija paid his homage to Navadvipa bhumi and started for his toru programmed. As Varadvija used to live here, this place became known as Varadvaija tila.  Prabhu Gauranga had revealed many sports here.



Shri Ishana now started for Suvarna-Vihara village with Shrinivasa and narottama and Ramacandra.  Ishana told Shrinivasa, "look at this village.  It is called Suvarna Vihara.  Its former name was also Suvarna Vihara.  Now listen as I will describe the former history of this village."809-811


The king of this country was a very fortunate man who had great devotion for Krishna.  One of the disciples of Narada came to the court of the king.  The king welcomed him with great reverence by bowing at his feet and by stretching his body at his feet and offered him a seat.  The king asked him about the number of incarnations of Pabhu.  The person made the question clear to him.  Being pleased with the king, the person told him, "Prabhu will revel himself as an incarnation with yellow complexion in the Kaliyuga and will perform many sports in Navadvipa.  He will madden the world with his san kirtan which is a precious thing even to Brahma and other Gods.  He will give happiness to his disciples by his dancing in sankirtana just like Krishna dancing on the ceremony of maharasa in Vrindavana.  The Providence has created ths village of Navadvipa for enjoying the sport of Prabhu.  The real history of Navadvipahana is beyond the realisation of ordinary people.  Only he can realise it who has got the favor of Prabhu's associates.812-821


In this way that person favored the king in various ways and then took his leave.  The king began to think in his mind.  "Fie to this human life and fie to my own life.  Being absorbed in material things all the time I fail to make any ascetic association.  After a long time I get the favor of an ascetic and now I come to know that Nadia will become a dhama of Prabhu." Having judged himself in this way the king became ecstatic in love. 822-826


He began to weep by looking at Navadvipa and repeatedly paid his homage at that place.827


He prayed to Navadvipadhana, "please do me the favor by which I can take my birth in Navadvipa at that time."  At once he saw an oracle from the sky telling him, "let your desire be successful."



Though the king became full of joy at this, yet he could not keep his patience.830


The great lover of devotees Prabhu Visvambara Rai showed the king in a dream the sport of himself surrounded by musicial instruments.  Prabhu had been dancing in the middle of his devotees just like the moon.  That time Prabhu took the image of Syama Krishna.  Again Prabhu took the form of the complexion of Gaura.  The king became very puzzled on seeing the Suvarna Vigraha in the middle of the devotees singing sankirtana.  Before getting the answer, his dream broke.  When he came to his senses he began to meditate on the sport of Suvarna Vigraha.  for ths reason this place came to be known as Suvarna Vigraha dancing in sankirtana.  Some said that they had never seen in their life such beautiful color or complexion.  They also had never seen in their life such a beautiful spot.  One who once saw this village, could absorb in the sports of Shri Gauranga.831-844


From there Ishana went to the house of Misra in Mayapura. Mayapura was a very beautiful place which was the soothing relef to the eyes of mankind.  It was beyond the reach of anybody to realise the glory of Mayapur.  Even Brahma and other Gods remained always concerned about this place.  Ishana with Shrinivasa, Narottama and Ramacandra came to the house of Misra in the village of mayapur.  While entering into Misra's house, Ishana became very emotional over the former memory of PRabhu. They stood at one side of the house and began to look at the beauty of the house.  He told Shrinivasa that this house of Misra was the Mahayaga pitta.  This house had increased the elegance of the sport of Prabhu which had been beyond the realisation of others.  Upendra nandana Misravana with his wife Sachi used to worship Visny all the time.  Everyone would appreciate the devotional efforts of Jagannatha Misra and Saci.  Shri Nilambara Chakravarty gave in marriage his daughter Saci to Jagannatha Misra.  Shri Saci gradually gave birth to eight daughters and a son named Vishnurupa whose qualities were beyond any description.



In Shri Krishna Caitany Carita - First chapter.  Henceforth, Shri Gauradeva who was an expert in scriptures and a great scholar also, gave him the name of Shri Pundara Misra.  One day, the broad minded, virteous and great Kulina Smimat Nilamvara Chakravarty gave in marriage his daughter Shri Sacidevi to Shri Pundara Misra. Shri Pundara Misra was very happy to get her as a wife.  He began to prosper in all spheres of life since then.  He took a great effort in increasing his devotional prosperity such as nursing guests, customs like Shanti Sasrayana Saucha etc.  Due to all these good activites, within a short while he obtained eight daughters, but unfortunately they died one after another.  Shri Saci devi being very grief stricken, took  refuge at the lotus feet of Shri Hari.  Even Shri Misra for the desire of getting a son perfromed a ritual called Pitriyangya.  Just like a poor man became happy on receiving riches so also Shri Pundara to get a diety like son.  He gave the son the name Visvarupa.  After a time Visvarupa became a scholar in the Vedas, Naya Shastra and Vakti yoga etc.  Visvarupa was a very calm and queit natured, kind hearted and versatile genius and he never though of material gains.  On the contrary he used to absorb in meditation of Shri Hari and used to read Shri Madvagvaita all the time.  859-868


O my dear Shrinivasa, who can understand what is lying hidden in the mind of Visvyarupa?869


Shri Advaita Acarya became very happy in his mind as Prabhu would soon appear in Navadvipa.870


He used to worship Prabhu with water of the ganges, Tulasi and sandal paste flowers with an ecstatic roar.871


Being attracted by the roar Prabhu took his form in the womb of mother Saci.  Saci devi and Jaganntha became very happy while Prabhu Gaura candra delightfully began to grow up in his mother's womb.872-873


Six months had gine in counting that Prabhu kept on growing in his mother's womb.  One day suddenly Shri Advaita came to visit the house of Jagannatha Misra and began to worship the womb of Shri Saic with sandal paste and perfumes.  Then he performed the act of going round Saci devi and went to his own house.  Here Shri Saci and Jagannatha becamce very perplexed by his behavior.874-876


Even Brahma and other Gods used to worship Saci and Prabhu in the womb of his mother looked at all in great fun.  He lived in his mother's womb for thirteen months.  What a transcendental sport of his it was.877-878


In Shri Krishna Chaitanya Charitamrita (2nd. chapter, 24th sloka)

Gradually the thirteen months of Prabhu's living in the womb had gone.  Then came the most auspicious moment of the month of falguna and the end of the fourteenth month for which the whole world had been waiting.879


It was the most auspicious moment of Falguni Nakshatra and Falguni Purnima in the Saka ere of fourteen hundred and seven. At the auspicious moment of the lunar eclipse Visvambhara took his birth in the house of Misra.  Everyone present at that time became mad in joy to see the beauty of the new born baby of Jaganantha Misra.880-882


In Shri Krishna Chaitanya Carita (1st chapter)

Shrimad Jaganantha Misra became very glad to get Shri Gaura Sundara as his son whose eyes bould be compared to the blooming lotuses, whose face was as beautiful as the bright full moon, whose complexion was as bright as gaura i.e. golden and the glow of hose body decorated by ornaments could destroy the utter darkness of hte whole surface of the universe.883


"O my dear Shrinivasa, Prabhu on the pretext of the lunar eclipse makes the people pick a name.  People begin to assemble in crowds in different places and to sing kirtanas with delightful hearts. THose who never say Krishna nama, even they begin to take Krishna nama at that time of thier bathing in the Ganga.  Apart from the Hindus, the Yavanasa also begin to take Krishna nama.  In this way the son of Saci takes the pleasure of delivering mankind from damnation.  Prabhu who is a lover of san kirtana even takes his birth in the midst of sankirtana.  You know well tht san kirtna is a glorious thing in the world.884-888


In Shri Padyvali dhirta - Pravasa Khanda Vachaman:

Glory to Shri Krishna sankirtana who is the cleanser of the mirror like mind, the extingusher of the great forest fire like this material world, the distributor of moonlight like well being of people, the life of Vidyadevi, the augmentor of the ocean of happiness, the server of nectar and the soother of all miseries.



"Those who hear Shri nama kirtana, may become happy to the fullest extent. Who can tell what golry lies in san kirtana.890


Shri Chaitanya Carita (1st chapter) says -

Even many religious rituals and Yangya etc. have no match to Shri Hariguma Kirtana whether it may be sung for a little time.891


The news of the birth of Prabhu spread all over the places which made the virteous people become very impatient to see him.892


The people in millions even the deities used to take to their heels to the house of Misra where the ocean of happiness began to overflow its limits.893


In a song - Raga Vasanta

The people used to cheer Jay jay in Nadia, because Gora chand is born in the womb of Saci.

In the Makshatra Fulgini Tithi of Fulgun Purnima Gora Dwijamoni is born in an auspicious moment.

Extinguishing the darkness of despair rises the full moon of Nadia.

In Dwapana, as Krishna destroyed the demons

So in Kaliyuga, even from the mother's womb.

Goracand delivers the manking.

Vasudeva Ghosa sings the song in the hope of getting the gracious feet of Prabhu.895-900


In another song (Vasantray)

Appears Shri Gaura Candra

increasing the happiness of the universe.

Whose beauty can destroy the pride of Madana  

Smiles to hear his own kirtana.

His face with beautiful eyes shows the mark of royal grace.

Dhyaja vajra marks are under his feet.

Whose beautiful body maddens the people.

All misfortunes and riches come in the way.

Vrndavana dasa sings the praise of Shri Chaitanya - Nityananda.



On the auspicious moment of Fulguni Purnima, Saci gave birth to her son and looked at his face.  She thoguht of many things in her mind but could not touch his body which looked like golden butter to her.  She toldher husband, Shri misra about the birth of a son and took her baby carefully in her lap.907-909


The great brahmin Jaganantha became very happy as if floating in the ocean of happiness took to his heels to see his baby.  He became ecstatic to see the moon like face of his son.  He called everybody including his own favorite frineds to perform social customs for the well being of his son.  All the people present there admired the fortune of the baby's parents.  Everyone became very happy even the animals, birds and trees were full of joy. Narahari said that Gaurachandra had extingushed the darkness of miseries of the universe.910-916


The songs composed by Narahari in different ragas mainly dealt with the birth of Shrigaura Candra, the happiness of he people of Nadia and even the whole universe and the deithies of the Heaven, the beauty of Gaurahari and the fortune of Saci and Jagannatha Misra.  Actually the whole incident of hte birth of Gauracanda.



O my dear Shrinivasa, what more shall I say about the episode of hte birth of Prabhu.  In the meantime Nilamvara Cakravarty began to count days in great hope.  On the eight day of Prabhu's birth there took the ceremony of distributing eight kalai among the children.  The deities also enjoyed this sport of Prabhu from heaven.  In this way Prabhu completed one month of his being born.943-945


At the time of Visvamvara's first time of standing up and walking, the ladies performed many peculiar customs.  One day Visvamvara on the pretext of crying, amde the people chant "Haribol."946-948


In this way there were many wonderful sports and Visvambhara was soon four months old.  Visvambhara's mother had one day gone somewhere leaving the baby alone in the room.  The baby upset the whole room but when she returned she found the baby lying in his bed and she wondered as to who had created all this havoc.949-952


When the baby grew to be six months old, they performed the ceremony of Annprasana.  After it took place the ceremony of nama Krana.  Though the boy had been given the name nimai Visvambhara, yet he was called by many different names later.  The people of Nadia got great pleasure at the ceremony of Annaprasana.953-955


Narahari in a song in Raga Kamoda had described the same ceremony of Prabhu.956-959


Saci devi was delighted to see all the people enjoying the ceremony of Annaprasana.  Mother Saci devi used to put collyrium in the eyes of her son and the ladies who had been sitting around took great pleasure in giving the milk of their breast to Nimai.



Nimai's mother used to sing songs while putting him to sleep. Who can describe the efforts of Shri Saci Devi as to all that she did to please her son.  Gradually Prabhu began to crawl in compound of the house, the beauty of which was beyond description.963-965


In a song of Vasudeva Ghosa -

The beauty of Goracandra while crawling in the compound of the house could not be described by a single mouth.  He had been looking very beautiful as saliva rolled down from his mouth and ripe marmelo like lips.  His hands were docorated with armlets, his legs decorated by scalloped bangled and a locket of tiger nail hanged from his neck.  There was a beautiful golden chain on the beautiful head.966-969


In a song of narahari dasa in aga Turi the same description had been made i.e. the crawling beauty of Prabhu gaurahari.970-979


The mother of Nimai, took her son on her lap and told him to utter the names by pointing out his own nose, eyes, mouth etc. On listening to his mother the boy became very enthuiastic and pointed out everything with his finger.  One day while crawling in the compound he gave much pleasure to a anake by lying on the body of the rolled snake.  Everyone became so afraid that they cried out in fear but it has been the favor of Prabhu to Ananta deva (snake).980-983


Here Shri Visvarupa took Visvambhara in his lap and cleaned his body of the dust.  Prabhu showed many sports of his childhood while crawling in the compound of his house.  There were many more beautiful sports that he showed when he benan to walk for the first time.  The touch of his beautiful legs could destroy the miseries and agonies of the world.  The glow of hs body could attract the hearts of all.985-987


The book Shri Krishna Chaitanya Carita the same description had been quoted.988


Who could know the real glory of this compound of the house where Prabhu walked for the first time.989


In the songs of Narahari -

Saci Thakurani taught Gaurachandra to walk by holding the fingers of her son.  Gora candra used to fall on the ground sometime when he had been trying to walk alone. Saci at once took her son on her lap and kissed his cheeks.  Goracandra used to move his beautiful legs while he had been caught in his mother's lap and with the moving of his legs, the nupura in his feet began to ring sweetly.  Sometimes he used to suck his mother's breast for milk. Narahari became overwhelmed to describe the beauty of Prabhu in this stage.  The ladies of Nadia used to come to see Gaurahari everyday in the early morning.  They could not control themselves from coming to the house of Saci to see Nimai while leaving their own sons uncared for in their houses.  They somehow managed to spend the night in thier own houses and in the morning would rush to the house of Nimai with many items of food for him.  They were always eager to have Nimai on their laps.990-1003


This particular place had become gratifed with the dancing of Nimai during which the ladies used to do the act of clapping their hands.1004


In a song Narahari described -

The ladies of Navadvipa would ask Nimai to dance giving him their word that they would offer Kshira, Sara and Nani after his dancing.  They began to clap their hands with the dance of Nimai. Gora looked at the face of his mother and began to smile sweetly. The smile which could make the whole universe forget its own entity.  While dancing the nupuras in the feet of Gora used to ring sweetly.  His mother had been looking at the moon like face of her son with a delightful heart.1005-1013


Saci by holding her son to her bosom used to request him that he should not go anywhere but stay in his own house.  Other boys should come to him to play with him but he would not go to play with them.  She advised him to tell everybody that his father had forbidden to go anywhere.  She said to herself that her anxieties could only be understood by Narahari that how she had to remian anxious for her restless son while he was out of the house.



In this place, Visvambhara used to smear dust on all over his body seeing which his mother used to repent in mock anger.  Nimai one day ate some soil instead of sweets given to him by his mother.  On day in this room, Saci mata would tell her son tales from the Puranas to help him sleep.1018-1020


Visvambhara used to roar in every word of the tales and his mother gladly kept on telling him stories.1021


O my dear son, Visvamvara, Krishna went to Mathura first and then went to the court of Kamsa to kill him.1022


He for a long time wresteled with Kamsa and then knocked him down from the dias and killed him.1023


While listening to this Prabhu being very angry roared and said again and again, "I shall kill the rest of the followers of Kamsa."1024


On another day, while sleeping Prabhu began to address Siva, Brahma and other Gods in his dream.  O Siva, Brahma, do not think anymore, I shall soon deliver the human beings and madden them in san kirtana.1025-1026


Hearing Visvambhara talking in his dreams, his mother became very much afraid.1027


O my dear Shrinivasa, Visvambhara in his childhood had done various types of sports.1028


One day in this room, Sacimata with her son Visvambhara used to take rest for sometime.  Suddenly some deities in crowds came to this place.1029


Sacimata became afraid to see the deities having four and five mouths.1030


Here in this room, father Jaganatha had been lying here on his bed and Sacimata sent her son to him.1031


On some days the parents of the boy used to hear singing of nupuras which used to make them very astonished.1032


In the morning they would quickly perform some holy rituals in their house in fear of some transcendental occurances in their house.1033


Here all the children used to dance beautifully taking Visvambhara in the middle of them.1034


In some songs by Vasudeva Ghosa and Narahari the description of the dancing of Prabhu could be found.

Visvambara like a doll of gold used to dance in the compound of hs house with many boys all around him.  The ringing of nupanas on their feet seemed to be a soothing relief to the ears of Nimai's parents and others present there.  Sometimes visvambhara Rai out of fun used to hide at the back of his mother.  At times he would dance like the Khajana bird by holding the border of her dress of his mother.  The beauty of the boy used to madden the world.  Sometimes the boy with his friends used to dance clapping their hands and chanting Haribol.  The beauty of them at that time was beyond the capacity of describing by the poet himself. Sometimes Sacimata used to decorate her son just like Krishna and when Nimai used to start dancing everyone present there would forget their own entity.1035-1056


Here in this place, the son of Saci used to play by holding the border of the loin cloth of his mother.  When the boy used to go out to play, he used to play in all sorts of dirty places.




Standing in this place, Sachimata used to call her son forbidding him to play there.  In reply to this, what the boy had said to his mother increased the astonishment of his mother.1059-1060


The boy used to play a sort of a sport of throwing stones in the Ganges while his mother used to call him loudly.  He being angry used to scatter all the useful things in the room.1061-1062


Sacidevi took Nimai in her lapa and tried to pacify him in various ways.  But Nimai did not listen to her and coming down from her lap, he ran away from there.  Mother Saci used to follow him with a stick in her hand. 1063-1064


The viewers of this incident began to say that the behavior of Saci was just like that of Mother Yasoda.1065


Visvamvara by sitting on dirth clay used to smear clay all over his body and his mother used to rebuke him not todo this and atonce go to the river to make himself clean by washing. 1066-67


Nimai became very angry and began to show a piece of stone to his mother to make her afraid.  When his mother was about to faint, Nimai hastily brought a coconut for her.1068-69


One Day Nimai brought a puppy and put it on a wooden seat inside the room.  Sacimata by tricks set it free which made Nimai so angry that he began to tell abusive words to his mother while crying bitterly.  Sacimata tried her best to pacify her son.



Here in this place, Sacimata one day used to take a plate full of gifts and go to worship Godedess Sasthi under a banian tree. Visvambara ate all the fruits and sweets from the plate by not caring for his mother.  His mother took the feet of an old lady by her hands and pepented for the actions of her son.  She prayed to everyone for the wellbeing of her son as he had done a most unholy deed. 1073-1075


All the ladies took him in their laps one by one and taught him many things.1076


Oh Shrinavasa, now listen to me how Prabhu had done favor to two thieves.1077


The two thieves had decided to steal the ornaments from the body of Visvamvara.  They decived and took the boy with them.  What a mistake they made!  The deceived a boy like Nimai who himself could charm the entire world.  So they kept on travelling in Nadia but did not get any way to flee.  They put down the boy on the road and flew away in despair.1079-1080


The activities of Nimai sundara who was a very restless type of boy were beyond any ujnderstanding.  Sometimes he used to tease other boys and forced them crying.  Sometimes he used to break all the clay containers of Khira milk, etc. of his neighbors. All the ladies of Nadia like the Gopinis of Vraja used to complain to Sacimata just like Mother Yasoda.1081-1083


Oh my dear Shrivivas, in this city of Nadia, no guests used to return emptyhanded from the doors of Misra's house.  Whether they were brahmins or sannyasis or others, they always used to be well treated by the Misra family.1084-1085


The visit of a Tairthika brahmina to the house of Misra and his darshana of Shri Gaura Sundara , an image having 8 hands


One day a Tairthika brahmina who was a very celestially spiritual and suddhyachari person came to the house of Misra.  He was a versatile genius and worshipped Gopal through a six word mantra. The idol of Valagopala and Salagrama sila were his neck ornaments and he used to make Krishnanama all the time.  Shri Misra most gladly welcomed him and offered him a nice room to stay. Suddenly the brahmin came across Nimai and could not turn his eyes from him.  He began tothink that he had never seen such a boy anywhere.1086-1091


Prabhu smiled a little at the brahmin and went out to play with other boys.1092


the brahmin said nothing to Misra but was glad to see Misra's sincere efforts to serve him.  Misra helped the brahmin with utmost care to cook for himself.  Near about evening, the cooking of the brahmin became completed.  the brahmin at first offeredc the cooked food to his Lord Krishna and began meditation.  Inthe meantime there came Visvambara who was the God himself.  Being very glad, he began to ea one mouthful of the offered food.  The breahmin seeing that began to cry in despair.  Misra became so angry that he was about to stgrike his son and the brahmin held his hands just to pacify him.  Being requested by Visvarupa, the brahmin cooked again and Visvamvara also ate that. So thrice Prabhu, the lover of his devotees, at the food prepared by the brahmin and favored him to an extent the brahmin could not realize.1093-1100


When the night was deep and everyone was sleeping deeply, the world-charmer Prabhu Visvamvara appeared before the brahmin in his dream and spoke to him sweetly.   The brahmin was astonished to see Visvamvara in such late night in the kitchen.  he saw the eight handed figure of Visvamvara in whose four hands there were Samkhya and Chakra.  He had been eating nani by his two hands and had been playing flute by his other two hands.  he had been looking beautiful in many ornaments and his look seemed to be maddening the whole world.  The brahmin also saw the Yamuna river, its beach, Vrindavana where cows, Gopas and Gopinis used to roam.  the brahmin lost his entity and fell to the lotus feet of Prabhu and began to wet them by his tears.  Shachinandana who was  the ocean of love and mercy informed himn of his Nadia sports and embraced the brahmin.  Prabhu forbade him to tell anybody what he had seen just now.  The brahmin stayed at Nadia in hiding and kept on enujoying the sport of Prabhu.  That's why this place became very famous.1101-1111


Prabhu's favor to Jagadisa and Hiranya Govardhana on the pretext of wishing to eat rice on the day of the new moon


On the day of the new moon, Jagadisha and Hiranya Govardhana prepared many items of food for Sir Vishnu.  The brahmins Jagadisha and Hiranya Govardhana prepared many items of food for Shri Vaisnu.  The brahmins Jagadisha and Hiranya heard that Visvamvara wanted to eat that rice.1112-1113


Look at that house where Jagadisha and Hiranya used to live who had a very good relations with Jaganatha Misra.1115


Many childish activities of Nimai


What shall I say about the childish activities of Nimai.  He used to be very disturbed if he could not get all the things what he wanted to have.1116


Here while looking at the sky, Niami used to claim the moon from his mother.  Looking at the flyinjg bird, he invariably used to claim it from his mother and used to cry for it.1117-1118


All the girls used to complain against Nimai to Sacidevi.  All the virtuous brahmins used to complain against Nimai to his father.1119-1120


Shri Sacidevi one day ordered Nimai to quickly call Visvarupa. Visvarupa was then at the house of Advaita.  Nimai went there and told his elder brother, `Come on brother, mother is calling you to eat' and holding the border of his brother's loincloth, he came to his house. 1121-1123


Ishana said, "I atonce arranged two seats for them and the two brothers took their seats to eat.  Oh Shrinivasa, I cannot say any more about that incident because my voice has become choked."



Sacimata had tried to make Nimai understand that what he had done was not fair.  Shri Murari Gupta in Nadia was a saintly man wand everyone adored him.  Saci told her son, "You should not touch the plate of rice of Shri Murari before he has eaten it.  For this everyone will criticize you, my dear son."1126-1128


He is a wise man and that's why he does not rebuke you.  Please do not do it again.1129


The beginning of Nimai's education


On an auspicious day, Shri Misra gave a chalk in the hand of his son for beginning his studies and writing.  he at first wrote the Bengali alphabet and asked his son to write them,.  Nimai used to sit with folded legs and write all of them.1130-1131


having finished his writing, Nimai chand used to utter the alphabets sweetly which made his father very glad.  During his boyhood, Prabhu always used to absorb in his study and used to become very restless if he did not have anything to write.



He gradually became very advanced in writing seeing which everyone became very delightful.  Shri Jaganatha Misra took the great pleasure in educating Visvamvara.  he used to opoen a book before Nimai which he used to accept very eagerly and to remain absorbed in it.  By standing at this place Visvamvara RAi told his mother to maintain the day of the new moon (Ekadashi). Sacidevi became very glad and took the effort of maintaining the day of the new moon (Ekadashi vrata).1134-1138


Jagannatha Misra decided to give marriage to Visvarupa but Visvarupa had realized already that as this material world was not eternal and there was no use to be in this world as an ordinary person, he decided to be an ascetic.  He left the house forever for Lord Krishna and took the title of Shri Samkaranya.  he first of all went for a pilgrimage.  Visvarupa who was a part of Valadeva Himself was a beauatiful boy of sixteen when he left the house.1139-1142


In Shri Krishna Ciatanya Charita (1st chapter) Vaidya Murari took the pleasure of singing the praise of Visvarupa who was a part of Shri Valadeva.1143


AT the age of sixteen Visvarupa obtained the post of an Acarya who was an attentive listener of the episodes relating to God, a man of pure, broad and vituous mind.  Being a man of devout worship at the lotus feet of Shri Nrsimhadeva and being of versatile genius and always merry, a man never perturbed in mind, a man always clam and quiet, Shri Visvarupa had no attraction for material world. 1144


Here due to the separation of his elder brother, Visvamvara began to weep miserably.  Sachi and Jagannatha Misra also began to cry so mieraably that moved everyubody present there.  They began to take the name of Visvarupa repeatedly and to cry loudly.  There arose a vewry painful scene in the house of Misra.  Everyone tried to console Saci and Jagannatha and due to the wish of Prabhu they somehow controlled their sorrow.1145-1149


One day Prabhu told his parents that it was a very good sign of having taken the life of an ascetic by Visvarupa becdqause he would deliver his paternal and maternal dynasties from any sort of damnation and sin.  he consoled his parents that he would look after then.  On hearning the, his parents became so happy that they took their son to their bosoms and kissed his cheeks.



Oh my dear Shrinavasa, the sorrow caused by the asceticism of Visvarupa gradually became cooled down in time.1153


Ceremonies of Chura-karana and Yangya Sutra dharana by Prabhu


Shri Saci devi told her husband Misra Purandara that the time had come for performing the ceremony of Churakarana of Visvamvara. According to the customs of the Vedas, they arranged for the ceremony on an asupicious day.1154-1155


In a song of Narahari in Raga Dhanashi:

          What a happy time  All the people are coming

                   To the beautiful house of Saci

          The Churakarana of Nimai  Is pleasing the hearts of all

                   Held at an auspicious moment

          Decorated with ornaments  They placed Visvamvara

                   On a celestial seat

          The Vedic rites  And social customs

                   Have been followed by Shri Misra

          Then comes the barber  Who has done the

                   Act of piercing the ears of Nimai

          The ladies began to cheer  Along with them people chant

                   The universe becomes full of joy

          The brahmin begins to cite Vedas  The chroniclers describe

                   The dancers dance and instruments play

          What a beautiful scene1156-1159


The barber became astonished to see the hole in the ear of Prabhu which had already been pierced.  But he told no one about this.



Narahari in another song has described the same beautiful scene on this occassion.1162-1166


Look Shri Nivasa, it is this place where Nimai used to play with his friends and the ladies used to enjoy their playing b y standing at that place.  Obne day Shri Misra decided to perform the occassion of the Yangya Sutra dharana of his son.  he settled an auspicious date with the help of his neighbors.  the house of Misra became full of joy and happiness again.  Everyone in Nadia came to know about holding this festival.1167-1173


All the neighbors of the Misra family used to carry many gifts and items of food to the house of Misra.  Misra being very happy offered the sacred thread by following the Vaidic rituals to his son Gorachandra who had been lookikng very beautiful in red loincloth, with a celestial danda in his hand and  a cloth bag hanging on one shoulder.  When Prabhu began the act of alms tgaking from the women, even the demigodesses used to mingle themselves with the ordinary women and took pleasure in giving alms to Gorachandra.  The brahmins began to cite from the Vedas and the chroniclers began to sing songs describing the whole event.1174-1178


The two songs of Narahari had discribed the same event.



Oh my dear Shri Nivasa, Prabhu Visvamvara became very eager to learn his studies.  Having realised the mind of his son, Purandara Misra took him to Gangadasa Pandit and dedicated his son to the feet of the pandit.  Pandit began to educate Nimai in Vyakarana which Nimai completed within a very short time.  Here in this place, one day Prabhu Gaurachandra took a betel leaf for chewing.  While chewing it suddenly he lost his sense.  His parents hastily helped him to come to consciousness with utmost care.  Having contgrolled himself, Prabvhu told many things relating to the ascetic life of Visvarupa.  One day in this room, Jagannatha Misra had dreamt a dream in which he had been with Visvamvara in an ascetical dress.  When he woke up in the morning he became so bewildered that he atonce began to pray to his Lord. He told his wife Sacidevi that most probably they would Visvamvara also.  Saci tgried to console her husband that he should not be anxious because Nimai would go no where.  In her opinion Nimai who had no other attrractions than readiang and who had great love for his parents would go nowhere leaving them here.  But all went in vain because Misra could not pacify his own mind and became over-sanguine that Nimai woujld not stay at home. 1197-1210



Worldly disappearance of Jagannatha Misra


While thinking too much about the future of his son Shri Misra suddenly became very ill and died within a few days.  There was no language to express the grief of Saci and her son.  They began to cry loudly by falling on the ground and cried with all the other neighbors of Shri Misra.  By the wish of Prabhu, the neighbors somehow pacified Saci and her son.  Visvamvara consoled his mother in various ways who now could not leave her son even for a single moment.  Who could understand what was lying dorment in the mind of the Lord?  One day he demanded some flower garlands from his mother and wished to go to the Ganga for a bath.  As his mother had been a little late in giving the garland to him, he became so angry that he broke all the valuable things in the room.  Then he lay down in the compound of the house and fell asleep.  After a long time having seen her son awake from sleep, she came to him and got him up by cleaning the dust from his body.  Then she gave him flower garlands and Nimai gladly went to the Ganga to take his bath.1211-1222


One day Saci told her son that there was not a single rice grain to eat.  On hearing his mother Prabhu gladly brought a piece of gold secretely.  Saci was astonished to get the gold but could not understand her son.1223-1225


Mangalacarana of the marriage ceremony of Nimai


Now Sacimata began to think of the marriage of her son.  Nimai now had crossed his boyhood and entered in his adolescent period.  Observing the growing beauty of Nimaichandra everyone became enchanted.  To make his mother happy, Prabhu kdecided to marrty.  While thinking about scriptural points in his mind on his way towards the Ganga he came across lakshmidevi who later became his wife.1226-1231


Narahari in a song has described the meeting of the two hearts - RagaKamoda:


          The duaghter of Vallava  Sweet natured Lakshmi

                   Being encircled by her confidantes

          For taking her bath   was going to the Ganga

                   While looking here and there

          Suddenly saw Gaurangacandra  Standing a distance away

                   And was overwhelmed with desire

          Observing his beauty   Which seemed tobe nectarean

                   She could not control her mind

          Gaura Gunamani   Identifying his own beloved

                   Glanced at her

          Saw her beautiful gold complection  Her beautiful figure

                   Took her at once in his mind

          Both of them glanced  At each other's faces

                   No one else understood it

          Narahari saw it  And being satisfied

                   Took pleasure in writing it1232-1235


Gaurahari told me that he would fulfil my desire, whatever desire I have in my mind.1236


Vanamali Acarya one day came to visit Saci and told her about the marriage of Nimai.  Due to his initiative, the marriage of Nimai with Laksmi, the daughter of Vallavacarya, was settled.  Nimai heard his mother talking about his marriage but he showed to be busy in some work as if he had heard nothern.  Saci hastily arranged for the things necessary for the marriage ceremony and fixed an auspicious date for it.  The inhabitants of Navadvipa came to know about the marriage of Nimai and became very glad. How could the people know that due to the wish of Prabhu everything had been pre-arranged?  However, they were so glad that they took to their heels to the house of Nimai and asked his mother every detail of the marriage.  They began to come to the Misra house with many gifts, flowers, garlands,.  Many singers, dancers and instrumentalists came to the house of Saci to participate in the marriage ceremony.  Many poor people in crowds used to assemble in the house of Saci in the hope of getting many things to eat.1237-1252


The Adhivasa ceremony before marriage


The newly wed girls of Navadvipa began to tell one another that they were the fortunate ones because they could witness such a beautiful marriage ceremony.  Solme of them said, "Vallabha Acarya and his wife Siviti must have done some good deeds in their previous life and as a result they were able to get such a son-in-law in their present life."  Someone else said," laksmi was a very fortunate girl as she was about to get such a husband who was as beautiful as Madana."  Someone said, "It was very good of Vanamali to arrange this marriage. But please hurry up and complete your dress and makeup and let us go to the house of Saci because the function of Adhivasa will begin today."1253-1256


All the girls of Nadia in beautiful dresses and ornaments began to assemble in the house of Saci.  They became veryt eager to see Gorachandra in the dress of a bridegroom.  They brought many flower garlands for Nimai.  When they reached the house of Nimai they first of all bowed to the feet of Sacimata who highly and cordially welcomed them. 1257-1260


The compound of Saci became full of decorated girls and women of Nadia who in beautiful dresses and ornaments seemed to lighten the whole surroundings of the house.  The brahmins began citing slokas from the Vedas.  All the ladies offered flower garlands to Gorachanda who had been looking very beautiful in them.  The ladies offered sandal paste and perfumes to Nimai.  After the completion of the Adhivasa ceremony, Shri Vallava carya returned to his own house.  Saci also performed many customs which could only be done by the ladies.  The singers began to sing, the dancers began to dance and the instrumentalists began to play their musical instruments.1261-1262


On the other side, in the house of Vallava Acarya the ceremony of Adhivasa of Laksmi also took place.  The mother used to dress up Laksmi and used to decorate her with ornaments.  She helped her daughter sit on a celestial throne in the compound of the house.  All the ladies of that place even the demigods incognito began to assemble in the house of Vallava Acarya to observe the beauty of Laskmi and also to participate in the ceremony.  There were sweet sounds of conch, bell and other muasical instruments which filled the atmosphere of that place with great pleasures.1273-1276


the night of Adhivasa ceremony was over and all the ladies in the house of Nimai became bvusy in arranging everything for the marriage.  The brahmins helped Nimai to perform the various Hindu customs of marriage.  There had been a big cvrowd in the house of Saci.  There had been sweet sounds of various musical instruments.  the singers began to sing sweet songs.  the women were making a sound by moving their tongues rapidly within their mouths in order to give cordial reception to Nimai.1277-1282


Now the ladies became prepared to go to a nearby pond for performing the custom of bringing holy water in some celestial containers.  What a beautiful scene was that that the ladies in a row with beautiful painted containers on their waists had been going to bring holy water.  While they were walking the nupurs on their feet used to ring sweetly.1283-1286


The ladies now bathed Nimai by that holy water.  They on the prtext of smearing oil on the curly hair of Nimai would pat his head.  Some of them used to smear tumeric paste on the body of Nimai which seemed to lose its yellowness whicle smeared on his bright yellow colored skin.  Somebody sprayed perfume on his body which seemed to lose its effectiveness due to the original scent of Prabhu's body.1287-1292


Now the friends of Visvamvara began to give Nimai the make up of a bride groom.  They used to smear sandalpaste and perfumes on the body of Goracandra.  They painted dots of sandalpaste on his forehead.  They decorated his beautiful curly hair with flowers and garlands and put ornaments all over his body.  they put a flower garland round his beautiful neck.  they put golden chain round his beautifully thin waist.  Last of all they gave a silky red dhoti to him to wear.1293-1300


After completing the makeup, the friends of Nimai gave a mirro in hishand which was also a social custom of a Hindu marriage.  How beautiful he looked as a bridegroom.  Apart from the human beings even the demigods could not turn their eyes from him.  Saci at the time of starting for the house of the bride, performed many customs with the help of other ladies.  Nimai after bowing to the feet of his mother started for the house of the bride.1301-1308


The marriage of Niami


Narahari in two songs has described the above mentioned incidents of Nimai's starting for the house of the bride. 1309-1316


In the house of Vallava there arose a cheer of joy as soon as the marriage party readhed there.  Being very delighted, Vallava performed all the social customs of Hindu marriage.  Visvamvara gladly stood up on a wooden seat.  His beauty at that time seemed to madden everyone and the glow of his bodily complexion seemed to lighten all the directions of the universe.  His beautiful moon-like face seemed to shower nectar when he smiled.  When he looked at anyone he could not control his emoltion.  His beautiful ears with earrings and his beautiful curly hair seemed to make one forget his own existence.  His sandal paste smeared forehead seemed to put Madan to shame.  the mother of the bride and other ladies came to get him from the wooden while they ululated and made other holy etterances.  They gegan to circumambulate him sever times sith seven lamps in their hands. They took the bridegroom inside the room.  Vallava brought his daughter and for offering her hands to the hands of Nimai, he helped his daughter to sit on a celestial wooden seat.  The bride also had been looking very beautiful in valluable silk dresses and ornaments.  Vallaba offered his daughter to the son of Saci.  the brahmins kept on citing Vedas and the ladies kept on ululating throughout the ceremony.  There were beautifrul sounds of instruments such as conch, bells, etc.  Even the demigods could not control their desire to throw flowers on the bride and bridegroom while hiding themselves in the sky. 1317-1336


Another song in Raga Bupali:

After the customs of the marriage had been over, Gora Gunamani with his bride entered into qa room which was called Vasaraghara where the ladies used to make many tyupes of jokes with the bridegroom.  some of them gave him pieces of betel leaf and told him to put it in the mouth of Laksmi.  Some gave betel leaf directly in his mouth.  some, in the hope of touching the beautiful hair of Gora, used to dishevel the hair.  someone used to place Laksmi on the lap of Gora and look at them with great pleasure.1337-1340


Another song in Raga Tori:

On the day after the marriage, in the morning, in the house of Vallava, everyone became very happy to see the newly wed couple.  Everyone admired the fortune of the wife of Vallava for having such a son-in-law.  Vallava being very happy had done many effortrs to please the guests. 1341-1346


Then Guarahari with his bride started for his own house. Privately he tole many sweet things to his wife Laksmi.  all the inhabitants had been observing the departure of the newly wed bride and groom and became enchanted to see their beauty.  Laksmi had been crying with her mother and father and her friends on the verge of leaving her haouse.  There were sweet sounds of conch, Dunduvi, Veri, etc.  The dancers had been dancing and the Vrindas had been singing when they were about to take their leave fromthe house of Vallava.1347-1350


Another song in Raga Kamoda:

With his bride, Visvamvara returned to his own house.  Saci took her daughter-in-law in her lap and blessed her with dhana and durva.  She repeated kissed the cheeks of her son and duaghter-in-law.  No one could turn his or her eyes from the beauty of Nimai and Laksmi.  The world-charmer Gaurarai sweetly talked to everyone.  Ishana told Shrinivasa that he also used to enjoy everything with full satisfaction.  In this roo, Visvamvara used to live with Laksmi.  Everyone became pleased to see the sweet disposition of Laksmi who tried to please everyone by her sincere duties.  Gourachandra then engaged himself in educating his pupils of Naida.  Nimai did not hesitate to show his respect to everybody.  One day he bowed to his own servant Isvarapuri and gave hi alms by inviting him most cordially to his house.  One day on the pretext of being attached by wind disease, Prabhu used to reveal many kinds of love and devotions when some wise companions tried to cure him.  Dure tohis own wish, he controlled his emotions.  When he became cured everyone thought that he had escaped the danger of the disease.  One day before this door of the tempole of Vishnu, he began to play flute seeing the full moon in the sky.  Only his mother could hear the flute playing and no one else could.1351-1371


Mahaprabhu's visit to East Bengal and the death of Laksmidevi


Having bowed to the feet of his mother, Nimai started for Bangadesh with his disciples.  Laksmi here used to live alone with the memory of her husband.  One day on the bank of the Ganga Laksmi had been bitten by a snake and died.  When Saci got the news she began to cry and lament loudly.  the neighbors tried their heart and soul to console her.  Saci began to think anxiously for her son but Prabhu who was God hemself came to know everything.  he hastily came back to his house and being unperturbed, he consoled his mother in various ways.  Then he became absorbed in the duty of teaching his pupils. 1372-1378


The marriage arrangements for Nimai


Mother Saci again began to think of a second marriage of her son but could not find a suitable girl.  One day while Saci had gone to take her bath in the Ganga came across the daughter of Sanatana Misra, named Vishnupriya.  she liked her very much and decided to make her the daughter-in-law.  Due to the order of Saci, Kasinath Pandit too the initiative of this marriage. 1379-81


All the inhabitants of Nadia heard about this marriage arrangements and became very glad.  Buddhimanta Khan and Mukunda Sanjay took responsibilities of arranging everything for the marriage.  They decided to make the marriage ceremony a great one.  The devotee-bound Prabhu smiled at the efforts of his disciples.  Buddhimanta and others being very enthusiastic, make themselves busy in arrangements for the marriage.  they used to hang big canopies here and plant banana trees and put earthen pitchers full of water for holy purposes.  They appointed many persons to decorate the house with flowers and to make flower garlands and sandal paste.  they also appointed many singers, dancers and instrumentalists to show their performances in this occasion.  Just a day before Adhivasa, all the inhabitants of Nadia were invited to attend the ceremony.  On this particular day of Adhivasa, a big corwd used  to be assembled here.  Saci ordered the woman for doing auspicious activities.  She ordered the married ladies to bring holy mwater from the river to bathe the bridegroom.1382-1396


A song in Raga Kamoda:

The poep[le of Nadia came to know of the second marriage of Gaura Gunamani. Sanatana Misra was a fortunate man, as he decided to marry his daughter to Nimai chandra.  Vishnupriya was the name of that girl who was unparallelled on this earth.  The ladies began to think of Adhivasa eagerly, when the night would be over and they could go to the house of Saci.1397-1402


In six songs, composer Narahari had tried to describe the mental condition of the girls and married women of Nadia on the eve of the Adhivasa ceremony.  They all had come to the hjouse of Saci in beartiful makeups, beautiful dresses and beautiful ornaments.  They had brought with them beautifully strung flower garlands and flower ornaments for Gouracandra.  Everyone of the relished the hope of placing her gift directly in Nimai's hands.  Everyone of them used to feel a passion for Nimai. all the married girls took permission from their elders in their houses to go to the house of Saci for the wedding.  In the morning the started towards the Misra hjouse in beautiful dresses and aornaments. The nupuras on their feet used to ring sweetly. and it seemed it could conquer the hearts of al saints.  Everyone had taken a container full of different kinds of scented flowers and flower garlands and ornaments for Gaurahari.  They te`emselves also wore various types of flower ornaments.  They looked like they were walking slowly because of the heavy wirght of the ornaments on their bodies.  When they reached the house of Sachi, she welcomed them very cordially and akded everyone about their well bieng.



Sacidevi ordered them to go to the river to bring holy water for Niami.  They gladly stqarted in a row.  Some one held a plate of things for worshipping deities in her hands.  Someone held a plate of blooming lotuses in her hands.  Someone held a dala covered by a silk cloth on her head.  After the occassion of bringing water, they returned to the house of Saci who engaged them in many actgs of social customs such as the preparation of turmeric paste with oil, decoration of Varanadala, etc.  Then Sacimata being very satisfied decided to go to the bank of the Ganga to worship her with many items.  she worshipped Goddess Ganga with flowers, sandal paste and perfumes.  Suradhunidevi became very eager to worship the feet of Gauranga in her heart. they Sacidevi started worshipping Goddess Sasthi with many items.  Sasthi devi regarded herself very fortunate for having the favor of Gaurachandra.  Sacidevi after that returned to her home to perform other holy customs.  She put her son on a celestial wooden seat and the ladies gave him flower garlands to wear.  In the meantime Misra Sanatana came to the house of Nimai with many gifts for his son-in-law.  He became enchanted to see the beauty of Gaurachandra.1429-1444


Misra Sanatana returned to his own house to complete the adhivasa ceremony of his daughter.  The brahmins brought many items for Adhivasa from the room of the mother of the bride.  There were many guests assembled in the house of the royal pandit and a perfect gentleman, Sanatana Misra who welcomed them cordially with sandalpaste and flower garlands.  They took their sats and sat in a circle.  The wife of Misra with other ladies brought Vishnupriya from the room and helped her to sit on a throne in the middle of theguests.  Everyone became enchanted by the beauty of Vishnupriya who had been looking very beautiful in ornaments and a beautiful dress.  Everyone blessed her by dhana and durva.  The ladies made cheering sounds with their tongues.  The brahmins began to cite Vaidic slokas.1445-1458


The marriage of Nimai


The day after Adhivasa, there were great amusements in the house of Nimai and also in the whole of Nadia.  The marriage of Nimai became the talk of the town .  Everyone went to the house of Niami.  Even Lord Siva with Parvati came from Kailasha to observe the ceremony.  Ananta with his companions came to that place and took pleasure in observing the ceremony by while remaining concealed in a hiding place.  The Baikuntha Vasis became very eager to observe it. Chaturmukhi with his wife became present here. Surapati with SAci came to observe it. All the femile demigods decided to mingle with the ladies of Nadia and took part in the ceremony.  The Kinnaras and Gandharvas cherished the hope of singing and dancing along with the

sindancers who had been appointed for the ceremony.  Deva Ris


The ladies now began to decorate Nemai to make him prepared

for going to the house of Sanatana Misra.  They  put ail to the

beautiful hair of Gorachanda.  According to the customs, Nimai

completed his bath and took his seat on a throne.  He had been looking very beautiful at that time.  No one could turn his or her eyes from the face of Nemai.  Then the friends of Nermai prepared him as a bridegroom.  Nermai bowed  to the feet of his mother and started for the house of Sanatgana Misra with many companions.  The roads became full of cheering sounds of people and also musical instruments.  The friends of Nemai put him in a coradle and walked along with it in dancing.  The ladies of Navadwipa with utmost care began to decorate themselves for going to the marriage ceremony.  They used to make their hair beautifully arranged in knots and plaits used to put flower garlands on their knots and plaits.  Tey used to put sazffron dots on  their foreheads and flowers earrings in their ears. They used to wear valuabhle ornamental garland round their necks and beautiful silky dresses. 1477-1502.


In two songs Narahari had anoted the same descripations.



There were many auspicious customs that had been performed in the house of Sanatana Misra.  When the eradle of the bridegroom reached the house of Sanatana Misra, the latter hurriedly advanced forward to welcome his son-in-law.  Every one became enchanted to see the beauty of the bridegroom.  There had been a big crowd including all the brahmins and virtuous people of that place who came to participate in the ceremony.  There had been a big crowd in the road also where even some blind and lame persons remained waiting for the coming of Gorachanda.  There were big noises caused by the sounds of musical instruments.  There were hundreds of lamps to be lighted in all the houses of that area. Misra being very much satisfied, took his son-in law inside the house and placed him on a vanable and beautiful seat.  The ladies began to shower flowers on the head of Gaorachari.  Every one used to cheer up in joy.1511-1526.


In a song, Narahari had described the mental satisfaction of the mother of Vishnupriya in observing the beauty of her son-in-law.  She with other ladies came to bless Nemai with dhana and dourva.  Then she with others began to go round him seven times in a circles with seven lamps in their hands.  She took him inside the room after this occassion. 1527-1530


The wife of Sanatana Misra performed many social customs.  She took the pleasure of decorating his daughter with ornaments and beautiful dresses.  Misra Mahasay ordered his friens to bring her

daughter to the pavilion of marriage.  They brought her and placed her on a throne.First of all, Devi Vishnupriya dedicated herself to the feet of Prabhu by placing a flower garland on them.  With a little but sweet smile AAAGorarai offered his garland round the neck of Vishnupriya.  Through the exchange of flower garlands Prabhu and Vishnupriya understood each other's minds very well.  The pleasujre grew up little as Prabhu started his life with Vishnupriya.  Shri Sanatana Misra took his seat to offer the hands of Gaurachandra. As the dowry, Sanatana gave Nemai celestial cows, riches, lands, bedding materials, servants and maidservants.  Lastly took place the custom of Homa.  Sanatana placed his daughter on the left side of Viswamvara at the time of the Homa.  Every one became enchanted the observe the beauity of the newly wed couple.  1531-1548


In three songs composed by Narahari the same discription had been quoted.  1549-1560


The Gods amd dpddesses used to talk about the marriage ceremony of Prabhu Gaurachandra.  The people of Nadia had been fortunate enough as they could observe this auspicious ceremony by their own eyes.  Those brahmins who had beautiful daughter, began to dament as they could not get a son-in-law like Gaurachandra for their daughters.  Every one began to say tha t Sanatana Misra was a very fortunate man having such a beautiful son-in-law.  Now the ladies took both of them in the Vasaraghara where the ladies used to joke with the bridegroom.  Some of them offered betel leaf to Gaurachandra and requested him to give it to Vishnupriya.  In the Vasaraghara,  gorarai had maddened every lady by his beauity which could put even Madana to shame.  Gorarai happily spend the night with Vishnupriya in the Vasara ghara.  In the morning Gaurhari most gladly participated in the function of Kusamdika. He then politely asked the permission of going to his own house with his bride rom Sanatana Misra.  Sanatana patiently tried to began the sorrow of bidding farewell to his daughter. After consoling his daughter in various ways he offered the hands of his daughter again in the hands of Gaurahari while checking himself in utmost patience.  At the time of departure, Gauurahari bowed to the feet of the respected persons who in their town blessed him with dhana and durva.  All the brahmins started citing vaidie slokas.  The ladies made the sound of cheer by their tongues.1561-1594.


In a song Narahari had described the sa me event which had been described above.1595-1598.


Gorachanda returned to his own house with his bride very gladly.  The deities began to shower flowers on the hands of the couple.  Some one reported Sachinata of their coming to this direction. In the meantime hearing the sound of musical instruments, Sacinata became very restless and hurriedly came out of her house.  Within a short while, Gora slowly got down from his cradle with his bride.  Sachinata at once embraced them and kissed the cheeks of her son and daughter-in-law.  She took them gladly inside the house and placed them both on the throne.  The people became enchanted to observe their beauity.1599-1610.


While the marriage ceremony had been over, Sachi used to distribute clothes, ornaments and wealth to the  chroniclers, singers, dancers, instrumentalists, and beggers who became very satisfied and took their leaves from the house of Nemai.  They began to sing the praise of Gaura Gauramoni.  Sachinatha bade farewell to the ladies very politely.1611-1614.


" Oh my dear Shri Nivasa, I can now remember how we had enjoyed in the marriage ceremony of viswanvara.  This is the place where Sacinata used to sit with her son Gaurahari and daughter-in-law Vishnupriya.  How Sacinatha loved Vishnupriya, can not be described by my single mouth.   Vishnupriya made herself engaged in the service of Shri Vishnu and Sacinata with all her sincerity.  Sacinata became very much satisfied with her daughter-in-law. She used to spend her days very happily. "1615-1619.


Viswamvara who now became a handsome youngman of profuse vigour, used to spend his time very pleasantly with his wife.  He looked very beautiful in celestial garlands and sandal paste, always in well dresses and ornaments.  With this worldcharming beauity Shachinandana had become absorbed in teaching his pupils.  Having seen the tendency of the people to do wrong and sinful deeds, he decided to go to Gaya.  After bowing to the feet of his mother and consoling her, Prabhu started for Gaya.  Gaurahari had performed the religious customs in Gaya and favoured Iswarapuri by living in his house.  After a few days, he returned to Navaduipa and everyone became very gland to see him.  Sacinata used to perform many auspicious customs for the well being of her son and used to look at the path by which her son would be coming.  She used to ask the passes by whether Nemai had been coming soon or not.  In the meantime Prabhu stepped in to his own house.1620-1628.


" Oh my dear Shri Nivasa, this is the place where Viswanvara used to bow to the feet of his mother.  How can I describe the mental happiness of Sacinata after seeing her son who again and again used to look at the face of her son with tears in her eyes. Vishnupriyadevi also became very happy to see her husband and could not control her emotions. "1629-1631.


Even the parents of Vishnupriya became very happy to hear that Gaurachandra had returned back because Gaurachandra had been their life also.  Many persons came to the house of Nemai to meet him with whom Nemai behaved properly.  After bidding farewell to his friends, Nemai with four or five friends began to talk about Gaya privately.  As soon as Nemai had uttered the name of the lotus like feet of Lord Vishnu, he lost all controls over himself and began to extract heavy sighs as he uttered the names of Krishna and he became to sweating and quiver.  After a long time, Prabhu controlled himself and told his friends to go to their own houses and to come to the house of Suklamvara tomorrow.  They being very happy took their leave from him. 1632-1640


Many Vishnavas from different places came to meet Gaurachandra. There had always been a big crowd in the house of Gaurachandra. The people of Nadia began to whisper that Nemai Pandit had becom a great Vishnava now days.  The ecstatic condition of Prabhu began to grow up very often and he could not eat or sleep. Perhaps he wanted to sleep at night but he used to spend the whole night being ecstatic in the memery of Krishna .  Sometimes he ecstatically began to roll on the ground in crying and his golden complexioned body used to be sweared by dust.  Somtimes as  Kapila, he used to teach his mother many things.  Prabhu distributed devotional love to his mother who was also an image of love and devotion.  One day by sitting in this place Viswamva ra used to be looking very beautiful with his pupils.  His pupils wanted tobe properly educated by Nemai as they had been formerly but Nemai could not give proper education to them as he had become very inattentive in his duties as a teacher.  The     pupils thought that after returning from Gaya, Nemai had developed such in attentiveness, while thinking so, due to the wish of Prbhu, they all became interested in devotional love. They all changed their minds and became uninterested in their studies.  While Prabhu used to cry ecstatically, they also  began to cry with him.  While Prabhu used to dance in kirtana, his disciples surrounding Prabhu also began to sing and dance by taking the names of 'Gopala' and 'Govinda'.  They all began to float in the river of devotional love while uttering 'Haribol' 'Haribol' constantly.  Being attracted by Prabhu's Kirtana, many devotees and many persons took to their heels to participate in the Kirtana.  Those who knew nothing of it having heared the sound of kirtana, used to come to Nemai and at once used to become absorbed in Kirtana with Prabhu.1641-1659.


Whenever any one used to come to the house of Prabu just to investigate what had been going on there, atonce he became attracted by the beauty of Prabhu and interested in the kirtana sang by Prabhu and his disciples. Sometimes the devotees of Prabhu had to check Prabhu if he became too much ecstatic. 




Ishana told Shri Nivasa that Prabhu sometimes used to reveal his own identity. As he had been most devotee-loving, he could not control his anger to see the heretics and wicked persons who used to cause miseries to his devotees, Prabhu used to ecstatically laugh, cry or roan in anger by saying "I am that He", "I am that He". The wicked persons could not dare to stay here and used to flee from there. While being in this state of mind Prabhu used to lie down on the motionlessly. Observing him in this condition some one reported his mother that he had again been attacked by his former disease of wins and adressed her to took after him with utmost care. While Sachi became very anxious, the close disciples of Prabhu consoled her that Prabhu was not an ordinary person.1663-1670.


" Listen to me Shri Nivasa, what happened one day, That day Prabhu being ecstatic in love asked everyone that where his Krishna was and could control his tears streaming down from his eyes. In the maean while Gaurachandra came to him with betel leaves for Prabhu. Prabhu asked him where lies Shyamla Krishna was. Gaurachandra replied that Krishna had always been the miknd of Gaurahari. Hearing this Prabhu at once tried to tear up his breast. Gaurachandra hastily hold the hands of Prabhu and consoled him in various ways. Sachihnatha requested Gaurachandra to be with Nemai all the time.1671-1676.


Sometimes in the evening Mukunda with many devotees used to cite slokas which made Prabhu very ecstatic in devotional love. Sometimes Prabhu used to spend the night being absorbed in the Sankirtana with his devotees all around him. During sankirtana Prabhu used to roar ecstatically which used to snatch away the night's sleep of the wicked and dishonest people. The hereties being very angry began to announce that the people engaged in Sankirtana would be in danger. To them Kirtana in Nadia would bring a bad owen in this country. So the king would send his soldiers to stop this Sankirtana. Shrivasa became very afraid because he knew that the Yavana king could do any thing. eing very much anxious he told everthing to Prabhu. Visvarnavasa who was god himself came to know already everthing. He roared in anger by saying that to protect his own devotees he had appeared in this earth as an incarnation. As the devotees did not actually knew it, Prabhu wanted to reveal himself to them. Prabhu in beautiful dress gladly started roaming in the streets of Nadia by singing Sankirtana with all his devotees,  While travelling all the places of Nadia, Prabhu used to madden all the people by his graceful gifure. Everyone began to feel attraction for him.1677-1697.


"Look shri Nivasa, this is the path from which Prabhu stgarted his nadia town. During his travel in the streets of Nadia Prabhu halted at the house of Shrivasa and being very kind to Shrivasa, Prabhu showed him his fowr-armed image i.e the image of visnu. Look, this is the place where Prabhu used to sit one day and he began to cry by taking the name of Krishna. One day he took the pleasure of showing himself as the Varaha avatana to his devotees. from here he went to the house of Murari guptya and favourted him by showing the Varaha image. One day being seated here, Prabhu became vbery eager to get Nityananda among his group of devotees. Oh shri Nivas, Nityananda Haladhara was the son of Harai Pandit and Padmavati.1698-1704. 


Hari Pandit who had been respected by all and his wife Padmavati had lived in the village Ekchakra in Radadesha. These brahmin couple had been very broad-minded and had many good qualities. Prabhu Nityananda for the good of mankind took his birth in this family on auspicious moment. The birth day of Prabhu Nityananda used tobe observed by all with great respect. He appeared on the auspicious day of Maghi Sukla Trayadashi. The wise scholars had described in various ways the happy situation which used to be occurred on the moment of the birth of Prabhu Nityananda.1705-1710


In a song of Narahari_

          Oh, what a pleasure today!

in Ekchakrapura      in the house of Hari Pandit

                   was born Nityananda.

Whose soft feature   justlike golden butter

                   maddened the whole universe.

Observing his face   became pleased

                   Padmavati Harai Pandit.

Sru Adyauta in Shantipura       roared in joy

                   could not contro himself


danced with hands up    with many clps

                   "I have brought Varavira".


God varaha and others   threw scented flowers

                   cheering Jai Jai


Gandharvas and Kinnaras playing Vadyas in hundreds

                   sang the praise of Prabhu.


Oza was a fortunate being   donates for son's wellbeing

                    in numerous numbers.


With many gifts   people took to their heels

                   in a crowd in that house,


Glory to Rada and Viswa and   glory to Nakshtravara

                   glory to Magha Sukla trayadashi.


Narahari says it well   as in the Kalikala

                   appeared to destroy misery.1711-1716.


Prabhu Nityananda who was the root of divine joy and who had been formerely the son of Rohini now took his birth in the womb of Padmavati. The people of Ekchakra delightfully took to their heels to the house of fortunate man Harai Pandit. The face of newly born Netai seemed to glitta like the moon and obsering the face, people could not turn thier eyes. Even the gods being happy, used to shower flowers on him.1717-1720.


The birth and the sport of childhood of Nityananda had been very beautiful. Prabhu used tolive in his house for twelve years from his birth and then as an asectic he left his house for a polgrimage. Having obtained the fulfilment of his desires, he began his waiting for Prabhu in Vrindavana. Nityananda in his mind came to know that Prabhu Gaurachandra had revealed himself in Nadia. Being very satisfied Prabhu Valadana came toNavaduipa. He first of all came to the house of Nandana Aacharya who became too over whelcomed to observe the spirit of Nityananda. He with utmost care nursed Nityananda in his house and took a great pleasure in helping Prabhu to accept alms from him. Gaurarai had already known the coming of Nityananda to Nadia but did not tell anybody about it elaborately. He used to narrate a dream of himself to the Vaishnavas who used to assemble in the VIshnu Temple of Prabhu Viswanvara.1721-1730.


Prabhy Viswanvara told them that he had seen a beautifully decorated Taladwaja chaviot on which there had been a beautiful ears, neck and moon-like face which could madden the universe. He had been holding a black jar in his hand, his head had been wrapped by a blue cloth and he had been wearing a blue loin cloth. He had heared that man addressing the name of Prabhu himself and looking here and there to find Prabhu. It seemed to Prabhu that Valadena had come here. Saying this much, Prabhu became ecstatic in the memory of Valarama.1731-1734.


Shri Vvasa and other companious obsrving this  condition of Prabhu hastily tried to pacify him by eulogising him in various ways. Prabhu had been very eager tomeet Nityananda. Prabhu gave some directions to Haridasa and to Shri Vasa and sent them in search of Nityananda. They with utnost rigous, searched every house of Nadia but in vain and they reported it to Prabhu who only smiled to hear it. No one could understand the meaning of this type of smile of Prabhu. 1735-1740.


Now Prabhu in beautiful dresses himself started with his companious to find out Nityananda, Prabhu kept him in the house of Shri Vasa. From the house of ShriVasa, Ramai came to Pra bhu and report ed some of the qualities of Nityananda. Prabhu repeat edly asked Ramai Pandit about the activities of Nityananda and Ramai reported him that Nityananda had broken up his danda and Kamandalu. Hearing this Prabhu with a little smile started for the house of Shrivasa.1741-1746.


"Oh my dear Shri Nivasa how do I describe the pleasant situation that had occurred in the house of Prabhu?" One day by siting here, Prabhu ordered and sent Shri Rama Pandit to bring Advaita from SShantipura. "Now listen to me Shri Nivasa, what is the back ground of the living of Advaita in Shantipura".1747-1750.


Formerly the father and the grandfather of Advaita used tolive in a village named Navagrama in Shrinatha in Vangadesha and maintain links with Shantipura. Advaita's father Shri Kuvera Mahasay was very famous as Misra Panditacharya who was also respected by all his good and pure devotioal principles.1751-1754.


In Shri Gauraganaddeshadipika-


The friend of Mahadeva, Yakkkshapati Kuvera had revealed himself as the father of Shrimad Advaita Prabhu in the name of Shrimad Kuvera Pandit who had been a great scholar.1755.


Nava had been the wife of Shri Kuvera Misra who had been very loyal to her husband and who had been the mother of Shri Advaita. As they had no son, they greatly desired for one which became fruitful in their oldage in Navagrama. At the time of the birth of Shri Advaita chandra, there had occurred a pleasant atmosphere in the universe.1756-1758.



             The narrative of the birth of the Shri Advaita.


In a song (Raga Maur)-


On the auspicious day of Maghi Sukla Saptami the ocean of joyreached the extreme point of its turbulence as the moon of Navagrama had revealed himself in the woumb of Nava. Kuvera Pandit became so happy that he began to make charities in numerous kinds to brahmins and poor people. Slowly entering in to the delivery room, he looked at the face of his newly born son. The inhabitants of Navagrama began to say that it had been an astonishing event that in their oldage they became fortunate enough for getting such a son. From hiding, the daities even began to shower flowers on the baby. Having Prabhu gratified the universe, Advaita Prabhu appeared for the deliverance of man kind from sins. the people of that place began to sing the praise of the baby.  The chroniclers began to sing, the instrumentalists began to play their instruments and the dancers began to dance.1759-1766.


"Oh dear Shri Nivasa, at the moment of his birth, Adwaita Prabhu

had uttered the name of Shri Krishna Govinda."1767.



The sport of Advaita's childhood had been a very beautiful narrative. Shri Advaita had been the constant source of

hppiness to everybody. In the hope of living on the bank of the Ganges Shri Kuvera with his wife Navadevi and son, Shri Advaita came to Shantipura from Navagrama and began to settle there. Having made their son scholar in all scriptures, they disappeared from the world. After their death, Advaita started for Gaya but actually he wanted to visit all the holy places of Varatavarsha. He used to worship Krishna in Vrindavana and due to his wish, came toknow about his revealment in Navadwipa. From Vrindavana Prabhu came toGamadesha for travelling the whole of Vangadesha. He returned to Shantipura after visiting Navadwipa and the people of Shantipura became very glad to see him. They built a beautiful dwelling place for Shri Advaita and engaged themselves in ther service of Prabhu. Who could realise the transcendetal nature of the versatile genius like Shri Adva itachandra. Some wise persons of that place took the initiative for the marriage of Shri Advaita and asked for Prabhu's permission. Shri Advaita gave them his words and they gladly informed the brahmin Shri Nrisimha Vaduri that Prabhy had decided to marry. Fortunately Nrisimha had two beautiful and good-natured daughters.



            The Marriage of Advaita Prabhu


Nrisimha Vaduri most stisfactorily offered his two daughters to the hands of Shri Advaita who became very happy to get his two wives whose names were "Sree" and "Sita" who had been respected by the whole universe.1783-1785.


In Shri Gaura Ganaddeshadipika-


Vagavati Yogamaya had revealed herself as the first wife of Shri Advaita as Sita Devi an the second wife "Sree" had been a part of Sita Devi.1786.


With his two scholarly minded wives, Shri Advaita decided to stay in Shanitpura and built a house fot them in Nadia. Very often Shri Advaita used tolive with shrivasa and they used to spend their day and night in discussing about Lord Krishna.1787-1789.


Sometimes he used to be in Shantipura and sometimes in Nadia because he became very restless in his mind without Krishna. He began to worship Krishna in various methods. Sometimes he used to burst into roaring and it was due to his roaring tha t Krishna had to reveal  himself as a human form. Advaita kept on watehing the sportg of Prabhu in Nadia but did not tell anybody about its real cause. He used to make people understand it only by hints, After the revealment of Prabhu, he used to worship him for somedays and then went to Shantipura with some desires in his mind. As per order of Prabhu, Shri Rama Pandit went to Shantipura and reported everything to Advaita what Prabhy had ordered him to report to Advaita. Advaita became ecsta tic in love and his wife Sitadevi prepared many things for the worship of Prabhu. Being satisfied Advait a with his followers came to the house of Shrivasa in Nadia. Prabhu got the news of Advaita's reaching the house of Shrivasa and hastily came to meet him here.1790-1798.


Shri Gauranga Sundara with his companious kept on absorbing in Sankirtana in his house continuously but he became very perturbed to meet  Pundarika Vidyanidhi and began to cry by addressing him sometimes in the name of father and sometimes in the name of friend because Pundarika was his very favourite person. Purandara used to live in the village named Chakrasala situated near Chatigrama in Navadwipa where he had a house of his own. In outer look he seemed to be a man attachd to worldly riches and pleasures but his great vaishnavi nature had been unknown to the people.1799-1804.


"But Shri Nivasa, Prabhu himself loved him so much that while talking about his characteristics, he invariably used to weep in joy."1805.


Due to the attraction of Prabhu, he came ti Nadua at night and met him here. Out of ecstasy he fainted to see Prabhu and began to float in his own tears when he got his sense. His hunbleness and lanenatatious caused every one to cry in emotion. Prabhu being delightful told everyone that now he had seen the actual possesson of divine love with his full eyes. Talking in this way Prabhu soaked the body of vidyanidhi by his own tears. Due to the wish of Prabhu, Vidyanidhi controlled himself and bowed to the feet of Prabhu and then paid his homage to Shri Advaita Acharya. All the devotees became very pleased to observe the meeting of Prabhu with his another great devotee. After a few days, Vidanidhi gladly took his leave from Prabhu and returned to his own place.1806-1816.


"Oh dear Shri Nivasa, oneday Sacinata told her sonm that she had dreamt a dream"1817.


Looking at the fa ce of her son, Sacinata told him, "Oh my dear son, now listen to me what I had seen in my dream in late night. I saw that you and Nityananda entered the room of Vishnu like five years old boys while quarelling with each other. I pured in to the room and saw that  Nityananda gave his hands in to the hands of Krishna and you into the hands of Valavarma and then you all four came out of the room while quarelling with one another in my presense. You all began to quarrel over your food and Nit yananda addressing me as "mohter" came to me and said "I am hungry give me rice". These words broke up my dr ea m and I woke up. Being awoke, I found that the night was over but my dear son, I cannot understand the meaning of my dream".1817-1825.


Being overwhelmed in joy, Prabhu began to smile sweetly and told his mother "Today invite Nityananda here and feed him." His mother became very glad and without delay she start ed preparing many items of food for Nitananda. Prabhu most gladly brought Nityananda  in his house. 1826-1828.


"Look Shri Nivasa, here they two used to take their seats to ea t     from Sacinata and here Gadadhara and others used to sit for eating. Oh Shri Nivasa being over joyful I brought water hastily for washing their feet and Sacinata gave them rice and other items with a satisfied mind and kept on enjoying the Shyama Suklarypa togehter. she could not control her emotious while observing both of them. after their eating, theytook their seats here and I hurriedlycleaned this place. I am feeling very emotinal as the memory comes to my mind that after their eating, I most gladly had eaten the remnants of their food."



Gaurachandra with Nityananda and his companious became engaged in Samkirtana. This time Viswamvara revealed himself as Matsa, Kwrma, Varaha, Vamana and others incarnatious of AVishnu. But everyone could not observe those features, only those who had been fortunately favoured by Prabhu.1836-1838.


One day a singer-devotee of Siva came here and sang songs of Siva playing darnaru and Singa. Prabhu at once thought himself as siva and being Siva he climbed on the shoulder of the singer. In a song Naraharihad described beautifully the attitude of Prabhu in Raga Malavastri.1839-1844.


After a long time Prabhu came to sense and got down f rom his shoulder. He offered so much  alms to that person that he would not has to beg to anywhere.1845-1846.


Then Prabhu with his companious spent the whole night in sankirtanna. Whenever Prabhu used to go anywhere for Sankirtana numerous devotees used to go with him there.1847-1848.


As in Shrichaitanya Vagavata-

Sometimes the Sankirtana used to be held at the house of Shrivasa and sometimes at the house of Chandra Sekhara.


The associates who used to be with Prabhu that time were Nityananda, Gadadhara, Advaita, Shri Vasa, VIdyanidhi, Murari, Hiranya, Haridasa, gangadasa, Vanamali, Vijaya, Nandana, Gagadananda, Vuddhimanta Khan, Narayana, Kashiswara, Vasudeva, RamaGarurai, Govinda, Govindananda, Gopinath, Gagadisha, sreemana, Shridhara, Sadasiva, Vakreswara, Vugarva, Suklamvara, Vramhananda, Purusottama, Sanjaya and numerous others. Oneday with all of them, Prabhu performed a beautiful type of dance which Prabhu had done were beyond the capacity of even the gods and everyone had been fortunate enough to observe that dancing of Prabhu.1849-1856.


In four songs, Narahari had described the dancing of Prabhu in ornamental language.1857-1873.



"Oh my dear Shri Nivasa, oneday Prabhu used to weep very much in Sankirtana. After a long time he with his followers went to the house of Shri vasa and remained there being engaged in sankirtana for the whole day and in the evening returned to his house. Who could understand the nature of Prabhu who could not live without singing Sankirtana? In the afternoon, Prabhu used to go to the bank of the ganges with his companious and became absorbed in Sankirtana.1874-1889.


"Oh my dear Shri Nivasa, being exsta tic in Samkirtana, Prabhu had done many sports which were beyond my capacity to describe."1890.


One day Prabhu thought something delightful in his mind and above went to the house of Shrivasa and spent seven Praharas i.e. twenty one hours in Sankirtana there and then returned to his house. Here in this flower-garden Prabhu became obsorbed in talking about Shri Krishna with his associates.1891-1894.


One day Prabhu in this room sitting on a beautiful seat used to spend his leisure in joking with his wife Shri Vishnupriya who used to supply from tome to time betel leaf to Prabhu. In the mean time, Nityananda being ecstatic in love, came to Prabhu walking like a drunkard. Seeing exstatic Netai as naked, Prabhu hurriedly covered him with his own cloth. Sacinata only smiled over this matter because Nityananda and Viswarupa had been the same to her. She gave fowr sweet in eats to Nityananda to eat which he most gladly ate. Gauragunamoni requested Nityananda to give him one of his own Kaupiva. Having got the Kaupina, Prabhu Gaunarai tore it into many small pieces and gave them to each and evryone of his companious who tied the piece of cloth on his head. Being lightly ecstatic in love, Shrigama Sundara offered the feet washing water (Padodaka) of Shri Nityananda to every oe of his companious. All of them became very ecstatic to d all these activities. Prabhu became absorbed in dancing with his associates as the ocean of happiness overflowed its limits with beautiful Sankirtana.1895-1906.


In a song Narahari had said-


          Oh what happiness is inankirtana                              dance Gawr-Nityananda          in extreme happiness                                     with their all companious.                       

     While dancing utters 'havibolo' with khola karatala                           being exstatic in love.

     Like streams of river    shed their tears

                       while behaving like mad.


          Someone in exstacy     roars likelion

                       while trembling like mad.


          Some one looking at another   stretching the hands

                       embraces one after other.


          Some one holding other's feet  touches the dust on his head

                       Some one rolls on the ground.1907-1913.



The order of Mahaprabhu to Nityananda-Haridasa for preaching ShriKrishna Vajana.(consciousness)



One day Prabhu sitting above on a celestial seat had been looking very sadly here and there. He ordered his favourite Nityananda and Haridasa to cinvince the people for worshipping rishna. These two being very glad at once adhered to the order of Prabhu. They became very successful in this effort every where and reported everything to Prabhu.1914-1917.


          Prabhu's favour to Jagai and Madhai.


"Oh dear shri Nivasa, Prabhu by sitting here favoured Jagai and Madhai, the two notorious decoits who began to sing the glory of Prabhu. To observe Jagai and Madhai, Vishnupriya and Sacinata used to sit on this place and in this room. Look shri Nivasa, this is the place where gaurachandra loved to be obsorbed in sankirtana."1918-1920.


In a song Ghanashyama dusa said-


Shri Gaurachandra with Advaita, Netai, Gadadhara Shrinivasa and others began to dance madly in Sankirtana by streaching their arms up. The earth seemed to be trembling by their dancing steppings. They kept on uttering "hovibol" while  eulogising Lord Krishna in their songs with continuous clapping of their hands. Gaurachanda being ecstatic embraced Jagai and Madhai who by the touch of Prabhu also began to dance by raising their hands up and became very sincere in doing so. They used to fall in the ground to the feet of Prabhu. They  began to tremble in emotion and weep madly while repenting over their former activities.



Different sports of Prabhu being ecstatic in love for Krishna.


Being passionate in Sankirtana, Prabhu with his associates had done sport in the wat err of the Ganges and then returned to his house. He used to wash his legs and worship the Tulasi. Then he used to take the Prasada of Vishnu and to lie down on the bed while the daities kept on massaging his legs invisibly. One day Prabhu went to the house of Shrivasa and favoured his mother-in-law. One day Prabhu with his companious used to towr Navadwipa with Sankirtana. Sometimes in ecstacy he used to say that he would give up his loveless fertile life and used to jump in to the Ganges. Nityananda and Haridasa hurriedly had to jump in the river to rescue Prabhu. 1930-1940.


In two songs Narahari had described the same sports of Prabhu in ornamental language.1941-1948.


Maha Prabhu's dancing as Lakshmi in the house of chandra Sekharacharya.


Being absorbed in Sankirtana, Prabhu one day told Vuddhinanta Khan "today I shall dance as goddess Lakshmi with my companious in the house of Chandra Shekharacharya. Now tell them all to be dressed in Samkhya, Sari, Kanchuli and golden ornaments." Directring him Prabhu went to the house of Chandra Sekhara where he had danced what he had decided already to do.1949-1954.


The effort of Advaitacharya for getting the favour of Prabhu through the act of explaining Gyana-Yoga.


Advaitacharya began to feel very much hurt as Gaura Rai regarded him as his guru. Advait decided to do any such activities that would increase the anger of Prabhu and he would punish Advaita by catching his hair. Having decided so, on some pretest Advaita with Haridasa went to Shantipura where he started preaching the theory that knowledge was greater than devotion. In his house he used to sit on a celestial seat began very proudly to teach the glory of knowledge to everyone. On observing this attempt of Advaita, people began to give various opinions and they told Sitadevi, wife of Aadvaita that Prabhu would swely come here for investigation. Gaurachandra who was god himself began to smile in his mind from here. To fulfil the hidden desire of Advaita, on the protest of travelling the cities, Prabhu started for shantipura with Nityananda. He favoured a certain sannyasi at Lalitpura, he went to Shantipura through the Ganges. On hearing Prabhu's coming to his place, advaita intentionally became very much enthusiastic in preaching the theory of glorification of knowledge. When Prabhu reached the house of advaita, Achyutananda and others bowed to the feet of Prabhu.1955-1968.


Having favoured everyone, Gaurachandra with Nityananda came face to face with Advaita. Being very angry Prabhu asked advaita "Tell me, who says that knowledge is greater than devotion?". Advaita said "I think that knowledge is the greatest of all". Prabhu became so angry that he lost his temper and a very strongman like Prabhu jumped on the seat of Advaita and thrust him on the ground by catching his hair. He began to hit Advaita Nemendously by his two soft hands. Sita devi who knew everything and who had been the mother of the universe, tried to say some thing sweetly to Prabhu. Haridasa  in fear used to stand by one side but Nityananda began to smile sweetlyu. Prabhu by roaring in anger revealed a very precious side of his sport and Advaita being treated in this way became very happy and stisfied. He began to dance in joy by clapping his hands and took the dust of Prabhu's feet to his head. He began to euligise Prabhy so much that Prabhu out of repentence began to cry miserably by taking Advaita in his lap.1969-1978.


Nityananda, Haridasa, Advaita, Sitra devi and others also began to cry. Shri Achyutananda, son of Advaita began to cry too. In fact the whole body began to cry with Prabhu. They all began to eulogise Prabhu who in his turn favoured all of them. Out of joy Advaita arranged for a great feast in his house where the son of Padmavati, Nityananda used to scatter rice as the sign of enertainments. Prabhu stayed for some time in the house of Advaita, returned to Navaduipa. Who could realise the real intention of Advaita? One of the branches of Advaita named Shankara began to possess sincerity in connection of knowledge.



Advaita began to tell Shankara, "in this way I make my object successful. Now leave me , leave me, you are spoilt." But he by any means could leave Advauita. So Advaita himself left him. The wise people came to realise that the seeds of out wardness had been sowed by Shankara and gradualy this seed would be grown up into a big tree.1986-1988.


Nityananda, advaita and Haridasa with Prabhu came back to Nadia from Shantipura. The people of Nadia ran to the house of Prabhu to see him coming back from Shantipura. Shrivasa, Mukunda Valreswara and others arranged for the Sankirtana and Prabhu started singing. then they all became absorbed in Sankirtana.



To  dispel the sin committed by his mother sachi to the Vaishnavas, Prabhu ordered his mother to take the dust of Advaita's feet.


Prabhu told his favourite associates that his mother had committed a sin to Advaita,  He suggested that if his mother took the dust of Advaita's feet on her head, her sin could be dispelled. In this way he had manifested vaktiyoga. Now "Oh Shri Nivasa, listen to me what sin Sachi had committed. She thought that due to the wish of Hadvaita, her elderson Viswarupa had become an ascetic. As she could not bear the separation of her son, she began to think in crying that Advaita had no kindness because due to him Viswarupa had left his house. Now he had been trying to do the same to her younger son Viswanvara. In her opinion, being a wiseman, how Advaita could be so unkind. She became afraid that acharya had taken awayher all two sons".



Advaita heard the suggestion of Prabhu and came to meet him. Being perturbed Advaita while singing the glory of Sacinata, fainted on the ground. In the meantime Sacinatha came to that place and took the dust of Advaita's feet on her head. Gauracaqndra became very glad and it had been his lesson to all through his mother.2003-2006.


The son of Sachi who had been a jewel of love and devotion constantly used to spend his time in Samkirtana. Sometimes he used to go out for a toun in the city with his companiouns. Mukunda used to sing sweetly the glory of the sport of vraja. Prabhu very much liked to hear the glorification of his own sports. According to prabhu's desire, godadhara used to decorate Prabhu with flowers. Prabhu's world charming beauty used to madden the whole world. The associaion of prabhu could not turn their eyes from the beaty of prabhu's moon like face. They could not console their emotions when Advaita used to do aratrika before Prabhu.                         2007-2017


In a song Narahari had given on beautiful description of aratrika i.e. warning light before Prabhu. Advaita used to wave light before his god gamachandra with Nityananda on his right and Haridasa on his left side. Shrinivasa used to fan Prabhu with a chamara and suklamvara used to prepare sandal paste. Madhava,vasu ghosha, purushottama, vijaya, mukunda and others used to sing sweetly the praise of Prabhu. They used to play different types of musical instruments such as Mridanga, Khola, Karatala, Vina, Vishana, Flute,bells and Jajara, etc. with their sngs. Vakreswara used to dance beautifully. Rasika gadhara, shridhara, gauridasa, Haridasa etc. all of them used to be eestatic in singing Sankirtana. Even the daities could not keep themselves apart from joining in this pleasant festival.                                   2018-2027


Observing this beautiful and auspicious aratrika festival, everyone because over whelmed injoy. They prepared many items of food for Prabhu and gladly fed him. After the eatng of Prabhu they all gladly ate the prasada of Prabhu. In the deep of might they all went to sleep to their own places. For Prabhu, gadadhara prepared of a soft bed. Prabhu being very glad went to bed prepared by gadhara with flwer garlands and sandal paste. Viswanara lay down the bed and gadadhara lay down near him. Both of them because obsorbed in conversation. Who could understand what had been lying hidden in the minds of gaura and Haridasa? In the morning, Haridasa used to serve prabhu in various ways.                      2028-2035


In Shrichaitanya charita (2nd chapter) shrimad gadadhara prabhu, a great scholar, a great devotee and a great brahmin of hihger casete used to give company to mahaprabhu all the time 2036


Again in this book once alright Shrimad Mahaprabhu ordered shrimad gadadhara that in the next morning he should distribute the flower garlends used by prabhu himself to each Vaishnana devotee. Mahaprabhu took out all his garlands and gave them to gadadhara. Then in the beautiful hours of the morning gadhara prabhu offered the garlands to each Vaishnana. The vaishnana devotees after their bathing in the ganges and worshipping their own god, came gladly to Mahaprabhu. Shrimad gadadhara prabhu every day used to sandal paste all over the body of Mahaprabhu and to decorate his beautiful feature with flower garlends. He used to decorate the bedroom of mahaprabhu with many sented flowers and flower garlands. When mahaprathu used to tie down on his bed, gadadhara used to lie down at the end of the lotus-like feet of probhu and used to go to sleep while listening to the nectar-like words of Mahaprabhu.2037-2044


"Oh dear Shrinivasa, Prabhu used to sit here in the morning with his associates and the people of Nandwipa used to come here every day to see Mahaprabhu."       2045-2046


shrimad mahaprabhu's favour to his devotees and his preaching of shriharinama by pointing out the decrees and methods of it

The devotees used to come to prabhu and to bow to the feet of prabhu and prabhu used to bless them "May Krishna bless you. Let you be a great devotee of Krishna". Prabhu with great favour preached the mahamantra of Krishna.  2047-2048


"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama, Rama Hare Hare.      2049


Again he told everybody, "Oh my dear brothers, obsorb in the Harinama following the proper methods. You will surely get all your desires to be fulfilled by the help of this namamantra and also will get extreme pleasure from this ". 2050-2051


Again by holding a grass by his teeth, he told them 'You must sing Kirtana of Shri krishna all the time"      2052


Directed by Prabhu , they gladly began to singh the namamantra in their own houses. As per order of Prabhu they began Sankirtana in each and every house.         2053-2054


A yavana named kadi who was wicked fellow could not tolerate Kirtana and because very hostile towards the people engaged in Kirtana. Prabhu because very angry and roared in anger. He decided to go out for a town in the city with sankirtana with all his associates. It became the talk of the town that Prabhu would go out for a town in the city with kirtana gaurarai ordered all the people to come in the evening to this place. They all came in time very enthusiastically.  2055-2060


"Oh dear Shrinivasa, what a big gathering was there in the evening who constantly kept on cheering as 'Jay''Jay' which seemed to feet the earth and the sky"             2061


Shriganasundara first of all started Sankirtana and began to dance. At that time he had been loking very beautiful in beautiful dresses. With him danced Shri Nityananda on his right and godadhara on the left side. Advaita, Shrinivasa, Haridasa, Vakreswara, Naraharidasa, Gadadhara, Damodara, Murari, Mukunda, Vasu, Govinda and all other devotees of Prabhu began to dance with him. What a pleasant scene had been created there! Then Shrigamanga directed his associate to be diveded in to groups. Shri Advaita took the lead of a group and started his town with sankirtana which emotinally attracted every person who began to ery londly to hear Advaita's Kirtanas2062-2068


Shrinivasa took the lead of a group and started his tour with sankirtana. Prabhu himself took the the lead of a group and started to sing and dance in Sankirtana. His mother and wife came out of their house to observe the beautiful procession. It was the wonderful effort f prabhu t make people sink in the ocean of sankirtana. After the ene of the town Prabhu came back to his house and spent the whole might in discussing about Shrikrishna.                           2069-2074


One day, gamachandra decided to visit all houses of the vaishnavas f Nadia. He started to carry out his programme with his associates.                              2075-2077


One day in a world charming dress, Prabhu in his Sankirtana favoured sme devotees to a great extent. A wise but poor brahmin with his son came from Vangadesha to prabhu whose name was Vanamali. When he saw prabhu, he found him in the image of Shyamal Sundara with a peacock feather n his head, dressed in yellow loin cloth and holdng a flute in his hand. What a formulate brahmin he had been that he gt the favour f Prabhu Gamanga here. Prabhu used to teach devtional theories to his disciple but one of his pupils hurt him by some wrong arguments which distributed prabhu much and he atonce went to the ganges for a bath with all his wearngs in his body in order to pwingfy him from the touch of that heretic. He henceforth, never saw his face.              2078-2085


One day Prabhu delightfully planted a mango tree here and it had ben a miracle that the tree atonee began to grow up and started to give fruits. His comparious plucked some ripe mangoes from the tree and offered to Krishna. The ripe mangoes were f s superior quality that there had been no thread like meenbranes in them and had nectar-like sweetness. Only one had been enough to satisfy one's hunger. Prabhu ate the fruit and gave them to his devotees. The tree used to give her fruits throughout the year                        2086-2089


Oneday at the time of Sankirtana, there had been created a very cludy atmosphere that seemed to be showered rain at any time. Prabhu came out of the place with a mandira in his hand and atonee all the clouds were gone away. For giving lessons to the devotees and mankind Prabhu used to clean the temple of Vishnu everyday with his associates        2090-2092


In Shrikrishna Chaitanya Charitra (2nd Chapter)-

Oneday for giving lesson to his devotees, Mahaprabhu himself took a spade on his shoulder and tied a piece cloth tighty in his waist and a piece cloth n his head with his follower brahmins. He also took a broom in his hand and went t the temple for cleaning it. Even a man like ShriAdvaitacharya and other great brahmins also took spades and brooms in their hands and accompanied Mahaprabhu in cleaning the temple as sweepers who belnged to a lwly caste among the HIndus. Shrigamasundara who was god himself, in this way many times out of favour gave lessons f Shrikrishna to his devtees 2093-2096


Oneday while Prabhu because eestatic in uttering the words "Gopi"Gopi", a heretic brahmin pupil bean to criticise why Nemai was not uttering the name of "Krishna" insteaf of "Gopi". Prabhu beacuse very angry with him and chased him with a stick for beating him. The brahmnin saved his life by fleeing from there. That wicked brahmin and some other wicked brahmin pupils began to criticise Prabhu in many ways. Knowledge could not be earned by a pupil who always tried to indulge in criticising his won guru. Prabhu did not tell them any thing on the countrary remained obsorbed in Sankirtana all the time.                                    2097-2102


Oneday Kesavavarathi came to see Prabhu whom Prabhu most cordially welcommed and paid his homage. He invited him and helped him to accept always from prabhu. No one became able to know what did they converse with each other and varathi returned to Kantakanagana without delay.   2103-2104


Viswamvara went to the house of Shrinivasa and began t talk with his favourite gadadhana. After taking his bath, he went t the temple of Vishnu to worship Him but he began to weep so miserably that his face, chest and clothes had becme soaked with his tears. As Gandadharai could not control his tears, he ordered gadadhara t complete the worship of Vishnu. Gadadhara used t say that Prabhu loved to be obsrbed in Vraja Vilasa cnstantly.                                   2105-2109


Vishnupriya devi kept on servng her mother-in-law very sincerely. Prabhu in his own house had manifested many sports. Those who were fotunate enough to see all these places, were sure to obtain the precious gem like devotional love. "Now oh my dear Shrinivasa, I shall show you some places outside this house where Prabhu had dne many Sports. Again we shall come back to this huse. "Saying so, shrigshana tok Shrinivasa and others from the house of Prabhu              2110-2117


He told Shrinivasa that Prabhu used to play here in his childood. Under this tree of kadamna, Prabhu used to play nakedly with other boys. Prabhu used to lok at the Kadamna tree and demanded Kadamna flowers from any body who used to pass him at that time. They pacified him by saying that it was not the flooming time of Kadamna flower. On hearing this, Prabhu began to cry and his eyedrops seemed to be just like pearls. Prabhu tld them to search the tree and they must get even a single flwer in it. Some one being fortunate enough looked at the tree and saw that there was a single flwer in the tree. He hastily climbed on the tree and plucked the flower for Nemai. All of them became very much astonished t observe the power of a little child like Nemai. 2118-2125


Under this banian tree Sachimata taking her son in her lap used t worship goddess Sasthi with many items. There had been a neem tree here whose flwers had very sweet scent. Its deep shadw had been a pleasant assent to the passers-by. No birds used to sit n the branches f this tree. Prabhu used to play under this tree. He ordered Gowindasa Pandit to manifest tw idols from that tree. That had been a beautiful event.



Gawindasa Pandit, a loving natured man had been very favorite to Nityananda-Chaitanya. Nemai Chanda used to play here and there with his friends and used to do many mischieves in the houses of his friends.                            2132-2134


In this house of a brahmin oneday Viswamvara had stolen milk and had drink it without any fear. Luckily he had discovered an earthen container full of curd hanging n a Sikkai i.e a hang made of strings, and had becme very happy  to see it. He used to pierce it's body and curd by placing his mouth just under its hole. While he had been eating curd with great pleasure, the brahmin suddenly entered the room and grasped the left hand of Nelmai tightly. Nemai out of fear atonce held his feet and began to request him to set him free on cndition he would never do it again. But who could know what the brahmin had seen in the face curd stained mouth of Nemai, the brahmin culd not turn his eyes from Nemai. He told Nemai again and again to come and eat curd from his house everyday. In this way Nemai used to tease every one who outwardly became angry with him but in wardly he became delighted. 2135-2141


Look Sr8inivasa this was the way where two fortunate thieves had to flee away by leaving little Nemai in the room.2142


This was the place where prabhu used t eat day. Look Shrinivasa, this was the place where that Tairthika brahmin used t stay in seclusion. This was the house of Gagadisha and Hiranya where Prabu used to take fod n the day of new moon. Look at this place on the beach of ganhari rver where Prabhu's various sports used to be discussed by the brahmins with great pleasure. Here Prabhu used to play with other children. Look, this was the place where Murari Gupta used to explain his studies by peculiour waving of his hands. Prabhu used t jeer at him humorusly for this bad habit. Oneday Prabhu went to the house of Murari Gupta at the time of his eating and used t urinate n the plate of rice of Murari and t give him certain lessons.                                         2143-2151


Shrinivasa, look at the beautiful idol n the bank of the Ganges. The girls used to worship this idol after batyhing in the river. Oneday at that time of their worshipping, suddendly Sachinandana came to this place. He used to sit amont the girls and began to joke with them. Oneday he used to meet the daughter of Vallava and useed to behave with her very humorously. This was the place where Nemaichanda used to play and quarrel with other boys. Nemai used to tease the fathers here in this bank f the Ganges. The girls used to complain to Sachimata against Nemai.                          2152-2161


Look Shrinivasa, under this tree Viswarupa once discovered the truth in his mind that Nemai culd not be a human being. It was a place where Shri Advaita and other associates of prabhu had cried t observe the wicked tendencies of mankind. Here Viswarupa had explained the rural essence f devotion to Krishna Which has made adventadeva roaring like a lion. Advaita had taken the pleasure f lifting Viswarupa n his lap and dancin in joy. Look Shrinivasa, it was this place where the wise men f Nadia had been discussing about Krishna with viswarupa when little Nemai being naked had come here t call his elder brother Viswarupa. Everyone present then culd nt turn his eyes from the dust-covered but very beautiful feature of Nemai. This was the place from where Viswamvara had said to Viswarupa "Oh brother, come with me for eating" and holding a portion of Viswarupa's cloth Prabhu used to return t his house  



Viswarupa while returning with Viswamvara, again and agan kept n loking at the face of Nemaichanda "Oh Shrinivasa what i shall bay about Viswarupa who within a few days had accepted the lifeof an ascetic and left his house fr ever. The devotees of Viswarupa could not live without him an they desired to live in a forest. Look at this place. Here the devotees of Gamachandra used to sit sadly when they heard the criticious of their Prabhu by the heretics whose words had come as a bolt from the blu to them.                             2170-2173


Look at this place. Here Advaita Prabhu used to console the devtees in their miseries. Look at this room. Here while the devotees used to sing harinama little Vishnamvara leaving his palying used t come t them hastily. When they asked him why he come here, he used to say why they had call him and them agan hastily went to play with hs friends leavng the devtees in to utter bewilderment.                               2174-2177


Oh Shrinivasa, look at this place. Here Nemai had made the wise scholars very much astonished by his genious. Due to the fear caused by the elder son's acceptance of asceticisen, Father gaganmatha forbade Nemai t read his books. Nemai had become very disheartred by this and as a result he intentiounally had begun many mischievous activities. When the inhabitants being ver much veseed began to complain to his father, he again permitted his son to start his studies which pleased Nemai very much. Nemai in this place used t take his lessons with ther boys.                                        2178-2183


Look at this room. Here gaganmatha Misra had performed the ceremony of yangyasutra of Nemai. This was the huse f gangadasa Pandit where Nemaiused t learn vykarana from his teacher.                                          2183-2185


Day by day Nemai had acquired vast knowledge in Vyakarana and had becme able to explain the subject wth many valuabe hints. Here he sed to question Krishnanda, Shri kamalakanta and Sr murarigupta about many points n scriptures. Here Nemai used to abosorve n hs studies.                            2186-2188


Look at this bank f the Ganges. Here Nemai used t bathe n the Ganges with his devtees, to wrship Vishnu and Tuls, to eat the mahaprasada. Nemai did nt like any other activities than t dscuss scriptures. In ths way he had become a great Scholar n Nadia. Look at this place, Here Prabhu with Murari Gupta used t discuss Scriptures. Murari who had been a part f Rudra, had beome ver glad to listen to the explanatins f Prabhu.2189-2194


Look at the houseof Shrivallava-Acharya whose daughter was Shri lakshmidevi wh had been the first wife f Nemai. Here n this way o the Ganges Prabhu had first, seen Lakshmidevi.2196-2197


Look at the house of Vanamali Acharya who had taken the initiative of Nemai's marriage to lakshmi. This was the wa thjrough which Viswamvara had returned to his huse with his newly wed wife and the people had begun t appreciate the beautiesof the newly wed cuple.                   2198-2200


Look at this place. Here Prabhu used to teach his disciples. Murari Gupta by sittng here had ndulged n debates with Prabhu.



Look at this place. Here Advaita being very angry with the hereties had begun to roair like a lion           2203-2204


Look at the house of Gopinath Achara where Prabhu sed to come frm time to time. Shri Iswarapur used to stay here sometimes and here he had written the ook "Krishna Leelamrita". Being very affectionate to Gadadhara Pandir, Shripuri had taught him here. Shri puri had lved Viswamvara very much and had requested Nemai to edit his book. Viswamvara als had great regards for Shripuri and he used to please him by his effrts   2205-2209


Look at this place. Here all the Vaishnavas had become very pleased t listen to the explanatinious f scriptures by Nemai and had blessed him by saying "May Krishna bless you". Here Shrinivasa and ther vaishnavas had given many lessns to Viswamvara                                        2210-2212


Look at the house of Shri Mukunda-Sanjoya. Here Prabhu used to practice his studies n scriptures. Here the bramins had discvered that Viswamvara had been attacked by a disease caused by wnd by observng but nt knowing his eestatc cndition. While Nemai had becme able to cme to sense, they felt relieved that the had been saved from the grip f wnd dsease.2213-2215


In Navadwipa, Shri Gamanga's sports had been wonderful and here he used to behave with every body very similingly and politely. It was for tis reasn ever one in Nada had feet attractn fr Sachnandana.                          2216-2217


Look at the house of a weaver where Prabhu Viswamvara used to wear a lon clth takng from the weaver.            2218


Look at the houses of the milk-men where Prabhu used t eat curds and drink milk happily                      2219


This was the house f a Gandhavanika where PrabhuGamahari used

to sevear perfumes by favouring the owner of the huse.2220


This was the house of a maker f flwer garlands where Prabhu used to wear celestial garlands by which he had been looking very glittering.                                  2221


Look this was the house of a maker of betelleaves where Prabhu Gamarai used t eat betel leaves.                  2222


Oh dear Shrinivasa, Prabhu Gamachandra with hs companious used to tour Navadwipa with great pleasure             2223


rabhu as Krshna hling the Vamsh in his hand. Td satsfied the minds f all the in habitants.                     2224T


This was the house of a conch maker where Prabhu humorusly had taken a conch.                                    2225


Look, this was the house of a truth-letter where once Prabhu had given a visit and had asked that man whether he culd tell who he had been in his former life.Hearng this, that truth-letter had begun to practise celestial hymns by which he could see Prabhu as the Son of Vasudedva.He could see Prabhu as God Vishnu with His four arms holding sankhya,chakra,gada,and padma. That time he had to close his eyes again and saw Prabhu as Krshna holding the Vamshi in his hand. That man even could see the Rama, the Varaha, Te Nrisimha and other encarnatins of Vishu in Prabhu Gamachandra. The truth-letter had becme bewildered to observe all these. Prabhu had asked him "Tell the what you have seen". He replied "I shall tell you later. Now go where you are going".Prabhu only had suniled at this and had gone to the house of Shridhara with whom Prabhu had made many jokes                                   2226-2234


After completing his town of Nanadwipa, Prabhu Viswamvara with all returned to his own house. Prabhu had dne many sports such as yuddha-kama and other accrdng to his own wish  2235-2236


Look this was the main rad where Prabhu used t walk n wrld-charming dress. Suddenly neda he had come acrss Srvasa Pandt and had talked to him.                            2237-2238


Oh Shrinivasa, this was the bank of the Ganges where Prabhu used to sit with his disciples for discussing studies in scriptures. Someone of his disciples reported Prabhu about the name of a world-conquerng schlar who had wn the favour of Godess Saraswati and had come to Nadia. He had been very prud of his knwledge and could not count a single man parallel to hm. He had with himmany elephants,horses and eradles and numerous supporters. All the great scholars of Navadwipa had become annious about their own depth of knowledge. Hearing all these, Viswamvara had smilled and said that god did nt like to see human beings too proud. The world conquering scholar being attracted by the graceful figure of Prabhu surrounded by his disciples came to meet Prabhu. Visvamvara very proudly asked him to explain the glory of Ganga.                2239-2247


That scholar with great confidence uttered many hymns but Viswamvara asked him to clarify the hymns. Though the hymns had been very stiff to understand, yet sthat scholar most easily had clarified them in his own versions while the brahmin scholar had stopped, Prabhu Visvamvara had begun to find out many in correct meanings made by that scholar in the adi, madhya and anta parts of the whole topic     2248-2250


The world-conqueror had become very ashamed of his own depth of knowledge but Prabhu Gamachandhara had behavied with him very politely and had kept his prestige before others. Due to the wish of Godess Saraswati, that that man now had come to realise that Prabhu Ganmadai had been the God Himself. He had taken refuge under the feet of Prabhu and got his favour.



This world-conquering scholar belnged to a Vaishnama sect whose name was Kesava Kashmir.                    2252


It was known that Hamsa had been the disciple of Shri Narayana whose disciples had been Sanka and the fowe others(Chatusama).



Sanka's disceiple had been Shri narada Maharsay whose disciple had been nimnaditya who had been an abode of good qualities.



Sru Bubvadutta's diciple had been Acharya ShriNivasa who had becme famous everywhere                           2257


His (Shrinivasa) diseiple had been Biswacharya whse disciple had been Shri Purusottamacharya, a great scholar   2258


His (Bismacharya) deseiple had been Sr Vilasacharya whose disciple had been Shri Swarupa Acharya.            2259


His (Swarupa) favorite diceiple had been Shri Madhavacharaya whose disciple had been Shrimadbalavadracharya.    2260


His (Shyama) disciple had been Acharya Gopala whose disciple had been Kripacharya                              2262


His (Krupacharya) diseiple had been Devacharya whose diseiple had been Shri Sundaravatta.                        2263


His (Sundara) disciple had been Shrimad Padmanava vatta whse diseiple had been Upendravatta                    2264


His (Upendra) diseiple had been Ramachandravatta whose diseiple had been Shrivatta Bamana                 2265


His (Bamana) diseiple had been Krishna vatta whse disciple had been Padmakaravatta                               2266


His (Padmakara) diseiple had been Vatta Shrisravana whose diseple had been Vurivatta.                       2267


His (Vurivatta) diseiple had been Sr Madhava whse diseiple had been Shyama vatta.                                2268


His (Shyama) diseiple had been ShriGopala vatta whose diseiple had been Balavadra vatta                          2269


His (Balanadra) diseiple had been Gopinath vatta whose diseiple had been Shri Kesava vatta                2270


His (Kesava) diseiple had been shri Gokula Vatta whose most favarite diseple had been Kesava Kashmir          2271


Having worshipped Goddess Saraswati he had gained s much knowledge which had increased his pride so much. After conquerng the wholw world by his knowledge he had acquired the title of "World-Conquerr" who belnonged to a most polite brahmin sect of Kashminadesha. He had come to Navadwipa on a very auspicious time because he had transformed into a changed man completely submissive to the famous of Prabhu. He had also changed his title of Kesava Kashmir into 'Laghu kesava'. Kesava Kashmir had been a very fotunate man haing got the favour of problem and snce then he had begun t sink in to the depth of divine happines. It because the talk of the town that Nemai had defaults the World Conqueror.           2272-2277


People began to say that there had been no person more educated as a professor than Nemai Pandit.        2278-2279


Oneday Prabhu had come across twenty aseeties in this way. Prabhu most gladly welcommed them and gave various items of food to them for eating observing his effort of nursing the sanyasis in this way, everyone used to be astonished at this as Nemai did nt care a fig for his earnings.      2280-2282


Once Prabhu desired to visit Bangadesha and started for that place. Look this was the house of a brahmin where Prabhu used stay on his way. Having reached Bangadesha, Prabhu sent Tapana Misra to kashi. Having gratified Bangadesha Prabhu after a long time returned by this way where the brahmins had welcommed him and his companions.                 2283-2286




Look at this place where the brahmins had reportes Nemai about the news of death f Shri Lakshmidevi. They thought that Nemai would be very hurt in his mind to fnd hs ouse vacant. So they thought o console Nemai that beeing a Superman, he should take it as his frtune.                                 2287-2289


One day Prabhu taught some one the lesson of paintng the sectarvian mauk on the forehead after taking bath because Prabhu had fund that the mark had been absent n his frehead.



Look, Shrinivasa, Prabhu had dne many humorous activities in this place wth hs friends usng many light wrds which I (Ishana) an nw feeling very awkward t explan t yu (Srnivasa).



Look at the house of Santana Misra who had been the royal court scholar and wh belonged to a high brahmin class. Vishnupriya was his daughter. Santana most gladly had given marriage of his daughter to Viswamvara. This was the house f Kashinath Pandit wh had taken a great intiatve in this marriage.                                         2293-2296


Look at this place where the devotees had begun to lament as they could not get association of any great devotee so lng. He had begun t extract sighs by uttering "Oh Krishna""Oh Krishna". In the meantime Thakur Haridasa who had been dedicated devotee of Prabhu had come to their place.2297-2299


This was the place where Prabhu Gamachandra had been thinking that he had revealed in the earth for preaching devotional love for Krishna. So he had decided that coming back from gaya,he would perform the duty of destroying. the miseries of his devotees and manifesting the precious thing like devotional love. With this intention in his mind, Prabhu after cnsoling his mother had started for gaya. This was a house f a brahmin where Prabhu used t half at night and in the morning he agan had started with his companiouns. In gaya Prabhu had favoured Shri Iswarpuri t a great extent. Nw started his revealment of devotional love. Prabhu had started for Navadwipa with his diseiples. When he had reached Navadwipa, the inhabitants of this place had become very glad to get him among themselves. They all advanced forward to welcome Prabhu. This was the wary through which Prabhu returned t his house. Now all the vashnavas had become very enchanted to see nemai swimming in the streams of devotional love. Shrivasa told Ramai,Gopinath and Gadadhara that Nemai Pandit had become a completely changed person after comming back gaya. There had been no signs of pride in him now. About the topic on gaya he could not even utter a word when he had been trying to talk about Vishnupadapadma because that time his tears had been streaming down like stream of a river from his eyes. Sometimes he used to fall on the ground unconscious utterng the name of Krishna. How wnderful had been his expression of devotional love. Every one had becme very delightful t hear all these changes in Nemai.                                 2300-2313


Shrivasa and others after some time went to the bank of the Ganges and met Suklamvara in his house. Prabhu used to come to this house of Sukalmvara after coming back from gaya. Having found all of them here, Prabhu began to weep by holding the shoulders f everybody on the topic of Krishna. All the devotees who had been stiee in their hiding places had begun to weep on hearing the eestatic cndition of Prabhu. Prabhu asked "who is crying inside the room" Suklamvara replied "your Gadhadhara". Atonce there had taken place a beautiful scene of expressing eestatc lve which accumulated Brahmachari to sink into the Ocean of love.                           2314-2320


Look at this tree under which Ratnagarva Acharya used to cite slokas from vagavata. Prabhu could nt contrl his emotions on hearing the glorification of his wn devtinal pride and then had fainted n the ground in eestasy. How fortunate Ratnagarva had been that having got his sense, Prabhu atonce had embraced Ratranagarva crdially.                            2321-2323


Oh dear shrinivasa, this was the place where Prabhu had revealed his lve while hearng his own glrification. Sr Advaita having found problem in such eestatic condition, had begun t tell everybody what he had seen in his dream because Advaita had been himself able to know everything already what ow had been occurng here. Though the devtees could not fully understand the intention and efforts f Advaita yet they being very satisfied went back to their wn places.      2324-2329


Now listen t me (Ishana) Shri Nivasa, gradually the peple f Nadia had cmme to know about the changed character of Nemai.



Prabhu had begun t serve and nurse the vaishnavas beeing absorbed into divotional lve. Prabhu taught every body that serving the devtees should be the best way of gettng Krishna. Who could understand the real intentin f Prabhu wh always kept on requesing humbly the devtees to bless him. Being respected by all , Nemai even used to carry himself the flwer baskets and cothes of the vaishnava devtees. For this he never had felt ashamed. The devtees als had taken pleasure t bless and to gve good suggestions t Gamachandra. Viswamvara used to take the dust from the feet of the Vaishnavas on his head.2331-2337


Oneday Prabhu went to the house of Advaita with Gadadhara. Advaita being eestatic in love had begun to prepare various items for worshipping prabhu. He had wrshipped Prabhu by offerng secented flowers on the feet of Prabhu and then had begun to enlgise Prabhu with various hymns. Observing the efforts of Advaita, Gadhadhara had begun to smile and said to him not to make him so humble to a boy like Nemai who had been so younger to him. Advaita told him that he and others would know sometimes later actual identity of this boy. Gadhadhara had become very astonished at this and thought in his mind that this boy must be God himself        2338-2345


After along time Gamarai had come to sense and as he did not want to disclse himself to others, he told someting to Advata. Prabhu Gamahar wh had been love bound by Advata, had done many sports here. With numerus desires in his mind Advaita had returned to shantipura. Observing the eestatic condition of Prabhu durng the Sankrtana and hs absorption in devotinal love, the vashnavas gradually had come to realise that Prabhu Bswamvara was nt a human beng.                    2346-2350


One day in an eestatic mood Prabhu told a vashnava devotee that he wished to see the Natyasala f Kanai. There Prabhu had begun Sankirtana and hard begun to roar like lion in Sankirtana which had caused great pain in the minds of the hereties. They had begun to eriticise Prabhu in various ways which had given great pain to the vishnavas but they knew that the hireties did not know atall that for destroying the inseres of mankind Prabhu had appeared as an neavnaton. For carryng out the plans f destroying the miseries of mankind and of mainfestng HImself, Prabhu used t travel in Nadia n wrld-charming dresseswhich used t excte the heretes.   2351-2355


The sport of Nadia-Town of ShriGamasundara

Observing the enchantng beauty of Gamachandra, the devotees used to be very delightful. All people discriminating men or women, used to be attracted by Prabhu and to tell one anther about Prabhu                                      2356-2357


Narahari n hs sngs had said-

All people discreminating men r wmen r aged used to stand by the rad o see the beauty f Gamachandra who had been looking just like the moon. Some one thught that wh had created him s beautiful. Some one sad that he would be very happy it he could keep the beautiful feature forever in his heart. Some one used to bless Prabhu all the time.            2358-2361


Again in a sng in Raga Kamoda.

All the people, standing in the way by which Prabhu used to walk in samkirtana, used to look at the beauty of Sachidulala and used to think that he could not be an ordinary person only. In their apinion he was nt a human being on the contrancy God Himself. Sme one used to thank the providence fr helping him to take his birth in this Nadia. Some one said that Sachi had been fortunate enough to get such a son. Some one used to wish of not departing prabhu from Nadia. Some one used to pray to the provindence for not taking away Nemai from Nadia.                                            2362-2367


Another song ----Raga Bhupali

On hearing the comming of Gamanga, the blind people came out of their houses. Some one of them began to complain to the provndence for making him blind as he could not see the beauty of Gamanga. They began to learnt that they could not properly enjoy the nectar-like beauty f Gamasendara because they could not control themselves as even their blind eyes also began to run with Prabhu Gamachandra.                      2368-2371


Another song in Raga Tori

The lame people also came out on the road to observe GamaGunanmoni. They began to wait with all secitement and to thnk when Prabhu would come that way. Some one said that now they had understood the intention of the providence for creating them lame because if they had not been s, they might have gone elsewhere and out the same time would miss the loving association of Prabhu. They now desired t be have and to be Naidia throught their lives because they wanted to abserve Prabhu gamachandra all the time.          2372-2375


In another two songs Narahar had descried the same thing i.e. the feelings of the people f Nadia observing the begutyof Gamachandra                                       2376-2383


Oh shrinivasa, during the Nadia town, Prabhu had revealed himself fr the happiness of hs wn devotees. when , during his tour, he culd see the eows grazing on the beach of the Ganges could hear the loingof the cows while grazing in groups and culd seethem drinking water and looking here and there with their tails up or fighing with one aother , Prabhu used to cried out loudly "I am HE","Iam HE".              2384-2387


Being wonderful eestasy, Viswamvara used to run gladly o the house of Shrivasa who used to shut the door and begun to worship the idl f Nrshmadeva, Prabhu had begun kickng the door of the room with roarng which had broken the immediatatin of shrivasa. Shrivasa became very angry at this and looked here and there. He saw the spinted feature of Viswamvara n the eelestal throne of the idol with four hands holding samkha,chakra,gada,and padma, and he had been saying many things with extreme roaring to Shrivasa Shrivasa became ver afraid and began to worship Prabh in various ways 2388-2393


Shrinivasa's enlogies to Shrimad Mahaprabhu

Being satisfied by the enlogies of shrivasa,Prabhu showed him the activities of all the incarnatins of Vishnu. Srvasa Mahasa wh had been a scholar in all scrptures, kept on prasning the glories of Prabhu which pleased Prabhu Gamahari very much and Prabhu greatly favoured shrinivasa by granting him what he had disired in his mind. Shrivasa and is follewers had been fortnate enough as they continued worshipping Prabhu with various items. His method of worshipping Prabhu had been above any saying.  Sbeing very much satisfied Prabhu placed his feet on the heads of all of them and freed their minds from all kinds of fear.  Shri Vasa had a niece named Narajani who had been four years old.  Due to the wish of Prtabhu, she began to cry by uttering the name of Krishna.  Prabhu became ecstatic in emotion and favored the girl in various wonderful ways which the laymen could not understand.  While Prabhu came to his sense, he became very ashamed and told Shrivasa not to tell anything to anybody.  Then he returned to his own house.




Prabhu went to the house of Murari where He manifested Himself as the Varaha incarnation.


          One day, being deeply absorbed in the mood of Shri Varaha, the Lord ran towards the house of Murari roaring loudly.  Rushing into the house He entered the temple of Lord Vishnu and manifested His form as Lord Varaha.  Seeing a waterpot in front of Him, he picked it up with his teeth and said to Murari, "You know nothing about My incarnations."  What could Murari say?  He was speechless.   However, Prabhu ordered him to speak.  Thus, with a faltering voice and eyes filled with tears, Murari immediately began to glorify the Lord's unlimited transcendental qualities. Being greatly satisfied by His devotee's prayers, the Lord abundantly showered His mercy upon Murari.  In this way, Prabhu visited the houses of all his devotees for the purpose of revealing to them His real identity. 


          One day while Shrivasa and Murari were praising the glories of Prabhu, Shrivasa pandita began to lament; "How could I have failed to recognize Prabhu for so long?  My heart aches to think that Prabhu once carried my flower basket and my loin cloth. At that time I offered Him my blessings saying, "May you attain devotion to the feet of Krishna." What an ignorant fool I was to advise the Lord Himself to worship Krishna."  Lamenting in this way, Shri Murari and others burst into vehement tears.


Shri Nityananda Prabhu's arrival in Nadia.


          Gaurarai informed Shrivasa and others that Nityananda would soon come to Navadvipa.  Shortly thereafter Nityananda Prabhu arrived in Nadia but kept Himself hidden. No one except Mahaprabhu was aware of Nityananda's appearance there. The Lord thus took some devotees with Him to the house of Shrinandana Acarya where Nityananda was hiding.  There they found Shri Nityananda Prabhu sitting in meditation.  The devotees who had come with Gaurarai were mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of Nityananda. 


          Nityananda looked up and saw the Lord standing before Him, looking more beautiful than Madana, adorned with celestial flower garlands and exquisite dress.  (As in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata??) The glittering of gold seemed dull and faded in comparison to the effulgence of the Lord's transcendental body.  Even the moon desired to look upon the shining face of Prabhu.  The Lord's teeth were capable of defeating the pride of pearls; His beautiful hair could madden the universe; His eyes shown brightly like blossoming red lotus flowers and a sacred thread hung across His broad chest; His graceful arms hung down to His knees and His handsome forehead was decorated with tilak;  His entire body was gorgeous even without ornaments.  Nityananda Prabhu was completely enchanted by the stunning beauty of Visvambhara.


          In order to disclose the internal meditation of Nityananda, Gaurarai requested Shrivasa to recite some appropriate slokas from the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Chapter 10 p. 21/5):  "Once Shri Krishna, wearing a golden colored loin cloth, a peacock feather on the tuft of His hair, a Karnika flower in His ear and multi-colored garlands around His neck entered as Natabara into Vrndavana which was marked by the signs of His own feet (sankha, cakra etc.). The gopas surrounded the Lord singing His glories while Krishna played His flute, whose holes were blessed by the touch of the Lord's lips (saliva)."  Hearing these verses Nityananda Prabhu was filled with ecstatic emotions.  Narahari has written a song which beautifully depicts the loving sentiments of Shri Nityananda.  Oh Shrinivasa, the glories of Nityananda Prabhu are celebrated throughout the entire universe.


          Seeing Nityananda in the lap of Visvambhara, Gadadhara smiled happily.  Visvambhara then told Nityananda, "Tomorrow is the full moon day on which you must worship Shri Vyasa.  Where will you perform this ceremony?"  Nityananda replied, "In the house of Shrivasa." Shrivasa was thrilled and began speaking to Visvambhara about the arrangements for the next day as they all walked towards the house of Shrivasa.


Various sports of Mahaprabhu in the house of Shrivasa.


          Oh Shrinivasa, in the house of Shrivasa, Visvambhara and Nityananda performed sankirtana dancing madly accompanied by numerous devotees.  With the purpose of revealing the true identity of Nityananda Prabhu, Gaurahari personally worshiped Nityananda as Balarama.  Suddenly Gaurahari climbed up a dias and began uttering "Varuni, Varuni."  Immediately someone brought water from the Ganges and gave it to Prabhu, who drank it like wine.  On the demand of Gaurahari, Shri Nityananda, who saw the Lord in His six handed form, gave Him the Shri Hala and Mushala?? Suddenly Prabhu began to utter "Nada, Nada" and Advaita Prabhu responded to these words as if it were his name. Overwhelmed with ecstacy, Nityananda Prabhu broke His danda and kamandalu.  Gaurachandra had to pacify Nityananda; He took the danda and kamandalu and threw them into the Ganges.  Who could understand the inner meaning behind this action?  Gaurahari and Nityananda then went to the Ganges to take bath.


The worship of Shri Vyasa.


          Prabhu (Nityananda?) offered flowers and sandalwood paste to Shri Vyasa, properly following the appropriate procedures. Afterwards, at this spot, Sacimata found Nimai-Nitai and others taking the prasada of Vyasa.  Previously there was a Kunda tree here from which the Vaishnavas used to pluck flowers for worshipping.  One day Gaurarai told Shrivasa that Advaita would soon be arriving there carrying various items for worshiping Him. Advaita was anxious to see Gaurahari manifest His original feature as the Supreme Lord.  Thus Prabhu entered into the temple of Vishnu and sat on the Deities celestial throne. All the devotees stood in a circle around the Lord gazing at His moon-like face.   Nityananda held the umbrella above His head and Gadadhara offered Prabhu betel. Everyone was engaged in serving the Lord in various ways. 


          In the meantime Advaita arrived there and fell on the ground bowing at Prabhu's feet. Advaita drank in the all-enchanting beauty of the Lord, whose was as brilliant as millions of suns; He stood in the pose of Krishna, bedecked with jewels and ornaments, holding His flute in His hands.  Brahma, as well as other demigods and saints stood before the Lord chanting His glories. Seeing this exquisite form of the Lord, Advaita was overwhelmed.    Prabhu told Advaita again and again, "I have revealed myself as an incarnation to keep your promise."  In this way Prabhu satisfied Advaita as well as all of the devotees. Advaita continued to stand before the Lord with folded hands and Prabhu ordered him, "Worship me along with your wife."


By the order of Prabhu, Advaita Acarya and his wife worshiped the lotus feet of the Lord.


          Being ordered by Prabhu, Advaita delightfully washed the Lord's feet with perfumed water and offered Tulasi leaves smeared with sandalwood on His feet.  While praising the Lord, he offered sixteen items of worship with utmost sincerity then fell at the feet of Prabhu with tears in his eyes.  Understanding the desire of Advaita, Prabhu placed his feet on Advaita's head and the devotees cheered joyfully.  Being ordered by Prabhu, Advaita began dancing and chanting the holy name, while the devotees lay prostrate before the feet of Prabhu.  Looking up at the face of Nityananda and observing the activities of Advaita, they all shed tears of joy.  Each of the devotees offered garlands to the Lord then they insisted that Advaita make some request to the Lord. Advaita thus prayed, "All of my desires have been fulfilled.  Now please show Your mercy to the fallen conditioned souls."  All of the devotees were happy to hear Advaita's request, but who could understand the intimate relationship between Prabhu and Advaita? Gaurachandra then went to His residence, leaving Nityananda in the house of Shrivasa, and all the devotees returned to their own homes. 


          Oh Shrinivasa, due to the desire of the Lord, numerous devotees came to Nadia from various places;  Pundarika Vidyanidhi, whom Prabhu was eagerly waiting for, came from Vangadesha with many followers, and a certain villager named Shri Mukunda also came to meet Vidyanidhi.


The ecstatic condition of Shri Vidyanidhi.


          Outwardly Vidyanidhi decorated himself like a prince but only Shri Mukunda could understand what kind of Vaishnava Shri Pundarika actually was.  Shri Mukunda and Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami came to meet him, but observing his external appearance Gadadhara mistook him to be a "pleasure loving" Vaishnava.  Understanding Gadadhara's mind, Mukunda tried to help him to understand the true state of mind of Pundarika by chanting various slokas (Shrimad Bhagavatam 32nd chapter 2/23):


          "It is only the merciful Lord Krishna who I can ask for my salvation.  He is so kind that He even showered his mercy upon the demoness Putana, the sister of Bakasura.  Although she was trying to kill Him, He considered her to be a mother-like nurse and sucked her poisonous breast milk.


          Upon hearing this sloka, Vidyanidhi impatiently, insisted that Mukunda continue describing the episode again and again. While listening attentively Vidyanidhi cried out in roars. He began to sweat and shiver while tears whelmed up in his eyes.  He thrust himself on the ground and kicked the bed, spoiling  his beautiful clothing.  His handsome body became smeared with dust as he rolled on the ground and fell unconscious. 


          Gadadhara was astonished to see the condition of Vidyanidhi and began to weep in repentance.  He told Mukunda, "What a sinner I am, by your mercy I have understood my mistake.  I can only be saved from my offense to Pundarika Vidyanidhi by taking initiation from him."   (This is further described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata-Madhya Khanda.)  Gaurahari gladly consented to this and ordered Gadadhara to perform the initiation hastily. Gadadhara was then initiated by Vidyanidhi, much to the pleasure of all the devotees, especially Mukunda.  What can be said of the glories of both the guru Vidyanidhi and his disciple Gadadhara? They are both extremely intimate associates of Shri Krishna Chaitanya. 


          The character of Nityananda was impossible to comprehend; He behaved just like a boy whenever he stayed in the house of Shrivasa. Shri Malini Devi, wife of Shrivasa, treated Him exactly like her son.  Nityananda never ate with His own hand; He enjoyed eating rice from the hands of Malini.  Shrivasa also displayed great love for Nityananda. Prabhu knew the mind of Shrivasa and for that reason He gladly handed over the charge of Nityananda to Shrivasa.  Nityananda, in the mood of a little boy, used to travel throughout Nadia to the houses of Gangadasa and Murari Gupta.


          Nityananda used to swim happily in the Ganges then run to the house of Shrivasa to see his mother.  Gaurahari also visited the house of Shrivasa regularly along with Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara and other followers.  Look, Shrinivasa, this was the compound of Shrivasa's house where Prabhu and His companions danced madly, absorbed in sankirtana. The earth seemed to tremble with the sound of their dancing and kicking.  Narahari has described the beauty of this sankirtana in his songs. Vrndavana dasa has also explained it wonderfully. In the compound of Shrivasa, Shri Chaitanya Rai used to dance wildly while the instrumentalists played kholas and karatalas.  Nityananda's moon-like face lite the house of Shrivasa as He danced like a drunkard, looking gorgeous with His golden complexion, strong hands and lean waist like a lion.  His beautiful broad eyes shed tears like showers of rain soaking the ground.  Observing the ecstatic condition of Gaura and Nitai, Advaitachandra roared continuously. Shrivasa Pandita held the feet of the Prabhus with tears streaming from his eyes.  Mukunda and Gadadhara held each other weeping incessantly, while Thakura Abhirama cried out, "Haribol, Haribol."


          Oh, Shrinivasa, I cannot describe how many people assembled in the compound of the house of Shrivasa.  As the main entrance of the house had been closed, numerous people where left outside in great distress.  Although Prabhu and His companions spent half of the night in sankirtana they felt no exhaustion, neither was there any sweat on their bodies. Lost in the ecstacy of sankirtana, they could not understand that they had already spent a year in a glimpse due to the wish of Prabhu Gaurachandra.  (In Shri Krishna Chaitanyacarita 2nd chap 7th Sarga.)  For the pleasure of His devotees Shri Gaurahari sported in this way, spending an eternal night in sankirtana.  (Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata--Madhya Khanda.) 


          In ecstasy, Prabhu used to address all the Vaishnavas by their former names.  What can I say, Shrinivasa!  The pastimes of the Lord could melt even rocks. I cannot describe the extraordinary emotions of Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara and others. Due to the order of Prabhu, they stopped their sankirtana at the fag end of the night. Prabhu then took the salagrama sila in his lap and sat on the throne of the Deity, demanding curd, milk and butter from his devotees.  What a beautiful relationship between Prabhu and his devotees.  Prabhu delightfully ordered Shri Murari Gupta to recite some poems composed by Shri Gupta himself. Shri Murari Gupta began to recite Ramastaka and the Lord, who was greatly pleased, at once regarded himself as Ramacandra.  With a sweet smile Prabhu wrote the name "Ramadasa" on the forehead of Murari Gupta. He also recited Raghunathastaka.


By the order of Mahaprabhu, Murarigupta recited his own composition "Shri Ramastaka".


          "I adore the Supreme Lord Ramacandra who is worshipped by the residents of the three worlds; Whose face is as beautiful as a spotless moon, Whose ears are adorned with beautiful kundalas, shining more brilliantly than the stars named Brhaspati and Sukra; and whose crown is bedecked with the gleaming Kiritamani jewel which glows like the shining rays of the sun."


          "I worship Shri Ramacandra, the only guru of the three worlds, Whose eyes are as beautiful as blossoming lotus', Whose lips are like beautifully red bimba fruit.  His nose is charming and His smile defeats the soft rays of the moon."


          "I worship the only guru of the three worlds, Shri Ramacandra, whose neck is as charming as a conch, and Whose complexion is like that of a blue lotus.  His effulgent necklaces of pearl and gold are likened to the sky, where lightening flashes next to white swan-colored clouds."


          "I praise Shri Ramacandra, by whose side is seated the bright golden complexioned Sita who holds a lotus flower in Her raised hand.  That lotus clasped by Her five beautiful fingers is possessed of more than five hundred leaves."


          "I sing the glories of Shri Ramacandra, the only guru throughout the three worlds, in front of whom stands the great archer Shri Laksmana, formerly known as Shesha (or Great Spirit), whose beautiful golden complexion is enhanced by numerous ornaments and who is known as a devout servant of his elder brother."


          "I glorify Shri Raghava, the killer of the demons Ravana, Khara, Trisira and Kavandha.  He is the destroyer of the corruptor's of Shri Dandakaranya: the killer of Vali: and the friend of Sugriva."


          "I worship the only guru of the three worlds, Shri Rama, who has taken the hand of Sita after breaking the Haradhanu.  While one his way from Mithila to Ayodhya, Shri Ramacandra, for the pleasure of his father, destroyed the pride of Parasaurama. "


          Being pleased to hear the glories of Shri Raghunandana Rajasimha, the Supreme Lord Gaurasundara, placed his feet on the head of Shri Murari Gupta and wrote on his forehead, "It is My desire that henceforward you shall be known as Ramadasa."


          Murari Gupta was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  In the morning Prabhu and all the devotees returned to their own houses. Who can understand the hidden meaning and true intentions behind the Lord's transcendental activities.


Mahaprabhu's ecstatic kirtana on the bank of the Ganges.


          One day Mahaprabhu, along with his companions, went to the bank of the Ganges.  By the of the Lord they began sankirtana. In ecstacy, Lord Gauranga danced beautifully in the midst of His devotees.  Sometimes He cried, sometimes He laughed, and sometimes he roared.  As various types of instruments played, the nectar of His voice and the sound of his ankle bells filled the air, maddening the entire universe.  The Lord's gorgeous moon-like face, His long hands touching his knees, His beautiful white teeth like Kunda flowers, His broad chest, and His attractive curly hair enchanted the minds of the people. 


          Oh Shrinivasa, the river Suradhuni (Ganges) was fortunate enough to have the Lord and His devotees walk along her banks joyfully performing sankirtana. These pastimes have been described by Narahari in his songs.  Afterwards Gaurahari returned to his home. 



          One day Prabhu came to the house of Shrivasa and took His seat along with His companions.  The Lord could not allow a single day to pass without engaging in sankirtana; He wanted nothing else but to chant the holy name, nothing else could bring Him happiness.  While absorbed in chanting the Lord began to look here and there, but no one could understand His mind.


Gaurahari's abhiseka in the house of Shrivasa.


          Taking the hints given by the Lord, his favorite disciples hastily began making arrangements for Prabhu's abhiseka; happily bringing water from the Ganges.  Mukunda and others started singing as Prabhu Gaurachandra was placed on the throne and His abhiseka began. Vedic hymns were chanted as they began pouring Ganges water on the Lord to bath Him; The women made sounds through their tongues and the sweet vibration of musical instruments filled the air. As they sang the devotees wept with joy and the demigods began chanting the glories of the Lord. Even Madana would faint upon seeing the charming face of the Lord as His beautiful glittering golden body was bathed.


          Oh dear Shrinivasa, innumerable devotees came to see the Lord's abhiseka and Gaurahari smiled softly at them all. The number of buckets of water brought by the people was beyond counting.  One maidservant named "Dukhi" took great pleasure in bringing water for Prabhu and thus the Lord changed her name to "Sukhi."  Some of the devotees sponged the body of Prabhu with soft cloths, while others brought new clothes for the Lord to wear. Someone else brought sandalpaste to smear over the body of Prabhu, and another decorated the beautiful body of Prabhu with ornaments all the while observing the Lord's moon-like face. Another devotee decorated the throne of Vishnu and the Lord then came to take His seat. Nityananda held the umbrella over the head of Prabhu and someone else fanned Him with a camara while other devotees delightfully showered flowers. Some of the devotees fell prostrate at the feet of Prabhu and began glorifying Him, while others brought many items of food to offer to the Lord. 


          At that time Gaurahari told Shrivasa, Advaita, Gangadasa and Haridasa about their former lives and they began to weep and fall at His feet upon hearing His words.  Prabhu offered a boon to Shridhara who used to sell the outer-covers of banana trees. The Lord delightfully offered His benedictions upon everyone; He suddenly appeared before each devotee in the particular incarnation of Vishnu which each devotee was accustomed to worshiping. Murari, who worshiped the Rama incarnation of Vishnu, was able to see Rama, Sita, Laksmana and himself as Hanuman. Overwhelmed with joy he began singing the praises of the Lord. Being satisfied with Murari, Prabhu gave him the name Murari Vallava.  Mukunda also received the Lord's favor and from that time became known as a favorite associate of Prabhu. For seven long praharas Prabhu remained in this state of ecstacy. All of the demigods including Caturmukha and Panchamukha came there in hiding to see the Lord. While Prabhu performed His pastimes the happiness in the house of Shrivasa knew no bounds. Leaving Nityananda in the house of Shrivasa, Prabhu returned to his own house.


The description of Jagai-Madhai's deliverance and discussions with Shrinivasa about Nityananda Prabhu.


          Who could understand the transcendental characteristics of Shri Nityananda Prabhu?  One day upon finding Malini devi in distress, Nityananda asked her what had happened.  Malini explained that a crow had stolen her pot of butter oil.  Smiling, Nityananda ordered the crow to return the pot and the crow at once returned it to Malini devi.  Seeing the power of Nityananda, Malini began to praise Him profusely. 


          Nityananda also regularly visited Sacidevi in her home.  On one such occasion Gaurahari instructed Nityananda and Haridasa to preach throughout Nadia.  Following the Lord's order, Haridasa and Nityananda daily visited every house in Nadia requesting the dwellers to worship Krishna.  The wise people received them happily, while the heretics ridiculed them.  One day, when Nityananda and Haridasa happened to pass the notorious brothers, Jagai and Madhai, lying on the road, they also requested them to worship the Lord.  Hearing this suggestion the two brothers began to roar with anger.   Nityananda, whom even Brahma and other demigods desired to please, advanced towards the brothers without fear.  There was no sin which these rogues had not performed. Although they belonged to a brahmana family they had been spoiled by bad association.  Everyone in Nadia trembled in fear of them. Madhai angrily rushed towards Nityananda and struck Him on the head and blood gushed forth from the wound.


          When Gaurahari heard what had happened His fury knew no bounds.  He rushed towards the spot calling for the Sudarsana cakra to kill the wicked brothers.  The kind-hearted Nityananda, however, stopped the Lord and saved the sinners from the cakra and from hell. Afterwards He showered His mercy on Jagai and Madhai; bestowing upon them the most precious gift of devotion, which is desired even by the demigods in heaven.  He included them amongst His group of devotees and they were drown in the ocean of sankirtana. 


          The news spread like wild-fire throughout the three worlds, "Gaura Gunamoni has delivered two demon-like brothers from sin." Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and happily rushed to see the two reformed brothers.


          Narahari has written a song describing this incident:


                   Oh what a joy in Nadia,

Wanting to see the two reformed brothers,

Everyone, whether man or woman, rushed to see them,

while excitedly speaking with one another.

Some said privately,

                   "Look at them,

                   what an innocent appearance they have gained

                   Where have their sinful minds gone?"

                   Some said, "Oh how wonderful

                   is the ecstatic love they have attained.

                   Sometimes they cry out with love and are unable

                   to control their tears."

                   Some said, "How beautiful they are looking

                   trembling in ecstasy

                   and rolling on the ground

                   caring for nothing."

                   Some said, "Look, they are gazing

                   at the moon-like face of Gaura

                   and becoming overwhelmed

                   and are bowing to His feet."

                   Some said, "Look at Nitaichand

                   to whose feet they are falling

                   while lamenting in various ways

                   as tears stream from their eyes."

                   Some said, "look at Advaita Iswara

                   with Gadadhara and Shrivasa

                   walking in ecstacy

                   enjoying the regards from all."


          The scene was so pleasing to everyone that even the demigods began to sing the glories of Prabhu Gaurachandra and shower flowers upon Him and His devotees.   Narada also praised Prabhu, and the Lord encouraged everyone to merge into the happiness of sankirtana.  Prabhu then returned to his own house followed by everyone. 


          Jagai and Madhai were changed persons; every morning they bathed in the Ganges then chanted the holy name incessantly. Everyone in Navadvipa henceforth began to admire these two extremely virtuous brahmanas.  Oh Shrinivasa, look at the house of Jagai and Madhai.  Being ordered by Nityananda, Shri Madhai used to humbly clean the bathing place on the bank of the Ganges everyday, bowing to the feet of everyone who came there to bathe. Observing him weeping miserably, everyone cried along with him and prayed to Prabhu for their well being.  This place is therefore called the ghat of Madhai.  Here Madhai practiced meditation, for which he earned the title Shri Madhava brahmacari.


Mahaprabhu's sankirtana in the house of Shrivasa.


          One day Mahaprabhu, along with his companions, went to the house of Shrivasa, who was overwhelmed with joy by the presence of Prabhu. While dancing in sankirtana, Prabhu asked His companions, "Why am I not getting peace in my mind."  Hearing this, Shrivasa Pandita became anxious and began looking here and there. Suddenly Shrivasa discovered his mother-in-law hiding in a corner of the room with her head covered by a turban.  Shrivasa took her by the hair and dragged her out of the room.  Seeing this Prabhu said, "Now I am feeling happy" and became absorbed in sankirtana.

          One day, while Prabhu was lying unconscious due to ecstatic love, Advaita came forward and took the dust of His feet and smeared it on his body.   When he regained consciousness the Lord said, "Why am I not feeling happy?"  The devotees could not understand what they had done wrong, and looked to Advaita questioningly. However, when they saw Prabhu grab Advaita's feet tightly and place them on His own head, they understood the meaning of the Lord's displeasure.  Mahaprabhu then took His seat on the throne of Vishnu. 


          Meanwhile Suklamvara arrived there after completing his alms-taking from the houses of Nadia.  Out of extreme love and affection Prabhu took rice from the cloth bag of Suklamvara and addressed him by the name of "Sudama."  Holding the cloth bag on his shoulder Suklamvara humbly danced along with the kirtana. The Lord then left with his companions for a certain section of town to perform sankirtana.  Mahaprabhu's wonderful method of kirtana has been described in the songs of Narahari as well as many places throughout this book.


          Oh Shrinivasa, look over here, this is the house of Sanjaya, where Prabhu used to sing and dance with his companions in sankirtana.  This has also been described elsewhere in this book. Look under this tree, Prabhu used to rest here on His way to the Ganges.  Along the way, affectionate ladies would speak to the Lord.  This has been described in a song composed by the disciple of Gadadhara Thakura, Shri Yadunandana Chakravarty:  "Oh my dear friends I have just seen Shri Gauranga walking along the street, crying out the names of Radha.  He was unable to control Himself and fell on the ground and His body was smeared with dust. I cannot bear the misery of observing Prabhu crying so bitterly. Now I am asking myself why did I go in that direction to see Gauranga."  There are many songs composed by Yadunandana wherein he describes the same pastime in different ragas.


The elegant dancing of Shri Gaurasundara.


          Oh Shrinivasa, Prabhu used to dance in this place on the bank of the Ganges.  This is described in Narahari's song in Raga Som:


          On the bank of the Ganges Gaura Nata Nagara

          used to roam with his companions.

          His impassioned dancing, which was more elegance each day,

          maddened the entire universe.

          With His golden complexion His strongly built body

          trembles in ecstacy

          His gait, like an elephant, and long hands

          has put the demigods to shame.

          His beautiful kunda like teeth smiling sweetly

          used to mesmerize the universe

          With a bright face he constantly uttered "Hari, Hari,

          making everyone impatient.


          Narahari has described this in different ragas in other songs.


          After satisfying Mother Ganga, Prabhu returned to his house with his followers.




mahaprabhu's dancing and assuming the feature of Sakti in the house of Shri Chandrasekhara Acarya.


          One day Prabhu desired to dance in the house of Chandrasekhara Acarya.  Just look at the house of Chandrasekhara where Prabhu came along with his companions.  Sadasiva and Buddhimanta Khan gathered many articles of clothing so the Lord could dance in the features of Laksmi and other saktis. Nityananda and Advaita also danced in different features. Sacimata with Vishnupriya devi, Shrivasa and others along with their wives all assembled here to enjoy watching the dancing of Prabhu. Mukunda and others started kirtana with mrdanga, mandira and other musical instruments. Advaita and others were feeling a little awkward, so the Lord, wanting them to forget themselves, began dancing.  As the devotees began to cheer, "Jaya, Jaya", Shachinandana started dancing in the feature of Rukmini.  Although many in the audience were unable to understand the Lord's masquerade, they were all overwhelmed by Prabhu's glowing beauty. Narahari has written a song describing this pastime.


          Oh Shrinivasa, Prabhu took the form of different Sakti's and danced beautifully.  Sometimes He danced playing the role of Parvati and sometimes in the roll of Laksmi.  Suddenly, playing the part of Maha Laksmi, He took his seat on the throne. Being order by Prabhu, His companions began to worship Shri Laksmi and Parvati.  As Gaurahari was ecstatically absorbed, playing the part of the mother of everyone, He began to feed His breast milk to everyone, seeing them as His children. this way Prabhu Gaurahari revealed a wonderful but strange pastime before everyone.


          Oh Shrinivasa, Gadadhara Pandita, Nityananda, Advaita, Shrivasa and others danced madly at this spot.  Even Brahma and other demigods cannot experience the pleasure which was revealed in the pastimes of the Lord in the house of Chandrasekhara.  In the morning the devotees, along with their wives, happily returned to their own houses.  Sacimata who had greatly enjoyed watching her son dance, also returned home with her daughter-in-law.  However, even though the devotees left that place, the spirit which had been created by Prabhu there, miraculously remained for seven days. 


Shri Mahaprabhu's visit to Santipura.


          Mahaprabhu once visited Santipura and stayed there for a few days, then returned to Nadia on this road.  Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, Advaita, and Haridasa paid a visit to the house of Shrivasa.   Murari immediately came forward and bowed to the feet of Gaurahari and then to Nityananda and Advaita. Prabhu corrected Murari saying, "You have made a mistake by not bowing to Nityananda first.  What can I say to you as you are a layman." Murari replied, "But how could I know?"  Prabhu assured him, "Now you should go home but tomorrow you will understand everything." Saying this the Lord dismissed him and happily began sankirtana in the house of Shrivasa.


          The dejected Murari Gupta went home and fell asleep.  In his dream he saw Nityananda in His powerful form of Balarama, holding the Shrihala musala in his attractive strong hands.  His beauty could defeat the pride of the glowing silver moon.  He was walking like a drunkard and behind him walked Visvambhara, looking gorgeous in His form of Krishna, with blue complexion and wearing a peacock feather on the tuft of his hair.  Seeing this vision, Gupta was perplexed. Prabhu then explained that He was younger than Nityananda and then both of Them disappeared.  Now Murari understood that Nityananda was the elder brother of Prabhu. Overwhelmed in joy he rushed to the house of Shrivasa. There he found Prabhu Gaurachandra sitting on the celestial throne with Nityananda standing by His right side.  This time he bowed first to the feet of Nityananda and then to Prabhu.  Gaurahari smiled and asked Murari, "Oh Gupta, what are you doing?"  Murari said, "As you have told me."  In a joyful mood, Prabhu offered his own chewed betel leaf to Murari who ate it and then wiped his hand on his own head. 


Mahaprabhu in the house of Shri Murari Gupta.


          One day Murari Gupta told his wife, "I shall take my food now."  That virtuous lady cooked rice and brought it to her husband who first offered it to Krishna and then respected the prasada.  On the following morning Prabhu paid a visit to the house of Gupta who asked Prabhu, "How kind of you to come to my house.  Why have you come so early in the morning?"  Prabhu replied, "I want to be treated for indigestion."  Gupta asked, "What did You eat yesterday?"  Prabhu replied, "Certainly you know as well as I.  Yesterday you offered Me so much rice and insisted that I eat it all, so how could I avoid it.  Now, as a result of eating too much, I have indigestion. It can be cured by drinking lots of much water."  Saying this Prabhu drank water from Murari's glass.  Having received such mercy from the Lord, Murari and all the members of his family began to weep in joy. Prabhu cordially embraced Murari and returned home. 


          One day, in the house of Shrivasa, Gaurachandra revealed His four-handed Vishnu form, holding His sanka, cakra, gada and padma. At that time Murari became Garuda, the chief of the birds and stretched out his big wings.  Prabhu climbed on his back and wandered around the compound of the house.  How fortunate were the associates of Prabhu to witness such a beautiful scene.


          One day Murari thought,  "Who knows what Prabhu has in mind. So I shall die first."  Thinking in this way he decided to kill himself that night and thus found a sharp weapon and hid it.  The Supreme Lord Gaurahari who could understand the mind of His devotee, came to Murari's house and searched out the weapon which he had concealed.  How can I describe what Prabhu then said to Murari to whom Prabhu Himself was bound by love.


          Oh Shrinivasa, one day Prabhu visited this place known as Visarada Jangal where he met Devananda Pandita who had once performed a great sin in the house of Shrivasa.  Prabhu sternly rebuked him and Devananda felt very ashamed.  Look, over here is the den of drunkards.  Shrivasa forbade Prabhu to go there but Prabhu, the great friend of the distressed, intentionally used to pass by that way.  The drunkards saw Prabhu and began to utter "Haribol, Haribol!"  Prabhu looked at them lovingly showing His mercy upon them.


          Look at the house of Maheswara Visarada whose son was Vasudeva Sarvabhauma.  Due to the desire of Prabhu, Vasudeva stayed in Nilacala.  Gopinatha Acarya enjoyed many pastimes with the Lord in Nadia.  Being ordered by Prabhu, he went to Nilacala but he was very unhappy when he could not find the devotees their who had formerly met Prabhu.  Oh my dear son, who could understand what Prabhu had in His mind.  Meanwhile Prabhu and His associates continued to perform sankirtana madly in Nadia.  This has all been explained by Narahari in his songs. 


Isana describes Mahaprabhu's Kazi damana lila.


          After spending a pleasant time with his companions Prabhu returned home.  Prabhu ordered the people of Nadia to be absorbed in sankirtana and following the Lord's order the town was filled with blissful kirtanas.  The unhappy heretics complained about this to the Kazi. Thus, much to the displeasure of the Lord, the Kazi forbade everyone to engage in sankirtana.  In anger, Prabhu decided to punish the Kazi and began preparing to tour the city with the sankirtana party.  Prabhu divided his companions into different groups and directed them to sing and dance in various streets madly in sankirtana.  Advaita Acarya took the lead of one group, Haridasa took the lead of another.  Shrivasa also took the lead of a group and another group was headed by Prabhu Himself with Nityananda and Pandita Gadadhara, while Vakreswara and others led another group.  Some of them remained nearby the Lord, while others spread out into other areas.   Numerous people joined in the kirtana and danced madly.  What a beautiful sight it was in Navadvipa.  Even Narada and other demigods and saints joined the dancing parties keeping themselves disguised.  People did not care a fig for the Kazi.


          The millions of lights the sankirtana parties carried throughout Navadvipa seemed to turn night time into day.  The pleasant atmosphere was enhanced by the cooling soft rays of the moon beaming down upon the women, children, and aged people who joyfully observed the elegant dancing of Prabhu's sankirtana. The entire city vibrated with the sound of "Hari, Hari."  The foolish heretics became extremely uncomfortable in the midst of the festivities.  Narahari has explained in his songs that Lord Chaitanya's dancing was so enchanting that the people who were sitting in their houses lost control of themselves and rushed out in the street to join the sankirtana party.  From the last row of the kirtana party, Ramai, Sundarananda, and Mukunda lead the singing.  Gaurasundara danced in the middle, and Advaita stayed in the front row singing.  As Prabhu danced He looked here and there and at once the people of that direction lite their lamps and uttered, "Hari Hari".  What is the use of practicing meditation or performing Vedic rituals when Mahaprabhu's sankirtana is indiscriminately delivering mankind from damnation regardless of one's caste or creed.  The housewives lost interest in their appearance and dress, the sannyasi's gave up their meditation, and the most peculiar was that even the yavanas began to chant the holy name. 


          Prabhu suddenly changed his course, proceeding in the direction of Madhai's ghat.  Look at this Barkona ghat where Prabhu revealed his wonderful pastimes of dancing and singing. From the bank of the Ganges Prabhu had to pass along this way.


The Kshetrapala Siva dances with Mahaprabhu.


          There was a temple of Kshetrapala Siva, in the form of a linga, in Navadvipa.  This powerful and spirited deity assumed his original form of Siva. Prabhu Gaurahari then fulfilled the desire of Lord Siva by dancing ecstatically with him.


          Look at this temple of Ganesa.  That beautiful deity disappeared from this place after Mahaprabhu took sannyasa and the people of this area where extremely unhappy.


          Over here is the village named Simulia where Prabhu fulfilled Parvati's desire to relish the sankirtana of Prabhu. 


          Look, this is the path leading to the Kazi's house.   The Kazi trembled in fear when he heard the Lord approaching. After subduing the Kazi and showering His blessings upon him, Prabhu returned along this path. With the submission of the Kazi, the heretics were silenced forever.


Mahaprabhu's visit to the house of Shridhara and His pastimes there.


          One day Prabhu and His companions paid a visit to the old dilapidated house of Shridhara.  Entering into the compound of the house the Lord picked up an old broken iron pot which was filled with rain water and happily drank the water.  Overwhelmed with love for His devotee, Shridhara, the Lord burst into ecstatic tears. The Lord began kirtana there in the compound and Nityananda, Advaita and others joined in, weeping along with Prabhu. Gaurahari then led His joyful sankirtana party throughout the villages of Gadigacha, Pardanga etc.   This is described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya Khanda (23/513), "Even today the fortunate people of Navadvipa can observe the wonderful pastimes Lord Chaitanya."  As Mahaprabhu engaged in His pastimes of nagara-sankirtana, distributing divine love unlimitedly to His devotees, there was no end to the happiness everyone experienced.


Mahaprabhu's dancing on Janmastami day in the house of Shrivasa.


          One day in the house of Shrivasa, Prabhu announced, "Tomorrow is the birthday of Krishna."  Shrivasa and others, knowing the mind of Prabhu, at once understood that tomorrow He would dance in the form of a Gopa.  Everyone began busily preparing for the forthcoming festival.  On the next day the house of Shrivasa was filled with joy as the auspicious abhiseka of Lord Krishna was performed, afterwards they spent the entire night absorbed in sankirtana.  The following morning Nityananda expertly dressed and decorated Gaurahari in the garb of a gopa. Ramai, Sundarananda, Gauridasa and others also decorated themselves as Gopas.  They all took earthen pots full of yogurt and butter, tied strings around the necks of the pots, and then tied the pots on both ends of a stick.  Placing the stick on their shoulders they entered into the compound of Shrivasa.  Absorbed in the mood of the gopas, Shrivasa and Advaita scattered curd and tumeric in the compound.  Within a short time the house of Shrivasa was transformed into the house of Nanda Raja, the father of Krishna. Narahari has described this incident in his songs.


By the order of Mahaprabhu, arrangements were made to perform the birthday ceremony of Shri Radha in the house of Shri Pundarika Vidyanidhi.


          With a smile, Prabhu told Pundarika, "Tomorrow I shall observe the birthday ceremony of Shri Radhika in your house." Vidyanidhi was overjoyed and rushed to his house to arrange everything for the festival.  The next day Prabhu and His companions came to the house of Vidyanidhi.  First of all Prabhu performed the abhiseka of Shri Radha, then He decorated Himself as a gopa and directed his followers to do the same. Taking on their shoulders earthen pots filled with milk, curd and butter, they all began dancing like Gopas, and Pundarika scattered milk, curd and turmeric in the compound of his house.  Afterwards, taking up their musical instruments, they began sankirtana dancing and chanting eloquently as the Lord, in the dress of a gopa, stood beneath the Kadamba tree holding his flute in the pose of Krishna.


The Lord's pastimes as a cowherd boy.


          Oh Shrinivasa, this is the spot were Prabhu revealed His pastimes as a cowherd boy. When Gaurahari remembered His cows he suddenly began calling out, "Saoli, Saoli, Dhavali, Dhavali," which were the names of the two favorite cows of Krishna.  He began to move the stick for controlling the cows, as Ramai, Sundara, Nityananda watched joyfully.


The Dana Lila of Prabhu.


          One day Prabhu went out wandering throughout the streets of Nadia to collect alms, requesting, Give Me something, give Me something."  Although this sometimes put people in great difficulty, they were unable to refuse. But afterwards they began to suspect that they had given alms to Gaura, who was actually the incarnation of Krishna. 


Shri Gaurasundara flower-throwing pastimes.


          One day seeing a flower garden, Prabhu wanted to enjoy pastimes with the flowers.  He picked flowers and began throwing them on the heads of His devotees, and the devotees in return, also threw flowers on the head of Prabhu.


The chess-playing of Prabhu.


          One day Prabhu and Gadadhara sat amidst the flower garden and became deeply absorbed in playing chess together.


Prabhu's water-pastimes.


          One day, on this bank of the Ganges, Prabhu and His companions played in the water, delightfully throwing water on one another's bodies. 


Shri Gaura's picnic (vanavojana lila).


          Oh Shrinivasa, one day on this bank of the Ganges, Prabhu enjoyed a picnic with his companions.  Shrivasa and Murari gathered many items and Advaita directed all of them to sit in a circle, placing a palasha leaf plate filled with rice in front of each of them.  First Prabhu began eating, then everyone else began to eat.   With His own hands, Nityananda fed Gaura kshira, sara, butter, and chana.  Advaita similarly fed Nityananda chana etc.  Then Nitai reciprocated by feeding Advaita sweetmeats.  The devotees watched happily and also began feeding varieties of prasada to one another.  After eating they all drank the cold and pure water of the Ganges.  In another song Narahari has described this same event.


Jhulana-lila of Shri Gaurasundara.  Songs of Narahari.


          Oh Shrinivasa, due to the desire of Gaurachandra all six seasons were visible in Nadia.  For making the rainy season (i.e. Varsha Ritu) a pleasant one, Prabhu climbed on a cradle and performed the Jhulana lila.  As the Lord sat on His swing near the bank of the Ganges, Gadadhara, Nityananda, Advaita and others sang the songs of Jhulana.  The Lord's beauty stole the mind of the universe, as He sat looking like bright lightening, illuminating the cloudy monsoon sky.  After sometime, they brought Prabhu down from the cradle and placed him under the Neepa tree.  Seeing Prabhu under the Neepa tree, Nitai became filled with ecstatic emotion and began to cry.   Advaita roared in ecstasy, while Shrivasa and others offered many items of food to Prabhu.  Prabhu Gaurarai, the life of all, first of all distributed prasada to His devotees then afterwards He ate.


Rasa-Rasa Vilasa of Shri Gaurasundara.


          Gaurachandra gladly revealed His pastimes of Rasa-rasa. When reminded of the Vrndavana lila, Prabhu regarded the Ganges as the Yamuna, His companions as the gopas, and the flower gardens as Vrndavana.  He would dance ecstatically uttering "Jai, Jai". Oh Shrinivasa, Gaurachandra and His companions happily enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere of Nadia in Vasanta Ritu.  Narahari has described in a song that at this time Prabhu enjoyed His pastime of Fagua (i.e. throwing of red powder on one another.) 


          During this season the trees in Nadia blossomed with flowers, the cuckoos sang sweetly, and bumblebees hummed contentedly amidst the flowers as the wind blew mildly.   On the bank of the Ganges Prabhu Gaurarai played Fagua with his companions.  They collected the flower pollen and smilingly smeared that pollen on the body of Gaurachandra.  Prabhu also smeared red powder on the bodies of the devotees.  Nityananda, Advaita, Shrivasa and others began to throw red powder on one another.  Observing this beautiful scene even the demigods became impatient to take part in the fun.  Filling the pichakaris with colored water, Narahari, Shrivasa, Murari and others began showering Prabhu's body with water.  Vakreswara and others began singing while Sanjaya and Vijaya played khola, kartala, mrdanga etc., while Nandana began to jhanja.  All the people of Nadia rushed to the spot to observe the beautiful fagnakhela of Prabhu and his companions.  Narahari has described the sport of Fagua in many songs in different ragas.


Shri Gaurasundara's pastime of stealing clothes.


          One evening, reminiscent of His pastimes as Krishna, Gaurasundara enjoyed the mischievous sport of stealing the clothes of His companions.  (As in Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita Ch. 2, 5th sarga).  After sometime the Lord returned their clothes. Narahari has also described this pastime in one of his songs. Shachinandana also revealed His Govardhana lila to his associates. Oh Shrinivasa, who could avoid meditating upon the wonderful pastimes of Gaurasundara. 


The Astakalina lila smarana of Shrimad Mahaprabhu.


          The wise old scholars have advised that one meditate on the Astakalina lila of Prabhu Shri Gaurasundara; (1) At the end of the night (i.e. prathama jama, or the last one hundred and forty-four minutes of the night) think about Gaurachandra going to sleep in His own bed.  (2) In the early morning (i.e. dwitiya jama, or from the sunrise to one hundred and forty-four minutes afterwards), think of Prabhu rising from bed, washing His face in scented water, taking His oil massage, bathing and eating.  (3) In the forenoon (i.e. tritiya jama or 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.) think about Gaurasundara's eagerness to go to the houses of his devotees.  (4) At noon (i.e. panchama jama or up to the evening) think about the numerous humorous sports performed by the Lord as He wanders throughout Navadvipa.  (6) In the evening (i.e. sastha Jama, or up to 6:00 in the evening) think about Prabhu returning to His house. (7) In the early morning (i.e. saptama jama, or up to 1:20 at night) think about Prabhu's enjoying His pastimes in the house of Shrivasa surrounded by His associates.  (8) At night (i.e. astama jama, or up to late night) think of Shri Gaurasundara's sankirtana.  Narahari has described the above mentioned lilasmarana of Prabhu in some of his songs.


Gopala Chapala's punishment for offending Shrivasa Pandita.


          Gaurasundara used to shut the doors of the room in Shrivasa's house and absorb Himself deeply in sankirtana.  At that time there was a wicked person named Gopala Chapala who always thought of doing harm to Shrivasa.  One night, plotting to defame Shrivasa, he intentionally put wine bottles, sindura and other unsavory items in front of the door of Shrivasa's house then happily returned home.  In the morning when Shrivasa found these items, he showed them to the other devotees then cleaned the place were they had sat. Because of this offensive act Chapala was attacked by leprosy within two or three days. Shrivasa, who was a very kind-hearted devotee, could not bear to see Chapala suffer and thus bestowed his mercy upon him and restored his health. 


          One day while Prabhu was absorbed in sankirtana, a brahmana came to the house of Shrivasa but did not receive permission to enter the house. Thus his cherished desire to see the sankirtana performance was thwarted and he returned home extremely disappointed.  One day that brahmana happened to come across Prabhu on the bank of the Ganges and angrily tore off Prabhu's sacred thread and cursed Him that His happiness in family life would be destroyed. Hearing the brahmana's condemnation, Gaurahari became joyful and returned home after completing His bath.  Those who respectfully hear about the Lord being condemned by the brahmana are themselves certain of overcoming any condemnation by a brahmana. (Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita 2nd ch.)


Shri Mahaprabhu's dancing and sankirtana vilasa.


          Oh dear Shrinivasa, Prabhu and His associates use to dance madly in sankirtana at this spot.  In some songs, Narahari has described Prabhu's elegant style of dancing as He performed sankirtana.  Shri Chaitanyarai looked extremely beautiful with His golden colored complexion.  The people of Nadia overcame all their miseries simply by hearing the melodious sankirtana of Prabhu.  When the Lord was about to dance, His associates would decorate Him with ornaments, flowers, sandalwood paste, and flower garlands.  While dancing ecstatically Prabhu uttered the holy names, crying incessantly.  All the devotees and listeners also cried along with Him, loudly chanting the names of Hari.



Shri Advaita Prabhu danced in the mood of a gopi in the house of Shrivasa, and observed Mahaprabhu's Visvarupa.


          Sometimes Gaurahari fell unconscious while performing sankirtana and the devotees would chant the holy name into His ears to bring Him back to His senses. One day, in the house of Shrivasa, Advaita Prabhu began to dance in the mood of a gopi. This pastime is described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya Khanda 24/32, as well as in Narahari's songs.  (The following is unclear??) Previously in Nilacala Advaita had requested the Lord for a boon.  In Shri Chaitanya Chandrodaya Drama it is said: "Someone loves to be a servant to one's God and someone loves to be a friend of one's God but all are bound to me.  Someone is attracted to me though one used to worship Shri Radha Madhava with utmost care.  Someone loves to think Dwarakesha Krishna as one's friend.  I shall involve all persons in the pleasure of Vrndavana whether they like to be servant or friend of God or whether they are attracted to my other incarnations??.  Advaita became so ecstatic in the mood of a gopi that he could not stop dancing. Although the devotees repeatedly requested Him to stop, he paid no heed. Understanding the mind of Advaita, the Lord Himself pacified Advaita, taking him inside a room, closing the door and sitting him door.   Gaurahari then revealed His Visvarupa to Advaita.  By chance, Nityananda happened to enter the room at that time and He and Advaita stared in amazement at the Lord's extraordinary manifestation. 


          One day while the Lord and His companions were ecstatically absorbed in sankirtana, the son of Shrivasa, who had been ill, suddenly expired.  Shrivasa forbade his wife and other members of his family to express their grief as it would disturb Mahaprabhu. However, the Supreme Lord Gaurahari could understand what was happening and by His inconceivable potency empowered the dead boy to speak about the real truth of human life.  In this way all the members of Shrivasa's family were able to forget their misery and bowed to the feet of Prabhu.  Gaurahari lovingly told Shrivasa, "Henceforth, Nityananda and I will be your two sons."  Hearing these affectionate words everyone began glorifying Prabhu. After some time Gaurahari returned home with Gadadhara. 


          One day at the house of Shrivasa, Prabhu bestowed His mercy upon a yavana tailor who lived by the side of Shrivasa's house and used to stitch clothes for Shrivasa.  The Lord revealed His four handed Narayana form to the tailor, who began to dance uttering, "I have seen, I have seen."


Mahaprabhu's pastimes in the house of Suklambara.


          One day Prabhu visited Suklambara's house and demanded rice from him.  Suklambara gladly fed the Lord and offered Him betel leaf.  Afterwards the Lord took rest. 



          Once the author Shrivijaya, who was a disciple of Mahaprabhu, saw something in the hand of Prabhu by touching the hands but he did not tell anybody due to the wish of Prabhu.  However, later he became somewhat mad and wandered aimlessly throughout Nadia for seven days.(???)


          One day in the house of Suklambara, Prabhu suddenly spoke out loudly requesting, "Bring honey, bring honey".  While Prabhu was ecstatically absorbed in the mood of Haladhara, Nityananda brought a pot full of Ganges water to the Lord.  Remembering His Vrndavana lila Prabhu began dancing and demanded Shrivasa to bring His flute.  But Shrivasa said, "One gopi has stolen the flute." Hearing this Prabhu gladly said, "Bol, bol", and Shrivasa began to describe the Vraja lila.  Afterwards Prabhu tightly embraced Shrivasa.  


          One day, absorbed in the mood of Nrsimha, Prabhu ran to kill the heretics with a gada in his hand, and the people fled in fear.  Coming to His senses, Prabhu dropped the gada before Shrivasa.  Oh dear son Shrinivasa, the universe became overwhelmed by this Nadia lila. 


          One day in this place, the wise disciples of Prabhu began discussing the Lord's kindness:  "It is certainly not necessary to prove that Gaura is the most merciful;  Everyone in this world is impressed by His beauty and magnanimous qualities."  Narahari has written some songs describing the Lord as the abode of all kindness who has incarnated just to distribute love of God to the suffering humanity and deliver them from their sinful, miserable lives.  Previously in His incarnations such as Rama, the Lord had to kill the demons, but in this incarnation He is destroying the atheistic mentality of men and turning them into devout Vaishnavas simply by distributing pure love.  All glories to Gaurahari!


Shri Mahaprabhu's sannyasa lila.


          Oh Shrinivasa, Prabhu was the Supreme Lord Himself and only His devotees could understand His mind.  Thus some of the devotes of Prabhu began to feel disturbed by observing the Lord's unusual behavior.  Discussing amongst each other they said, "I think there is something peculiar going on within the Lord's mind." Someone else said, "Ever since that day when Prabhu became angry and wanted to beat a pupil with a stick, He has been acting strange."  "I'm afraid that Prabhu might be thinking of accepting sannyasa very soon."  Others said, "Even Nityananda Prabhu is thinking in this same way."  Talking in this way, they went to the house of Mukunda and found him sitting in a disturbed state of mind.  Then they went to the house of Gadadhara and found him in the same condition.  From there they went to the house of Shrivasa and found him weeping bitterly.  In the meantime Prabhu came to that place.  Seeing Him the devotees could not hide their distress.  Prabhu talked with them about various topics but failed to pacify their minds.  Prabhu then said to them sweetly, "For the salvation of mankind I must accept sannyasa.  Don't be anxious, I won't leave you.  I shall be with you life after life."  In Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata Madhya Khanda (27/13-14) this pastime is described.  "There are two more incarnations `kirtana' and `ananda' in which you will all participate along with Me in the kirtanas."(???)  Prabhu's sweet consoling words somewhat pacified the devotees.  The Lord embraced each one of them and returned home.  


          In the meantime, Sacimata had already come to know of her son's decision and being overcome with misery fell on the ground unconscious.  Upon awaking she tried in every way to change her son's decision. Knowing that His mother's life was at stake, Prabhu took her to a private place and explained to her that she had been His mother in all of His various incarnations, and in this life she had been allowed to taste the pleasure of kirtana. He would take his birth again and would start kirtana in the same way as He had done in this life.   He said, "Twice more I shall take My birth from you and begin sankirtana.  In this way you have been and will be my mother life after life and I am eternally your son."  Though Sacimata somehow controlled herself, she could not stop the tears from pouring from her eyes.  Prabhu also consoled Vishnupriyadevi in many ways.  After pacifying everyone Prabhu left the house for sankirtana. Within no time they all became absorbed in sankirtana and the grief and anxiety concerning Prabhu faded from their minds.  But the pleasant atmosphere in Nadia was about to come to an end.


This is described in a song in raga deshapala:


When Gaurachandra left Nadia

          Jahnavi's waves stopped dancing

Sambhu Bagavati, the deity of Ganapati,

          became very gloomy

The trees did not bloom,

          and the flowers lost their scent

The bumble-bees stopped sucking honey

          by not sitting on the flowers.

The cuckoos stopped cooing,

          the peacocks stopped dancing.

The parrots began crying

          and would not fly.

The cows stopped grazing.

          The animals stopped preying.

Narahari says, all pleasure left

          from the minds of the Nadiavasis.



Mahaprabhu's sannyasa lila-continued.


          Oh Shrinivasa, according to His own desire, the Lord did not reveal His plans for taking sannyasa to anyone.  The day before leaving, Prabhu became absorbed in sankirtana.  He sat on the celestial throne, His body fully decorated and a garland hanging from His neck.  Even the demigods in heaven were drawn there to observe His gorgeous curly hair and exquisite beauty. The demigods and the devotees all bowed to the feet of Shri Gaurachandra. Smiling sweetly at everyone, Prabhu distributed His own garlands to all His associates.  Upon receiving His prasada, the devotees loudly chanted, "Hari Hari."  Prabhu explained to everyone that if they really wanted to please Him, they should always sing the glories of Krishna. 


          While Gaurahari was busy instructing the devotees, Shridhara came to Him with a bottle-gourd.  Prabhu began to think, "It is not evening yet and tomorrow I shall leave. How can I refuse a gift from My devotee?"  In the meantime another person came to offer Prabhu a can of milk.  Prabhu ordered his mother to cook the bottle-gourd with milk.  With the utmost care Sacimata cooked and offered it first to Krishna and then gave it to her son to eat.

           As the night grew late, due to the wish of Prabhu, all his devotees and family members fell asleep, but Prabhu could not sleep.  In the early morning when everyone was in deep sleep Prabhu took the dust from His mother's feet and went out of the house as an ascetic.  When the others awoke and found the Lord was gone, not a word could be heard, only the pitiful sound of crying.  Sacimata was bereft of all sensation and sat on the doorstep of her house staring at the path by which Prabhu had left. 


          The devotees, unaware of the Lord's departure, came to meet Him in the morning.  Seeing Sacimata's pitiful condition, they immediately understood what had happened. "Oh Prabhu how cruel You are," saying this they fell on the ground and burst into loud crying.  Here in this place, Advaita began to cry, lamenting in various ways: (Shri Chaitanya Chandradaya Drama) "Oh Visvambhara! Oh Lord! Oh ocean of love! Oh deliverer of mankind! Oh possessor of all divine qualities! Oh protector of the devotees! Oh life of the devotees! Why did you leave us, making all ten direction of the world utterly dark and vacant?  What did we do wrong?"


          Shrivasa, Murari Gupta and other devotees fell to the ground crying helplessly.  The residents of Nadia cried so bitterly that the earth became muddy with their tears.  Even the wicked heretics began to lament that they had not recognised the greatness of Prabhu, but no one could console each other. Everyone sank into the depths of despair.  Oh Shrinivasa, I also cannot put out the fire still burning in my heart.  Oh dear Shrinivasa, Visvambhara traveled alone to Kantakanagara, but Nityananda, Gadadhara, Mukunda Datta and Shri Chandrasekhara all ran after Prabhu to bring Him back.  Meanwhile the heart-breaking news of Mahaprabhu's departure and acceptance of sannyasa spread to every home in Nadia. 


          At a very auspicious moment in the month of Magha on the full moon day the Lord, at the age of twenty-four, showered His mercy upon Kesava Bharati by taking sannyasa from him.  This is described in Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya Khanda.  Thereafter Prabhu left Kantakanagara. 


          When Shri Chandrasekhara Acarya returned to Nadia he found that the devotees of Prabhu had practically lost their lives due to separation from Him.  Yet they eagerly requested Chandrasekhara to report everything about Prabhu's activities. Afterwards he went to see mother Saci to give her the news of her son's well being.  Advaita and others were overwhelmed with emotion when they heard about the Lord's acceptance of sannyasa.

          Meanwhile, Prabhu blessed the land of Radhadesa by visiting there and taking His bath in the Ganges.  When Prabhu approached Kuliagrama, he sent Nityananda back to Nadia.


          Arriving in Nadia, Nityananda first visited the house of Prabhu, where He found Sacimata emaciated from fasting for twelve days.  Nitai bowed to her feet and Sacimata cried out pitifully, "Oh my dear son come to me," and fell on the ground unconscious. All the Lord's disciples cried upon seeing Nityananda Prabhu.  Nitai told everyone, "I have come to take all of you with me to see the Lord.  After sending me here Prabhu planned to travel on to Kulia.  Afterwards He will go to Santipura via Kulia." Everyone was relieved and happy to hear this and immediately regained their strength and vigour.  When Nityananda requested Sacidevi to cook something for Prabhu, she was deeply moved and gladly went to the kitchen and began preparing various items for Nitai and the others.  Sacimata offered the items first to Krishna and then served Nitai.  After Nitai, she served the rest of the devotees, then she broke her fast and ate something herself. Vishnupriya devi also took some food which made all the Vaishnavas very happy. 


          The devotees immediately began preparations for their journey with great eagerness.  All the residents of Nadia, including the heretics and wicked persons, traveled along with the Vaishnavas, earnestly anticipating the opportunity to take refuge under the Lord's feet.  All the roads of Navadvipa, Phulia and Santipura were crowded with countless devotees on their way to see the Lord.  Gaurachandra's closest associates took Sacimata along with them to Santipura. 


          In the meantime someone reported that Prabhu had arrived at the house of Advaita.  Hearing this everyone rushed to Advaita's house.  When Sacimata reached the house of Advaita, oh Shrinivasa what can I say?  Who could understand or describe the emotions Saci experienced?  Joyfully she took her son in her lap and then cooked various items for Him.  All the devotees of Prabhu encircled Him and started sankirtana.  After this, the three prabhus took their seats in a line.  Narahari has described this pastime in one of his songs. 


          Oh Shrinivasa, due to the wish of Prabhu, all the people; men, women, children, and the aged began dancing and singing. Advaita's house was transformed into Vaikuntha as Mahaprabhu freely distributed love and devotion to everyone.  Prabhu consoled Shrivasa, Murari Gupta and other devotees with sweet words.  He also pacified His mother and sent her back to Navadvipa. After consoling everyone, Prabhu, along with Nityananda and a few other companions, left Santipura. This is further described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya Khanda. Prabhu went to Nilacala with Nityananda, Mukunda, Govinda, Gadadhara, Jagadananda and Brahmananda and after traveling to many places He decided to stay in Nilacala.  Narahari has also described this is a song.


          Oh Shrinivasa, Prabhu remained in Nilacala and sent Nityananda back to Shri Gauramandala after discussing something confidential with Him.  Nityananda thus went to Gaura with Abhirama, Dasa Gadadhara and others.  This is described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya Khanda (5/231-233).  Ramadasa, Gadadhara dasa Mahasaya, Raghunatha vaidya oza, Krishnadasa Pandita, Parameswari dasa, Purandara Pandita and others also went with Nityananda.  Following the advice of Gaurachandra, Nityananda visited Utkaladesa and then returned to Gauradesa. During this journey He delivered many people from their sins and miseries. Narahari has described this in his songs.


Shri Nityananda Prabhu's pastimes in Panihati.


          Nityananda Prabhu and His close associates first traveled to the village of Panihati.  Upon their arrival, Raghava Pandita, Makaradwaja Kar and others greeted them happily.  Who could describe the wonderful atmosphere created in the house of Raghava Pandita as Nityananda and His followers danced and performed sankirtana.  Narahari has written some songs describing the beauty of Nitai in the house of Raghava:  Oh how gorgeous was Nitaichand as He danced elegantly, crying joyfully He lifted His hands high and continuously uttered the name of Gaura. Nityananda Prabhu freely distributed His mercy to the distressed conditioned souls, bestowing upon them the valuable jewel of devotional love.  At that time the festival of Shri Nityananda's abhiseka was held.


          Some of the followers of Nityananda placed Him on a celestial throne and bathed Him with scented Ganges water, as others sang sweet songs.   Narahari brought new clothes for Nitaicanda, smeared His body with sandalwood paste and placed a flower garland around His neck, while Shri Raghavananda held an umbrella over His head.  Nityananda then told Shri Raghava, "I would like to wear a garland of kadamba flowers."   "But it is not the season for kadamba," Raghava replied.  Nityananda pointed to a tree and said, "Go to that tree and surely you will find kadamba flowers.  Raghava went to the Jamvsia tree indicated and, to his surprise, found that kadamba flowers were blooming there.  Raghava gladly plucked the kadamba flowers, prepared a beautiful garland and placed it around Nityananda Prabhu's neck.  Prabhu then advised everyone to always worship Lord Krishna. This is described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya Khanda 5/303: "According to the Bhagavatas, Shri Nityananda Prabhu bestowed upon the world the same devotion which the gopikas possessed."


          One day, Nityananda expressed His desire to wear ornaments and His followers happily brought beautiful jewelry and decorated Him exquisitely.  The specific purpose behind this desire was that once, when Nityananda Prabhu was traveling as an avadhuta throughout Vraja, He bestowed His mercy upon a devotee in Govardhana.  That devotee had wanted to decorate Nityananda with some ornaments and Prabhu had told him, "Not now."  Thus, in order to fulfill the desire of His devotee, He now ordered His followers to prepare a gold plated Govardhana sila for Him, which He wore around His neck.  Who can understand the pastimes of Nityananda Prabhu, who loved His devotees dearly?  This is described in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya Khanda (5/418-19): "The mood of devotion to Krishna which is desired even by Brahma and other exalted beings, and the love for Krishna which even the gopikas desired to possess, was given freely by Nityananda to all of the brahmanas."


Shri Nityananda Prabhu in the house of Dasa Gadadhara.


           After spending some days happily in Panihati, Nityananda Prabhu started for Navadvipa to visit Sacimata.  He, along with His followers, went to the house of Dasa Gadadhara.  Narahari has described this event in a song.  Nityananda Prabhu showered His mercy upon Dasa Gadadhara and an extremely pleasant atmosphere was created in Gadadhara's house due to the Lord's presence there.  He also showed His mercy to the wicked Kazi of that village by destroying his pride.  In this way Prabhu Nityananda revealed His pastimes in many places.


Nityananda Prabhu's pastimes in Khardaha.


          Prabhu Nityananda, looking more beautiful than Cupid in His ornamental dress, reached Khardaha along with his followers. Narahari has explained in his songs that Prabhu Nityananda maddened the entire universe with His magnificent features. His face was just like the moon, the glow of His body resembled the brilliant rays of the sun, and His hands hung gracefully down to His knees.  He constantly uttered the names, "Gaura, Gaura", as tears of ecstatic love flowed from His eyes.  In Khardaha, Nityananda stayed in the temple of Purandara Pandita and distributed the priceless jewel of devotion to everyone by dancing and chanting in sankirtana.  Purandara, Shri Chaitanyadasa, and Murari became mad with ecstacy, seeing Nityananda Prabhu dance.  Narahari has described this in his songs.

Shri Nityananda's pastimes in Saptagrama.


          After spending a few days in Khardaha, Prabhu Nityananda went to the house of Uddharana Datta in Saptagrama.  Uddharana Datta became the most fortunate man, having attained the association of Prabhu Nityananda and His followers.  When the residents of Saptagrama heard of Prabhu's arrival in their village, they rushed to meet him.  Nityananda Prabhu became ecstatically absorbed in sankirtana and divine happiness filled the house of Uddharana.  Everyone loudly chanted, "Haribol, Haribol."  The people of Saptagrama received such mercy from Nityananda that their faith in His lotus feet became firmly fixed.  The blessings which Nitaicanda bestowed upon Vanika went beyond saying. Nityananda Prabhu informed Uddharana that He would soon go to Santipura to meet Shri Advaita.


Nityananda Prabhu's pastimes with Shri Advaita Acarya prabhu.


          Advaita Acarya, who lived in Santipura, knew nothing else but Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It was he who brought Shri Krishna Chaitanya to this world.  His glories have been acknowledged by all.  As Narahari has explained in his songs, it was Advaita who, by practice of severe austerity and religious practices, brought Gaurachandra to this world.  Although he himself was a partial expansion of the Lord, he always considered himself to be a servant of God.  He was a man who was so full of love and mercy that he was capable of attracting Prabhu Gaurachandra to take birth in this world.  Advaita Gosvami, the husband of Shri Sita devi, was always absorbed in sankirtana, sometimes in his own house or in the houses of his followers, sometimes on the bank of the Ganges or sometimes elsewhere.  He knew nothing other than sankirtana and was always absorbed in the pastimes of Gaurachandra.  Narahari has described this in his songs.  Advaita Acarya spent his days with his devotees in his own house absorbed in ecstatic love.  He frequently danced, lifting his hands high and uttering, "Nitai, Nitai."  When Nityananda Haladhara arrived from Saptagrama and they saw each other face to face, they were both unable to control their emotions and wept with love. 


Nityananda's visit to Navadvipa.


          After spending four days in the house of Advaita, Nityananda took Advaita's permission and started for Navadvipa.  It seemed that Advaita said something to Nityananda before He left which made Him smiling meaningfully.  Upon reaching Nadia, Nityananda first visited the house of Prabhu Gaurachandra. 


          Sacimata had been spending her days lost in memories of her son.  One night she had a dream about Visvambhara which she happily confided to Malini:  "Nimai came home and stood here calling for His mother.  I had been sleeping inside my room but hearing the voice of Nimai, I came out. Nimai bowed to my feet and cried out, "Because of you mother, I was unable to stay in Nilacala and thus I have come here."  I at once took Him in my lap, but at that moment my dream began to fade away.  After that I was unable to sleep and wept the rest of the night."  Saying this she fell on the ground unconscious.  Sacimata called Vishnupriya to her side and taking her in her lap she cried loudly, thinking, "Why doesn't Nitai come home.  If he comes back I will never allow Him to leave again.  Oh, if only I could get some relief by seeing Him again." 


          In the meantime Nityananda arrived at the house and bowed at her feet. Sacimata happily took Him in her lap.  Being ordered by her, Nitai decided to stay in Navadvipa.  He then went to the house of Shrivasa and met him and his wife Malini devi.  He and His followers then started sankirtana with great pleasure.


          Some dacoits decided to steal the ornaments of Nityananda but, by a sudden turn of events, they took refuge at the Lord's lotus feet instead. This is described in Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita, Antya Khanda. 


          Nityananda and His followers visited Khanchanda, Badagachi, Dogachia, and Kulia on the other bank of the Ganges and Advaita came from Santipura to join Nityananda's sankirtana party.  One day in the house of Shrivasa they began Shri Krishna Chaitanya sankirtana; some of the devotees played musical instruments while others began to sing.  Nityananda, Shrivasa, Murari, Gangadasa, Gadadhara, Abhirama, Saranga, Sundara, Manahara, Vidya Vachaspati all began to dance.  Suddenly, those who were extremely fortunate, saw that Prabhu Gaurachandra was dancing in between Nityananda and Advaita.  Seeing this the demigods cheered, "Jai, Jai."


Nityananda Prabhu's marriage.


          Advaita and others began to discuss the possibility of Nityananda Prabhu's marriage.  Krishnadasa, the fortunate son of Harihoda from Badgachigrama, had great respect for Nityananda and wanted to make arrangements for Nityananda's marriage. 


          At that time a brahmana named Suryadasa, who had earned the title of Sarkhela by serving in the court of the Yavana king, lived at Saligrama near Navadvipa.  He had four extremely virtuous brothers, and two daughters named Vasudha and Jahnavi who were known for their beauty and good disposition.  Suryadasa had requested the wise brahmanas to search for good bridegrooms for his daughters, but they were unable to find suitable candidates.  However, they suggested that he go to the village of Ekacakra in Radhadesa and meet Hadai Pandita. He was a very good man and the father of Shri Nityananda Prabhu, a high spirited young boy.  Traveling as an avadhuta, Nityananda had visited many holy places and was renowned as a great scholar.  After visiting various places of pilgrimage He reached Nadia where He met Shri Gaurachandra and decided to give up His stick of an avadhuta.  The brahmana explained that Nityananda was the favorite associate of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and thus would be the most suitable husband for his daughters.  He also told Suryadasa that if he was able to have such a son-in-law as Nityananda Prabhu, then he should certainly thank Providence for his good fortune.  Suryadasa listened attentively then returned home without uttering a word.

          With his minded filled with anticipation, Suryadasa lay down and fell asleep.  In his dream he saw himself giving his two daughters to Nityananda in marriage.  While the wise brahmanas recited the marriage hymns, Suryadasa dedicated his daughter to Nityananda, as the demigods in heaven showered flowers on their heads.  While looking at his son-in-law, he suddenly saw the extremely enchanting Lord Balarama in place of Nityananda, His complexion was like that of a silver mountain, His face was effulgent like the moon, and His body was adorned with brilliant ornaments.  He looked at Vasu and Jahnava and saw instead Varuni and Revati with complexions as bright as gold.  They wore beautiful dresses and ornaments and sat on either side of Balarama. Suryadasa was overwhelmed by this vision and began to weep.  Suddenly his dream faded away.


          In the morning he went to the house of the brahmana and bowed to his feet saying, "I agree to your proposal.  Please don't delay."  The happy brahmana took four persons with him and started for Nadia chanting the auspicious names of Durga and Ganesa.  When they arrived at the house of Shrivasa they found Nityananda, looking like Cupid himself, sitting amongst Shrivasa and other associates.  Feeling extremely fortunate, the brahmana's eyes filled with tears. With great respect, Shrivasa inquired about the brahmana's well being and the brahmana replied, "I have come from my house to speak privately with you. Shrivasa took him to a secluded place and the brahmana gladly revealed his mind saying, "I've heard that you are searching for a bride for Nityananda so I brought with me the details of two girls who are the daughters of Suryadasa Pandita.  I have searched everywhere but have found none to compare to them.  They are as beautiful as goddess Laksmi and of good disposition.  I think they will be suitable bride's for Nityananda.  Please come to my place and see the girls.  Suryadasa Sarkhela, who belongs to a good family, has agreed to this marriage and doesn't want to delay any longer. Now tell me what your opinion is?"  Shrivasa Pandita replied, "Well, I shall see to it.  Today I must send Krishnadasa to Badagachi, but tomorrow they will go to your place and you can take Krishnadasa to the house of Suryadasa."  Hearing this the brahmana happily hurried back to Suryadasa's house in Saligrama. 


          Meanwhile, Shrivasa Pandita informed Advaita about the marriage proposal.  Nityananda overheard their discussion and smiled softly and meaningfully.  Krishnadasa, who was a very intelligent son of Raja Harihoda, hastily went to Badagachi and immediately began preparing for the marriage.  News of the wedding spread quickly and everyone said, "It will be a good one."  


          Nityananda and His associates happily left Navadvipa and started for Badagachi.  As they approached the village, the residents of Badagachi rushed forward to welcome them.  The brahmanas and wise people of the village were filled with happiness to see the graceful features of Nityananda Prabhu. 


          Meanwhile, in Saligrama, which was not far from Badagachi, Suryadasa told his younger brother Krishnadasa, "I shall go to Badagachi first.  You and the brahmanas come behind me with these gifts."  Suryadasa hastily came to Badagachi and went to meet Nityananda.  Overwhelmed with emotion, Suryadasa burst into tears and fell on the ground at Nityananda Prabhu's feet.  He held the feet of Nityananda in his two hands but could not speak a word. Smiling brightly Nityananda embraced the fortunate Suryadasa. 



The ceremony of Nityananda's adhivasa on the eve of His marriage in the house of Krishnadasa.


          After meeting with all the Vaishnava's there, Suryadasa fixed the date for Nityananda's adhivasa.  Krishnadasa pandita came from his house along with the brahmanas and many items for the ceremony. In the evening all the residents of Badagachi came and, at the auspicious time, Nityananda sat in the middle of the respected brahmanas and wise persons.  The people watched happily as the adhivasa took place and auspicious music filled the air. Narahari has described this scene in one of his songs.  After the completion of adhivasa, the guests returned to their homes. Suryadasa also happily returned to his house.


The auspicious adhivasa ceremony of Vasudha and Jahnava.


          Suryadasa, with the help of wise brahmanas, joyfully performed the adhivasa ceremony of his daughters. Suryadasa had previously seen the real identities of his daughters, yet as a father he became very emotional about his daughters' marriage. Carrying many items for the adhivasa, the brahmanas came from Badagachi to the house of Suryadasa.  At the time of adhivasa, Vasudha and Jahnavi looked very sweet and elegant in beautiful dresses and ornaments.  The brahmanas began to cite hymns from the Vedas and blessed the brides with dhanya and durva, and the girls made sounds with their tongues (uludhkani).  After completing the adhivasa, the satisfied brahmanas went to their homes. In the evening the bridegroom, Nityananda Prabhu, left Badagachi and started for Saligrama. Everyone who saw the extraordinary bridegroom became enchanted by His beauty. 


The auspicious marriage ceremony of Shri Nityananda.


          Nityananda Prabhu happily entered into the village of Saligrama and came to the house of Suryadasa.  The people who rushed forward to touch the Lord's feet were suddenly filled with devotion.  From a hidden place, Shri Vasu and Jahnava observed the beauty of their husband with extreme pleasure.  As a great crowd began to congregate in the house of Suryadasa, young girls decorated Vasu and Jahnava in beautiful dresses and ornaments. According to the customary procedures. Suryadasa then offered his daughters to Nityananda.  All the brahmanas, and even the demigods, were enchanted by the beauty of the brides and the bridegroom. 


          The next day the house of Suryadasa was filled with joyous festivities as Suryadasa humbly performed the various social customs, and Nityananda satisfied the desires of all the devotees.  Afterward, Nityananda Prabhu and His two wives returned to Badagachi.  Shrivasa's wife and all the ladies there, admired the beauty of the newlyweds. In Shri Gauraganoddesha Dipika it is stated that Shri Suryadasa, who was a great man and brilliant as the sun, was the incarnation of Kokudmi.  His daughters, the wives of Shri Nityananda Prabhu, where previously Shri Varuni and Shri Revati.  According to some, Shri Vasudha devi was formerly Kalavani, and Shri Jahnava devi was Anangamanjari. The wise saints also support this opinion. 


          Thereafter, Nityananda happily stayed in the village of Badagachi.  The extraordinary qualities of the deliverer of mankind, Nityananda Prabhu, who was mad after Shri Gauranga, have been sung by many poets.


          This is one of Narahari's songs in Raga Kamoda:


The elder brother of Krishna and the son of Rohini,

Rama was the husband of Revati and Varuni.

He blessed the Kaliyuga by appearing as Nitaisundara,

the elder brother of Gaurachandra and son of Padmavati.

By His supernatural qualities, Nityananda Prabhu, the husband of Vasudha and Jahnavi, bestowed His mercy upon mankind.

Being mad with affection for Gaurachandra, He purified

the world with His divine love.

He satisfied everyone by revealing the ecstacy of

of pure love for Gaurachandra.

His bright golden complexion shone like the glowing red sun.

Ornaments bedecked His beautiful ears

and His long arms touched His knees.

His beautiful mouth always chanted, "Gaura, Gaura"

as streams of tears flowed from His eyes.

He was always floating in the endless ocean of sankirtana,

dancing elegantly along with His followers. 

He was extremely kind to the helpless and distressed fallen souls.


          After a few days Nityananda Prabhu and His followers returned to Nadia. Sacimata, and all the great devotees of Gaurahari and their wives, were very happy to see Vasudha and Jahnavi.  Following the order of Sacimata, Nityananda visited Santipura and then Saptagrama.  According to the desire of the devotees, Nityananda Prabhu then went to Khardaha where He stayed with his wives in a beautiful house. He spent some wonderful days there, causing great joy to His followers by the performance of sankirtana. Then again he returned to Nadia to see Sacimata.


Nityananda's pastimes are described in Narahari's song in Raga Kamoda:


The beautiful and genius Prabhu Nityanandarama

          is the son of Padmavati.

For twelve years He lived with his followers

          in the village of Ekacakra.

When Gaura was born, He left home

          as an avadhuta.

He visited all holy places and after twenty years

          gladly came to Nadia.

Reviving His life in Gaura's association, He fell into His love-       trap and threw away His danda and kamandalu.

Absorbed in sankirtana, He went with Prabhu to Ksetra

          and broke Prabhu's danda into pieces.

By the order of Prabhu, He came to Gauda from Ksetra

          and performed His duties as desired by Prabhu.

The husband of Vasu-Jahnavi and the resort of dasa Narahari,

          distributed His love to all.


          Oh dear Shrinivasa, Shri Advaita and his followers were always absorbed in sankirtana, sometimes in Santipura and sometimes in Nadia.  This is described in a song by Narahari in Raga Kamoda:


The jewel-like Shri Advaita, who is the son of Navadevi,

          is a mine of good qualities.

He was born in Navagrama in Bengal and lived there

          happily until coming to Santipura.

When his parents passed away after a pilgrimage,

          he decided to stay in Santipura.

He married Shri Sita devi and through intense meditation

          brought Krishna and Haladhara to this earth.

Observing the Lord's Nadia-vihara, Advaita became very satisfied

          and danced with Him in sankirtana

In his house Advaita serves the great sannyasi

          Gaurachandra very carefully.

While Prabhu stayed at Nilacala, he enjoyed visiting there often

          and the people's attraction for Gaura increased.

Dasa Narahari says that Shri Advaita's kindness

          earns the praise of the world.


          Shrivasa, Murari and all the devotees constantly sang the glories of Gaurachandra and were always concerned about the upliftment and well being of mankind. 


          After giving this description, Shri Isana Mahasaya became very emotional. After some time he calmed himself and the three of them went to sleep in the compound of the Prabhu's house.  The night passed swiftly, yet Shrinivasa lay wide awake looking here and there in the house of Prabhu.  Shrinivasa began to think, "Why is the house of Prabhu made of grass and other trifle materials, and why did Prabhu keep me, His devotee, in a far distant place, depriving me of the enjoyment of His Nadia Vihara?"


In his dream Shrinivasa observed the pastimes of Mahaprabhu and the real origin of Shri Navadvipa.


          Thinking in this way, Shrinivasa, by the will of the Lord, eventually fell asleep.  In his dream he witnessed the beautiful pastimes of Prabhu and the origin of Navadvipa was revealed to him.


          His dream is described as follows:


1)       The origin of Navadvipa:


          At first he saw the golden city of Nadia and the jewel embossed ghat of the river Suradhuni.  Then he saw the house of Gaurachandra, which was more beautiful than anything found in the palace of Indra.  He wondered who could have built this extraordinary house which was surrounded by a golden wall. Perhaps it was Viswakarma?  Prabhu performed His various pastimes in different sections of the house. 


2)       Vilasa inside the house (Antapuru Vilasa):


          Inside the house, there was a beautiful flower garden in the middle of which was a temple embossed with jewels. Inside the temple was a beautiful canopy covering a throne bedecked with jewels.  Gaurachandra sat on the throne with his two exquisitely beautiful wives Laksmi and Vishnupriya seated by His side adorned with gorgeous dresses and ornaments.  Millions of maid servants were engaged in fanning them with camara's, serving betel leaves, offering garlands and sandalwood paste.  Shri Gaurachandra looked extremely enchanting in this setting.


3)       Kirtana-Vilasa with His companions:


          Shrinivasa then awoke, but soon fell asleep once more and again saw Shachinandana sitting on another jeweled throne a different area of His house.  The Lord's elegant appearance put millions of Cupids to shame, and His beautiful face defeated the pride of the moon.  By His side was Shri Nityananda, Shri Advaita, and Pandita Gadadhara. Surrounding Him stood Vidyanidhi, Gangadasa Pandita, Shrivasa, Shri Candrasekhar Acarya, Murari, Haridasa, Damodara Pandita, Mukunda, Vakreswara, Gauridasa, Suryadasa, Dasa Gadadhara, Shri Mukunda, Narahari, Shri Raghunandana, Ciranjiva Sen, Sen Sulocana, Dwija Haridasa, Brahmacari Suklambara, Shrivasa Pandita, Nandanacarya, Shridhara, Vijaya, Shri Svarupa, Kashiswara, Yadunarayana, Shri Lakshmipati, Madhavendra Puriswara, Vasudeva Sarvabhauma, Kesava, Sankara, Shri Prataparudra the king, Rai Ramananda, Trimalla, Venkata Bhatta, Shri Prabodhananda, Shri Gopala Bhatta, Shri Raghunatha Bhatta. Sanatana, Rupa, Shri Jiva, Bugarba, and Shri Lokanatha.   Seeing Gaurachandra surrounded by His innumerable associates, Shrinivasa, filled with ecstacy, bowed to the feet of the Lord and His devotees, but suddenly his dream disappeared.


4-7)    Divine Vilasa (Aisarjya Vilasa):


          Shrinivasa became very impatient to see the Lord again and once more fell asleep and envisioned another beautiful portion of the house where the Lord sat upon a jewelled throne as many servants waited upon Him with utmost care. Brahma, Siva, Indra and other demigods where also there offering words of praise and falling at the Lord's lotus feet. Overwhelmed by the Prabhu's elegance, Shrinivasa trembled with emotion.


5)                In another portion of the house Shrinivasa observed the           Vaikuntha Vilasa and his body trembled with excitement.


6)                He also observed Ayodhya Vilasa and Dwaraka Vilasa which made him extremely happy.  Observing Mathura Vilasa, he felt very humorous.  He saw himself as a confidante of Shri Radha in Prabhu's Vraja Vilasa.  Shrinivasa was filled with ecstacy as he observed the dancing performance in the Shri Rasamandala. While he was observing the Nikunja Vilasa, his dream faded away, he woke up from sleep and saw that it was morning.


          Overwhelmed by the remembrance of his dreams and the infinite kindness of Prabhu, it took Shrinivasa considerable time to control his emotions.  Anyone who attentively hears these pastimes with utmost respect, can obtain the mercy of Gaurahari. Those who have received the mercy of the Lord can perceive and enjoy the transcendental town of Shri Navadvipa.  Taking the lotus-like feet of Prabhu Shrinivasa Acarya on my head, I Narahari Dasa, take pleasure in writing this book Shri Shri Bhakti Ratnakara.