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The Prophecies That Have Already Happened


Nothing gives a religious or spiritual text more credit, recognition, or trust than when its prophecies become reality. There are many prophecies in the Vedic literature, many of which have already  happened. Many more are presently unfolding before our eyes. The Vedic literature not only describes histories of events on this planet, but also describes a variety of histories and future events of  other planets. Therefore, the Vedic texts are universal in nature, dealing with important spiritual events that may happen in any part of the universe. The Vedic literature also provides descriptions of  the various incarnations of God that have appeared on earth and in other areas of the universe, along with their purpose and pastimes. It also describes incarnations that will appear in the future. It is  said that we can verify an incarnation of God according to the descriptions provided in the Vedic literature. There will be times, especially in this age of Kali, when many people may be bold or foolish  enough to declare that they are incarnations of the Supreme. Unfortunately, there will also be those ignorant enough to accept such impostors. If they had knowledge of the Vedic descriptions,  however, they could tell which incarnations are scheduled to appear according to the timetable given in the Vedic texts, with their names and characteristics.