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One of the unique things about the Vedic literature, as illustrated by the prophecy of Mohammed, is that it describes prophets and saintly people who will  appear not only in the general region of India,  but also beyond it, even on other planets. It may also mention significant personalities who follow traditions outside of Vedic culture, rather than focusing only on its own traditions like most other  religious texts. This demonstrates the universal view in the Vedic historical or prophetic descriptions. For example, the Bhavishya Purana (Parva 3, Khand 3, Adhya 3, texts 5-6) states: "An illiterate  teacher will appear, Mohammed is his name, and he will give religion to his fifth-class companions." This does not describe much in regard to Mohammed's life, but it does mention Mohammed by  name and what he was expected to do. And indeed, Mohammed, born between 570 and 580 A.D., seriously turned to religion after his fortieth birthday He preached in the area of Mecca for more than  ten years and, although he was mostly ignored, he formed a small sect from the lower classes of people in the region. Later, he and his followers entered the place of Yathrib/Medina, which is the event  known as the beginning of the Muslim faith. Thus, the Vedic texts predicted the appearance of Mohammed.