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When the Winds of Kali Rage


When people in general become accustomed to greed   and deceitfully endeavor to attain more than the need,

When dealings between friends become so demanding  and in family relations there's misunderstandings

When between husband and wife there is always strain   that is the age when the winds of Kali rage.


When men become quarrelsome and have but short lives  and are disturbed, lazy, and think spiritual truths are all lies,

When those who are spiritually advanced are no longer respected   and women, children and old men no longer protected,

When innocent beings are caught and mercilessly caged   that is the age when the winds of Kali rage.


When smoke and dust linger and darken the skies  and rains cease to pour and rivers start to dry

When natural disasters leave destruction after they've hit  when the earth reflects the minds of people who inhabit it

and when they think it's peaceful another holocaust will blaze  even scientists will not know why the winds of Kali rage.


When the leaders of this world become so corrupt and cruel   employing torture and high taxes over the people they rule

Out of ignorance only people will say, "This is a beautiful life,"   while ignoring  those who are dying and living in strife

They take such troubles in stride saying, "There'll be better days,"   but such words are meaningless when the winds of Kali rage.


When property alone confers rank, wealth the only devotion,    lust the only bond of the sexes, falsehood the only promotion,

When women are slaves to man's passion, rich men reputed as pure,  presumption substituted for learning, dishonesty subsisting the universe,

When morals and piety decrease until the world is wholly depraved,   that is the age when the winds of Kali will rage. 


When people develop cruel habits without ever questioning why  thinking that making the mind and body happy is all there is to life,

Like a cult of robots they try to keep up with the times  One person does what the others do, ignoring the warning signs,

Controlled by unquenchable desires, they'll run in a craze,  that is the age when the winds of Kali hopelessly rage.


Of course, this age has not gotten so bad that we can't find a bit of peace

but it's said that in the future all such pleasures will cease

So before the trouble gets worse and we no longer have the time let's try to make some advancement and elevate our minds,

Because if  we wait too late we may find there's nothing we can change, for we'll already be caught in the age when the winds of Kali rage.